Day 24: Saturday, June 27th, 2014 - Spa Day

Previously, Toya was taken out and the girls got the Power.  Tonight, the girls take control, but is the power tearing them apart?

9:54am The Big Brother house has been transformed pink, though Chris was slow to realize why.  The girls are called to the DR for their first taste of Power.  They are to show the boys exactly whose in charge.  Big Brother's house is in a right state and needs a deep, deep clean.  There's fifth everywhere and half the boys will need to tidy it up.  Half, asks Helen?

Big Brother also thought you might like a treat.  The girls get excited.  So Big Brother has set up a spa in the garden for you to enjoy.  Jale names Mark, Matthew, Chris and Christopher to staff the spa, leaving Marlon, Winston, Steven and Ash to clean the house.  Helen finds that hilarious.  Jale thinks Marlon already has the kitchen cleaned.  They task Winston as the bob (toilet) cleaner.   Steven is on dish duty while Ash is vacuuming.

Out in the garden spa, Helen recommends Chris's foot massage. Mark is providing facials, Matthew manicures and Christopher massages.  Helen orders Christopher to the corner to repeat "I Believe In Girl Power".  Helen adds a Girl Power sign.   The try to suppress laughs at Mark's makeup for Jale.  She goes to a mirror and sees a lines curling up her face from the corners of her eyes and orders Mark to squat and give her 50.  She begins to chase him around the garden. 

12:29pm and Winston and Ash discuss the past week in the garden while it rains outside.  Ash thinks if he goes up again he'll go but if he gets 2 weeks he thinks he can get people back on his side.  Ashleigh won't save him, he says.  He hopes they can survive the week and then the lad's will get the power. 

Danielle and Ashleigh tell Big Brother they don't like being in Power alongside Helen.  Helen's too much work and Jale's a fence sitter.  Danielle says chances are we'll both be up next week.  Ashleigh says the worst would be if Danielle goes and she's still here.  At least she still speaks to them.  I have no bond with them, I can't stand them.

In the washroom, Jale, Helen and Kimberly are talking about Ashleigh.  Helen says you know when we were all in the Diary Room last night and I joked we need the boys to be our slaves so they can woo us, she said she didn't need any boys to woo her.  I can't deal with comments like that, Helen says, like it's a joke.  Kimberly rationalizes that it's a character thing that she's projecting.  But it's not just Helen she's doing it to.  Why is she doing that, Kimberly asks?  I don't know, Helen says.  There you go, Kimberly says.  Jale says you've tried to make an effort.  I don't make snide remarks to her, Helen says, but that's all I get back.  If you've tried to make an effort, Jale says, and they're making horrible comments, ignore her. 

Back in the Diary Room, Ashleigh says she's never met a more horrible or vile person in her life.  When asked what she finds so vile about Helen, she says the way she speaks to people, talks about herself, her voice.

12:50pm Winston and Marlon are singing in the rain, more like rapping.  In the Diary Room, Mark thought a week of Girl Power would be amazing but they're starting to crack already. It's going to be tough for them and all the lads are in the same boat now.  We don't know how many they can save and I'm a bit worried.  I don't want to be the 4th one to go - I have so much more to give and so much more to learn about myself.  I mean, I have natural eyebrows talking to you today.

In the bedroom, Jale, Kimberly and Jale talk about which boy to leave for eviction.  Jale says Matthew is ignoring her perspective.  Kimberly says he has to argue about everything.  Helen says he's an interesting character and she would love to see his Diary Room sessions.  Jale says Marlon and Steve crack her up, so she'd like to save them.  Kimberly wonders how we pitch this to Danielle and Ashleigh so they buy into it.  We have to list pros and cons, Jale thinks.  Helen says Ash, Steve and Winston spend a lot of time cleaning the kitchen.  They clean more than the other lads. 

Jale says Danielle and Ashleigh want to save Matthew.  Kimberly says the thing about Danielle is she only responds to first impressions.  How shallow, Helen says.  I don't know if it's shallow or judgmental, Kimberly says, but can you not go further than that?  Everyone can have first impressions, she reasons, but it takes a bigger person to analyze new information and admit when they're wrong. 

