Day 22: Thursday, June 26th, 2014 + Live Eviction!

This week in the Big Brother House, housemates lost control.  Tonight, 8 housemates face eviction: Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Toya and Winston.  Who goes?  Great Britain decides!

Please welcome your host, Emma Willis!

It's the 3rd live eviction of the summer and a mighty storm hit the Big Brother house with Hurricane Toya and then Earthquake Helen.  This is the biggest eviction of the series so far and you are in the eye of the storm. 

10:42am of Day 22 and Kimberly tells Helen there's been a lot of talk about Helen's Pass To The Final.  Helen says it's a burden and she's sick of it.  In the garden, Chris, Jale, Marlon, Christopher and Ash are talking in the garden about sexuality.  Chris doesn't like the term straight like a road, correct.  We're all kind of melding now a little bit, aren't we.  Straight guys are more comfortable with that now. When I was in school you couldn't say that kind of thing.  Now guys between 18 and 25 couldn't give a sh*t.

I've never kissed a guy, Chris says, but every now and then I see a guy and think, he's aright.  He's never fancied a guy really, he likes women too much.  It's like a 90%/10% thing.  Have you ever slept with a guy, Marlon asks repeatedly.  No, Chris says. Ash reminds Marlon Chris has never kissed a guy.  You can't sleep with a guy if you haven't kissed him, Chris says.  You can f*ck him and not kiss him, Jale says and Chris laughs.

11:03am and Marlon is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother he'd like Toya to be evicted. She gets on his nerves, makes his skin crawl and is disgusting to look at.  She struts around the house like a queen bee, there's a pettiness about her like she's above everyone.  The atmosphere will turn on its head if she's gone, Ashleigh and Matthew won't know what to do with themselves, they'll have to try to reintegrate with the group.

Danielle and Ashleigh are in the bath area talking about Kimberly and Helen doing exercises in the garden.  Ashleigh notes they are doing it in front of everyone.  Danielle says they're trying to get attention.  She's going to exercise by herself now.  Ashleigh says Helen is latching onto Kimberly now that she's lost Toya.  It's embarrassing, she says.  Kimberly must know what's going on, Danielle says.  She just knows she's popular, Kimberly says, she's just going with it.  Probably, Danielle agrees.

Danielle says she can't stand Helen and it's hard just sleeping in the same room with her.  Her voice just goes through me, it's terrible.  How desperate for attention are you?  Jesus!  You might as well just do a bloody strip tease while your out there, Danielle says. 

2:02pm Ashleigh and Danielle are in the Pod listening to Christopher talk to Helen.  No one holds a grudge in here, he says, everyone gets back to even pretty quickly.  I hope so, Helen says.  I don't bear grudges if you say stuff to me.  Ashleigh can't believe she said that.  Biggest lie she's told, Danielle says.  In the bedroom, Matthew says he feels bad that he's bonded with Ashleigh over their mutual hatred of Helen.  Toya says Ashleigh is a nice girl and Matthew agrees.  He wishes they have been friends since the beginning but now he can see more what people are like. 

Toya says just because Ash sits there and tries to have a conversation and make light, I still know who he is.  I can't believe he classifies Helen as a lady.  Lady, Matthew says incredulously, she's trash, a skid mark of society.  In the garden, Helen opens up to Jale, saying she thought Jale was a nob when she came in and she listened to other people instead of making my own observations.  Don't worry about it, Jale says, it's easily done in here.  It means a lot what your saying because others haven't come to explain to me what you explaining. 

I've started speaking you in the last week or so, Helen says, and I would have understood if you had completely f*cked me up,  It would have been my own fault and I would have understood it because that's how I am.  Jale says she never would be that harsh.  Helen admits she thought Jale was a d*ck the first couple weeks.  She corrects herself, I was the d*ck, not you. 

In the Pod, Danielle notes that Jale's making more of an effort now.  If Ash and Winston don't go tomorrow, I hope they're up ever single freakin' week until they go.  Yeah, says Danielle.  Ashleigh thinks the eviction is between those two.

