Day 33: Monday, July 7th, 2014 - Imagine Me & You

Previously, Nominations turned up the heat and temperatures were sent soaring. Tonight, secrets are exposed and gossip blows the house apart.

9:30am Housemates wake to face this week's shopping task. Over the next two days, the Big Brother house will be running on battery power. Housemates will be called to the App Zone where they will be tempted by various apps which drain the battery. To secure a luxury shopping budget, housemates must ensure that some charge remains by the end of the task.

First up to the App is Ashleigh and Steven who are been tempted with messages from their mums. Steven says let's do it. In the living area, the battery starts draining a little and Mark panics, yelling What's going on? Chris says they (Steven and Ashleigh) have said yes to something as the battery level goes down to 75%. Ashleigh's mom is first on the screen.

Hi honey, she says, I hope you are coping well. Well, it looks like you are coping well. I just want to tell you to have fun. It's a once in a lifetime experience and don't let anyone stand in your way. And another thing, don't isolate yourself too much. It's hard to watch you being unhappy. Your smile is beautiful. I would show the housemates and the public your beautiful smile. Ashleigh is crying and Steven says that was so nice.

Next is Steven's mum. I'm so so proud of you, she says, you have met some lovely people. The housemates are all wonderful. I hope you have some good friends for life. But just be aware that the closest person to you in the house, you don't want history repeating yourself. You got hurt already last year and you don't want it to happen again. So just make sure your feelings are mutual and make sure you understand the definition of dating. Anyway, darling, lots of love, kisses and hugs and see you soon. Ashleigh gives Steven a hug, says that was lovely. OMG, Steven mumbles to himself.

On the sofas, Christopher wonders what it could be that would make you sacrifice 20% of the battery power. Mark says 25% . Kimberly says I am sure they can justify it to us when they get out. Jale says I wouldn't do it. I am sure my mates would understand I ain't that desperate to see them. Kimberly thinks it will be fine.

Steven and Ashleigh come out of the App and Steven says can't speak, dude. Everyone yells why? He says he just had an emotional breakdown. I got a video message from my mum, he says, they gave us advice and it was very emotional. They feel bad they use d25% of the battery but it was awesome and he got good advice. He needs some time to think for himself, he says.

12:15pm Kimberly is wondering about the message Steven received, telling Kimberly and Jale and Helen she wants to know more. Danielle asks Ashleigh what happened with Steven? Ashleigh says his mom just came on and said they were really really proud of him and stuff. Then she was like, just be very wary of the person your closest to in the house. She was basically warning him off. He was a bit shocked.

Steven hugs Kimberly in the bedroom. She wants to know what was said but and he says he needs to go to the Diary Room before he can discuss it with her. He says it's something they need to discuss together, not in front with people. He needs a bloody fag while he waits to be called up. She ask if she can have a hint. He says no, don't, there's no reason to discuss it. I need to go to the DR first please, he says, I'm not mad at you. I wouldn't have given you cuddles if I was, would I?

She asks something was said about me? Yeah, he says. Is it bad, she asks? Steven flashes a smile, says to not worry about it, and heads too the Diary Room. Jale tells Kimberly not to worry about it. He knows you. His mum sees you 2 minutes a day. We know you best.

[How ironic that Steven hasn't been able to get anything concrete out of Kimberly, and now the shoe is on the other foot. -- Morty]

In the Diary Room, Steven needs to ask Big Brother something. The video that my mum filmed for me, thank you very much. That was very nice. Can you tell me when it was taken, please? Big Brother can't reveal when the film was made. The reason why is obviously, like, um, I am very very fond of Kimberly and I am falling for her more and more by the day.

I was aware she told me that she was in a relationship for 2 years and she split up with that person. If she has told me that and my mum has come on the screen today that something is not right, then that means what Kimberly has told me might not be true. She needs to clarify some things for me. I can't be seen distrustful just on my mum's word.

My mum just doesn't want me to get hurt like I done before. If that is the case, I need to approach this very soon and find out what the f*ck's going on because as far as I'm concerned, I'm getting brain f*cked and if there is any kind of relationship, she is in or out of it, then that needs to be clarified right away. I need to know.

Jale tells Kimberly that they will sort this and she doesn't really think this is going to be an issue. You know Steven gets worked up over nothing. OK, Kimberly says, unsure. Jale tells Kimberly she's very level headed. Don't get sucked into all of this. No disrespect to his mom, Jale says.

