Day 26: Monday, June 30th, 2014 - Decision Time

Previously, the girls went Power mad. Tonight, the boys plead their case.  And it is decision time.

9: 46am Today Girl Power will come to an end. But before that happens, the girls will have the Power to save some of their male housemates from this week's public vote.  And this decision is weighing on their minds.  In the wash, Jale tells Kimberly that Ashleigh wants to have a talk with just them and Danielle about the decisions they have to make later today. Kimberly doesn't think it is fair to Helen to leave her out of the conversation but she understands where Ashleigh's coming from.  Helen walks in and they stop talking.

Ashleigh tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that her plan is coming together to make sure that Ash doesn't come off the board.  Rather than argue with Helen, she's going to make the case that Ash is going to be fine.  But Ash and Steven are friends with everyone, so Ash needs to go. Helen has no idea anything is going on.  Would it be bad if I say that I won't feel guilty if Ash leaves?

Ash, Mark and Matthew are in the garden talking about Kimberly.  Ash says Kimberly is taking the Power the worst of all the girls. Mark wonders why Kimberly finds it so difficult and Ash says she thinks Steven will go. Mark thinks she's battling over whether to make a decision with her feelings or her brain.  She's super emotional and I don't expect she planned to form any emotions in here. 

In the bedroom, the girls are having a meeting without Helen. Jale says the vote to save should be for someone whose redeemed themselves.  Ashleigh says they need to save someone who has an effect on everyone in the house.  She asks what has Ash has done for anyone in there?  If I need help, she says, I don't see Ash coming so you have to say this, is where it is going to stop? Ashleigh recalls yesterday they said that the three guys Jale and Kimberly wanted to save were Ash, Winston and Marlon.  The three guys she and Danielle wanted to save were Chris, Christopher and Matthew.  So if they get 2 saves, they take one from each group.

So if we agree on saving one person, Ashleigh says, we all agree on Steven? The girls says yeah. Then the next one is Chris, Ashleigh leads, and the third guy is Marlon.  Jale says every guy she's talked to in this house after she's upset or having a giggle, Ash's the only one who hasn't, so that's her reason and that's what she'll tell Helen. We're all in agreement, Danielle says.  Kimberly says they have all made valid points and Jale adjourns the meeting.

1: 22pm Big Brother gives the boys a final chance to man up and impress the girls. They step up one by one to face the girls and state why they should stay in the house this week. Steven goes first and is told to stand in the gold circle. 

Coming in this house, he says, I thought I wouldn't like anybody.  I thought people would p*ss me off and I'd be one of the more argumentative characters. The last 4 weeks has been the biggest learning curve, finding out things about me I didn't know.  In here I've learned everyone has depth and everyone has a story.  All I ask you to do is consider I have never ever argued with anybody in this house and I've walked away from anyone who tries to argue with me.

Out in the garden, the other boys are waiting their turn.  Christopher says Steven's still talking.  It's like he's doing a business pitch, Mark says. 

If given the opportunity to stay, Steven continues, I think I would grow even more from this experience, which in terms of my life, could be the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Christopher is next and says this whole experience has been a culture shock for him and he's learned things about himself he never thought he would.  I always thought of myself as open, sociable, can make friends with anybody.  But that's not really the case, I'm a lot more shy than I thought I was, it's been harder to open up to people.

In the garden, Marlon doesn't understand why he should have to justify himself to a bunch of ladies.  He thinks this whole thing is sexist.  Why should he get judged? 

Mark faces the girls and says he want to stay in the house because it has been the most incredible few weeks of me life. I didn't think I had anything to learn about myself, nothing to gain, and be completely me self. All the things I've learned in 3 weeks is unbelievable, not just about me but other people I'd never mix with in a million years in the real world. 

Marlon says he's learned from being in the house that you can't judge a book by its cover.  There are a lot of things I've done and said, this week especially, being reminded and shown back to myself, that I felt was a bit out of line.  it's quite, you see, this public speaking, I don't really like it.  I don't feel comfortable up here.  That's it, really.

Jale tears up listening to him.  Ashleigh, who has taken charge of the proceedings, simply says thank you.  He returns to the garden, not talking to anyone, then slams open the bedroom door. Helen says he struggled because he had to stand before 5 girls and he's struggled this week with having to change how he perceives girls.  Ashleigh says there was a lot of emotion from Marlon. He couldn't even look at us when he was talking. 

