Day 15: Thursday, June 19th, 2014 + LIVE EVICTION!

This week, the secret Power Housemate took control of nominations and paranoia gripped the Big Brother House.  Tonight, facing eviction are Ash, Steven, Marlon, Jale, Christopher and Pauline.  Who goes, the UK decides!

It's 10:12am and the housemates are lazing around in the bedroom worrying about Eviction Friday.  Christopher thinks all hell will break loose in the house if Pauline is evicted.  Mark and Winston are nervous and they aren't even nominated.  Winston thinks Marlon could go but Mark thinks it's Pauline. 

12:46pm and Toya is discussing Kimberly's relationship with Steven with Helen and Ashleigh.  She thinks Kimberly really like Steven and Steven could do a whole lot better than her.  Ashleigh says Kimberly told her that if this was reality she wouldn't go out on a date with him but this is a reality show and not reality.  Helen says Kimberly is stunning, very very good looking, but personality-wise, I can't piece it together.  Ashleigh says she has the personality of a brick.  She's not the type of person I want around me, Toya says, or my friends.  I don't trust that girl and I sure as hell don't like her very much.

In the Diary Room, Christopher tells Big Brother he would have liked to have seen Pauline go a week ago but they've built up a stronger relationship since then, built a bridge and crossed it together.  She has a caring, sensitive side.  In the house, Pauline is telling Steven, Ashleigh and Mark that Christopher looked lost a week ago, like a little boy looking for friends to play with.  She chokes up saying this. We did that to him, she says, and when I saw it, I said this has got to stop now. Definitely on my part.  I had to sort him out.  So me and him are good now.  It's a lesson he had to learn too, we're in here for ourselves but if there's something we can do for somebody for when they leave here to live a better life, that's what we have to do.

Voting lines are now frozen.

1:52pm and the housemates are called to the living area.  The power is about to return to the house but it is up to them to decide who the Power Housemate will be.  They are all to nominate one housemate they want to be the Power Housemate.  The housemate receiving the most nominations will be the next Power Housemate.  Housemates facing the public vote this week cannot be nominated.  Housemates cannot nominate themselves.  Housemates should choose wisely as the Power Housemate will have the power to affect all housemates' lives. 

Helen, Marlon, Ashleigh and Ash gather around the light box wall to talk around who they would choose without saying it out loud.  In the garden, Chris tells Pauline and Jale that the others are all arranging it inside.  Who will it be, Jale asks Chris.  It won't be me, Chris says. 

Matthew heads to the Diary Room to vote for the Power Housemate.  He nominates Kimberly for her intelligence and logic.  Steven nominates Kimberly because she would include him in her decisions.  Danielle nominates Ashleigh because she could be a good diplomatic leader.  Kimberly nominates Mark because he's genuinely nice and happy and positive and will rule justly and fairly. 

In the bedroom, Mark spots a moth on Ashleigh's pillow and says that's an omen.  Moths are really bad luck, Ashleigh explains to Pauline.

Winston is next to vote and nominates Matthew because he will be fair.  Christopher also chooses Matthew because he will understand what it takes to be the Power Housemate.  Toya says she needs to choose with her head and not her heart, but then says her spirit tells her to nominate Chris.  It's a responsibility she can entrust him with.  Mark wants to pick someone who'll look after him and votes for Toya. 

Back to present, two housemates are about to breath a huge sigh of relieve as we save them from eviction.  It's time to talk to the house.  The Get Pauline House chants are loud and unmistakable as Emma says:  Big Brother house, Ash (cheers), Christopher (cheers), Jale (cheers), Marlon (mixed), Pauline (boos), Steven (mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.  For the last 5 days, the British public have been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the 2 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are...

Christopher.  You are safe.


Ash.  You are also safe.

Jale, Marlon, Pauline, Steven, I'll be talking to you later this evening to reveal who will be evicted.

Christopher and Ash get hugs from their fellow housemates.  Marlon, Pauline, Steven and Jale nervously await further news.  The vote lines re-open to evict.

Back to Thursday, it's 3:08pm and Helen is working on Mark's eyebrows and he tells her of Pauline's comments about Christopher and now he feels guilty.  That's not me, I stick up for people.  Bloody hell, Helen says, I stink like a bully.

In the Diary Room, Jale selects Kimberly to be the Power Housemate because she will be fair and has a good judge on her shoulders.  Pauline is next and nominates Toya because she's fair and level headed most of the time.  Marlon names Winston because he'll make decisions that benefit the house and is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. 

In the garden, Winston tells Danielle, Ashleigh, Jale, Matthew and Chris about the scar he got from a shark.  It happened in Australia.  He got the shark in a headlock and punched it in the nose.  He was just swimming and felt it on his arm like a knife through hot butter.  No, he corrects himself, a hot knife through butter.  Matthew recalls Winston's other tall tales but decides this one's true.

Ash is next in the Diary Room and votes for Helen to be the Power Housemate because she'll be more fun with it and will pick her for good stuff.  Ashleigh goes for Toya, she's fun and a friend to me so hopefully that means no nasty decisions for me.  Chris votes for Danielle to be the Power Housemate so she'll have the chance to be center stage for a bit.

In the bath area with Matthew, Mark is having a sit-down and gets stuck in the furniture.  Matthew struggles to lift his rear out of the hole it's in.  Finally he lifts him out.

Helen is the final housemate to vote and goes with Toya because she's a grounded person, fair, won't favor people and a good person to make decisions, she'll give her answers straight and stick with it.  As Toya has received the most votes, she'll be the next Power Housemate.

