Day 14: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - ShowerGate!

Previously, the house was divided. Tonight, things get filthy on the farm and the house turns on Kimberly. 

9:35am and it's a quiet morning on the Big Brother farm, the animals sleeping soundly, the pigs and chickens in the barn, the cows and farmers in the bedroom.  Then the rooster crows and it's time to get up.  Mark is quickly complaining about his night sleeping on the potato sack.  Pauline says if Chris really is the secret Power Housemate, he's a sh*t actor.  He needs to get a new profession, Mark says, straw resting on his chicken cap. 

The farmers are instructed to get the feed for the cows, pigs and chickens from the storeroom.  The pigs get cold porridge, the chickens grain (cereal), and the cows carrots and veggies.  The pigs are not impressed.  Toya apologizes to Matthew for the way she spoke to him last night.  It didn't mean to come out the way it did, she says, it wasn't directed at you.  Matthew says maybe she didn't realize how her tone sounded.  Toya goes defensive and she didn't have any tone, it wasn't personal and I was surprised you took it that way. 

I just felt that the 3 of us did a task, Matthew says, and it was underappreciated.  One thing that got me was about the money and that we could have got more, because that was an assumption.  For me, that was saying you haven't done well enough.  After that it was like, are you serious?  I didn't mean to make you feel underappreciated, Toya says.  I think it was just a miscommunication - everyone was hungry and in a mood, Matthew excuses, and one thing led to another.  They hug it out. 

11:46am and the farmers and their livestock must make enough product to make a profit.  Farmer Jale brings the chickens to the barn to make gourmet pre-mixed cheese omelets.  The chickens, back in their squatted cages, must suck out the liquid from the eggs, gargle it in their mouths, spit it into the bowls and then add some cheese nibbled off some wedges.  For each completed carton of omelets, the farmers will earn a fiver. Jale says get your laughing out of the way now so we can knock this out.  Put your beaks into it, Big Brother says.

Jale is doing her best to cheer the chickens on.  Mark misses the bowl completely with his first spit.  Danielle struggles with the cheese.  Ash is too busy laughing to make any omelets.   Back in the kitchen, Marlon tells Steven to say "milk" 10 times.  Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, Milk, says Steven.  What do cows drink, Marlon asks?  Milk, says Steven.  No, Marlon says, they drink water.  What, Steven asks?

Back in the barn, Mark sounds like Big Brother is wringing his chicken neck.  They have 3 so far, Jale tell them.  Danielle looks like she's going to be sick and the whistle blows.  The chickens' shift is now over.  They have filled 5 cartons and have earned 25 pounds toward their total.

1:43pm and the housemates are playing a word association game. Pauline tells Kimberly sharing should be simple but she's discovering it isn't.  Kimberly says she's seen it and tells a story about how she told Toya she took one of her cigarettes and Toya was surprised she was honest about.  Mark goes to the Diary Room to complain about the sleeping last night in the barn on the floor in a potato sack, it was just horrendous.  He can't even make an omelet with a pan and oven. Mark goes on and on and on.  He says the chickens are the skid marks of the house.  He thought it was going to take longer but he's cracked, he's having a breakdown.

2:55pm and its the final part of the shopping task.  The animals must collect manure and transport it across the muddy bog to the bagging station.  For every bag of manure they fill by shovel, Big Brother will add 40 pounds to their total profit.  The farmers have chosen Mark and Ash from the Chickens, Steven and Kimberly from the Pigs and Winston and Toya from the Cows to get dirty.  From the safety of the Pod, the farmers cheer on their animals. 

Ash chooses to use his hands instead of the shovel.  They are all slipping and sliding along the muddy bog.  They fill as many bags as they can, Jale the loudest cheerleader.  The whistle blows and the Shopping Task is done.  Big Brother reveals their total profit was 583 pounds.  If that matches or exceeds the amount in the envelope, they pass the shopping task.  Farmer Marlon open the envelope and reveals it says 300 pounds.  THEY PASS!  To celebrate, the throw themselves back in the box.

