Day 7: Wednesday, June 10th, 2014 - Spin The Wheel

Previously, secrets came out and shocked the house.  Tonight, housemates struggle to stay positive as bitching and backstabbing reign supreme. 

It's 10:24am and the Big Brother house has been transformed for the second day of the the shopping task, the Power of Positivity.  The housemates must remain positive at all times or they risk going on basic rations.  Toya and Steven are the Positivity Police, ensuring housemates are happy at all times.  Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh chat in the bedroom.  They say after last night, Toya is a sh*t stirrer, getting on Jale's case every time she says something.  It's like pitting yourself against a brick wall, Danielle says.

Steven and Toya are told the housemates will be given the task to go rofling, rolling on the floor laughing.  They are to shout positive encouragement using the provided megaphones.  The rofling begins in the garden with some housemates more into the rofling than others.  Big Brother says they have displayed enough positivity and can cease rofling. 

12:11pm, Jale leads a positivity meditation in the kitchen.  In the bathroom, Pauline tells Tamara Christopher is crawling up her arse.  She warns Tamara to keep her distance and watch out for his conversations.  In the Diary Room, Christopher says there were a lot of things last night he would have liked to said something about; why kick start a war when they're supposed to be happy.  He says Mark and Helen are a bit of a double act now. 

Pauline tells Tamara that Chris and Mark get her to go into antagonistic mode.  Helen joins them and adds how they are always in the kitchen but never wash up.  Christopher tells Big Brother he'll bring it up after the Happy Day is over.  He was also offended by how Helen went after Danielle but if he speaks up for everything to which he objects, he'll get ostracized.  If you're not part of a clique, you're boring.  Back in the kitchen, Mark, Ash, and Chris are enjoying Jale's meditation lessons. 

Christopher tells Mark and Matthew he was uncomfortable and offended by some of what Helen said but didn't want to say anything due to positivity day.  He doesn't want to change her perception on things.  Matthew agrees and just cautioned her to be careful about what she says.  Christopher says if something happens again he'll have to say something.  Mark says people say things in the house they don't mean.  Christopher unloads, saying he comes from a Christian background too and some of what she said was appalling.  Matthew says maybe Christopher should have said something.  If she had said something about Judaism, he might have had to say wait a second.

1:21pm, housemates Ash, Marlon, Kimberly and Ashleigh take part in the game show, Positivity Spin, where each must perform a challenge determined by the spin of the Positivity Wheel while remaining positive at all times.  If all four complete their challenge, each will win back their suitcases.  Any failure will be a failure by the group and will also keep their bags away for another night.  First to face the wheel is Ashleigh and she gets Face It.  She must give herself smelly fruit face mask.  She spreads the fruit paste onto her face, saying it smells like passion fruit.  You don't gag on passion fruit.

Kimberly goes next and gets Coming Clean and has to read out the reasons for her nominations this week from the transcript provided by Big Brother.  She reads out the nomination reasons for Tamara and Ash.  Both laugh it off but agree she has some points for them to work on in the house.  Ash goes next and gets High Rating where he must rate each girl, ranking them in order of sex appeal from least to most.  He starts with Jale at the bottom, then Pauline, Danielle, Ashleigh, Toya, Tamara, Kimberly and the housemate with the most sex appeal, Helen. 

Marlon goes next and gets the Deep Cleanse category in which he has to take a fishy shower wearing a Speedo bathing trunk.  He  gets into a tin tub and pours the smelly liquid all over him.  Mark gags just watching and has to use Marlon's spit bucket.  As they were happy to compete the challenges set by the Positive Spinner, they all win back their suitcases.

2:25pm and Helen gossips about Christopher to Helen, Toya and Steven about not having the stones to say things to anyone's face.  If you can't do that, Pauline says, then shut the f*ck up.  Kimberly is upset to Ashleigh that everyone was laughing while Marlon was struggling with the fish bath.  Ashleigh agrees and points out how everyone was laughing at Mark as he vomited.  Ashleigh says my friends would never laugh at me like that.   Kimberly says she likes Ash more now but can't say her opinion has totally changed.

Kimberly, Jale and Chris talk about whether Danielle has given up on being evicted on Friday.  Chris says then she should go because she's not helping herself - her negativity is bringing things down.  In the bathroom, Steven gets things off his chest with Pauline about how Winston will offer to share a cigarette but Christopher won't.  Pauline says Christopher and Jale are the two most selfish people in the house.  Steven worries that with the way things are going in the house, Tamara is in serious trouble of going home.  Jale will tell the viewers to keep her in and watch it kick off.  It is going to kick off, Steven says, mark his words.

