Day 34: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 - Power Drain

Previously, Big Brother's apps short circuited the house and Helen blew a fuse.  Tonight, the nominated housemates face a massive decision.

9:32am It's the second day of this week's shopping task.  Housemates must make sure they don't use all their battery life to earn a luxury food budget.  In the wash area, Kimberly is frustrated from last night because she was trying to say something.  Ashleigh and Danielle would admit part but not all of what they said.  That's why I gave up, Helen says. 

In the garden, Jale asks Christopher if he knows what they saw on the clips.  He says no so Jale fills him in on Danielle, Ashleigh and Chris talking about her, Kimberly and Helen behind their backs.  For half an hour, Christopher ask, that was quite a lot of stuff.  Yes, says Jale, then describes the conversation where Chris accused Jale of changing from the uncool kid to trying to be the cool kid by swearing and Ashleigh agreed, saying Jale was so far up Helen's *ss and Danielle agreeing. 

Christopher says everyone's worried that Helen's too powerful as it is.  Jale Reminds Christopher that Kimberly listened last week from the morgue, herself trying to calm Kimberly down, and Helen going mental.  Of course it's going to kick off. There's no innocent parties here.  But there are parties playing innocent.

In the Diary Room, Mark says he wants to try to stay out of it this morning, the air isn't nice in the house today, people weren't talking to each other last night.  His instinct is to try to resolve things but by all means, he says of Helen, if you want to hold a grudge for 12 years, go ahead.  But if you have to live with 11 other people, its going to be strained and awkward, snidy comments from both sides. 

Helen argues by outshouting the other side. She may be in the right and making a valid point, but the way she puts it across makes it look like she's in the wrong.  She's my mate and I don't think she realizes how bad it makes her look.  She lets herself down a little bit.

11:23am Throughout the Shopping Task, Big Brother is giving housemates the opportunity to recharge the battery by sacrificing personal belongings to the generator.  Mark has sacrificed his grooming products, Winston his hair spray, Marlon his hat and Ashleigh her pink dressing gown.  The battery has recharged to 55%. 

Winston and Christopher are called to the App Zone and Christopher says let's just do it, whatever it is.  They get the Social Media app, which allows each to ask one question on Social Media and Big Brother will show them some responses.  The battery quickly drains to 35% as they agree to do it.  Christopher wants to know the public's opinion on how everyone handles arguments in the house.  Winston suggests focusing on Kim, Danielle, Helen and Ashleigh and that's what Christopher tells Big Brother to do. 

Winston's question is whether the gorgeous girls out there are feeling the Winstmeister?  Big Brother wil call them back when there are some answers.  Mark immediately wants to know what happened and Christopher tells them about his question.  What's it got to do with you, Mark asks. 

12:52pm In the kitchen, Kimberly tells Jale and Helen it's OK if people go about things in different ways.  To Helen, she says I probably wouldn't have done it they way you did, but I'm happy that you did it and the way you did it.  I'd exhausted every other avenue in this house when it comes to sorting things out.  I tried the "can I have a word with you" bullsh*t; it doesn't get you anywhere.  So if it means I have to expose people like I did last night, then that's what I'll have to do. 

You and me had a normal conversation, Helen says to Jale, to sort things out.  I know it's done and you're not going to hold it against me.  They're (Danielle and Ashleigh) not like that. I can't have those kinds of conversations anymore because they throw it in my face.  I don't regard you as someone who'll throw it in my face. 

Mark is called to the App Zone and is offered the Beauty App.  Mark smiles, already glowing.  OMG, he says, thank you so much!  But it will drain the battery by 20%.  Mark doesn't care and the battery drops to 15%.  A professional beautician does his eyebrows and gives him a spray tan.  He comes into the garden to show off his new and improved look.  Kimberly and Marlon comment on how tan he is.  Mark says he asked to do one more. 

2:06pm Christopher and Winston return to the App Zone for the answers to the questions they posed on Social Media.  Winston had asked if the girls were feeling the Winstmeister.  The first comment is his body and personality with Ash's face would be a win.  What do you mean, Ash's face, he say.  Christopher asks Winston if he's going to tell Ash about this. 

