Day 12: Monday, June 16th, 2014 - Intruder Alert!

Previously, Chris's Power Trip continued and divisions deepened.  Tonight, Winston talks dirty, Chris makes his final nomination but is his secret safe?

9:26am and the housemates are up and getting ready for the day.  Ash asks Pauline who the secret Power Housemate is and Pauline lies that she hasn't given it any thought.  In the Diary Room, Matthew says it's a game, it's week 2 and people are saying the secret Power Housemate has no morals!  I think it might be Marlon but he might just be quiet.  Pretty sure it's Chris.

Chris asks Jale how many dramas were there?  Jale doesn't know.  She says Ash's nomination did throw him.  Chris says he was shocked by Steve.  Jale says it may make sense when the person is revealed.  Chris says if you know who it is, we may find out why.  Jale says we'll find out and that's going to go down like a bag of shit.

10:57am and Danielle asks Winston if he gets into physical fights.  He says about a year and a half ago, a little scrap in town.  He acts out how he took the other guy out.  Chris is called to the Diary Room and he admits to feeling slightly overwhelmed with guilt.  Big Brother tells Chris to name 3 housemates for the shortlist in his 5th and final nomination.  Those three will be asked to state the case why they should not be nominated.

Chris says he could name anyone but chooses Danielle, Marlon and Mark.  He chose Danielle to create a bit of balance of the type of people who have been nominated, confuse things further with the perceived agenda up to this point.  He is considering Marlon because he's kind of in the middle but it would also be risky since he's one of the recurring suspects for Power Housemate.  He wants to shortlist to see how he reacts.  He was disappointed with how Steven and Ash reacted from being nominated, they have a Nasty streak that came out.    Big Brother reminds Chris to act natural when the three housemates are asked to make their pleas so his secret status remains secret.

At 1:42pm, most of the housemates are in the kitchen and pinches Danielle from behind.  Pauline doesn't know where all the chicken has gone.  Big Brother calls Helen to the Diary Room.  Big Brother reminds her that the rules about unacceptable behavior were explained to her before she entered the Big Brother House.  The rule about bullying can include factions developing, deliberate hostility, aggression to an individual, persistent name calling, and the ostracizing of individuals. 

Big Brother would like to talk to you about your ongoing treatment of your fellow housemate, Jale.  On Saturday night, in a conversation with Toya and in front of other housemates, you said Pauline is the Alpha Female and called Jale an attention seeking bastard.  In addition, last night, you referred to Jale before a group of housemates as a f*cking slug.  The name calling's wrong, Helen admits, but I feel every time I speak no matter who she's sat with, she's looking over what everyone's saying and I just find it really, really irritating.

Helen, lectures Big Brother, name calling, persistent ridiculing, and behavior that results in an individual becoming ostracized from the group are all types of behavior that can be perceived as bullying.  Big Brother understands that it is inevitable that not all housemates will get along and that arguments will happen in the house.  However, Big Brother will step in when its felt behavior is escalating to individuals being excluded and becoming the subject of more aggressive behavior that could be seen as bullying.  Big Brother thinks your behavior is unacceptable and will not tolerate unacceptable behavior.  If this type of behavior occurs again, then Big Brother may have to issue you a formal warning and will take further, serious action.  OK, says Helen meekly. 

3:50pm and Winston is called to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother a funny story where he ends up being sick.  When he as 16 and a virgin, Winston says, his mate lined up a girl who was mates with the girl he was seeing and they went over to his mate's house on Friday night with the girls and got smashed.  He went into the spare room with the girl and out of nowhere, his stomach just went and he threw up all over her.  She ran out of the room screaming and I passed out, waking up the next morning.  Basically, I f*cked it. 

Big Brother loves that story, particularly the end.  in fact, Big Brother loves it so much, Big Brother has created a special secret mission just for you.  Your secret mission is to make up new stories, each of which ends up with you being sick.  Everywhere.  No problem, Winston says. 

He heads downstairs and heads out to the garden to join Chris and Danielle, who is doing some washing. Winston says once he was doing some washing because he'd thrown up everywhere.  He had tried a new thing he'd heard where a girl p*sses on you.  He'd thought he might try it.  She peed on you, Danielle asks, disbelievingly?  Yeah, and I threw up everywhere.  Marlon overhears and gives Winston a high-five.  Good to you for trying it, Marlon says.  You vomited, Danielle asks?  What did she do when you vomited?  It sort of went up on her as well.  I would have done her up still, Marlon says.  Very nice, Danielle says.