1: 44pm Winston is readying himself in the lieu.  He faces the girls and says,  some of you may call me the main man, or the Don, or the hunk of the house. However, I stand here today as myself, Winston. I have a dream that a guy can walk in here and tesh it up.  I have a dream that a man can stand up in front of 5 gorgeous girls and get saved. I have a dream that all men around the world can treat girls with 100% respect for evermore. I have a dream that a man (he flexes his biceps) can just be a man.

The girls have been trying to hold their laughter bug break out once he's done, clapping. Well done, they say.  Vote Winston, he says on his way out.

Matthew stands before the girls, saying I feel like through this process, I have been a good friend to all of you at one point. Despite the fact that I'm a bit grumpy, moped around and made sarcastic comments, you've seen my sincere side that is quite loyal, honest, caring and considerate.

Kimberly asks him if he has any regrets being in the house so far.  Matthew answers, not really. The one thing I do regret was the comment to Helen's breasts.  It was in the heat of the moment, it was meant to be silly, and I shouldn't have said things personal. 

Ash tells the girls he feels like there are a lot of negative thoughts toward him.  He mentions Danielle is bothered about the way he speaks. That's just how he speaks around his friends, he says.  Ashleigh ask if he fells like he affects everyone's experience here positively?  Ash says no, peoples negativity effects me and makes me negative. Negativity just breeds negativity.  You can just feel it around the house.  I just want everyone to get on. 

Chris is up next.  I am an actor, he says, a performer, and I am here for personal reasons. I had a very difficult year last year.  I am not a happy person anyway, and there were a couple of times last year I pretty much didn't care if I wiped out.  It doesn't matter to me that I get sad (Helen is crying), everyone gets sad, but was affecting how I saw myself and I started to doubt I knew how to trust people, and whether my instincts were right with other people.  I don't really feel deserving of anything.  Ever.  I don't think people are deserving of winning or staying, but I feel slightly more connected now to those parts of myself.  Actually, I'm pleasantly surprised my instinct to trust is pretty accurate. 

Helen asks him if being in the Big Brother house and in this environment has helped with the way he felt last year.  He says yes, it makes him realize it's all right to be in love with someone. It's OK and I'm happy for that, he says.  Ashleigh is now crying as Chris continues, saying he can now feel those feelings and they're not a bad thing.  I don't want to hate someone.  Best of luck, Helen tells him.  After he leaves, Helen says I must admit after watching that, I know we said we wouldn't go off what we've just seen, but I have backtracked.  Jale agrees, saying she cant ignore that kind of thing.

3: 49pm Kimberly is stressing over the decision they have to make.  This is a really important decision that affects people in this house so much, she tells Ashleigh and Danielle in the garden, I will speak and I will raise my voice if need be. I will not be spoken over. If there is something I want to say. I am going to say it. I have not done that before, but when it's time to be serious, I can't sit there and say nothing.

Helen tells Chris that she is so sorry she didn't hold it together when he was telling his manning up. She says if he feels anything like that now, she'd just feel so terrible.  Chris says no, until you asked a question, I hadn't really acknowledged it. I do feel OK. I really do. Helen says if he ever wants to speak, she has a good ear, she's a good listener. That's really nice of you, he says.  I have bad quality's, she says, but my good quality is to be there for people. I like knowing people can ring me 24 hours a day if they want something, even if it's a 10 minute chat if it makes them feel better.  Sometimes I've needed it, Helen says, from one particular person and they weren't there. 

She takes his hand.  It's rough, isn't it, Chris says, these are happy tears.  You are the one person who I think is most opposite and I wanted to get to know the most.  I've said I see something there, but we're a square peg and a round hole.  I want to make sure we come out of here as friends.  Without a doubt, Helen says.

5: 55pm The girls are about to find out how many housemates they can save from this week's public vote. Big Brother tells them they have the Power to save 3 male housemates from eviction this week. Whomever they choose will not face eviction.  The remaining 5 will face the public vote this week, and one of them will be evicted. 

Ashleigh says Chris is a bigger character that we realized, especially after today, he opened up to 5 girls he's not very close with. I personally think he should be one of the three we save. Helen agrees, but Jale disagrees and says that there are others on the table that have a stronger case to be saved. Danielle also wants to save Chris.  Helen agrees he deserves saving but wants to hear what everyone has to say about the other housemates, a few of which have a stronger chance of leaving.  That's fair, Jale says.

Ashleigh moves to Marlon. She says last night he was one of her 3 to save but today he tried to open up but couldn't.  Referring to his reaction after manning up, she questions if that's how he's going to react to anything frustrating. I get frustrated too, she says, but I don't bash doors and mope.  Do we save him and give him another chance?  Danielle says save him - if he was up, he'd go.  He let himself down, Helen says, by the way he left the room. 

