Day 35: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 - The Apology Tour

Previously, the house turned on Marlon. Tonight, housemates make a splash and Marlon is still in the dog house.

10:02am The housemates are waking up after an eventful night for Steven and Kimberly. Late last night, Steven asks what if someone heard you but Kimberly says I don't care. He kisses her and says love you. She says love you too. They start laughing. Kimberly tells him to not make her laugh. It's going to be a problem with your shorts, she says. Oh my gawd, Steven says, I can't believe you just said that. These shorts are going to be thrown away.

In the morning, Helen watches as Kimberly heads to the shower. Steven announces he's going to take a sh*t. Go wash those slug trails off your legs, she says derisively. Ash says he's got to be embarrassed hasn't he? Steven walks past Chris in the garden, who smiles at him knowingly. Helen says the walk of shame in Big Brother. I don't think there's any worse walk. Is it really the walk of shame, Ash asks?. Of course it's, Helen contradicts. It's a night of shame, Ash says.

Ash asks, do you think he was p*ssed? Helen says I think Kimberly was. They'll both regret it, Ash says. Imagine watching that, Helen says, what the f*ck were they doing? Ash starts laughing at Helen slinking on the floor beside the bed, smashing your teeth off. Ash says he's going to ask Steven about it in a little bit. Are you, Helen asks? I'll be like, f*ck, check you out last night! I'm gonna hammer him, 100%. He's going down to Chinatown, Ash jokes. The love machine, Helen says.

Helen will say something to Kimberly but she doesn't know how she'll take it. Ash thinks she'll be scared and embarrassed. Helen thinks so. I just think it's funny, she says. Sort of watching live soft porn, Ash says.

10:18am Marlon is taking a shower. Steven asks him if he's OK today. Marlon says no, not really. I would like to speak to you today. Steven says I know and we will speak today, I just thought it best to let things calm down first. How are you doing, Marlon asks Steven? I'm all right, Steven says, I'm disappointed but we will talk about it later.

Winston, Helen and Ash are in the crowded wash area. Ash tells Winston that Steven and Kimberly were shagging last night. Winston asks were they? Helen hits Ash to hush him up and Ash laughs. I'm going to tell everyone, he says. Steven walks up and Ash just watches him. Why are you looking at me like that, Steven asks? They all start laughing.

Chris and Christopher are in the Garden talking about the task yesterday. Christopher knew he wasn't going to press the button. But then I thought for a split second, should I press it? Then I thought, no, because it would kill me sitting there on Friday evening wondering, should I have gone? Don't tell anyone that, Chris advises, they'll take it completely wrong.

Marlon walks through the garden and Christopher ask how he's doing. Not too bad, Marlon replies, yourself? Christopher asks him to come talk later. Marlon agrees. Chris says he just doesn't buy the "he's an evil conniving b*stard" thing. Christopher says he's not an evil conniving b*stard. He's just a plunker, Chris says. Christopher says laughs and says yes.

In the bedroom, Helen and Ash grab Steven into the wash area. I didn't realize anyone was awake, Steven says, don't say anything to Kimberly. You were not very discreet, Helen admonishes him. I fricking thought I was f*cking discreet, Steven says, I heard you and thought you were having a little f*cking chat. I'm not joking, don't say nothing today. Helen promises. Ash says it was, well, funny. Steven says he's way f*cking embarrassed now. Ash is laughing. Kimberly walks in and Ash stops laughing.

[That wasn't awkward at all. -- Morty]

10:33am Mark visits Big Brother in the Diary Room, still harping on yesterday's shopping task. I'm still really disappointed in Marlon. Its kind of, like, natural I pity him just a little bit because he's going to be completely alienated. I don't think this situation is going to just resolve over night. I don't know if it's going to dissolved at all, to be honest with you. To a lot of people in the house, its an annoyance and disappointment and frustration. And the people in the house feel like they have been let down by their best mates.

