Day 19: Monday, June 23rd, 2014 - Trust Me Not

Previously, Hurricane Toya wreaked havoc. Tonight, housemates learn to trust each other but can things ever be the same again?

9:31am After another night of high drama, it's a somber morning in the house. Toya asks Mark if he did the tea leaves today and Mark says absolutely, what she needs to know? If I am going on Friday, Toya says Mark says yeah, but your not going home. Toya says oh please, Mark. Marlon and Ash are wrapped in blankets. Marlon asks Matthew how he feels waking up? Matthew says he just can't believe the events of yesterday but he feels lucky. 

Helen is alone in the garden crying. Danielle has gone to the Diary Room to speak with Big Brother, saying she feels emotionally and physically tired. She says she had a conversation with Toya last night that really put things into perspective. I just feel like there are to many vindictive people in here and I just feel like a caged bird. I really do. Big Brother ask her which housemate has upset her and she says she can't say. She can't understand why they put nasty people in here! That's what I don't understand, she says. Danielle feels like Helen is taking Kimberly from her.

Matthew ,Toya, Jale, and Ashleigh are talking about Helen. Toya says everyone else can say, yeah Helen is a certain way and she behaves badly. The things she has done, the comments, the remarks aren't things that I wouldn't say. They are disgraceful but the people that sit around and facilitate that are equally as bad as her. Jale agrees they just as bad. Matthew agrees also. Jale says she's getting annoyed at herself for giving Helen a chance up till a couple of days ago. Toya says she's writing her off and not going to try any more because that's bullsh*t. We have to live in the same house together and actually she's unbalanced.

Steven goes to the garden to talk with Helen. Steven ask what's wrong and Helen says she is just fed up. He ask why and Helen says she just feels like sh*t, is p*ssed off and feels like she can't be herself. Ash has joined Helen and Steven along with Kimberly. Helen says It's certain people so I don't see how it is going to work. I don't have to put up with this sh*t at all, I don't need to have this crap every time I say something. I don't want to have to think. I just feel like I am never gonna get a chance here with certain people but I have to give then a chance. She says it works both ways. Kimberly says it isn't fair though. Steven tells Helen she can't let herself be put in that situation. Ash tells her that no one expects her to be friendly with everyone.

Helen says a few times she has tried talking to a couple of people in this house and it is like talking to a piece of sh*t and getting nothing in return. They do not speak to me and that's fine, they don't drink and they don't swear but when I do it, I'm a b*tch.

11:53am Kimberly is getting ready for the day with Toya and asks if Toya is glad she is no longer in power? Toya says I think I am more happy about my nomination to be honest. Kimberly is surprised she is all happy. Sure I am, Toya says, you think I want to stay in this house any more? Of course I don't. Kimberly says she didn't know how Toya felt about being up for nomination. Toya confirms she's happy about it. 

Winston and Marlon are trying out some new exercise. Marlon picks Winston up sitting on his shoulder and does squats. Mark sitting on sofa repeats saying this is a bad idea. Inside the house, Danielle tells Ashleigh that she and Helen are done and she will never speak to her again.

12:21pm While Danielle joins Kimberly for a core workout, Helen tells Toya about Danielle. Helen says she told Danielle that she isn't going to sit around and be friendly but she will be just polite like, but at the same time she has to save herself from looking like something that she's completely not and she doesn't deserve that. Kimberly tells Danielle in the kitchen that she has to understand, they (Toya and Helen) put all their cards on the table and they make fun of each other all the time, that's how they bond with people.

Ashleigh is complaining about Helen to Toya. I am going to have to smack her, I swear, she says, I need to give her a shake. Toya says for some people, being a good friend is telling them the truth. But you've got to let people make their own decisions, Ashleigh. Danielle says if she stays, she is going to be up every week. Kimberly says stop saying that! Danielle says its true and Kimberly says that's speculation.

2:48pm Danielle, Mark and Christopher have been called to the Diary Room as part of today's memory task. Big Brother tells them they are on lock down while Big Brother conducts Ashleigh, Winston and Ash's memory test in controlled conditions. Big Brother will show them a series of random flashing numbers from 1 to 15. All their partners have to remember are 3 green numbers. However the memory test is a lot of rubbish. All Ashleigh, Winston and Ash have to do is to use their powers of persuasion to try to convince their partners to trust them and keep playing the game. The rest of the house is in on it too.

First up to play is Christopher. He thinks the three numbers that his partner Ashleigh is trying to remember corresponds with three hard boiled eggs, but of course there aren't any hard boiled eggs. Ashleigh tells Christopher the test was really hard. Christopher says I am shaking. Ashleigh tells him number 9 and Christopher cracks it over his head and it is a raw egg. 7 is a raw egg, 11 is a raw egg, 13 is a raw egg. All the housemates are laughing as Christopher slaps egg after egg over his head. Ashleigh says oh sorry, everybody. Big Brother says Ashleigh has failed her memory test.

