Day 11: Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - The Slug

Previously, the Power took it's toll on Pauline, Christopher and Steve.  Tonight, paranoia prevails and the shocks continue!

It's 9:21am on Day 11 and the housemates are asleep except for Pauline, whose been exercising for almost 90 minutes in the wash area.  Ash and Mark are woken up by her activities as she is not very quiet about it.  Jale gets up and heads to the toilet, not talking to Pauline as she passes.  The lights come on and the garage doors open to the garden.  Pauline heads outside and the rest of the housemates break out laughing.  How do people sleep through that, Mark wonders.

Pauline returns to the bedroom and everyone stops talking about her.  Mark tells her he thought she was possessed.  Pauline says she was.  Mark whispers to Ash he wasn't being funny, there's a time and a place.  Jale is in the kitchen and Toya comes in and ignores her.  BB reminds housemates to all wear their microphones but Pauline refuses while she is working out.  Only a leg is sticking out beyond the door and Ash and Mark see it.  She is going to snap today, Mark tells Ash.

9:57am and Mark, Winston and Ash are preening and wondering about England's performance in the World Cup.  Toya tells Helen and Pauline they are going to have to do something to top Jale, she ostracizes herself every morning (Jale is in the garden for a fag).  Toya says Jale said good morning but she ignored her.  She won't say it back if she doesn't mean it.  Chris joins Jale in the garden and the topic is Pauline's exercising.  She hasn't a clue, Jale says, I had to go around her to get to the toilet.

11:01am and the secret Power Housemate dominates conversation in the house.  Matthew says he's not going to go crazy and turn the house against people who he thinks are manipulative.  Everyone thinks it's Chris, he says, just because he talks with Jale.  Mark says something just came into my head - maybe people are being nominated because of the way THEY are with Jale. 

Out in the garden, Steven and Christopher have joined Jale and Chris.  Steven says he knows the Power Housemate has to make these decisions and can't tell anyone.  Jale says when you're nominated, you just need a little space.  Steven says he thought last night before he was nominated that the Power Housemate is just working the light box left to right and he was next, and sure enough, he was next. He says Pauline said she would be up a day before she was nominated.  Christopher says he also knew he would be up but thought it would be through regular nominations.

Steve says when the name of the Power Housemate is revealed, it's going to be a free for all.  Jale says I'm going to stay far away, I want to scale the wall.  Chris laughs. 

11:33am is exercise time in the living area with Danielle, Kimberly, Mark, Chris and instructor Pauline.  Marlon is watching from the side.  In the Diary Room, Matthew tells Big Brother everyone is going crazy, absolutely mad, reading far too much into things.  Everyone thinks Chris is the Power Housemate but think it's Jale getting revenge too.  People need to not take things so personally and not be so thin skinned.

Ash, Marlon and Winston evaluate the girls in the house.  Danielle's not interested in guys.  Helen isn't interested in guys.  Kimberly isn't interested in guys.  Ashleigh has a boyfriend.  That leaves Toya, Pauline and Jale.  What was they (Big Brother) thinking?  And all single guys here and can't believe Big Brother didn't put a slut in the house.  They discuss who might be a slut.  Every girl's a slut to the right man, Marlon says.  They admire the girls working out - I like girls in gym gear, Ash says.  Ash says Kimberly needs bigger t*ts but has an incredible ass.

12:31pm and Mark is complaining about the weather to Big Brother and the mood is horrible too.  People are paranoid about the Power Housemate.  At first he was super angry at Pauline being nominated but now he thinks the Power Housemate must be going through a hard time with everyone questioning their decision and not knowing who to trust.

Toya tells Pauline that she shouldn't have ignored Jale this morning, she should have said good morning back.  You're just protecting yourself, Pauline assures her.  But I don't know if they (the British public) will see it like that.  Pauline says I can't talk to her.  Toya says I'm going to tell her I should have said it this morning and be the bigger person.  But in terms of dialog, it's not going to happen.  There has to be a witness, I don't want any one to one because she can get things confused quite quickly.

