Day 20: Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 - Formal Warning

Previously a house divided.  Tonight, it's all out war. 

9:57am Last night, Helen, Ash, Kimberly and Marlon tried to add some powder to the hair dryers.  BB warns them to not mess with electrical appliances.  Mark is called to the Diary Room and told Big Brother cannot turn on the hair appliances this morning due to safety concerns with the tampered devices.   Oh My Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, Mark squeals.  I'm going to kill every one of them, he swears.  They wouldn't smash Danielle's rosary beats, would they, or set fire to Marlon's hideous denim and leather jacket.  But they do this to me and we're supposed to be mates! 

Mark runs to the bedroom, furious, says he has to walk around like a nob-head for the next 4 days because of them.  The other housemates find his hysterics hysterical.  He marches around the house with his chest puffed out, then collapses on the sofa and lets out a cry. 

11:07am and the housemates are ready to start this week's shopping task, testing a theory that great housemates think alike.  They are going to test the theory, summoning 3 housemates at a time to Big Brother's Mind Lab where they will sit in a soundproof booth and asked yes or no questions.  If housemates all answer yes, they earn 10 points.  If they all answer no, they earn 5 points.  But if they split the answer, they earn no points.  At the end of the task, if the number of points exceeds the number locked in Big Brother's the Brain Box, they pass the task.

First up are Matthew, Kimberly and Ash.  The first question is whether they will twerk it.  They all say yes and the living area lights up green.  Now all they have to do is twerk it.  In their flower-covered male briefs and female bikinis.  Danielle is cheering loudest of the girls.  Ash really gets into it and Kimberly shakes it hard. 

12:15pm Helen is grooming Steven with Matthew giving her advice.  Steven jokes to Mark he should let Helen give her a trim.  Mark says there are a lot of things he's subjected to and he's having a laugh and all that but he can't have a nice conversation looking like this.  He knows he's being selfish, but if the back of me sides grows out and my top stands up, I'm going to look ridiculous and I'll have to go home. 

Helen is the topic of Toya and Ashleigh in the bedroom, with Toya stating she has no respect for her.  She's an absolute mouthpiece, Ashleigh agrees, I would enjoy my time so much more if she wasn't here.  Her and Ash.  Chis enters the room as Toya tells Ashleigh that when she leaves here, the only people she'll say goodbye to is Ashleigh, Chris and Danielle.  And Christopher.  The rest I won't even touch.  I would tear sh*t up, Ashleigh says, if I had the power.  You got to get there before Ash, Chris tells her.  Ash is literally drooling, he says, he keeps saying give me the power.  He's so desperate to have it but can't get it if he's nominated.  If Helen weren't here, Chris continues, it would lift a lot.  She's on the edge, that one, Toya says, she's done herself no favors whatsoever. 

2:18pm and it's time for Marlon, Ash and Winston to take part in Big Brother's mind experiment with the question, would you like to see which housemates nominated you?  All three laughing, they pound their green YES button repeatedly and enthusiastically long after the 10 second window is over.  They earn the points and return to the house where Big Brother plays the nomination clips for all the housemates, starting with Ashleigh's nomination of Winston for being messy in the toilet.  They all watch as Chris calls Winston pretty vacant, like an abandoned car.   Winston defends himself, saying he cleans up behind. 

Next the housemates see Toya nominating Marlon for having his hands down his pants in the morning.  Christopher nominates Marlon but his attitude to girls is hurting him, needs to learn his chauvinist attitude.  Kimberly is also seen nominating Marlon for the things he said to her while working out and not listening when she tried to talk to him about it. 

Danielle is seen nominating Ash for believing in the Big Bang Theory when she doesn't believe in evolution.  Danielle is laughing at herself.  Jale nominates Ash for his antisocial behavior and discussing people he hates then kissing their ass the next minute.  Danielle says sorry, Ash.  It's all right.  Ash says Jale was just chatting sh*t, there's not one person he hates.  He half jokingly tells her to f*ck off, you maggot.  Mark is not happy with this, says don't stoop to anyone's level.  I don't have to listen, Ash says.  You don't have to listen but I'm going to say it anyway.

2:32pm Marlon, Ash, Helen, Mark and Christopher are on the sofas discussing Jale's nomination of Ash.  Christopher says it's Jale's opinion.  Opinions or facts, Mark and Helen ask.  Helen says what Jale accused him of has never come out of his mouth.  And now, that's gone out to the public so everyone things he's a two-faced twat.  She can f*ckin suck a d*ck now, Ash says. 