6:12pm and it's the climax of the Positivity Task where housemates take part in Big Brother's Fun Fair. Mark and Tamara, Winston and Danielle, and Matthew and Pauline must complete the course in pairs, starting in the gunge pit, they must grab tokens hanging above then go through the electric mesh.  One at a time they must cross the balance beam, grab another token then  climb Big Brother's Big Stairs (covered with a slippery liquid) for the last tokens.  Each pair must collect 6 tokens or incur a fail for the group.  When they hear a sound, they must chant Positivity Rules.

Mark and Tamara are first through the course.  Mark splits the balance beam, which is coated with a slippery substance and feathers.  Tamara takes his hand and leads him across the beam after 3 failed attempts, breaking the course rules.  Danielle and Winston go next but Winston can't keep up as Danielle takes a hard fall but Winston splits the beam too.  But there was no rule breaking.  The final team is Matthew and Pauline as the rest of the house watches on.  Matthew glides over the balance beam and Pauline almost makes it. Matthew helps her across, breaking the rules again. 

They have incurred 2 fails added to the Smiley Box.  Tamara and Winston are in the tub again, speculating about the next Power Housemate.  Tamara wants Ash to have it.  Winston isn't impressed and wonders what Helen thinks.  Jale and Toya talk about their disagreement last night and Toya's disagreement with Christopher.  Toya says she doesn't judge people.  Jale says she'll talk out any disagreement with Toya any time.  Everything is irritating me, Toya says, but she likes Toya. 

7:50pm, after 2 days of compulsory cheerfulness, housemates gather to learn the results of the shopping task.  The Smiley Box has the number of fails housemates were permitted over the last 48 hours.  If their actual number of fails was less than the number, they pass the shopping task and get a luxury shopping budget.  If it is greater than the number permitted, they will be on basic rations for the week.  The housemates incurred 5 fails in total.  Toya opens the box and reads the number of fails that were permitted.  They were permitted 10 fails and pass the task!

This time their happiness is genuine.  They are rewarded with a luxury takeaway (take-out dinner).  Pauline vents to Winston that she would rather have Jale go Friday than Danielle or Tam Tam.  She would hate for Chris to have the power next.  Christopher walks over and lets Winston know what food is left over and he gets up for seconds.  Chris and Kimberly talk about her having to read her nomination reasons.  It helps you be a better person, Kimberly says, learning what people think about you.  Pauline tells Winston Jale and Christopher are always first in line for food.

10:56pm and Steven and Kimberly talk career opportunities.  Kimberly likes being a nude model and enjoys it but porn is not for her. Winston would do nude modeling.  There's not much of a demand for that, Kimberly says.  Helen and Danielle collect refreshments (beer) and the decide to talk now that the Positivity task is over.  Danielle apologizes for the slag thing and doesn't know where it came from.  Helen says she made a conscious effort to tell Danielle to come to her if things bother her.  She said some things to Danielle she absolutely shouldn't have.  It's all right, Danielle says. It's not all right, Helen says.

Danielle says she reacted like she did because she felt she wasn't right for the show because she's not as fun as other people.  She feels insecure, like a party pooper who can't join on things.  Can you not just sit in and listen, Helen asks?  I can but then I feel like I'm not part of the conversation, Danielle explains.  I'd never think that, Helen says.  I just don't want you to think I'm just some bigoted b*tch that doesn't admit when she's wrong.  I was completely in the wrong the way I spoke to you, I was disgusting and really am sorry. 

[According to sources, Helen has received numerous "warnings" from Big Brother supposedly about using inappropriate language.  In the BB UK game, you can be removed from the house for saying things that are on Big Brother's banned list. -- Morty]

Helen says I don't want you to feel put down and bullied.  They agree to start again and both are really sorry.  There was some truth but there was a lot of completely over exaggerated bollix.  They hug it out and declare it sorted. 

1:02am and Pauline tells Big Brother two of the housemates are getting on her nerves, there are two recidivists really bugging her but she'll try to be a better person.  She names Christopher and Jale.  In the garden, Mark borrows Matthew's jacket because it's cold.  Christopher corrects Mark's grammar.  It's my grammar, Mark protests.  Christopher collects some glasses and heads inside to the kitchen.  Helen gives Mark a look and calls Christopher a wasp.  Mark is surprised Christopher doesn't have splinters in his arse for sitting on the fence all the time.

1:45am and while Christopher is in the bedroom, Helen is complaining about Christopher to Mark and Tamara.  She really wants to tell him she doesn't like him, he winds her up.  Toya, Ashley, Pauline and Danielle are sharing a bath and Danielle says she and Helen are fine now.  Pauline says she doesn't want Danielle or Tamara to go Friday.  You can't drop your morals to please other people, Pauline says.  Mark and Helen intentionally talk bad grammar as Christopher passes by but he doesn't take the bait.

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