Day 1: Thursday, June 5th, 2014 - First Night

Last night, 10 new housemates entered the Big Brother House and viewers sent Pauline on a Power Trip.  Tonight, 6 new housemates arrive and the Pauline's Power Trip continues with a decision that will rock the Big Brother House to the core!

Six minutes after Pauline rewards Mark and punishes Matthew, Pauline returns to the house and Mark, still in the booth, thanks her profusely.  Up in the other box, Matthew isn't taking Pauline's apologies to heart.  Helen calls up to him to ask if he's all right.  Mark just wants to give Pauline a hug.  Steven and Winston check out the female talent.  There are a couple fit ones, they agree.  Neither came into the house with an outside relationship.  Matthew does his impression of Marvin the Depressed Android up in the box.

Mark, Danielle and Tamara keep Matthew company in the garden.  Steven discovers the secret bathroom with the Bidet.  It has a heated seat too, the housemates discover.  Outside, Matthew vents to Danielle that people always have bad first impressions of him.  Danielle says you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I can know who I dislike in the first 5 seconds.  She tells him that she won't get along with Tamara.  Matthew says girls always dislike each other. 

Big Brother lights up the picture boxes and the housemates get their first look at their official house pictures.  The girls hate the way they look.  Christopher is in the Diary Room and is not surprised with Pauline's choices since he had no idea who she might pick.  He thinks he underestimated Big Brother's power.  Pauline explains to Matthew in the box that she saw everyone's VT and he was a bit condescending.  Matthew admits he sounded awful and got boo'd badly on the way into the house.  Pauline says he's just young, she's learned to be more tolerant.    She says he has balls of steel.  You'd think, Matthew says, but I don't.  Pauline says at least she doesn't have to do it again.  You don't know that, Matthew cautions.

Someone has pissed all over the toilet.  Winston admits it might have been him.  He promises to put the seat up net time.  Tamara tells Big Brother her initial impressions are to like Helen, Steve and Winston is fit, a bit silly and cheeky.  She likes good looking and stupid, though.  In the garden, Kimberly talks about her Playboy side and her real side.  Winston and Christopher pepper with questions about the Playboy Mansion.  She doesn't want to be that girl who's always naked, there's more to her than that.  Danielle and Winston get to know each other, Danielle saying stock brokers are so intense.  You don't get many girls there, Winston says.  It's a good job for a guy, she says, very stressful.

Matthew talks with Steven in the garden, telling him he's disappointed he can't integrate with the rest of the house but he can probably take it better than most people.  In the bedroom, the housemates are getting to know each other as they pair off into the double beds.  Tamara has a fear of glasses and is reassured they are plastic.  Kimberly joins Steven in the garden and they talk about traveling as Matthew, who now has a sleeping bag in his box, watches from above.  Kimberly tells Steven she's dating.  He wants to know what that means?  No commitments, she says.  She's been to 10 countries and he says he's been to 119.  He loves to travel, he says.  She says she wants to do interior furnishings too.  She doesn't want to say she's intelligent but did just finish her Masters.  She just wants to find intelligent people and exploit them. 

It's 3am and Matthew is finally bedding down for the night.  In the bedroom, the housemates describe him as David Blaine in the box.  In the Diary Room, Pauline says she's happy to let the other housemates think her power is over.  But first. Big Brother informs the housemates that while Pauline has the power to receive her suitcase immediately, the other housemates will have to wait until tomorrow.

We jump forward to the live show where Matthew has joined his fellow housemates from isolation in the elevated box and Pauline is once again in the Power Trip Control Room where Big Brother informs her she has another major decision to make.  She will watch the remainder of the housemates enter the Big Brother House and after the final housemate has entered, she will have the power to change one of her housemates' fate forever - she'll have the power to grant one of them a Pass to the Final! 

It's time to meet the remaining six housemates.  Number 11 is Toya, age 29, YouTube vlogger, TV Presenter and host.  She doesn't like men - she stopped dating a guy and decided to sell his stuff on eBay, sending him the link so he could buy his stuff back.  She can be argumentative about what she's passionate about - a dictatorish quality.  Don't come for me unless I send for you.  If you are bold and brave enough to diss her, be bold and brave enough to take the consequences.

