Day 16: Friday, June 20th, 2014 - Chain Gang

Previously on Big Brother, Chris causes chaos in the house, and Pauline was placed in the firing line. Tonight it is goodbye Mommy Dearest and hello to the Power couple. Big Brother says Toya and Matthew, you Power Trip has just begun! As divisions deepen and the fight gets dirty.

Day 16 9:34am.  It's eviction day and tonight, either Jale, Christopher, Steven, Pauline, Ash, or Marlon will be the second housemate to leave the house.
Pauline is in Diary Room talking to Big Brother.  I am not nervous yet, she says, 'because I am not the kind of person to get nervous at the time when the situation is occurring rather then before 'cause there is no reason to get yourself tied up in knots before, so that's probably when I will be brickin it. She laughs, then says when the time comes for the noose

.Jale and Christopher are discussing the looming eviction. Jale says you don't want to be getting this worried this early, cause like tonight, you end up having a seizure.  Christopher says yeah true, you need to prepare yourself.  That doesn't mean to speculate or go crazy. I think I am mostly prepared. Jale says I am just staying away from Steven 'cause he is not happy this morning.  Christopher says is he not?  The boys are taking this really hard, really hard, Jale says.  You and Pauline is great absolutely great but the boys are taking it hard.

Toya is questioning Mark about Pauline and the audience chanting her name last week.  Do you think it's just a perception they have of her, Toya asks.  Mark says it's absolutely the Jale thing, did you see them argue when they was on the sofas?  Toya says yes, she did see them. Mark says Jale was quiet and peaceful and looked Pauline in the eye but Pauline was looking at the floor and it's quiet offensive.  Anyway, she was clapping at Jale and she would point and slap slap her leg.  She was like, you do that to me, you are gone.  You are gone! 

This is so over the top, Mark says, this was when Jale didn't have one friend in the house.  She didn't have anyone to confide in, you know what I mean? She just sat there taking the bolluck of her life. Pauline has a big following in the house you know what I mean? I had to walk away cause she went to town after Jale. She is a tough character, she went to crying. Toya says I didn't know she cried. Mark says yeah she cried her eyes out.  Their big argument was the last big argument people are going to remember, he adds, sh*t sticks, you know what I mean? You do something bad, people remember it, do you know what I mean?

11:49am Toya says to Kimberly and Steven that she voted for the Power Housemate based on her head not heart heart. She says if they reveal who nominated who for the Power Housemate, people could possibly be shocked who I nominated.  I don't have to justify myself to anyone in this house, she says, because I prefer to use my head and not my heart.  The heart will get you into trouble because your head and your heart won't work together and your heat usually gets you into trouble.

12:43pm For today's task, housemates have become Big Brother's prisoners they must take part in Big Brother's correctional program and peel potatoes to win back their freedom.  Mark and Pauline have been chosen to be Big Brother's Prison guards for the day.  Mark says he has no idea why they were picked - they have never shouted at anybody in here.  Pauline says its true.  Mark says we are soft spoken and its really gonna be difficult to tick people off.  Pauline says we are calm and laughs, saying you make the right choice, Big Brother.  Mark says stop slacking and peel more spuds you cheeky l'il sh*ts.

While Mark and Pauline are in the Diary Room, Big Brother has gathered the rest of the housemates into the living area to reveal that housemates peeling potatoes is not the real task.  During their mission, prisoners must work together to distract the guards while they smuggle contraband items out of the evidence room. Each item represents a reward, but prisoners will only win what they successfully hide from the guards. 

The task begins with housemates peeling their spuds.  Marching down the row of prisoners, Pauline says OK, can I just make one thing clear now, people, we are Mrs. P. and Mr. M.  There is no first names up in here. Housemates are laughing and Toya says you are so aggressive. Mark says snitches get stitches and he pulls Chris off the line to do 20 pushups for cursing at him.

1:22pm The inmates have been peeling potatoes for the past 29 minutes and Matthew says that's terrible.  My hands will stink like raw potatoes.  We are all like prisoners, aren't we?  Marlon starts singing "I don't know what I been told, Big Brother is f*cking cold.  Hay Ho, Ho Hay, peeling potatoes, throw 'em at Mark "

[That's a military marching cadence, not a prison song.  Maybe Working On The Chain Gang would have been more appropriate. -- Morty]

Mark yells hey as potatoes peels fly at him. Housemates are all laughing.  Big Brother calls for a break during which time the housemates must distract the guards while other housemates stash contraband around the house. Some housemates are distracting the guards and the guards are not happy at the disrespect they are being show.  Break time over and the prisoners are back peeling potatoes and singing. 