The next comment says 100% love the Winstmeister, sweet and hot Definitely my winner.  But Danielle and Winston are cringe!  Amazing, laughs Christopher.  There's nothing between me and Danielle, Winston says defensively.  Are you sure about that, Christopher asks suggestively?  Yean, Winston says, 100%.  The next comment says to not be afraid to let his intelligence show. Drop the act and stay away from the "boy band."  They aren't sure what to make of that one.

Christopher asked a more serious question, what the public thought about the arguments between Helen, Ashleigh, Kimberly and Danielle.    The first comment reads that arguments between them all are always full of double standards, hypocrisy and self-importance.  Christopher explains what "hypocrisy" means to Winston.  Winston says that's what he was saying last night, how can you be angry when you've done the same thing? 

The next comment says Helen and Kimberly showed their true colors attacking someone even though they think it's fine to b*tch about you.  Christopher wonders if that was directed to him or Winston.  They're talking about you, Winston assures him.  I'm not surprised, Christopher says.

The arguments needed to happen, the next comment says, the others need to see Ashleigh and Danielle for what they really are.  They do sit in the corner all the time, Christopher observes, bickering to themselves.  No one's really aware what's been going on in the house.  Winston realizes maybe they are as bad as Helen and Kimberly have said.  They really are, aren't they, Christopher says, all four of them in the same boat, spending all day b*tching about each other, all as bad as one another.

3:08pm In the garden, Winston and Christopher have shared the answers they received from Social Media.  Mark thinks the comment about Winston and Danielle being cringe is brilliant.  Winston says I've told everyone I'm not with her.  Yeah, Marlon says, but when you're sharing baths...  I never shared a bath, Winston says.  And pool sessions and foot rubbing, Marlon continues.  I never, Winston protests.  It was Jale in the pool and Danielle rubbed my foot, not the other way around.  Marlon breaks out laughing at Winston's discomfort.  I thought it was Mark rubbing my foot, Winston jokes.

After what she saw in last week's sťance and  this week's shopping app, Kimberly sits down in the other end of the garden with Ashleigh and Danielle.  She tells them she wants to utilize this time with just the tree of them to resolve their issues.  Danielle says she didn't feel she could trust her because of the kind of people she was around.  You can always talk to me, Kimberly tells her, regardless of what you think of me, I'll always say what needs to be said. 

I appreciate the time to speak with you, Kimberly says to Ashleigh, but there have been times I've tried to speak with you but you kind of just blew me off and I've found you to be unapproachable.  I decided to give you your space because I thought that's what you wanted.  Danielle says there are times you're not approachable either when you're with  Helen.  Why not, Kimberly asks?  Raise your hands if you think Helen's approachable.  Kimberly's the only one who raises her hand.    I think she's the last person I would go to in the house, Danielle laughs. 

Ashleigh goes back to the first week when Helen called Danielle fat and ugly.  You said loads of sh*t against me, Kimberly reminds them, but I don't hold it against you.  Not like the things Helen said, they say.  I'm not going to compare words, Kimberly says, honestly.  I'm glad we've had this chat, Ashleigh says, finally saying something, and sorted out this rift problem.  I hope so, Kimberly says, unconvinced. 

[From Ashleigh's body language, I don't think anything's been sorted. -- Morty]

4:53pm Nominated housemates Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Jale and Marlon have been called to the App Zone for the final part of this week's shopping task while the rest of the housemates gather on the sofas.  Big Brother tells the nominees they have the chance to use the Safety App, which offers one housemate immunity from this week's eviction.  If the app is used, it will drain all remaining battery life, meaning the housemates will fail the shopping task and have a budget of basic rations.

Christopher says he's not going to use it.  Chris agrees.  Jale says exactly.  Christopher tells Ashleigh she knows what to do.  What, she asks?  Drain it, Christopher tells her.  Steven has a double-take on the sofas.  So, she says.  What, Chris asks? Drain it, Christopher repeats mischievously. Marlon is silent.

