Day 27: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - The Living Dead

Previously, Ashleigh overpowered her sworn enemy. Tonight, it's murder most fowl, and there's bad blood from beyond the grave. 

10:09am The repercussion of the girls' decision to save Marlon, Chris and Steven are the topic of the morning.  Matthew thinks Ash will be safe because he hasn't done anything wrong.  In the was area, Kimberly asks Helen who she thinks will go.  Helen says Ash. He's got a week to turn it around, she says.

In the Diary Room, Mark says the girls didn't save the right people. They laughed when they discussed me, and said I was going straight to the final.  Please don't stay I'm going to the final in week 3. They don't have a crystal ball. I don't think they thought that through properly. They just assume I'm super confident because I've got big hair and big eyebrows, but everyone has insecurities.  I'm not one for pouring my heart out to people, putting my insecurities on the table, or crying about them.  I'm tougher than I look. I'm not going to let this get me down. let's f*ckin' do it!

11:30am, the housemates are dressed to kill in noir outfits for this week's shopping task.  Three housemates are about to become assassins and over the next 2 days, these deadly housemates must kill their fellow housemates while keeping their identity safe.  Inspector Winston will be investigating the murders.  If he cracks the case, he wins a luxury shopping budget for the house, but the assassins will be forced to live on basic rations. 

housemates are listening to music on headphones except for the 3 housemates that Big Brother informs are assassins.  Ash, Steven and Jale are told they are the assassins and must assassinate their housemates without getting caught.  Ash is named the leader.  After the housemates take off their headphones, Big Brother tells them the game is afoot and to report anything suspicious to Inspector Winston.  They all eye each other with suspicion.

1:09pm Lead Assassin Ash is called to the Diary Room and instructed to bump off Christopher and Helen with a smoke bomb.  Big Brother provides the bomb and detonator.  The bomb must be planted behind the pink sofa.  He can't figure out where to hit it in his outfit and chooses to put it in his pants.  Big Brother also gives Ash an ear piece.

The housemates are in the garden.  Today is Matthew's birthday.  Kimberly thinks he'll get a cake.  Something, Matthew says, even small, as long as it's recognized.  Maybe a party, Kimberly says.  Ash goes out into the garden to find out where everyone is and there's red smoke explosion behind the pink sofa in the.  The sound of an explosion rocks the house and there's a scream.  Inspector Winston rushes out from the bedroom. 

What's happening, Ash asks, heading over to the smoke.  Has someone died, Christopher asks? Someone's died, Ash says, excitedly.  Everyone rushes into the living area.  Christopher remains behind trying to clear the smoke.  Big Brother announces that Christopher and Helen have been assassinated and should go straight through the coffin.  A funeral march is played.  Helen wants to know by who as she and Christopher step through a vertical coffin lid and into the afterlife.  Inspector Winston looks around looking for any tell tale signs.

2:53pm After being assassinated by a smoke bomb, deceased housemates Christopher and Helen arrive at the Morgue where they find a clean white room with cadaver tables complete with mannequin cadavers.  OMG, Helen exclaims! They have received a ghostly makeover with pale white skin and blackened eyes and body tags around their neck.  Helen pulls back the plastic bag of one cadaver to see if it was anatomically correct.  Of course you'd have to look down there, Christopher admonishes. 

Ash is called to the lieu via his ear piece. Big Brother instructs Ash to have Assassin Steven to come to the Diary Room through the secret passage way in the bedroom toilet.  Ash flushes and heads outside for a bit.  Danielle is helping Inspector Winston with his investigation, telling him that Kimberly asked her in the bedroom to please not kill her.  I told her it's not me, she says.  Kimberly wanted to make a pact to not kill each other.  So she's not the assassin, Inspector Winston asks.  No, Danielle says.  Are you the assassin, Inspector Winston asks? No, Danielle says.  Swear on, what do Catholics swear on, the bible? Yeah, swear on the bible.

In the kitchen, Lead Assassin Ash quietly relays Big Brother's instructions to Assassin Steven.  Steven heads to the bedroom toilet and Ash follows, saying he was asked to guard him.  Steven makes his way through a secret door that opens to the Diary Room where he finds the Diary Room chair wrapped in plastic and a body suit to put on.  Big Brother will call 2 housemates to the Diary Room and Steven wills strike from behind the Diary Room chair. 

Big Brother calls Kimberly and Marlon to the Diary Room and are told to sit in the plastic-coated chair. Big Brother tells Assassin Steven to strike now and through a hole in the plastic, he throws a bucket of poison on them. You have been assassinated, Big Brother informs them.  In the Diary Room, for f*ck's sake, Kimberly moans.  Assassin Steven is told to return to the house via the secret passageway.  He takes off his clean suit and makes his way back to the toilet.  Chow, he says.  it was Ash, Marlon says, I saw him go in the bedroom.

