Day 23: Friday, June 26th, 2014 - Power Puffed Girls

Previously, divisions deepened in the house.  Tonight, time's up for Hurricane Toya.  Girl Power grips the house.  But can they stay united?

 9:56am The prospect of another eviction looms and later tonight the housemates will discover who will be the third person exit the Big Brother House.   Housemates are getting up and ready for the day, eating breakfast and having a chat. Ash ask Danielle how she feels about tonight and she says she feels all right.   I am more nervous about my reaction, she says. Ash asks Jale. She says I am sick of trying to guess the bloody thing, wondering who will go. Danielle thinks she is going to go.  I think I am going to go and you think you are going to go, Jale says, going around the room.  Everyone thinks they are going to go, Ash says.  Jale asks Winston if he thinks he's going to go.  I feel absolutely fantastic, Winston says.  They all laugh.

In the bedroom, Kimberly tells Helen today's going to be interesting, what happens tonight. Helen says don't you think half of the people are apprehensive about going? Yeah, says Kimberly. I'm scared of the other bullsh*t that we have to deal with tonight as well.  You know it's not just going to be evictions.

Matthew and Mark are in the toilet getting ready for the day. Matthew says Ash is going to.  He's made a fool of himself this week. Mark agrees he's gotten himself into a little bit of trouble this week. Matthew says it's going to be hard for him to see himself from the outside.  Mark says because we see all sides of the story and he only sees his.  Matthew tells Mark his eyebrows are perfect.  Mark says it is going to be a good day cause he is having a good eyebrow day.

12:52pm Ash is helping Mark wring out his jeans as Winston watches.  Mark says I have never seen black jeans do this in me life. I've never had to hand wash them before.  I always throw them in the washing machine.   Mark swings the pair around in the air to Diary Roomy them.

In the Diary Room, Matthew tells Big Brother he doesn't want Toya to go.  She is one of my closest friends in the house but I think as well, because some of the guys are really immature in this house, that if she was to go, they would probably just sit around, pathetic. But I think Toya could go. I think she has been very loud and direct with her opinions and she may have come across quite obnoxious to the public at times. I will really feel very isolated from the group is she went.

Jale, Marlon and Chris are in the bedroom talking about tonight's eviction.  Jale thinks she will remain in the house.  Marlon is looking at himself in the mirror and she calls out,  Marlon, please, can you limit it to like twice a day that you look in the mirror?  Chris starts laughing. Marlon says that impossible. Jale says what are you going to do when you get married ? Make sure there are mirrors in all ceremony ? Would you have sex with a mirror above you?

Marlon says when he get married, he won't even have to look at himself. Jale asks why he has to validate himself for another person and Marlon says I'm not.  I like to look good.  I like to look in the mirror and look good.  Who doesn't? Jale says, me!  Marlon says because you are your own person. Jale says true. Marlon says your addiction is to cigarettes mine is the mirror. My addiction is life, Jale corrects. Marlon looks at Chris and says that is a good way of putting it isn't it? Doesn't make me less of a person. 

Jale protests, did I say it did? Marlon says I said people, I didn't say you. Why you taking it so personal? Jale says I ain't taking it personal. I am just being honest. Why don't you go to the bathroom if you want to pour cream all over you.  She lowers head in shame, saying Oh Gd, that sounds bad and they all start laughing. You're really into your moisturizing, aren't you.  Yeah, Marlon says.  People say you have a soft spot for me.  I do, she says but let's not twist that sh*t.

2:09pm Mark is styling Ash's hair in the garden. He says he's going to really define what's there, have it reflect his personality.  It's a conversation starter and a great way to meet new people.  His hair looks like he stuck a finger in an electric socket. 

Ashleigh, Daniele, Kimberly and Steven are talking about Marlon and Toya. Steven says tonight if they will both stay, it's going to kick off, to be honest.   Ashleigh says she thinks Marlon has a really big chance of going. Steven says that's the thing, the public is going to make a decision. Kimberly says we'll just have to find out tonight but I don't think either one of them is definitely going be fine.  That's all that I am saying. Steven agrees.

In the Diary Room, Toya tells Big Brother she is going to hear her name and people are going to either cheer or they are going to boo and somebody is going to leave. I do want it to be me.  I can't lie. The snide comments, the sly opinions is just to much. Watching people being controlled by alcohol is just so shocking to see.

There is a lot of tension is the house but I made a promise to myself that I would never engage in an argument or a heated exchange with anyone in this house, because no one deserves an audience with me.  it isn't going to happen.  I hear Marlon and his snide remarks and he is not getting a rise out of me. Sometimes it is better to allow people to keep digging, hand them the shovel and let them dig and before they realize it, the body's half way in. You don't need to scream from the rooftops. You don't have to be the loudest person in the room. Strength comes from the heart and we have a lot of weak people in this house.