The safety app, Big Brother says, will be live for one minute only, after which the app will expire.  If a housemate wants to use the Safety App, they must do so during that minute.  Whichever housemate that presses their silver button first will be the housemate to gain immunity.  OMG, Steven says, this is horrendous.  Christopher looks energized as he glances at the 2 housemates on his left and on his right. 

Jale won't do it, Steven says, Chris won't do it.  Marlon might do it.  When the app goes live, Big Brother says, they may discuss whether or not to use it (but not until), or press the button whenever they like.  The housemates on the sofas argue over who might press the button and if they should.  What're we doing, Marlon asks?  I'm not pressing, Jale says, stepping back, I'm out.  I'm not pressing it, Ashleigh says.  You sure, Christopher asks?  Yeah, she says.  Are you 100% sure, he asks again? 

Big Brother reminds them they are to remain silent until the button becomes live.  Marlon asks if they are all not pressing it and Big Brother repeats his command for Marlon's sake as Christopher shakes his head silently, no.  This is tense, Ash says, don't press it.  A one minute countdown appears on the screen in front of the nominees.  Housemates, the time starts now.

2 seconds into the countdown, Marlon presses his button to the shock of his former fellow nominees and the housemates on the sofas.  The battery immediately drains to zero.  How did I know that was going to happen, Jale says.  What, asks Christopher?  Marlon's pressed it.  Marlon says nothing.  You stupid twat, cries out Mark back in the main house.  My f*cking Gd, Steven says. 

I'd like you to have pressed it, Christopher says.  I know, Ashleigh replies, but I'm not a game player.  I'd just be up next week and go then.  I'll let the public decide my fate, Jale says, not me.  OMG, Helen says, that's so wrong.  He's done it that quick, Mark notes.  He lied to them as well, Helen says.  In fairness to everyone in that room, they all said they weren't going to press it, Steven says. Winston is fuming.  That's a f*cking cowards' way, Mark says. That's really changed my opinion of him, Ash says.

I would have never pressed the button, Ashleigh tells Christopher.  No, she wouldn't have, Ash agrees.  Mark is incensed.  Marlon's not saying anything, Steven says.  He's lost his tongue, Ash says.  Big Brother officially notifies Marlon he has used the Safety App and is no longer facing eviction this week.  That is so self-centered, Steven says. 

I guess no one's said it, Ashleigh says, well done, Marlon, congrats.  Congratulations, offers Jale sarcastically.  It's very awkward she whispers to Chris, who just looks disappointed.  I'm so disgusted, Steven says.  Mark says that makes us all on basic rations, no food, no ciggies, nothing.  Big Brother confirms the battery is now dead.  He complains about food more than most, Mark points at Marlon on the screen. 

As the battery is dead, Big Brother confirms the worst, they have lost the shopping task and will receive only an economy delivery.  Ashleigh says the other housemates are probably watching us.  Jale agrees.  We all have to suffer, Mark says angrily, because he don't have the f*cking b*lls to face the public vote for the week.  I'm so disappointed, Ash says. 

Whose going to say anything, Helen asks? I'm going to say something straight away, Winston promises.  Mark says he's saying nothing at all.  Don't start like a raging bull, Steven cautions Winston.  I'd never force 11 people to suffer for a week out of harm.  And he wouldn't have gone anyway, Steven says.  That's just it, Helen says, now he's going to go next week, right?

The housemates are all reunited.  Ashleigh asks Marlon if he's nervous.  Not at all, Marlon says bravely.  Gird your loins, Christopher advises.  I'm f*cking disgusted, Mark says as they enter the living area.  Why, Marlon challenges immediately.  What a f*cking coward, Winston accuses aggressively.  2 seconds, he says, you didn't even discuss it. 

I would never force everybody here except meself on basic rations, Mark says.  Nobody wants to face the public vote but we do it.  Ashleigh's the most likely person to go, Winston says, and you push the button.  What makes you think Ashleigh's the most likely person to go, disputes Marlon.  It's obvious, Winston says, she was getting boos.  And she said she wasn't going to press the button.  I never would have done that, Helen adds.