The lines are now frozen in this super-sized eviction.  But let's have another dose of yesterday as Steven is talking rubbish with Big Brother.

2:31pm Steven as been called to the Diary Room for a task testing his ability to use unusual words.  To increase his vocabulary, Big Brother is giving him fictitious words which he must then use in conversation with his fellow housemates and make them believe they a real words.  He has 45 minutes to complete his mission

The first made-up word is Hyperdimentionalistic, a person who has different opinions about people in different situations.  Steven tells Kimberly he thinks about words he can use to describe her as and came up with Hyperdimentionalistic.  She disagrees with him.  In certain groups or company, someone has different opinions about the same thing or person.  No, that's just a hypocrite, she says.  Different opinions in different sets of circumstances, Steven tries again.  But I don't, Kimberly says, I think you should get a dictionary. 

The second made-up word is Krobotic, a person who is like a robot and shows very little emotion.  Steven tells Matthew he's insulted Kimberly.  You called me a hypocrite, she says.  I didn't, Steven insists, I called her hyperdimentionalistic.  I don't know that word, Matthew says dourly.  Matthew I would class as Krobotic, Steven says.  I don't know what that means, Matthew says.  Have you not heard that before, Steven says, surprised.  It means you're a bit of a robot, Steven explains, you say the same things over and over again.  What, Matthew exclaims?  You say f*ck 50 times a day, Steven laughs.  You make me sound boring, Matthew says, I don't think your descriptions are very accurate.

Steven snags Jale and says he has a word for her.  Is it a really stupid word, she asks?  You're Fhrosty, he says.  I haven't heard that before, Jale says.  It means spooky, with all that meditation stuff.  He calls Marlon Chrupellent.  You're just talking sh*t, Marlon says.  When someone asks if you can do something and you say no, you're Chrupellant, Steven explains, you're talking rubbish sometimes.  In the garden, Steven tells Winston he's Fidiotic.  What's that, asks Winston.  Someone whose fake and stupid.  F*ck off, Winston says, this coming from the b*stard that's never read a book! 

Big Brother tells Steven he managed to impress 5 housemates with his new words and he'll receive a special dinner as a reward: a plate of alphabet-shaped potatoes.    At Big Brother's urging, he spells a word out of the alphabet potatoes: BASTARD WANKER.  He says they are his favorite words because their funny.  He's been called a Bastard Wanker many times.  Big Brother asks if he's enjoyed eating his words?  He says he's learned his lesson - don't say words unless you prepared to eat them.

4:52pm and Matthew and Ashleigh are still talking about how horrible and nasty Helen is, how can people stand to be around her?  In the Pod, Helen and Mark talk about Danielle.  Mark says who would have thought by week 3 you and Danielle would be in the pool together having a laugh.  I wrote you two off at the start of the season. I said if Danielle didn't come out of her shell it would never happen but she's proven him wrong.  That's why I got so angry the other night, Helen says, when Matthew called me a backstabber.  When did I backstab someone?  You're a lot things, Mark says, but not a backstabber.  Danielle knows I slagged her off, I said it to her face.  I'm watching any girl in this place like a hawk. 

Ashleigh, says Mark.  I'm friends with everyone including her.  She wants someone to snap at.  All these tiny things are building up in the back of her mind and she's just getting passive-aggressive about it.  I told her she'd be the next one to go, but if she gets into an argument, Gd forbid whomever it's with, Ash, Marlon, you because of her age, she's not going to get no flack. 

Which 3 housemates have escaped with nothing more than a close shave?  It's time we found out.   It's time to talk to the house.  Big Brother house, this is Emma.  You can hear the chant of Get Marlon Out from the audience.  Ash (Boos), Chris (Cheers), Christopher (Cheers), Danielle (Boos), Jale (Cheers), Marlon (Boos), Toya (Boos), Winston (Cheers) , the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.  For the last 6 days, the British public have been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the 3 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are in no particular order...

Jale.  You are safe.


Christopher.  You are also safe.


Chris.  You are also safe.

