Day 6: Tuesday, June 9th, 2014 - Positivity

Previously, Jale, Tamara and Danielle were nominated to face the public vote and Power Housemate Pauline used her the killer nomination on Jale.  And tempers flared.  Tonight, housemates are shockingly happy but the buzz doesn't last long. 

9:48am, Big Brother has transformed the house into a palace of positivity, starting with the wake up song, Happy.  It's time for the housemates' first shopping task.  Big Brother wants to ensure the housemates begin their first week in the house on a positive note.  Housemates must stay positive.  Big Brother will test their positivity but whatever happens, stay positive!  Easy, right?  If housemates display negativity in any way, they will get fails.  Too many fails in the Smiley Face box, and the housemates will fail the Shopping Task.  Big Brother appoints Toya and Steven as Positivity Police over the next 2 days, cheerleaders of positivity, showing the housemates the bright side of every situation, reminding them to turn their frown upside down.  They are given Positivity Police uniforms.

Toya reminds the boys in the garden to always smile.  Helen jokes that Toya wants a taser to make sure everyone stays happy.  Danielle and Ashleigh are cleaning up in the bath when Jale enters and says they will be the most happiest, positive people ever.  Helen offloads to Big Brother in the Diary Room about the fights last night, saying everyone has forgotten about what went on.  But this morning, Helen has regrets for some of what she said last night, she said some things that were stupid and nasty and she needs to apologize to Danielle but she goes on to rip on Danielle for being out of control and being a false person.  She does not fit in whatsoever, Helen says.

12:03pm, Mark is happy in the Diary Room, saying he's normally a happy person.  He then goes on to talk about how bad his eyebrows look.  Helen approaches Danielle to say that they need to be honest with each other but they can't be negative with each other so they'll have to put it off until after the task.  Ashleigh runs from a spider in the garden, to the delight of Mark and Ash.  Big Brother broadcasts good news stories to help the housemates remain positive.  A Bill of Beauty goes into effect immediately, which forbids housemates from wearing fake tan or makeup and to remove any currently applied and hand in any makeup.  Mark's face is frozen in a smile but his eyes are a look of horror.  Marlon is so surprised he trips over the doorstep and face plants in the garden.  Mark is in tears as he wipes off his face - but they're happy tears, we're sure.

It's Danielle's turn in the Diary Room to unload from last night, saying that it was building up for a couple days.  She just lost it.  But for now, she's going to be happy happy happy and talk to Helen in a couple days. In the garden, talk turns to Tamara's boobs, which are hers but not hers.  She bought them when she was 19, going from a size a small handful to her current size.  She was a tomboy but didn't think about the stigma that comes with it at the time.  The boys assure her that they look natural.  Helen has also had her boobs done, and her nose. 

2:35pm, housemates take part in a Positive Shock Therapy session, turning negative opinions into positive ones.  Matthew goes first as Big Brother asks which housemate is the least intelligent.  He chooses Mark and, wearing his Happy suit, Mark receives a therapeutic shock in the keister from Matthew.  Tamara is asked which housemate is the most stuck up.  She says Kimberly who receives a therapeutic shock from Tamara that barely registers on her face.  Jale is asked who is the biggest game player.  She answers Helen for not giving people a chance having received her Pass to the Final.  She delivers a shock to Helen to reinforce the positive message.  Helen is asked which housemate is most negative, and surprise surprise, she names Danielle for not making more of an effort to understand others.  Danielle promises to make more of an effort but that does not stop Helen from effortlessly delivering a positive shock. 

Ash is asked which housemate is the most fake.  His answer is Kimberly for sitting on the fence without an opinion.  Kimberly absorbs her shock with barely a twitch.  Kimberly is asked who is the least likeable.  Clearly me, she says, but then names Tamara because everyone seems surprised she was nominated but still nominated her.  Kimberly delivers a shock of her own that makes Tamara jump.  Danielle says Helen is the most argumentative housemate, which Helen doesn't find shocking, unlike the therapeutic jolt she receives.  Big Brother delivers a final round of shocks to everyone but Kimberly remains the only one to not react.