In the bedroom, Kimberly is putting on makeup with Danielle and Jale sitting nearby.  Chris walks in and Danielle asks if he's finding things difficult in the house right now.  He says yes.  She doesn't want anyone feeling like their sitting out alone.  Jale explains that when there are people who won't talk to her (Chris leaves the room) and Danielle and Kimberly are inside with Ashleigh and other people I can talk to, I don't want to go inside and join in because it makes me feel uncomfortable because I know they're uncomfortable and that will make you uncomfortable.  So as a human being and an adult, I take myself out.  It's bloody awkward but I can handle it.

Danielle doesn't want her to feel mentally or emotionally alone.  Kimberly says I felt like a loser the first couple days.  Nobody should be left alone or singled out, Danielle says, so if you do need to speak to someone...  I do say, Jale says, I speak to someone and they walk away!  I hope you don't feel I've done that, Kimberly says.  No, assures Jale, and you (Danielle) haven't. 

1:53pm Jale is cleaning the tub while Pauline goes into the shower.  Christopher doesn't want Steven to go.  Steven says he knows who he wants to go but he's said since day one he trusts the public to make the best decision and this week there are 3 big characters up and one person who can't offer the same contribution.  I trust the public will see that and vote for her (Jale) to see that.

Toya comes into the bath area to speak with Jale and apologize for not saying good morning this morning.  My mom would have said I didn't raise you like that, she says.  It's OK, Jale says.  Cool, Toya says and leaves.

Chris is called to the Diary Room and sent to the Power Control Room.  He is instructed by IRIS to nominate again but must first give her a short list of 2 housemates he's considering.  She will then provide him with information about those two housemates which will help inform him about his decision.  Chris thinks and then names Ash and Kimberly.  Iris informs Chris that he will be able to compare the two in an internet poll of a subject of his choosing. He asks which housemate is his biggest threat.

Iris tells Chris the poll is now live and the public is responding.  He will also have the Power to watch Kimberly and Ash answer questions in the Diary Room.  He will provide the questions.  Chris instructs Iris to ask them who they think is the Power Housemate and who do you trust the least in the house.  Those questions have been noted, Iris says.  Finally, she says, my database shows your favorite meal is Chinese food.  Chris says that is correct.  Iris says later today he will get a Chinese meal to share with Ash and Kimberly, giving him a chance to get to know them better before deciding who to nominate.

2:38pm and Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to announce that the Power Housemate is rewarding 3 housemates with a Chinese meal in the Pod. Those housemates are Ash, Chris and Kimberly to receive this reward.  Helen complains, I don't like Chinese.  Christopher asks someone to smuggle him a spring roll.  Chris says he lucked out because he hasn't had lunch.   The three describe the meal to the other housemates below.

Why are we selected, Kimberly wonders?  It's either of you two, Ash says, or Jale.  Or we are not up for nomination, he says.  Or we all are, Kimberly says, this is our last meal.  They joke Kimberly is a big negative Nancy.

Down below Mark is reading tea leaves for Toya and Ashleigh and they tell him the Power Housemate is Marlon since he sees a man in an afro so he has to be black.  Toya is amazed she can see the image in the ground up tea leaves.  She wants to keep it between the three of them and Helen.  She thinks Marlon is watching them.

Up in the Pod, Ash thinks it could be Marlon, he's up and down all the time.  Chris says he gets along with Marlon.  The gossip that Marlon could be the secret Power Housemate spreads to the bedroom as Ashleigh, Toya and Helen bring Mark into their Marlon conspiracy circle.  Toya says there is a reason Ash never leaves his barriers to Marlon and he doesn't know why.  Marlon's not here to make friends, Ashleigh says.  His weakness is Kimberly and he can't believe she doesn't like him back.

