Day 36: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 + Live Eviction

This week Nominations return to the house. Five housemates faced eviction but one chose to save himself. So tonight, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Jale face eviction.

11:20am Most of the housemates have one thing on their mind: Eviction: Ashley says I'm really f*cking panicking in case I don't go. What f*cking entertainment am I providing? Nothing really. Danielle says it could be who's quite controversial. People might like that. Ashleigh says no, but I'm not nasty. Of course you not nasty, Danielle says. They don't want to keep someone in that's nasty.

In the garden, Christopher tells Helen he's excited to see what stuff he's done. But, he says, I don't want to go, honestly. Helen says you wont be going. Christopher thinks it will be between him and Ashleigh. I hope it isn't you, Helen says. If they decide to bring another person in, Christopher says, I would hate to be that person trying to settle in. Oh no, Helen says, I could never do that. When you finally get used to everybody and someone else comes in, Christopher continues. No, I wouldn't enjoy that at all, Helen says, you wont be going home tomorrow.

Marlon walks through the garden. But next wee I think it's pretty obvious who'll go home, Helen says. Christopher wonders if the public will think that they all over reacted in that when it was an opportunity to play the game and Marlon happened to play it? Helen says I know what you mean. People are watching and what's wrong with game playing? It's a game.

Kimberly is in the kitchen rubbing spices on the chicken. Steven ask if she likes rubbing spices into fillets? She says no, she finds it mildly disturbing. She has spices all over her hands and ask if he wants a hug. No thanks, Steven says. She chases him and he runs away. See, she she says, this is why no one likes my affection. That's the most affection you've given me in 4 weeks, Steven jokes, when you're covered in paprika.

Ash and Winston are in the bath talking. Marlon is just kind of not with us anymore, Ash says, squeezing a rubber ducky, it feels we're not lads anymore. I just can't be angry at people, you know? Winston says still just hurts, you know? Ash says well at the end of the day, its just different now. We'll be mates with him and stuff but...

Danielle ask Marlon if he has spoken to Winston? No, he says, he said he would speak to me but he is avoiding. Not avoiding, he just hasn't spoken yet. Danielle says your friends your friends on the outside world, there is no way they would react like that. They would have said to push the button, Marlon says, and push it as quick as you can. Danielle says what the f*ck is everyone getting their panties in a twist for? I saved myself, Marlon says.

Danielle says it's a game. We are all here to save ourselves. Marlon says if any one of those would have done that, I would have been upset with them for them first day, but the second day I wouldn't have even given two sh*ts. Ironically, Danielle says, I think you came out the stronger person. Yeah, Marlon agrees.

Before you were like a lost lamb, Danielle says, but I think now you realize sh*t, this is a game. Why the f*ck are you pleasing everyone in here? Do they give two sh*ts about you? No. Marlon says, I've realized that the last two days. It made me think to myself, is it a game? Do I pose a threat to people? Danielle says you nailed it. I'm telling you that you will not go next Friday. No chance.

3:23pm For today's task, Big Brother sets Steven a series of secret missions that will target his fellow housemates. Steven has a hidden ear piece to receive his instructions. What Steven doesn't know is that the rest of the housemates are in on it. And Ashleigh, who is also wearing an ear piece, will be told about each of Stevens missions. In order to pass the task, housemates must correctly predict who Steven will target for each of his not so secret missions.

Big Brother tells Ashleigh that Steven's first mission is to perform sexy moves for the person that he thinks is the sexiest. Ashleigh tells Kimberly and she thinks it will l be Kimberly. Big Brother gives Steven the secret mission and Steven says sh*t. Standing casually near Kimberly, he asks the other housemates, if you were in a club, would you have a sexy dance move?

I've never gone up to a girl before, he says, and he dances on Kimberly's back saying hey honey, you all right. And I would rub myself up against her. Helen says you just rubbed your D*ck up against her. He says no, I didn't, it was my leg. Kimberly says no, you definitely did. He says really? Mark says f*cking hell, Steven.

Big Brother tells Ashleigh that Steven's next secret mission will be to give an annoyingly long hug to the housemate that he thinks is the most annoying. The housemates think Steven's target will be Christopher. Steven goes to the Pod and, after some conversation, gives Christopher a long back-patting hug. Christopher is smiling and making faces as the other housemates down below laugh.

Steven's next secret mission will be to play rock, paper, scissors with the person he thinks is the biggest game player. The housemates think it will be Marlon and sure enough, Steven goes to Marlon and they play rock , paper, Scissors. Marlon wins (paper covers rock). You're the biggest game player and you won, Steven jokes.

Steven's next secret mission is to choose the housemate that is the next likely to be evicted. You must tell this housemate that you think they are definitely safe and wont be evicted this week, Big Brother says. Ashleigh thinks it's herself and she's correct as Steven goes to Ashleigh and tells her he doesn't think she's going home.

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas and reveals that Steven had a secret task. Steven, Mark says as if Steven's been a naughty boy. However, Big Brother says, this wasn't actually the real task and it was not a secret. Steven feigns being shocked. Everyone laughs. As housemates have successfully past the task, Big Brother will reward housemates with a 70's Disco Inferno party.

