Day 8: Thursday, June 13th, 2014 + Live Eviction!

It's week one in the Big Brother house and the power took hold.  Tensions erupted.  Tonight, a new housemate steps into power, and 3 housemates are up for eviction: Danielle, Jale and Tamara.  Who goes?  You decide!

You have already voted for voted for Christ to be the secret Power Housemate.  Nominations are canceled!  It's all on his shoulders and in tonight's show, he will make his first nomination.  Plus, it's the first eviction of the series!  And tonight, the first smooch of the summer!  Let's kick it off with a look back at what happened in the Big Brother House.

This week, Pauline's power trip ended with a killer decision.  But not everybody facing eviction took it so well, though positivity was soon restored with this week's shopping task.  But it didn't stay positive for long, as we check in with yesterday's action.

Early the morning of Day 8, Jale overhears Pauline wondering about whether Ashleigh, Jale's bedmate, is hot or cold because she doesn't have any bed covers over her. 

9:37am, Pauline tells Jale and Chris she's a straight talker.  Jale asks how she responds to people who say she doesn't use much tact?  Pauline ignores her and Jale says that's my point.  They tell each other they make each other uncomfortable, but Pauline rebuffs Jale's invitation to talk about it.  I'm a statementer , she says, not a discusser.    It's not my problem, Pauline states.  It is, Jale says, because we're all living together.  I can compromise, make an effort.  It depends on what you call compromise, Pauline says.

In the garden, Jale brings  up the statement Pauline made overnight about her hogging the bed covers.  Pauline says she wasn't saying that, she was saying Ashleigh was uncovered, it's Jale who turned it around to be about her.  [Bull crap.  You would have to be clueless to not know what Pauline was saying. -- Morty]   Pauline calls out her age again, says life is too short to not say what's on your mind.  Jale says but you never listen.  Pauline says you pick when you want to have a discussion on your terms and won't let anyone else say anything.  Talking loudly, she says Jale is lying to her face.  She won't let Jale say anything.  She says she's going to lock Jale down, she's not going to say anything about her at all.  Me and you need to not talk.

Pauline returns to the bedroom and Pauline announces that she got the talk she warned them she was going to get.  She says Jale is being aggressive exactly like she said she would.  She says she pulled the b*tch up alone without an audience.  She has all this shit in her mind what people are saying about her.  Let her think what she wants.  Twat. 

11:01am and Winston is hatching a plan with Mark to ask Tamara out on a secret date [Didn't see that one coming, did you?  -- Morty]  In the kitchen, Pauline is still ranting about Jale, saying that Jale is trying to plant the seed that Pauline is hard to talk to.  Christopher says to be honest, I there are times I feel the same way.  The thing is, Pauline says over him, if you're talking nonsense, I'm going to shut it down, I don't have time for that.  That's so frustrating, Christopher tries to explain, for someone trying to get something off their chest.  I don't have people in my life that do that, Pauline says.  Christopher says that when you make people feel unimportant enough to not have a voice, that's going to hurt. 

Jale is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother she's not going to try to convince the house of her side.  She's (Pauline) going to blow and I don't want to be around for that.  I don't need it.  I'll make myself OK but I'm not now.  Big Brother asks her if she has people she can talk to.  No, not really, Jale says.  She's told she shouldn't feel like she's alone because she's not.  Jale starts crying as Big Brother says there are people in the house you can trust and talk to.  I'm too soft, Jale says, I just wanted to have a good time, it's so silly. 

4:17pm and Helen and Mark talk about Friday's eviction.  Mark doesn't want Tamara or Jale to go.  He says Pauline is an amazing mate.  In the dining area, Pauline continues her favorite topic of discussion, saying everything Jale says is negative.  She says Jale accused her of being tactless.  Pauline says she's a recidivist, she makes things up over and over. 

8:21pm and it's Date Time as Winston takes Tamara up into the Pod for a surprise date.  She immediately assumes it's a secret task.  Winston is wearing a shirt that makes it seem like his chest is bursting out of it.  Marlon serves appetizers and Big Brother has provided a bottle of White Wine (it says so on the label).  Mark serves the meal of mincemeat and pasta.  Other housemates are down in the garden watching them through the Pod windows.

After eating, Winston and Tamara snuggle in private up in the pod.  He has his hands on her hip as she snuggles on his shoulder.   Before they go back downstairs, Winston asks for a little kiss but Tamara gives him a full on snog.  The housemates below hear the action and get real quiet.  Ash runs inside to tell the other housemates what they're missing.  Do you think they heard that, Tamara asks?  I'm so embarrassed.  The inside housemates come out and making cat calls from below, asking how was it?  Absolutely fantastic, Winston calls down.  

Big Brother calls Chris to the Diary Room at 10:11pm and is told to exit via the door to his left.  he enters the Power Chamber and is greeted by IRIS.  She informs him he has been selected by the British public as the next Power Housemate.  That's a helluva kindness, he says, I feel deeply uncomfortable because I don't know what you're going to ask of me.  IRIS says over the coming days, he will decide the fate of his fellow housemates as this week he and only he will nominate.   Chris sighs deeply as IRIS says he and he alone will decide his housemates' fate.  The first nomination takes place Friday evening after the first eviction. 