3:29pm and Helen is happy to not be an animal anymore.  Helen appreciates food and drink.  Ashleigh says after being here you appreciate family and friends too.  Helen is focused on the food however.  Winston is having a shower and Kimberly, in her bathing suit, is showering with him.  Ash is in the next shower.

Chris is in a more positive frame of mind, Chris tell Big Brother, people are nicer and he needs to be more careful about judging people.  Pauline has completely changed her behavior, though she still nags in the kitchen.  Helen has been a bit more friendly, more approachable, less staring.  Of course, a lot of this change has been in the last 2 days now that the Power Housemate thing has gone out of their minds.  There's less pressure on me, Chris says, but I'm still dealing with the aftershock.  I may look like a liar when I talk to people and am nice to people, but I'm still trying to make friends.  Everyone I put up is a strong person, Chris says, they went up for a reason.  I feel like I've been used.

6:31pm and Danielle is having a bath alone.  Helen, Steven, Chris, Winston, Kimberly and Marlon are in the garden.  Helen says Kimberly's been completely indifferent this week when things are said to you.  Helen says she's trying to respond differently, do something more.  I don't like too sensitive people, Helen says, people who are oversensitive.  I'm a little under sensitive, Kimberly jokes, I need to work on showing my emotions a little more.  I'm just scared once I show my emotions, they'll cascade.

In the Diary Room, Toya tells Big Brother says there was no need for her argument with Matthew.  She says that what she respects about Matthew, good or bad, is he says it to her face unlike some people who will remain anonymous.  Pressed to reveal who by Big Brother, Toya says Kimberly is a massive two-faced calculating game player and an opportunist.  And Ashleigh isn't fooling her either but she's done having verbals with people.  Toya says that Steven's just occupying time for Kimberly, he's too good for her anyway.  Steven deserves someone who is not a game player. 

8:14pm and Ashleigh and Toya are gossiping about Kimberly.  Toya says she's starting to stay away from Kimberly.  Ashleigh says Kimberly doesn't even notice Toya is shying away from her, she's just jumping from group to group.  She talks about someone to her and then goes to talk to that person and Ashleigh thinks she might be doing the same to her.  Their talk turns to Mark and his reaction when Tamara was evicted.  Your first reaction when you're in shock is who you really are, Ashleigh says.  He wants to be everyone's friend, Toya says and you can't. 

The topic in the garden is Friday's eviction.  Tomorrow will be the last full day they are all together, Steven says.  It's Christmas Eve, Mark says.  It's hell eve, Ash says.  Friday is going to be horrible, Helen says.  I'm having nightmares about it Steven says.  Unless it's me, Jale jokes, then everyone will be happy.  No, Helen says firmly, to be honest, I wouldn't have been bothered if you had gone last week, but this week I don't want you to go.   Thanks, Jale says disbelievingly.  I realize its a bit of a backhanded compliment, Helen says, but it's true.  I think you've done really well this week. 

The guys jump in and agree that she's come out of her shell a bit and showed a different side.  They especially liked how she told Marlon and Christopher off in the Diary Room (during the Meat Reclamation task).  Ash says I bet you wouldn't have guessed that your positives would be that you've grown a set of balls.  OMG, Jale laughs.

9:05pm and Ash and Helen are getting cozy in the garden.  Steven tells Helen she looks good.  Ash says I tell you you look good and you get upset with me.  That's because you say it with a smirk, Helen says.  I don't say you look good, Ash corrects, I say you look fit.  That's why I got embarrassed, she says.

In the Diary Room, Jale expresses how happy she is right now, feeling more comfortable in the house now that people aren't picking on any old sh*t and being weird towards me.  Now I can have a bit of a giggle, more myself.  Toya and Helen are now speaking to her, so that's an improvement, she says, and Pauline.  I can't work out whether their just easily influenced or my behavior suddenly changed.  I don't really get it.  I don't think they get it.  I'm still here and that's the main thing for me and I don't want to go either.  I really don't want to go.

