Day 13: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - 1984

Previously, the Power rocked the house.  Tonight, true colors emerge and tempers flare. 

It's 9:56am and the Big Brother House has been transformed into a farm for this week's shopping task.  The housemates suspect they will have to be the animals.  Toya isn't happy, says this is degrading - she has a career to go back to.  You're on Big Brother, Ash says helpfully, this whole experience is degrading.  Out in the garden, Jale and Pauline check out the setup and notice the previous night's used cups, food trays and cigarettes.  Maybe we are animals, Pauline says.  Back in the bedroom, Mark asks Toya if she would be a cow.  She's been a cow for the last 2 days, Ash jokes.

Chris goes to talk to Big Brother, saying Jale is making this very difficult.  He worries that she's not subtle, neither is Christopher.  Christopher runs on obsolete software and Jale believes in angles.  Christopher is nearly a functioning human being but something's not right.

The housemates gather at the sofas and Big Brother announces the secret Power Housemate's reign is over.  All housemates are now equal but the power will return.  Some of the housemates want to know who it was, others don't.

Toya, Jale and Ashleigh move to the bedroom to talk about tensions in the house.  Christopher is at the other end of the room as Toya uses her issue with Christopher from yesterday.  It's irritating to watch yourself fall for the small things that wouldn't bother you outside, she says.  You didn't fall for anything, Christopher says, walking over, because I didn't do anything.  Just behave yourself, Toya says, just put anything you have to say on pause.  You need to pipe down because it's too early in the morning.  I'm talking to Ashleigh.

Christopher says he'll leave the room but he wants to say one thing first.  That's what you do,. Toya says, I don't do things like that.  I say it to people's faces.  You are such a negative person, Christophe says and starts to walk away.  You just chip chop chip in peoples' ears, she says negatively, get out if you're going.  Just go.  You don't know me, Toya, Christopher says...  Exactly, Toya interrupts, I don't know you.  You sat there and made an assumption and not once have you come over and said I apologize, I shouldn't have made that assumption.

[Actually, he did apologize yesterday.  But Toya was too busy only listening to her side of the conversation. -- Morty]

I did apologize, Christopher protests.  Exactly, then why are we having this conversation, Toya accuses.  Because you mentioned me in front of me, Christopher says.  I'm not two-faced like you, Toya says, I say things to peoples face.  You have the audacity to tell me I'm negative, but you're the one jumping from group to group talking behind people's backs.  Ask anyone else if I've spoken behind your back, Christopher says.  If you're leaving, just go, Toya retorts, immature little boy, that's what you are, an immature child. 

Christophe is gone and Toya continues to rip him apart.  What an idiot, he could have just apologized for it.  Did he expect me go to go him?  He will be waiting all his life because that's not going to happen.  Out of everyone here, I'm the least negative.  Christopher goes to the living area to finish cleaning his face, but Toya is stills teaming in the bedroom.  He goes around to everybody, she says, chat's sh*t and watches everybody.  I'm not doing it.  Why should I have waited for him to leave the room?  That's sh*t that you do, she says to Jale condescendingly, why should I? 

11:44am and Winston is working out doing dead lifts in the garden with Marlon over his shoulders.  Ash is doing hammers with a bin of tin beverage cans.  Matthew and Steven are exercising their words, whispering off to the side.  Steven says that while was outside with Kimberly, Jale came and wanted to have a word with her.  He thinks they were talking about him, like Jale was trying to warn her off.  He thinks Danielle did it was well.  That's pathetic, Matthew says, why would they do that?  You get along with her well, don't you, you like her?  Yeah, Steven says. 

Inside the house, Danielle quizzes Kimberly about Steven.  So you're attracted to him but you're not going to act on it, she says, in terms of a developing relationship.  I'm not going to have a Big Brother relationship, Kimberly confirms.  You'll wait until you're both out and then see how you are, Danielle says.  Yes, Kimberly says.  It shows you're respectful and ladylike, Danielle says supportively, and you're thinking of yourself instead of acting up to the cameras like most girls would for a showmance.  You're genuine.  I'm just worried it will happen anyway, Kimberly says, even if I don't want it to.

