Day 25: Sunday, June 28th, 2014 - Hard Times

Previously, Girl Power tore the girls apart.  Tonight, the boys turn up the heat, but is it the end of Girl Power?

9:44am Since Friday night, the house has been living under Girl Power.  With all the boys facing eviction, the girls have to decide who to save.  Jale and and Helen are in the  Diary Room talking to Big Brother. Helen says it is is good to be in Power, but they really want to get into the roll a bit more. The girls are going to put the boys through Big Brother Boot Camp today as they are dressed as Drill Sergeants and ready to show the boys who is boss. They go through the house blowing whistles telling the boys to get up and lets go. You have 1 minute to get ready.

In the Garden the boys are supposed to be repeating what they say, "Girls are right and boys are wrong," but the boys are saying" boys are right and girls are wrong". The boys are not happy as they march through the garden. The boys complain constantly through push ups and jumping jacks as the whistle blasts non-stop. After a little exercising it is time for a game of tug of war. Ash and Mark are doing the tug of war and Ash yanks Mark across the garden.

Danielle and Kimberly watch from the side.  I can't stand all that macho crap, Danielle says.

12:10pm Chris, Kimberly, Winston, Marlon, and Jale are in the garden talking about pigs. Marlon dislikes pork but not for religious reasons.  Chris says they are clean animals. Jale tells them that they lick each others bum holes. Marlon says he has seen them eat their own sh*t on a farm. Jale says she was just joking.  I seen it on TV, Marlon insists. 

Ashleigh and Danielle are hiding up in the Pod again, watching the housemates below.  Helen walks into the Garden and Danielle says her bum's always hanging out.  Ashleigh doesn't want to see it any more since she has seen Helen's bum more than her own in the last three weeks.

Down below, Chris says he loves pigs.  Ashleigh thinks he's funny.  Danielle says he and Christopher are both fine.  They say they have to make sure Christopher and Chris are safe by putting up an *ss hole up beside them. They also need to save Mark and Matthew.

In the Diary Room, Matthew tells Big Brother he doesn't feel happy, his mood keeps getting lower and lower.  He's not really enjoying the task, being told what to do by females he doesn't like.  He's out of his comfort zone being around certain people in the house.  He's used to being around his girlfriend all the time, someone he loves and knows inside out.  There's no one here I can relate to like that. 

I'm not a masculine guy like Marlon, he says, conforming to what a guy i supposed to be, the way a boy should behave.  These guys who think they are lads just behave bad.  Marlon's an embarrassment, a pathetic, chauvinistic moron, looking at himself in the mirror, talking about sex all the time and looking at girls like sex objects. It makes him a bigger person, a better man, He should be embraced of himself. 

Helen is walking around like she hasn't made her mind up.  It's ridiculous.  She doesn't like me and doesn't want me here, so I'm probably up for nominations and I don't need to hear her bullsh*t. People are afraid of Helen. Kimberly and Jale are friends with her because they're scared, not because they genuinely like her or have common interests.

12:32pm Christopher tells Matthew he can't understand why Helen and Jale are so tight. Jale used to sit on the outside to all of a sudden being in the "in" group.  I'm more than happy she is making new friends as long as she doesn't get burnt by them and remembers who has had her back from day one.  Matthew says that Helen is disgusting and vile but she is playing the game. She knows she's hated.  Christopher says in her head, she's pretty much untouchable.  She cannot take criticism.  She's an obnoxious, self-righteous person, Matthew says. 

Kimberly, Helen and Jale are in the bath area assessing their Girl Power.  Jale says people don't want to make an effort any more.  Well, two girls (Danielle, Ashleigh) don't want to make an effort.  They're just making our decision easy, Helen says, if they don't respect our trying to come together as a 5, I'll just stampede all over their opinion. They are the two rudest people in this house, they're pathetic.  Jale says a week ago, they were open minded a few weeks ago.  They're hot and cold, Helen says.  I can't stand people that you have to figure out what mood they are in that day, treading on eggshells.

Last night, Helen continues with Jale, you said you felt sorry for her because she doesn't know how to pull herself out of a bad mood.  How old is she? That's what a child does, a child. An adult gets over it and gets on with the day. They are just nasty they sit in a corner all day to themselves.  And they say I'm the nasty one.

2:33pm The girls have become ladies who lunch.  They'll be treated to a nice alfresco lunch with boys as their staff. What the boys don't know is that Big Brother has given the girls secret ear pieces so they can hear everything the boys have to say behind their backs.