3:24pm Ash tells Helen and Marlon in the garden that he used to be shy. I didn't have sex till I was 18, he confesses.  Marlon says shut up. I was the last of my mates to have sex, he continues.  He was shy his first year in college but from his second and third years, he just changed. 

Toya , Ashleigh and Danielle are in the pod still trashing Helen. Ashleigh says it is freezing out today and she is wearing a see through jumper. Yeah, Danielle adds, with no bra.  A black bra, Ashleigh corrects.  And a see through top, Daniel says disapprovingly.  Ashleigh says she needs help, I think. If Ash went, she'd wake up tomorrow and would be absolutely having a ball.  As soon as he walks out the doors, I would say thank the f*ck he's gone. I'd dance on the table, Danielle says.

He's bound to underestimate her (Helen) too much, Toya says of Ash.  They you're like this cause we influence you that's your greatest power. They focus on the fact you're eighteen and that is the issue.  She's 18, she's a baby. She wouldn't say that, Toya must have said something to her.  I guarantee you.  Winston goes you f*cking b*tch and Marlon said your damn right.  I did not say a word but the more he says, the more he digs. Ash needs to go because if he goes, she'll crumble and she will go nuts in the house. I need her to go as nuts as possible. She will dig herself so far in the hole she could walk in there.

4:05pm Winston, Ashleigh and Chris have been called to the Diary Room. For today's task, they must demonstrate their acting skills by doing impressions of their fellow housemates. If Big Brother can guess their impressions correctly,  they will win a reward for the house.  What they don't know is that the other housemates are watching and it is their answers that Big Brother will be relaying.

Winston is up first and time starts now. Winston does Kimberly and the housemates guess correctly. Ashleigh does an impression of Ash and the housemates guess correctly. Winston mimics Matthew and housemates guess correctly.  Chris does his impression of Danielle and the housemates guess correctly. Ashleigh successfully does Helen and finally, Winston nails Toya.  Big Brother revels that it was their their fellow housemates who correctly guessed all of their performances and there for passed their acting challenge.

4:36pm The boys are talking about Kimberly's best assets. Winston says she does have a nice *ss. Chris says yeah, it is actually there. And she knows it's there, Ash says, she looked hot in the cops outfit.  If he gets the Power and people have to do what he tells them, she is wearing that everyday.

Jale and Helen are in the bedroom talking about Ashleigh. Jale says she is a young girl and I am worried for her based on the fact I think Toya's really sucked her in.  I will be honest with you there's not many people that I found that I am really uncomfortable being around in this house to the point where if the energy touches my hand, I have to walk away but Toya doesn't sit right with me. I don't understand it. I don't get it. I don't know.

Helen says I am sick of constant conversations arising as I am on my own with them. Every time I am on my own, they know that I get along with the lads really well and they choose to talk about how they don't give a f*ck about being here and they want me to say something back but I am not going to. I'm just glad it's not just me Ashleigh's trying to get a reaction out of.  Jale says I don't know if Ashleigh even knows she is doing that.  Of course she does, Helen says, she's an eighteen year old brat. I think she'll come out of here feeling disappointed about herself, Jale says. 

5:22pm Mark is gassing in the garden, telling Chris, Christopher and Matthew that if he needs to fart, he tries to get to a toilet.  Mark says people fart more freely in 2014 than they used to.  When did you study farting history, Christopher jokes.  It's just human nature to know that, Mark claims, common sense.  Christopher says dead people fart and Mark looks at him like he is crazy. That's actually supernatural, Mark says, the spirit leaving the body.  That's a horrible way to think of your spirit leaving, Christopher laughs.  If a dead body can pass wind, Mark insists, then that confirms the dead can come back alive.

In the kitchen Winston and Danielle are talking about Marlon. Danielle says you will be sad if Marlon goes tonight, won't you? Winston says yeah, I will be. You're very close to him?  Yeah, he says. He's very close to Jale, Danielle says, and if Ash leaves Helen will be gutted.  I will be sad if Toya leaves cause I am very close to her.  Ashleigh will suffer more than me, so I will have to be Ashleigh's rock if that does happen. I don't know, I think she's (Toya) is quiet entertaining.   Winston asks her to explain what being someone's rock means. They keep you grounded, Danielle says.  That's what I thought he says.

6:43pm Helen is doing Jale's hair wash area. Matthew and Mark are in the garden talking about never being nominated. You, me and Ashleigh have never been up, he says.  Mark says he hopes it stays that way. Next week will definitely be Ashleigh and I.  You can't call it, Mark cautions.  Matthew says Kimberly thinks she is going to be up next week.  I think she can be, Mark says, and Matthew says really? Why? Because she was close to all them girls. I think they could ostracize her. Matthew keeps forgetting she is really close to Danielle and thinks it's strange. Maybe they like each other, Mark says optimistically.  Maybe she wants to keep her enemies close, Matthew counters.