Kimberly promises to come to Danielle if she needs to talk.   I don't want to screw myself over on national TV, she says, I don't want to be that girl.  Talk turns to whether something is going on between Ash and Helen.  They're just friends, Kimberly says but even I want something to go on between them.  Does she like him, Danielle asks, she's not really said.  If she went for it, Kimberly says, he'd go for it.  All that time they spend together could be platonic, Danielle allows. 

Out in the garden, Ask tells Winston if he ends up staying, something might happen (with Helen) eventually.  I don't even want to bother with it, he says, just be good mates and all.  Just have a lark for a bit instead of trying it on and making it well weird.  I think she knows I like her a bit now. 

12:15pm and Christopher, Marlon and Jale are in the Diary Room for the start of the shopping task, dressed as farmers.  Over the next 2 days, Big Brother says, it will be up to you and your housemates to earn your shopping budget by producing sufficient farm produce to sell back to Big Brother.  The rest of the housemates will become your working animals.  To pass the task, you must make or exceed the profit target set by Big Brother in the locked milk canister in the living area.  It's now time to decide which housemate becomes which type of animal.

The three farmers decide the free range cows will be Winston, Chris, Toya and Ashleigh.  Steven, Pauline, Kimberly and Helen will be pigs.  That leaves Matthew, Mark, Ash and Danielle as chickens.  It's time to put your animals to work.  Big Brother expects a healthy profit.

Their first challenge is to make sausages in the task room converted to an indoor barn.  Two pigs must use their trotters to mix the sausage meat while the other pigs use their trotters to make the sausage links.  The farmers oversee the process.  Pauline is dancing to the beat of her own drummer as she sets the beat.  They make 12 packages of sausages for 24 pounds profit. 

3:32pm and Matthew is lying on the sofa talking about the task with Winston and Marlon, saying no one has the right to say they're not doing this, they're all equal in the house.  It's no one's place to say they deserve to be given privilege over someone else.  Danielle overhears and asks if he's still going on about that comment.  I'm talking about people in general, Matthew says.  Because if you've got a problem with me, she says, just say it.  I didn't really understand your point, Matthew says, how is a single task like this going to affect peoples' careers?

Maybe not affect per se, Daniele says, but it is a bit degrading.  I completely agree with that, Matthew says, but that's not what anyone else said, they said it would affect their career.  It's a fact it doesn't look good when you're doing glamour modeling, Danielle says.  It doesn't look good for anyone particularly, Matthew counters, but is it really something that looks that bad?  Well you're not in the industry I'm in, she says, so you don't understand it.  OK, Matthew says.  But there's no point going round on this because we disagree on a few things, Danielle says.  Do we, Matthew asks? I'm not sure where that's coming from.

Mark wants to know what they were talking about and Matthew gives him a run down.  I just can't stand feeling like I'm a b*tch, Matthew says.  You're not, Mark assures him.  Even if someone feels this will affect their career, I still don't think its right their saying I won't do it.  We're all in the same boat 100%, Mark agrees, we all have careers.   People don't think you have a career unless you're in modeling or showbiz, Matthew says, what happened to conventional careers? I went to University and have a brain and actually have to work, I take myself seriously in my own life.  But at the same time, Mark says, you have to not disregard people who are models and no one takes you serious anyway. 

4:55pm and it's time to put the chicken's to work.  Earlier in the garden, the cows were put to work producing whipped cream, with milk tubes extending from their udders and using hand mixer's in a bowl.  Now the chickens enter the task room again, passing eggs beak to beak while sitting in their cages.  Each box of 6 eggs is worth one pound profit.  The eggs are laid out of a pipe and Ash must grab it with his mouth, then pass it to Mark, then to Matthew and finally Danielle drops it in Farmer Jale's hands.

