Day 2: Friday, June 6th, 2014 - Second Wave

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Previously, 10 housemates entered the Big Brother House and viewers chose Pauline to go on a Power Trip.  She gave Mark a $5000 pound reward and punished Matthew with spending his first night in a glass box elevated above the garden.  The housemates wake up for the first time together in the Big Brother House, except for Matthew who spent the night in the glass box.  She'll get what's coming to her, he promises.  In the bedroom, Pauline tells the others Matthew was a bit condescending in his VT. 

Big Brother gathers the housemates in the garden and lowers the glass box, announcing his punishment is now over.  Welcome back, his fellow housemates tell him.  The housemates are getting to know each other, chatting about their differences.  Helen says she's old fashioned.  Danielle says this will be a new experience for him.  Tamara and Steven discuss bad first dates as Steven drinks a glass of milk.  Steven says he had a date that went to the bathroom and he caught her coming out of the men's room.  He never would have known she was a geezer!  In the Diary Room, Helen tells Big Brother she gets on well with Mark and Matthew, she loves Matthew's dryness and Mark's obsession over his hair and trivial stuff.

It's been 2hrs 34m since Matthew was freed from the box and he's in the Diary Room saying he thinks he handled his punishment pretty well.  He doesn't think Pauline realizes yet that her decisions will have backlashes in the house.  Steven and Danielle are in the garden discussing how hard it is to know what you can and can't say in front of other people.  Danielle says she's old fashioned and doesn't like people talking loosely.  Steven says it will be strange if you can't go to Mass every week.  Helen joins them with Mark and says she's not religious, got pregnant at 15.  Steven says it takes a lot to have a child at 15.  Danielle says you can make a mistake once, but you can't do it over and over again.  Kimberly and Matthew talk about Mark getting 5 grand last night. 

In the garden, talk turns to animals and Steven tells a story about his dogs mounting each other.  Talk turns to animal penises with Tamara talking about massive and horny dogs.  Danielle is visibly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation.  Pauline and Steven are talking about housemates coming in with game plans and what a waste of effort that is.  The other housemates are talking about families. Matthew has an identical twin. 

Danielle goes to the Diary Room in tears that there's no one she can really talk with, the housemates all seem so sweet then get into conversations she can't be part of, it's all about sex and weird stuff she doesn't get.  She doesn't want to walk but doesn't think she can last.  She has absolutely nothing in common with these people.  You can only push me so much, she says.

Winston tells a story about when he was a virgin at age 16 and began banging back the drinks and puked on the girl's vagina.  That's called Pulling a Winston, the girls say.  In the kitchen, Danielle tells Helen and Mark she feels uncomfortable.  All the sex talk, Mark asks?  He gives her a hug as she begins crying.  Christopher is watching as Mark says just don't lose yourself.  Helen says you just have to laugh about it.  Christopher says it's like showing off that you can talk about sex, he feels a little bit the same way.  They thank her for bringing up her feelings.  You will be stronger for the experience, Helen tells her.

Winston asks Tamara if she has a boyfriend and she says she's not interested.  He says he was in a 7 year relationship until 2 years ago, but not the one he threw up on.  She says she just got bored of going out.  Steven and Kimberly also talk relationships and the difference between terms in England and America.  Both are dating but neither are shagging, just meeting people and going out.  Matthew and Christopher don't think Steven is as big of a stud as he pretends to be.  There is more competition for Alpha Female than Alpha Male they say, no macho burley Londoners.

It's time for the live show and Pauline is called into the Control Room and told she will watch her remaining housemates enter the house and grant one of them a Pass to the Final.  Iris tells her to watch carefully and use her power wisely.  Toya, Chris, Ashleigh, Marlon, Ash and Jale enter the Big Brother House.  Watching from the Control Room, Paula doesn't like the 2-kiss greetings, just kiss once and be done with it like Ashleigh gave out. 

The house is now complete and Pauline must exercise her power and pick one of her fellow 15 housemates to receive a Pass to the Final.   She quickly eliminates the new six and picks from the 9 she knew already.  The housemates gather in the garden and Big Brother reveals Pauline has chosen Helen to receive a Pass to the Final!  Helen is a Big Brother Finalist!

Pauline cries out of happiness but is warned in 48hrs she will again change the life of one of her housemates, but this time not for the better.  Sunday night will be the first nominations and as the Power Housemate, she will be immune from nomination.  But she will be given the power to nominate one of her fellow housemates to be nominated each and every week until they are evicted or the Final.  She will not be allowed to reveal this power to her fellow housemates, so this housemate will not know that she is the reason he is nominated each and every week.

Paula returns to the garden and is thanked by Helen.  No problem at all, Pauline says.  Ashleigh and Jale get to know each other after the live show concludes.  Pauline gives Tamara and Mark the lowdown on her time in the Control Room, saying Ash as the only one who didn't talk bullshit.  She says he enjoys what he does so it's not having worked a day in his life.  [Not sure that's what he meant.  -- Morty] Pauline repeats the best bits of each of the new housemates VT, divulging all the confidential information she was privy to receive.

Marlon and Winston go bird watching (of the girls).  Marlon wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Danielle or Kimberly.  Helen tells Big Brother her heart is still beating from receiving a Pass to the Final and hopes the other housemates don't resent her for it.  She worries that the other housemates in the Final will have earned it more than her.  But the chance is just amazing, even if she doesn't win.  Danielle tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that her evening has been better than the afternoon and the new housemates have always changed the dynamics, people she thinks she can be friends with.

Helen and Tamara don't trust Jale, saying she's threatened by Pauline.  They discuss what Pauline said about Jale's VT.  Chris joins them and jokes he hates people too without understanding the context of the conversation.  In the garden, Danielle and Chris bond over the proper role of a lady.  Chris says a woman shouldn't be a lady just to make a man happy.  Ashleigh tells Big Brother she's not attracted to any of the guys yet, probably because she's so young and they've already formed their friendships.  She thinks she'll be OK by tomorrow.

In the Toilet, Helen and Tamara can't stand Chris, how he interrupted their conversation and didn't back himself up when he stuck his foot in his mouth.  They hate the newcomers invading their Day 1 family.  They say they need to stick together.  As the housemates get ready for bed, Mark and Toya feel mischievous and scare Christopher as he walks into the wash area.  In the Diary Room, Chris says if you smile too much people think you're a soft touch.  if you say to many weird things and they think you have an agenda.  If you say you're an actor, they hear you lie for a living.  He thinks no one wants to share a bed with him but doesn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Steven and Winston whisper about Chris and what Pauline said about his VT.  They think it's really funny.  Chris still doesn't have a place to sleep.  He ends up doubling with Christopher as the conversation jabbers on in the bedroom without him.

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