Day 31: Saturday, July 5th, 2014 - Christmas In July

Previously the 4th housemate was evicted and love was in the air. Tonight, Christmas comes early but not everyone is full of festive cheer.

9:30am Mark wakes up alone without Matthew. But Steven & Kimberly, Ash & Helen and Winston & Danielle are all waking up next to each other. In the kitchen, Danielle tells Chris the bed situation needs to be sorted tonight. I said to Winston that he could sleep with me tonight, she says, but they have to keep their clothes on and stuff. He had nowhere else to sleep you know what I mean? I was all right with it last night, but I don't want it happening again because I don't want people getting the wrong idea do you know what I mean? Chris says that's actually fair enough.

In the bedroom, Steven asks where Winston is and Marlon says in Danielle's bed. That's where he slept last night. Really, Steven says, ooh, very good Winston.

Chris ask Danielle if she managed to get some sleep though. She says no, not really. I never had a man sleep in my bed before. Chris says I wish you would have kicked him out. There was nothing I could do. I was put in a situation, Danielle says, implying that Winston forced himself into her bed.

In the bedroom, Mark sings, "tell me what makes a man." Then all the boys start singing it. Helen tells them they are worse than the alarm.

In the kitchen, Jale and Steven talk about Winston slipping into the bed with Danielle last night. Steven says he didn't see that coming. Jale says she saw it coming a mile off.   There is a weird sh*t going on in this house, Steven says. I'm not saying that her sexual views are a facade or whatever, Jale says, but she's not bloody stupid. She's obviously dated men before she knows what a penis is, know what I mean?

11:32am In the bedroom, Christopher tells Ashleigh he's tired. I stayed up last night talking to Mark for ages, he says, he wouldn't let me go to sleep. I'm totally his new Matthew. He would say no, stay here and talk to me. I had to stay ''till I was at the point of exhaustion.

Ash, Helen, Steven and Winston are in the garden. Steven asks Winston how it was talking to Danielle last night? Winston says he had to bat away her advances and stuff, you know? You had to bat away advances from her, Steven asks? So she come on to you, huh? Helen is laughing at Winston's deadpan. Winston says yeah, quite a few times. He says he told her no, that she had to wait ''till she got married. She said he was cold. Steven asked if he gave her a cuddle. Yeah, Winston says, she said she was cold.

In the Diary Room, Danielle tells Big Brother she's OK, just a bit tired, really. I just didn't get to bed 'till quite late last night. I don't really know. I think my brain was in overdrive or something along those lines. I've had better sleeps but I slept OK. And It's awfully cold in that bedroom. So so cold everywhere, its freezing. I like Winston but I don't fancy him. I think he is a nice boy. He does make me laugh, but for now, as far as I'm concerned, it's just a friendship. That's it really.

1:13pm Danielle asks Winston, who is taking a bath, if he slept all right last nigh. He says yeah and asks how she slept. Good, Danielle says. More comfortable that I was next to ya, Winston asks? No comment, she says and walks away.

In the Diary Room, Steven says she's like everything you can dream of having. Her personality, she's just a nice person though she's vulnerable. I've never seen this side to her since I've been in here. Kimberly is a very intelligent girl, very strong willed and very focused. I've really seen a vulnerability in the last last days. She's been through a lot. Everyone has. It just makes me want to make sure she's happy and make her happy.

I think I can do that and I think she wants me to do that, so. Its amazing. It's a great feeling but It's kind of like, f*ck, makes you blush a little bit. I didn't expect it I get a funny feeling every time I'm with her. If you ask me if I could fall in love with Kimberly, the answer is yes. If you ask me if I'm falling in love with Kimberly, the answer is yes as well. I think I'm falling in love with her.

In the wash area, Winston is still in the bath. He asks Ash what's going on with him and Helen, does he fancy her at all? Not like that, Ash says, she's just like me mate. I get along with girls like that. We are just similar, the same banter. Winston says if Marlon started getting with her in your place in your bed, or Steven, what would you feel if he started sleeping where you were? I would be coy, Ash says, because I wouldn't be chilling with me mate. I won't be like jealous like I fancy her, you know. Like the first couple of weeks, I fancied her a bit because we were so similar, then it kind of fazed out.

2:24pm Christopher has been called to the Diary Room.   Hello Christopher, Big Brother says, or should I call you Christmas? Well, Christopher says, that is my name in here. I've several names in here: Christopher, Chris, Chrissy, D*ck head. Big Brother says Christopher might like to spread some festive cheer by bringing Christmas early to the Big Brother house. Christopher says love it, sounds amazing.