You felt like you were entitled to do that, Jale accuses him, I'm really disappointed.  I want to be wrong about people for a change.  I never thought you'd have done that.  Why you so angry, Marlon asks.  You hit the button in 2 seconds, Winston says, you had a whole minute to discuss it.  You didn't even think, Mark says.  Marlon says wait a second, say someone else pressed it.   I don't think anyone else would have, Helen says. 

I thought someone else would press it, Marlon explains.  We all said we wouldn't press it, Jale says.  Mark says we've all gone through sh*t, we sacrificed so we could get more power and pass this task and it was all for nothing because you couldn't wait more than 2 seconds to save yourself.  You lost your tongue, Mark says.  What should I say, Marlon asks?  Justify yourself, Mark demands.  You might be safe this week but next week you're going to go.  That's fine, Marlon says.

I'm so disappointed, Winston repeats, thanks for the rations.  Cheers, Mate, Marlon simply says.   You wouldn't have been evicted, Mark says, grabbing his coat to follow Winston outside.  You wouldn't have even gone.  Danielle carries Ashleigh out horseback.  Marlon is sitting alone on the sofa as all the housemates have left the living area.  

5:14pm All the housemates except Marlon are in the garden.  Ashleigh thinks he thought Christopher was going to drain it.  Steven thought Ashleigh would, telling her he thought she might want to be safe.  Ashleigh repeats that she's not a game player and would never make everyone else starve just to save herself.

[I think this actually is game play.  She knows her game isn't being received well by the public and chose to not save herself this week to try and rehabilitate her public creds. -- Morty]

Danielle enters the house and asks a quiet Marlon how he's feeling.  Feeling fine, he says.  You shocked at the reaction, she asks?  A little bit, he says, because yesterday we sat here and had a conversation where we said if anything happened today, you're on your own, so do things for yourself, not for people.  How do you think your position will be in the house now?  Fine, he says.  No?  No, he says, not at all. 

Out in the garden, Jale is indignant that she defended Marlon.  Can you imagine if I had stood there like a twat in front of all this, Helen says, I just couldn't do that.  Who could do that?  There's no excuse for it, Steven says. 

Back in the house, Marlon tells Danielle he couldn't give two sh*ts about the shopping list.  We've survived a lot worse.  I'm just surprised at people's reactions.  You know what they say about the underdog, Danielle says.  I didn't come here to play a game, Marlon says, I just came to stay as long as possible and if I stay to the end, I stay to the end.  If I don't, I don't.  But that's a game plan in a way, Danielle reasons, to stay as long as possible. 

I'm not going to do under my friends, Marlon says.  But you have to take measures to do that (stay in the house), Danielle reasons, we all have friends in here, but true real friends don't exist in here.  Food and cigarettes and alcohol and stuff is more important than friendship to a lot of people.  You can't say you're the only person who would have pressed it, she says.  No way, Marlon quickly agrees, they would have pressed it.  So you can't put too much of a judgment on yourself, she says.  Yes, I was shocked, she says, and disappointed but am I not going to talk to you about it?  No, I'm not that thick.

Out in the garden, the rainy atmosphere remains frosty.  He's really paid back that save last week, hasn't he, says Steven bitterly.  He sh*t on every single one of us, Mark says.  They are talking all over each other in their universal condemnation.

Marlon says he's only upset because how it's gone done. They're only upset because of the shopping task, not that he was at risk of leaving.  That's the people you're living with, Danielle says, so open your eyes.  You can't trust anybody in here.  What a game, Marlon says.

For him to think any one of us would have pressed it, Chris says, shows he hasn't been paying attention.  She (Ashleigh) wouldn't have pressed it.  Me and you, Jale says of Ashleigh, knew straight away.  He sold us down the f*cking river, Mark says. 

5:39pm Marlon comes outside and asks Winston, Ash, Steven and Christopher if they want to talk now.  Not really, Winston says.  Marlon asks if Ash will talk and he says OK.  Marlon wants Ash to come inside with him but Ash isn't moving.  Talk here, he says.  Steven walks off.  I can't believe you done that, Ash says.  I'll tell you why I done it, Marlon offers.  Why, Ash asks.