In the kitchen, Matthew asks if it is a bad idea giving Danielle a Bloody Mary. She might like it, the others say. Let her say something ridiculous, Ash says, it's only a Bloody Mary.  Matthew asks if it's bad and Christopher says it has religious connotations.  Mark says just call it a Queen of Scotland with a twist.    Matthew says Helen's is a Choke On Anything Please, Ashleigh's is an Angelic Ice Queen Brat,  Jale is Mass Manipulation, Kimberly's will be an I'm So Horny or the Stoic Horny One.  Matthew and Mark serve the drinks and defensively explain the drinks.

Danielle did not like the taste or name of her non-alcoholic Bloody Mary.  Back in the kitchen, Ash is upset.  So what, he says, it's a cocktail.  Marlon asks Steven what Kimberly's ass tastes like.  Very sweet, he says.  The boys are laughing and the girls are gasping. The girls move to the Bedroom and are not happy with the boys.  Danielle says she's gutted.  Ashleigh and Kimberly were shocked at Ash.  Kimberly tries to spin it, saying he was saying who cares about the drink, but Danielle and Ashleigh believe it was about her being Catholic.  He's not a religion basher, Kimberly says.

All the boys are in the sitting room throwing dough at each other, Mark squealing as he's targeted by the lads' lads.

5:46pm Ash, Chris and Winston are talking about getting Ashleigh and Danielle back to talking again because Danielle is lovely.  Chris says he finds her really easy to get along with even though they have nothing in common.  Just keep it simple, like warm tomato juice.

In the Diary Room, Danielle is upset over the comment Ash made about the Bloody Mary drink. What are the chances, if there is all these drinks made and named, why do I get the one insinuates something about religion? I don't get that. I'd never heard it before and think they made it up.. Big Brother tells her it's an actual cocktail.  Crying, Danielle says she didn't know that.  Big Brother asks if she may be looking into it a little too deeply?  It tasted bloody awful, she says.   

On the sofas, Ash asks Jale if he should just be quiet.  No, she says, you don't need to change your character in here.  No, not in general, he says.  Helen says there's no point in saying anything.  Ash said that he tried explaining it was just a cocktail.  Just leave it, Jale advises.  I feel like I'm treading on egg shells all the time.  Everyone is.  I'm not, Helen says.  I'm not being unfriendly to her, he says, I'm being friendly to her. Helen says she picks who she likes, only certain people.  I don't know why we're the bad guys because we swear, Ash says. 

6:13pm Matthew is helping Mark with grooming his beard.  Is there a baldy patch, Mark asks?  Marlon, Ash and Winston are in the pool talking about the girls' big decision. Ash says they are not going to sit in the room and debate. We are going to all sit on the f*cking couch live and Big Brother will say stand up, you have to make a decision now or you're all up and the girls are just going to start flapping. They're going to have a minute to decide or all the girls'll be up. And the boys are safe, Marlon asks?  They won't let that happen, Ash says, they'll make rash decisions so they won't go on the block instead of us. Someone will get f*cked.

Chris tells Big Brother every conversation is dominated by conspiracy at the moment and I'm really not that engaged in it. I don't want to come across to them as the old man because I'm the oldest person here now. I think what the girls will do is, instead of putting up people they think are safe, people are terrified of that here, they'll probably save the safe ones. Based on something Helen said to Steve, something like don't worry, it's going our way, Steve, Ash, Winston or Marlon will be saved. 

 I don't even want to think about it, become part of the conspiracy. I can't get bothered and worked up about something I can't change. It's all the speculation and garbage that baffles me.  Steve only talks in questions. He never listens to answers. He never remembers anything, no investment in people. If you watch him around Kimberly, it's cringe worthy. It's like if you buy a really expensive clock, it doesn't tell you the time, it just ask you the time. Pointless.

Mark is worried about what he's done to his beard.  Do I look like I have a disease, he whines?  You look better now than you do in that picture, Matthew says, pointing to the Light Box.  Mark throws himself on the sofa and cries, Oh My Gd!

9:02pm It's ladies night and the boys are tending to the girls every need.  The sofas have been removed to create a large open space and Christopher, Chris, Steven, and Mark are each wearing bow ties on white collars around their neck.  Waiting in the wings, Winston, Ash and Marlon are dressed as firemen.  Absolutely go with it, Ash tells the other two.  Big Brother tells the ladies to go wild for one night only, it's the Big Brother Strip Squad! 