Back in the toilet, Steven flushes, tries to clean off some poison and returns to the bedroom where Ash is waiting.  Kimberly and Marlon are told to go downstairs and through the coffin.  They stop to check themselves in the mirror.  Screams sound through the house as the newly dead housemates march through the living area to the coffin. Inspector Winston demonstrates his powers of perception when he sees them, stating, you're dead.  Bollox, he says of Marlon, I thought it was you.  They are gone before the rest of the housemates make it in from the garden. 

5:56pm Recently deceased housemates Marlon and Kimberly join Christopher and Helen in the Morgue.  Who are these f*cking people, Marlon asks.  Kimberly informs him they are fakes.  Oh, he says, relieved.  Where's Helen Kimberly asks? She had to go to another room, Christopher said.  Marlon is looking at one of the bodies, touching the face and saying it's so f*ckin' real.  Chris tells him the cadaver even has a "package." Why are you touching his penis, Kimberly teases as Marlon goes to look.  Christopher tells him to prepare himself for the body in the black bag.  Marlon and Helen retreat to the far wall as Christopher begins to unzip it and Helen sits up.  Marlon and Kimberly scream and then join Christopher and Helen laughing. 

OMG, Helen says, I've been in there for f*ckin' ages!

Inspector Winston is called to the Diary Room for a report.  I don't really know who the f*ck it is, he says.  I try to gauge who it is by looking at them, and I just don't know. At first I thought it wasn't Matthew, but it could be Matthew. It could be Mark. It could be Steven. It could be Ash. The only person I think it isn't is Danielle, because she's Catholic and I got her to swore on a bible.  He doesn't think he has a future career as a detective.

7:46pm Mark, Matthew and Ashleigh are in the kitchen talking about Friday's eviction. Matthew feels it's Ash going this week and Mark says as long as it isn't me. If Matthew goes, he says, he will walk off the f*cking stage. Matthew says no you wouldn't. Mark says I will. No tears if I go, Matthew says. The sad thing is I basically wish for Ash to leave. I know, Ashleigh says. He hasn't done anything wrong, Matthew allows, he's stepped it up a couple times. Yeah, agrees Ashleigh duplicitously.

Big Brother is allowing the dead to use their supernatural powers to spy on housemates. They hear Mark saying Helen told him last night that there was no chance he would be going. I wish she hadn't said that, he says, you don't know. Me and Danielle didn't want to go with that, Ashleigh says, we agreed that you weren't going anywhere but Helen was so... I know Helen was saying I wouldn't go, Matthew says, but if you do save Ash, then I'm obviously going to go.

Matthew wonders why Marlon got saved. Danielle says Jale and Kimberly wanted to save Marlon. Ashleigh says that in the bedroom Kimberly said she was closer to Ash than Marlon but then changed your mind. In the morgue, Helen asks Kimberly if she said that. No, says Kimberly. What a liar, Helen exclaims. Kimberly points out that Helen was there.

I'm surprised Ash didn't get saved, Matthew persists, Helen was fuming. Helen wasn't the only one on the panel, Ashleigh says sweetly, so why would you be surprised Ash wasn't saved? Danielle says it came down to a vote between Ash and Chris. Ashleigh says Ash wasn't taken off the board just because Helen was on the panel. Shut up, Ashleigh, Helen says from the morgue, wow.

Christopher is shocked. This is what I'm living with, Helen says. I don't know who I'm living with now, Danielle says. Marlon is confused. It's the lies, Helen says, I can't deal with the lies. Ashleigh just told two big fat lies. She did not defend Mark at all. Mark wasn't even an issue in that conversation. Kimberly says that they'll believe her because she's young and 18. I don't want to be stereotypical but they're not going to believe you.

I'm not even going to bring it up, Helen says, what makes me sick is whether they (the public) hate Ash that much because of me. He has to stay away form me this week, I can't be seen with him. Who, Christopher asks stupidly. Ash, Helen says impatiently. Why, Christopher doubles down. You heard what they were just saying, Helen's hated that much that Ash is being used as an escape goat.

That's what all 3 of them agreed with, Marlon says, Mark, Matthew and Ashley. It depends on what they show at home, Christopher says. That is not fair, Kimberly says, upset, but out of everyone, that is especially not fair to you, she tells Helen. Ashleigh is telling me one thing and saying something else to others. Helen is upset Ashleigh accused Helen of trying to swap Chris for Ash. She didn't say that after Chris's moving speech yesterday that we all agreed he would be safe Friday. I didn't say I wanted Ash more than him. She didn't mention that and is making me look like a complete c*nt.

