Day 17: Saturday, June 21st, 2014 - The Hurricane

Previously, the 2nd housemate was evicted and the first Power Couple formed, then faced their first Powerful Decision.  Tonight, housemates nominate, but there's a sting in the tail. 

At 11:17am, the kids are not all right.  The Power Couple Toya and Matthew call a house meeting, Toya saying that now that Pauline is gone and there is no one left to mother us, who is going to keep the house in shape?  They talk about people who piss on the seat or leave a skit mark, or don't pull the plug out of the tub drain.  Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves, Matthew says, and if you see something that needs doing, do it.  And put food away covered in the fridge.  They need to only use what they need in the kitchen.  Toya says we need to lose the shopping task so people will appreciate the food they have instead of taking it for granted.  Mark says we have to realize we are not living alone and be more considerate.

1:36pm and Winston is telling one of his stories when he was sleeping with a girlfriend and they started having sex in their sleep.  Ash says you must have been half awake.  Marlon says morning sex is the best.  Matthew doesn't believe it.  Steven is enjoying the new kitchen rules, says its much cleaner.  Kimberly says everyone needs to put names on their plates. 

Power Couple Matthew and Toya are called to the Control Room and introduced to Iris.  Later today, the housemates will nominate but they will have the power to veto 3 of their housemates' nominations before they nominate.  Matthew thinks who each of the other housemates might nominate.  Toya wants to veto people who might get catty with their nominations.  They consider who might nominate Danielle and select Ash, Steven and Marlon.  It's not a friendship thing, Toya says.  We're going to see people's true colors now.

2:12pm and the Power Couple is enjoying a Power Picnic in the Power Pod.  Toya says they are a perfect couple together because they think alike, telling him what he needs to think so they'll get along.  Toya and Matthew toast logic, Big Brother 2014 and the power to change things up.  Logic over everything, they say, cheers!

Christopher is the first to nominate.  His first nomination is Chris because he thinks he is was the Power Housemate and disrespected him by not admitting it.  His second nomination is Marlon for his attitude to girls and how he describes his relationship with women.  Winston nominates Danielle because she keeps turning up in conversations that are explicit and it's uncomfortable.  Her second nomination is Kimberly for not getting fully involved in tasks and moaning about the house.  Danielle nominates Chris because she's 99.99999% certain he was the Power Housemate and shortlisted her and she can't trust him.  Her second nomination is for Ash for believing in the Big Bang Theory and that goes against Gd creating the world in 7 days. 

3:22pm and the housemates are soaking up the sun in the garden when Winston, Ash and Marlon gang up for a triple-cannonball directed at Mark, who squeals like a doctor just gave him prostrate exam.   He is stunned speechless as the boys laugh.  They decide to give him a group hug which leaves him screaming again.

Kimberly nominates Chris for having an intolerance for various people in the house, making it sound they were below him.  She also nominates Marlon for his sexist comments while she was working out and then laughed off her concerns when she tried to talk to him.  Helen nominates Danielle because she came into the house to prove a point, that religious people can be glamour models rather than make friends and get to know other peoples' lives.  Her second nomination is Chris for being emotionally detatched from the other housemates. 

Mark's first nomination is Chris for not offering input to group conversations and for not believing in his psychic abilities.  His second nomination is Danielle because she's too slow coming out of her shell, she's not trying to understand other people's views and way of life.  Her career and her faith don't add up, he says.

4:46pm and Helen is labeling her crockery with nail polish.  Mark thinks Ashleigh is going to crack in the house.  Ash carps on how Ashleigh was so concerned about people eating too many eggs and bacon when she doesn't eat either. 

Jale's first nomination goes to Steven because she's noticed her whispering , she doesn't trust his miraculous change around her.  The second nomination goes to Ash for his anti-social behavior, whispering behind her back, discussing people they hate.  Chris's first nomination is Steve because he talks to him like a client rather than a person, he's an outsider among a group of interesting people.  His second nomination is Winston, an amusing player but a bit vacant, like an empty car.  He plays the simpleton  and I think he's the biggest culprit for being messy, eating too much and other issues related to toilet activity. 

Ashleigh nominates Ash because of his eating habits and for jumping on her when she called him out on the eggs and bacon.  She also nominates Winston because he's the biggest culprit on the cleanliness issue in the bathroom.  Things would be cleaner if he wasn't here and everyone else lets him get away with it.