In the kitchen, Winston corners Christopher and tells a story about when he was on a camp trip as a teen and was eating mud and worms and stuff, even a dead bird I found.  Seriously, Christopher asks, did you cook it?  No, Winston says, I was eating squirrels as well that I caught with a bow and arrow I made.  I didn't even bother cooking, I was just biting them and throwing up as I was eating it.  I was sick for about a month.  That's crazy, Christopher says, I can't believe you did that.  Yeah, Winston says, it was good times.

In the bedroom, Winston tells Jale that last night he went into the toilet and forced myself to bash one out and suddenly I just started crying and then just started vomiting.  Is that normal?  Jale has a look that says are you f*cking kidding me?  Of course it's normal, she says.  I've never cried before doing that, he says.  As long as you feel like you can talk to people about it, Jale says.  That's why I thought I could talk to you, he replies, a vomit-cry-wank.  WTF.  It's completely logical what you've done, Jale says.  But using the soap, Winston asks? Are you having a wind-up right now, she asks?  No, I'm being serious.  You used the stick as a lubricant?  I was in the midst of everything, he says, I was carrying on. 

For successfully winding up 2 of his fellow housemates, Big Brother rewards Winston with his favorite meal: a plate of spagball (spaghetti and meatballs) and a pint. 

5:29pm and Big Brother gathers the housemates to reveal the secret Power Housemate's shortlist for nomination.  To help avoid suspicion, Chris will also make a plea for his place in the house.  Here we go with the big reveal, I recon, reckons Mark.    They speculate that it might be eviction night tonight. 

Big Brother tells the housemates the Power Housemate will make his fifth and final nomination tonight.  The four housemates on the short list for nomination are: Danielle, Marlon, Chris and Mark.  They now have one last opportunity to save themselves from being nominated.  One by one they must state their case for why they should not be nominated and keep their place in the house.  

Danielle stands and says she's a really sweet girl and was just up last week and it was really emotional so she'd like to stay this week so she can show different sides to her personality and come out of her shell more, and she's really enjoying the experience and getting to know everyone a little bit more.  She's got so much more to give and really wants to stay.

Marlon is next and says he's been himself from the get go, made friends with everyone here, been more or less real.  It is what it is.  I ain't got much to say, just keep me here.  Chris is next this is a weird thing for him to have done considering his profession, to come on TV as himself and try to be accepted as a person in an environment where nobody knows me and I'm not always sure how to be completely relaxed.  I'm not anywhere near fully relaxed yet, but I'm enjoying myself and have met some wonderful people I might have otherwise.  That's my reason.

Finally, Mark says he's having an amazing time and feels he can always be himself with everyone, he's learning things "every day about meself," about life, things he didn't think he'd learn in a week,  I'm on a journey and didn't think I'd be.  I thought I'd come in here and be a little nob and I'm learning things about myself that I didn't even know.

Big Brother says the Power Housemate's decision will be revealed later.  Christopher says immediately that one of those four could be the Power Housemate.  Chris walks over and gives Mark a half hug, a fake smile painted on his face like it's painful to move around.  Jale asks if he's all right and he says yes.  Matthew says that means it must be Ashleigh, Winston, Toya, or Kim (leaving him out), or it could be one of the four.  Steven thinks it's one of the four just named.

Chris heads to the toilet and takes out the ear piece that Big Brother provided him earlier.  He gives Big Brother the name of the 5th housemate he wants to nominate and without hesitation, Chris says Marlon. 

6:19pm and the housemates discuss who the nominee might be, not aware the nomination has already been made.  Mark tells Big Brother he's scared to open his mouth and say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get nominated.  He was convinced the Power Housemate was Marlon from reading the tea leaves and now he's on the short list.  Is he a decoy?  Is he just pretending?  The tea leaves are never wrong, Mark tells Big Brother, he just didn't ask the right question, didn't specify this week.  Marlon could be the Power Housemate in the future. 

Who is it, Steven demands of Marlon.  I watched little Chris's reaction again tonight and he was panicking before the shortlist was named.  He was nervous.  He's a nice guy and hasn't done anything to me but why did he mention he was an actor?  Why even plant it in our brains?  You didn't know what to say because it was a shock and he came up with this great big speech that sounded rehearsed. 

It can't be Kimberly, Steven continues, it can't be her.  I hope it's not her, Marlon says.  Steven says she couldn't have put me up and sat there and comforted me and everyone else.  She wouldn't have done that.  Who else is there?  It couldn't be Winston, there's no one in here that ruthless.  I think I've trotted everybody, Marlon says, tried to comfort everybody, and to think someone could put me up...

