Day 10: Saturday, June 14th, 2014 - Steven Drinks The Kool Aid

Previously, Tamara's eviction rocked the house and Chris got the Power and the pressure reached boiling point.  Tonight, the boys try to get lucky, Chris is at it again and suspicion reaches fever pitch. 

9:31am of Day 10 and the Big Brother House is missing one housemate.  Pauline and Christopher are nominated by the Secret Power Housemate and that's the topic of discussion between Jale, Danielle and Ash.  Jale says whomever it is must have a poker face.  Ash thinks who it is won't be revealed - the whole house is going to hate them. 

Christopher tells Big Brother he's a bit shocked after having that long talk with Pauline and then being nominated, but at least no one thinks he's the Power Housemate now.  He has no grudge against whomever it is, they had to do what they had to do, there's no point in everyone getting suspicious.

10:45am and Winston tells Matthew he didn't think Tamara would go.  Danielle comes in and asks if he's all right.  He apologizes for not congratulating her on staying in the house last night.  She says it's OK.  In the kitchen, Toya praises Pauline for being so observant and hopes she'll be like her when she gets older.  Steven adds that when she gets out of the house, she will see the lovely things the majority of people said in the Diary Room. 

Mark and Mathew are talking in the bath.  Matthew thinks Pauline will go next Friday, she's so polarizing, she has opinions but can't take it, she could be in serious trouble.  Jale will have the advantage as long as Pauline keeps going after her, she's seriously polarizing, a bully.  Mark says Pauline doesn't know how to handle herself in arguments properly.

11:27am and Christopher wants to clear the air with Toya and Helen, saying he's come into rooms where they are and they go silent and that's horrible.  Helen acknowledges she can be bitchy and that's not acceptable.  In the kitchen, Pauline tells Chris its a compliment she was nominated because that person thinks she could win.  It's a tactical nomination.  Pauline says she knew she would get boos, she was expecting it, if she hadn't argued with Jale, then Jale would be gone and Tamara would still be here.  Pauline thinks Jale will find someone else to pick on now. 

12:09pm and Christopher is alone in the rainy garden.  At the Dining Table, the housemates speculate about the Secret Power Housemate.  Ash doesn't think it's Chris now after Christopher's nomination.  Steve says he's not a very good liar, so it's not him.  Jale thinks it is Kimberly.  Kimberly says yes, it's me.  Pauline says her nomination was tactical and she doesn't take it personally.  Mark could be a surprising one, Ash says jokingly.

Marlon says the Power Housemate told me it's them.  You serious, Steven asks? No way, Winston says, incredulously.  Who is it then, Steven wants to know.  They never, says Winston.  He's joking, Steven insists, pointing at Marlon, he's joking! Marlon starts laughing as he's called out on his prank.  I believed you for a minute, Ash says.

1:14pm and Chris tells Jale that he told Pauline he's not taking sides.  Jale expected more from a 50yr old woman.  Her talking about it over and over isn't helpful, it's divide and conquer.  Back at the dining table, Steven is sure it's Chris.  Ash thinks it's Jale.  Ashleigh disagrees because she could have been gone last night and Big Brother wouldn't have given it to someone who might be evicted.  Danielle thinks Jale will be around for a time.

Marlon is upset Jale called Kim out in front of her at the table.  Maybe it was a decoy tactic, Danielle suggests.  Steven wonders if Jale actually was up for nomination last night.  Maybe the Power protects her this week from being nominated.  There's something not right here, Marlon says, there's a mole in the hole.

2:49pm and Kimberly jokes she is enjoying her secret power.  She admits to Ashleigh and Danielle that she's the most stoic.  She's actually glad that she's not the Power Housemate and having to make these difficult decisions.  In the living area, Mark tells Pauline she's doing the right thing being mature about her being nominated.  Helen agrees.  Steven says if Big Brother calls you up there, you have to nominate someone, you have to do it.   Matthew adds that Pauline is a strong character in the house. 

Power Housemate Chris has been called to the Diary Room.  He says his emotions are in a blender, these people are supposed to be extremely intelligent but they are falling for every conspiracy, they feel left out when they don't know anything.  Were it not me, I would be happy to not know.  They are taking a toll on me emotionally.  I feel I did the right thing with Pauline, having heard the crowd's reaction made me feel more confident, but they housemates have all swallowed her bullshit about as much as her dinners.