1:55pm For today's task, Big Brother has put Danielle in charge of a finishing school for boys.  She must tackle the ungentlemanly behavior of Ash, Winston and Marlon, who have been tasked to write a heart-felt love poem to one of the girls.  First up is Winston, who greets Danielle in her chamber, saying Foxy Lady.  She shows him the proper way to greet a lady with a peck on each cheek. He reads her his poem:

Such a beautiful girl, he name is Danielle, when I first saw her I said. oh f*ckin 'ell, her big breasts and the way her hair just fell (Danielle, wearing prudish glasses and a smock, laughs).  So in this poem, I'm gonna just have to tell, out bursting and blossoming, more than flower, got a hard on when I saw her in the shower, concealed in my pants like the Eiffel Tower.  Yes, she's gorgeous, the girl with the power, got a great body shaped like an hour glass, pretty face, couldn't keep my eyes off her *ss.  For her I'd do literally any task, and later on I'm going to give her  a massage.

Danielle laughs, says bravo, very good.  Very flattering physically, very sexual, but while a gentleman may have those thoughts, he doesn't express them out loud.  Too forward, huh, Winston says.  I originally put t*ts but changed them to breasts, he offers.  Thank Gd for that, Danielle says.  Next Danielle shows video provided by Big Brother demonstrating his ungallant behavior.  She is speechless as they watch it.  To a lady, that is extreme.  Just bring it back a notch she says, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Ash is next and reads his poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone in the house really likes you.  You sometimes snore and grind your teeth, but what really matters is what lies beneath.  You're calm and collected, you don't like to shout, you're sweet and beautiful inside and out.  I love how you're positive, you take everything in stride, you are who you are, you don't like to hide.  But most of all, you are really kind, you bring smiles to faces, especially mine.

Awe, Danielle says, that's lovely.  Do I grind my teeth?  No, this isn't about you, it's about Jale!  Danielle laughs and then shows Ash the video of his poor behavior in the house.  He doesn't think it was bad.  She asks if he thinks he's a gentleman.  He say says yeah.  She disagrees.  First, he's sitting with his legs crossed in the chair. He called Jale a maggot. Getting serious, Ash says he just snapped, it was just a random name.  The slut comment, she continues, no gentleman I know would ever say that.  Ash has no answer.  Finally he admits that could hurt people, but says again it was just a random name.  Just because you use certain words in jest, Danielle lectures, others may find hurtful. 

Danielle's final pupil is Marlon who reads his poem: Dearest Helen, my everything, my darling, my love.  Your peachy bum, your long wavy hair, that's how much I care. It's plain to see that you're the one for me.  You're my angel up above, you're the only one I can see who'll save my life.  Marry me.

He finishes by laughing at his own joke and Danielle asks is that for Helen?  You like Helen that much?  No, he answers.  It was full of... emotions, Danielle says, grasping for words.  She tells them they're going to watch a video on him now.  Oh sh*t, he says.  Language, she warns.  Marlon is cringe-laughing but Danielle is no amused.  I'm bad, he laughs.  Danielle has a hard time maintaining her composure as she talks about how offensive calling a woman a slut bucket is and warns him to watch his language and not ogle women, be more respectful.

4:30pm On the sofas, Steven tells Ash that he can see Kimberly panicking but Helen is OK.  Steven thinks that Winston, Mark and Chris will be safe with the voting public.  He thinks neither Danielle nor Ashleigh would allow Marlon to be saved, particularly Ashleigh because they don't believe Toya was in the wrong in their argument. 

In the bedroom, Christopher doesn't understand what a finishing school is. He wonders if it's where girls go to learn how to be upper class and get a husband. Danielle explains it's like that but she's not upper class, it's more upper middle class.  Hers was expensive but her mom and dad put her through.  Christopher doesn't think they exist in current times.  Danielle says aristocrats still have them to marry in high society.  Marlon doesn't know what a high society aristocrat is.  Someone making six figures, he asks?  Yeah, Danielle say, high upbringing.

What's that film with the cats and dogs, Winston asks.  The Aristocats, Danielle tells him.