11:14pm and Jale is discussing pornography with Danielle who says she has never watched it before in her life.  It depends on what you find sexually attractive, Jale says.  Is it just 2 people going at it on film, Danielle asks?  It depends on what stimulates you, Jale explains.  Is there a storyline, Danielle wonders.  It's actually people banging the sh*t out of each other, Jale says.  What the hell is sexy about that, Danielle wants to know.  Jale and Ashleigh look at each other and laugh.  I don't get it, Danielle says. 

You would meet a guy who probably wouldn't want to be doing that, Jale tells Danielle, but for me, it's varied, there's something different about it. How does this porn movie start, Danielle asks, do they introduce each other?  Basically, Jale says, a secretary sits at a desk and a guy comes in with a delivery, and rather than a package in his hand, he's got his willy.  OMG, Danielle exclaims!  But it's a nice delivery, Jale says, not a horrid one.  He actually brings his thing out?  He brings his willy out, yeah.  Danielle puts her hand over her mouth.  Then she might stroke it a little bit, Jale continues, pets it like a dog. Danielle gasps.  Ashleigh is laughing at Danielle's reactions.  Danielle runs out of the room giggling.

In the garden, Helen and Ash are with Winston, Pauline, Marlon and Kimberly. Ash is talking about his friends who will like Helen.  Helen doesn't think Ash's friends will approve of her (because of her public exposure in a sex scandal).  Ash doesn't know what she's done and wants to know.  Helen confesses that she was sleeping with someone but can't say whom.  They agreed not to say anything in public.  But the press got involved and she doesn't know how. 

Ash realizes it was a married celebrity she slept with and asks why she did it.  She doesn't answer.  She's never escaped it and doesn't want to be known just for that.  It was years ago and out of her control when it happened but she feels guilty.  She's made massive mistakes she regrets.  Ash asks if she was in love and she says no, it was her job.  She can't look him in the eyes.  Really, he says, so that's why you're alarmed about it.  Not about that, she says, I did sh*t stupid things for stupid reasons.   Gd, why am I even talking about this?  I never thought this conversation would come up here.  It's not guilt, Helen says, and I don't owe anybody an explanation.  If I do want to see these people (the housemates), I can't sit here and hide the fact I did this stuff. 

1:02am and most of the housemates are in bed.  Helen is quiet and Marlon asks if she'll miss him or Ash if evicted.  You're not going, she says.  This is someone's last night, Mark says.  In the kitchen,  Steven, Pauline and Kimberly are talking about Chris.  Steven thinks Chris feels more comfortable airing his feelings to Big Brother than the other housemates.  He thinks Chris feels like he has nothing in common with the others and suspects there is more to come from him. 

Chris is in the Diary Room, saying he was uncomfortable putting up Ash and Steve but he's glad he did.  Their nominations revealed some of their character dynamics, having their little bubbles burst and not knowing where it came from.

The vote lines are now closed and it's time to deliver the results live to the house.  It's eviction time!  Tonight, Jale, Marlon, Pauline or Steven will  become the 2nd housemate to leave the Big Brother House.  The UK public has been voting since Monday and the results are in.  It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma.  Jale (cheers), Marlon (mixed), Pauline (boos - at least it's definitive, she says), Steven (boos), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.  For the last 5 days, the British public has been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and second to be evicted is...


Don't worry, she says.  Chocolate's in the freezer.  Don't cry she tells Danielle.  Don't worry babies.  Helen says thank  you.  Pauline, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House, Big Brother says.  Hold on, she yells back at him as she continues to say her goodbyes.  She is ignoring Big Brother's insistent calls for her to leave.  Finally she makes her way to the steps but not before Steven takes her into a big hug.  She finally ascends the steps and the countdown begins for her exit. 

She exits to the outdoor stage to a chorus of boos but does her Jazzy P dance for the cameras.  Nearly 50% voted for Pauline to become the first Power Housemate on the Day 1 and over 70% voted for her eviction. 

It's time for the Power to return to the house.  Big Brother tells the housemates that yesterday they voted for the person they want to become the next Power Housemate.  Big Brother now has the results of that vote.  The next Power Housemate is...


Big Brother tells her to stand up.  You are the Power Housemate, she is told, but you will not hold power alone.  You will join forces with one of your fellow housemates and become a Power Couple.  You must now decide which housemate will join you to form your Power Couple.  She looks around in deep thought at her fellow housemates and says she's going to choose someone who thinks like her, who she respects in the house, and somebody she knows she can work with.  It's going to be Matthew.

Matthew is surprised as he takes his place by her side.  They both must now make a joint Power Nomination for one housemate to face the public vote this week.  As Helen is a finalist and Jale is up for nomination every week, both are exempt.  They have 30 seconds to make their decision.  Matthew pulls Toya into the toilet for a private conference.  Toya wants to know who first came to his mind.  Big Brother orders them back to the sofas immediately but they continue whispering in the toilet.  They still haven't decided but Big Brother needs their decision now.  If they do not make the nomination, one of them will face the public vote. 

Matthew doesn't want to put anyone up.  After a final whisper,  Toya says they nominate Christopher.  Christopher sighs.

Big Brother tells Toya and Matthew their Power Trip has just begun.  Housemates, your fate lies in their hands.  Toya says she can't deal with it.  The rest of the housemates quietly get up and leave the living area.  Toya says she's going to talk to Christopher and tell him it wasn't personal.  They chose him because of the audience's reaction, thinking he'll be safe.

Toya and Matthew have nominated Christopher for eviction.  But what they don't know is they're not safe either.  And by the end of the week, one of them will also be facing the public vote! 

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