Day 5: Monday, June 8th, 2014 - Who Is More?

Previously, Power Housemate Pauline was given one killer nomination and dirty talk divided the house.  Tonight, housemates get filthy and the gloves come off!  It's Helen vs. Danielle. 

It's the morning of Day 5 and the housemates wake up hard.  Marlon tells Winston and Tamara in the kitchen that they make a good couple.  Tamara accidentally teabags herself.  Jale has a good feeling about tonight.  Kimberly tells Big Brother she's bonded with Danielle, they're on the same wavelength.  She wants her suitcase, fresh underwear and her bikini.  She's been wearing the same thing for 5 days.  Pauline talks about the x-rated chat with Marlon, Danielle and Ashleigh, saying she doesn't want any part of it, she's not taking care of anybody in here.  She says she's been around people talking worse than that.  Danielle doesn't understand how boys can talk like that around girls.  It's 2014, Pauline says, but I'm 49 and will never talk about my sexual things.  Mark is worried about nominations but Helen assures him he's got nothing to worry about.  [Remember, at this point they've nominated but the results haven't yet been revealed.  - Morty]

In the Diary Room, Toya says people in the house are anticipating something happening.  Conversation turns blue (again) in the dining area with Winston and Tamara leading the way.  Matthew says this is too much, it's disgusting.  Danielle vents to Jale in the tub/shower room, saying if this is going to be a regular thing, I'm going to sit back and say nothing.  Everyone is going to clash at one point, she says.  There are always other alternatives than throwing into a situation, Jale says, I don't want to have to have a shit experience.  Danielle says it's not affecting my experience, I won't stoop to that level, but it's disrespectful.

Big Brother is giving the housemates who still do not have their suitcases the chance to win them back in a series of head to head challenges in Big Brother's Battle Room.  While two housemates do battle, the rest will vote the winner using voting pads.  First up is Jale vs. Kimberly and the battle is over who is most sexy.  Winston chants for Kimberly to get her t*ts out.  Jale goes for outrageous While Kimberly goes for dress-up and play acting.  Jale wins this round.  Kimberly is not happy.

Next up is Chris vs. Ashleigh in Most Weird.  They're both quite weird, aren't they, says Steven.  Chris goes for a weird pose and just holds it. Ashley can't quite figure it out and Chris wins his suitcase.  That's a complement, Ashleigh says.  Chris says she can wear her pants.  The last battle is fought in pairs as Marlon and Ash go up against Toya and Tamara in Most Disgusting.  Toya is wearing Mark's top and it's going to get ruined, she says.  They have to put on underwear outside their clothes then dump food stuffs all over each other.  Ash and Marlon go all out, but Tamara doses something with a hunk of pork that I will never be able to get out of my head.

The Most Disgusting housemates are Tamara and Toya! 

Toya needs to vomit - she has hygiene issues, she reminds Big Brother!  Mark tells Big Brother he feels guilty over his nominations from Sunday after seeing how much fun she had during the Big Brother Battle Room challenge.  He realizes how much fun she can be now.  He also says his psychic sense tells him a storm is brewing, he can feel it.  Steven and Ash tell Pauline they think she'll have a decision to make tonight when nominations are revealed, not realizing she has already made her decision.  She just says she prefers her power when she can give someone something. 

It's time for Big Brother to reveal the results of the first nomination and Pauline's powerful secret.  The lights dim and Big Brother reveals that the housemates facing the first public vote are Jale and Danielle and Tamara.  Even Danielle is shocked Tamara was nominated.  But Big Brother isn't done.  Big Brother plays the video of Iris instructing Pauline to make her killer nomination.  Pauline nominates Jale for not doing anything in the house but eating.  Pauline's power trip is over.  But the power will return and one of the other housemates will be chosen to have all the power over the fellow housemates, but secretly.

There is a lot of nervous laughter as the housemates digest this turn of events.  Danielle shakes Jale's hand.  She and Ashleigh can't believe people were laughing.  Jale heads outside for a smoke.  Steven tells Danielle not to worry about nothin'.  Pauline wants to talk to Danielle, says her problem will be with Jale this week.  Danielle is on the warpath.  She goes up to Kimberly, Winston and Marlon and says this is a f*ckin' joke, just because I don't talk about d*cks and fart jokes I'm a bad person?   She storms off again before they can respond. 

Steven, Matthew, Tamara, Mark and Helen go to Jale outside and she says it was their laughter that made her laugh and took the edge off.  Winston joins them, and she says I can deal with anything if someone has a laugh.  Steven says that Danielle is going to tell each of them what she thinks of her if she goes on Friday.  He confides that he heard Danielle say "just because I didn't act like a f*ckin' slag."  [I didn't actually hear Danielle say this, just that they all voted for her because she doesn't like their sex conversations. -- Morty] Ash joins them. Helen immediately goes to confront Danielle about her saying she's up because she didn't act like a f*ckin' slag.  Danielle says "slag" never came out of her mouth.  What did get out, Helen accuses?  What did I say about the girls, Danielle asks, confused.  Do you want me to bring them in?  Go ahead, Danielle says.  Why you having an attitude with me, Helen says defensively.

