Day 32: Sunday, July 6th, 2014 - Shacking Up

Previously, the house went Christmas crackers. Tonight, it's nominations!

9:42am Today is nominations day. As Helen has Pass to the Final and Jale has the Killer Nomination, they cannot be nominated. Chris doesn't want to do nominations, he tells Winston. It's stressful, Kimberly says. Steven tells Mark he has one on his brain. Mark says I've got me two but I've got to come up with stupid f*cking reasons. These little reasons could write people off. Christopher joins Kimberly and Jale in the garden. In the kitchen, mark asks Ash if he's ready to nominate. As ready as I could ever be, Ash says, he kind of knows who he'll pick.

12:14pm Mark is trying to look nautical today. He wants to look like he's from a sea side city. In the kitchen, Winston asks Steven how he and Kimberly are. Good, Steven says, very good. I didn't really expect it at all. Steven says if Tamara were still here, Winston and her would be like him and Kimberly. I'm a bit gutted for you on that, Steven says. Nipped in the bud, Winston says.

In the Pod, Ashleigh wants to know what Danielle was talking about with Winston last night. Danielle describes their conversation about dating. Did you describe him as your type, Ashleigh asks? Nope, Danielle says, I said total opposite. He wants 5 children, 4 boys and a girl. He needs to get working quickly, then, Ashleigh says, he's nearly 30. Winston asked what would happen if she married someone who stepped out on her. Danielle says she would never marry someone who didn't have the same values as her, so it would never happen.

1:16pm Marlon is sleeping on the sofa. In the garden, nominations are the hot topic. Mark says Ash would be relieved if he didn't go up. More than anything, Ash agrees. He's never felt relaxed. He looks at it like he's Jale and assumes he's always going to be nominated. Helen doesn't think he'll be up this week. I hope not, Ash says, I well could do with a chill week.

At the dining table, Steven is talking with Jale, Kimberly and Ashleigh about his grooming habits. Every Saturday, my mom (who's 51), dad (who's 56), me (23), my brother Ben (21), Charlie (18), Sammy (13), my younger nan (she's 69) and my other grandad (who's 74), all of us go to the same salon every Saturday to get touched up. We all get facials and massages, every single Saturday. No way, Danielle says.

Christopher is called to the Diary Room. First up, Ash says. It's a shame you can't nominate me, isn't it, Helen calls after him. Indeed, Christopher says, you already got your coal, you've suffered enough. Christopher nominates Steven because Steven tries to tell him how he should feel and what he should think instead of listening to him. His second nomination is Winston because he won't speak his mind often, won't say how he's feeling and he should learn to do so.

Helen's first nomination is for Ashleigh. She pretends to be a victim but is one of the biggest gobs in the house, she says things insensitive to other people's feelings and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her because she's 18 and that makes people uncomfortable. Her second nomination goes to Christopher who she's made an effort with, built up a report, but yesterday he said she wasn't open enough and spat it all back in her face.

Chris's first nomination is Marlon for being a bit stroppy and disinterested. He should be engaged and positive after being saved and and has wasted the opportunity. His second nomination is Steven because he's still unsure about him, he asks questions but doesn't listen for the answers. Their relationship is getting better but he can still be selfish sometimes.

2:05pm Marlon is feeling the effects of his workouts, walking kind of funny. His arms are swollen, he says, showing Jale and Kimberly his biceps. Jale shows Marlon her arms, saying this is my food with a little bit of muscle underneath.

Winston is next to be called to the Diary Room for nominations. His first nomination is Chris because in the last couple of weeks, he's sitting back and watching people including me, Winston says, putting me on edge. I feel like I'm being judged. My second nomination is Ashleigh. She can be quite rude about stuff. She picked up a dirty plate and asked which one of those b*stards outside left this? She complains a lot instead of doing things a different way.

Ashleigh's first nomination is Ash due to the massive lack of conversation between them. I wouldn't even notice if he wasn't here. We don't have anything in common. he has his friends and spends his time with them. If I am talking to Ash, it's always me who instigates the conversation, which is quite tiring. Her second nomination is Kimberly. This week clarified what Kimberly thinks of her. You have a problem with someone if they think you're untrustworthy and the biggest liar in the house. If she was honest and up front, she would have come to her first if there was a problem between them.

Steven's first nomination is Ashleigh for repeatedly saying he was too good for Kimberly. Not only is it completely incorrect and obviously insulting to her and to me, but it leaves me with no choice but to make her my first nomination. Steven's second nomination is Chris because of all his fellow housemates, he knows Chris the least despite several efforts to have conversations. He's good to talk to but withholds information about himself and his journey. If anyone was to nominate him, it would be Chris and Chris would have the least impact on him if he left Friday.

