Day 4: Sunday, June 8th, 2014 - Nominations

Previously, Pauline embarked on her power trip, rewarding Mark, punishing Matthew and giving Helen a Pass to the final.  In the house, battle lines were drawn.  Tonight, housemates nominate for the first time.  The house is fractured with division.  And one housemate's fate is sealed.  If you think Brits are the picture of proper politeness, you haven't met these housemates!

It's 9:26am after a heavy night of drinking and some housemates are waking up with sore heads.  Toya tells Chris until you are here, you have no idea how hard it is.  There is a light hearted banter hiding the nerves below the surface.  48 hours earlier, Pauline was told as the Power Housemate, she would not nominate two housemates as the others, but would make one nomination and that person would be automatically nominated every week. 

Danielle is talking about her ex-boyfriend, Dexter Co.  This comes as news to Tamara.  She says she thinks Dexter was in love with her.  She says there was no hard feelings between them.  Mark tells Pauline he has a sixth sense about her, she keeps her cards close to the chest like a silent assassin.  In the garden, Matthew tells Jale he thinks she is secretly aggressive.  Who me, she says?  Marlon says he isn't aggressive at all.

Danielle is the first to nominate and she picks Matthew for being argumentative and false.  Her second nomination is Steven for being a lad's lad and quite crude.  Out in the garden, Jale tells Chris she feels excluded but she's not going to let it divide her.  Then you feel out of it, Chris agrees.  Matthew nominates Danielle because she said she felt uncomfortable in certain situations and created a guilt trip among the other housemates, causing a divide in the house.  His second nomination is Jale because he heard she rolled her eyes at Pauline when she entered the house.

Toya's first nomination is Marlon because he had his hands down his pants, so unsanitary and nasty.  Her second nomination is Christopher for being quick to voice his displeasure on Pauline's choice to take to the Power Party.  In the garden, Ashleigh says nominations describe what type of person you are.   Christopher nominates 4th and picks Danielle for holding back in a way that compromises herself, he wants to hear her views and to fight for her beliefs but is afraid to get involved.  His second nomination is Matthew because they are going to drive each other up the wall with their paranoia, he's stereotyped each housemate too much. 

Helen's first nomination is Jale for being jealous of how well liked Pauline is in the house, she rolled her eyes.  Helen's second nomination is Ashleigh because they have very little in common; she's too young and reserved.  Kimberly's first nomination is Tamara because conversations with her aren't very deep, it's rude to ignore someone when they are talking to you.  Her second nomination is Ash for being arrogant when having a conversation; his opinion is always right and there's no room for error. 

Pauline has been cooking chicken soup for her fellow housemates and Jale helps herself for a bowl.  Pauline says to ease up and save some for everyone else.  Jale says she's only taking what others took.  Jale is called to the Diary Room and Pauline says she's being told off for taking too much food. 

Marlon is next to nominate and picks Toya for not being interested in him and his background while he's tried to get to know her.  His second nomination is Mark, he's quite demanding despite having his suitcase and stuff.  In the kitchen, Christopher talks about how if you like someone, you start talking like them and emulating their characteristics.  Helen says that's so weird.  In the garden, Winston tells Tamara he never cheats when he's with someone.  He doesn't know how many he's slept with but not loads, he assures her.  Tamara doesn't answer his reciprocal question.  I'm all talk, she says, no action.

Chris's first nomination is Tamara for living in her head and under the wing of others in her circle and not engaging with everyone in the house, she just wants to sunbathe.  His second nomination is Winston, a sweet person in the house but extremely aware of the cameras, checking himself in the mirror, makes conversations with him stilted.  Steven tells Winston, Tamara and Kimberly he didn't expect to get along so well with everyone.  Chris and Helen say it's hard to talk to people when their in packs.

Mark's first nomination is Kimberly, she's very intelligence and she can be a bit dismissive of conversations she feels is ditzy.  His second nomination is Jale, though he has to ask Big Brother how her name is pronounced.  He says it's because she took too much of Pauline's chicken and just walked away instead of discussing portion size with Pauline.  Tamara also uses the chicken soup as a reason to nominate Jale.  Her second nomination is Kimberly because she rolled her eyes when Tamara suggested chick peas grow on a bush.

