Day 28: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - Who Done What To Whom

Previously, deadly assassins struck the house and the recently deceased turned in their graves. Tonight, can Inspector Winston crack the case? And is love in the air?

8:09am For the past 24 hours, assassins have been in the Big Brother house as Assassin Ash, Assassin Steven and Assassin Jale have secretly been bumping off their housemates.

Last night Assassin Ash was given instructions for his next hit: to pour blood on Mark in bed in the middle of the night. In bed, Assassin Ash asks? He is given night vision goggles to help complete the task. Assassin Ash goes to bedroom and, when everyone is asleep, he sneaks out of the bed, puts on the goggles, grabs the bucket of blood and pours it slowly on Mark. Danielle screams and Mark yells, what the f*ck it is on my face! Your killed, Mark, Chris yells, your dead! Assassin Ash says he about gave him a heart attack! Big Brother tells Mark he has been assassinated and must remain silent and go to the funeral directors through the coffin. Housemates say goodbye as he goes to the Morgue.

9:25am Inspector Winston tells Assassin Ash he thinks the Assassin is Chris. But it might not be Chris, it might be Matthew. Assassin Ash says it might be all three. It might be everyone left now. Steven taste something funny and runs to the sink to spit out out as he is choking. Inspector Winston says if it is Assassin Jale, she is really playing it up. Assassin Ash and Assassin Steven say it can't be Assassin Jale. Inspector Winston says if it is Assassin Jale, she is playing the game.

[Isn't that the point? -- Mort]

Assassin Steven says it wont be Assassin Jale. Assassin Ash says she is to genuine. Assassin Steven adds she it would be to obvious with her facial expressions.

Recently deceased Mark enters the Morgue, freaking out, saying, I got killed in me sleep. Mark asks the other darted if they got to watch the living and Helen says all night. What did you think, Mark asks? Christopher they wondered if it was it worth it spending a month in the house. Did we not make any friends? That's how we all felt, I think. Helen says I look at everyone differently now. Even me, Mark asks? Yes, Helen says, you did shock me at one point, when you asked Christopher who had the most sex appeal and he said Jale, you made a face.

I like the way everyone thinks Ash is going to get voted out because of me, Mark says. I think the only reason Steven got booed was because he was so close to Pauline. Christopher says as they were watching, and you are included in this, Mark, no one gave a f*ck that we were all in here. Mark says I'm surprised you don't have splinters in your *ss cause your always on the offensive. It was a joke so I don't care. Christopher says I do care. Mark replies well, I f*cking don't. But I'm not an offensive person ever. Whatever, Christopher says, that's your opinion. That's not my opinion its a fact, he insists, I'm very forward like with my opinions. Just listen to me, Christopher tries to explain. I'm done listening to you Christopher, Mark declares.

[That's not offensive at all, Mark. -- Morty]

10:33am Danielle, Steven and Ashleigh are making breakfast. Danielle asks Steve if he is missing Kimberly? He says yeah. Steven asks how they felt after last night and Danielle says I really felt upset over Kimberly and what she said. It is really mean of me to think that of her and she is always around me. Ashleigh it doesn't make any sense to me. Steven says when they come back in and the time is right, we will discuss it.

In the Morgue, Helen says if Ashleigh were to come in this room, not one of us would speak to her . Marlon says no way, she would have to just sit there. Helen says if she walks through that door, she can sit there and feel like I have felt for the last 24 hours. ALONE, they all say. Kimberly says that after the sťance, Ashleigh went outside and said sorry guys, I got a little into it then and just played it off. I was like, you know what? Helen says she was stomping around in that little room because we had those little cards and she would slam them down and yell, No! Why are we rewinding? Mark laughs. Helen says I sat there and watched her and thought, you are finally coming out of your shell. The b*tch is being reviled.

11:34am Matthew and Chris have joined Inspector Winston in the drawing room. Inspector Winston ask Chris if he is a murderer and Chris ask are you? I'm an officer of the law, Inspector Winston declares. Matthew asks if one of them is going to get murdered now? Inspector Winston says they are are under his protection.

Assassin Jale is in the Diary Room. Big Brother informs her she is to go breakfast with Inspector Winston, and when Inspector Winston leaves the room, she must murder Matthew with a bucket of blood hidden beneath the tea trolley.