4:10pm finds Mark dressing to impress with a red onesie that sends Ash over the edge, Jale, Matthew, Christopher and Helen also laughing at his Halle Berry outfit.  In the toilet, Kimberly, Toya and Ashleigh talk Marlon in the toilet, joking loudly about how Marlon is obsessed with Kimberly.  He's so arrogant, they explain to Kimberly.  Kimberly doesn't like being treated like a piece of meat.  Toya calls him an old fashioned savage.   

5:52pm and Winston is trying to clean up in the kitchen but seems confused.  Marlon tells Kimberly to smile.  She says she will when she's happy.  Why aren't you happy?  Let's have a conversation somewhere else.  Ashleigh offers to come but Kimberly doesn't need any.  They go to the garden and Marlon sits but Kimberly stands and lectures him about being treated like a piece of meat while she was doing her exercises.  He really made her feel uncomfortable with his sexual comments she didn't appreciate.  You were like a different person and I didn't like it. 

Marlon plays innocent and asking what comments he made that were sexual, did she really think they were sexual?  Yes, Kimberly says, I found them offensive because you know me beyond my looks as a multi-dimensional person.  I don't understand, Marlon says, what's changed?  I'm telling you now, Kimberly says, please don't make those comments.  I have had it before and I really didn't like it then and I don't like it now.  Not in this house. 

Marlon says I really can't believe we're having this conversation; I don't see what I said was really that gross.  If that's what you really think in your heart of hearts, I can't really change that.  No one's asking you to change it, Kimberly says, visibly disappointed in Marlon's response.  I appreciate you coming and talking to me, Marlon says.  OK, Kimberly, we'll seal it with a hug.  You don't like to hug, Marlon remembers.  I do on serious occasions, she answers.

[I'm not sure what Kimberly was trying to say got through to him.  -- Morty]

7:36pm and it's time for Chris to return to the Power Control Room for the response to his on-line poll.  64% of viewers voting said Ash is his biggest threat and Chris says that's what he expected and he agrees.  Iris now plays back the Diary Room sessions where Ash and Kimberly answered his questions, thinking they came from Big Brother.

Ash tells Big Brother he thinks the Power Housemate is Jale or Kimberly.  I can't see it being Chris so I think it must be Kimberly.  Answering the same question, Kimberly thinks the Power Housemate could be Chris because he's an actor and could pull it off easily better than anyone else in the house.  Or Marlon because he's always standing around and listening in on other peoples' conversations and why else would you do that unless you were the Power Housemate and really really nosy.

When asked who he trusts the least in the house, Ash says Kimberly because he's so skeptical about how she acts and she could be the Power Housemate.  Kimberly says Marlon because he stopped talking to her and she thought she could trust him and that changed dramatically.  Iris tells Chris it's decision time - he must nominate Ash or Kimberly.  Chris says Ash, why not.  He has a lot of qualities that Chris really likes but if you put his personality into a short, unattractive man's body, what would he have have done with his life so for other than be a super stand up guy?  He doesn't interest me.

Iris confirms his nomination and Chris makes a pretend vomit.  Why are you pretending to vomit, Iris asks.  Because all the big ones are down, he says, Steven who I thought would be chill but imploded, Pauline who is gradually unraveling as expected, and now Mr. Cool who I don't know how to judge in these situations.  But Helen won't be pleased.  Why won't Helen be pleased?  All her best buddy chums are going.  Iris offers Chris the chance to give his fellow housemates a part and he jumps at the chance.   Iris offers to arrange it if he wants it and he absolutely wants to make it happen.

About 8:04pm, Marlon tells Jale about his chat with Kimberly and Jale tells him not to be too hard on himself.  Pauline is prepping chicken for dinner and Mark is helping in the storeroom.  He notes the expiration date on the packaging is expired by a day but Pauline says trust her.  I'm only asking, Mark says, you're patronizing me for asking.  I asked a simple f*cking question.  He storms out to the garden.  Twat, Pauline mutters, making Winston and Steven laugh.