Chris joins them and Steven asks how he is.  He says had this happened a few days ago when this first started, he would have been a bit more put out.  He's put out, but there's so many people on there now, I do take comfort in company, I don't feel alone.  Danielle is pieces again, or she will be if nominated, Steven says, she doesn't want to feel...  That's another reason I don't feel bad, I look at her and she's done this already, and Christopher who just took it on the chin, hasn't moaned about it, you wouldn't know from looking at him.  I take it as a personal attack, Steven says. 

7:07pm and Jale and Danielle speculate about the Power.  Jale keeps coming back to Marlon because, she doesn't want to say until she's sure because she's already accused 3 people, Kimberly, Marlon and Matthew.  I don't think it was you, you wouldn't put yourself up, or Marlon.  No, Danielle says, no way me.  In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly he thinks he's the best for the camera in the house.  because he puts strange words together.  Like sodomizing the soup, Kimberly says.   For example, how would you describe what your doing now (she's washing dishes).  There's a big difference between having a nice vocabulary and being verbose, Kimberly says. 

She has to explain what "verbose" means to him.

Chris is pacing back and forth, waiting for the light boxes to change.  The thunder effects sounds and Marlon's light box changes to Nominated.  Everyone runs into the living area and expresses shock that Marlon is the 6th nominee, the 5th nominated by the secret Power Housemate.  Marlon is actually asleep on the sofa.  The Power Housemate could have gone into the bathroom and said he nominates Marlon, Matthew says.  Marlon wakes up and sees he's nominated in his light box.  He puts his head back down and closes his eyes. 

8:16pm and Pauline is soaking in the tub alone.  Winston, Ash and Matthew say Marlon is a nice guy but his speech was not much.  He has a careless attitude, Matthew says, then he moped in the corner, one of the worst responses yet.  That's absolutely not fantastic, Winston mimics.  Chris handled it well, Matthew says, when it comes to not showing emotion.  Out in the garden, Jale tells Christopher Marlin just needs to be left alone today.  He's in shock, Christopher says and he can't understand it since he's been a friend and loyal to everyone.  Jale says maybe that's why.  It's hard, Christopher continues, when you have good intentions called into question. 

Chris joins them as Christopher says Marlon needs a little time by himself and he'll be all right.  From over the garden wall, a voice can be heard shouting: Housemates can you hear me?  Chris has the power!

Jale's mouth drops.  What did he say, asks Christopher?  Chris has the power, the voice says again.  What's he saying, Chris asks?  Chris has the power, Christopher says.  How awkward is that, Jale says.  Chris seems stunned.  Jale, he says, that's not true.  Christopher or Chris, he asks.  Let's not talk about this, Jale says.  Let's not get this around the house, Christopher agrees. 

Big Brother orders all housemates to the house immediately.  Both promise Chris to say nothing.  Chris is laughing, it's not the case.  He thanks them for not saying anything. 

9:53pm. Pauline has been in the tub for 2 hours and Chris is in the Diary Room to discuss  what was shouted in the garden.  He worries that Jale might reveal what was said, not because she thinks he is the Power Housemate but because she thinks he isn't.  She's in a situation where she needs to earn favor in the house and if she knows that he is the Power Housemate, she will probably volunteer that at some point.  Chris tells Big Brother he's frightened.

Toya, Steven, Kimberly and Christopher are in the kitchen and Toya tries to tell Kimberly something on the quiet, saying "he" weirds her out.  Who, Kimberly asks but she won't say.  You know who I'm talking about.  Let's stop that, Christopher says, let's not do that.  Steven chokes on his laughter.  What are you talking about, Toya asks, I should stop what?  Danielle joins them.  I thought you were speculating about the Power Housemate again, Christopher explains.

Don't get on my nerves Toya says.  There's nothing I just said that would give you any indication I was talking about that.  What would make you think that?  Chris returns from the Diary Room.  I just saw you looking over there and thought... I was looking at Marlon, Toya says.  Steven is suppressing a giggle now that Toya has named he who she said she would not name.  I kicked her (Kimberly) to try to tell her something without using words.  You see how you make assumptions?  If I wanted to talk about the Power Housemate, no one in this house could stop me.  I have not spoken about it and how you made that assumption just irritates the sh*t out of me.

Christopher says I don't want an argument.  You do want an argument, Toya argues, because you're making assumptions.  Kimberly says if Toya wanted to talk about the Power Housemate, she'd have said it outright, 100%.  I don't want an argument Christopher says, raising her voice to match Toya's.  Then don't make assumptions about me. Christopher says he got it wrong and he's sorry.  I've said that that to everyone, are we really talking about the Power Housemate again?  It was a baseless assumption, Toya insists.  Christopher asks why she's thinks he's trying to argue but she blows him off.  I don't want to talk about it.  Fine, Christopher, marching off.  He makes me so irritated, Toya says.