In the drawing room, Chris and Inspector Winston and Matthew are talking about Ashleigh being so calm. Maybe she is the assassin. Assassin Jale walks in and asks, are we dead? Inspector Winston says come in, I have arranged for you to join us. Assassin Jale says thank you. Inspector Winston pours Assassin Jale coffee. Matthew ask have you been talking to the others and Inspector Winston says, no I called you here.

Big Brother calls Inspector Winston to the Diary Room. Assassin Jale gets the bucket of blood and throws it on Matthew. He says Assassin Jale how dare you? My hair you got it in my hair! Sorry, says says to Matthew. And my coffee, says Chris. As Assassin Jale smiles apologetically, Big Brother says, Matthew you have been assassinated. Please leave the room. Matthew walks out and accuses Chris of being an assassin too. Chris says no. After Matthew is gone, Chris says brilliant, absolute bloody brilliant.

Inspector Winston comes in and Assassin Jale says Chris just killed Matthew. Chris says why would I have all of Mathews blood on me? Inspector Winston asks where Matthew is and Assassin Jale says he's dead because Chris just killed him. Inspector Winston says so one of you is the murderer and Assassin Jale says he is. Chris tells Inspector Winston what happened and how Assassin Jale Killed Matthew and Assassin Jale says Chris went over and pulled out the bucket and said your dead and now Matthew is dead.

Inspector Winston says same identical stories. Chris says no, not really. Why would I have this blood all over me? Why would you not be dead if you had blood all over you, thank you very much, counters Assassin Jale. Inspector Winston asks what angle did the bucket come from and what hand did he use to throw it with. Assassin Jale says I don't know I just saw MATTHEW RUN TOWARDS THE DOOR AND CHRIS THREW IT.

Inspector Winston ask if Chris is right or left handed and he says right and Assassin Jale says he is the assassin! She says it is obvious. I f*cking watched it! Inspector Winston says for f*ck sake. Chris laughs and Assassin Jale laughs joins him nervously. Can't you see what is going on here, Assassin Jale asks? Inspector Winston says no. Assassin Jale says we need to win here, so you need to think really carefully about this.

Inspector Winston asks Assassin Jale says what is that on her hat? He looks at Chris and says there's blood on her hat. Assassin Jale says Chris has blood all over his f*cking right arm. Inspector Winston asks why she has blood all over her hat? Assassin Jale replies sheI tried to run away so Chris wouldn't kill her. Chris says that is circumstantial. Inspector Winston must now arrest one of the suspects. Chris says I'm not pleading my case I swear on my mother.

Inspector Winston places Assassin Jale under arrest for the murder of Matthew.

11:53am Inspector Winston places Assassin Jale in jail. Please, Assassin Ash protests, we are going to lose! Chris is a good actor, he says, just keep your eyes open or we are f*cked.

Matthew is in the Morgue and the dead welcome him to the land of the deceased. Matthew asked where they slept last night and Helen says the floor. Matthew ask if they saw his party? Helen and Kimberly say yes, were glad we saw it. I'm disappointed in you Matthew, Helen says, you said I'm a game player. Matthew says I said it? Helen says I told you I didn't say anything negative about you as we chose who to save from the public vote and you said I argued and I didn't.

Matthew says we all want to argue in this game but it is better to be civil. Arguments are over but feelings still hurt at the end of the day. Helen says I'm not a malicious b*tch and Matthew says he asked that question because he knew she would probably say no because she didn't want to start anything. Helen says I might be a b*tch and I might say things that are nasty, but that isn't malicious. Mathews says you say malicious things all the time and I feel like I was attacked.

2:28pm Inspector Winston is in the Diary Room to see if he can crack the case. Assassin Jale has already been arrested and now he must name the other two assassins. I don't know, he says. I ruled Chris out and I ruled out Danielle. I don't think it is Ash. How am I supposed to know? He says is it Ash and Steven and the people in the Morgue are cheering and yelling yes! I'm going to f*cking die if this is wrong, Inspector Winston says, I'm going with Assassin Ash and Assassin Steven.

Big Brother tells Inspector Winston he has cracked the case and have identified all three assassins. Inspector Winston is cheering then the whole house cheers. Big Brother says Inspector Winston has won a luxury food budget for the house but the assassins have failed and are therefore on basic rations for the week. Winston leaves the Diary Room and there are hugs all around. Matthew comes out the Morgue with the others and says we are back, b*tches. Kimberly ust wants to go shower.