With Ash, Steve and Marlon's nominations tossed out, Chris has 5 nomination votes, Danielle an Ash both have 3, and Winston, Steven and Marlon each have 2. 

9"25pm and the lights dim over the sofas to announce who is nominated and joining Christopher and Jale in facing this week's public vote.  The housemates up for eviction are Danielle and Ash and Chris and Marlon and Kimberly and Steven and Winston.  The housemates are shocked and either everyone is up or it's going to be a double eviction.  However, Big Brother says, earlier today, the Power Couple had the power of veto over 3 housemates' nominations. 

The Power Couple chose to veto the nomination of Ash.  You trying to get me out, he asks Toya and Matthew?  No, Steven explains, it just means your nominations didn't count.  Oh, Ash says.  And, continues Big Brother, Steven and Marlon.  As a result, one housemate will no longer face eviction.  The housemate that has escaped eviction by the Power Couple's Power of Veto is Kimberly!

The lights come on as the housemates try to wrap their heads around what just happened.  Toya goes on the offensive, saying she's glad this happened.  Matthew says we thought it would be too predictable otherwise.  They explain they felt they knew who would be up if those three's nominations were counted.  The house is boring, Toya said, things needed to be changed up.  Toya notes she and Matthew didn't get to vote. 

Of everyone that was up you chose to save Kimberly, Ash notes.  Steven says no, since they vetoed his, Ash and Marlon's votes, that means someone in that group voted for Kimberly and because ours is vetoed, she's safe.  Toya tells everyone to calm the f*ck down before they explain anything.  Who are you, Sylvester Stallone, Winston asks?  You talking to me like that, Ash asks?  Toya says she won't answer Winston and Ash has walked away. 

Toya stands up and leans in, asking why he's taking it so personally?  Because first they tell me I'm up for nomination and then that my nominations didn't count.  We are all adults in this room. Toya says.  Then don't tell me to calm the f*ck down.  If you're going to speak to everyone, tell everyone...  I have never, Toya says pointing her finger at Ash, disrespected you.  You just did right there.  Don't you ever, I spoke to everybody!  You disrespected everybody, Ash responds, not backing down.  I'm not going to have a conversation with you, Toya says, crossing her arms, I'm a pr*ck so I'm just going to f*ck off. 

Do you think it's comfortable to have to explain ourselves to everybody, Toya shouts.  No one asked you to, Ash says.  Danielle is up by Toya's side and Marlon literally has Ash's back while the rest of the housemates sit watching the spectacle.  You need to calm down, Toya repeats animatedly because I'm not going to explain myself to you.  Then ask me to calm down, Ash lectures, don't tell me to calm the f*ck down.  Because you called us pr*cs!  I called you a pr*ck after you said that.  I have never called you a name in this house, Toya claims.

Why you raising your voice, Winston interjects.  You need to calm down as well, Toya tells him.  I'm very calm, he says, you're the one that's shouting.  Toya turns to Matthew who hasn't said a word and says don't even explain it.  I'm not explaining it and you shouldn't either.  Helen says people don't understand what's happening.  Shall I tell you why you three, Toya asks Ash?  Ash and Winston are still upset that Toya told them all to calm the f*ck down before anyone had even asked her to explain the Power Couple's decision. 

You accused us of saving Kimberly, Toya says to Ash.  No I didn't, Ash says, forgetting that he actually did.  Ash explains that what he was asking is if they got the choice to pick the three housemates whose nominations they vetoed to save a specific person.  Helen says it did sound like you were trying to understand the power.  That may be true, Toya tells Helen, but all I said was everyone needs to calm the f*ck down.  No, Ash says, you shouted it to me and my friends.  So we're both wrong then, Toya says.

Steven gives Kimberly a comfort hug and Toya turns her attention to Winston, telling him not to pipe up now.  Am I piping up, he asks, calm and seated.  Don't take me for a mug, Toya shouts and Winston looks annoyed.  F*ck off, he tells her, you're standing here shouting, what am I f*cking doing?  At this point, Ashleigh gets between Toya and Winston, trying to calm her down and Helen tries to get Winston to back off as well.  Helen grabs Toya by the arm and drags her out of the living area and into the toilet.

I'm not going to be mocked off by anyone, Toya yells at Helen in the toilet.  I'm trying to explain, Helen shouts back, you were trying to explain your decision but Winston ruined all that.  I'm not going to take the sh*t in this house, Toya says.  I know, Helen says, I'm not saying you should.   I'm just trying to take you away from that confrontation like you do with me. 