Ash drops the first egg on top of the cage and Mark must suck it up in to his mouth.  Matthew can't stop laughing long enough to take the egg from out of Mark's mouth, so Mark drops it for Matthew to pick up.  He drops it for Danielle, telling her to suck it really hard.  A bottleneck has formed between Matthew and Danielle.  This is Big Brother, Big Brother says, Danielle, you need to suck eggs. As they get more experienced, they start passing the eggs mouth to mouth.  Ash starts spitting the egg out at Mark, who is laughing hilariously.  Matthew is lifting his thin body though the cage hole to make it easier for Danielle.  They successfully fill 3 boxes of eggs and Ash starts throwing the non-hardboiled eggs at the other chickens.

At 5:42pm, Mark goes to talk to Big Brother finding the day hard because he looks ridiculous in the chicken hat.  His hair hasn't been done and he's wearing overalls.  He moves on to Pauline lording over the kitchen.  She says why buy pasta sauce when you can make it.  It's 2014 - why make pasta sauce?  We don't live in caves - thinks come ready made, you don't have to make them from scratch.   

In the kitchen, Jale talks to Chris about her suspecting he was the Power Housemate.  If you're going to stand by your decision, she says...  What decision he asks?  That You were the Power Housemate.  But I wasn't, he claims, that's the misunderstanding.  I wasn't.  OK, Jale says, don't lie.  Why have you made this assumption, he asks?  I don't assume anything, she counters, I go with what the facts are.  What facts, he asks?   Why did you come up to me afterwards saying I can't believe people aren't saying anything?  Because I thought they would say to you he's not. 

Don't bare face lie to me, it's even more insulting.  You want to lie to me, go ahead but don't sit and insult me like that.  Chris has an expression of what are you talking about.  I'm absolutely baffled, Chris says.  That's fine, Jale says, you can choose to be a liar but I'm brought into that as well but I'm not a liar, so...  This is just marvelous, Chris says, frustrated, you wouldn't be worried if someone shouted that about you and everyone suspected you? 

I'm not going to sit there and insult people to their faces, Jale says.  What is this insulting business?  How am I insulting you.  You remember saying that if I said anything you'd have to be carted out of the house.  I don't remember saying that, Chris says, but I believe you if you say I said it.  But you do realize I'm under pressure.  What am I supposed to say, that it was me when it wasn't me?  You stood behind your decision of doing that, she says, so take that on board and don't blame me for sh*t you're involved with.  I don't understand the sh*t that I'm involved with, he says with exasperation.

That's really rude of you, he says, you don't know that I'm a liar.  No, I do know.  Ok, he says mockingly, you do know.  I don't like the way you're speaking to me, she says.  I think you need to think before you speak because either way you're just p*ssing me off now.  Chris walks away, saying all right. 

7:46pm and the animals have been gathered on the sofas to listen as the farmers are called to the Diary Room.  Despite their best efforts, due to the economic climate, their farm will have to diversity if they want to remain profitable.  In addition to selling products, it might be time to realize the value of the animals.  I'm not selling anyone, Marlon says.  Big Brother suggests exploiting some of their weaker assets for extra profit.  The farmers must choose the weakest animal in each group, those who have not been pulling their weight on the farm and failing to follow instructions.  They are to be sent to the Reclamation Yard for exploitation and reeducation. 

Marlon refuses to participate in the decision.  Christopher didn't see the Chicken task so he defers to Jale.  Everyone stop pussing out, Jale says and the housemates in the living area laugh nervously.  I'm going to have to go for Matthew, Jale says.  With the pigs, they say Helen smashed it.  Kimberly, suggests Christopher.  For the cows, Winston was the first to fill a bowl of cream, Christopher says.  Toya was on it, Ashleigh was on it, Jale says, I'm going to say Chris.  Was he the slowest, Christopher asks?  Out on the sofas, Chris mouths, I was the slowest. 

The housemates get exasperated with Christopher trying to gain consensus and Marlon refusing to be part of the discussion.  These two are pussies, Jale says, so I'm going to say Chris.  The housemates cheer from the living area.  In the Meat Reclamation area, the weakest animals must correctly answer a series of questions about their fellow housemates matching the answers given by the farmers or face the bloody consequences. 