Christopher is now dressed as Santa Clause, belting Ho! Ho! Ho!. Big Brother is treating the housemates to a Christmas feast and as Father Christmas, Santa Christopher has to decide who has been nice and who has been naughty. Only the nice get the feast. He gets to invite some of his housemates to Santa's Grotto (the Diary Room) to see who has been naughty or nice and who can attend the feast.

Santa Christopher invites Ashleigh, Chris, Marlon, Danielle, Helen and Mark to his Grotto. They come in one at a time, each greeted by Santa Christopher with a Ho! Ho! Ho!. Have you been a good boy, he asks Mark? Mark says yes. Helen says I'm always a good girl. Are you now, Santa Christopher challenges her. Yes, Helen says. Christopher asks her who deserves to be on the nice list. Helen says ME! Santa Christopher gives a belly laugh. He asks Ashleigh if she's ever been a naughty child. No, Ashleigh says, never. Chris says he's never been warned once for any bad behavior.

Danielle says the only naughty thing she's done is play footsie under the table. Santa Christopher says Father Christmas only does that with Mrs. clause after the cooking show. Marlon says when I'm around the ladies, I should lower my linger , lower my vulgarness and not be a chauvinistic bastard. Mark sings "I don't want a lot for Christmas." Christopher asks Helen if she can tell Father Christmas how she's have been a good girl in the house this year. I think I made a special effort this week to get to know certain people in the house that I haven't made an effort with, she says.

Marlon says I think a few people outside deserve it a little bit more than myself. I've also learned to bite my tongue this week, Helen says, and respect other people instead of choosing to be nasty. She has especially learned to respect a guy called Christmas. I better come to this part, Santa, she concludes. Mark finishes his song in a very high pitch. Santa Christopher says you have knocked the stuffing out of me turkey.

4:38pm Father Christmas is passing out presents and whoever gets a candy cane will celebrate Christmas with a feast. Whoever gets coal won't be celebrating Christmas tonight. Ash has a candy cane because he's a nice guy but is misunderstood at times. Mark has a little candy cane for his magical musical rendition. Marlon got coal because he told Santa everyone else should have a treat. Ashleigh got a candy cane for being the happiest housemate in Santa's Grotto.

Danielle got coal because she wasn't able to say how she'd been good or bad. With deep regret, Santa Christopher says gingerly.   Kimberly, Jale, Steven and Chris all got candy canes. There's one candy cane and one lump of coal left and it's between Helen and Winston. Helen got coal. Santa Christopher says he's going to be stoned with coal. I don't know why you'd think that, Helen says dismissively. Santa Christopher says that she didn't open up about her experience in the house as much as others. Bullsh*t, she says. It's not personal, Helen, Santa Christopher says.  

That leaves Winston to receive the final candy cane. Father Christmas wanted Winston to be on his Winter Dream Team. Having received lumps of coal, Marlon, Danielle and Helen are now banned from the living area and are asked to leave immediately and think about how to be nice in the future. As they go to the bedroom, Danielle ask what they will have for dinner.

Helen can't believe she reacted like that. Didn't open up enough, she says bitterly, we had a long conversation about how I feel like I made an effort this week. I sat there while he cries (when they were in the morgue). That's why I acted like that. Danielle says she totally gets that. You couldn't get any more personal, Helen says.

Christopher tells Winston and Chris that while Helen made an effort this week, that wasn't his justification. He gave the other three coal because they didn't speak up in the Diary Room when he was talking to them, they weren't as excited and their overall time in the house.

Mark goes to Helen and ask if she's OK ? She says, no he is a twat. I'm so p*ssed off at what he said.

5:57pm The nice housemates are enjoying their Christmas dinner, Kimberly tells Christopher there is such a thing as karma, so if you feel like you made the right decision and that's the reason you have given, then that's fine. Christopher agrees. Remember, Steven says, it was your decision. They all thank Father Christmas and make a toast of champagne to him. Christopher says merry Christmas one and all.

In the bedroom, Danielle asks if Christopher has said anything to Helen? No, Helen says, and I don't want him to no. I think he knows I'm upset with him. I feel like such an idiot. I can't believe how long you spent with him.   He has really let me down, Helen says, you should have seen him, he was breaking down. Marlon confirms this.  