You don't need to be a bad person to make bad decisions and everybody makes bad decisions now and again. We all do things we don't think about. But I think when you get in a situation like this, when you live with other people, every decision effects them, I gotta think, what's this word, conscientiously? Is that the right word?

In the garden, Kimberly asks Helen if she's looking forward to getting out? Kind of, Helen says, I'll find it very strange, I think. I'm going to need help, Kimberly admits, it's going to be a mess. Helen says she'll be fine, she'll have Steven. That's true, Kimberly says. Helen tells her it's like a new beginning. That's true, Kimberly says. You don't sound excited, Helen observes. Kimberly says I am excited, but I'm also Negative Nancy. I'm like that, a worrier, Helen says. It's better to be like that than f*cking delusional.

Ash and Steven are in the living area. Steven says he found a pubic hair in his cereal bowl. Steven says I'm not embarrassed, not really. Yeah they could hear us, but it's not like they could see anything. It wasn't like porn, was it. And you are in a relationship, Ash rationalizes. It isn't like it was a one night stand. Was that your first time together, Ash asks? I told her I wouldn't discuss it with anyone else. We told each other we loved each other last night. I bet that was the deal breaker, Ash jokes, wasn't it? Steven laughs.

We're getting really deep now, Steven says, this is like full blown, mate. Ash counts the stages on his fingers: (1) you're in love, (2) you've had sex, (3) you live with each other, the only thing left is you buy a dog which you can't do in here, or get married. Steven ponders that thought.

11:52am Ashleigh and Danielle are doing laundry in the bath about this weeks eviction. If I don't go this week, Ashleigh says, it will be a shock to everybody, especially after last weeks reaction. I think if it was between me and Marlon, I would go anyway. But knowing he saved himself, everyone's, like, Ashleigh's going.

Danielle says he doesn't get the Power and nominations aren't scratched, he'll get the nomination next week and he will go. Well, don't know if he will go but he'll be up. The public may relish in the fact that he done himself like that. Ashleigh says no, the public ain't like that. They're not fans of selfish people. I know if I was watching that from home, I'd be disgusted.

Mark, Steven and Ash are in the living area discussing Marlon. Steven says I can't see this situation resolving itself at all. I can't see me and you sitting here with Marlon, when he's sitting here on this sofa, and having the same relationship with him as before. I see him always walking around in a zone, and that's going to make him feel bad and us feel bad. Ash agrees. These are the worst 2 weeks ever, he says. Ash wonders if the public will keep him in to see if it kicks off again. No, Mark says, this is different. This isn't like being rich and pretty.

Marlon sits down with Jale in the garden. I don't know what to do, man, this is hard. Jale says it's hard for everyone. Marlon says no, not for me, for everyone else it's hard but not for me. Jale says it was because of the fact that you thought you were more important than everyone else, is the reason I'm most disappointed. Marlon says he's already accepted the fact that he'll be gone next week or the following week. When I made the decision, I was not looking at the bigger picture.

Now looking back on it, it was selfish. I didn't think I was going to get the reaction I got when I pressed that button. Not at all. Jale says she knows. It's another life lesson I've got to learn, Marlon says, be calm, don't put yourself before other people when you don't warrant it. Jale says well, the fact that you have kind of gone right, on point with other people in a group environment, expecting that group situation to pull you back in, is quite a hard ting to kind of turn around cause you singled yourself out to begin with. It's not going to turn around, Marlon says.

1:10pm For today's task, Big Brother is feeling romantic. Before entering the house, housemates took a compatibility test and now it's time to find out who make the perfect match. Over a series of relationship tests, couples will compete against each other with only the most compatible gaining entry to a special love-themed party.

Each housemate has a wrapped box, with each pair of housemates receiving the same colored half-heart necklace being paired with each other. Helen got a half a heart red necklace. Ash got red too, Steven a green one and Danielle a green one, Winston and Jale got blue ones. Marlon and Kimberly pink, Mark and Christopher yellow. And Chris and Ashleigh got gold. Do not mess this up, Mark tells Christopher, I want to go to this party. Don't you worry, Christopher says, you'll be going to the ball, Cinders.