The farmers are still in the Diary Room.  Big Brother asks of housemates facing eviction this year, whose bacon would you most like to save and see stay on Friday?  Without hesitation, Marlon says Pauline.  Jale and Christopher agree.  in the Meat Reclamation Room, Kimberly says Ash, as does Matthew.  Chris says Pauline.   For guessing incorrectly, Matthew and Kimberly get sprayed in the face by a red sticky substance from the center of the table.

The second question posted to the Farmers is which housemate is the greediest little pig?  Out on the sofas, Helen says Christopher is greedier than Winston.  In the Diary Room, Marlon is quick to point the finger at Christopher as well.  Kimberly and Matthew also say Christopher but Chris says Toya and gets blasted with the bloody substance.  He's not thinking, says Toya from the sofa.

Which of your housemates is a nag and does the most hen pecking, the Farmers are asked.  I'm shocked at what I'm watching, Toya says.  Marlon says he's going to get in the firing like no matter who he says.  You're not going to get in the firing line Danielle says from below, what a twat.  Christopher says Pauline and they all agree.  Kimberly says Pauline, as does Matthew and Chris.  The housemates, including Pauline, cheer that they all got it right. 

Which of your housemates do you think is the biggest attention hogger?  If we win this task, Danielle says, we have to remember it's because of Jale.  Helen says this is a different side of Jale, she doesn't sit on the fence.  The farmers choose Marlon.  Kimberly says Toya, Matthew is vain and says himself, and Chris says Marlon.  The housemates cheer Chris as the other two get sprayed.

Of all your housemates, who do you think is the laziest animal?  The housemates and Jale and Christopher say Mark but Marlon won't go along with it so they say Kimberly even though she's not.  Kimberly says Matthew.  Oh, OK, he says.  Chris put Mark and Toya is absolutely dumbfounded - everything she thought has gone flipside.  They all go tit wrong and get sprayed.  P*ssed me off that round, Ash says.

In recognition of your efforts in the Meat Reclamation Yard, you have earned your keep, Big Brother tells Kimberly, Matthew and Chris and added 50 pounds to your total profit.  At least we did something, Matthew says.  Big Brother provides all the animals with a hot meal for their efforts.

Down in the living area, Mark says that was revealing.  Steven says he's realized a lot of things.  Mark says tonight I see different people, it was like watching strangers.  Things just changed, didn't it, Steven says.  They agree that it was revealing about Jale in a positive way.  The Famers come downstairs and Pauline immediately tears into Chris about following his instincts and not worrying about being impolite. 

They chide Matthew about choosing himself as the most vain instead of Marlon whose always looking in the mirror.  Who cares, Matthew says, it's over and I got sprayed.  Toya says they were obvious questions for which there should have been answers, we could have banked more than 40 quid.  We don't know that, cautions Steven.  You did really well and I'm proud, Mark says.  I'm so sorry it wasn't good enough for your liking, Matthew says.  That's not it, Toya says, the questions were quite obvious.  If you say so, says Matthew, that's your perception of things.  I don't know why Matthew's getting so defensive, I'm only saying what everyone else was saying while he was in there.

Matthew isn't letting it go.  He's upset that Toya is looking at him saying it was so easy, how could he get it wrong.  Toya doesn't understand why he's so defensive, she's looking at all of them.  You are, he says and he finds that rude.  You're rude, I'm rude, we're all rude together, Toya snaps.  Well OK, Matthew says, heading to the wash area to clean up, good stuff, Toya.  Just chill out, Toya says through the door.  I'm chilled out, Matthew retorts, but for some reason some can't accept that what we've done is good enough and still  have a problem with everything. 

In the wash area, Chris says what did we do, we got 50 pounds and everyone a hot dinner.  Exactly, Matthew complains, and that's not good enough.  Maybe I just won't eat as well since I'm apparently unworthy of the food.  The Farmers come down from the Diary Room and everyone congratulates Jale for her decisive performance.  You got a pair of these, girl, Pauline says, cupping her hands palms up, I think you took them off these two (pointing to Marlon and Christopher).  Christopher says I thought I helped.  You were the last one to speak, Helen accuses.  At least we got a meal, yeah, Mark says.

