Day 9: Friday, June 13th, 2014 - Revenge!

Previously, the house was split and Chris got the Power.  Tonight, Mark predicts the future and Chris gets to work.    But can he keep his secret safe? 

[Just a reminder, today's update covers Friday through and following the Live Eviction. -- Morty]

Helen talks to Winston about his date with Tamara, saying that Tamara was glowing about how sweet he was.  Pauline talks to Matthew about Jale's possible eviction, comparing it when at a funeral, not pretending to grieve over someone you don't care about.  We'll all have to do each other as the process goes on, she says, but at least we'll stab each other in the front, implying Jale is stabbing people in the back.

In the Diary Room, Christopher doesn't understand Pauline saying she wants people to be up front with her.  He liked her at first, but in the last few days he's struggled to get along with her, particularly yesterday.  She can't seem to handle anyone who disagrees with her, she has a one track mind and doesn't like dissension.  She was my friend and then one minor disagreement she won't talk to him anymore, doesn't need him anymore.

11:47am and it's time for Pauline's breakfast.  Christopher is in the garden and no one calls him before they start eating.  Pauline is doling out the eggs.  There are 2 plates extra and Pauline is upset Christopher got his own plate.  I made 16 bakes, one for each plate, she says.  Christopher eats away from the rest of the housemates.

Big Brother gives Mark a task to tell the fortunes of his fellow housemates as Mystic Mark.  All he has to do is predict the future for 3 housemates using his all powerful psychic abilities.  Big Brother has given him a psychic reading room draped in red and he's wearing a psychic outfit.  Danielle is the first to receive a reading.  He read the cards and tells her it could be her going tonight.  I have a feeling, Danielle says.  But she will still have so much to look forward to, he says.

Winston is next and Mystic Mark reads his aura - Royal Blue.  When he wants something, Mark tells Winston, he goes for it.  Relationships in the house can be tricky, but the cards say the Queen of Swords is blond and that's a really positive things, she can fight her way to stay in the house.  Helen is the final housemate to sit for a reading and he closes his eyes sees a garden with lovely flowers and wasps.  This is her situation in the house, the 6 of Clubs means six people and Helen names Mark, Tamara, Steven, Pauline, Toya and Matthew.  Her future is is the 5 of clubs, one is being deleted.  Mark says no, it's upside down so that means she will come to fight with one of them.  He now predicts Tamara might go tonight.

5:15pm, Jale tells Big Brother she feels better today after a good meditation earlier.  She's prepared for all outcomes and enjoy herself all the time.  She has no hard feelings for Pauline who hasn't spoken to her.  Instead she's focused on her experience. 

Chris tells Kimberly he doesn't always know when people are acting but he can tell when people are acting badly, and there are some cringingly bad performances.  He names Christopher for tying to make himself seem so sad, he's irritating the hell out of him because he's not there.  It's bad timing, Kimberly.  The guy's just unaware, Chris says, he does stupid things in the kitchen but doesn't deserve the aggressive attacks on him.  Kimberly says he's not the only one acting.

Matthew asks Mark what people thinks of Pauline?  He says opinions have changed, she can come across as intimidating.  Very abrasive, Matthew says, I think there are people in the public who can't stand her.  Because of how she's been with Jale, Mark agrees.  I love her bones, he says, even if people back home don't.  She comes off quite rude, Matthew says.  Matthew says sometimes Mark says things and he can't tell if he's joking.  I'm always joking with you, Mark says.

8:09pm and Steven and Christopher share a smoke before the live eviction in the garden.  Chris is called to the Diary Room and they wonder why.  Chris's first dream after having the power was if everyone had the power.  It's made him anxious that he may make the wrong decision tonight and it has a serious adverse effect on his position in the house. 

Tamara is feeling the pressure and ears up at the pre-eviction meal.  Mark and Helen come to her aid to cheer her up and salvage her makeup.

Back in the Diary Room, Chris is given an ear piece and is told to make his way to the toilet after the evicted housemate leaves the house and put in the ear piece.  Big Brother will then ask him for the name of the first housemate he wishes to nominate. 