1:45pm Danielle is called to the App Zone where she is offered the Pet App, which will allow her to spend time with her pet Cocoa in the Diary Room. Danielle starts to cry. Downstairs, the housemates watch as the battery goes down another 20%. That's 55% after just 2 people, Ash says. 3 people, Kimberly corrects.

In the Diary Room, Cocoa comes out of her carry bag and is climbing all over Danielle. She is an amazing dog, Danielle says, I miss Cocoa more than I've missed anything in my whole life. She talks baby talk to the puppy who can't sit still with excitement at seeing Danielle.

3:07pm Winston, Ash and Helen speculate on what Steven was told by his mum. Ash says Kimberly's been lying to Steven. Helen asks why would she be lying to him? He gave her the opportunity to be honest, Helen says, from what it sounds to me, she has a boyfriend and it doesn't sound good. Imagine if it's Hugh Heffner, Winston says. Whatever it is, it's obviously affected him, Ash says.

Steven lays down next to Kimberly in the bedroom for a grilling. He says when you came into this house, you told me you were dating. She says yeah. Now his mother has asked him to clarify that with you. If you are serious about me and serious about us, you have got to be upfront with me. I didn't expect to come in and fall in love with somebody, which I am doing and for that reason, if you value our relationship I need you to put your trust in me.

OK, Kimberly confesses, I was in a very serious relationship on and off for, like, 2 years, and, like, I have tried to make it work so many times. It was, like, before getting in here. I was just, like, you know, it was, like, I am going to do whatever I want and I am just going to be me. Steven asks if she had that conversation before she came in? Be honest, he says, so up until a week or two before you came into this house you were still intimately involved with another man? Yes, she admits.

Great, Steven says, absolutely great. The fact is if we hadn't met on this show, there is a strong possibility then you would have been intimately involved with him again? Yes, Kimberly says, I didn't expect this to happen.

In the garden, Marlon tells Ash girls F*cking cheat. You can't trust her, Ash says.

I understand if you don't want to speak to me or something like that again, Kimberly says, I get that. Steven says you are in a relationship with another man. Kimberly, you have lied to me. You should have been completely upfront with me and told me you were dating. You allowed me to fall in love with you when there is another man that you knew you were going to get back with when leaving this house.

I am sorry to say that whatever you can say to me that is so out of order, how can you possibly say that that's not a relationship, Kimberly? It's not f*cking acceptable. You should have been honest. I asked if you were in a relationship and you said no. You are in a relationship.

3:42pm Steven gets up and leaves Kimberly in the bed after 32 minutes. F*ckin h*ll, Steven mumbles, what a f*cking d*ck I am. Kimberly asks herself, Why am I going to cry? Why? In the wash area, Steven tells himself, what a f*cking situation I'm in here, Jesus. Jesus, Steven, you're a prat.

Marlon, Ash, and Winston are enjoying the view from the Pod. Winston is standing on a bench and Marlon ask he can see? Winston he says trees, flying birds. Marlon asks, you see any people? He says no, just a couple sunbathing over there.

Kimberly goes to talk with Big Brother in the Diary Room. I just feel like a horrible person. I wasn't supposed to come in here and fall in love with someone. I wish I was a bit more honest and upfront with people, well, with Steven. I wish I was, because maybe he would understand better, he would have understood more. The relation I had outside of this house, even though it was established that we were somewhat on a break for the summer, we were living together. I really didn't expect to come in here and fall in love with someone like Steven and I don't want to lose him.

His mum warning him about me, like, if I was him, I probably wouldn't believe me either. I don't know how I can expect him to. I Just know that he wants to know answers but sometimes I feel like, when he's trying to speak to me, I just freeze and forget how to speak. I can't articulate myself. I want to, I want to explain everything, but coming in this house, I wasn't going to tell personal things, but that has backfired massively. I didn't tell the truth. I lied about certain things to protect myself and instead if protecting myself, I exposed myself. It's really sh*tty.

5:45pm Jale prepares for a surprise attack, hiding behind the door to the garden as Mark asks Christopher to come inside with him. I'm so bored, Mark whines. Jale runs up and smashes an egg on on the back of Christopher's head. Mark and Christopher laugh as Jale runs away. Christopher starts chasing after Mark for conspiring in the prank.

Kimberly and Steven are back in bed together. There is nothing your not telling me now, he asks? What, she asks? Just saying as long as you've told me everything. I'm not going to have this conversation again. Kimberly says she and her boyfriend were on a break, but you know and I know, this is, I mean, we didn't expect this to happen. I am trying right now to be as honest as I can.