Ashleigh has a look of disgust as Danielle reassures her.  Ash, Winston and Marlon enter and Jale says this better be good.  Helen screams with delight.  Even Danielle is laughing.  The music starts and the guys begin dancing to Hot Stuff. The guys start slow, loosely in sync as they unzip their outer covering revealing their bare chests.  Go boys, shouts Jale.  They advance towards the girls and Ashleigh warns them to stay back. 

The guys have massage oil which they pour in the girls hands so they can rub it into their six-pack abs.  Danielle buries her head in Ashleigh's shoulder.   Marlon rubs his hands up and down his belly and Danielle screams OMG!  They step back from the tables to drop their firefighter trousers, revealing fire red cheek-hugging boxers underneath.  Ashleigh appears shocked as they hip thrust in sync.  Ash appears to be more excited than the others and Kimberly and Jale joke with Helen it's for her.  The boys get up close and personal, Marlon with Jale, causing her to fall out of her chair. 

9:34pm Kimberly tells Danielle you can always talk to me. Sometimes I think I can't, Danielle responds.  Did I do something wrong, Kimberly asks? Danielle says I just didn't want to take you away from Helen and Jale, so I just kind of deal with it myself. Kimberly says she speaks with them to get other opinions.  Danielle says she worries that Kimberly will take what they talk about to the other side.  Why would you think that?  Because you get along with them.  Only because you've been talking with people I don't get along with very well, Kimberly says, I know you feel like you can't talk to me, but you can, she assures, you can.  Ashleigh walks over and asks Danielle if she's OK. 

Out in the garden, Winston, Marlon and Ash are still bare-chested and oiled up, talking with Steven, Helen, Jale.  Helen asks if Marlon was a bit hard through that?  Are you joking, Winston asks?  Marlon came over, Helen jokes, and I told Jale he's got a bit of blood in there.  Ash says they had their microphone packs in their pants.  Helen it made them look like they was bulging out their pants. I was like Marlon's gone a bit far with this, she laughs.

Back in the house, Ashleigh tells Danielle to tell Kimberly that she always makes out that she's worse than what she is.  I said it to Jale, Ashleigh explains,  She's always like, are you ok ? Are you ok? Are you ok?  Like all the time. Kimberly did that to Jale all the time and it annoyed her. Be careful of what you say to her. I don't trust her.

10:45pm Kimberly and Jale are in the Pod talking about Danielle in the Pod.  Jale mocks Danielle, saying this experience has taught me to value what I have in my outside life, and I'm up for eviction and going to go and it's OK.  Jale screams in frustration.  Helen calls from below, asking if that was about her. No, Jale says as Kimberly motions for her to come up.  Helen she says no, she's not going to be an afterthought. Jale tells Helen get the f*ck up here or we're going to start calling you Danielle Ashleigh. 

In the Diary Room, Christopher has had a radical makeover with a pink boa on. I don't know who I'm anymore. I'm having an identity crisis. I've had a bit of a make over as Jale has done me face and clothes.  These clothes belong to Jale. 

Steven advises Matthew the thing with Helen is she would never say anything in the Diary Room that she won't say to your face. Matthew is saying one reason she doesn't like him is because he's friends with Mark and knows it bothers Mark. Second, she knows she's seen as a villain outside and is playing the part.  Steven says trust me, other people are more closed, avoiding controversy in the house, reserving what they think for the Diary Room.  What do you want me to do, Matthew asks.  Take Helen at face value - what you see in Helen is what she is.

11:29pm Mark is in the Diary Room, posing for his best view to talk to Big Brother:  I can't be asked to listen to anybody, he says, I don't know what's the matter with me. I'm a really direct person. I'm confrontational but not argumentative, confrontational in a way that's positive. I'm liked by everybody so it's frustrating hearing all their problems. I don't like hearing them talk crap. I'm a direct person. It's frustrating that everyone goes around talking about each other.  it would be so easy if they just had a conversation about it.

In the garden, Helen says tomorrow is going to be a f*cking nightmare, a massive argument, because there are 5 of us girls and I said that we've been put in a position to make a decision.  The five of us should be talking, not to guys and not to anyone else and not in separate conversations. I thought Kimberly and Jale would back me up on that, but clearly not. Today they took a bath together, walked off from me together, and if they say something different than what I assumed tomorrow, I'm going to go f*cking mental. All it takes is five girls to sit down and make a decision. It doesn't take rocket science for f*cks sake.  I've been pushed out of this, she says, they have no interest in what I have to say and I'm going to explode.