9:54pm, it's time for the live eviction to begin.  Emma calls out Danielle, Jale and Tamara's names.  Tamara is surprised at her boos she gets and all the housemates can hear the audience chanting, Get Pauline Out, Get Pauline Out!  They are not sure they are hearing right because Pauline isn't nominated.

Jale is declared safe and Danielle is in tears, sure she is going.  Pauline says didn't I tell you?  The housemates discuss what they heard and Pauline says I knew this would happen, I told you. 

10:54pm and it's time for the name of the evicted housemate to be revealed.  Tamara is evicted from the house and Danielle and Tamara are both shocked.  Somebody screams and Jale is first to congratulate Danielle on staying in.  After everyone hugs Tamara goodbye, Chris slips away to the toilet.  Winston is gutted at Tamara's eviction.  In the toilet, Chris talks to Big Brother through the ear piece and nominates Pauline.

10:31pm and the surprises for the housemates continue as Big Brother reveals that one housemate was secretly given the power the day before.  The nomination lights dim and Helen says OMG.  Nominations are canceled and their fate lies in the Power Housemate's hands.  Big Brother reveals Pauline is the first person to face next week's eviction. 

Chris holds his hand over his mouth in disbelief.  Helen's mind is working overtime.  Toya says she can't deal with this and gives Pauline a hug.  Danielle walks over and gives Pauline a hug as well.  Chris sits there and rubs his eyes.  Pauline says the power went to the person she gave it to last week.  Kimberly says she didn't expect that.  It's not been your night, Matthew jokes.  It's always my night, Pauline says.

10:57pm Jale in the garden alone, urges herself not to cry and decides to meditate while smoking.  In the kitchen, Pauline says this is about revenge for what she did as Power Housemate.  She says she stayed 100% true to herself and hasn't talked behind anyone's back and anyone who had anything to say to her could come right up to her and say it. 

Mark joins Jale in the garden, saying he had to leave when Pauline started talking about how this is revenge, this was Jale's revenge she was implying.  Jale says she doesn't want to make anyone feel awkward and is very confused right now.

11:01pm and Kimberly tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that everyone is very suspicious, talking about it just to look around and see other people's reactions.  It could literally be anyone, Pauline's nomination is very tactical.  Chris joins Mark and Jale and they talk about the crowd shouting to Get Pauline Out.  Jale says it was very awkward. She wants to talk to Pauline about it but not now.  Mark advises her to just stay out of it.

Steven, Winston and Pauline are at the dining table and Steven is suspicious about how quiet Chris is, but doesn't think Christopher, Jale or Marlon.  Little Chris was called to the Diary Room 35 minutes before the eviction.  Chris the actor, Winston asks?  Yes, Steven said, my father said never bite the hand that feeds you and that's what he did with Pauline.  If he puts him up for nomination after all Steven has done for him, giving him cigarettes, I'll go off on him. 

11:25pm and in the garden the housemates wonder if Big Brother will reveal who the Power Housemate was at the end of the week.  Helen comes out and says she thinks it's Chris.  Well, I'm the actor, Chris says.  I didn't say I was a good actor.  Helen laughs and says again it was you, you've got it.  Chris says yeah, and lights up a cigarette with Steven standing next to him.  Why you hung up on me, he asks?  You so got it, Helen says.

Christopher and Pauline haven't spoken since breakfast.  He walks into the dining area but she gets up and walks away.  I knew this was going to happen, she finally says to him, so it doesn't matter.  [Apparently nothing happens in the house that Pauline didn't predict or plan. -- Morty]  Christopher asks if she thinks it was him?  No, I don't actually, Pauline says.  Thank you, he says, since we haven't been speaking I didn't know whether to give you a hug or not. 

Pauline says she's very realistic.  I can't do childish, she says, I can't.  She turns it around to him, saying he stomps off about some little things that don't matter because he's not used to people telling him not to do this or that.  And if its the way she said it, he should have come to her, but there are little habits he has that totally exacerbate the situation and he doesn't realize it.  I'm going to be honest.  You might as well, Christopher sighs as they head to the sofa.