Christopher is telling the nice housemates that Marlon said, and he quotes, "don't pick me. I will give to others first." Music starts playing and Mark starts singing " I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then everyone starts singing.

Never mind, Helen says, there's no use crying over spilled milk. It isn't the party and she doesn't want anyone thinking it's that. It's how Christopher made me feel personally, for making me feel so stupid. Why are you here, Danielle? I don't know, she says, I'm constantly around the guy. I'd understand if it was me, you (Marlon) and Ash, Helen says.   And Winston, Marlon ads. But Danielle's here, Helen says. That doesn't make any sense, Danielle says.

The party continues in the main house with more pop Christmas songs. In the bedroom, Helen kisses her photographs.

7:36pm Chris goes to the Diary Room and says he's loving the party. It has been really lovely. I hate talk of Christmas or hearing Christmas songs in any other month but December, but I've loved it and I think everyone has.   Unfortunately, Helen threw a strap in. There's always something. I fear it might come from Helen toward Christopher who has been the most upfront with her.

The party is over and Danielle and Marlon have rejoined the nice housemates. In the kitchen, Marlon tells Christopher that Helen is taking it really personal because she thought that when they was in the dungeon for 26 hours, he had no friends and she offered to be his friend. Christopher starts to explain and Marlon says no, explain it to her. He doesn't need to, Jale says defensively.

Helen didn't need to justify why Christopher wasn't picked (to be saved), Ashleigh says. But it wasn't just Helen making that decision, Marlon reminds her. Jale says you come in here telling everyone what they have been speaking about in there. If she's upset, let her speak for herself. Christopher says I have exact reasons for why I did what I did and if anyone wants to know them, they can ask me. I won't go shoving them down anyone's throat. Jale thinks he has nothing to justify. People need to stop jumping on band wagons around here. Its getting kind of boring now.

Mark goes to the garden to ask Helen if she's OK. Yeah, she says, over the moon as usual. I think he is a f*cking weapon, she says. Winston says that's a good name to call someone. Steven hasn't heard that expression before. Don't take his p*ss, Mark says, but Helen shuts him down.   You didn't sit in a room with him while he was slugging you, Matthew, Ashleigh and Danielle off, reassuring him he had friends. Blah, blah, f*cking blah. No wonder he's got no mates. He is a f*cking stupid *sshole.

Winston asks you know that stuff you gave him yesterday, if you had the choice to give it to him or wipe your *ss with it, what would you do? I would slid it down my *cking crack, she says and Winston, Ash and Steven crack up laughing. Helen, stop it, Mark says, you know you'll get into sh*t for saying that. I said I'd rather to that, she says, I didn't say I'm gonna do it. Do you know who you're nominating, Ash asks. I've no idea at all, she says.

8:45pm In the bedroom, Steven asks Danielle if she's p*ssed off because Christopher didn't choose her? Yeah, she says, stunned, that's all. Helen says you were shocked though, weren't you? She says yeah. Steven asks what reason he gave her? She says I didn't open up enough or something like that. Steven asks Marlon if he's p*ssed off Marlon? Marlon says he's just upset Helen is. I'm fuming, Winston jokes.

In the kitchen, Ashleigh says Christopher is a sloppy eater. Mark tells Christopher now you eat with your f*cking mouth open, you need to stop it when your in social places. Christopher says Father Christmas can do whatever the hell he wants. Do you know what food taste like, Mark lectures, Nothing. It's for you to taste not for us to hear.

In the Garden, Danielle ask if Steven are Kimberly are together. Jale says you know what Kimberly is like. I think It's a sh*t situation because we are in here. You say something to someone and it kicks off.   You know how couples fight when they are together 24/7 and Kimberly is trying to be sensible, I think. How about you and Winston? I don't know what's going on, Danielle says. Jale says he is so cute and such a lovely guy. Maybe in terms of respectfulness, Jale says, you know what to expect from him. He can be a wally with the boys, but all boys are like that. He doesn't fall into place with previous people I've dated, and I'm probably the same for him. But sometimes that can be good, Jale says.

9:20pm Winston asks Ashleigh if she was staring at him last night? Did you see me, she asks? Yeah, he says. I must have fell asleep fast then I looked and it was bright and I seen this big thing sleeping next to Danielle, and it was not Kimberly, and I was like, thinking Danielle didn't know he was there and I was thinking I needed to make you move before Danielle woke up and had a stroke.