5:42pm Mark and Jale are practicing dance moves in the garden. They do a Cha Cha and the sprinkler, with Mark finishing with some pelvic thrusts. Chris tells him he's ready.

In the Diary Room, Marlon says Steven has just kind of confirmed what everyone else was thinking, well, what most people are thinking about me as a game player. I've spoken to Steven, even though it was a task, at least he spoke to me and I kind of know where I stand with him. I will just take it from there.

I'm surprised that other people take this game so seriously, but other people are not the same as me. It's how people take things and interpret things that is totally different to how I would, which is fine. I've learned more in the last 5 to 6 weeks than I've learned about myself in the last 18 years. That's crazy. You walk in on your own and walk out on your own. People might not except you. They might not except the things you do or the decisions you make. But that's their problem, not yours. You have to respect the way you talk to women and respect women, and you have to pay the consequences of what you do in here.

6:25pm Winston is shaving his stomach in the bath room while in the bedroom, Steven shows Kimberly and Jale his family photos. Jale says he looks like his mum. She leaves to let them sleep.

Steven asks Kimberly why he hasn't seen her family photos. Do you have a picture of your boyfriend, he asks? Yeah, Kimberly say weakly. F*cking hell, he says, why would you have a picture of him while your on break? She says he is a good friend of mine. I would like to see it, Steven says. I don't know why, Kimberly says. I would just like to see it.

She gets the pictures and shows him. Happy? Steven is not happy. I don't understand why you brought a picture of him We've been friends for 4 years, Kimberly says, it isn't like I f*cking hate him. Why are you interrogating me? I'm not, Steven says. You are! You keep asking me the same questions and I don't know why.

Steven says he's just confused. Why, if your on a break, do you bring these? Because you don't sit there and look at pictures of a person that you are on a break with. You didn't even tell me about these. If I was me, I wouldn't have told me about them. I would have chopped them up and chunked them in the bin. Kimberly says she's sorry. I'm not psycho like that.

Steven says he wants to cry his eyes out right now. How do you think I feel, Kimberly asks. Why should you be crying, Steven says angrily. You just don't get me, she says. I do you get. I just don't understand your f*cking decisions. They're terrible, I feel really really bad, he continues, I feel like someone has whacked all over my face and said you stupid fool. I'm sorry I like dragged you into this, Kimberly says. It is clear like I made a mistake. That's fine, Steven says, so you made a mistake and you shouldn't have dragged me into it. Guess what? Too little to late.

Do you want me to leave? No, I told you we will leave together, so I'm going to bed. I just wanted the truth . What can I do to make you feel better, Kimberly asks. I just don't want to be in a situation like this why. Why should I be? She says fine, then don't. Kimberly leaves the room. Steven rolls over and asks Helen, who has been pretending to be sleeping all this time, am I wrong? You are not wrong, Helen assures him, I wouldn't have told you about them I would have shredded them. I just want to make sure nothing I said was wrong. I'm f*cking fuming.

When is Steven going to get the picture, Emma asks. Two housemates are about to breath a huge sigh of relief. It's time to talk to the house. Big Brother House this is Emma. Ashleigh (Boos), Chris (Mixed), Christopher (Mixed), Jale (Mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 4 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction, in no particular order, are...

Chris! Chris, you are safe. Thank you, he says quietly.

the second housemate saved from eviction is...

Christopher! Christopher you are safe. He breaths a sigh of relief and Mark gives him a hug. Well done, Jale tells Chris and Christopher as the housemates congratulate the saved.

Ashleigh, Jale, we'll be talking to you later to reveal who is evicted.

Vote lines are back open, #OpenIt, it's last orders for one of them but whose round will it be? Back to yesterday's highlights.

8:39pm in the kitchen, Kimberly asks Helen in the toilet what would she would have done. Helen says me and you are very different so I can't really say, but if that was me, I probably wouldn't have told him that.

In the garden, housemates are ready for their disco party, decked out in what looks more like 60's hippy outfits than 70's disco. Steven tells Chris he looks like Elton John.

Back in the kitchen, Kimberly tells Helen she just tried to rip the pictures, but they are Polaroid. Helen says she needs to destroy them. You can always respect him in your mind, but while you and Steven are starting out, and the problems already this week, is it really worth it? Kimberly finds some scissors and cuts the pictures up.

9:38pm Housemates are getting their groove on at the disco inferno. Steven ask Helen what Kimberly said to her. Helen says she asked me what she should do. I told her she needed to do it, Helen says, I said you need to be a bit more courteous towards his feelings as well and she agreed. Steven says she knows she's wrong. I'm fuming. Steven says she is worried that I'm not going to, let it go isn't she? She's done it, Helen advises, so have a good night with her. I will, Steven says, but remember, I'm not stupid.

Chris does a terrific dance move on the disco floor and gets applause. It's all coming out tonight, Steven says, I can feel it. I just want to pounce. I think tonight is the night we might get into some serious trouble. No, Helen says, not trouble, just get drunk. Oh yeah, Steven says. The housemates are all dancing and laughing and drinking. Winston is encouraged to do a back flip and falls flat.