10:15pm and Helen tells Big Brother Jale did really well, exactly what she would have done, just got on with it.  She understands everyone will be in the position where we have to say something that could be seen as nasty or harsh but we're not.  She just did a job and did it fair and square, she did the job of all three.  I've changed my opinion of her a lot.  I gave her a hard time and that's not fair and she totally changed my time today, she got us the food tonight, it's because of her we got the food.

In the garden, Chris and Danielle discuss their nominated housemates.  I can't call who will go on Friday, she says, I just don't know.  Whomever goes, he says, the problems wtill remain.  Unfortunately, Danielle says.  There's not one single person who isn't completely self-obsessed, Chris says.  Even if they're all chilled out and everything is easy and peachy.  Bollux, grown men crying.  On a game show, Danielle adds, there's no words.  I'd rather be good while I'm here, Chris says, than average for 10 weeks.  I just find everyone so boring, he laughs. 

Jale is definitely going nowhere, Danielle says.  I think Ash and Marlon aren't going either, Chris adds.  So it's really between Pauline and Steven, Danielle concludes.  Pauline's been quiet these last these last few days, Danielle says.  She's playing her cards close to her chest, Chris replies, a completely different tactic to the first week.  She almost seems like a different person, Danielle says.  It's intentional, Chris observes.  She got such a bad reaction, Danielle recalls.  I can see that, Chris says, I didn't find that surprising.  This is going to sound awful, but I don't really care. 

11:58pm and it's bedtime for the animals, who are herded by the Farmers to their stalls in the barn.  The pigs have blankets but the chickens will be sleeping rough.  It stinks of sh*t in here, Mark complains.  The pigs check out their cots with pillows, while the chickens have padding on the straw floor.  This isn't right, Mark moans, it stinks of wildlife!  The farmers tell the pigs and chickens goodnight and leave the barn.  As the cows are free range, they can sleep anywhere.

[All animals are equal.  But some animals are more equal than others.  -- Morty (quoting George Orwell)]

In the barn, Danielle tells her fellow pigs and chickens about her conversation with Chris (about the secret nominations), how Christopher got such a simple reaction and got a major reaction, just because they're the cool kids, the popular ones.  Wow, the fellow animals say.  Now that is a bit of a tell-tale sign, Mark says.  Then he said the conversation in here just bores him.  In the house, Chris is studying the light box wall. 

Back in the barn, the other animals are explaining to Steven what Chris meant, that he was shocked no one reacted when Christopher went up but did for everyone else.   Steven is not happy and says Chris won't get any more of his fags then.  Mark is not impressed.  First, he's had a bad day and then to find out that someone he's been sound with has been f*cking two-faced, thinks our conversation is boring and unintelligent, F*ck off, man! 

1:52am and the farmers and cows enjoy the peace and quiet in the garden.  It's a nice feeling, they say.  In the barn, Steven tells Kimberly he would never ever engage with somebody with whom he genuinely thought there was no future.  As far as enjoying each others' company, I would never ever make the statements unless I knew that the person was someone I could potentially see as a partner.  That's my view on it.  Kimberly's responses acknowledge him but don't provide any reciprocal feedback.  Hopefully as you get to know me, he continues, you'll come to understand I'm not that tough guy, so don't you worry about trust.  I know you will, it's only natural, but rest assured I will never do anything to hurt you.  I know, she says.

The other animals are talking about this week's eviction.  With Pauline on the other side of the wire fence, Helen tells the chickens she wouldn't be gutted if Ash stayed while Pauline went.  I like her, don't get me wrong, but I've changed my opinion and wouldn't be gutted.  Ash says he won't be able to speak to anyone when he's going.  You're not going anywhere, Helen says comfortingly. You're not going anywhere, darling, Pauline says from across the barn, trust me on that. 

Steven says he was just telling Kimberly that if he goes he would properly sh*t himself.  I think it will be Christopher, Helen says.  Steven says me, Ash and Marlon are up as well and Pauline, you can't tell me that Christopher or Jale are going to go.  I'm telling you right now, I'm really worried about Friday. 

Anyone whose been seen as a victim is not going to go home, Pauline says.

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