Day 30: Friday, July 4th, 2014 - Ch Ch Ch Changes

Previously, Ashleigh came out fighting and housemates took it to the next level. Tonight, the fourth eviction rocks the house.

10:20am It's eviction day and Ash, Mark, Matthew and Winston all face the public vote. Matthew asks Winston in the shower if he is ready for tonight? I'm nervous and sh*tting myself, Matthew admits.  Winston says yeah, a bit. In the Bedroom, Steven is asking Kimberly if she sleeps clothed or naked? She says usually the second.

Christopher and Jale are in the kitchen. Christopher says this is Day 30 of Big Brother. Jale says really? Yeah, says Christopher, it's day 30. Jale says I feel like people who liked me originally are wanting me out now. Matthew says really? Jale says Ashleigh and Danielle, completely. Matthew says what I get out of those two are, they get a little bit weird at times, distance themselves. He says he understands what Helen is saying sometimes.  Danielle walks in and asks how they are doing. Jale says I'm good how about you? I'm good, Danielle replies.

Helen goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she feels a  little bit nervous for the guys. It isn't very nice even though it was Big Brother that got us to do it, she says, I just feel a bit sh*t that we put them in that position. I have a really sh*t feeling about Ash going, to be honest. He just puts on a brave face and he doesn't mope around and go on and on about it the whole time like the others do are doing. He just excepts that he is going up and gets along with it. He is my best friend in the house, so I'll feel like I lost my best friend. I'd prefer it if Matthew went.  I don't hope he goes, just rather he would go before the others. He is the only one I wouldn't miss.

10:47am Danielle asks Winston about his scar. You tackled a shark, she recalls? I still can't believe that.  That must be a interesting story to tell people. She asks if he had the knife on him when he was swimming. Oh, you punched him didn't you? Winston says yeah. She tells him that's impressive.

Helen wishes she had more support to save Ash.  She tells Kimberly that if Ash leaves tonight, Jale might feel a little bit guilty because she said to just stick with us three (when voting for who to save, which Jale didn't do.  Neither did Kimberly). Kimberly asks if Ash knows and Helen says she told him. Kimberly said we would have had the majority vote if Jale had given a bit more thought. Helen says Ashleigh and Danielle never would have given in on Ash.  if Ash does go tonight, I will feel really p*ssed off at myself that I didn't pursue the matter longer.

In the garden, Mark announces he's worried.  I will f*cking go, he says.  Christopher says I can't wait for you to hear your reception tonight. Mark isn't hearing any of it.  If I get booed tonight, I'm going to chin ya.  The only think I have done wrong is where you felt like you thought you had to attack Jale for me. Oh Mark, Christopher says, that's just stupid. That has been my downfall, Mark says.  Christopher disagrees. I knew you were worried about that, he says, we bicker all the time.  Steven says if I were in the public, I'd enjoy watching you two bicker.  Oh stop it, Christopher says.

Ash says if this were the first eviction, I'd be more worried (it's his third). Mark says nobody wants to be the first boy to go. Steven says that's true, I never thought about that.

1:53pm Christopher and Mark are in the Diary Room while their fellow housemates watch from the living room.  Big Brother says you have been living with your housemates for 29 days,  but how well do you really know them? Would you recognize them before they were housemates? The housemates are totally embarrassed before the even see the pictures.

Big Brother will show you pictures of your housemates before they were housemates and all you have to do to pass the task is identify which housemate these pictures belong to. Mark says listen, we have to do this so don't just shout it out because you might get it wrong. We will discus it, Christopher assures him, in a gentlemanly style fashion. OK, you don't need to bite me head off, Mark says.

They are shown the first photo with the following description: According to his mom, when this housemate was 4 years old, he falsely told his nursery school class that his house had burnt down in order to get his classmates to donate money to buy himself a brand new toy. Mark initially says Winston, then Matthew, and finally they decide it was Steven.  They are correct.

For the second photo, when this housemate was a child, she accidentally killed her pet stick insect bye falling asleep and rolling over and killing it. They see the picture and immediately think it was Helen and they are correct.

The third photo is of a housemate who admitted that the movie Tangled was one of his favorite films. The housemates go awe at his baby picture.  Mark says it's Ash because of the ears.  They are correct.

On the fourth photo, this housemate's first job was working at a hairdressers, washing heads. Flaming, Christopher says, his lips look filled with Botox.  It was Matthew, the successfully decide.