4:10pm, Ash, Tamara and Helen talk about Kimberly's bland personality.  Looks mean everything, Helen says.  Not everything, Ash says.  Winston gives Kimberly a French lesson.  She says she tried to be as honest as possible but hopes Tamara wasn't offended.  Pauline tells Christopher some housemates still aren't considerate with the food, it's everyone for themselves.  There's no measuring how much everyone's going to get.  Pauline says she won't go into specifics but Christopher says you won't get your point across unless you're specific.  He says they're not kids, they're adults and can take it.  Chris goes to the Diary Room to bask in the positive vibe - he says he likes people being fake nice but it's not rubbing off on everybody.  Everyone was well behaved during the shock therapy task but went back into their groups with the same conversations.

Ash tells Helen in the garden that he also thinks Kimberly has been on the fence, not wanting to get involved.  He says everyone's worried about pissing people off, but they won't all be sitting around as a group of 16.  Helen says there's a divide.  Kimberly and Tamara clear the air in the bedroom.  Tamara assures her that she didn't take her comments during the task personally.  She admits she has a difficult time letting people in and that probably made it seem to Kimberly she didn't want to get to know her and it just went down from there.  Danielle takes the opportunity to apologize to both for how she acted last night.

Marlon compliments Kimberly on her comments to Tamara during the shock therapy task, says she didn't expect it but needed to hear it.  He thinks there is one person in the house who is the biggest game player but won't say who.  Tamara tells Big Brother she's worried about the task and will make an effort to get to know Kimberly better.  She doesn't want any enemies in the house, and maybe needs to worry about her own front and needs to show she can be a laugh. 

7:03pm, it's Happy our with exotic cocktails in the garden and all housemates have to do is down a drink and then give a positive review of the flavour.  First up are Marlon and Christopher.  The Positivity Police Toya and Steven pour a tasty Mojitoad for both, mixing a stinky tofu sauce, toad puree and toad legs.  Steven gags at the smell before even delivering the delicacy.  Marlon downs the Mojitoad then spits it up.  Christopher comes up with some deep words to describe the experience.  Ashleigh and Winston order a Fin & Tonic, stinky tofu sauce with fermented herring and a fish eye.  Ashleigh won't drink it with the fish eye but Winston takes it like an Essex man.  That's the best fishy drink he's ever tasted, he says.  Chris and Pauline go next, ordering a Peniscolada, made of milk, a stinky tofu sauce and a blended pig's penis.  Chris drains his while Pauline realizes holding her nose won't help.  She gets it down, though.  Chris calls it a cheeky little number.  But the group incurs one Fail as Ashleigh refused her drink.

9:56pm. Big Brother sends 2 housemates on happy camping trip.  The Positivity Police select Danielle and Christopher as the least positive and in need of a night away from the house.  They will spend the night camping in the garden in a tent and sleeping bags and the weather should be a classic summer evening, Big Brother assures.  The two head out to the garden and crawl into their sleeping bags next to a fake fire.  They are under a clear plastic Adirondack for cover and have just settled in for a positively nice summer night when it starts raining - inside the shelter, soaking both housemates in their sleeping bags.

11:15pm and the housemates get a positivity time out.  Steven predicts Tamara won't be the one who is evicted.  He says the British public will make the right decision and they know who needs to go.  Tamara worries she's coming off as the evil b*tch.  Steven bets his fortune she's wrong.  Christopher and Danielle talk about the boys.  She thinks they think she's stuck up.  Christopher agrees they'll never take the time to get to know her.  He and Helen haven't talked either; Pauline won't talk to him as well.  Toya tells Jale she's genuine but Christopher is just fake, he's got a game plan.  Jale says do you really think 16 strangers will file in line?  Toya says life teaches us to be considerate in a world of people.  Jale says but this is Big Brother.  Toya is frustrated Jale isn't listening to her.  If the majority of people say something, even if it's not true, it must mean something.  Jale and Kimberly talk about Toya, saying they saw this coming and that side is picking people off.

1:14am. Toya and Pauline talk about Marlon and Jale, saying Marlon is underestimated.  Pauline watched Marlon watching Jale who Pauline says promised to set him up with her sister who looks just like her but younger.  In the main house, Jale and Marlon talk about Toya, describing her as a wind-up merchant, just twist the key and she just goes.  I'm going to keep an eye on that, she's winding people up.  Marlon says she's smart, she played her cars right.  She's not that smart, Jale says.  She's isolating people, Marlon says, shit got real today for me, Marlon says, what happened between you two tonight is going to drift through the house tonight, and I guarantee 100 million percent she'll have a conversation tomorrow about how mean you are treating other housemates.  It's not going to be the same.

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