Ash, Danielle, Marlon, Toya, Winston, I'll be talking to you later this evening to reveal who will be evicted.

It's the loudest audience of the season and the vote lines have reopened in the biggest live eviction of the season.  Back to yesterday, Chris is back in the closet.

7:45pm and Chris feels funny today.  He tells Jale it occurred to him that talking about being bisexual doesn't come up in normal conversation and a majority of his friends don't know that about him, and his family don't.  It's the first time he's said it on camera.  Did he just come out without realizing it?  You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, can you. 

In the garden, Ashleigh isn't pleased with Helen and Jale's reconciliation.  Danielle says she was shocked how forgiving Jale was today.  Toya says she wasn't surprised, she's got that girl's (Jale) number.  I don't want her in my life.  She acts confident but she's not.  She can forgive who she wants but I don't want to hear about it when it all goes t*ts up, and it will.  They don't respect her and that's the problem,.  Ashleigh says they treat her like a puppy dog.  Well she wants to be one, doesn't she, Toya says, people only treat you the way you allow them to.  She likes it.

Winston and Matthew are chatting about Helen.    Matthew is avoiding her.  For the whole summer, Winston asks?  It's a shame the house has to be divided, Matthew says divisively.  I suppose everyone's wondering where the Power goes next, Winston says.  Every time someone goes, the house is different.  Winston says he feels alright going into the eviction tomorrow night, he's keeping busy getting ready, packing, etc.  I keep forgetting, Matthew says, that most people are up.  Think it will be Toya, he asks?  Winston doesn't know. 

People who like Toya think Marlon's going to go, Matthew says, and people who like Marlon think Toya's going to go.  Yeah, Winston says, happy if it's not himself going.  Matthew says he doesn't want anyone to go but thinks it's one of those two.  Christopher walks by and says he doesn't think Toya's going.  Matthew would be gutted if she left but thinks people would be happy.  It changes from week to week, Christopher says, it's impossible to predict.  Matthew thinks he and Ashleigh will feel isolated if Toya goes. 

8:30pm and Steven is giving Marlon some pre-eviction advice, saying he remembers how he felt last week and it wasn't nice.  It would not be nice for me to tell you I'm glad I'm not up for nomination.  But only people who've been up for nomination can know how you're feeling right now.  I might feel massively relaxed now but next week I might be up.  I might not be.  it is what it is.  You just have to take what comes.

Ashleigh, Danielle and Toya are still up in the Pod talking about the boys using only first initials.  Danielle says M is just a wimp line, you can toss him about anywhere.  But the thing with Ash, she says, is he is quite demeaning.  If Ash went, Helen would absolutely crumble.  He's her night in shining armor.  Ashleigh agrees, no matter what, he'll stand behind her.  It's embarrassing, she adds.

Ash is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother everyone likes to be like and I loved getting cheers last week, it was a warmness, but 3 people have said to him he's guilty by association.  Since people can't vote for Helen and he's close to Helen, that because Helen talks about people behind their backs and I'm always with her, people get married to I'm also calling them behind their backs.  That's what  Jale said and I don't like it.  If someone's p*ssing me off, I tell them, ask them why they are being a d*ck.  Then Chris said that people nominate me out of anger at Helen.  That's not fair at me, I'm my own person. People should be nominated for themselves.  I think I'm a nice guy.

In the garden, Helen tells Steven and Marlon she had a really good conversation with Jale and made a comment about the witches' coven and Jale let it go over her head.  Kim was walking by and I felt I had to clarify I didn't mean her, Helen says.  I meant that other people are constantly judging and casting aspersions.  Up in the Pod, Ashleigh wonders who Helen and the boys are talking about.  Toya says based on who Helen is talking with, they must be talking about me.  I feel she's staring at me, Ashleigh says, talking about me.  She looks up here and then looks away if she thinks I notice her.

Tonight, Ash, Danielle, Marlon, Toya or Winston.  Who'll crash  out in the pole position to be evicted?  It's the 3rd live eviction with the loudest crowd in the world.  Who'll gonna crash out of the group stages and get sent home on the plane of shame?