In the garden, Jale, Toya and Matthew discuss Ash's reaction.  Name calling makes Toya uncomfortable, there are other ways to be rude.  Don't even worry, Matthew says, it makes him look silly.  Toya says she won't give people ammunition if she's nominated.  She says everyone in the house is quick to forget, except her and Matthew.  We don't forget nothing, the only difference is I vocalize everything.  I forget it, Jale says, because I don't want it to drive me.  That comment washes over me.  What should never wash over you, Toya lectures, is when people are licking *ss, the fundamental thing is this is who he is. 

4:13pm and Jale, Chris and Christopher are called to the Mind Lab to answer the question will they serenade their housemates with a karaoke classic.  They all say YES and are directed to a rehearsal room.  Then they must face their housemates and perform.   They perform What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.  Chris gets into it, moving among the housemates, sitting between Toya and Ashleigh and playing with Toya's hair.  Jale takes over with with some horrid vocals.  The other housemates are singing along and clapping and laughing.  It's Chris's turn to lead and he uses the lyrics on the provided tablet to sing directly to Winston for a house laugh.  Classic, says Danielle.

9:47pm The housemates are in the garden when Mark and Matthew head into the house.  Matthew says he's Mark's vanilla and Mark is Matthew's chocolate.  Ash says loves Mark and Matthew's relationship, they are such opposites.  Helen thinks Mark feels a lot more highly of Matthew than the other way around.    Matthew scares Mark coming out of the toilet.  They decide to guess the how the voting will go.  Matthew thinks Chris and Christopher will be the first two safe.  Mark thinks Danielle will be one of the first saved.  Mark is about to indicate who he thinks the last two will be and starts to point to Toya and Marlon when someone walks into the room. 

It's Toya and Matthew asks her if Marlon goes, what will she do, dance?  I'll just sit there, she says, and chuckle.    I think it will be between Chris and Marlon, Mark says for Toya's benefit.  In the Diary Room, Chris says the atmosphere in the house is more conspiracy and it gets dark and tense after Helen has a drink.  Even when she's nice she's terrifying, a great big ball and chain stuck around everyone.  And we have to live with it.  Even though my relationship with her has improved and I love when she talks comfortably, relaxed and honest, but the idea it could always flip like that makes it not worthwhile.   He would like an evening with a nice fluid conversation and everyone being nice but it's not going to happen. 

11:26pm The housemates are playing Truth or Dare and Winston asks Jale if she's ever given anyone a tip wank before.  Yes, she says confused while Marlon rolls over laughing.  Helen doesn't know what that is.  Ash buries his face in his hands, laughing.  This is why I'm not playing, Matthew says.  Oh for f*ck sake, Helen says, getting up off the sofa, grow the f*ck up!  She doesn't mean Winston, she clarifies, she means Matthew and everyone else.  It's just a jaw, she says.  Don't shout at me, Matthew responds.  Why you moaning, Helen asks, it's a jaw, don't f*cking play then.  Steven is enjoying the show.

I'm not playing, Matthew says.  If you're not playing, don't contribute, you f*cking mouth.  Why are you shouting, Mark asks.  Maybe you should learn to close your mouth for once, Matthew says.  You're such a nob, she says, why you sitting in a group of people if you don't want to play the game?  You sat down when we all came inside so technically you're playing the game, she says.  Whatever, you're always in the right, Helen says.  I wasn't in the right, she keeps saying over and over, drowning anything Matthew says.  This is pathetic, Matthew says, I've never argued with someone so ridiculous in my life. 

Jale tries to move the game along, saying she's asked Christopher a question.  Have you had a spit roast?  Christopher says no.  I'm just going to laugh now, you're all insane.  It's all part of the game, Helen says, it's a joke.  Whomever gets offended needs to shut the f*ck up.  I didn't want to sit outside, Matthew says.  Then go into the bedroom, Helen advises.  No one's telling you to go anywhere, Ash says.  You're driving me mad, Matthew says and gets up to leave.  You're f*cking voice is droning, he tells Helen.  Matthew and Toya go into the garden along with Ashleigh.  Ash tells Helen to calm down.  You f*cking skinny c*nt, she calls after Matthew.

Winston laughs at the comment.  Mark says you've made a twat of yourselves.  Toya, Matthew and Ashleigh join Chris in the garden and she says that shocked me.  Back on the sofas, Mark is shouting at Helen about why she is shouting like that.  I'm f*cking sick of everyone scrapping and arguing, he says, every night! Mark is completely irate as Helen tries to justify her rant against Matthew.  You're doing it now, Ash says unhelpfully.  Mark is red in the face as he heads into the garden.  Jale, Winston and Steven are laughing while Marlon studies a bottle of hard alcohol. 