10:01pm In the Diary Room, Mark says he felt like Prince. I can't believe it. I look amazing! I look like a Hollywood star. I look like a cross between Prince and Dolly Parton. What more can anybody want in 2014? I absolutely love it. I'm just feeling it. I know I've quite a base attire look in general, but I never thought I would take so well to 1972 disco? This could be like my new look!

Helen offers Kimberly more advice, telling her that she will lose him if she lies or lose him if she tells him any more. In my opinion, she says, don't lie to him again or you will lose Steven. Kimberly says OK, she doesn't want to lose him. But she doesn't know how to show emotion, She says when we get out I will explain to you, but I can't show emotion. Helen says it isn't emotion he needs, he knows you can't show emotion. He needs to know that this guy is gone. Gone for good. Kimberly says OK. Where's my drink, Helen asks.

10:21pm After the party, the housemates are all talking about Steven and Kimberly's disagreement. Mark notes how awkward it was between them during the party. Chris says they had awkward silences the night before too. Christopher says he didn't find it awkward. You're off in your own world, Mark says, that's why. You wouldn't know awkward if someone slapped you in the face and said this is awkward.

Jale tells Big Brother she looks groovy. I can't see out this wig though, she says. It was funny, the costume's funny but the skirt is a little to skimpy. I'm kinds scared to sit in the Diary Room chair. I got to sort myself out. It's terrible!

On the sofas, Steven tells Kimberly he loves her. I love you too, she is. I do love you, he says. I'm sorry, she says. What you saying sorry for? For earlier. Don't say sorry because it makes me feel bad. I really shouldn't have done that. I cut up the photos. Did you? Do you feel better? Yes, she says.

Look at that face over there, Steven laughs, pointing at Helen who has a dour look. Sorry, she says, am I staring?

I do love you, Steven says. I hope so, she replies. Stop! Why would you say something like that? I don't know, Kimberly moans, things are getting serious and it scares me. I'm upset, he says, I'm taking a big risk is all I'm saying, and I don't want to risk my feelings ever. Not again.

11:36pm In the Diary Room, Christopher has a funny feeling that tomorrow evening it will be himself and Ashleigh being in the bottom two. You never call these things, he says, but I think hearing my reception last week and Ashleigh's reception, it's likely to be some disappointment and the house will be a lot less Irish tomorrow.

Danielle, Ashleigh are taking a bath (Ashleigh has a mud mask on) and talking with Chris about Steven and Kimberly. Chris thinks Kimberly is... I like her, he says, I just think she is approaching this the wrong way. The whole thing's made me cringe from the start. To deal with relationships in here is ugly. Its horrible and pointless. If you really want to do that, do it outside, you know, go on a date after this. If you like someone, you'll wait a year if you have to, 10 years. To the end of the world if it's right, Danielle says.

Steven and Kimberly are alone snogging in the living area. I love you, he says. Stop being angry with me, she says. I'm not angry with you but I'm p*ssed off because I would have dealt with that differently. I think it's because I've had to deal with things differently. I'm disappointed because I thought you would have thought more, She says I will think more. No don't say that, because it makes me feel bad.

I love you, he repeats. I love you, she answers back. Do you know how much I love you? Kimberly says no. He looks at her and says come on. A little bit, she confesses, I love you so much too. You know I will never leave you.

[I don't know what Steven's relationship history is, but both he and his mum have alluded to an emotionally scarring event. I can only wonder if he was in a serious relationship, maybe even engaged to be married, and the woman left him for another man. One thing's for sure - Steven falls fast, falls hard and falls cupid stupid. -- Morty]

2:46am The housemates are all asleep in a dark bedroom. Steven and Kimberly are the only ones awake. I love you so much, he says, then looks around to see if anyone (Ash or Helen) are still awake. He pulls the covers over their bodies and the sex begins. Steven is laying on top of Kimberly, her feet exposed at the bottom of the bed, his hips thrusting hard and heavy.

When they are done, she wipes the sweat off her forehead. He rolls off and says we are dirty people. He kisses her and says, I love you. I love you too. None of the other housemates appear to be awake. She asks if he enjoyed tonight? He says he did. He asks if she enjoyed it, and she says she did. It's not over yet, Steven says.

From one kind of business to eviction business, the vote lines are now closed. It's eviction time! It's time to talk to the house. Danielle is sitting next to Ashleigh and Helen has a reassuring hand on Jale's back, Marlon on her other side. Ashleigh smiles at the chants to get her out. Jale has her eyes closed in meditation.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Ashleigh, (boos) , Jale (mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 4 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and 5th to be evicted is...


Ashleigh has a shocked look on her face. Jale assures everyone it's all right. Bye guys, Jale says. I told you I had a feeling about today. Have fun, don't worry. OMG, Helen says, giving her a hug. She makes sure everyone gets a hug and implores everyone to have fun. They shout her name as she ascends the stairs, checks her hair in the mirror, then joins in on the countdown from 10 as the door opens and she leaves the house.

Next week is Big Brother Armageddon. Join in live on Monday at 10pm (BBT) when somebody will be leaving the Big Brother House in a surprise eviction and three brand new housemates will be going in! Armageddon's coming!

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