9:53pm It's dinner time for the dead. Helen says oh my gawd, noooo, what is this? It looks like p*ss! Marlon says it's milk, enough to keep us going for the night. The phone rings and Marlon answers. I am not happy at all, Big Brother, what is this you have given us to drink? Big Brother says the liquid will provide his body with all the nourishment it needs. Helen takes a swig and moans, I can't drink that.

In the land of the living, a masquerade ball is being thrown to celebrate Matthew's birthday. The dead get to watch the party on their spy screen. Marlon says they are b*tches. In life, they toast Matthew's birthday with champagne. Lady Gaga comes on and Christopher says that's Matthew's favorite music. The living are singing and dancing and drinking. Helen says it is nice seeing them have a good time. A real good time, Christopher says unhappily. Helen says when I am there, that doesn't happen. We have missed the party of the series, Christopher declares.

The screen turns off and Christopher complains, Big Brother, you tempting teasing gob shite, why you want to tease us? Kimberly feels completely written off. I feel empty, Helen says and Marlon agrees. Worthless, useless, Christopher says, vile, hideous, pointless. Helen says I am going to feel very differently in thee house tomorrow after tonight. Definitely, agrees Marlon.

10:44pm As part of the evening celebration, Mystic Mark holds a sťance using an ear piece, a spirit board and a bell. The dead housemates will take part in the sťance by answering yes or now questions. The dead cannot lie so they must answer truthfully. They will be watching the sťance on the screen. This isn't going to be nice, Kimberly frets.

Mark explains that they will communicate with the deceased housemates through him and the bell will ring once for no, many times for yes. He instructs the living housemates to all join hands and provide full concentration. Matthew stands up and Mark tells him sharply to sit down. The lights dim as Mystic Mark gathers his thoughts.

Matthew asks to ask a question of deceased housemate Helen. I need silence, Mark commands. The spirit of Helen! What would you like to ask dead Helen, Matthew. Do you feel you've been a malicious b*tch to yours truly? The living are laughing but the dead are stone cold. No, Helen says, and the bell rings once.

Mark moves on to Ash who asks a question of dead Kimberly. Does she feel like she's falling for someone in this house? Steven blushes. Ash says you told me to go deep. Not that deep, Steven says. Ash laughs. Marlon tells Kimberly to say no and shut him up. Kimberly says she should say yes and f*ck with them all. Yes, the bell rings. Steven has a big smile, but says it may be someone else.

It's Steven's turn and he wants to ask Helen a question. Under different circumstances, would you allow Ash to take you out on a date? Of course Mr. Cheese is going to do that, Christopher says of Stephen. Helen worries if she answers truthfully, it will affect him. You have to be truthful, Marlon reminds her, the dead can't lie. Yes, says Helen. The living cheer.

Mark tells everyone to close their eyes and stop talking. Using the full power of the Spirit Board and cards, he tells everyone to take a deep breath, in and out, feel the spirits rising up in them. He asks which housemate out of the living and the dead is the least trustworthy? Danielle wants Kimberly to answer the question. Ashleigh, Kimberly says, and Big Brother relays the response through Mystic Mark's ear piece. I knew she'd say me, Ashleigh says, herself channeling Pauline.

Mystic Mark's next question is which housemate is the biggest game player. Steven says Helen. Ashleigh says Christopher. She's overruled and Mystic Mark directs the question to Helen. Spirit of Helen, Mystic Mark calls out, which housemate is the biggest game player? Helen responds Ashleigh. That's painful, Christopher says. Ashleigh just says, Oh, when Helen's answer is revealed.

The final question for the dead is which housemate is the biggest liar? Mark doesn't want to ask Christopher because he sits on the fence too hard. Shut up, Mark, Christopher says from beyond the mortal realm. They agree on Kimberly, who asks Helen who she would have said. Ashleigh, Helen replies and that's who Kimberly tells Big Brother to tell Mark to say. Mark gets the answer and rolls his eyes in exasperation. The dead laugh at him as he pronounces for the living that Kimberly says Ashleigh is the biggest liar in the house.

Kimberly has such a problem, Ashleigh says condescendingly, just like the majority of the group thinks, Steven could be doing so much better. The dead gasp and Steven's face shoots daggers. I will not be having anything to do with her, Ashleigh concludes. The majority of housemates miss you, Mystic Mark says to the dead, and hope you're having a lovely time in the spirit world.

Helen says Steven needed to step in and say something. Marlon says lots more. He knows you sat here listening, she tells Kimberly, he should have told Ashleigh to not speak about you like that. Marlon thinks he should have told her to shut the f*ck up. He's not like that, Helen says. Silence speaks a million words, Marlon says. He has more loyalty to you than Ashleigh, Helen assures Kimberly. Apparently not, Kimberly says dejectedly, I'm not speaking to him, full stop.