3:00pm Danielle and Ashleigh are talking about Helen's Pass to the Final in the Pod. No justice, Danielle says. In the garden below, Mark, Chris, Helen, Ash, Winston and Christopher are talking. Christopher says he's been up 3 weeks in a row and the day before nominations, he has to exclude 3 people (from Santa's party yesterday). We are always going to be pitted against each other, he says, every single turn.

Helen thinks there's some really sh*t decisions being made. There was Matthew & Toya's sh*t decision and your sh*t decision yesterday. Winston and the others laugh. Do you want me to get some scissors so you can finish off my hair now, Christopher jokes. You p*ssed me off, Helen says. I'll tell you my reasons, Christopher offers.

I don't want to know, Helen says, you really let me down. I sat there reassuring you for 26 hours that you had friends in the house, trying to make you feel better, felt very sorry for you. The night of nominations (I think she means Matthew's eviction) you were crying your eyes out and I was the first to come hold your hand. I opened up to you about my personal life this week, you did with me, we spent a lot of time on our own together. You completely moped me off.

Did you feel mugged off, Christopher asks? You had the audacity to stand there yesterday in front of everybody and say I'd not been open to you. What a f*cking joke! Christopher says Marlon was in the bedroom yesterday with Danielle (as the 3 naughty housemates). Danielle's been my made pretty much from the start. I didn't understand that as well, Helen says.

It wasn't based on who's my friend, he explains, it wasn't personal. It is personal, Helen insists. I wouldn't have deliberately excluded Danielle if it was personal, Christopher says. Up in the Pod, Ashleigh says it's up to Christopher to decide if it's personal - he made the decision. She (Helen) just has these pity parties for herself, all the time.

Winston and Ash are laughing as Helen again says she was surprised after having made such an effort with him to not get anything back. Up in the Pod, Ashleigh continues that Helen's posse stands behind her all the time. She's so rude. Back below, Christopher says part of his reason was the Golden Barge (her Pass to the Final) thing she's always talking about. Sorry, Helen asks, I always say that? You cheeky bastard, Helen says indignantly, to say that's what I only talk about.

That's not what you only talk about, Christopher says with exasperation. Don't speak to me, Helen says, putting up her hands, don't talk to me. Fine, Christopher says. You f*cking lying b*stard, she says with disgust. Ash isn't laughing anymore. If you won't even listen to me, Christopher says, what's the point. I've said all along I think it's a curse (the Pass to the Final), Helen says, and you make it out like I'm sitting here thinking it's great. If you'd just listen to me, Christopher tries again. No, I can't stand to listen to you, Helen says dismissively.

Let me finish, Christopher begs, it's hard to get a word in edgewise with you sometimes. Maybe I just don't feel like giving you the opportunity today, Helen says. Maybe you're just a d*ck, Ashleigh says from the Pod, she's here for 10 weeks and will have much more opportunities than whoever goes Friday. Chris says she's always said she hates being seen as on the Golden barge kind of thing and there's many people who'll be long gone while you're still in the Final. I'm just annoyed that your upset about it.

I'm not upset today, Helen claims, but yesterday I felt like a complete d*ck. You read too much into that, Christopher says, I didn't read as much into that. I take things very personally when I've opened up to someone, she says. Well you shouldn't, he says. Don't tell me what I should and shouldn't take personal. It's up to me. Mark is enjoying the show. Ash is laughing again. But you're telling me how I should and shouldn't make a decision, Christopher counters.

I had to make a decision. You have to give me free reign. I've never complained about any decision you've made. At least we know where we both sat, Helen says. But we don't, Christopher says, you seem to think I took it all in and slapped your face. I understand where you're coming from and you understand me, Helen says almost reasonably, so let's move on from it. Christopher says he's sorry for making her feel sh*tty. It wasn't intended. Very moff, Helen says. He winks at her. It's done, she says, I've forgot about it. Let's start again. You're a f*ckin' box, Christopher says.

[Really, I just don't get the British sometimes. It's their own language and they still speak gibberish sometimes. -- Morty]

4:14pm At the dining table, Danielle asks Kimberly and Steven if they'll live together when they get out of here. Yeah, says Kimberly. Really, says a surprised Danielle. We decided already, Steven says. The look on your face, laughs Kimberly. So you're in love, Danielle asks? I think that would be an inappropriate thing to be discussing at this time. It's a complicated word, Kimberly says, it carries a lot of weight that I don't feel like getting into.