3:22pm, and Ash, Marlon and Steven have been enrolled in Flirt School, taught by Kimberly.  She is teaching the art of seduction and the winner of the task is the one who most successfully uses Kimberly's fake flirt tips to win over one of their fellow female housemates.  What the boys don't know is, the rest of the house is in on a secret mission to trick them into thinking they're being successful.

The boys practice Kimberly's tactless tips on each other before putting them into practice.  Their final exam sets up Marlin with seducing Helen, Steven taking Pauline into his arms, and Ash making his moves on Toya.  The ladies talk game but their body language suggests otherwise, except for Pauline who promises to teach Steven how to grind.  Toya couldn't be sitting further from Ash and Helen looks like she wish she could kick Marlon across the garden. 

The grinding lesson begins and everyone watches the two as Steven begins to moan and call Pauline's name.  Big Brother calls the housemates into the living area to reveal that the task the boys were on was not the real task.  Duly embarrassed the boys turn red.  The best flirt was Steven. 

5:12pm and Jale tells Marlon this should have been his task.  Marlon says Steven grinding Pauline messed him up.  Jale makes the noises Steven was making.  Winston demonstrates Marlon's face as one of disgusted horror.  I know this was a flirting task, but Jesus, says Jale!  She says she told Toya to mount Ash and said she would have. 

In the bathroom, Toya overhears Jale and is not impressed.  Who is she talking to like that, Toya asks Helen?  Because we're in here she thinks she can talk about me like that?  Helen says Jale just wants her to make a complete twat out of herself by acting like a slag.  She thinks I was distant before, Toya promises, I'll be in outer space now. 

6:09pm and Steven and Pauline get a high tea in the garden for winning the flirting task.  The table is laid out with white table and chair covers, cold champagne and a pink rose along with an assortment of cakes, cheese, pickles.  Steven intends to eat every single one.  He tells Pauline it's nice for her to get a break after being nominated.  He toasts her.

In the wash area, Jale tells Danielle she can still hear Pauline going on about how she's being mistreated, her babies in the house, not the b*tch that put me up for eviction.  She didn't say that, asks Danielle.  No, of course not, but it's her suggestion, she doesn't have to say it.  I'm giving her space after what happened yesterday.  But you didn't nominate her, Danielle says.  She blames me for everything.  But you're not the Power Housemate!  She blames me for the public, Jale says, I'm the scapegoat.

Power Housemate Chris is called to the Diary Room to make a 3rd secret nomination.  He needs a minute then names Steven as his third nominee.  He really likes him but he's a bit too easy to follow in Pauline's footsteps, he's susceptible to her, they are always having intense whispered conversations, under her influence.  Though he is super intelligent and nice and acts mature, he's really younger.  Chris says this was a difficult decision, because he's the one with the biggest bee in his bonnet about this secret Power Housemate business, so he's both the worst to nominate and the best.

9:25pm and Helen decides Winston is actually bright and quite savvy.  Back in the house, Steven's light box changes to being Nominated.  The housemates hear the telltale nomination sound and rush into the house to see who it is that's been nominated.  Jale and Ashleigh are the first in to see who it is.  Pauline and Toya immediately take credit for saying it would be more than 2.  Steven says it's fine, he expected it. 

Steven and Ash head out to the garden.  Speculation inside is that it will be a nomination every night.  Marlon has his arm around Chris who suspects he may be nominated tomorrow night if its every night.  Marlon decides to go outside to have a talk with Steven.  Chris tells Danielle it seems fairly random.  Marlon and Winston join them.  Steven says he's not going to stoop down to predict who the secret Power Housemate is.  Then he says that little shit's put me up for nomination.  It's Chris. 

Inside, Kimberly thinks whomever the secret Power Housemate is is clever, a good strategy.  Pauline says it's not about having an issue with anybody - these are the votes from a single person. Marlon joins them along with Chris and Christopher.  At the end of the day, Pauline continues, they're playing a pretty good game. 