[All of these shout-fests happen late at night after Big Brother has plied them with alcohol. That doesn't excuse their behavior but it does facilitate it. -- Morty]

Helen thinks they (Matthew, Toya and Ashleigh) were all waiting while we played Truth or Dare for us to say something they could have a p*ss at.  Go away!  Jale, Winston and Steven head into the garden but Helen refuses.  I don't want to.  She follows Ash and Marlon into the garden.  Idiots, she mutters, can't even have a laugh.  Matthew lights into her and she says he totally took what she said the wrong way.  You stood in my face and told me to f*ck off and get out of the room, he says, I'm not arguing with you, don't talk to me.  I'm not arguing with you.  You're boring me now, he says, I'm sick of you.  You are arguing, you're shouting at me.

Helen points at her vocal chords and asks calmly am I shouting?  I don't care, Matthew says, I'm not interested.  I'm not listening to you.  OK, talk to yourself.  You're a very bitter, nasty little bastard, Helen tells Matthew.  You're describing yourself quite well, Matthew retorts, you're mixing myself up with  you.  Helen steps up to get in Matthew's face.  Tell me you're not a backstabber in this house, she asks intensely, tell me, tell me, tell me.  You've completely transformed since you walked into the house. You turned into a p*ssy the other night, you've let Toya take your f*cking backlash, because she was the only one who could speak because you waited in little corners where you whispered while Toya said everything out loud.  You f*cking p*ssy, you little weed.

There's no point in keeping arguing, Christopher says after Helen walks out.  I'm not arguing, Matthew says, she wants to have a full argument.  I don't look for arguments, she does.  In the bedroom, Mark says I can't cope with you, Helen, I can't.  You misinterpreted what I just said, Helen yells.  No I didn't, he says, I understood both of yous.  They were going to sit there and look down their noses at the Truth or Dare game.  I don't like seeing people I'm close to stooping to a level to make twats of themselves, Mark says.  It upset me seeing you scream at him...  I just don't want to see you make a twat of yourself!

Helen returns to the garden and tells Ash she's fine.  Big Brother calls Helen to the Diary room.  Why, Helen shouts at Big Brother, getting up.  You f*cking twat you, she says to Matthew, you skinny little pr*ck.  Shows what an uneducated little person you are, Matthew says, get another boob job, you look saggy.  At that Helen lets loose with a string of lowbrow insults before heading into the house to the Diary Room, ending with calling him a pale, pigeon-chested twat. 

Ash says to Matthew, what you have to realize is that's one of my good mates and if you keep slagging someone off like that, I'm going to take offense to it.  Then take offense to it, Matthew says, but I'm not going to sit here and let someone talk to me like that.  But Matthew, if you keep doing it I'll tear you apart, Ash says.  OK, Matthew says to shut Ash up, I'm not interested.  I don't mean literally, Ash says, clarifying for Big Brother.  Toya finally chimes in and asks Matthew if he's all right.

11:56pm 2 minutes since Helen was called to the DR, Ash excuses Helen's behavior, saying he thinks she was just p*ssed off that we were having fun and then people came in and turned it into not fun.  That's why she was stressed out.  She has a paranoia, Mark says.  She stresses out too easily, Matthew says, if people can't play a game she wants to play with people commenting on it.  I think that's just the last straw that broke the camel's back, Mark says.   She shouldn't take that out on other people, Matthew says.  That's human nature, isn't it, says Mark.  I don't do that, Matthew says. 

You had a lot to say after, Ash says, so you must have held it in.  I don't think I said that much, to be honest, Matthew says.  I'm not going to rise to it.  I can't give as good as I get.  You did lose your temper, Ash tells him.  I didn't even raise my voice, Matthew claims, well, maybe slightly.  Mark says this is what I'm saying, you (Ash) and Helen are my two best mates here and...  You can be more calming, Ash says to Matthew, rather than riling her up.  Matthew says he's embarrassed he let her get him upset because he doesn't get personal with people.  That's what things do to you in here. People get very riled up over simple stuff, Ash says, I understand that.  When the truth comes out at the end of the day, at least I know how she genuinely feels about me if she gets angry over a game of Truth or Dare. 

In the kitchen, Christopher tells Chris that Matthew spoke up tonight because he's had enough of it.  Ashleigh can't believe Helen walked away and used his own insecurity (to attack Matthew).  What about you, you ugly looking b*tch? I wonder when she looked like before she had her work done.  She has an opinion on everything and her opinion is right, as always, Christopher declares.  I'm waiting for the days she starts in on me, Ashleigh says.  If she starts in on you, I'll tear her apart, Danielle promises. 