But if you're going to be living together, a confused Danielle says. I've made it clear, Steven says, that the way it's going to happen is I don't have to say the word but it's pretty obvious. Kimberly smiles and flashes her eyes in agreement.

Marlon's first nomination is Ashleigh for saying rude things and telling lies, such as what she said about Kim not being good enough for Steven. I thought she was a sweet girl but that was below the belt. His second nomination is Christopher due to his telling Helen she didn't open up enough. That was an eyebrow raising moment.

Danielle's first nomination is for Christopher because she thought she was his friend and knowing she doesn't talk to Helen or Marlon, to exclude me from the Christmas party and put her in with them, he obviously doesn't value my friendship as much as I thought. Now visa versa, clearly. Her second nomination is Marlon because of what he said during the Finishing School task. He said he wanted to crack the nutcracker, which means he wanted to be sexually involved with me. Who are you to discuss that on national TV, are you serious?

[No, he wasn't. Just crude and immature. -- Morty]

Kimberly's first nomination is Ashleigh for how disingenuous she turned out to be. I tried really hard to be her friend and when I was in the morgue and she made the comments she did against me, that she couldn't give me the time of day and Steven could do better than me, I didn't have the right to reply, that was icing on the cake. My second nomination, and I'm disappointed to have to say this, is Danielle. I thought we would be good friends, but she broke my heart when she didn't stand up for me during the sťance. I don't always show how I feel, but that upset me.

In the Pod, Danielle tells Ashleigh about her conversation with Kimberly and Steven. Danielle says Steven was going down the way of saying yes when asked if he loved Kimberly, but Kimberly said there are so many different meanings to that word. Why would you move in with somebody if you didn't love them? That's a big bloody commitment when you move in with someone. Especially when you've only known someone 4 weeks, Ashleigh says, and only been going with them 2 weeks. You're moving in together, Danielle says judgmentally, and you don't even love him. I can't get my head around that.

Unless they're going to have different rooms, she says, but I doubt that. Odd.

5:26pm. In the garden, Mark has a riddle for Ash, Chris, Winston and Helen. What's more powerful than Gd, more evil than the Devil, the rich want it and the poorest have it. It's got to be something obvious, Ash says without a clue. Money, Helen says, then realizes the poor don't have it. Love, she guesses but Mark says no. The world? No. Science? No. What's more powerful than Gd, Mark explains, nothing. What's more evil than the Devil? Nothing. What do the rich want? Nothing. And what to the poor have? Nothing. That's good, Chris says.

Danielle is in kitchen with Steven, Jale, Christopher and Kimberly. I was a bit hurt yesterday to not be invited to the party, Danielle says with little expressed emotion. Jale laughs. It's going to go off, Steven jokes. No, I'm not, Danielle protests, no. You had to do something at the end of the day, so that's it. But there've been times when Christopher was nominated and I was the only one sitting beside you. Pretty much, Christopher agrees. I just felt, you know.

Jale can barely hold in her laughter and her facial expression drives Steven to the brink as he tries to not break out himself and eggs her on. Christopher says he tried to not base it on who he was closest to in the house or you would have been at the top of the list. I had no idea they were going to lock you in the bedroom. Jale and Steven can't hold it in anymore and start laughing and Danielle doesn't understand why. Christopher apologizes and Danielle says it's done, she's over it. Christopher looks at the light box and says give it another hour, it'll be purple (nominated).

It's Ash's turn to nominate and he names Ashleigh, saying he thought he was bonding with Ashleigh early in the series but then found out she was slagging him off behind his back. I didn't really appreciate it. His second nomination is a tough one, but he says Danielle. Out of everyone in the house, they have the least in common. They do their own thing. I know they're best mates and stuff, they always sitting off together. They could join in.

Jale's first nomination is Chris for being up and down for the last week or so. I don't know where I stand with him, she says, I don't understand why he's here, why he always ends conversations saying he can't talk about something. I need to be around people who'll open up to me because it makes me feel I can open up to them. Her second nomination is Ash. Helen had described a conversation where she admitted she sometimes goes too far and she was proud of herself or being in control during the Girls Power Trip deliberations and his response was for her to not change who she is in the house. She feels he was trying to rev Helen's engines up. She might be justified but how she acts on it isn't justified.

Mark's first nomination is Kimberly. She's very intelligent but sometimes emotionally closed. She's not the most extroverted person but looked physically uncomfortable at the Christmas party. There were people who really wanted to be at the party and couldn't and she didn't really enjoy it for them. His second nomination is Marlon. He struggles with things and takes them personal. He told Christopher to pick others over him and then when he wasn't picked, he kind of was upset a little bit. He wants to learn and grow but if you're not willing to help yourself, who's going to help you?