9:42pm and Mark is amused by Matthew, saying he walks like one of those mothers in an animal documentary whose just laid a baby.  He demonstrates the walk.  Steven tells Ash Kimberly is a good girl.  Ash asks if she's potential action?  No, Steven says, what about you and Helen?  There must be some kind of attraction, he whispers.  Ash shakes his head no, she's just a mate.  But you two get on so well you could be something that progresses beyond the house.  If you find someone with whom you get on so well, that's the perfect wife.  That's it, Steven agrees, it's all going to go wrong or your going to be an amazing couple.  That's it, one or the other, there's no in between.

Toya has a problem with Kimberly joining Winston in the shower earlier, telling Helen about it in a way that makes it sound more sordid than it was (they were washing off manure).  I would not get in a shower with Winston, Helen says.  I wouldn't get in a shower with any guy, Toya says.  He's with Tamara, Helen says.  Ashleigh, Mark and Pauline join the conversation.  As a girl, Helen says, I would never ever step into a shower with a man.  If Tamara was still here, Ashleigh says, that wouldn't have happened.  That's my point, Toya says.  That's the question, Helen says, would she have gotten into the shower with Winston if Tamara was still in the house?

Kimberly tells Marlon, Jale and Christopher they're not going home on Friday.  She doesn't want anyone to go home on Friday.  Jale asks who they think will go and they can say her.  Back in the house, Helen says Winston won't think anything of Kimberly's climbing into the shower with him, he's not a nasty person. Winston walks past and Pauline decides to take him aside for some motherly advice.  I'll never tell you what to do, Pauline tells him, but this time I am.  If anyone gets in the shower with you again, you tell them you need your privacy and they can wait their turn.  Why, Winston asks, what's wrong? 

Because you need your privacy in the shower, Pauline says, done!  Winston laughs.  Helen says that's not even aimed at you, I wouldn't get in the shower a week after Tamara's evicted.  Even if I was full of cow sh*t I wouldn't get in the shower with you ever. 

11:32pm and the housemates have been drinking.  Helen tells Kimberly that when she went in the shower with Winston, it might be seen as a bad thing to Tamara.  Toya sits down next to her.  It might seem like an innocent move, Helen says, but you need to think about it.  That's weird for me, Kimberly says, I would take a shower with anyone in the house.  Would you, Helen says surprised.  I already did.  Ash...  No, don't, Helen says, do you really want to be perceived in that light?  I'll be honest with ya, it looks sh*t. 

In the Garden, Pauline goes out to tell Winston and Marlon that Helen is telling Kimberly words of truth.  She tells Marlon not to go in there.   Marlon says to be fair I don't think she was looking at Winston in that way.  To be fair, Winston racks, she probably was.   Pauline wants to give them room but Winston wants to go inside so he and Marlon get up.  Don't be a sheep, Pauline says, I'll tell you if it's cool. 

Now it's Christopher, Ashleigh, Ash, Chris, Jale, Toya, Helen and Steven all ganged up on Kimberly.  Helen says even if I wasn't doing anything, even if I wasn't with a guy on TV, I wouldn't want to be seen in that bad a light.  Kimberly says I haven't been with a guy on TV.  Helen says I actually intended to speak to you privately, but this has gone from me and you to a discussion.  I'm not going to continue it because I don't want to be seen as a b*tch.  I'm just giving you my opinion, she continues.

I appreciate what you've said, Kimberly says appreciatively, I just haven't thought about it like that.  Showing with my bikini on isn't much different than my every day life with other people.  For the public and Tamara's perspective, Helen says, it isn't nice.  You shouldn't have got in the shower with Winston!

Marlon and Winston are listening from the kitchen and break out laughing. 

