Day 29: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 + Live Eviction

This week was girl power and all the boys faced eviction, But the girls had the power to save 3. Tonight Ash, Christopher, Mark, Matthew and Winston face eviction.   But first, we return to Thursday in the Big Brother House.

10:15am Last night, Steven and Kimberly shared a bed and kissed for the first time. Kimberly says I am really happy. Are you, Steven asks? And Winston and Danielle got closer. Marlon ask Winston if he grabbed her boobs? He says what? Did you grab her boobs? Winston says no, we just chatted together.

Mark made curry last night. Marlon says everyone in the house has got stomach aches today. Steven asks why, because of marks cooking? Yeah, Marlon says, because of the spices. My belly isn't feeling to good today, he continues, and Jale has the sh*ts. In the garden, Mark, Jale, Matthew, Danielle and Chris are talking. Next time maybe not so much spice, Jale volunteers. Maybe everyone needs to cook for themselves, then, Mark snaps back. Maybe so, Jale says evenly, now we are all going to be ill and not be able to help clean up and contribute to the house as a whole because people are sick from the spices. Mark says I am sorry for poisoning the food. Jale says you know what you did, next time not a whole tub of spices. I thought it was nice, Mark insists.

Kimberly tells Danielle that Steven kissed her last night. Danielle asks if that was the first kiss and she says yeah. What was it like, Danielle wants to know, was it a French kiss? Yes, Kimberly says, it was nice In the garden, Ash talks to Steven about last night. Steven says that Kimberly told him he won't feel the same about her when they get out of the house. He asked her why and she said wouldn't tell him. He said he asked if it was something she had done and she told him yeah. He told her he didn't care if she'd slept with 20 men.

Winston is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother if you start talking to someone, then people blow things out of proportion you know? This whole Danielle thing, we're just mates. She did say she likes me, but we are just mates. She asked me if I would date a girl like her on the outside, and I said yeah, I like nice girls and she is a nice girl.

Danielle tells Kimberly about Winston. I don't really know how it all started, she says. Basically he wrote you a poem and you got all hot, Kimberly teases. Danielle says I have never in my life had a boy read a poem to me in that context, so it was pretty off the scale for me, you know? You liked it though, Kimberly probes. Yeah, it was sweet, Danielle admits, and we have talked a little more. Then last night night, rubbing feet . Kimberly says that was a lot for you. Danielle starts giggling.

Voting lines are now frozen.

2:30pm In the Diary Room, Helen sits down and a fart sound is heard. Big Brother says excuse you, Helen, and she yells OH MY GAWD, what are you doing? It freaking wasn't anything I ate. Helen, Big Brother is setting you a secret mission today to make your housemates laugh using your best jokes. Your mission is to get all your housemates to smile. Even Kimberly. Helen says that's not nice.

Helen must first try stand up comedy as she goes to the garden and sits down next to Mark in the pool. What did the owl do when he lost his perch? Mark says fly? Helen says he don't give a hoot. Mark laughs. Helen then spills a drink all over herself making everyone laugh then she goes out with a whoopee cushion in the garden where Steven is talking to Jale and Marlon and Matthew. She sits on the cushion and rips one and they all laugh at her. Steven says Helen just farted and Jale says it was marks curry.

Finally, Helen must take a soaking from the sprinkler then fall into the pool. Chris yells what the f*ck! Oh sh*t! Everyone laughs and tells her she's had a bad day. Marlon thinks it was a task. She says what the f*ck. Helen gets out of the pool in a white tee shirt and wrings her hair out as others are laughing. In the Diary Room, Helen is now in a clown suit, having passed her secret mission. This my reward, she asks?

[We're only laughing on the outside, Helen. -- Morty]

At Big Brother's urging, she blast her hooter horn. She leaves the Diary Room and heads down the stairs where Mark is laughing and her fellow housemates join in on her discomfort. Marlon and Winston, holding hands and feet, swing Helen he Clown and, counting to seven, and throw her in the pool as everyone is laughing.

3:41pm In the Diary Room, Christopher tells Big Brother he is really interested to see where Winston and Danielle go with this. They are nothing like each other, he says, Winston is a smart guy but Danielle is a lingerie model at the end of the day. I can see her bring out the good in him. She is a bright girl and he's an interesting boy, so I hope they have a lot in common. But what an unusual pairing.

Ash and Winston are in the kitchen. Ash says we thought you was going to end up sleeping with Danielle last night. Nah, Winston says, we are just mates, man, she likes me. Last night she laid her cards on the table and said, "I do like you."

Matthew asks Danielle, what is happening with you and Winston? Do you like him now? She answers she has had boys write poems before, but not like Winston did. Matthew asks if it was a bit rude and she says yeah. I really like him, Danielle adds.

Winston asks Ash about spooning with Helen last night. I know, Winston says, I just laid in Danielle's bed last night and was like whoa. Ash says I was just spooning normal and she kept pushing her *ss back.

For the first time this series, a boy is guaranteed to leave the house tonight. Shall we talk to the house?

Big brother house this is Emma. Ash, Christopher, Mark, Matthew, Winston. The viewers have spoken your fate is sealed. For the last 5 days, the British public has been voting to evict. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and are safe from eviction are...


Mark sobs in relief. And, continues Emma...