In the Diary Room, Helen says she knows she overreacted but he made her so mad when he put down their game.  He'll hurt Mark, she says, I know it.  That's where my anger is coming from.  He's a horrible person.  I've said everything I could have said and that's it, no apologize.  He's a mean, nasty, ruthless little b*stard and I'm watching him like a hawk.  Big Brother says every situation has a context, but you need to calm down in the Diary Room before Big Brother will let you out.

12:09am Ash tells Helen in the garden that to be fair, she was a little over the top when she went off.  But at the end of the day we was out here playing a game.  That's why I told him to just f*ck off, go away.  Yeah, I shouldn't have used that language, maybe.  I felt like they were all waiting for it in there.  They wait for us to say sh*t, Ash agrees, then speak of it on the side.

Matthew is unrepentant in the Diary Room, he's not going to waste his time or energy on Helen, she thrives on drama and confrontation, feeling like she's dominating people.  She's in my face using words I can't hear, sentences that aren't grammatically correct, I didn't wan to listen to that droning voice, painful to my ears. 

In the garden, Christopher says I don't know how this whole thing started.  It started with Spin the Bottle, Helen says angrily, and a few cornswops ruined it, that's how.  I just think the whole bloody thing was overblown, Christopher says.  Not by me, Helen says.  Mark, shouting, you're shouting, I'm thinking bloody hell, is this actually happening?  We were just playing a game.  Helen goes off on another expletive rant against Matthew and Christopher says he's my mate too, I'm not going to criticize him.  He's your mate, Helen says, I'm sorry, did he not nominate you?  Oh sh*t, yeah, he did.  You sure about that?

Mark comes out to the garden and says he doesn't want to get caught up in anything more.  You're not, Helen says, we're changing the subject.  Christopher won't let it go, saying to Helen she can't tell him what Matthew is and isn't, it's up to him to figure that out for yourself.  I'm giving you my opinion, she says, he's playing the game, whether you take it is up to you.  I don't need your opinion, Christopher says.  I'm not trying to drum it into your skull, she says, I couldn't give a sh*t because I don't hold you in as high regard as I do Mark.  Thanks, says Christopher.  I won't lie to you, Helen says.  Sometimes, Christopher says, honesty becomes rudeness.  That wasn't rude, she says.  Yes it was, he says.  I can't stand this house and these wankers, Helen says and storms into the house, Mark in tow.

In the bedroom, Helen tells Mark and Danielle she's sick and tired of people trying to stamp on harmless fun.  She admits to Mark she said too much but explains she was so angry because they were on their way to having a fun night they did the previous night.  She doesn't want to stay in the house if its like the last few weeks.  We're all segregated.  We proved last night that we could we could all have a laugh.  It's a shame that it's happened tonight, isn't it, says Danielle.

12:44am Helen says Matthew's tumbling into a weed bin, that scrawny little b*stard.  He let Toya take all that sh*t, and she took all that sh*t.  Two people made that decision (to veto Ash, Marlon and Winston's nomination votes) and he sat there doing and saying nothing.  Steven says the decision was only 50% Matthew.  Helen says we've established 2 game players.

In the house, Christopher tells Mark, Toya, Ashleigh and Winston about his disagreement with Helen.  It's very anticlimactic to hear his version.  The garden party breaks up and returns to the house.  Toya grabs Ashleigh's arm and drags her towards the bedroom.  It's the same thing tonight, Helen says, we've walked in and everyone leaves because they're f*cking allergic.  Because they were talking about us before we came in, says Marlon suddenly discovering his voice.  I'm going to bash someone's head in, she says.  No you're not, Winston, Steven and Marlon quickly say. 

The next morning, Helen is called into the Diary Room again and is reminded by Big Brother she agreed to rules regarding unacceptable behavior.  Last night she was aggressive in her behavior towards Matthew.  She stood over him in a physically threatening manor and shouted at him and in his face.  The invasion of a housemate's personal space in this matter can be intimidating and Big Brother deems this unacceptable.   In addition, the language you used towards Matthew included name calling, ridicule and aggressive threats.  Big Brother has spoken to you before about your language and aggressive behavior in the house. 

Big Brother is concerned you are not taking sufficient notice of these interventions.  Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behavior and is issuing a Formal Warning.  If you repeat this behavior again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house.  Do you understand why Big Brother has given you this Formal Warning?  Yeah, she says humbly, I don't know what's wrong with me.  I'm not going to try and argue and pretend I'm not in the wrong when I know I am.  And for what it's worth, I'm really sorry.

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