In the kitchen, the size of Jale's lunch continues to be the hot topic.  Helen thinks she should have poured some of it back.  Mark and Tamara are in agreement today was not the right day to do that.  Pauline tells Big Brother she finds her Power Trip so far brilliant and she knows who she will nominate.  In the garden, Jale and Toya talk about Pauline.  Toya tells her to not talk in front of Marlon.  Jale says she's tried to talk to Pauline but she's been dismissive.  Toya says no one should be a dictator in the house.  Jale says she just wants to stay out of the kitchen and be targeted by her.

Marlon, Jale and Chris get creative with sun cream, drawing pictures on Marlon's back.  Winston nominates Marlon, he thinks Marlon isn't all he is pretending to be, overly nice and fake.  His second nomination is Danielle for seeming miserable sometimes and moping about, too prim and proper to let her hair down.  Ash's first nomination is Danielle; they don't really talk much, she's not putting in any effort to make friends.  His second nomination is Ashleigh for not drinking and going to bed early, people are pissed off, we're hear to have fun, not just go to bed.

Ashleigh tells Danielle and Kimberly it's like high school in the house.  Danielle says praise the lord Kimberly and Ashleigh came into the house.  Tamara and Matthew talk about Jale in the bathroom; Tamara says she comes across as a bit thick.  Jale nominates Steven, says there's more to him than he lets on, he's not being real with her.  Her second nomination is Tamara because when Tamara is around her friends, it's like Jale doesn't exist.

Tamara nominates Jale first for not making any effort to talk with her until they found out nominations were starting.  Her second nomination is Winston because it's hard to talk to him about anything, he tries to be funny but is just weird.  Steven's first nomination is Jale because she gives off the idea that if she's crossed, she doesn't react very well.  His second nomination is Chris because of his VT comment about pissing in the kitchen; he's been pleasant in the house but Steven doesn't trust him because of that.

With 5 nomination votes, Jale will face the public vote.  With 4 nomination votes each, Danielle and Tamara will also face the public vote.  Power Housemate Paulina's killer nomination is yet to come.  In the KT, Christopher says you have to be strong in the house, you have to leave a conversation if you're constantly talked over.  Ashleigh agrees.  In the garden, Steven says the first 10 people bonded but when the next six entered, the dynamics changed.  Even with Matthew in the box, it wasn't awkward when he came down.  Matthew says Danielle drifted to the new housemates and away from the pack and has taken Ashleigh with her.  If Danielle wasn't here, Ashleigh would be more involved in the rest of the house.  Kimberly is close to Ashleigh so she's close to Danielle too.  Helen says she doesn't like her.

Toya takes a moment in front of the light boxes, saying she's still on the fence.  Who she is talking about, we don't know.  Danielle tells Chris in the bedroom it's been a stressful day.  Chris says everyone deals with it differently.  He's surprised how stressed he is.  Danielle says she finds it easier as it goes.  Chris says he wouldn't have done it if he had known what it would be like.  In the garden, Matthew asks Jale if she feels misunderstood in the house?  She says yes, but doesn't know if it's her or the rest of the housemates.  She says she keeps trying if she thinks she's being blocked, but doesn't want to be excluded because she came in the 2nd day.  Matthew agrees, saying he was like coming in the second day having spent the first night in the box.  Jale says I can't change first impressions but let's interact and get to know each other.  Matthew says we still have a lot of time.

It's 11:15pm and some of the housemates in the garden discuss their pornography preferences.  Chris says he's biting his tongue when pressed by Matthew if he's an anal man.  Danielle says she's disgusted. and she and Ashleigh leave for the house.  They're talking about d*cks and sex and it pisses me off, honestly, she says.  In the bathroom, Toya is concerned about spots (acne).  Chris says you can't even see it.  Then why are you looking, she asks?  Pauline offers her some jiz paste.  Chris applies it on her face, saying this is national TV.  Your natural beauty still comes forward, Pauline assures her.

In the kitchen, Danielle unloads to Ashleigh and Kimberly about the others constantly talking about sex.  There's only so much I can take, she says.  Honestly, on national TV.  Twat.  Toya and Pauline join them and listen to Danielle.  Later, Pauline, Danielle, Ash and Marlon are in the Pod.  Pauline advises Danielle to choose her battles and fight the wise ones, not the ones who mean nothing.  She's fought racial abuse but you can't fight the common man, you shouldn't get upset about it, that's just how life is.  Danielle is crying now and she and Ashleigh hug it out. 

