Day 21: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 - Failure

9:37am Following last nights explosive game of Truth or Dare, Matthew and Helen are the talk of the house - just not to each other. Matthew says they need to play more games like that to enable some truths to come out of people's mouths. Toya agrees, the ruthlessness will come out. Ash is in the garden saying he hopes it is a good day today.   Christopher says that's is the last time I attempt to play Truth or Dare in this house.

Mark is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that he knows this isn't the last time. I don't expect us to get along, he says, but it would be nice if we weren't constantly at war. It is just frustrating the things I hear people say and the things I hear my own friends saying it. Matthew didn't need to pull it on her boobs and say sh*t. To call someone on their boob job is like saying they don't like the way they dress. So she bought them, so what? But to call somebody on their physical appearance is just wrong.

In the garden, Helen is cutting Ash's hair. Steven tells Ash, I just think Mark doesn't see any bad side of Matthew at all. I am not saying Matthew was right, he says, do you understand? Ash say yeah. In the bathroom Toya and Ashleigh and Matthew are talking.   Toya thinks Helen sealed her fate yesterday. She says like for me, after time people are going to remember that statement. Matthew says, the most annoying thing is that she won't be going anywhere yet. Toya says, that's what you think!

Back in the garden, Helen tells Ash and Steven about her argument with Matthew last night. Helen says that even Danielle left and went to the bedroom and that was bull sh*t cause even she heard the question that was asked and that was rude to just leave. Ash says isn't it weird we are not Twelve or Fifteen? Steven says last night made him realize that Matthew really hasn't got a side to him that is a best. Helen says I don't like him. I just need to stay away from him.

11:45am It's day 2 of this weeks shopping task and Steven, Danielle and Toya have been called to the task room to see how well the housemates think alike. The housemates have earned 40 points towards this weeks shopping task. Steven, Danielle and Toya, your question is this: Will you eat Big Brother's Brilliant Breakfast?    Please make your decision now. All three hit the YES button. Big Brother asks then to exit the task room to their left for their Brilliant Breakfast. All housemates in the living room are cheering when the YES lights up.

Big Brothers Brilliant Breakfast consist of an omelet made of stinky bishop cheese, chicken feet and hearts with pickled sea herring and fermented eggs. Danielle, Toya and Steven walk in and the smell is bad. Really bad. They cover their noses as Steven starts retching before ever touching the Brilliant Breakfast. Steven is still gagging and Danielle says I can't do this. Toya walks out of the room. Toya walks back in and says why did I say YES to this? Steven is still throwing up from the smell. Danielle says I can't even look at it as Steven starts laughing. Steven says try to get used to the smell and Danielle covers her nose and mouth, saying she doesn't know if she can.

Toya tells Danielle if she can't eat this then they aren't going to do it either. Big Brother asks for them to confirm their decision. They all agree not to eat the Brilliant Breakfast and leave the task room. Steven and Toya go to the garden and tell everyone they are not going to do it. Matthew asks what happened and Toya and Steven tell them what they were supposed to eat. Steven says it was called a Brilliant Breakfast. Kimberly asks did you all say YES? Toya says we all said YES but we couldn't do it, it was just disgusting.

Mark asks why and Steven says they wanted us to eat the whole thing and it was just to disgusting. Danielle says no way would I ever eat that. Never, never, never, there is a line and that goes way beyond that.

12:10PM Danielle ask Matthew if he has spoke to Helen and he says no, why would he? Danielle says she's not apologized? Toya says you know like the hulk, when he rips his shirt off? That's what Helen is when she drinks. Mathew asks why would Helen apologize? Even if she did he would just walk away, Matthew says. Ash comes out to the garden and apologizes to Jale for snapping at her yesterday. Jale says no worries. Ash tells her that he doesn't really say he hates people, he says he just felt like it when she said that he hates people behind their back. I don't really say I hate people.

Jale says I overheard you saying things to people about being a wasp and I thought if you were like that around Christopher and saying that about Christopher then you could be saying that about me as well. Ash says of course not. Jale says but how am I supposed to know that? Ash says that's when you assume. Jale says that's all I got in here. Ash says he think the big thing is that you say he talks behind people and he's nice to their face and that's why he kind of snapped. You know what I mean, he asks? Jale says yeah and she was more paranoid about him, but not based on the fact, based on guilt by association.   Sorry, she says, but that's how I felt.

