Day 3: Saturday, June 7th, 2014 - Full House

Previously, Pauline became the Power Housemate and granted Helen a Pass to the Big Brother Final.  Tonight, the Power Trip continues and factions form. 

It's the morning of Day 3 and the Big Brother house is complete and Helen is a Big Brother Finalist.  Danielle tells Chris it will take a week for everyone to feel comfortable but by then someone will go and it will change again.  It's only going to get worse.  Chris doesn't want to think about that.  Danielle means Big Brother will throw in difficult games that will push you to the limit.  Jale tells Big Brother in the Diary Room it's interesting how quickly minds get fixed in the house.  She wants to get to know Helen but she's quite stand-offish.  There are people playing the game already, she says, but she's going to enjoy first and secondry will see what her powers of deduction are telling her.  When asked if the power is going to Pauline's head, Jale will only say that she is an intelligent woman and knows what she's doing.

Ash is toweling off  and Jale and Toya are in the bedroom talking about how some of the other housemates are already putting up defenses against twists.  Toya tells Jale to come to her if she's feeling stressed.  Mark and Christopher talk about Chris.  Christopher thinks Chris is going to be two-faced- he was so nice in bed last night, not like Pauline described his VT, but could have vicious nominations.  Mark wonders if Helen and Toya will come to blows.  Bring it on, Christopher says.  Danielle talks business with Marlon - she wants to expand her classy lingerie business.  Mark tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that everyone is too happy, too nice, there's a storm coming, he feels it in me waters.  Mark thinks Chris is super cheeky, his psychic reading of Chris says he will be mischievous. 

Pauline tells Jale, Chris and Christopher that she's not being nasty but up front.  Pauline says you can say anything you want, it's how you say it that matters.  Sometimes you have to take people aside and tell them they have bad BO.  Marlon puts Kimberly through her paces, helping her with some core exercises.  Chris in the Diary Room says he doesn't want to not talk to certain people but once you start establishing friendships, they sort of pick up.  It's awkward to put on false conversation.  Helen dumps on Jale in the bedroom behind her back, saying she rolled her eyes at her. 

Big Brother has given Pauline the power to choose 3 fellow housemates to join her for a Power Lunch in the Power Pad.  She has chosen Mark, Helen and Danielle.  Not only do they get a delicious meal but also their suitcases, which the other housemates are still waiting to receive.  Christopher thinks either those three are Pauline's favorites or there's some other kind of twist going on.  While the four chow down on a gourmet meal, Ash talks politics with Tamara, and the boys sunning in the garden.  In the Power Pad, Pauline says Toya was different from her VT, straight up front.  She also thought she wouldn't like Jale from her VT.  They discuss Chris's VT and his body language in the house, his being an actor, he just wants to piss people off.  Mark says he's giving the performance of his life. 

Winston and Tamara christen the bath together, laying parallel and facing each other.  After the Power Lunch, Danielle bonds with Jale saying she has a strong character and will be in the house a long time, someone she can talk to and versa visa.  Toya tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that it's getting cliquey in the house, Pauline choosing the same people over and over.  It's too early to be playing favors.  I can't be cliqued she says.  She confesses that what's really on her nerves is that Pauline has the power and she doesn't but when the power shifts, people's real character will come into play.  She's power hungry but she'll be fair when she has it.

Winston and Tamara continue to flirt in the bath.  He's wearing a bathing suit and she's wearing two.  Danielle, Ashleigh, Marlon, Jale and Kimberly and Toya discuss their beliefs as Kimberly talks about a church that was trashing gay people.  Danielle says she's not in favor of same sex marriage but would never tell anyone they are going to hell.  Marlon says if you love somebody, just marry them.  Danielle says there's no problem with civil marriage.  But it's not recognized by the Catholic church.  Jale says she's still trying to talk to Helen.  Danielle says she was shocked during the Power Lunch, Helen was still hard to talk to.  Kimberly and Marlon politely get up and leave for the garden.  You say what you think, Marlon says, it can offend a million people.  Kimberly says she likes Danielle but it's hard to be part of that conversation.  You're entitled to your opinion, she says of Danielle, but that opinion splits you off from other people.

It's time for today's task.  Big Brother wants the housemates to rate themselves from the least to the most.  Christopher and Pauline watch from the Diary Room but cannot hear their housemates in the garden.  They must guess which category the housemates have lined up in.  The first category is which is the least and most Manipulative.  Chris and Pauline guess correctly.  The next category is obnoxious but Pauline and Christopher guess Ruthless and are incorrect.  The next category is Successful.  Pauline and Christopher guess the housemates are lined up from least to most successful and are correct.  The next category is Arrogant and there is a lot of joking in the garden as to who gets top billing.  Christopher and Pauline think it's Power Hungry, which was incorrect.  The next category is Judgmental.  After seeing Danielle lined up as the Most, Pauline and Christopher guess Judgmental and are correct, passing the task 5-2.  Big Brother will provide them with all the ingredients for a delicious dinner tonight.

Big Brother informs Pauline he is throwing a party for her in the Power Pad, and in addition to the three she already invited, she can invite 4 more.  She adds Steven, Matthew, Winston and Christmas Chris to the guest list, not the new Chris.  Back in the kitchen, Pauline is coy with the news of the exclusive party.  Christopher isn't impressed - he wants everyone to be there.  Toya describes for everyone else the roast that the remaining six housemates will have.  Steve and Winston are just happy to be going to a party.  Ash tells the garden group he wants to be James Bond.  In the kitchen, Steven tells Mark this is the kind of experience where you make mates for life or you don't.  Normally he would detest Matthew because he's so opinionated but now he's got to know him and he respects the fact he's so open.

Chris and Helen finally talk in the wash area and she tells him how she was suspicious of him at first.  He's grateful she told him because he's bad at asking people if they are OK with him.  He says he would never piss in the kitchen, it was just a joke.  She apologizes for being judgmental and a gobby-co.  He appreciates her telling him and asks for a hug.  In the kitchen, Winston likes Tamara's sunglasses but they get tangled in her hair as she tries to take them off for him to try on.  They are too small for his head.  Ashleigh and Danielle silently watch from the side as the two flirt.  Jale and Marlon feel like the new kids out in the garden.  He feels too on the edge to pull pranks in the house.  Jale feels like an intruder, like the other housemates not want to know about her.  Marlon says he is trying to force conversations but some of the others just f*cked him off.

It's party time in the Party Pad, with music, red and white wine, and the housemates are getting jiggy with I've Got The Power.  Out in the main house, Ash says they had a great bit of food and is drinking a lager.  Marlon is talking about what kind of alcohol he likes.  Tamara says she can get quite silly when she drinks.  In the Power Pad, those without the power say they would like to get it but worry about the kind of decisions they would have to make.  I'd love the power, Matthew says.  I imagine you do, Pauline says. 

The party moves into the main house and all the housemates are drinking together.  Tamara is crawling across the ground and her condition doesn't go unnoticed.  Danielle tells Big Brother in the Diary Room it's interesting to see how people's characters change with alcohol, especially Helen and Tamara.  It's just quite clotty, Danielle says.  The housemates try to put Tamara to bed, dragging her around.  In the kitchen the other girls, talk about being uneasy in the house, trying to be conscious of what they are doing and saying.  Christopher tells Big Brother the big egos are going to splinter and the game is going to get messier.

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