2:57pm Ashleigh and Danielle are talking about Winston. Danielle says that he kicked her foot by accident. You know how the table cloth was kind of restricting, she says, then I felt a couple of times and kind of nudged back. Then Mark was sitting there and I didn't want to do it to Mark, so I just kind of moved my foot to feel what it was. Ashleigh says if you didn't like him, why did you do that? You don't do that to someone you don't like. You must like him. Danielle says I don't like him like him. It was some innocent play, actually.

Steven goes to the Diary Room and says he's fuming. I'm so p*ssed off, he says, I can't explain it cause when they came in the door no one came up to me. Kimberly ignored me and when I was sitting there, Marlon pulled me off to the side and said Kimberly was p*ssed at me cause she thought I had my hand in Ashleigh's lap and that Kimberly said I didn't stand up and have her back and I have stuck up for Kimberly for the last 24 hours. She doesn't know how much I missed her and how I wanted to go forward. And if she thinks I don't have her back after 4 weeks, then the way my voice is right now, I will talk to her like that too.

5:36pm Danielle asks Kimberly about the comments she made about Ashleigh last night, because she thought they were friends. Kimberly says I did too until I heard what I heard, because we were watching with the cameras. Danielle says I'm not going to not be her friend. I can't. Kimberly says I trust you and I wanted to make sure you were all right and that you were still my friend. Danielle blames it on alcohol. Kimberly says I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about you.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she doesn't plan on wasting her breath and energy on Kimberly. Why did she not bother to have that conversation with me before she decided to go and run her mouth and question my name? If she is so upfront and honest and such a strong woman, then why did she never talk to me before. Why did she have to wait to be in a different room then answer my name for three questions? So to me she isn't honest and upfront. I don't want her explanation. If there was a surprise eviction and she walked out that door tonight, I wouldn't care.

[Where does BBUK get these nut cases? First Pauline, then Toya and now Ashleigh, and not an ounce of self-awareness among them. -- Morty]

8:23pm Kimberly and Assassin Steven are sitting in the garden talking. He says he didn't get the reaction (from her return) he wanted and is probably the most p*ssed and upset as he has been since he's been in the house. She asks me? He says yes.   I'm upset and I can not see a single thing I done wrong . She says OK, so you are blaming me for the way I reacted? He says I feel personally offended that you judged me on three clips and not 4 weeks. He says I was so upset I cried in there cause I'm up for eviction and now I'm crying inside cause I can't believe anyone is put in this position that I'm in.

He says he's sitting there looking in the mirror like a psychopath. What have I done wrong, he asks. Kimberly refuses to apologize because that's how I felt. Kimberly says did you think I was gonna watch that and say that's fine? I'm not that positive, I'm not. Steven says fine, but you should have not have directed it towards me but toward Ashleigh.

[Man up, Steven, when it comes to woman, you're always wrong. -- Morty]

11:15pm Ashleigh and Chris are talking about what was said about Steven last night. Ashleigh says she regrets saying that comment and Chris says of course. Ashleigh says I judged Steven and I shouldn't have and I do regret that so much. I'm angry with myself for saying that. Chris says of course. Ashleigh says I just don't think they are a good match.

1:26am Ashleigh and Danielle, Matthew, Mark and Winston are talking about Helen's pass to the final. Matthew says Helen doesn't deserve to be here longer than me. Mark says stop this. Matthew says if she wasn't given a free pass, she would have been gone anyway. Mark yells stop it. Ashleigh says I think a lot of people took their frustration out on Tamara and if Helen hadn't had that pass, then Tamara would still be here.

In the Diary Room, Helen says she has decided that Ashleigh is not worth it. I will speak to her, but I'm going to treat her like an 18 year old and I would not speak to her like that as an 18 year old. I have said enough in this house as it is. It will erupt.

Winston tells Danielle he likes talking to her and she agrees, saying be honest with me and I wont blow it out of proportion because it will make me feel uncomfortable. I would like to get to know you better, Winston says.

2:42am Helen is in bed with Ash who jokes, come on, give me one and she laughs. Kimberly is in bed with Steven. He says I did miss you. You know that, right. She says yeah. Winston and Danielle are getting ready for bed. He gets in bed with her, then leaves after a talking a little talking and goes to his bed. Ash and Helen are now under the covers. Kimberly and Assassin Steven are kissing. Ash and Helen listen and make a noises to scare them.

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