[Winston might be more interested in Lady and the Tramp. -- Morty]

Danielle says to go to Finishing School, a girl has to be well read, come from a good family, has traditional values.  Marlon asks if he could, not having six figures, marry someone whose been to Finishing School?  You could, Danielle allows, but her parents will have a checklist, for lack of a better word.  Do I get a menu, he asks, a list of girls who have gone to Finishing School?  Winston laughs.  You just have to search for that special lady, Danielle says.  There's not many girls been to Finishing School.

I would need to find someone who has a good job, she says about a man.  Would you marry a fisherman, Winston asks? No.  Not even if he had lots of money?  No.  If I wanted to marry a girl like you, Marlon persists, I'd have no chance?  No.  What if you fell in love with him?  I would never marry a girl, Marlon says, because she's earning six figures.  If you're passionate about something and you're only earning 25-50k a year, that's fine for me.  Me as well, Ashleigh volunteers.

What I'm saying, Danielle explains, is that the caliber of guys you're introduced to once you finish Finishing School really do earn six figures.   But I don't want it portrayed that Finishing School is about money.  It's about etiquette and morals and being a lady.  Would you marry a zoo keeper if they make six figures, Winston asks?  A zoo keeper, Danielle exclaims.  How many millionaire zoo keepers do you know, Christopher laughs.   I'd live on the streets, Chris says romantically, if it meant I could be with the person I love. 

6:16pm Winston is applying his first facial in the tub.  Matthew is impressed with his smoothing around technique, says he would just lump it on.  You need to get more out of the packet, Matthew jokes.  He has more on his hand and between his fingers than on his face.  Mark is watching Winston as well and Matthew says he should have done it for Winston.  He's nearly done, Mark says. 

Danielle and Ashleigh are staying out of the other housemates way in the Pod.  Ashleigh feels like she needs to cry.  She tells Danielle about her talk with Toya the night before her eviction and they were tearing up.  Then Kimberly interrupts.  If I wanted to talk to Kimberly I would have gone found her.  Why would she come to me and ask what's wrong? Why does she think I'd tell her?  Danielle doesn't have a clue.  You can't trust her, she tells Ashleigh.

Kimberly joins the two girls in the Pod.  They are enjoying the rainy weather.  Any gossip, Kimberly asks?  Nothing, they tell her.  She asks Danielle if the boys learned anything from the Finishing School task.  It may have made a slight dent on one individual, Danielle allows.  They can hear Mark singing from below.  Kimberly wants to go see what's happening and invites the girls to come down with her.  Ashleigh says she's seen him do his Mariah Carey imitation.  Kimberly is excited, running in place, saying come on, I want to see! 

Danielle gets up and Kimberly heads down, but Danielle then sits back down next to Ashleigh who remains curled up on the couch.  He's quite entertaining, Ashleigh says, looking bored.  I wish she would just f*ck off, Ashleigh says of Kimberly.  It doesn't matter what you say, Danielle says, if you say something, she just disagrees.  And lectures you as well, Ashleigh says, and then she goes back to report to Jale and Helen.  That's where the sh*t stirring starts, Danielle says.

8:08pm The Power Housemates are having a special night away from the boys, including pink champagne and snacks and a special screening of the boys in the Diary Room.  Jale says this is her first treat situation of the season, and I'm happy to spend it with you lovely ladies.   They toast a good night. 

In the bedroom, the boys predict drama with the girls together.  Helen will make a comment, Matthew predicts.  Ash thinks Helen will make sure she doesn't say anything.  He thinks Ashleigh and Danielle will go off.  Marlon says they go off on stuff like pee on the toilet.  Especially Danielle, Steven says.  Matthew thinks Ashleigh doesn't want to start arguments.  Ash says Ashleigh won't want to save him, he's seen his nominations and she's nominated him two weeks in a row.  She's going to react badly to this, Steven thinks and Mark agrees. 

Back in the living area, it's time to talk about favorites and Kimberly takes the lead, saying Steven is right up there but they need to take into consideration how, strategy-wise, they are going to go if all up on that board (the light box wall).  As a pre-requisite to talking about who we want to save is how we're going to go about doing it.  Do we want to base it off their reception and the chance of their actually going, or purely on levels of friendship and intimacy, how. 