Ash says people have told him that as well. Jale says the maggot thing really didn't effect me. I am being really honest with you. Jale says she nominated him and felt guilty enough and then he called her that and it was done. You got me back. Ash says I just wanted to apologize for snapping because I don't like snapping. Jale says as long as you don't think I am a maggot. Ash laughs.

2:50pm Danielle is feeling the burn as she is working out with Kimberly who is counting reps. Big Brother has called Helen to the Diary Room to talk about last night. Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behavior and is issuing her a formal warning. If you repeat this sort of behavior again, Big Brother says, Big Brother will have no choice but to remove you from the house. Helen says she's not going to argue and pretend that she was not in the wrong when when she is and for what it is worth, she is really sorry.

Mark and Jale are talking about putting bath salts or crystals in the bath. Jale says she might put hers in the sun. Jale says I just felt a weird paradigm shift here and Mark asks if she's ok? She says she's fine, it's back to normal now. Christopher asks if that's like equilibrium? Jale says yes.

[It's nothing like equilibrium. But who was using the wrong word? -- Morty]

Helen leaves the Diary Room and goes to the Garden. Steven and Winston thank her for cutting their hair. Ash ask if she got bollocked.   Yeah, Helen says yeah, I got to shut the f*ck up. I got a formal warning. Winston asks, Formal Warning? Helen says hush, I don't want them to know. Steven asks what they said after that? Helen says they just talked about her bad language and my behavior because I stepped into Matthew's personal space and I used offensive, abusive name calling. What could I say, she says, it was me.  

Matthew, Toya and Ashleigh are talking about Helen in the Kitchen. Toya says Helen isn't going to talk any more in the house and Matthew ask why?    She's doing everyone a favor. Ashleigh says she is nice when she is like cooking dinner and Matthew says everything she does in the house seems nice but everything about her is horrible. She's not a nice person. Toya says watching Helens face, that she almost feels sorry for her because she can't fix that. Matthew says Helen is the most bitter thing he has seen in his life.

3:08pm For the final part of this weeks shopping task Ashleigh, Mark and Christopher have been brought to the Mind Lab to answer a series of questions about their fellow housemates. Using the tablet, they must choose the housemates photos that they believe is the answer. Ech question is worth 3 points but if they fail to correctly agree they get nothing. Housemates in living room say they have a bad feeling this is going to be a bad one.

This is Big Brother. Your first question is, which housemate put a boyfriend's things on eBay? They all answer Toya and have earned 5 points. Next question, which housemate says their superpower would be invisibility so they could go see Justin Beiber in concert?" Mark is the only one to correctly guess Chris. They receive no points. Which housemate claims to have never read a book in their life? The correct answer was Steven. They have failed to reach the right agreement. Which housemate said he would rather have money than love and would rather be alone in a Ferrari than in an old banger? The answer is Marlon.

They fail this question as well. Which housemate said their ideal night is to have a threesome with two models and than watch a film with chocolate and sweets? The answer is Winston and they all get it. They win 5 points. The final question is which housemate was booted out of her home for doing exorcisms in every room? The correct answer is Jale and they all get it right. They have earned 5 points. Big Brother says the quiz is now over and the results of the shopping task will be revealed later.

5:31pm Jale is helping Winston discover his spirit guide. She ask him if there is anyone he can see and he says yeah a golden lady and she's fit but golden and she has a banging body and her name is Helena.

Helen is doing the dishes. After his argument with Helen yesterday, Matthew is talking to Mark about their lack of communications. Mark says they are like kids and they all need to be civil because they have a buddy in common, him. Mark asks him to shake on being civil to Helen and Matthew shakes on it. Mark pleads, please be civil for me. He tells Matthew to offer to make a cup of tea for Helen if he's making one for himself.

Back in the bedroom, Winston is still talking about Helena, slender and built. Mark and Matthew come in and Jale says Winston met his spirit guide. Mark says nice boobs? Yeah, says Winston, with a bow and arrow. All golden.

6:15pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates for the results of this weeks shopping task. In order to pass the shopping task, their points total must equal or exceed the number in the Brain Box. Over 2 days, housemates answered questions for a total of 49 points. Big Brother tells Ash to open the Brain Box and read the care aloud to the group. The number is 55 so housemates have failed their shopping task for the week and will have basic rations. Housemates are upset and Mark says its Ok, we did our best. Back to the days of weight loss, Steven says.

Mark, Marlon and Winston are talking in the garden about Danielle, Toya and Steven not doing their task cause if they did they might have won the shopping task.   Ash is upset, and says everyone else would have done it. Mark says he wouldn't have done it, they all should have known it would be discussing and said no.