In the bedroom, Tamara says Danielle is annoyed about someone for being brazen about sex and shit but we don't know who.  Probably everybody, Christopher says, she should still just sit there and not walk off.  Tamara says if you don't like it, walk off.  Christopher says there were parts of the conversation she could have joined in.  Helen says she can't walk away anytime there are words she doesn't like.  She would never meet the kind of people she's met here, Christopher says.  She's a f*cking glamour model, Helen says.

Pauline is brought into the Power Control Room and asked by Iris to name the housemate she has chosen to be automatically nominated this and every week until evicted or the Finale.  To find out which housemate's fate Pauline as decided, we go to the house for a surprise live drop-in by Big Brother!

The housemates are told to gather on the sofas and Toya runs to the toilet to piss.  The others say they knew it, it's time to learn who is nominated.  Only Pauline and Helen are calm since they are safe from nomination this week, the others nervous with anticipation and dread.  The lights dim and the housemates scream.  Housemates, says Big Brother, listen very carefully.  Big Brother can now reveal  the results of this week's nominations.  The housemates facing the public vote are...


And, Danielle.

And, Tamara.

And, these three housemates will face the public vote.  Danielle is upset.  Tamara is shocked.

But that's not all, Big Brother continues.  One housemate will face eviction every week they are in the Big Brother house.  This news is met with dead silence as the housemates are shocked at the revelation.  One of us three, Tamara figures out quickly.  Marlon explains incorrectly that from the two that stay, one of them will be up for eviction every week. 

Dramatic music begins to play as video from Pauline's time in the Power Control Room is displayed.  Iris explains to Pauline how as Power Housemate, she is immune from the public vote this week and will have one killer nomination.  Pauline sits silently on the sofa as the other housemates' eyes are fixed on the monitor as they learned Pauline was the one who chose which housemate would face eviction each and every week.  Pauline tells Iris it's been an easy decision, bringing cackles out of some of the housemates. 

Pauline, Iris says, please reveal the name of the housemate you wish to use the killer nomination on.

It's Jale, Pauline says.  There's 16 of us here and as it stands, she doesn't help do anything at all but get to the kitchen, get something to eat, then bob off again.  Steven is broken up laughing at Pauline's explanation.  Jale tries to laugh it off as well.  Tamara and Danielle are just relieved it wasn't them. 

Big Brother confirms that Jale will now face eviction every week for the entire series.  Big Brother then informs Pauline that her Power Trip is over.  But in next few days, the power will return to one of he other housemates.  However, this time the identity of the Power Housemate will remain secret.  One of you will be pulling all the strings.  The question is, who?

The housemates suddenly realize they are live and begin shout outs.  The lights return to normal and Danielle reaches over to shake Jale's hand.  Ash is rolling on the floor laughing.  Chris and Marlon give Jale a strong hug.  Matthew gives her a feint hug.  Ashleigh lends her support a swell.  Jale says she was laughing because she had no mouth in that picture and assures Helen that she's all right.  She wants wine, though, and a cigarette.  Pauline says she's glad the power is out.

Jale heads out to the garden for a smoke alone.  Christopher joins her feeling horrible, says Pauline was pathetic with her reason, clutching at straws.  Jale says she just doesn't like me and didn't want to give a real reason.  Christopher and Chris explain to her that she doesn't automatically go on Friday, but if she doesn't, she'll be up for eviction every week.  Chris is taking hit hard, there's nothing that can be said. 

Back in the house, the claws come out as Danielle expresses her displeasure at being nominated.  The house has divided into inside and outside groups, Helen is going off on Steven for calling Jale a slag and follows him outside.   In the house, Pauline says let's get realistic, Danielle isn't going nowhere and Tamara isn't going nowhere.  Outside, Helen's venom is focused on Danielle for saying one thing then flipping on it.  She needs a shag, Helen says. 

In the house, Pauline tells Danielle that nobody should be pissed except Jale.  Everyone in the house voted for her and she just voted on top of them.  Christopher comes inside and says it's really horrible out there but he isn't going to pass on messages.  Pauline says unless you get it from the horse's mouth, you shouldn't pay attention.  Outside, Steven is pissed off about what was implied about him.  Helen says she can't stand all the lies.  In the kitchen, Pauline tells Danielle has put herself up as a target just for her bloody reaction tonight at being nominated.

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