11:39pm Ashleigh is upset at being called a liar. What class does she have calling me a liar, she asks Steven? At the end of the day, Steven says, when she comes back, you should sit down and talk to her. She called me a liar with no evidence, Ashleigh claims. Just try, Steven says. I'm not going to ruin Matthew's birthday, she says, no.

Out in the garden, Jale, Winston and Ash are steering clear of Steven and Ashleigh. They'll be back tomorrow to defend themselves, Jale says of the dead. Poor Matthew. His f*ckin birthday!

Back in the house, Ashleigh accuses Steven of being love struck by Kimberly. Stop it, Steven says, first responding then realizing she's teasing. I do really like Kimberly, Steven says, but I'm a real person and won't change my opinion. If she says she can't stand his hanging out with Ashleigh, he won't change it. I will speak to who I want to speak to. I'll look after you and stay in your corner. Thanks, Steven, she says smugly. But when you feel ready, he says, tomorrow, have a conversation with her. I'll even be there to make sure there's no dispute.

12:37pm It's Truth or Dare in the house and Winston has a question for Danielle. Has there been a point in the house where you got turned on and couldn't help yourself, he asks. Danielle laughs and says no but I have had a dream about a boy in this house. Matthew wants to know who. Ashleigh is shocked. Danielle refuses to name names. I can't believe you haven't told me about this, Ashleigh says.

In the morgue, Kimberly is still upset. I feel like sh*t. Came in here, felt like sh*t. I watched that, felt like sh*t.  I can't say anything because I've not been on that level with a guy in the house, Helen says, Ash and me are completely different. Do you think he's just game playing me, Kimberly wonders? No, says Helen. Christopher tells her she has to let it go. Why would he not say anything, Kimberly asks, he says he's a gentleman but didn't look like a gentleman there.

In the garden, Chris says Kimberly has Ashleigh wrong. She's on the wrong track, Ashleigh says. If she was genuine right then, Ashleigh says, then she's proven she's a fake person because she's acted best buds with me but is not the honest up front woman she's pretended to be and proven right every negative thought I've had in my head about her.  If she's not genuine, she's proved she's a pathetic b*tch.

I don't want it to get to you, Chris says. It's not, she claims, I went through far too much in school and my teenage life, to make me this maturity teen. She's so far off the mark, Chris says, there's no grounds. She has no evidence I've lied, Ashleigh maintains. She's a pathetic excuse for a woman, to be honest. I just don't want you to be upset, Chris says paternally.

1:29am Winston and Danielle are talking in the kitchen as Winston tries to pry out who she dreamed about.  Who you think it is, Danielle asks coyly. I don't know. Were you quite excited in your dream, he asks? No. Have you ever killed one? No. But after, I thought it was quite strange and maybe I should talk to him more.

What types do you go for, Winston asks. Stock brokers, traditional boys. I don't like lad's lads. Don't know if you're one of them or not. I know you like physical stuff and that, she says, now flirting. She ask if he has ever dated anyone like her before and he says yeah, yeah. A traditional girl? Yeah. I would like to get to know you, Danielle confesses, I think your a nice boy. Silence. Then they both break down laughing. Give me something back, she laughs.

Chris, Ashleigh, Matthew and Mark are getting ready for bed. The people he didn't want there weren't there. Ashleigh asks him what his lowest point was and he says Helen denying the fact she's a malicious b*tch. I wanted to see how egotistically she actually was, knowing she'd say no. She can't admit she's a b*tch.

Mark asks when the girls are going to return? Hopefully never, Mark says hatefully, I felt so relaxed tonight. Me too, says Ashleigh. Completely relaxed, Mark says. I wanted to get to my birthday, Matthew says, so whatever happens, I've got to this point.

In the morgue, Christopher says Ashleigh is acting like a nasty little school girl who doesn't know how to handle the situation. I'm not speaking to her, Helen declares, she's dangerous. I don't think she's dangerous, Christopher says, I think she's just craving attention. Of course she's dangerous, Helen insists. We're girls, she says, that's where it's different. Me and Kimberly know she's trying to make us be perceived as b*tches.

I totally called her, Christopher says, I know she likes to have all eyes on her, I get that. That was nasty and that was out of order. Do you think anyone else there realized it, Kimberly wonders. People pick up on that, he says. And it was stupid, Marlon chimes in. No one said anything, Kimberly says. There's no one in there, Christopher says, they're useless in there. They sit around the table nodding and smiling and doing jack sh*t in there.

If I'd been sat there tonight and someone else had been in here, Helen says, and she'd said that, I would've gone f*cking mad. No, I would have gone over to her and said thank you so much for showing your true colors, we can now see what a jealous little b*tch you are.

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