Mark is the only housemate to have received no nominations.

6:12pm Danielle is praying in the Pod. Please grant me your strength and wisdom to get through this experience and make it as long as I can. Please grant me your serenity and trust and power to know that I am good in my ways, and I will be successful in this.

In the garden below, Ash and Winston talk about becoming flat mates. Ash will pay the first month's then they can split it. I'm in, Winston says. Ash jokes he'll be evicted first and get everything rigged up for Winston. I'll get a George Foreman and load the food in, and that's it, that's my room. I can't wait. Onwards and upwards, Winston says.

8:06pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa and the lighting dims. Housemates, today you nominated and Big Brother has the results of those nominations. The housemates facing this week's public vote are:

Jale. Hi, she laughs, resigned to having the Killer Nomination back this week.


Christopher. Luckily purple's my color, he jokes.


Chris. Interesting, he says.






These 5 housemates will face eviction this week. Marlon tells Ash he's glad he got a week off. Jale goes to give Marlon a hug. Chris gives Ashleigh a hug. I got a week off, Jale says. I can't believe Ashleigh's up, Danielle says. 2 girls, 3 guys, Ash observes. He asks Chris if he's all right. It's a game, Chris says.

In the wash area, Mark gives Christopher a hug. Ashleigh says she's shocked for him. Seriously, Christopher says, I should start overreacting to things. That may just be the way to play things, make it seem I want to be up for eviction. You make it seem like you don't care, Jale says, when actually you do care. Of course I care, Christopher says. I just don't want to create a massive storm about it. It's the public's decision at the end of the day, Ashleigh says, they say whose in here.

Helen is shocked and surprised and a bit p*ssed off, she tells Chris. I the bedroom, Mark tells Ashleigh he doesn't want her to go. Danielle frets it will be 100 times worse if she goes. You have too much to give, Mark says. Yeah, agrees Ashleigh, I just want to have a good week. If she goes this week, I'll be gone the next, it's a fact. I told you you wouldn't be up this week, Ashleigh says, Helen's posse turned on me this week, the ones that were voting to get Toya out are going for me this week.

How could anyone nominate Chris, Mark asks? A bunch of two-faced b*stards, Ashleigh says bitterly. After he was saved last week, Mark says. I'm so angry, Ashleigh says. There's such an emotional connection to him, Mark says. And Christopher, Ashleigh ads.

9:53pm Winston is talking to Marlon and Ash, who is in the tub. Winston feels bad Ashleigh is up, even though she's been a bit of a b*tch this week. Who nominated her, Ash wonders. Huh, Winston asks, surprised? You don't have to answer that, Ash says with a smile. You feel bad that she's up because it affects Danielle, Ash teases. Not at all, Winston says. Marlon counters that if she's up, Danielle has only one other person's shoulder to cry on. I assure you I don't want that, Winston says earnestly and Marlon laughs at his gullibility. I have standards, Winston says.

Steven, Kimberly, Helen and Jale are at the dining table. Steven ask Jale who is the one person in the house she thinks is playing the game. She says no one. Helen doesn't agree. I know some people are, she says. Me too, Steven says. After watching the other night (from the morgue), we said hmmm, game player. Really, says Jale. You won't see it until you watch like we watched. When you sit around a table with everybody, you hear things totally different than what we heard.

Steven asks Helen who is the biggest game player, structured player. A massive one potentially is Christopher, she says. You're joking, Jale says. Steven says lovely guy, the biggest game player is Chris and I'm a very good judge of character. A couple times I've seen the shy, quiet boy turn and I might be wrong, but to me he's been nothing but pleasant, polite, kind and nice. All I really know about him is his name is Chris.

12:33am Ash is feeling a bit destructive in the bedroom. Helen says she might be a little mischievous. Steven is stroking Kimberly's hair and asks Ash if he's plotting mischief. Can't do anything with these lights on, Helen complains.

In the Diary Room, Christopher wonders why he's facing the public vote for the 4th consecutive week. He had hoped for a break this week, the only issue has been he had to choose 3 people not to attend the Christmas party, so he's wondering who nominated him. He says it would be frustrating if Helen's mates nominated him because he chose them to attend the Christmas dinner. His discussion with Helen had no affect on them and he thought he got on well with the boys.

The lights are out in the bedroom, but the Director has called for action as Steven and Kimberly resume nighttime snogging. Ash jokingly tells Helen not to grab his penis. Don't f*cking say that, she says, you f*cking mule. Ash laughs. Steven and Kimberly are oblivious as they are breathing heavily under the covers, what appears to be rapid hand movement at waist length. Open it, Steven whispers.

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