Steven says OK, you were on a break, but after the break and after this game, were you to reconcile and get back together? Yeah, Kimberly says. That was agreed, Steven asks? Yes, it was wasn't agreed but understood. He asks her if she wants to do this and kisses her. She shakes her head yes. He says we will do this. Let's just be honest with each other because we've started on a bad foot.

I told you that you would always have my trust. I don't know how to deal with this, I'll probably have a delayed reaction. I don't not want to be with you and I am falling in love with you and I do see us having a very nice future together. I am telling you that this is not going to happen again (her lying). She says I know. I promise.

8:35pm Helen, Kimberly, and Jale are in the App Zone being tempted to listen to the Gossip App. They all three agree to accept and listen to what their housemates really think about them. They are shown the meeting between Kimberly, Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh when the girls were discussing which boys to save last week and they agreed to not save Ash.

Helen asks, where was I?

Next they are shown the Diary Room session where Ashleigh says she masterminded the whole plan last week.

Are you f*cking kidding me, Helen exclaims, now are you f*cking kidding! She had an evil plan and now it comes all together and she is excited about it. Jale says she doesn't understand. We are all sh*t about it because someone else's fate lay in our hands, and she is all sh*t about her plan. What a f*cking knob! She had a f*cking plot? Who does she think she is Cruella de Vil?

[I guess Helen missed the part where Kimberly and Jale conspired to exclude her. -- Morty]

Next, Helen, Kimberly and Jale watch Ashleigh and Danielle in the Pod saying they cant trust Kimberly. Kimberly comes up to the Pod and they pretend they aren't talking about her. Then they see Ashleigh coaching Danielle on how to put off Kimberly's offers of friendship after Kimberly was checking to see if Danielle was OK.

Jale can't believe it. Helen says she's saying something when they get out of there. Kimberly suggests they discuss it but Helen's on a mission. Leave Ash out of it, Kimberly suggests. I won't bring him into it, but I am not not saying anything. That nasty little two-faced b*tch. Kimberly says she's not surprised that Ashleigh said that, but she's very surprised with Danielle. Who needs enemies with friends like that, Helen wonders. Kimberly suggests it's a bigger advantage to them if they don't say anything.

Next they watch Chris and Ashleigh in the Pod where he asks Ashleigh if she's noticed that Jale has gotten really foul mouthed all of a sudden. Ashleigh says yes and Jale laughs at the screen. Helen is p*ssed and that makes Kimberly laugh. I'm so glad I'm spot on with this sh*t, Jale says. Helen is upset that Ashleigh said Jale was up Helen's *ss. Helen's on a roll, calling Ashleigh and Danielle f*cking two-faced c*nts.

They leave the App and head back into the house, yelling that was great, Amazing! Chris asks what was it, but they don't answer him. He asks Jale directly. You ignoring me, Jale? Jale walks away without talking. Chris laughs nervously.

In the garden, Mark begs them to reveal what was said. Kimberly says I think I'm going to pass for now. Tonight is probably not the night to get into this, Helen says, we just watched a half hour of gossip in the house. Tell us, Mark squeals. It was just two people slagged everyone off in the house, Helen says. Go ahead tell us, Mark begs. Helen says she agreed not to say anything. I wanted to say stuff, but nope. Mark says come on, who was in there? Kimberly asks him who he thinks? I DONT KNOW, Mark cries.

Jale says this is a conversation for when there are fewer people around. Helen says basically, Ashleigh is the biggest two faced b*tch. Aawww, that's nice, Ashleigh says, then tells Helen to get over herself. You have been exposed for who you are, Ashleigh, a two faced b*tch. The public has seen what you said, Helen says, and the rest of the house will see what you said as well. Helen repeats what Ashleigh said in her Diary Room session about her evil plan. Kimberly backs her up, saying she's seen the Diary Room session too, and what's come out is fine. What's the big deal?

Jale would rather have a private conversation with the 3 people involved. Winston says if you have something to say, say it to everybody. Mark says you should say it to everybody, not just Ashleigh. Jale says she wants to have a conversation with Chris because she doesn't want his little minions encouraging him. Kimberly says we can all be civil about this, I haven't said anything derogatory about Ashleigh. It doesn't need to be a war.

Winston complains that they said they weren't going to say any thing then they unloaded the whole thing. It was Ashleigh, Danielle and Chris, Helen says. At the end of the day, Helen said what she wanted to say. It's fine, Kimberly sates, but if I don't want to be pressured into saying anything, then I wont be. Mark is upset that they came out playing it off. Because it was funny, Helen says, we were shocked. It's not funny when people are being outed, Helen says, no one is amused by being shown for what they are. But it was funny to watch.