In the Diary Room, Christopher tells Big Brother he's a little anxious about the evening cause you just never know where it is going to go on a Friday night, and even though you feel comfortable and happy, you think the rug could be swiped out from under your feet and I could be up the staircase in a couple of hours time.  You're really conscious that could be your last few hours in the house and that's a little unsettling, a horrible nervous energy.  Especially with so many people up and worried about losing a friend in the house.

With audience sounds being piped in the house, Toya is giving Ashleigh a pep talk in the garden. She says one of the highlights in the house was meeting you. If I was like you when I was 18, I wouldn't be where I am - I'd be a lot higher.  You are 18 but in your head you are 25. You better know i love you to bits and I have your back 100%. You don't need me in here at all. You are Ashleigh. Your not afraid to say your mind and be yourself. Don't ever allow yourself to get lost in this house because i almost did so don't let her , Helen, get the best of you.   She's scared of you; you show her what she can never be.  You're a confident, strong woman.  Pick your battles.  They hug.

10:06pmhousemates are on the sofas for the results of tonight's eviction. So far,  Jale, Christopher, Chris, Winston, Danielle and Marlon have all been saved and the audience is chanting Get Toya Out!  Ash (boos), Toya (boos) one of you is about to leave the Big Brother House.  I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and third to be evicted is...

Toya is sandwiched between Matthew and Ashleigh.  Marlon has his arms on Ash's shoulder and arm, Winston with a reassuring hand on Ash's knee. The audience chants Toya.


Yes, she screams!  Sorry, she says to Ashleigh, it's my time.  Danielle is crying as Marlon gives Ash a quick congratulatory hug.  Why you crying, Toya says, you're wasting my time with Emma.    Remember what I told you, she tells Ashleigh and gives Matthew a parting hug.  Look after my Ashleigh, she says from the top of the stairs.  All the housemates gathered at the bottom of the stares to see her go.  Except Marlon who remained seated on the sofa.

10:27pm Mark can't believe Marlon stayed.  Helen wonders what Toya did this week.  And Ash second, Mark ponders.  I know, Helen says.  It just goes to show, he concludes, we know nothing.  In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly and Jale that the only saving grace is the public agreed it was her time to go and that validated the decision I made.  I look at it as a positive way.  And she was ready to go.  The scary thing, Steven continues, is Ash polled lower than Marlon.  The public has made a  judgment on certain comments he's made.  Jale feels bad if he's in that position because of something she's done because he's not a robot and she put him in a bad position and has told him that. 

Jale is still amped up after the eviction.  Steven thinks something is still going to happen tonight.  Of course it is, Kimberly says.  On the sofas, Mark tells Helen he thinks Ash is feeling really smug.  He got huge cheers last week and was safe again this week. He just needs to keep his cool, Mark advises.  Helen says Ash's personality is that he doesn't mean anything nasty.  Mark says people who are attractive can say things like that but people who aren't don't stand a chance. 

10:44pm Big Brother has gathered housemates again to deliver some big news.  This is Big Brother.  Housemates, the Power is returning to the Big Brother house.  Helen, please stand up.  Ashleigh, please stand up.  Kimberly, please stand up. Danielle, please stand up.  Jale, please stand up.  Big Brother has decided that this week, it's Girl Power!  Girls, the power now lies with you.  Each and every one of you, including Jale, safe from this week's eviction.

Everyone is happy for Jale but no one more than Jale herself.

However, Big Brother says, all of the boys are now up for eviction.  They're fate lies in the girls' hands.  On Monday, they will have the Power to decide which boys to save and which boys will face the public vote.  Over the next 72 hours, the girls will have the opportunity to test the boys to help them decide who deserves to remain in the house and who deserves to face the public vote.  Boys, you will need to work hard to impress the girls, starting right now.  Remember, none of you are safe. 

You all look beautiful, Chris says instantly.

11:01pm The boys are in the garden talking about Girl Power. Chris says the girls do hold the power in here, they cause all the drama, it all centers around the girls. Ash says the guys are all beasts around the girls.  Guys just want an easy life, Chris says. 

The girls are in the Diary Room cheering having the Power.  Big Brother confirms they are all safe from this week's nomination but the boys aren't safe. Their fate is in the girls' hands. How do you feel about this responsibility? The girls say great except Helen who is not happy. She likes all of the guys and they don't deserve not to be here. Kim says I am not hesitant but I am concerned. Helen says it is going to be a fun 72 hours. Bring it On!

