Day 18: Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Die By The Sword

Previously, the Power Couple tore the house asunder. Tonight, tension intensifies and Big Brother drops a bombshell, and all hell breaks loose!

10:06am.   The Housemates are slowly waking up after last night' s drama. Toya in the Diary Room she says she doesn't know how she feels this morning - disappointed , upset, disgusted. She says if Marlon stays in this house on Friday, I will be leaving the house because I can not live with someone as barbaric and disgusting as that.  I refuse to share a home with such a person, someone instead of being raised was dragged up. You roll with pigs, you get flies.  Winston is just a lost cause, this is a person that p*sses all over the toilet.  He's not even worth oxygen.  I can't be bothered with him. There is no opportunity for reconciliation between myself, Marlon, Ash and Winston. 

Matthew is justifying his decision to Winston, explaining they tried to keep some balance.  Well there's no balance now, Winston observes.   No, Matthew agrees, but better to have only 3 people mad at you than all six.  It should be fair at the end of the day, he says.  In the garden, Ash says it was a stupid, reckless decision.  Mark says they didn't think.  No, agrees Ash.  It's like a decision the public would make because they don't have any emotional attachment to any of us.  Ash says they want only boring people to be left.  Just because they're different doesn't mean they're boring, Mark says.  They don't smoke, Ash says, they don't drink, they don't move or go in the pool, they just sit down and breath air. 

Jale joins them.  At the end of the day, Ash says, Matthew and Toya have the choice of either counseling their so-called mates or the people they don't want to speak to.  Mark says Toya is mates with nearly everyone.  Well she clearly isn't mates with me, Ash says.  Back in the DR, Toya complains that when Marlon was shouting his profanities, Ash didn't say anything.  He won't even get an opportunity to apologize.  Not going to happen and if that makes her a b*tch, not nice, horrible, so be it.  I claim those names.  I get to write the ending of my own story.

10:41am Toya tells Mark that usually when she goes to bed she goes right to sleep but last night she just cried. She says she's disgusted but not angry.  She's worried about how her family will respond.  I refuse to live with people like that.  Ash and Marlon are in the bedroom talking about how bad Toya is. Ash and Marlon walk through the garden and Toya says I can't even look at them, it makes me sick. 

Jale tells them to not let other people's projections ruin the experience for him.  Toya says it won't.  Toya tells Jale and Matthew she will never take yesterday back because we all know what everyone is about now.  It's not about taking back, Jale says, it's about moving forward or you'll go crazy in here.  People will never listen to your side of the story...  I'm not offering it, Toya interrupts.  In the kitchen, Steven says I'm all right with it, I don't care.  Winston wonders why Toya is kissing Jale's ass now.  She never spent time with Jale before. 

Marlon repeats what Toya just said as he walked through the garden that she couldn't even look at them they are disgusting. Ash says if she wants to go down that route I will go there. Marlon says she's trying to make herself (Toya) look like a victim now.  Steven says he's more disappointed with Matthew than Toya.  I would have thought he wouldn't put me out to grass like this.  Marlon says he's not going to let someone talk to him like that  and he's not allowed to talk back because he's a boy 

[He's 30 years old but has told his housemates he's 22 -- Morty]. 

11:17am Toya and Chris are talking about Helen in the garden. Toya said Helen told her yesterday that she needed to forget Winston and make up with Ash. Chris says Ash isn't disposable to her.  She needs numbers or she hasn't got anything. It's West Side Story in here. In the bathroom washing socks in the tub, Ashleigh tells Danielle that Helen is disgusting and she heard her talk about Danielle that's she had no class. Danielle laughs it off. In the kitchen, Steven wants to know what the public's reaction is to everyone, not everyone has gotten a reaction.  Mark thinks Winston is underestimated.   Mark says if someone leaves that I like I will be mad but I don't want blame Toya and Matthew, they're my mates. I feel targeted by them and I don't like it, Steven says.

12:05pm The Power Couple have been called to the Power Control Room. They are told that 8 housemates have been nominated this week, and later today they will be given the Power to save one og these housemates. As Jale received a killer nomination and Christopher received your Power Nomination, they can not be saved, But you may choose to save either Ash, Chris, Danielle, Marlon, Steven or Winston. To help make the decision Big Brother shows them the housemates' profiles. Toya calls Winston's VT pathetic.

In the garden Jale is giving Ash, Winston and Marlon some advice.  You are never going to get 16 people in the house that are going to get along together.  There are ups and downs, and I'm not going to let myself get bothered by it.  That's just me.  Ash says I don't think people are thinking about it really. In the Power Control Room, the Power Couple are watching Danielle's profile and Toya says she's completely different there than she is in the house, she's honest in the house.  Toya says she's going to vomit before she even sees Marlon's VT and the two mock him as they watch.

2:27pm In order for Toya and Matthew to decide which housemate they want to save later, Big Brother has provided them with ear pieces and a secret screen up in the Power Pod for them to eavesdrop on the housemates. First up they are spying on Danielle who is talking to Ashleigh about Helen. Don't say let sleeping dogs lie, Danielle says, then 2 weeks later hold a grudge.  Up in the Power Pod, Toya says Danielle has lost herself from the VT to know, two different people. 