The next boy they discuss is Steven.  Helen says she'd like to save Steven, everyone knows Steven and Ash are her top 2.  Everyone is in agreement on Steven.  They move onto Winston, a strong character. He's getting stronger by the day, Helen says.  They discuss Christopher next. Jale says he's a lovely guy and Danielle wants to save him.  Ashleigh says at the start when everyone said he went from group to group, like Mark, he never come to her about any of the other housemates. 

Mark is the next boy up for consideration and they all laugh.  He's not going, Helen says matter-of-factly.  Jale wants to confirm, is this a definite no?  They are all in agreement.  Ashleigh goes with Matthew next because she thinks Ash will be difficult.  I wouldn't put him in the Save pile, Helen says.  Ashleigh says she would much rather save 2 of the other 3 they are considering.  And we haven't heard the last one as well, Jale reminds her.  Danielle thinks he'll be OK up against the public. 

Ash.  Wow, Jale says.  Helen?  He called Jale a maggot, she acknowledges, and beat himself up over it.  And when he saw it on a video, I think it really, really hit him, basically, he felt disgusted.  I think he deserves the chance.  He was saved last week, Ashleigh counters, he was saved the week before, I still see support.  I don't think he would go, Danielle agrees. 

6: 50pm The girls have decided to save Chris and Steven and continue to discuss Ash. Helen thinks Christopher is safe due to his personality.  His only negative is being a bit of a clown.  They take him off the table.  Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh all want to save Marlon but Helen remains with Ash.  Helen can't believe they think Marlon is more likely to go on Friday between him and Ash.  Ashleigh quickly hides a smirk. 

Jale says let's say we save both Ash and Marlon, who out of Steven or Chris do we not save?  Steven was #1 from the very start, points out Ashleigh, so that's not even a question anymore.  Chris completely took everybody away today and it was Steven & Chris.  I don't know why we keep rewinding.  In that No pile, Helen attempts, I think Chris would be safe against characters like Matthew. 

So basically you've got a pile of strong characters against the person you want to go on Friday which is Matthew, Ashleigh says.  They're all strong characters, Helen says.  Mark, Christopher and Chris, Ashleigh persists?  I just think they're safe, Helen says.  So that's 4 save people against Matthew, Ashleigh says.  It's between Matthew and Ash, Danielle says, if they save Marlon.  It's 3 strongly for Marlon, Ashleigh says, and Helen for Ash.  Kimberly, we're waiting on you.

If I had to pick between the two of them, Kimberly says, I would pick Marlon, but I don't think its fair.  I didn't say it's fair, Ashleigh says, I don't know Ash that well.  I don't like this position and can't wait until its over.  We can do this, Jale assures her.  If he's to go out Friday, Danielle says of Ash, he's going to be up against Matthew.  Matthew will go.  If that's the case, Jale says, I'm staying with Marlon.  Danielle and Ashleigh quickly echo, Marlon. 

It's not f*cking rocket science, Helen says, deflated, I'm out numbered.

7: 13pm The boys are on the sofa's about to learn their fate.  The lights dim in the living area and the video screen comes on to show the girls in the Diary Room. Big Brother instructs them to name the first boy they choose to save. 

The first housemate they will save is...   Steve.

Ashleigh says they agreed he's a big character in the house, always there for whomever needs him, having a laugh.  Steven says he's actually really touched.

The next housemate to save is...   Marlon.

It was hard for him to tell how he was feeling, Jale explains, it broke her heart. 

The last housemate saved is...   Chris.

His speech touched us today,  Helen says, after what he went through last year and he is used to putting himself second best all his life I can relate to that a lot.  Now he can feel he is first in his life rather than an afterthought.   All the girls agree with Helen's comments.

You have chosen to save Steven, Marlon and Chris, Big Brother confirms.  This means Ash, Christopher, Mark , Matthew and Winston will face the public vote on Friday. One of these housemates will be evicted.

The girl Power is now over and the girls cheer. The boys congratulate the saved housemates. Matthew tells Ash he thinks it will come down to Ash or himself.  Christopher asks if the girls are all right as they come down the stairs and that they seen it all on the screen.  Helen says you did? Christopher applauds but the other boys don't join in.  They do get up to hug the girls and the 3 they saved thanked them. Why is someone clapping, Jale asks.  That was weak, Christopher tells the guys. 

Helen asks if all they showed was the Diary Room or the discussion before that.  Just the Diary Room, Christopher says.  Then they showed the wrong thing, then, she says.