Marlon reminds him that yesterday they had a conversation asking if you were put in a situation where you could do something for yourself, would you do it?  Not that, Ash says, nobody'd do that.  Christopher gets up to use the lieu.  Marlon says if I said to you you could either risk leaving or stay and not eat for a week, as friends, what would you do? 

Winston says there are 5 people up.  Why are you a coward and not facing the public?  When it's very likely Ashleigh's going to go, you know that.  When people say you wasn't going, Marlon asks, what did you say?  You said everyone thinks so but no one knows.  Why does that mean nothing, then?  No one knows Ashleigh is going. 

Why do you think you should have been saved among those 5 people, Winston asks, changing tactics? Would you have pressed the button, Marlon asks?  No, Winston says, never.  Nobody would have pressed the button, Ash says.   Even if I thought I was going to go, adds Winston, you made the wrong choice.  So you'd rather me be up for nomination...  And face eviction like a man, Winston says demonstratively, in front of 4 other people. 

I actually thought, Marlon says, my closest people would have understood what I had done.  Did you actually think that, Winston asks derisively, no, you've actually completely changed how I think of you.  Not in a million years would I have thought you would do that.  Why you worried about facing the public vote?  I'm not worried about facing the public vote, Marlon says, I just didn't want to leave.  I wanted to spend another week with you lot.

We want you to stay, Ash says, but we didn't expect you to press it to stay here.  I thought you'd want me to press it, Marlon says, I thought you three would have definitely wanted me to press it to be safe.  I don't want to spend another week with you, Winston says judgmentally.  Not with somebody who'd do that, no way.  He smacks his fists and walks away, leaving Marlon alone with Ash. 

Everyone feels like you've thrown it in their face, Ash says, and were a bit selfish about it.  That serious?  Yeah, Ash says.  This ain't going to blow over, Marlon realizes.  You don't know, Ash says. 

7:37pm While Marlon goes to bed early, Winston is unloading in the Diary Room.  Every week we bust our *ss and do what it takes to get our shopping basket, and Marlon goes in the room with 4 people and hits the button to get off nomination within 2 seconds, just so he doesn't have to face to the public vote.  He's an absolute coward and it hurt me so much because he was one of my closest mates. 

He's done that and sh*t on everyone in the house after being saved by the girls the previous week.  I can't believe he thought we would be all right.  But chances are he wasn't going to go anyway.  I've lost all respect forever.  What he's done is cowardly.

In the bedroom, Jale tells Marlon that up until a week ago, she questioned where his loyalties lay.  All the pranks and stuff, I've closed the door and carried on with it.  I thought Marlon had my back.  Last night was really hard because I thought my original group of friends who I thought did have my back confirmed they didn't.  To you, this was nothing.  When you did that, I wondered what the f*ck is wrong with me?  Why do I believe in people who just throw that sh*t back in my face?  I felt I trusted you and you threw the p*ss back in my face.

This is really the worst thing you could have done, Jale says.  So do I walk now, he asks?  Why you asking me that, she replies, don't ever ask me that again.  You just made your own decision in there on your own accord, now you want to ask a friend, apparently I'm back to being a friend, whether you should walk?  That's true, a defeated Marlon mumbles.  You can't have it your own way all the time, Jale says, pick and choose when you're friends with people.  This is what I'm trying to say to you - I don't need my own friends treating me like this.

I don't know what to say to you.  I don't get you.  Maybe I just need to take a step back and calm down and find some clarity.  I just felt I had to say something to you.  To not say anything would have been equally as ridiculous.  Marlon thanks her for at least talking to him.  Her and Ash are the only two who said something.  (And Danielle).  But it's fine, he says

9:56pm At the dining table, Steven has burning question for Kimberly: Do you think you could marry me?  Do you mean are you marriage material, Kimberly asks non-committaly?  That's a bit of a game joke, Steven says.  Explain your question thoroughly, she suggests.  Do you think you could see me as marriage material, he clarifies, as a husband?  Yeah, Kimberly and Steven's all smiles.  I can see you as well, he says, kissing her on the forehead.