Next they turn their attention to Helen, who says she is with boring people. Matthew thinks the public he is desperate to get rid of her, probably the most hated, easy to dislike.  Matthew says Helen is lying when she says she's worried Steven will go.  Toya says we might need to save Steven. Matthew says I think we should. They next watch Marlon who Matthew says is fat.  He and Helen are eating oranges and Marlon tells Helen to not choke, b*tch.  Wow, Toya says, Helen didn't say a thing.  I wash my hands of her.  Matthew wants to take her free pass, she needs to feel an edge, be on the receiving end.

Finally Toya And Matthew listen to Ash and Mark.  Ash can't believe Toya's walking around like that, she's disgusting.  Mark mentions what Toya said earlier that Marlon overheard.  I can feel myself going off, Ash says. Don't, cautions Mark.  I'll regret it, Ash says.  Toya and Matthew laugh.  Matthew says Marlon is just a twat and he has less respect for him now than he did anyway.  Matthew says how do we go about deciding and Toya says I don't care what they think , I just don't care.

8:44pm Jale ask Kimberly what is going on with her and Steven? Kimberly says nothing. Jale asks if she's going to date him? Kimberly says I don't know. I like him, I do like him but I don't want to put a label on it and I don't want to pretend that I have known him for, like, years when it has only been 2 weeks. Danielle gets up and walks off and Jale says I don't get it. Kimberly says I don't either.  That was my first friend when I walked in here. It's all gone t*ts up, Jale says.

Toya tells Ash she feels like they need to have a conversation because she has been angry with him. She says she wanted to explain yesterday that she felt intimidated to everybody but mostly to him. She says she was hearing things everywhere and all she said was everyone calm the f*ck down. She should have told everyone else they didn't deserve an explanation and just talked to him privately.  Ash says he just felt like He was close to Toya and Matthew and he felt he was f*cked over. Toya says I am sorry you felt that way and I have to accept that you feel that way and that fine but for me it can never be obvious that those people would would nominate you. He says it was illogical for her to take away his nominations.  Toya says no, it was logical.

9:30pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates for an announcement.  Steven says he's dreading those lights and then the lights dim for nominations. 

This is Big brother. Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Steven and Winston you will face eviction from the Big brother house this week. However earlier today the Power Couple Toya and Matthew were told that they have the Power to save one of the housemates currently facing eviction. The only housemates that can not be saved are Jale, who faces eviction every week, and Christopher, who is the Power Nomination. Matthew and Toya, stand up and  name the person that want to save.

Matthew says Steven you are saved from the vote because I feel like you need more time to prove yourself because of what happened on Friday and I don't feel like you deserve to be up. Steven gets up to give them both a cuddle.

Big Brother says : Toya and Matthew that was your last decision as the Power Couple. Your reign of Power is now over but with that comes consequences.

Toya says put me up. Lets just get this done and over with.

Big Brother says : Steven stand up.  You are now safe this week but it comes with a price.  You must now choose Toya or Matthew to face eviction this week along their fellow housemates.

Steven says he is basing this decision on what he believes is the public's perception of this person is.  There's a dispute that happened yesterday and the main two people are you, Toya, and Marlon.  Based on that and the conversation we had earlier, the person I pick is you.  Toya hugs him, says he doesn't have to explain. 

Big Brother says the nominations are now finalized and the Housemates facing the public vote this week are: Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Winston and Toya.

9:38pm Jale asking if Marlon and Winston expected that. Winston says no, I wasn't expecting that. Marlon is thrilled.  You live by the sword, you die by the sword.  Now we'll see come Friday, he says.  Toya says if Marlon doesn't leave Friday then she is leaving. Helen says you are not going to get voted. Ashleigh says she'll be here a long time.  Marlon gives Steven a congratulations hug. He heads to the garden and does cartwheels, chanting f*ck that b*tch.   Ash tries to calm him down.  Helen heads outside and says Toya's taking it on the chin and Ashleigh's talking to her and just STFU.

In the living area Toya says they think this gets to me, but I have a life, I have my own show in Nigeria. Marlon needs this to be validated like his friends are.  They are all celebrities and he's not.  His biggest problem is arrogance, chronic arrogance, I actually feel sorry for him.  What's the worst thing that can happen, I'm telling him.  Matthew explains to Christopher, Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh that they saw everyone's TVs.  Not Christopher's, just the ones they could save.  Matthew assures Danielle her VT was good.

In the garden, Mark warns Toya to not say anything she'll regret.  She says we heard everything this afternoon up there *in the Power Pod). If something's going to kick off, Mark says, don't say it. But it's the truth, Toya says.  We heard everything that was discussed this afternoon.  We had earpieces and a screen and we heard every single thing said. I'm glad, Winston says.  You didn't say anything interesting, Toya slams.  Marlon, I know you need this to validate you, you need an audience to validate you, but darling, you are going about it the wrong way  and you need to grow up.