Helen is annoyed and says if you had any respect for Tamara, you wouldn't have done that.  I don't think she'd have cared, Kimberly says.  I do, Helen insists, because she really likes him.  If I fancied a lad and you did that, it would p*ss me off.  It's going to look horrible, Kimberly moans, people think I was flirting with Winston?  Not flirting, just why were you in the shower with him?  Fair enough, Kimberly says, getting up.

In my head I just wouldn't think that at all, an upset Kimberly says.  Helen gives her a hug.  I'm only being completely honest with you, Helen says. 

12:11am and Kimberly tells Matthew that Helen was saying what she thinks and that's fine but she needs to be able to pull that off.  You could say something horrible and pull it off, she tells him.  I wouldn't nit pick, Matthew says, I would only do it if I need to do it.  I feel bad for her, Kimberly says, because I know she doesn't mean harm but she is a bit drunk.  If you don't know already she's a really nice person, then you'll take some of what she says a really bad way.  I think Jale, Chris and Christopher could take that.  She is a harsh character, Matthew agrees. 

In the bedroom, Ashleigh says to Toya, Helen won't bother with me when we leave here.  Why, Toya asks?  We don't have that strong of a bond, Ashleigh says, I know she's not as close to me as other people.  It's because of my age.  Out there she referred to me as still being 18.  I can see how you could take that to be condescending, Toya says. 

Out in the garden, Marlon is winding up Helen with Winston, Ash, Mark and Matthew as an audience. Ash says Helen is folded in 2 (drunk) and Helen says that is so disrespectful.  Marlon demonstrates that folded in 2 means doubled over and vomiting.  When have you seen me do that, Helen protests.  He challenges her to stand up straight and she does.  Kimberly says Helen would never get into a situation where she's that drunk.  Ash makes a joke about how messed up her hair is.    I'm sick of my hair, she says. 

I'm only joking, Marlon says.  Don't wind her up, Kimberly requests.  Are you getting upset with me, Marlon asks?    Why you making out like I'm some paralytic weird b*tch, Helen asks.  Where did you get weird from, Marlon wonders.  Ash takes Helen's head into his arms - when she gets like this she's awesome.  You say it like I don't know what you mean, she says, I do.  I know you do, that's why I said it.  But I'm not, Helen says.

12:33am and Winston is talking to Kimberly about that shower, says he didn't think anything of it, she was just dusting off the task, then started washing me and stuff...  What, she exclaims indignantly, I did not wash you.  ...And started fingering me and...  Steven, Ash and Marlon start laughing.  I'm going to stop this, Kimberly says.  Ignore this, Pauline tells her.  To the boys she says she's taking the p*ss.  These two, she says referring to the Winston and Marlon...  I never, Kimberly says, Winston, I don't want to be seen like that.  I will not be received like that.  Not cool.  What do you think Tamara will think if she sees that?  She's not going to like that.

Back in the house, Mark tells Matthew that Kimberly is very very intelligent.  That's the thing, Matthew says, she's not careless, she thinks about things before she does things so it must have crossed her mind what she was doing.  There was something between Tamara and him (Winston), something small, light flirting but a couple nights they had really deep conversations and they're such opposites.  The other thing, Matthew continues, is she's with Steve now and a lot of people thinks she likes Steve as well.  I think she'd like whover she needs to like, Mark says.

In the toilet, Helen is holding court with Pauline and Toya and talking about Kimberly.  I was just trying to be honest, Helen says.  It's just wasted on her, Toya says.  It always bites you on the ass when you try to be honest, Helen says.  The only way it could, Pauline says, is on the delivery.  I don't think she's even worth it, Toya says.  Helen doesn't think Kimberly is being perfectly honest with her.  Why should she, asks Pauline, she's not your sister.  She's not even your friend, Toya adds.  We said yesterday, you and I, Kimberly makes us uncomfortable.  When I find something that makes me uncomfortable, have I not stepped back from her? 

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