Ashleigh says if we put Ash, Marlon and Steven up, I think Steven would go.  You reckon, Jale asks? Ashleigh nods yes.    Let's play devil's advocate, Jale says. Ash, Steven and Marlon are the denominators.  If we all go around and pick one of those names, the most commonest name that comes up, we put to one side and see what comes up after that.  Ashleigh and Danielle agree that makes sense and quickly volunteer Steven.  Kimberly doesn't want to choose.  Helen chooses Ash and Jale chooses Marlon.  Kimberly says it's between Steven or Marlon, I really can't decide.  Helen says it's not like she's naming 5 people, she's got 2 on her mind and has to make a decision from that.  We don't have to have the decision now, she points out.

8:41pm It's time for Big Brother's feature presentation.  Mark is in the Diary Room describing his ideal partner, someone funny, sexy.  Ash says gorgeous, big boobs.   Really good at cooking, Steven says.  The guys tell Big Brother how far they would go on a first date.  They then play a game of Sung, Marry, Avoid with the female housemates.  Mark chooses to marry Helen and Steven lays it on thick for Kimberly but yawns in the middle of his answer.  Mark says Helen is funny, down to earth and super glam.  Matthew says Helen is trashy, rude and has a mouth on her, too aggressive.  She throws his image on the screen a bird.

Ashleigh is amazing, Chris says.  Ash calls her a brat but says Kimberly's a strong character.  Danielle is disinterested all together.  Winston says Jale is a barrel of laughs, always has a smile on her face no matter what.  Christopher says she is the art of control, Danielle is a Scottish slice of sugar, Helen's had a helluva bumpy ride, Kimberly is a slice of la la land perfection (She's from LA), and Ashleigh's a party prom princess.  Ashleigh actually laughs. 

Mark says Kimberly would be the biggest cheat in a relationship.  Winston says Jale.  Matthew predictably says Helen.  She has no respect for herself, why should she have respect for other people?  Chris names Helen and Helen says thanks.  Ash says Danielle likes the idea of guys with money and would trade up for someone more appealing. 

Helen and Jale say their opinions stayed the same.  They'd marry me, Kimberly says, that's all I took from that.  I'm a bumpy ride, Helen says.  Ashleigh isn't sure how she feels about being a pretty prom princess.  Helen wants to ask Matthew why doesn't she have respect for herself.  Jale asks Danielle what she thinks.  About what?  Are you OK, Jale asks?  I'm fine, she says.  I'm not used to you being this quiet, Jale says.  I'm grand, Danielle says without further explanation. 

If people need to say stuff, Helen says, I think we need to face facts that until Monday, we're all going to have to sit together and discuss it.  There's no point in going off in individual groups and discussing sh*t, then coming back.  It's going to cause confusion.  We have to make one decision.  She gets no reaction from Danielle or Ashleigh.

9:06pm The boys are grilling Helen in the bedroom on what the girls saw.  Helen tells Ash they saw him call Ashleigh a brat, and the thing you said about Danielle.  She claims to not be p*ssed, but I've not heard a squeak out of her since it's been on.  Helen said she got Matthew's one line about her.  Matthew says he's sorry.  Why are you sorry, Helen asks, but I am interested in why you don't think I respect myself.  Did I say that, Matthew backpedals.  She repeats what he said on the video for everyone to hear.  Just because the way you handle yourself in arguments, he says.  I go over the top, she says.  Essentially, yeah.  Fair enough, Helen says.

While the boys and Power Girls mingle, Ashleigh and Danielle have their own debrief off to the side.  I just want everything over and done with, Danielle says.  Ashleigh says we are not agreeing on Ash.  To save him, Danielle says, Gd no. You were unsure about Steven earlier.  Just because I'd save him doesn't mean that I trust him, Ashleigh says, but I'd rather save him than Marlon. 

Ashleigh looks around to see if anyone is paying them any attention.  She sees Jale talking to Ash.  If he comes to you, Ashleigh tells Danielle, just laugh and say don't worry about it, it's fine. Don't let him know it insulted you, hurt you.  That's the worst thing you can do. Don't let him victimize you again.  I'm the only one who sat there and understood why you were being so quiet.

Helen says she got most of the cheap comments.  Did Danielle not say I gave her a cheap one, Ash asks.  No, Helen says.  Ashleigh is putting on a fake smile as she joins the group.  Ash says he called Danielle a cheat because he thought she could take it.  it would be disrespectful to call Ashleigh a cheat.  Ashleigh says you chose her because you're friends with Helen and Jale. 