Marlon we can't comment on your profile because it was embarrassing. You're embarrassing, Marlon says, you look embarrassing.  I'm not even going to go there.  Look in the mirror.  You want validation because all your friends are successful, Toya says, you're just so confused it's embarrassing.  And you're stable, he says?  You're clearly not stable.  That's fine, you are a bore, Toya you are a bore. You have no vocabulary so you can't talk.  You want to go personal, we'll go personal.  You don't know the truth, you're true colors are coming out.  Toya says yeah ok. Mark says you don't have to be best mates just leave it alone. At 22yrs old, Toya says, I already had a law degree.  It speaks for itself, really.

10:24pm Mark in Kitchen says if he was on a train and I saw a fellow shout at a woman like that, I would say something. Kimberly tries to calm him down but Mark says that's my big thing, you don't talk to women like that.  Jale tells Marlon in the garden to stay strong with us. She says to not respond to her and it will drive her further out of control.  Toya tells Danielle she cried watching her VT. Toya says I feel like you lost yourself, when you first come in you had that spark and you've lost yourself.  Danielle is crying too, with Ashleigh draped over her. You have to be you, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Stand up for your principles because that's what you believe in. Where is she, you've got to find her.  You need to find her because these people will eat you alive.

11:15pm Ash is talking about the division in the house with Matthew, Marlon, Chris and Christopher. He says when he walks in the room with the girls they stop talking. They say they're victimized but he can't feel victimized.  Helen is in the bedroom talking to Toya that Toya responded to her differently than the other girls and thought Toya has a problem with her.  Toya says Helen stop.   Helen says no, I am sorry I have to say this but I feel like I was treated a bit differently today. Mark walks in and then leaves. Helen says he gave her space today while other people were up her ass.  Toya tells Helen to calm down.

Helen gets up and to go the toilet.  Helen says I made the biggest mistake, I wanted to talk to yourself about today's behavior. Toya says Helen calm down and Helen says you treated me different today and you know you did.  Calm down, Helen, Toya says.  I don't have to calm down.  Yes you do, Toya insists, we're having a conversation.  You treated me differently, Helen says finally making it to the toilet for a wee, and you know you did. 

Toya follows her into the toilet.  Stop acting like a princess, she says and the two continue their argument in the toilet.  Danielle is trying to understand what Helen was saying about them licking Toya's ass.  What's the arse lickers about, she asks?  Obviously us, Ashleigh explains, we're the only 2 that's been speaking to her today.  She's disgusting, Danielle says.  She's right, Ashleigh says. 

In the toilet, Toya explains to Helen that "they" decided to put them up against each other, and you allowed it.  I didn't see it that way, Helen says.  Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I don't see the things the way you did.  Out in the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle call Helen a nutter, it's said they say.  Toya tells Helen they see your snide remarks and the things you say, you have to be careful. 

On the TV I was watching, I was so disappointed in you, if you were doing it to me, I can handle myself but some people can't.  Stop allowing people to suck you into a situation where you're doing things and snapping and your face is fixated.  I've always been like that, Helen says.  Stop allowing people to use you to fight their battles.  I saw Danielle's VT and she's a confident woman who doesn't care what other people think.  But her star has dampened so much.  I told her I don't know who she is. The reason she's changed is because of you, that's what people are seeing.  Stop it, Helen.

12:37am Toya is still talking about Helen to Danielle and Ashleigh and says she to see her VT, she has to say it to her.  She has to stop letting them lot use her to fight their battles.  She looks like the leader but is really their disposable person.  In the Kitchen, Helen is sounding off about Danielle.  I get along better with boys better than I do girls you know why because I find girls sly b*tches.

Kimberly says but she doesn't understand that and Helen says bullocks when does anyone understand how I feel? Ash says but everyone can't keep sticking up for Danielle just because everyone else is louder than her. That's not what I mean, Kimberly says.  Helen says maybe she should start talking about why she reacts the way she does.  Don't change who you are, Kimberly says, or try to justify who you are.  She has these beliefs, Helen says of Danielle, I have beliefs too.  Do I sit there and bore everyone talking about it?  No I don't.

Danielle peeks in from the bedroom and returns, telling Chris, Toya and Ashleigh that they're going off again, Helen and Ash. She says I don't know if they're talking about me again or what. Toya says what do you mean she is going off again?  She's shouting her head off.  Toya says I can't save everybody. Nobody tells her the truth and she thinks they are all her friends. I spoke to her, told her what it is.  She looks like a maniac.  She's obviously relayed all that information back, Danielle says. 

Toya says I told her she was the reason Danielle is different from her VT.  You didn't, says Chris.  I did because no one else is going to tell her.  I would be mortified if a friend of mine told me all those things, Chris says.  When you have a big personality, when you say it how it is, when you're strong, you have a responsibility to be extra cautious about the people around you.  It goes with the territory.  A moral responsibility, Chris says, I abide by that exact rule.  Toya says she need to get a f*cking grip.

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