In the Diary Room, Jale tells Big Brother about what she heard in the garden, she heard exactly what the voice said.  She told Chris she wasn't going to tell anyone because I don't want it to have implications for anybody but she doesn't want to be a bull shitter but whether she likes them or not, she's not a liar.  Big Brother says no one can confirm who the secret Power Housemate is apart from Big Brother and the secret Power Housemate them self.  Big Brother suggests you ignore what you heard and carry on with your experience in the house. 

The thing is, Jale says, I think it's true. 

10:35 pm and Pauline is still in the tub but Winston, Mark, Ash and Danielle throw Matthew into the tub to join her.  In the wash area, Jale tells Kimberly she understands being the subject of speculation regarding the Power Housemate, saying that some of the housemates are convinced its her.  The thing is, Kimberly says, people think that of me as well.  Chris heads into the wash area and hears them talking.  Listening through the door to the toilet, he hears Jale say it's just people clutching at straws. 

He knocks on the door to let them know he's out there.  Matthew is stripped down to his briefs and toweling off in the bath area.  His pants and shirt are soaked.  Mark has joined Pauline in the tub.  Kimberly is spraying scent on Helen and gets some in her mouth.  I didn't say I wanted to eat it, Helen jokes.  I know, Kimberly laughs, I just did it anyway. 

Chris and Jale talk in the bedroom alone.  Jale says I don't want to be held hostage here, be a bull shitter and a liar.  Chris whispering swears he's not the Power Housemate.  Don't head-f*ck me like that, Jale says.  You're taking what I'm saying as a double meaning, Chris says.  No, I know, Jale says, but don't bullshit me, it's just making it worse.  I won't be held hostage by you telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing.  At the same time, I'm not a liar.  Kimberly's been asking me all kinds of questions and it's not comfortable to me. 

Number 2, Jale says, I've not been asked to listen to a conversation over the wall. This is uncomfortable.  She walks away and Chris says hey!  Just just use your best judgment Chris says.  I'm not saying anything tonight, she says, I'll make a decision tomorrow.  You need to be getting advice, that's what I'm saying to you.  Fair enough, Chris says. 

11:33pm and Steven is cozying up with Kimberly in the garden.  From the moment I walked into the house, I said to you I have never in my life ever met someone so intelligent.  To me, it doesn't mean your just good looking strutting their stuff down the bluebird board way.  I always look at that. 

Hiding in the toilet, Helen tells Mark she warned Kimberly to not get in the bed with Steven.  If it was me, she says, I'd throw him over the walls.  I wouldn't do that to her. 

Back in the garden, Steven tells Kimberly he's told her things he's not shared with anyone else and every single time she's reciprocated and told me things.  And I told you today, she says, I feel guilty about that.  Why do you feel guilty, he asks.  It makes me feel you distrust me.  Why should I tell you that, she asks?  You think everyone in life's got an agenda, Steven says.  I really do, she says.  My agenda is that I like you, he says, and I want to get to know you more.  OK, Kimberly says, you like Helen as well.

Steven shakes his head, saying it's not the same, darling.  And you like Ashleigh, and...  Gah, says Steven, do you want me to spell it out?  Yeah, spell it out.  I'd like to be clear.  I am attracted to you you, Steven says.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, I'm attracted to you.  OK, Kimberly laughs, you've spelled it out.  Even the punctuation, that's fine.  Kimberly takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh.

12:59am and Winston offers words of wisdom for Helen and Ash in the garden.  He could be going this Friday, referring to Ash.  You need to spoon.  We talked about this before, Ash says, you asked if I was spooning today and I thought you were joking.  He could be going this Friday, Winston repeats.  Does that mean I'll never ever see him again, Helen asks?  It might, Winston says, you should do what you want to do.  What do I want to do, Helen asks, you seem to know all about my mind.

In the bath area, Jale tells Ashleigh and Danielle what she heard.  Christopher walks in and Jale tells him she just told the two girls.  So you can't trust Chris, Danielle says, he's not your buddy.  Jale says she's not happy because I'm being held hostage about being a liar now.  Do you understand if this gets out, it's going to kick off in a big way.  Tell me exactly what was said, Ashleigh says.  Jale embellishes the shouted message to make it sound more credible. 

Chris's face was in shock, Jale says, and I'm like, oh really, tell me more.  She says she told Chris she wouldn't tell anyone and said thank you, thank you.  Did you look at him, Ashleigh asks?  Yeah, I told him I wouldn't tell anyone and he said he'd appreciate that.  What are you going to do?  Christopher climbs into the tub with Danielle, his shorts and shirt still on, sitting on the edge.  I'm not going to do nothing, Jale says, until I wake up in the morning and go with my gut instinct. 

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