The final photo describes an 18 year old housemate who had a job that involved dancing around dressed as a giant sandwich. Mark gags at his photo.  He says it was him and he was correct!  Big Brother says Christopher and Mark, you have correctly identified the majority of your fellow housemates before they were housemates. You have past the task and the whole house will receive a reward.

3:07pm Mark is delivering a hamper of treats and photos from home to the housemates for passing today's task. At first, everyone silently looks at their pictures.  Winston sits alone as does Matthew.  Kimberly stands off to the side looking sad, then crying in Marlon's arms.  Everyone is walking around looking at each others photos, saying nice things and crying. Matthew's girlfriend attracts a lot of attention.  Some are not willing to share right away.  Danielle and Ashleigh are out in the garden alone sharing their photos.  In the Pod, Danielle comforts a visibly sad Kimberly. 

[Kimberly received a picture of her Russian friend, Sasha, who has described himself as her boyfriend, despite Kimberly telling Steven last night that he was unattached. -- Morty]

5:07pm In the Diary Room, Ash says he thinks it is probably going to be him to leave tonight.  But I hope it is going to be Matthew, he says. You know its bad to say that, that I hope it's someone else, it's not very nice. But it will come down to us two.  But I want tomorrow to come and me still be here.

Chris tells Ashleigh and Danielle in the Pod that he doesn't want Matthew to go. Ashleigh doesn't want him to go either. Chris says we also need to have Christopher here, we need to have a brain, we need it. Chris goes on a gossip and asks, is it just me or has Jale gotten really foul mouthed all of a sudden? Ashleigh agrees. It's like the uncool kid finally got in with the cool kids and becomes an *sshole to the other uncool kids.  She is cursing more, Danielle says she don't talk to me no more and makes me uncomfortable. She is so far up Helens *ss.  Ashleigh is quick to agree.

6:16pm Helen is trimming Christopher's hair. He had big hair as a kid, he says.  I'm making a mess, she says.  F*ck it, he says, who cares?  I do, Helen says. I don't give a sh*t, Christopher says, it'll grow back. Mark comes over to inspect and says she should have wrapped a town around is neck.  Helen says she is shaving the sides if Christopher's head because she f*cked it up in the back.  Mark's mouth gapes wide as he sees what she's done. Christopher is laughing loudly as he is shorn like a sheep.   The look on Mark's face, he laughs.

In the Diary Room, Chris tells Big Brother he really, really doesn't want to see Matthew go. If Matthew went, Chris says, the IQ of the building will drop completely and I will feel rocked by that.  The general social intelligence will be massively depleted and I will feel slightly rocked by that.

Back in the garden, Mark wants to have a go (at Christopher's head).  Christopher says no, Mark wants to put a giant penis on the back of my head and I wont appreciate that. Matthew and Winston are in the bedroom looking through the window and laughing hysterically at the disaster that is the back of Christopher's head.  Mark walks in and they show him through the window.  He and Matthew fall to the floor laughing.

I'm going to look ridiculous, Christopher realizes too late.   Marlon takes the sheers and Christopher asks, am I going to need to call the help line? You said go short, Helen protests. You're going too high, she says to Marlon.  Marlon, please don't giggle, Christopher begs, the giggling is making me anxious. The laughter from the bedroom can be heard in the garden.  Mark is laughing at me, Christopher says, tell him to stop, you little sh*t.

All housemates are standing around watching now.  You should shave him bald, Matthew suggests.  Just take the sides off and leave the top, Mark suggests.  That's what I said, Helen exclaims.  He doesn't want to cut all his hair off, Marlon says.   Multiple pairs of hands are moving his head around and grabbing for the shears.  Mark gets a mirror and shows Christopher the back of his head. Oh f*ck!  Sh*t!  Oh my Gosh, he yells.  Kimberly is speechless.   I'm going to need a help line after this, good naturedly.

7:06pm Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh are getting ready for eviction night.  Jale says if Ash leaves, she'll feel like sh*t because it will be my fault, if that makes since. It came down to Ash and Chris and I voted Chris.  Ashleigh says tonight isn't about us so we need to stop. It's about the public.

In the garden, Chris tells Steven the general vibe is that it will be between Ash and Matthew tonight. Steven says I don't know.  I couldn't even make the prediction. Matthew is cleaning his face while Helen helps Winston with his eyebrows.  In the kitchen, audience noise is being piped into the house.  Ash asks Mark if he's wearing his Sunday Best.  Always, Mark says.  Ash asks, your not to fussed about it? No, I'm just not stressing me self out because I have no control over this.