Number one, Pauline lectures, when you first came, you were one of my favorite people here without a shadow of a doubt.  But you don't share well.  I don't?  You mean food?  Whenever anything is to be gotten, she says, you're there before everyone else (he was the last to dinner tonight).  You finish your food before everyone else and you go for seconds before everyone else.  People have noticed, she says.

Christopher says that he has felt very lonely this week, and Pauline says he made himself alone.  I felt as if I had done something satanic, he says, I haven't been nasty to anyone.  Pauline says people have also noticed that he'll stand there and listen to a conversation as if he's intruding.  I never spread a story, Christopher protests.  Pauline is petting his hand as Christopher acknowledges his social behavior could be seen as dubious.  He rubs tears from his eyes as Pauline says Christopher stormed off and left her feeling upset after she didn't say anything to upset him because he was her top dog!

1:26am and Christopher are still clearing the air in the bedroom.  Christopher asks for a fresh start.  Now Pauline is tearing and says she doesn't do this crying sh*t.  They are both crying as they hug it out.  Pauline says she got into school girl mode and she hasn't been in school girl mode since she was a school girl.  At the end of the day we both have to take responsibility and I'm sorry I hurt your heart.

In the Diary Room, Chris tells Big Brother his reason for nominating Pauline is that from Day 1 he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach that she's a gossip and a stirrer.  Everybody in the house loves her and I think they've been cheated. But they don't know that.  I can't tell you how hard it was to commit to that decision, he struggles to say, because I really think I was the only person who saw that in her until she was directly attacking people like Jale, but I couldn't believe people felt like that about her outside.  Then I heard the boos for her and it was such a massive comfort.  However, I now feel like a complete and utter fake.  But there was a rat in our kitchen, what was I going to do?

Big Brother tells Chris its time for another nomination.  Already, he asks?  He is instructed to give the name of the next housemate to be nominated for eviction in next Friday's public vote.  Chris nominates Christopher for winding a lot of people up very badly, a bit careless in the kitchen and thoughtless outside.  I actually feel horribly sorry for him, he says, struggling to maintain his composure, he seems quite alone.  Chris rubs the tears out of his eyes.  I think he feels alone but just has a character that rubs people the wrong way.

Chris says this is everything he's against, the dishonesty, but it's what he does for a living and they're going to be suspicious of him, he has to accept it.  He has to lie as himself.  They've all got families.  And on plus on that, I nominated Tamara, he says.  Oh Gd, he says, laughing through the tears.

1:50am and Helen, Chris, Pauline, Ash, and Steven are in the garden.  Ash  says he hates when someone celebrates seeing you after so long when they don't care.  Inside the house, the light box for Christopher suddenly changes color and the word NOMINATED is displayed.  The housemates inside hear the noise and Winston is the first to notice Christopher has been nominated.  Marlon rushes out to the garden to tell Christopher and the others. 

Everyone gathers in front of the light box to see.  What?  Shut up!  Sh*t in hell!  immediately Mark wonders where Chris is.  He runs back to the garden where finds Chris and Pauline.  Is it true she asks?  Yes, Mark says, heading to the bedroom to find Christopher in the bathroom.  Your picture just changed, he says, you're nominated.  Oh really, Christopher says.  We'll hit it together, Pauline says as they both enter the house to see the light box wall.  Chris is left  outside alone in the garden alone and whispers: chaos reigns.

2:21am, Jale is getting ready for bed.  Helen is still suspicious of Chris, says he went up into the pod alone.  Marlon says but I really like him, it's weird.  It's Big Brother, Matthew says, he has to do what he has to do if it is him.  Out in the garden, Christopher tells Chris he feels so much better right now.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be like this, he says, this is so hard.  It's really tough, Chris agrees, but you're handling this admirably.  I zenned, Christopher says, smiling, it's all good.  The only thing they don't control, Chris says, is your mind.

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