Housemate #12 is Chris, 33, a professional actor and illustrator.  He normally plays psycho clowns but is obsessively polite and thinks everything is funny.  He doesn't have a huge ego - just a normal sized one.  He plans to be a right misery in the house, sit in the corner and not talk to anyone and urinate in the kitchen.  The live second launch night audience is not amused and let him know it as we walks down the gangplank.  He tells Emma that if he gets a kiss goodbye he won't be miserable in the house.  She calls him a cheeky one and lets him plant one on her cheek.

Pauline is watching as both Toya and Chris make their entrances into the house.  And she sees Housemate #13 introduced as 18yr old Ashleigh who just left school in rual Northern Ireland.  She's already a model and is into glamour and being bubbly and girly.  But she's not stupid.  This is the longest she's spent away from home.  She is often told she's over opinionated but she thinks she's just right and if you cross her, she has a quick temper.  She receives a warm welcome from the men in the audience until she reveals she has a boyfriend back home.  The boys are all smiles as she descends the stairs into the Big Brother House.

Housemate number fourteen calls himself Marlon, age 22 and works in optics.  Ladies are important to him, he loves ladies, wining and dining them, everything about them, he loves ladies.  But only ladies a 7 or above - he doesn't drink coffee, only tea.  He doesn't look for a certain type of woman because that's unfair to the other girls.  His alter ego is Marlisio Silver - Marlon is the guy who works 9-5.  He doesn't mind being backstabbed or broken but doesn't think he can be. 

The house is filling up but there's still room for housemate #15, Ash, age 26, and a male model.  He's quite successful with girls, he and his gang of mates go out and girls flock to them.  He's blessed but laid back, never doing a hard days' work in his life.  He doesn't think you can ever be ready for Big Brother but looks forward to exciting times.  His biggest achievement so far is being born.  He is a little surprised and upset at his live audience reception.

The final housemate is 33yr old Jale, a customer service advisor.  There are a lot of things that piss her off, starting with middle-lane drivers and people who are selfish.  She finds it hard to get along with people and has to bite her tongue 20 times day and has had a taser pulled on her before.  She thinks she can do well in the Big Brother House if she can only keep her mouth shut.  But she admits that will be difficult.

Now that the house is full with 16 housemates, it's time for the games to begin and Power Housemate Pauline to make a powerful decision.  Who out of her fellow 15 housemates should receive a Pass to the Final?  Iris tells Pauline the house is now complete and it's time for her to exercise her power.  She must now grant one housemate a Pass to the Final.  Pauline decides to grant the Pass to the Final.  She says of the new housemates, only Ash didn't talk smack on his VT.  From the people she knows already, the person she is going to pick is a choice between two people.  The person she is going to pick is...


She has chosen to give Helen a pass to the Final.  Now watch this, Iris says as Big Brother announces the decision to the assembled housemates in the garden.  There is a single glass box in the garden and the housemates are told Pauline has been given the power to change one of the housemates lives forever.  The housemate Pauline has chosen is Helen.  She is instructed to step into the glass box.  Helen, Pauline has decided your fate, that you should be given...  A pass to the final!

Confetti reigns down in the garden as Helen processes this information.  Congratulations, Helen, Big Brother says, you are a Big Brother Finalist!  Helen can't believe it and thanks Pauline.

Pauline tells Iris she is happy.  But Iris tells her in 48 hours, she'll be given the power to change the life of one of her fellow housemates again, and this time not for the better.  Sunday night will be the first nominations and as the Power Housemate, she will be immune from nomination.  But she will be given the power to nominate one of her fellow housemates to be nominated this and every week until they are evicted or the Final.  She will not be allowed to reveal this power to her fellow housemates, so this housemate will not know that she is the reason he is nominated each and every week.

Pauline returns to the backyard and meets the new housemates for the first time in person and Helen is able to embrace her and thank her personally.  You're my fairy godmother, Helen tells her. 

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