Back to the house highlights, it's 8:44pm and Mark has given Jale a makeover.  Her new eyebrows are presented to the Steven, Marlon, Helen and Winston, resulting in laughter.  From above, Danielle, Ashleigh and Toya look down to see what's so funny.   Helen says it's a cross between The Penguin and The Batman. What are you doing that for, Mark asks, upset.  Holding her hands over her eyes, Jale runs back into the house and Mark is upset.  I worked hard on that, why'd you have to do that?  Marlon says you gave her your eyes, she looks like a man.  Helen says it doesn't work, you got a square face.  Marlon reminds him she's a woman and he's a man, he's got stronger features. You tried hard, but it doesn't suit her, he says.

Up in the Pod, Toya says she doesn't look a man, she looks like a transvestite. Back in the house, Matthew tells Mark he tried but doesn't think Jale needs it, it was too strong, she's too pale for something that bold.  She's not pale, Mark says, she's from Turkey.  Danielle can't believe Mark is seriously getting upset.  He's a drama queen, Toya says.  She's been working on her own makeup with her hair in rollers for what seems like hours.  I'm called a drama queen when I defend myself.  He's a drama queen 'cause he can't take criticism.

[Oh, Toya, there are so many things I could say about pots and kettles but this recap is long enough already! -- Morty]

Jale and Mark are looking at her eyebrows in the mirror.  He suggests darker lipstick and a little beauty spot on the cheek.  Are you winding me up, Jale asks.  You'd be gorgeous, he says, that's a classic look. Oh Gd, Matthew exclaims, what are you doing to her?  Jale says people are laughing at me.  If anyone knows glamour and class, Mark says, it's me.  Jale says it makes her eyes look too close together.  Christopher walks into the living area and Matthew says Mark's taken the p*ss out of her eyebrows, they're an abomination. 

Mark is insulted and defends his work.  Matthew thinks they're smudged.  Jale thinks they're too close together.  Mark says it makes her eyes bigger.  Maybe you should tilt them (the eyebrows) down around the eye.  Mark is clearly annoyed at Matthew.  That's the last time I try to help anybody in here, he pouts.  Oh stop it, Matthew says.  Jale says they're not taking the p*ss out of you, they're taking out of my face, they think I look like a man.  I think you look like a woman, Mark says.  Matthew lets out a guffaw.  That's a complement, he says.

10:38pm Kimberly asks Steven what he's thinking about and he says lots of things, trying to figure her out.  When you do, she says, let me know.  I just don't think you give a sh*t, he says.  I know you think that, she says, not denying it.  It' a perception, he says, that can be either correct or incorrect.  Mark, Jale and Matthew are in the Pod and Jale predicts that after the eviction, Matthew and Helen will sort their differences out.  Why he asks?  The dynamics will change, Jale and Mark both say.  Only if the right person goes, Matthew says.  Jale thinks they will talk some time down the road and may feel the better for it.  He doesn't have to, of course.

Matthew says he's the kind of person where it's OK if someone else doesn't want to apologize. Mark says he's clever and intelligent and knows better.  The fact is you have to share a bedroom, a kitchen... I don't care, Matthew says, I just don't need it.  She's full of remorse, Mark presses.  Mark says tomorrow is eviction eve, someone's going to go, it ain't going to be you or Jale, and we can't predict how the house will change.  Who would have believed the house today 3 weeks ago?  Mark says Matthew has taught him so much, he never knew he could be mates with someone so different from him, you and Helen have been the only housemates positive to him since the beginning.  I'm not prepared, not ready, not willing to have either of you's leave, so stop saying you don't care because it makes me sad.  Definitely, agrees Jale.

12:09am In the bedroom, Matthew says has lost everything.  He's searching through his belongings.  He's gone through three drawers, Ash whispers to Helen, he'll blame me for being your partner in crime.  Oh shut up, Helen says. I'm guilty by association, Ash tells her, that's what everyone says and laughs.  How do you feel about leaving, she asks.  He says if he's gone, it'll be her fault.  Go on, she says, you're horrible.  I felt that's why Tamara left, Helen confesses.