6:50pm In the Pod, Marlon is annoyed by Ashleigh's comment after the shopping task was failed that the ones facing eviction Friday shouldn't be upset because they could be gone. He says he is at the point where he is going to snap in a minute. Jale says don't let it suck you in. There's enough people doing that already, you're cleverer than that.

Winston and Steven are talking about Toya. Steven says she is very funny because if there was a falling out over a dispute, that's it, Winston says do you like her? Steven says she is all right, but she is very hot headed. Marlon goes to see Big Brother. He is not happy and says he is p*ssed off because of the comments Ashleigh made and they lost the shopping task. Some people have done everything for the sake of the house and they don't do the task? Keep your mouth shut next time, if you don't have nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all. She's never been nominated, she doesn't know the stress. This new Ashleigh's changed because of the company she's around, Toya.

8:27pm Christopher is working out in the bathroom doing jumping jacks. Helen, Ash, Winston and Mark are talking about the failed breakfast task. Winston says it was only a mouthful. Helen said that Toya and Steven said if Danielle wasn't doing it, there was no point in them doing it. They should have tried it anyway, Ash says, just because you're in Big Brother. If Ash and I where there with Danielle, Winston says, she would have done it. She's done worse than that, Marlon says. Helen says yeah she is a follower and can be talked into it. You're only here once, Mark says, you give your everything.

Having avoided Helen all day, Matthew is in the Diary Room talking about Helen. I get nothing from her, he says, it's best to avoid her, She's the piece of dirt in there, she can't redeem herself. Helen is on top, then there's Ash, and Marlon is the dog at the bottom. And Winston who walks around in his own world. Mark is afraid of Helen. I don't understand that relationship. He says I don't have to be civil any more. There is nothing else to say to the girl.

10:55pm Jale, Winston and Marlon are having a kick-about in the garden. Jale scores a goal and is running around, yelling I am winning. Ash is in the Diary Room talking about Helen. They are close mates but she says things and people think she is like that hard face but she has an emotional side to her. People don't realize she can get upset as well.

In the kitchen, Mark asks Matthew who he thinks is the most ruthless housemate. Matthew says Ash. Really, asks Mark? He's a bit of a, he doesn't take sh*t he just does what he needs to do. They hear Jale in the garden and Mark says he likes Jale. Matthew says he would swap her Killer Nomination if he could. Mark ask if you could switch the Killer Nomination who would you pick and Matthew says anyone. He also names Marlon.

11:15pm Ashleigh and Toya are talking about Steven's picture. He looks younger with eyeliner   Ashleigh says he looks younger than his picture on the wall and Toya says he tried to hard.

Mark is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the shopping task. People are cracking already, especially Ashleigh getting upset that they are on rations. People are smoking cigarette butts and that's disgusting, against human nature.

In the garden Ash asks Steven how he feels about trying to kiss Kim? Kim says oh Gd. Steven says I have, but I will do it in a time when it is right and because I am a bit of a gentlemen, I want the time to be perfect.

In the kitchen Ashleigh is saying that Ash is really cute. Toya says that people who are good looking and then disgrace themselves become instantly ugly. In the garden, on Steven's prompting, Ash says he detests Ashleigh more than Matthew the most in the house. Mark says What?

12:09am Jale and Chris are talking about how young Ashleigh. Chris said if she was in his town they'd be mates. But some of the things that comes out of her mouth, she's so young. Jale says we have to be careful cause she's a mouth piece for someone and that's not right.   I see Toya and Ashleigh having a massive fall out at some time, big time, without a shadow of a doubt.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother there are so many fake people up each other's fake *ss, in their mid to late 20 yr olds, never heard so much sh*t in her life. Ash pretends to be such a cool person but he's really angry. She thinks Marlon will go but hopes it's Ash. Marlon has dug a hole for himself with his arrogance and hopefully women were watching how he spoke to the girls this week. He's rude and doesn't deserve to be here.

In the kitchen, Helen is talking to Steven, Ash and Marlon about Ashleigh's comment and how she just had to walk away from her. What comment, Marlon asks. The one about why someone who is going Friday is bothered about losing the shopping task. Oh yeah, Marlon says, jumping on. People don't have that attitude, Kimberly says, that's why it was so offensive. Helen says I've been watching her since last week and I told Toya to be careful with her, she's such a sweet girl, but she's losing her edge.

I'm always scared of the nice people, Kimberly says.

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