This will be a secret eviction, IRIS says, none of the housemates will know he has received the Power and have made this nomination.  Chris says he understands.  Big Brother will instruct him to make further nominations over the week.  Chris says he feels like a turncoat because he'll have to lie and pretend he doesn't have power, but, he grins slyly, I'm all right with that.  IRIS reminds him the British Public wants him to have this power and make these decisions in secret.  IRIS asks him again how he feels.  I feel powerful, he says.

11:19pm and Chris, Christopher, Jale and Steven discuss the power.  Jale thinks maybe Emma will announce it live.  Christopher wonders if they wouldn't have one.  Chris agrees - a week with everyone wondering about who has it and no one has it, the paranoia would be we worth it than having a Power Housemate.

Pauline can't let go of her feelings about Jale, apologizing to Danielle for engaging with Jale this morning and enabling her to look like a victim.  Because I don't want you to go anywhere, she tells Danielle.  You are so sweet, Danielle says, I'll miss you so much.  Matthew, Toya, Christopher and Ashleigh are Pauline's audience as she apologizes for messing it up for Danielle and making herself look like Jale's victim.  She's an orchestrator, Pauline says, and I fell right into the pit.

12:36am and most of the housemates are in the garden, but Christopher wants a word with Pauline in the Kitchen.  She rebuffs him.  Just because he wants to talk, she tells Ashleigh, doesn't mean I do.  Jale overhears and asks if Christopher is OK.  She tells him to not get sucked into her games.  Christopher tells Jale about Pauline's rant about Jale this morning.  She was horrible and he said he disagreed and that was all he said. 

Jale says she's not used to people who stand up for themselves and anyone who does, she has been going systematically going around the house all day to make she pulls everyone into her point of view, she's that insecure.  If she asks your opinion again...  She's not getting it, Christopher says.  She makes a point about being direct an honest, Jale says, but she can't handle it.  Christopher says all he wanted to say to her was he was sorry for talking to her in the kitchen this morning and if she wants, next time he has something to say he'll take her aside.  He thanks Jale for warning him to not get sucked in.

Out in the garden, Steven is now Pauline's audience as he tries to encourage her to air her problem out with Jale one on one.  That's what I did in the first place, Pauline says [Pretty sure it was actually Jale who took Pauline aside in the morning. -- Morty].   They agree Jale is a snake in the grass.

One housemate is about to be let off the eviction hook.  It's time to talk to the house!

Big Brother House, this is Emma.  Danielle, Jale, Tamara, the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed.  For the last 5 days, the British have been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the housemate with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction is...

Winston holds the hand of a terrified Tamara as Emma reveals... 


Danielle and Tamara look ready to cry.  Danielle is sandwiched between Kimberly and Ashleigh. 

Jale, you are safe, Emma says, Danielle, Tamara, I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and therefore the first to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...

Going to be revealed shortly.

After an hour long break while the housemate stews, it's time for the main event.  it's Danielle vs. Tamara.  Who will be the first person to be kicked out of the Big Brother house this summer?  Let's find out.  It's time to talk tot he house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma.  Danielle, Tamara, the viewers have spoken, your fate has been sealed.  For the last 5 days the British public has been voting to evict.  I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and first to be evicted is...


No, one of the housemates shout, perhaps Winston.

Tamara, you have lost your place in the Big Brother House.   Tamara, you have been evicted.  Please leave the Big Brother House.

Tamara is in tears as her former housemates comfort her and say goodbye.  Danielle is equally shocked.  They escort her to the steps, shouting her name and clapping as Big Brother orders her to leave the  house immediately.

The countdown begins from 10 as Tamara exits to a mixture of jeers and cheers.  She says she was both shocked and upset at being evicted because she thought with another week she could have shown a lot more.  She really felt Danielle was going to go.  [I don't think she was alone in that belief. -- Morty]

Let's get back to the business of Power Trips. Moments ago, Power Housemate Chris was forced to make his first secret nomination.  Whomever he nominated will face the public vote next Friday.  Let's see who he's chosen.

In the toilet, Big Brother asks Chris to name the firs housemate he wants to nominate.  He nominates Pauline with a sly smile.

Big Brother addresses the housemates in the living room, reminding them that they were told one of them would be chosen to wield power over their fellow housemates.  The house goes silent.  Big Brother can now reveal that one housemate was secretly given the power 24 hours ago and you are about to feel that power for the first time. 

The lights dim and the nomination red glows throughout the house.  Housemates, this week's nominations are canceled.  Your fate lies in the Power Housemate's hands.  The first person to face next week's eviction (gasps from the housemates; Chris cringes in anticipation of hearing his name) is...


Pauline, you will face next week's public vote.  Housemates, this is just the beginning.  The identity of the Power Housemate will remain a secret, and they will use that power again over the coming days.  Trust no one, Big Brother says helpfully.

The lights return and Pauline is silent.  Chris has his hand over his mouth.  Toya gives Pauline a hug.  Steven gives her a big hug.  Pauline will face eviction next week along with Jale who is nominated every week.  Chris will continue to nominate over the weekend along with a bunch of other power trips up Big Brother's sleeve.

In the house, Pauline says this is a revenge thing.  I've predicted this over and over.  I fully understand what just happened.  I told you already, there was an orchestration yesterday morning.  Helen is upset and Pauline tells her not to be, making it clear who she thinks the Power Housemate is.

Chris gives Pauline an encouraging pat on the back.

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