11:36pm Steven is teaching Kimberly how to hug, wrapping her arms around his waist, then his arms around her neck, and Helen walks in.  Steven explains he's teaching Kimberly to hug and she says she doesn't like doing it (hugging). dismisses her, saying Kimberly should keep her looped in on circles more.  Steven Gives Kimberly a shocked look.  They go out to the Garden and Steven says it's going to kick off.  Why's it going to kick off? Kimberly explains, Jale and I went to the Pod without her and it is bad and I don't get it. I said Helen come up, and she wouldn't. It's stupid and I hate this. Steven tells her to calm down and not go kicking off.

I'm over it, Kimberly says, I can't please all the girls in this house.  Steven says he's going to say what she doesn't want him to say.  Steven says I'll be furious if I'm up tomorrow.  I'm not saying nothing else.  However, I'll never blame you. My situation with you will never change. I'll be p*ssed off, but I won't blame you.  He's looking for but not getting a reaction from Kimberly and it exasperates him.  Just talk to me, he says, cuddling her in his arms, stop being such a closed book to me.  He tells her to talk to Helen and everything will be all right.  To Steven's chagrin, Kimberly immediately gets up to go talk to Helen. Should I come or leave you to it, Steven calls after her.  She doesn't answer. 

F*ck me, Steven says, it's going to go off now.  Anyone got some smokes?

Kimberly heads over to Helen in the kitchen with a sly look in her eyes.  Why you looking at me like that, Helen asks.  Kimberly says I'm looking at you because of a comment you made.  Helen says because I'm not being kept in the loop and I'm f*cking pissed off about it. Kimberly asks why?  So they went up to the Pod.  What's the big deal?  You've had other conversations today, Helen says, and this is the nicest I can possibly be, but I don't want to speak to you tonight when we've both had a drink.  I'll speak to you tomorrow and tell you how I feel about things being said behind my back. 

Kimberly says she didn't do anything behind her back, we wanted you to come up.  Now you're just patronizing me, Helen says.  I've always been honest with you.  I feel like the third wheel, Helen says, I thought we were singing from the same sheet but if tomorrow you say something different from what we talked about yesterday,  I'm going to be p*ssed off.

12:46am The boys are in the kitchen, wondering who the girls will save from eviction. Matthew thinks it's Ash, himself, Marlon and Steve who should be worried.  Ash says if he's up, he's going out.  Marlon says if I'm safe this week, I'll be up again next week anyway.

In the bedroom, the girls are discussing their big decision.  Helen thinks some girls in the room have Marlon's back. Now, I think Steven's got a raw deal and I think Ash has had a raw deal, Ash more than anyone because of the public reaction for his laddish comments.  They don't see him being nice, being friendly and sweet.  Ashleigh doesn't understand how Ash has had more of a raw deal than Steven because Steven has not made one comment or done anything wrong to anyone. He was booed because he was friends with Pauline.

Helen says Steven's made comments, similar conversations as Ash.  Danielle says who do we think the public would vote out Ash or Steven? Helen, Jale and Kimberly think it is Steven. Helen respects what they're saying and admits she feels more strongly towards Ash.  Ashleigh thinks the majority of the house would go for Steven because he's there for everyone, comforts whomever is upset. 

He's a lovely guy, says Danielle, but (voting) girls would be more inclined to keep Ash in because he's eye candy.  I don't think he's eye candy, Helen says, Ash was boo'd to f*ck and I didn't understand why he was there. I didn't understand why Toya was there.  She was more vocal than him and was on even keel (audience reception) with her. 

My fear, Ashleigh says, is we'll be sitting down for dinner and they'll come on and tell us to gather around the living area.  Forget all this, Helen says, we don't know what they're going to do Friday night. 

1:11am Christopher is working out late in front of the light box wall, doing jumping jacks.  Ashleigh and Daniel whisper about Helen as they wash their faces in the washroom.  She's an absolute nutter, they say.  They think they'll be able to save 2 and 6 will go up.  Ashleigh plots to get Jale and Kimberly into the Pod tomorrow to push Helen over the edge.

In the garden, is feeling the strain of Girl Power, telling Steven, Ash, Marlon and Winston she's taking it really seriously, but certain in this Power House position are taking it way too seriously they're taking it too far. Marlon says he doesn't care what happens.  Why did Kimberly have to go off and talk to Danielle, Helen stresses.  Ash thinks Danielle is the least involved of anyone.  Don't believe that, Helen says, not for a second.  I can't wait to explode on everyone in this house, Helen says, and when I do, they can say what the f*ck they want and I won't give a sh*t.

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