In the bedroom, Mark complains to Marlon that people speak to him like he's a thick head.  Danielle comes in and both try to calm Mark down.  Mark has hairspray to settle his nerves.  How am I to know if the expiration date doesn't apply if its frozen.  Danielle says it's like a battlefield in there.  Christopher comes in to check on him, saying everyone is hungry and just wants a short answer.  Kimberly and Matthew now joins the party, asking if he's going to talk to Pauline.  Yes, Mark says, he's a grown up, he's just not himself today.

10:11pm and the secret Power Housemate's party is underway with alcohol, music and flashing lights.  The housemates are letting their hair down with dancing and grinding and drinking and then the lights come back on and Ash's light box switches to Nominated, immediately killing the festive mood.  I knew it, Ash says.  Absolute shock, Toya says.  Chris pats Ash on the back.  Winston laughs nervously as Ash announces he's going out to have a cig.  Chris already has one dangling off his lips.

Jale and Steven are sitting outside and greet Ash, saying Ash has predicted it earlier today.  Matthew, Danielle and Chris join Jale, Steven and Ash in the garden.  That was depressing, Jale says.  Who is making these decisions, Steven wants to know.  Chris says he's not going anywhere.   I don't get down, Ash replies, I'm good.  But f*ck it! 

12:38am and Power Housemate Chris is having a quiet moment in the garden when Danielle comes out.  He says now that more people are at risk, he's more at risk now, he thought he would go up.  Why would anyone nominate you, Danielle says.  Why would they nominate Ash, Chris wonders.  He notes that Christopher didn't get half the attention Ash got when he was nominated.  Where was his crowed, his support group?  It breaks my heart, Danielle says, because he's such a nice guy. 

Marlon is alone in the bathroom while Steven, Ash and Helen talk about him and yesterday's flirting task.  He thought he had you, Ash says, and when he found out you were pretending...  I would rather shit in my own f*cking mouth than even look at him.  He really thought you were into him, Ash says again.  That f*cking slug over there (Jale) is listening.  Jale and Ashleigh are sitting on the sofa.  Slugsworth, Helen swears.  Stop it, Ash says, let's go have a cigarette.

Danielle sits down next to Ashleigh and Steven, Helen, Ash and Kimberly head out to the garden but Helen can't help throw out an insult to Jale.  Were you listening, she asks?  I didn't mean you, Ashleigh.  Steven laughs.  They go outside and Helen calls Jale a f*cking slug again.  Steven tries to calm Helen down.  Inside, Jale tells Ashleigh, I love how I'm getting f*cking blamed for everything in this house.  Why do you not say anything at these comments, Danielle asks.  I don't need to justify myself to a person who doesn't know me, Jale replies. 

12:56am and Helen is still ranting on Jale for sticking her ears in everyone else's conversations, her slugsworth elephant ears.  Inside, Jale is doing dishes with Christopher and Toya is trying to find out what happened.  Did Helen make a comment, she asks?  I don't know, Jale says, something was said and Ashleigh got upset because she thought Helen was referring to her, then the last part that I heard was Helen say she wasn't talking about Ashleigh. 

Too much drama, Toya says, I don't want any involvement in it.  At the same time, give people the benefit of the doubt.  Oh, I don't mind, Jale says.  Because Helen's not a spiteful person at all, Toya continues, and I can vouch for that.  I'm a human dartboard apparently, Jale says.  Why do you think that, Toya asks.  I don't know, hon, to be honest, I don't know Helen so I don't know.  You have to bear in mind, Toya says, continuing to excuse Helen's behavior, that people are intoxicated.  Yes, Jale says but that's not really a reason unless someone's genuinely p*ssed off at someone.  But if that's how you feel, maybe you should say something, Toya says. 

Maybe I should, Jale says.

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