For the first part of the task, the couples must prove how creative and comfortable they are with each other. One half of each couple must dip themselves in their corresponding color paint and try to smear it onto their partner without using their arms or hands. The other half must then go to their canvas and spread as much color on it as possible. The couple with the least paint on their canvas will not go to tonight's party.

Wearing white, each housemate pair rolls in the paint, all over each other and then on the canvas, putting as much paint as they can on the canvas. Everyone's laughing and getting colorful. When the task is over, Big Brother reveals the least compatible couple were Christopher and Mark. They will not be invited to the party this evening. Mark throws his heart half on the ground. Big Brother hopes you are not too broken hearted.

3:20pm Marlon decides to have a house meeting to talk to all the housemates about his decision to take immunity yesterday. Marlon tells them, I can't explain it, but I will apologize. I accept the fact that what I have done has jeopardized the whole house. It was very very selfish of myself and I just wanted to get everyone together and tell you I am actually sorry. I don't want people to feel that I am gonna be awkward around them. I've accepted the fact that my friendships with people in here has completely gone.

From the time I am gonna be here, it is gonna be the same. I am not gonna hold it against anyone to feel as if you should come up to me. I don't want anyone to feel awkward around me. I have accepted that whatever happens, between now and when I go next Friday is, I want to make it as enjoyable, as less sh*tty as possible for everyone else. I'm really sorry for what I've done.

They all thank Marlon and he leaves the garden. That took some balls, Helen says, I'm sorry. A lot of people would not do that. Ash agrees, says he nearly cried. Mark says it was very brave of him to do that. Marlon sits alone in the house. Winston says I suppose we could all cook him a nice meal, couldn't we tonight? Oh, no we can't.

Sitting alone in sitting alone in the living area, Ashleigh and Danielle come in and ask Marlon if he's alright. That was brave to do, Ashleigh says. Danielle says you don't like public speaking, do you not? No, he says, that's the worst thing I could ever do. I wouldn't have been able to do it, Ashleigh says. Decisions in this house rarely just effect you, that's the worst about it. That was a really brave thing to do, to sit in front of all them people.

What I should do, he says, is especially apologize to you two. Yeah, Ashleigh says half-jokingly, ou sold me out that f*cking door. Marlon says he's sorry. It's fine, she laughs. Chris walks in and says you are such a d*ck head. Come here. Chris gives Marlon a hug. You're a human being and it's a game, he says.

3:36pm Steven and Kimberly are back snogging in bed. Steven says I can imagine when we get out of here and see what happens, no one is going to see us for about a week.

Marlon, Mark, Ashleigh, Jale and Chris are in the Kitchen. Mark tells Marlon he was really brave to confront everybody like that. I'm quite forward person and I would've struggle to do that, so I think that was brave of ya. Marlon thanks him. I'm just being honest, Mark says, I think most people would struggle to do that.

In the Diary Room, Winston is still p*ssed off because they lost the task due to Marlon. Well, Winston says, he's just come down and apologized, which I appreciate, but I don't think anyone is going to forget what he did yesterday. Its like losing a girlfriend. I mean, like an ex, so your really close with someone and then you break up. If it was like a relationship problem, I would go to my mom and ask her. If they hurt me deeply, I would speak to my mom and she would make it better.

5:43pm For the second part of today's compatibly task, the five remaining couples must go to the Diary Room to see how well they know each other. One half of each couple will be asked a series of questions while the other half wears a blindfold and headphones. The couples must have the same answers. The couple with the fewest matching answers will not be allowed to go to tonight's love party.

Chris and Ashleigh go first. Ashleigh, which male housemate do you find the least attractive? Mark, she says. Do you think you and Helen could ever be friends? No. What is Chris's most attractive feature? His eyes. They swap headphones and blindfold and Chris is asked the same questions. Chris's answers are Mark, No, and Personality. They match 2 out of 3.