Don't come up here and get confrontational with me, Danielle says, go f*ck off, you f*ckin' idiot, who do you think you're speaking to?  Any idea how much of a dig you must made yourself, Helen asks, did anyone else act the way you did?  Danielle tries to walk away but Helen demands she come here.  Steven comes in and confirms what he told the others that Danielle said.  Helen and Danielle go nose to nose, talking over each other, then Helen calls her a stupid twat.  F*ck off, Danielle says, get some bloody class.  Helen calls her a fat b*tch then turns her back and walks outside. 

Danielle calls out Steven for getting f*cking bitchy, running outside.  Steven says it was just a conversation, I'm not going to rise for your abuse.  F*ck off, you f*ckin' idiot, she says as he walks away.  Helen goes outside to inform Winston, Jale, Tamara, Mark, Ash, Matthew and Christopher that she told Danielle off and she's f*ckin' denying it.  Helen repeats that Danielle called them all slags. Matthew says if she wants to make a fool of herself, let her.  She's an absolute lying twat, Helen says.  Why am I a lying twat, asks Steven walking up?  Helen goes over to hug him and assure him she's not talking about him.  Steven says Danielle just called him a f*ckin' prick [I didn't hear her say that either, but I'm sure she was thinking it -- Morty].  Helen says she's swearing so much she's going to go to f*ckin' hell.  Don't tell me to go get some f*ckin' class, stop shagging Jesus you f*ckin' twat. 

Danielle is back crying in the Diary Room that she just lost it.  Can anyone just go?  Big Brother tells her to take a moment to gather her thoughts away from the other housemates.  The right thing to do would be to apologize to the group, she says, and move on.  Back in the kitchen, Christopher, Kimberly and Ashleigh say they should have a talk with her Danielle.  Kimberly says she didn't help herself.  Ashleigh says she tried to tell her to keep it classy.  Out in the garden, Helen asks can you imagine her phone bill when I'm up for eviction?  Jale says to Helen that they need to have a chat but not tonight.  Helen says she only acted that way because of what she (Danielle) said. 

Steven tells Jale he thought she would be the one liable to kick off.  Me, she asks surprised?  Hat's off to you for how you've taken it.  I'm kind of used to it, Jale says, I'm used to people not getting me, not knowing what I'm about.  That's why I wanted to speak to you as well, Helen says.  She accuses Danielle of dividing the whole group. Steven turns the conversation around to himself, saying out of the blue he hopes Pauline isn't upset for his telling Helen what Danielle said.  Pauline's not like that, Helen assures him. 

It has started to rain in the garden.  Back in the Diary Room, Big Brother tells Danielle she still has friends in the house who has her back.  It's one girl against 10, Danielle says.  I'm not looking forward to apologizing.  Mark and Matthew discuss the nights' events.  Matthew says that he felt Jale was putting up a massive defense mechanism saying she's been misjudged her whole life [Uh, Matthew, remember how you said everyone things you're gay even though you've been in a relationship with the same girl for 6 years without any commitment? -- Morty].  Maybe she is just tough.  Out in the garden, Ash says when you're drinking you just want to be with people you're close with.  Maybe that's just it, then.  But we're all in the same house, Kimberly says, how much closer can you get?  Ash says he can know if he'll like someone after 10 minutes.

In the living room, Pauline explains to Jale about why she made her the killer nomination.  She peppers her reasons with insults describing Jale as being childish.  Toya says this is an experience we just have to learn from.  Danielle listens in the background.  Pauline tells Jale she's a star.  Toya says it's OK to get upset.  Pauline says you made it easy for me.  Jale says I view it completely differently, I don't see what I did the way you do.  Pauline says you made yourself a target.  Jale is now crying at Pauline's words but says she's not playing the victim.  She tries to stop crying, to stop being pathetic.  Almost missed Marlon lying silently on the couch.  Jale gets up and to be alone and collect herself.

Danielle explains herself to Ashleigh and Kimberly, doesn't remember saying the slag thing.  Danielle said all she said was she got nominated because she doesn't talk about the stuff the others talk about.  Kimberly offers to go outside and talk to Helen.  In the Diary Room, Chris says he and Jale are not Pauline's cup of tea - she's infantilized everyone.  Kimberly asks Helen if Danielle can apologize but Helen says no, she doesn't want to speak to her, she won't have anything to do with liars.  Marlon and Danielle enter the room to apologize and Helen starts ripping into her all over again and won't let Danielle say anything.  Stick it up your f*cking ass, she shouts.

Matthew fills Danielle in what she's been missing in the house, Pauline dumping on Jale.  Matthew says things there have been bottled up a long time.  Ashleigh tries to build a bridge with Tamara and Mark.  Helen insinuates herself in on the conversation and admits being a judgmental person, not thinking she had anything to do with this cute, young person but she's gotten to know her after the last half hour.  Jale tells Big Brother in the Diary Room about the killer nomination that it's done, she just has to get on with it.  Hopefully she can make the most of it, she will make the most of it.  Back in the kitchen, Ashleigh says tea makes everything better.  Kimberly says tea is like a hug.  Danielle wants to see her mum, she would take her away from all this.  Danielle just feels stupid, like nothing in here. 

Over by the sofas, Helen asks Mark if he was shocked at what Helen said.  Mark said no, it was all fair in the heat of the moment.  He tells her she should speak to Danielle tomorrow but only apologize if you're really sorry.  Helen says she'll apologize for what she said outside but not for what she said inside.

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