Ash, Christopher, Matthew, I will be talking to you later in the evening to reveal who will be evicted.

We return to yesterday's highlights.

6:20pm In the Diary Room, Matthew reflects on his first night in the house. When I was in that box, he recalls, I thought I was going to be the first one out because I thought people thought I was a horrible person. Then when I came down and out of the box, it sunk in to me that I'm actually on Big Brother. Then people got to know me and see that I was nice. I think I've improved a lot. I know I was in a funky patch when Toya went, but I think being in power gave me a slight disadvantage but I was honest about my feelings at the time. I've had my ups and down and I think people think I will go because I'm not one of the popular ones in here, you know?

In the Garden, they boys are sunbathing. Ash says Matthew is going to get the most votes, you know. Marlon says if all the girls vote, then you are Safe.   Matthew is very controversial because he has never had a reaction (good or bad) from the crowd, so we will see.

9:56pm Ashleigh and Danielle are in the bath. When Winston walks through, Danielle covers herself. Ashleigh says you so fancy him. I do not, Danielle says defensively. You do too, Ashleigh responds.

Steven wants a heart to heart with Kimberly. I can't like you and know that you are someone else's. She says I get you. OK, I need you to tell me that, he says, if you can't tell me that, I can't physically sit here and be comfortable. I can't even explain it right now, she says, that's the whole point. I can't explain any of these things right now. It isn't because of you. I can't explain it. Is it because we are on television, he asks? She shakes her head yes.

I just need to know that there is not a third person in this relationship, Steven says. Kimberly says no. Steven continues, I been in one already. Kimberly begs him to not compare her to other things she's have heard about him. She says in a natural world, I would take off my mic and tell you, but this isn't a natural world.  

He tells her to take off her mic and tell him. She says no, they (Big Brother) will hear me. This type of sh*t is going to get me evicted, she whines. No, Steven counters, this type of sh*t isn't going to get you evicted. It's the fact that I am falling for you and I just want to make sure there isn't a guy you are already in a relationship with. Tell me about your life. Do you not think, she complains, I can't even get into it. No one is f*cking committed to me, she finally says reservedly.

10:03pm Winston is talking with Danielle. She says you have to be a very intelligent smart young woman to deal with the model industry. There are a lot of disgusting creatures, honestly, so I probably got it worse because half the stuff I wouldn't even do. That's probably why I have a brick wall against me, because I don't do anything I am not comfortable with. But I don't want to do it for much longer, maybe a couple more years. Winston says yeah.

Mark goes the Diary Room to tell Big Brother he's scared about tomorrow's eviction. I'm just F*cking sh*tting bricks for tomorrow, he says, and I ain't even scared about me going. I am, he confessions, I'm just pretending that I am not. I f*cking am. I am scared because of who I'm up against. Matthew is so sensitive and if he gets really badly booed or gets anything, he isn't going to be able to cope with that. I think Matthew is intelligent. He reads books but I don't read books. He tried teaching me about the three parties. The Conservative Party wants people who have money to keep it, the Labour Party thinks people should be given money who don't have it, and the Liberal Party thinks, uh, uh, I don't know. I don't remember.

11:56pm Ash and Helen are sharing a moment. Ash asks how long has it been since Toya left? I feel like she hasn't been here in ages. If I go, then next week it will feel like ages since I been here. Helen says no, you have friends here. You've been making solid friends for weeks now. Mark comes in and says are you going to bed? Ash he says yeah.   Mark asks if he's feeling sick about tomorrow? I feel sick and every time, Ash says. I think about it. I feel sick, so I am not eating anything tomorrow . Ash says he's been up for three weeks straight.

Kimberly and Steven are still having that conversation in the kitchen. I can't believe we are still having this conversation, Steven complains, I've got to be told. Kimberly says I just hate that you are backing me into a corner. I'm not backing you into a corner, he says, you have to understand that's how I feel. I just need to know if you are with anyone else. I have shagged people before I came in here, Kimberly, but that doesn't mean I am committed with any of these people.

[Way to boost your relationship credentials there, Steven. -- Morty]

I am moving forward, Steven continues earnestly, which means I'm going to be committed to you and I'm not going to see any other of these other people. Your hiding something from me for a reason. Yeah, she says. But I have to know, he says. Finally, Kimberly admits she broke up with someone before coming to the show. Its just complicated, she explains without explaining, it was just right before. I didn't expect to meet anyone on this show and I didn't expect you to be on this show.

Steven cuddles her and says stop. What are you worried about? I've never met anyone as nice as you, Kimberly says. I have one question, Steven asks, do you want to be with this other person? Kimberly says no. Do you want to be with me? Yeah, she says meekly. There you go then, says and takes her into his arms for a cuddle.

The housemates are sitting on the sofas as they hear the crowds chanting Get Ashleigh Out, Get Ashleigh Out in between chants to evict Ash or Matthew. Emma says it's time to put one of the boys out of their misery. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother house, this is Emma: Ash, Christopher, Matthew the British public have been voting to evict for the last 5 days. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal that the housemate with the most votes and fourth to be evicted is...


Mark yells oh no and starts crying. Ash can't believe he's staying. Matthew hugs everyone, telling them it's all right. They all clap and yell goodbye to Matthew as he ascends the stairs to the front door. He hears the boos from outside and stoically draws himself up to face the disapproving public.

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