Out in the living area, Marlon says as soon as I heard Ash's name I knew I would be next, 100% because that's predictable.  Mark tries to calm him down.  Ash says come on, I'm not going to be everyone's mate, right, but at the end of the day you have to cancel 3 people's nominations, you cancel three people so all that is left is people who don't like us, you were basically trying to get us nominated. 

Matthew finally speaks up and says they thought everyone was going to nominate Chris because they suspect he was the secret Power Housemate and then we thought Danielle would be another scapegoat.  That's why.  He says this way they thought everyone would have a fair chance.  Ash seems to accept Matthew's explanation but Winston is still upset, saying next week she won't be the Power Housemate and the house doesn't need a big shakeup.  She's an idiot, she needs a f*cking shakeup.

In the toilet, Ashleigh has joined Helen and Toya who is still upset.  She says no men in her life call her a pr*ck.  Out in the garden with Ash, Steven and Winston, Marlon is finally getting vocal, saying that its the fact that people they thought were their friends canceled their nominations.  Steven agrees its bollox.  And then she started standing up and shouting, Marlon continues, they're trying to put the nail in our coffin.  Ash said Matthew and Toya wanted us up, it's simple as that.  They pretended to be our mates and they think it's OK.  Ash said I just said to Matthew if I stay I'll vote you next.

9:59pm and Toya hasn't stopped in the half hour since nominations were revealed.  Tell Ash to not talk to her again, she tells everyone in listening distance.  No apologies.  How dare he call me a pr*ck!  Is he mental?  Even if I saved Kimberly over him, who the f*ck are you?  That guy Ash is mad!  Everyone now has seen everyone's colors, and that's what me and Matthew wanted to happen.  They're focusing on the wrong thing, Toya continues, me and Matthew didn't even get  to vote.  How stupid are they?

[I'd say Toya is showing some true color herself with this tirade.  -- Morty]

Jale starts to speak but Toya interrupts.  Everyone has seen Winston's true colors, he's playing a game, he's here to win.  Open your eyes!  Ash is a bully too!

[Why did Toya come onto the show?  Of course it's a game and of course everyone's playing to win. --- Morty]

Danielle says the way Ash stood up to her was absolutely scary, that's how he treats women.  Take a deep breath, Jale says.  I'm not going to be intimidated by no one in this house, Toya continues without taking any breath.  You can't speak to women like that, Danielle says, you just can't.  Toya says telling everyone to calm the f*ck down was not disrespectful.  I'm not taking sh*t here.

Big Brother calls Toya to the Diary Room.  You're calling the wrong person, she says, marking to the stairs.  They're calling a drama queen, Winston says.  Oh STFU, Winston, she shouts from the steps, we've see your true colors, not uh, uh, uh, I'm Winston.  You don't even have any respect for yourself, p*ssing all over the toilet seat like a barbaric animal.  Toya is in the Diary Room and Winston gets the last word (for now): We've seen her true colors now, have we.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother wants her to take a couple minutes.  She's angry that people in the house like Ash and Winston will back her into a corner where she has to defend herself.  She doesn't need to call people names because she's educated, she can speak like an educated person, the word pr*ck is not in her vocabulary.  The day Ash apologizes is the day I pack my bags and get out of here because I'll blow like Hurricane Toya.  People need to wise up, she says.  Anyone who crosses me now is getting it. 

Being a Power Housemate is a responsibility these people don't get.  You are in charge of what happens, who possibly leaves and everyone has a story and comes here for a reason.  It's not a popularity contest, she cries, not my gang's more popular than yours.  If I have done anything, me and Matthew, it's bringing the truth to the forefront.  I refused to be kicked, I refused to be shout at, I refuse to be goaded.   Either these people part with it or they leave. 

10:26pm finds Steven, Kimberly, Mark, Ash, Winston, Marlon and Helen in the garden. Steven says I never really understood until tonight that it's a game.  Matthew and Toya sat in the pod watching everyone in the garden.  Who was in the garden?  Ash was, Winston says.  Exactly, Steven says.  A decision's been made at the end of the day, I don't dislike Matthew or Toya as people, but I believe they've made a massively huge mistake and as a result, and as a result, it will probably be me going home instead of someone else more insignificant who won't make the same contributions to the house. 