Winston and Jale are next. Winston do you trust Marlon? No, he says. Do you fancy Danielle? No, he says emphatically. What is your best physical feature? My Biceps, he says. Jale's answers are No, Yes and Arms. They also match 2 out of 3.

Next to go are Marlon and Kimberly. Kimberly, does Marlon regret his decision with the safety app? Yes, Kimberly says. Will you marry Steven? Yes, she says. Which housemate did you find the most attractive when you first entered the house? She says Steven. Marlon doesn't think she'll marry Steven, so they match 2 out of 3. Why would I marry Steven, Marlon asks? Not you, Kimberly says, me!

Ash and Helen take the compatibility test. Ash is asked If Helen could shave a housemate's eyebrows off, who would she choose? Ash says Marlon. Who is the best looking housemate? He says himself because Helen will say him. Do you think Ashleigh and Helen could be friends? No, Ash says. Helen would like to shave off Ashleigh's eyebrows, she is the best looking housemates and no, she won't be friends with Ashleigh. They only match that she and Ashleigh won't be friends.

Lastly, it's Steven and Danielle: Are Steven and Kimberly a good match? Yes, says Danielle. Who is the most gentlemanly housemate? Steven, she says. Would any housemate make you question your belief in no sex before marriage? Yes, Danielle admits. Steven also thinks he and Kimberly are a good match, thinks Chris is the most gentlemanly and no, doesn't think Danielle will change her mind about her beliefs. They also only match one question.

Danielle says she thought the question was whether she could make someone else question their belief about sex before marriage. Big Brother, she begs, change it now! Do not show this without including my not understanding the question, she says, or I will kick off, I will sue. People are watching this! Steven loves it.

As both Ash & Helen and Steven & Danielle have matched only one question correctly, Big Brother announces, but since Ash and Helen did better in the first task, they have earned a place at the love party. Steven and Danielle cannot go.

9:34pm Its party time for the most compatible couples. There are heart shaped sandwiches, cupcakes and punch. Ashleigh asks if they are vegetarian. As Jale and Winston have proven to be the most compatible couple, they get exclusive access to the Love Pod, decked out with champagne and romantic treats. The rest of the housemates have been sent to the bedroom and are playing a quiz.

Steven asks would you take the Finalist badge off of Helen and give it to yourself? You must be honest, he says. Christopher says no, I'll stay in the house only as long as the public wants me here. Mark says yes, but not give it to myself. Helen's used it as a crutch and has never had the experience of facing the public vote or knowing what its like to be saved. I'd probably give it to you, Steven.

In the living area, the boys are dressed in black suits and ties, the ladies in evening gowns. There is music and dancing. Jale is challenged to jump in Winston's arms and he says OK. If my boobs fall out, she warns... She jumps and wraps her arms around his neck and he supports her rear with his hands. Ash, Chris, Marlon and Helen are laughing as Winston bounces around with Jale in his arms.

Back in the bedroom, Steven asks if you had to name the next person to be evicted from the house in this room, who would it be? Danielle says herself. Mark asks if she'll give up if she loses Ashleigh. No, she says, she won't give up. She'll be devastated, though. Steven warns her if she continues in the vein she's going, she could potentially leave. She got really close with Ashleigh, he continues, but that doesn't mean you stick with her all the time.

He tells her to and integrate with the group, because everyone respects her. Mark tells her she's been on a journey and opened up to everyone. He wishes she could see how they respect her. Just because you have religious beliefs, Steven says, doesn't mean you're a boring person. People want to spend time with you, they like you. We all like you and want you to be here and continue on your journey.

I'm concerned you'll just revert back to that girl you were when you started after Ashleigh's gone. Just keep going, because you will be here to the final. Mark says even if Ashleigh's gone, there are still people here who love you. We don't know for sure, but the highly likely event is Ashleigh's going to go, Steven says, based on the public reaction. You must remember, this house does not dislike you.