Jale heads out to the garden with Danielle and Kimberly.  She can't look at Ash's face.  She follows Helen into the bedroom.  Helen says why did they show them the Diary Room but not the discussion? What was the point in that? The other three girls head into the bedroom as well.  Jale is crying about Ash's face.  She returns to the garden, leaving the others in the bedroom.

7: 33pm Danielle tells Ashleigh Matthew won't go. Ashleigh hopes the plan doesn't backfire on us, it went to smoothly. Danielle says they could never have gotten Matthew on those three.  Not in a million years, Ashleigh agrees, but could we have tried a little bit harder?  Matthew will be OK, Danielle says, he won't go because my gut says he will be fine. Ash looked better than I thought he was gonna, Ashleigh says disappointedly, so that's annoyed me. 

Helen is feeling she has no Power.  Steven and Ash assure her they know she fought tooth and nail. They could tell when they saw her on the screen.  She begins crying and describing the argument before they went to the Diary Room.  Ash cuddles Helen to make her feel better and tells her not to be upset. Helen says she was outnumbered, laying the blame with Jale for siding with Ashleigh and Danielle.  Helen was afraid of losing her temper.  Kimberly adds that she was really impressed with how well Helen fought yet kept her composure.  At the end, Helen says, our voices were invisible. 

Helen describes how Ash was the last one to be discussed and again points the finger at Jale for leading the discussion.  Kimberly says Helen had loads to say.  Of course she did, Ash says comfortingly.  He gives her a peck on the forehead.

8: 06pm Mark is talking to Big Brother.  I don't feel safe at all, he says, and for the f*cking first time, I have said to everybody in the house, the one thing you should never ever do is put somebody up for nomination just because you think they are popular and then they make it to the f*cking final.  Its week 3. How can anybody say I am going to make it to the final in week 3? Like, really, I've been an escape goat and I am absolutely gutted. I have never been an escape goat in my life. I don't even like f*cking animals.

Ashleigh tells Danielle it's a horrible situation they were in as Ash comers in and ask how they are feeling. I will feel bad Friday if you are gone, Ashleigh lies.  Ash says it isn't your fault.  It's Big Brother's fault. You didn't put people up.  You saved people, so don't worry about it. Don't look at the negative side.  Tomorrow's a new day.  Ash leaves and Ashleigh says I still want him gone.

9: 58pm Mark tells says to Ash he will cry if Ash, Winston, or Christopher leaves leaves the house. If Matthew goes I'll hang myself.  There's no comfort in this for me.  Who ever leaves Friday, it's not right, he says, Ash says he's been saved 3 weeks straight.  I got no right to get angry but I am f*cking fuming.  I have no right to be, they made difficult decisions, but I don't want to see our faces up against each other. This is my worst ever ever ever nightmare.  Ash says I can't believe the situation but I'm not going to let it get to me. Everyone's face is pink (nominated on the light box wall) and pink is not my color!

In the Diary Room, Matthew reflects on his chances of leaving.  I knew I was going to be up for nomination, he says, it just depended on who was up with me.  I'm nervous. I don't want to go. I think it will be between Ash and I. He's the only person who had a negative reception in the past. He had a bad week.  Called someone a maggot.  Boo hoo. He's not a bad person but some can't let go of that. 

I can be a bit bitchy, say things I don't always mean, I'm miserable and grumpy, and I look down at people, and I can be very pretentious and people don't like it. So I think people will vote me out.  But I don't want to go while people like Marlon are walking around the house, doesn't know who he is, checking himself out in the mirror or rubbing his nipples up and down.  I'm just waiting for the inevitable now.

11:12pm Ash and Helen are in bed as Ash asks where Kimberly was in the discussion.  Helen says Kimberly doesn't speak up enough.  Did she say anything, Ash asks?  There was no debate, Helen says.  Ashleigh asked if I was OK and I said do I look OK?  Helen says Kimberly said they had to make a decision but I told her there wasn't enough said for her liking.  I may have just been smashing my head against the wall. 

Ash says he's only saying this cause if he gets evicted Friday,  if she starts crying, he will crumble. Helen promises not to do that, she'll just go off on her own.  You won't even say goodbye?  I don't like the feeling of guilt, she says.

Ashleigh tells Big Brother she said when they started this that Ash was going to be up for eviction.  If Helen had gotten Ash down, she wouldn't have cared about the other two.  I am proud of myself that I didn't let Helen take over.  She was miserable as we delivered the news because she didn't get her way.  I'm quite pleased with that.  I hope the public sees how much of an *sshole Ash is whether he's going to "redeem" himself and have a "good" week, it's all fake. 

I've never done anything like this before.  I do feel like I made some evil plan, and it worked.  I just hope it works.

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