Next is Danielle who must search for non-existent tokens at the bottom of 15 bowls of stinky fish porridge guided by a very forgetful Ash. He says we got this, Danielle and first number is 9. Wearing goggles, she sticks her whole head into the bucket but can't see anything. The next number is 15. Same result. Ash says just do 6, 7, and 8 and lets do this! Big Brother informs Ash he has failed his memory test.

Last to go is Mark, who's journey to find the 3 tanks filled with pink glitter is guided by Winston. Winston starts with number 7 and Mark sits down and gets gunged with pink slime. He squealed like a stuck pig. The next is number 6, then 9, then 13 as housemates are laughing as Mark courageously and repeatedly gets gunged. Winston has failed his memory test. Winston says sorry man, putting an insufficient clean towel on his shoulder. Mark says don't even talk to me.

Big Brother says all three housemates failed their memory test, however it can now be revealed that this was not the real task. This was, in fact, a test of trust. As housemates trusted their partners, Big Brother will deliver a reward later today. The housemates all cheer.

[They may have trusted before, but will they still trust after this? -- Morty]

4:18pm Toya tells Matthew she knows why she get angry. It's because in everyday life, I wouldn't even give an audience to people like this but here I am stuck. Matthew says he knows. Toya says if Marlon calls her a b*tch one more time, she will verbally destroy him. In the bathroom Kimberly and Danielle are talking about Steven. Danielle says she hasn't seen Steven be overly smushy with you but Kimberly says yes, he does. You just never see it, but he is like always with Toya and Ashleigh. Danielle says I don't care as long as he treats you right I don't care. Kimberly says I don't know how I feel. I do really like him, though. 

The boys are analyzing this weeks eviction odds. Marlon says either he will get booted or she (Toya) will get booted after all the arguments this week.

5:39pm Danielle tells Ashleigh about her earlier chat with Kimberly, that Steven has been affectionate with Kimberly but she never sees it so it must be after dark when they go to bed. He is either affectionate or a drunk one.  

In the DR, Toya tells Big Brother that when when she said Hurricane Toya was brewing, well Hurricane Toya has arrived. There was no destruction just some superficial damage. Marlon needs to be taken a peg or two down. He verbally abused me with words that are only described as disgusting, Toya says, my mom raised me to defend myself without having to use profanity to do it and that's what I did yesterday. I lowered myself to his level because sometimes you have use the language that people understand and Hurricane Toya was willing to do that yesterday. I went down to his level and spoke his language and I hurt him and he was upset. That is the same way he tried to make me feel . I think it is safe to say that Marlon came out of hurricane Toya scared. Hurricane Toya has subsided. 

9:31pm Housemates are enjoying a drink in the garden and talking about their favorite films. Toya talks about how good Danielle was in the profile video she saw yesterday, how sweet she was and how that's the girl she wants to see now.

10:50pm Chris and Ashleigh are talking about Winston in the kitchen, Chris says he is sweet to him. Some of the housemates are talking about their future and having a family. Inn the Diary Room, Matthew says Danielle has had an extra glass of champagne. Steven wants to know what Kimberly is thinking. He gives her a hug and cuddles with her and gives her a peck on the cheek. She pulls away and rolls her eyes, then asks if she was rude. Yes, he says, your rude. Steven tells her she has to let other people in, that she has to trust.

11:26pm Christopher and Toya are shaking their thangs as they dance in front of the mirrors. Danielle is in the garden trying to smoke. She doesn't get it.   Kimberly takes it away from her and says I am not going to let you do that. Mark is telling some of the housemates about his life. He has had a lot of respect from people about his sexual orientation. Danielle tells Winston about her ideal relationship. She says guys like the sentimental stuff. When she is 30 she is going to retire.

11:58pm Jale, Kimberly, and Danielle are making a plan. Jale says we crawl to the door, then we open the door and run out in swim suits. They run and jump in the pool. Ash calls out to Jale to put some of that water back in the pool and Marlon laughs. One buy one, the guys and girls change into their suits and get in the pool and splash around laughing. All except Toya, Ashleigh and Matthew who are just watching and then head to the kitchen for something to eat before the others get hungry and take all the food. Matthew says at least Danielle and Jale are having fun.

12:37am The girls are taking showers in the bathroom, but for the boys the pool party is still going on. Steven says Marlon has got his eye on Danielle. Marlon says no he doesn't. Then he adds, yeah, I could I feel like I could crack that nutcracker as the boys laugh. Helen is in the Diary Room saying she has a nice night with Danielle tonight and had a fun time. Tomorrow when we wake up, she says, I will be one of the first to speak to Danielle about tonight because I want her to feel included not excluded.

1:12am Helen tells the housemates that Danielle actually, liked, opened up tonight. Steven agrees. Helen says I respect that about her, she actually talked. Helen says she thinks certain other people drag her down.   Marlon says 100% and Helen says like Ashleigh.

Ashleigh and Toya are not happy what happened in the pool. Ashleigh says I thought about my boyfriend when they was all grabbing each other in there and Toya agrees. Kimberly tells Danielle that Ashleigh is influenced by Toya, saying Ashleigh is a very smart girl and shouldn't be influenced by Toya like that. Kimberly and Danielle hug and then off to bed for the night as they tell everyone goodnight.

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