9:25pm Jale gets a chance to talk with Chris privately. Basically, I have a massive problem with this. There was a series of clips that were shown where you, Ashleigh and Danielle were sitting in the Pod and basically discussing your views on me. For me to listen to that, I don't feel like I deserved that and I am not happy with that. If there is a problem with me, don't sit in the Pod and talk about me. Come tell me to my face. Absolutely fair enough, Chris quickly agrees. I can't argue with you, he says, I understand it doesn't look good. I shouldn't have said it. The last thing I want is to hurt anyone's feelings.

Helen tells Kimberly that she confronted Ashleigh in a circle of peoples so I couldn't be branded a bully, so if I stepped over the line, people tell her she was saying too much. Helen tells Ash what Ashleigh said in the Diary Room about trying to frustrate his eviction and what they've seen on the Zone App. Mark needs to shut up, Helen says, he's not involved in this. Winston as well.

Ashleigh and Danielle are laughing nervously in the kitchen. Ashleigh says basically, we've been fed to the f*cking lions. What the h*ll, Danielle says. We've spent a lot of time talking about people, Ashleigh acknowledges. I bet when you go, touch wood it's not Friday, I bet you we'll see the exact same things said about us.

11:17pm In the Diary Room, Danielle says Oh my gawd, you just have set a nuclear war off downstairs. Things were just getting back on an even keel and you let the hoo haw hit the fan. It is just a nightmare? Do you have any idea how awful it is downstairs? It's like I actually want to leave out the other door. I am so uncomfortable. I am not going to do that because I have to stick this out, , but oh dear gawd, if that girl (Ashleigh) goes on on Friday, I have no idea what I am going to do.

Helen is yelling at Mark the garden about Ashleigh's plan to get rid of Ash. He got the last laugh, Mark says, because he's still here. What does that matter, an enraged Helen asks. That matters everything, Mark tries to reason. I hope to gawd that you two get to see someone in this house speak about you the way I watched about someone speak about him (Ash) and her (Kimberly) this week, Helen says, because you will feel like sh*t. But you probably will never understand it because it's not going to happen to either of you.

In the kitchen, Ashleigh says she could be out there defending herself, she says to Chris, I know Helen is out there stirring them all up. She's putting things into people's heads that aren't actually true. I'm going to save my energy, Ashleigh says. She'll just shout you down, Chris says.

Helen and Mark continue to argue in the garden. I used to call her my friend, Helen is shouting. I did as well, Mark says, and proud of it. If 3 people were jumping on you, Mark says, I'd stick up for you because you'd be one against three. Winston says she did it the wrong way. I didn't, Helen says. What is it we're never going to get, Winston asks? Where I'm coming from is what I mean, says Helen.

In the kitchen, Jale says she doesn't know what is going on in here any more. Why do people come in here if they don't just want to have fun? I don't understand why they're still arguing, Ashleigh says, I can still hear her (Helen). Chris comes in from the garden and reports Winston and Mark are defending Ashleigh. They are so sweet, Ashleigh says. They're defending the situation, Chris clarifies. Christopher can't understand how Helen isn't boarded already.

1:00am Kimberly apologizes to Steven in the garden. I'm sorry, she says. You said that a lot today, he says. He thinks on the whole he's dealt with it very well.

In the bedroom, Helen and Ash are talking Danielle and Ashleigh. She's not going to get into an argument with them. People think she can handle herself but it's not easy. Ash says they all kind of turned it on her, she's kind of getting picked on. Everyone goes against you because you shout at everyone.

Kimberly and Steven talking about building a life together, as if nothing every happened. As long as you tell me you're committed to me, Steven says, as long as you understand how strongly I feel, if you're outside this house, make sure my family likes you. As long as you don't go back to that place (she shared with her boyfriend) on your own and your goods are moved, and you don't have any communication with him, I don't have a problem. If you do, I won't be dealing with it.

I want you to explain to him for me, she says. No, Steven says, there is no explaining to him. Sorry, the only thing I ask is that if you value this relationship, if I'm in this house and you're not, if that's the case, that you potentially... I mean when we're out of the house, Kimberly restates. We'll do it together, Steven says. OK, she says.

At the end of the day, it is what it is, Steven summarizes, you lied to me, you upset me, but I am falling in love with you, and I do want to build a life with you. I do want to move in with you the second we get out of here. I want to enjoy a good life with you, because I think if there's 2 people who can have a decent life, it's going to be me and you.

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