During the next break, prisoners run for Contraband again, stashing it around the house while the prisoners in the garden flaunt the rules by smoking against the guards' orders.  There is a chase and in frustration, Mark overturns a barrel of cut potatoes.  Mark goes into the house and says he wants a party, but Toya sends him out of the bedroom.   

Big brother announces the correctional labor program is now over and the prisoners and guards gather on the sofas.  Big Brother says the housemates have successfully peeled enough potatoes, that this was not the real task.  Everyone is laughing and pointing at Mark and Pauline.  Big Brother explains how the prisoners had stolen a number of contraband items from the evidence room and hidden them in the house.  It will now be the guards job to find where they have hidden the items.  Whatever they find, they can keep for themselves as a reward.  Whatever they don't find, the Prisoners get to keep.

Mark and Pauline begin searching the house as the prisoners try to guess what they have found and what remained hidden.  Big Brother says that the prisoners successfully hid lipstick which wins them makeup, a ring which wins them donuts, exercise equipment, garden games, massage oil and a take away (takeout food) which they will receive later.  Big Brother says congratulations housemates, you may now enjoy your new found freedom.

3:52pm Mark is feeling physic, Ash is pumping iron, and with the eviction looming, Toya is making amends with Christopher in the bedroom.  She says I want you to stay . Mark tells Big Brother I seen a picture of Pauline and I fear she is out of here tonight. Big Brother says if Pauline isn't evicted tonight, would it make you question your abilities?  Mark says it will make me question the brand of tea leaves that we got. I will probably get different tea bags on next week's shopping task. I never question my abilities because I am right all the time.

6:43pm Christopher , Marlon and Matthew are speculating about the next Power Trip.  Matthew asks if them if they there will be a twist.  They think it will be an eviction. Pauline has advice for Steven and says of Kimberly, I like her, you know, because she is my ninja, but be careful of Kimberly you know? In this game.  I don't mean in life.  Steven says she has made it quiet clear a couple of times that she is one of them people that she wouldn't and he has a strong feeling she has had to make some strong decisions.

9:24pm After 16 days in the Big brother house, housemates have been gathered to the sofas to find out the results of the public vote. 

Big Brother house this is Emma. Ash Christopher , Jale, Marlon, Pauline and Steven, the viewers have spoken you fate is sealed.  I can now reveal the housemates who are safe are...

Christopher and ash.

10:03pm It's eviction time and Pauline, having heard more boos earlier from the outside audience, says its OK, I have been true to myself. 

Big brother house this is Emma.  For the last 5 days the British public has been voting to evict and your fate is sealed.  I can now tell you, the Housemate with the highest vote and the second to be evicted is...


Pauline says don't worry, don't worry, the chocolate is in the freezer.  Marlon in the Diary Room says she was the mom of the house.  She cooked and cleaned for us and she is gonna be missed.

Some housemates are crying at the memory wall.  Steven has come to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother Pauline was special to him told him me a lot of things.   I have a lot of respect for her, he says.

Big brother gathers housemates on the sofas for some big news.  Yesterday the housemates cast their votes for the next Power Housemate and Big Brother reveals the results.  Toya says she doesn't want this.  Big Brother reveals the next Power Housemate is...


Big Brother tells Toya she is now the Power Housemate but she will not be alone.  She must pick one other housemate to join her as a Power Couple.  After thinking about it for a second, she chooses Matthew.  Big Brother tells Matthew to take his place beside Toya.  They must now exercise their Power and have 30 seconds to nominate another housemate to join Jale facing eviction next week.  Toya pulls Matthew into the toilet and tells him she thinks it should be Christopher.  Before Matthew can say anything, Big Brother orders them back to the living area to make their nomination.  Matthew doesn't want to nominate anybody so Toya decides to nominate Christopher to face toe public vote.

Toya says I cant deal with this.  Toya needs to explain to Christopher why they nominated him. Chris doesn't want to talk about it right away.  Toya says I don't want to argue, I just wanted to explain to you but if you don't want it, I understand.  She says she's not looking for an argument.  He says he understands, they nominated him because they didn't think the house was good for him.

Housemates are sitting around the house talking about the new Power Couple.  They seem to think Toya will do a good job with Matthew by her side. Kimberly and Helen have stolen a bottle of white wine and secret to the garden.  They pour themselves glasses and then hide the half-empty bottle and say cheers.  Steven and Ash come out with beers and Jale follows them out to ask if there is any white wine left.  Helen says there isn't any out here and Jale leaves  The four housemates make a toast to Pauline while Jale sits alone inside the house.

11:30pm Toya is talking to Ashleigh about putting Christopher up for eviction.  Toya says when she lays her head on that pillow tonight she will have no regrets.  Christopher tells Jale that he will talk to Toya tomorrow but not tonight.   It's too soon.  Jale says she understands - she felt the same way when Pauline gave her the Killer Nomination and then wanted to explain why right away.

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