Christopher tells Ashleigh he's already missing Matthew if he goes.  The boys gather in the garden where Ash says he'll be p*ssed off if he goes.  How do you think I'll feel, Helen says, I'm still stuck with them (Danielle and Ashleigh).  Better with me than being out there, he says.  Matthew says his girlfriend likes his shirt, so if he's evicted, she'll be happy.  As they gather on the sofas, Kimberly says that all you can do is be calm cool and collected because everyone is nervous. Even I'm nervous, she says. My balls are tingling, Winston volunteers. 

Ash is lying on the sofa with his eyes closed.  Whenever they flash it up on the screen, Christopher jokes, you'll be sleeping.  Better than sitting here thinking about it, he says.  I feel like I'm meditating.

Big brother house this is Emma. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and are safe from eviction are...

Ashleigh realizes the audience is chanting Get Ashleigh Out.  Does that mean I'm going next week, she asks Danielle? 


Mark falls over sobbing in relief. And, continues Emma...


Marlon gives Winston a hug.

9:57pm Ashleigh and Danielle are alone on the sofas.  Danielle says I'm so angry that you got chanted.  Ashleigh says I'm not. There's no point wasting your energy being angry about it cos  I'm not. You've not done anything, Danielle says, you're such a good person.  There is no telling what they have showed them and I have probably done something to annoy them. I don't think I could get through this without you, Danielle says.  You'll be fine, Ashleigh says.

The housemates reassemble in the living room where the chant to get Ashleigh out is louder and Christopher is shocked.  Ashleigh plays it off, saying she can't tell if it's her or Ash.

Big Brother house, this is Emma. I can now reveal that the housemate with the most votes and fourth to be evicted is...


Ash is stunned as Matthew says his goodbyes.  A disappointed Ashleigh stands off to the side.  So scary, Matthew says, I don't know how I'm going to do this.  Think about your girlfriend, Ash suggests.  He runs up the stairs, shaking then stepping out to face his fans and detractors.

Mark and Christopher are in tears.  The girls find Chris and are consoling him.  I really didn't want him to go, Christopher cries.  I know you didn't but look how brave he was, Helen offers. Seriously, how did that happen?  He's got make-up running down his face.  Story of my life, he says.  Ash and Winston grab a celebratory man hug. Mark walks away from the others and is having a breakdown all alone saying, Oh f*ck.

Winston points out where Mark is and Helen says, oh sh*t, and goes running after him. I'm so upset, he says. I know you are, she replies.  I feel ashamed, Mark says.  Don't feel ashamed, she says.  Matthew wasn't prepared to go, Mark sobs, I thought I was going to go. Helen says he wasn't going anywhere. These are emotions, so calm down, count to ten and calm down.  He asks her to get his sunglasses for him but she says they aren't there.

Ash puts a hand on Mark's shoulder and asks how are you, mate?  Not bad, Mark says stoically.  He goes to the toilet. Helen asks, are you having a wee? He says no.  I have your sunglasses, she says and he opens the door. He puts the sunglasses on and Helen joins him in the toilet.  He's so scared, Mark says.  You have to start thinking you'll see him in a few weeks, she says, just a few weeks. He's with Emma now, he's having a laugh.  Think nice things.  Mark says I look like such a twat, I look awful. Oh my gawd. Helen says no you don't, your gorgeous.

12:25am In the garden, Steven is sharing his feelings with Kimberly. I know it sounds corny and sh*t, but I wake up in the morning and don't want to leave your side. I don't want to leave the bed.  I don't want to leave, like, do you know what I mean? Kimberly shakes her head yes. That's what's telling for me, he says, last night, I was feeling something I haven't felt for a long long time, forever, really.

Danielle and Ashleigh are in the bedroom talking about the boos they hear earlier tonight. Danielle ask if there is anything she can do to make her feel better.  Ashleigh says no, it doesn't matter. I'm probably going next week anyway. Don't be getting upset, she tells Danielle. But it does upset me, Danielle says.  It shouldn't, Ashley replies. Danielle starts crying, I don't want you to go, Ashleigh, I lean on you more than you do me and I need you here. You have Christopher and Chris, Ashleigh says.  There's no justice, Danielle says, you're one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.

Big Brother has Mark in the Diary Room.  I'm OK, he says, just a bit overwhelmed and I really am grateful that I got saved, I didn't think I was going to be saved and I was prepared to go. I was f*cking gutted that Matthew got evicted. He didn't want to go. He was scared. I'm not one for hysterically crying, but I actually couldn't get me breath there. I can't hardly f*cking speak, he cries. I never thought I would like make emotional attachments to people like this. I'm crying like he is f*cking dead.  He is already over there and he only lives 10 minutes down the f*cking road. I got such a f*cking crying face. I'm so disappointed in me self for crying.