Helen comes into the bedroom and lays down next to Marlon.  She advises him tomorrow to tell everybody how he really feels and not to say what he thinks they want to hear.  Marlon says to be honest, I don't really care about certain people.  It is a group, Helen says, we're all in it together.  I believe whatever I say or do, Marlon says, I have to be accountable.  At least your open, Helen says.  Hopefully people will want to talk to me, Marlon says. 

What you did was unfair, Helen says, but you did it.  No one should have pressed that button.  People'll want to speak to you tomorrow, she assures him.  But you'll have to deal with it.  You f*cked it up for yourself.  Massively.  Helen gets up and Marlon is brushing off the hair she left behind from brushing.  That was a test to see how selfish someone could be, she says.  Just think about it, sleep, and deal with it tomorrow. 

Out in the garden, Helen sits down between Ash and Winston.  She tells them about her conversation and that Marlon only wants to speak to certain people tomorrow.  He's brown-nosing his way through it, Helen says, and that isn't working for me.  Don't believe a word that guy says ever again.  Ever. 

11:20pm Danielle and Ashleigh are worried about Friday.  These are the 3 people in the house I wouldn't want to be up against, Ashleigh says of Jale, Chris and Christopher.  If they (the public) don't go against me, I'd hate to see any of them go.  I'd rather go than the other three.  There's still hope, you know, says Danielle.  Is there, Ashleigh asks, not believing.  Yeah, says Danielle, there's still hope.  I don't think we should write ourselves off right now.

In the garden, Jale is talking with Steven and Winston.  Honestly, I thought it was an insult.  He said he thought she'd have his back.  You've had his back since day 1, Steven says.  He just ran me over, Jale says.  I'm not going to stand behind someone who plays darts in the mirror, Winston says.

Steven says he's disappointed in himself, because he feels like he's been a very bad judge of character.  I thought someone was a genuine character and he basically got a shovel, put it in the oven to heat it up so it smells bad, then threw it in our faces. 

Ash tells Big Brother he thought Marlon was the most genuine, selfless person in the house, and then we went and did that and it was the most selfish thing I've ever seen in my life.  We were all so angry when he came out.  I couldn't even speak to him.  When everyone else was having a go with him, I thought if I had a go with him, I'd be overly emotional.  He seemed so not *ssed about what he did.  He was one of my closest friends.

Is he still, asks Big Brother?  It's hard to say at the moment, Ash considers, my close friends wouldn't have done what he did.  And because he's done it, I have to wonder if he's one of my close friends.  People make bad decisions at the end of the day, no one's perfect.  He's made a bad decision and feels sorry for it.  He says he thought we'd look at it in a different way, so I can't just write the guy off.  I'll give him the night to think about it. I feel like he let the team down and just thought about himself.  That's what annoys me the most.

1:21am All of the housemates are settling down for the night.  Steven and Kimberly are snogging loudly in their bed.  There appears to be body action again under the covers and Kimberly's breathing deeply.  Ash is spooning Helen, who turns to look at Ash with an open mouth.  Ash says something and Helen laughs, then makes a circle with one hand and pokes a finger in and out through it with the other hand. She covers her mouth to stifle a laugh. 

Steven's hips can be seen moving under the covers.  Helen's laughter struggles to be contained.  How romantic, she bleats out.  Steven and Kimberly seem to completely zone out Helen's noise.  Helen quietly slips out of bed and onto the floor, sliding up to Steven's side of the bed for a close up view of the show.  She bumps her face on the bed frame and stifles her giggling breath.

Steven disengages and rolls onto his back, straining his head to look over the side of the bed where Helen can barely hold her composure.  I see a person down there, Steven says.  Who's down there?  I just f*cking split my f*cking gum open, Helen reveals from the floor.  What are you doing there, Steven asks stupidly.  My f*cking tooth, Helen cries.

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