Big Brother says over the next 3 days, the boys will be set with task and challenges to them make their decisions. Jale wants to be pampered.  Helen wants them to be treated like queens.  Big Brother ask girls for their thoughts on which boy to save. Kim first thoughts aren't as rational as second thoughts and we want rational thoughts before we explain them.  BB reminds them that all of them are in power and  have an equal say. Helen claps and says glad you established that and Ashleigh says me too.

11:23pm Marlon is in the Diary Room celebrating his survival and Toya's eviction.  In the living area, the girls are talking tactics. Kimberly tells Helen and Ashleigh they know who doesn't like them.  I'm totally oblivious to my position in the house, she says.  Nobody doesn't like you, Helen assures her.  We'll find out tomorrow, Kimberly reasons.  We can't be at each others' throats, Helen says, we have to accept we're going to do something horrible this week.  Ashleigh says we need to look at the guys like the public is looking at them.  Helen disagrees.  Kimberly thinks it should be a mix of both. 

Outside in the garden, Christopher tells Steven he was shocked at Ash receiving boos.  Steven thought it would be Marlon and Toya at the bottom.  Christopher still thinks it has to do with Ash being close with Helen.  He thinks Tamara could also have been evicted because of her link with Helen.  The public may really want to evict her but can't, he theorizes.  And Jale's a favorite, they agree.  The final 2 is going to be Jale and Winston, Christopher predicts. 

12:10pm Ashleigh, Kimberly and Danielle are on the sofas, talking about which boy they want to save. Kimberly doesn't want to but Ashleigh starts reading off the names from the light boxes.  Jale joins them. Kimberly says she can't do this. Ashleigh says we're going to have to.  Kimberly says we are going to have to do this tomorrow. She admits she's going to have a bias because of Steven.  What can I do about that, she asks helplessly.  

It's like trying to digest 60 things, Jale says, I'm safe, someone's gone, the boys are up and we're going to... You realize, Chris thinks he's in good with the girls.  It will be f*cking awkward.  Kimberly needs some fresh air, leaving Ashleigh alone with Jale.  Ashleigh says they're going to see her nasty side when they go up to discussing things.  I don't give a sh*t.  What's the worst they can do, I go home. 

Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about Ashleigh. Ash says she's a brat.  She's 18, defends Helen, and that's what I have to remember when having a conversation with her.  What a week this is going to be, Steven says, it's going to be rough.  Helen says we have to drill into her head not to go after the public's response.  Mark says she's been influenced by 2 strong minds and is afraid to change her mind.  She's not strong minded, Helen says, her my way or the highway is not the case with Kimberly, me and Jale.  I'm strong minded.  So is Kimberly and Jale. 

Helen tells Kimberly her patience is going to be tested this week.  I'll be the mediator, Kimberly predicts.  Helen disagrees, then steps back and says she doesn't know.  She says they (Ashleigh and Danielle) want the most boisterous men gone.  Matthew says f*ck and Steven and Marlon unconsciously take a step back.  Mark, Matthew, Christopher and little Chris are all safe, Helen says, in their opinions.  Ash thinks Danielle wants him up but Ashleigh wouldn't do it.  We're going to be b*tches and argue, Helen says.

1:10am In the garden, Helen tells Ash, Winston and Marlon that Toya was voted out because of what's she's been saying in quiet corners.  Marlon disagrees and thinks it's because she didn't speak to him after calling him a pervert for 2 weeks.  Helen thinks she was saying one thing and acting something other. 

In the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle aren't happy to be sharing power with Helen.  If she tries anything, Danielle threatens, I'll go through her like a ton of bricks.  Me too, Ashleigh says toughly, if they get their way, we're done.  You don't have to worry about that, Danielle says, me and you are in sync, you don't have to worry about nothing.  I've not liked her from the word go, Danielle says, I think she's slag, one of the most vile women I've ever came across in my life.

In the kitchen, Kimberly tells Jale she's going to make an argument for Steven.  Everyone else should make an argument (for who they want to save).  Jale says we need to save people who are at risk.  That involves Steven, Marlon, Winston, and Ash.  Good luck with that, Kimberly says, we need to think about this. 

What do you think the words of wisdom were that Toya gave Ashleigh, Jale asks, changing the subject.  I'm dying to find out.  Kimberly thinks it was to know who your friends are, because then Toya's framework could stay in place when she's gone.  I think Toya really liked Ashleigh, but maybe not so beneficial towards this.

Back out in the garden, Helen has been drinking again and tells Ash she's relying on Kimberly on fighting with her.  Ash says on a serious note, oh, say what you want.  I will, Helen says, it's going to be absolute carnage.  Ash says he's going to treat this week like it's his last.  Them two, she says of Danielle and Ashleigh, can't even look at anyone in the eyes.  If you get to the point, Ash tells Helen, where you think you can't fight my battles without a proper falling out with people, don't fall out with people over me.  I will, she says.  Well don't, he says.  I will, she says.

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