10:43pm and Steven promises Helen, Pauline, Winston and Danielle that this is just the beginning, he'll not kick off now but wait and bide his time and the second he knows for sure, he'll attack.  I'll have my time with the person who done it, he says, and I'll expose him.  Jale goes to the Diary Room laughing hysterically at the paranoia in the house, they are convinced that it's her or Chris, she has never seen so much hate in the house.  Good one, Big Brother, she says, I'm going to wet myself, they are literally fuming. 

Back at the dining table, Steven continues his slow roast, says his granddad told him to never bite the hand that feeds you and he can tell you right his minute that that woman (Pauline) is the most honest, fair woman he's ever met in his life.   Bless you, Pauline says.  And what ever anyone else says, Steven continues, I will always be a support.  I love you to pieces!  Pauline gets up and gives an emotional Steven a big hug.

Taking a crying Stephen to her bosom, he says I've met some shit people in the world but whatever anyone else says, this woman looks after people and I respect that.  Danielle, Helen, Steven and Marlon share a hug as Pauline says we're in it together, buds, we're in it together.

11:18pm and Helen is convinced Jale is playing games and cannot be trusted.  All the guys and girls deserted her and it looked shit on TV and made her a victim to the public.  Pauline says it's as simple as she wanted $100 grand more than self respect.  Done. 

Out in the garden, Winston and Jale are talking and she tells him he can go inside if he wants to.  Winston says F*ck it.  People say and do things they don't mean, Jale says, and you can't take it back.  They decide to go inside together, Jale applying some lip balm.  I hope she doesn't come over here, Helen mutters.  Then she notices the lip balm.

Is that mine, Helen asks?  Is it mine off the table?  Sorry, Jale says, handing it back to her.  Do you honestly help yourself to other peoples' stuff?  I honestly didn't mean to, Jale says, I didn't know it was yours.  Helen gives her a nasty look but doesn't say anything.  Jale walks away and joins Kimberly and Ashleigh in the bath area where the air is fresher and more relaxing.  She tells them Winston convinced her to go back into the house and join the group and she got her head bitten off.  By who, Ashleigh asks?  Jale just nods, as if to say you know who.

Back in the living area, Helen is fuming: I would literally tell her to pick me next.  Get me out, I don't want to share a house with you.  I thought I was paranoid but everyone is jealous of Pauline.  Who is going to give a moron, someone with no personality, any attention?  She's a harmful person. 

11:45pm and Steven has a new theory of the Power Housemate's secret identity: Marlon.  Pauline says it's based on bowed heads, he can't hold his head high.  He has been quite edgy today, Ashleigh volunteers.  Toya says you can look in a person's eyes and see if there's a problem. 

Out in the garden, Helen, Ash, Chris, Matthew, Jale and Mark are talking.  Helen is upset about Steven's nomination and how Steven's feeling because of some back-stabbing areole.  I don't like seeing a genuinely nice guy upset.  Matthew thinks people are just going a bit over the top tonight.  Emotions are running too high, Mark says.  Helen says Steven is upset that someone has a problem with his and Pauline's relationship.  How do you know that, Matthew asks?   Of course it is, Helen says.  Then what about Christmas (Christopher)?  Does he have a relationship with Pauline?

Mathew says people are going around saying its you, its you, its you but they don't know.   Jale hopes they announce who it is.  Steven was the biggest shocker, though, Ash says.  It could be you, you, you, you, Matthew says, going around the circle.  Or you, Ash says.  it could have been me, Matthew says.  Ash says he knows for a fact it's not himself and a lot of people know it's not me.  I wish it was me, Helen says.  I don't, Jale says.

1:46am, all the other housemates are asleep but Steven is venting in the Diary Room.  He's disappointed that he's up for nomination, he feels betrayed and he doesn't know why.  I can't wait to find out who it is.  There's a huge element of game play and people are picking on other people's weaknesses.  I know I came in here saying I would be thick skinned with a solid backbone but there are people I've met in the house who've clinched my heart in their hands.  I'm annoyed, disappointed, fuming  because I don't believe it's the right nomination.  I just want to know who the Power Housemate is. 

And I want it to be known that if there is the opportunity for the public to choose a Power Housemate, I want them to have faith in me to make the right decision, because I would shake this place up like never before because there are people who need to be exposed and the public to see their true nature and I don't think they are.  It's become personal.

[I think Chris has done a pretty good job shaking things up all on his own.  -- Morty]

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