In another bed, Ashleigh tells Toya she doesn't know what she'll do if Toya leaves tomorrow.   As much as I want to go tomorrow, Toya says, I have to be sensitive to the people who need me to stay.  I don't want to leave you with these people.  If I go, you better not let me down.  Ashleigh smiles.  You'll be fine, Toya says, no matter what happens.  Don't flip out.  I'm the last person to tell you what to do.  Pick your battles, that's the best advice I can give.  Some battles are worth fighting others just leave you looking stupid.

[If Toya is evicted, it will be because her advice came too late - to herself!   -- Morty]

Don't ever let anyone talk down to you.  People should respect you.  Be strong.

In the Diary Room, Chris says everyone is paranoid and no one wants to go.  I'm slightly dreading being eaten alive but also slightly excited that tomorrow will be different and slightly scary.  It's like all of us being told to stand on a rock in the middle of a lake, but one of us gets a hippo.  One of us is going to get swallowed up, but nobody knows which one.  It's gonna be quick and it's gonna be brutal.

Who's going to be swallowed by a hungry hungry hippo?  It's time for eviction time!  Tonight, Danielle, Marlon, Ash, Toya or Winston will  become the 3rd housemate to leave the Big Brother House.  The UK public has been voting since Sunday and the results are in.  It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma.  Ash (boos), Danielle (boos), Marlon (boos), Toya (boos), Winston (cheers), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.  For the last 6 days, the British public has been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the next 3 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are, in no particular order, ...


And...   Danielle.

And...   Marlon.

Marlon jumps up in relief.

You are safe.  The audience changes from Get Marlon Out to Get Toya Out.  Ash (boos), Toya (boos) one of you is about to leave the Big Brother House.  I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and third to be evicted is...

Toya is sandwiched between Matthew and Ashleigh.  Marlon has his arms on Ash's shoulder and arm, Winston with a reassuring hand on Ash's knee. The audience chants Toya.


Yes, she screams!  Sorry, she says to Ashleigh, it's my time.  Danielle is crying as Marlon gives Ash a quick congratulatory hug.  Toya tells Ashleigh to remember what she told her.  Mark is crying.  Matthew walks her to the stairs.  Just make your exit as good as your entrance, Ashleigh says.  Look after my Ashleigh Toya says from the top of the stairs.  Toya exits through the doors to the sound of the eviction claxon and a loud chorus of boos.  She soaks it in as best she can.

In her exit interview, Toya says she wasn't having any fun in the house, no one is.  And it's because of Helen, she's the common denominator.  If she leaves, fun will reenter the house.  She went from Power Housemate voted on by her fellow housemates to evicted by the public.  She says she would not have changed anything for the world.  

It's time for the Power to return to the house.  The housemates are reassembled on the sofas.  This is Big Brother.  Housemates, the Power is returning to the Big Brother house.  Helen, please stand up.  What are you doing to me, she asks?

Ashleigh, please stand up. 

Kimberly, please stand up. 

Danielle, please stand up. 

It's all the women, Ash observes. 

Jale, please stand up.  Big Brother has decided that this week, it's Girl Power!  Girls, the power now lies with you.  Each and every one of you, including Jale, safe from this week's eviction.

Jale's face is one of wonderment and excitement.  The house applauds for her.  Danielle is also visibly excited and relieved.  Helen alone has an uncomfortable look.  You know what we have to do now, she tells her other Power Puffs.

However, Big Brother says, all of the boys are now up for eviction.  They're fate lies in the girls' hands.  They will have the Power to decide which boys to save and which boys will face the public vote.  Over the next 72 hours, the girls will have the opportunity to test the boys to help them decide who deserves to remain in the house and who deserves to face the public vote.  Boys, you will need to work hard to impress the girls, starting right now.  Remember, none of you are safe. 

You all look beautiful, Chris says instantly.  *sslicker, Jale jokes.

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