In the bedroom, Steven, Ash, Marlon, Helen and Kimberly are talking about weddings and best men. Helen can see Steven and Kimberly getting married. Marlon gives them 5 years to get married. Steven asks if he'd take her name or she'd take his. Steven asks if Helen would be a bridesmaid but Helen says she might have her own friends. Steve would have Winston and Marlon and Ash as his stag men. Steven would like to get married abroad then come back and have a big wedding in England. Maybe at Westminster Abbey.

10:40pm Christopher goes to the Diary Room and says Helen has being a very loud, noticeable and stand out character in the house from day one and people have taken to her very quickly. Mark and Ash adore her, but she's fiery, very fiery. She's a way of dealing with conflict that other people in the house can't stand. In a group, she's the loudest person and not only is she loud, she kind of makes it very difficult for you to get involved in a conversation. I feel bad in a way, because she feels as though this week we have gotten on very well and we have. I think she feels as though I've betrayed her but I haven't, but I'm looking at the overall time in the house, not just the past week.

Mark is looking for Christopher. Chris says he might have gone to bed as he said he was feeling tired. No he hasn't, Mark says.

Christopher says he doesn't think Helen sees how other people see her and are different to her in how they deal with conflict. She expects people to be very abrupt and too the point and move on. Not everyone can do that. I can't do that.

Christopher, Mark calls, looking in the toilet.

If she wants to talk, Christopher says, it wasn't a big issue. Mark can be heard yelling from outside the Diary Room door. Are you in there, he calls. Yeah, Christopher says, I'm in the Diary Room. Mark says Matthew would have stayed with me. Will you come out now? Christopher says he's coming out. Christopher tells Big Brother that Mark is missing him and I was told last night that I've a new role in the house as Mark told him he is his new Matthew.

Danielle and Winston are laying in bed again. Danielle can speak Russian and a bit of Arabic. She ask him if he speaks any other languages? He says no, I'm stupid. He speaks a little French to her. Danielle laughs. I know the last one, she says.

In the garden, it's not gone unnoticed that Danielle and Winston are in the bed again. Helen says Danielle is not stupid, if she's comfortable, she's comfortable. Kimberly agrees, she knows exactly what she's doing. Mark says when you say Winston, she giggles a lot. Ashleigh says she's told him to keep his clothes on and stay on that side of the bed.

Danielle ask Winston if he goes on many dates. Yeah, he says. Do you just take girls out to see London and stuff? Yeah. Would you take them out for dinner? Sometimes. What do you do for first dates, he asks her. She doesn't like to go out for dinner unless she knows she'll enjoy their company, maybe just a champagne bar or something. She's been to the zoo and polo, that sort of stuff.

11:22pm Christopher and Mark are in bed, talking about nominations. Mark says he has no clue who will be nominated or when it will be. Christopher says if it's tomorrow, he will have to go to that board and find two names. Mark says don't just pick random names. Christopher says he won't pick random names. I will have proper reasons, he says. Mark says this house changes after evictions. Christopher says yeah, Matthews hit you really the hardest. Mark says yeah, I felt like a lost puppy so thank you inviting me to the Christmas party.

Ashleigh and Helen are talking in the Garden. I've let myself down on a few occasions, Helen confesses. Ashleigh says if I had left last night and you had watched my VT, you would be thinking that's not her.  I was thinking last night and I got up this morning, why should I spend my last week being miserable? Why don't I get to know everyone here. There's no point.  Helen says everyone deals with it in different ways. I've learned to not be so judgmental.  I'm not on the outside.  I came in there thinking I knew everything but have learned I need to learn a lot. Ashleigh says she's learned it's OK to say what you feel.

1:04am Ash asks Helen if she had a good day today. Are you being sarcastic, she asks? He says no, did you have a nice day? No, Helen answers, not really. I got left out of the Christmas party I was supposed to be at.  She slaps him on the cheek in jest. Have you had a good day, she asks him?  I've had a great day.  I got to see  you.

Mark has a stuffed robot doll and is hitting Christopher over the head with it.  Stop it, Christopher says.  Lights go out for the night and Steven tells Kimberly when he leaves, he will look for a place and if she leaves before him, he wants her to be there when he comes out. Because I'll get excited to get out of here and being you and I, he says.  Have you ever proposed to someone before, Kimberly asks?  Never.  Have you?    We've discussed this, she says.  Have we, he asks?  It has to do with what  you can't talk about?  Sort of.  That's a sore spot, isn't it.   He kisses her on the lips and gets a hair.  You're so loud, she says as they continue snogging.

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