Helen says the best way to put it (to Danielle) and you should tell her, because she won't listen to me, is if Ash or Steven or Winston said it about me, I would be upset because I would have thought they actually knew be a bit.  But if Matthew had said it about Danielle I'd understand her being p*ssed off, because she would think they'd actually have gotten to know each other.  She's taking it that bad, Ashleigh tries to say convincingly. 

In the Diary Room, Danielle is taking it badly, telling Big Brother she doesn't want to sit there and have someone she hs nothing in common with say she's the biggest cheat because she's influenced by money.  Where does that even come from?  I've never even had a discussion with the guy, let alone talk about relationships, money.  I make my own money, love.  It's so pathetic a reason, she says, it shouldn't be valid.  Of course I think it's offensive.  Jeez!  I was gobsmacked.

9:43pm Marlon has a big problem problem in the garden.  He gets up and walks gingerly, blaming the chicken. Ash says he's gone and sh*t himself.  In the bedroom, Jale, Kimberly and Helen talk about Danielle.  Kimberly says they are trying to understand everyone. I don't pretend to know you so well, she says to Helen and Jale, but I understand you for the most part in this game.  I've tried my best but I don't understand Danielle.  That's because she doesn't understand herself, Helen says loudly.  What am I supposed to do about that, Kimberly asks? F*ck her off, is Helen's answer.

She went to Finishing School to learn manners, Helen explains, inebriatedly addressing Danielle in absentia, you have none.  You're a f*cking rude person. Go back to Finishing School and finish it.  Jale tries to put a cap on it, saying they've said what needs to be said, but Helen is wound up now.  But I have to say it here because I can't say it to her or I'll get accused of being mean.  F*cking twat.  I can't believe I have to sit in a room with this person who I just want to grab by the shoulders and say wake up!  Speak!  Is Jesus in there? 

11:25pm Mark asks Matthew to pretend he's a horse with him.  What am I doing?  Mark demonstrates, galloping around the kitchen and neighing.  For about 10 seconds, Matthew actually does it before coming to his sanity.  Keep going, urges Mark.  This is embarrassing, Matthew says.  Mark gallops over and then jumps on Matthew's back.  Run hard, he urges, neigh, neigh!  Matthew sets out with mark on his back.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle are curled up on the bed.  Danielle says it's difficult with these people, they're so loud and so crass.  They've vulgar, Ashleigh says, not the kind of people I spend my time with.  She begins tearing up and Danielle tells her it's OK.  It breaks my heart seeing you so upset, she says.  I'm stubborn, Ashleigh says, but I don't know how stubborn I am not to walk out that door.  You're going to be huge after this, Danielle assures her.  I can see your future.

12:06am Most of the housemates are in the bedroom, Kimberly snug in Steven's arms.  Ash jokes he'll fall out with her if she doesn't save him from nomination.  What, Helen says, you can't do that.  I'm trying.  I'm joking, Ash laughs.  You're not joking, Helen insists.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room crying about how hard it is in the house with people she doesn't get along with and doesn't want to be with.  If you're not in their clique you're alone.  They don't listen to her opinion because she's 18 with no life experience but her brain is 10x bigger than all of theirs put together.  And Ash is just an *sshole whose quite thick.  He tries to make out like he's everybody's best friend, but he doesn't really make much of an effort with anybody because his head's too far up Helen's *ss.  Helen's a b*tch, Marlon's up Winston's *ss, Kimberly is joining Ash up in Helen's abdomen, Jale joining Kimberly up there as well. 

The girls have the Power, Big Brother tells Ashleigh, then asks who do you think really has the Power?  I think it's me, Jale and Kimberly, she answers.  Helen thinks it's her, but nobody's really giving into her whole Ash thing.  As sick as it makes me to say, I'd rather save Marlon than Ash.  And Jale and Kimberly both said Marlon.  So that's what I'm going to work on, so I can pretend to be open-minded.  Apparently I'm not.  Then they'll have an open mind on saving the housemates I want to save. 

I'm smarter than the other girls, she says.  I don't think they think I'm capable of thinking like this. 

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