11:16pm The party is over and the less compatible couples have rejoined the rest of the house. Steven tells Helen and Ash that Danielle shocked him today when she was asked who was the most gentleman in the house and she named him instead of Chris. That's called crawling up your *ss, Helen says. Ash laughs and says if she knew what we knew.

In the Diary Room, Danielle says her fellow housemates were was just reassuring me, and they was nice about it, that everyone does like me in the house. Despite my strong morals and beliefs and the fact that I am just very traditional, that it doesn't go unwarranted. They still respect me. That's good to know, because sometimes I do feel like a black sheep in the house.

People seem to think that unless you are sitting in the smoking area with a can of lager talking about sex, OMG, they've ostracized themselves. Nominate them, get them up for eviction. It's bloody ridiculous. Have you ever heard so much lut in your life? I mean, I don't understand where you got half of the people. Where did you get half of these people? Seriously, where have you picked them? I'm dying to know.

11:52pm Marlon visits Big Brother in the Diary Room. Yesterday, he says, Winston didn't even look at me and wouldn't talk to me. Today he is minimum chit chat. I know I disappoint him and Ash and Steven. Those three are my bestest pals in here. And Jale. I think I've let them down.

I really do wish I was still facing the public vote on Friday. But at the same time, I think to myself, if I had a chance of saving myself and getting nominated... If I could change it, I wouldn't push that button. I wouldn't have pressed it because it's not about myself, its about the house and we have to live here together. I just made it harder for everyone to get along. But I am big enough and ugly enough to deal with my actions.

Winston and Jale are in the Love Pod. Jale asks if Marlon spoken to him. No, Winston says, just an apology. It seems odd. I will speak to him tomorrow. In your own time, Jale says. She doesn't even know what to say to him, Do you know what you are going to say to him, she asks? Just gonna f*cking say, he says, I mean, I appreciate your apology, just gonna say I don't know, but it definitely won't be the same.

He was the man I did the workouts with, Winston recalls. Jale says you guys were tight. Winston says yeah, and you was tight with him as well. Usually on the outside world, she asks him, do you have friends you can trust? A select few, Winston says, that I'd really trust. But it's hard to find, he says. So hard to find, Jale agrees. I didn't come here expecting to find trustworthy people, she says, but it's disappointing, really. Some people are clearly here to play the game.

12:17am Marlon finally talks with Winston in the bedroom. Winston asks how he is doing and Marlon says OK. Can we talk tomorrow he asks? Yeah, Winston says, we'll talk tomorrow. Winston sticks out his fist but Marlon holds out scissors. They can't seem to connect but have a laugh. You're drunk, Marlon says, you're tipsy. Winston says he's drunk. I will talk to you tomorrow. Otherwise it won't mean anything.

Steven joins Kimberly in the bath room. I've come to see my wife, he jokes. He takes her in his arms. Your hair smells really bad, he says. I know, she says. I am sorry, Steven says, I am sorry. I have to be honest. F*ck off, she tells him, taking a swig of mouthwash. He wants to make her laugh so she spits it out. I'm going to replace you, he says, I'm going to replace you with Danielle. You are selfish, Steven says, I am not selfish. She laughs. No, no, no, Steven says, that's not fair.

Mark and Ash are watching Steven through the window from the garden. With Kimberly in front of him, it looks like Steven is talking to the mirror. Whose he talking to, Mark asks? Himself, Ash guesses, he's losing it. Kimberly steps out to the side and they go oh, there she is! Ash rolls on the ground laughing. Mark runs into the bathroom laughing, saying Ash said you was talking to yourself and I was scared. They have a group hug.

In the bedroom, Marlon says if I leave next week and they win the shopping task, that's the ideal week for me. Christopher says I am not so sure you will go next week, to be honest with you. The way I feel the public might see it is someone saw an opportunity and took it and everyone else has just been a bit of a hater. We'll know by Friday, Marlon says, if I hear the chants, "Get Marlon Out!". It's so intense in here. Extremely, Christopher says, sometimes you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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