1:36am  Danielle, Christopher, Chris and Ashleigh are discussing sleeping arrangements.  Ashleigh asks Chris, what is the point in you jumping into my bed if I'm going to jump into your bed? Where's Jale going (he and Jale have shared a bed).  Danielle says I think Marlon is sleeping with Jale. Christopher says wait, hold on, rewind, Marlon and Jale are going to share a bed together? He laughs. Embrace it, Chris rationalizes, because if he doesn't, he keeps a bed on his own and we have to continue to share.  Best of both worlds, Christopher says, I still get Mark on one side, my husband on the other. I don't have clue, Danielle says.

In the garden, Winston wants to know why Helen didn't try to save him from facing the public vote. Helen says little Chris, I don't think he would have gone, but he deserved to stay based on his plea he gave.  The plea you gave, Chris doesn't have your personality.  He doesn't have the public vote like you do, I know he doesn't.  How do you know, asks Winston, no one knows.  I just know he doesn't, Helen says intuitively. 

Winston, Helen says emphatically, you don't do anything wrong. Even if you do something wrong, it's funny. All I'm saying, Winston responds, is that your argument is you are saving people who are most at risk of going. OK, what if this week the guys were in power and we turn it around and save Ashleigh? Bang, we save Ashleigh instead of you. She says I will just have to deal with it. I don't want you to feel angry with me.  He says no, no, no, I'm not angry at all. All I'm saying is your argument is ridiculous.  Your strategy of choosing people most at risk to the public is ridiculous. 

One thing I will say, Helen asks, is whether I would deserve to go more than her (Ashleigh)?  No, Winston says, I'm just saying I'll use your strategy, the girls' reasoning around the other way, which would be to save Ashleigh over you.  I can't compare you to Ashleigh, Helen says, frustrated.  Your decision was to save the people most at risk, right, Winston says.  No, it was also based off personality as well.  So you said I got a great personality, I need to face eviction, Winston concludes.   

I'm in the wrong, Helen says, giving up, I'm so p*ssed off that you think this.  Why you pissed off, Winston asks. I'm pissed off because you f*cking misjudge me.  She walks away, saying he makes it out like she completely wrote him out and that wasn't the case.  I'm going off what I think people really think of you.  I didn't want to make this choice but I was put in that position.  I'm asking you, how would you do it? 

He says he would do it in the way who adds the most character to the house.  Go on the, who would you choose?  Helen sits back down as Winston says he would choose herself, Jale, and..  Who do I have left, Danielle, Ashleigh...  And Kim, Helen says.  Danielle, Winston says.  But if I was choosing on whose most at risk of going to save, it would be different. I'd be most at risk of going, Helen says.  You'd be in front of the mix, Winston says. 

Helen apologizes for reacting the way she did. She just doesn't want him thinking she said Winston's fine, f*ck him.

2:32am The lights are out in the bedroom and Kimberly and Steven are in a bed, and Danielle and Winston are also in a bed. Danielle tells Winston this is the first time she has ever shared a bed with a boy. You never shared a bed with a boy ever, he asks? Not overnight, she answers. Winston says he feels honored.  Previous boyfriends never stayed the night, she says.  Have you ever had a spoon, he asks?  Yeah, she says.  Do you want to spoon? No, she says, and they laugh.  A lot will have to happen before I spoon with a boy. What, he asks?  I'm not prepared to discuss it this minute.  Not to let the moment pass, Winston asks if they should do some naked spooning?  That's even further down the list.

In the Diary Room, Ashleigh says I'm so gutted Matthew is away, so gutted he is gone.  Even though he was so negative all the time, you knew he was there and you could always get a good laugh out of him. That's the third week in a row that someone's gone who makes me happy in the house.  I'm miserable a lot of the time here.  I'm never in a situation where I'm unhappy or have reason to complain so this has been a culture shock for me in here.  I'm not used being like this. 

When it goes back to nominations again, I will be nominating Ash again because I don't get along with him and he brings me no joy. He makes me a negative b*tch in this house. Obviously my plan didn't work this week.  Maybe that's why the public hates me so much, the think my plan was nasty.  But it's not me putting him in the bottom two.

Winston snuggles under the covers and asks Danielle if she's warm.  Yeah, she says sleepily.  He asks if she wants him to get closer and she agrees for warmth.  Thank you so much, she tells him.  Under the covers, we can't tell just how much warmth he's giving her.

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