Helen thinks there was a bigger reason it but when Winston shouted at Toya...  I didn't shout, Winston says.  Listen, Helen pats his arm, you said that remark to her and she got her back up.  Matthew and Toya are walking through the empty living area past the garden.  They're all out there talking sh*t about us, he says, I'm not even going out there.  They cut through the garden and climb the spiral steps to the Pod.  Down below in the garden, Marlon says no one is above me here who can talk to me that way.  Marks spots the Power Couple and walks over, asking if they are OK. She's not in a good mood, Matthew say.  I'm all right, Toya says and invites him to join them upstairs.

Helen tries again to say that Winston wasn't necessarily in the wrong, but Toya was about to give her reasons and I thought the reasons would have been better...  Marlon says she should have been silent and given us 5 minutes instead of telling us to calm the f*ck down.  Up in the Pod, Toya says Marlon STFU.  You need to STFU, Marlon calls up from below.  If I don't, what will you do about it, she shouts down, stop being a sheep.  Mark tries to take her arm and pull her away from the pod window but she doesn't budge.  All you do is talk sh*t, Marlon says, you're a fake. You just shown your true f*cking colors, you pr*ck, he yells.  And if I don't, what will you do?

I'm not going to do anything, he says, I'm not going to play that game.  You are a child, Marlon, she shouts.  What would you do if I don't shut up, he says to the others, do you see the games she's playing?  You're embarrassing, Toya says, be a leader and stop being a mouse.  Helen tries to calm Marlon down.  Did you just see that, he says.  Big Brother calls Marlon to the Diary Room.  Find a mirror, Toya calls out as he heads into the house.  You're a fake, he shouts back.  The only thing they seem to agree in is they both showed their true colors tonight.

With Marlon gone and the Power Couple sitting in their Power Pod above the other housemates in the garden, Toya says the greatest thing is and what people aren't understanding is we didn't even get to nominate.

[I think Christopher would have a bone to pick with that statement. -- Morty]

In the Diary Room, Big Brother tells Marlon he was called up to give himself a few minutes to calm down.  Marlon says Toya just put her "pals" up for nomination.  She's not stupid, she knows what she's doing, You gave her the power and she's gone ape-sh*t!  Who does she think she is?

Outside, Toya continues to say that they didn't get to nominate, it was their friends who nominated them.  But you took our nominations away, Winston says.  I'm not even listening to you, Winston, Toya says, you have no respect for yourself or for me.  No respect for myself?  You're such a drama queen standing there shouting at everyone, who do you think you are?  Ash invites her to come down and talk about it but she says no, I tried to before.  Winston points out she's sitting in the Power House up there.  Next week is she going to be Power Housemate?

My life doesn't begin and end in Big Brother, Toya says.  Winston and Ash say they also have lives outside Big Brother.  This doesn't dictate the kind of person I am, darling, she says, so believe me, when it's my time to go, I will leave gracefully.  I don't believe you, Winston says, you talk sh*t.  I'm not going to be backed into a corner, Toya says.  Because I'm standing up for myself, Winston asks?  If you think you can do it, keep trying because I'll keep defending myself. 

12:42am and Toya, Jale, Ashleigh and Danielle are in the kitchen.  Tell Marlon I said he's a sheep, Toya tells them.  I'm not going to tell him that, Jale says.  My only prayer, Toya says not hearing Jale, is that my friends out there understand he's a twat.  When he comes out of here, he's a no one.  I'm somebody.  Of course I'm not going to tell him that, Jale says, what do you want, World War III? We've already had World War III, Danielle says.  What can he do, Toya asks, that little piece of sh*t. 

In the bedroom, Mark says to Ash, people I have connections with I understand where they're coming from.   He says Ash, Matthew and Helen are his best mates here and Toya's not far off.  I'm not going to get along with everybody but I can't respect and understand why they made that decision.  Because it can't be understood, Ash says.  What was supposed to be fair about it, Mark wonders.  Helen says they should have picked from different groups.  Ash says they should have picked all the boring c*nts, simple as that.  But they should have mixed it up, Helen says.

Standing at the light box wall with Matthew and Ashleigh, Toya says I don't mind being public enemy #1.  Sometimes you have to kill people with kindness, and me laughing will hurt them more.  People forget we're still Power Housemate.  I'll f*ck them up with my power.  If I could evict them now, Matthew adds, I would.  Apparently I'm a b*tch, Toya says, so I should act like it.  She laughs maniacally. 

Ash says if I don't go and one of my mates does, I'll have enemies then, actual enemies. 

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