Day 0: Thursday, June 5th, 2014 - Series Premier

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The wait is over, the house is ready, the game is on.  Each new housemate has everything to play for and everything to lose.  Who gets the power?  You decide!

Welcome to Big Brother Power Trip!

Before the Housemates enter, Emma gives us a tour of the new futuristic Big Brother House, clean, clinical, hard straight lines.  The futuristic toilet gives you a little wash on the bum and then a dry.  The living room is very minimalistic, not much comfort.  The bedroom is now the bathroom with a see-through shower.  In the garden, stairs go up to the pod, replacing the tree house but there's a gate.  A new circular pool is not concealed but there's also a gate.  The bedroom is a small space, 8 double beds for 16 housemates. 

Now that we've seen the house, let's meet the housemates.  First up is Tamara, 24, a global oil and gas headhunter.  She thinks girls seeking glamour are empty and women who stay at home are wasting their lives.  She says she thinks she's better than everyone, the queen of manipulation, and that might ruffle a few feathers.  The audience greets her with Boos as she becomes the first housemate to enter the Big Brother House!

The second housemate is Mark, 24, a visual merchandiser.  He gets spray tan once a week and has his hair professionally done 4 times a week.  But he promises, he's not vain.  His role model in life is Mariah Carey - if everyone tried to be a little like her, the world would be a better place.  He's not nasty but he is honest in his opinion if asked.    He is overwhelmed by the cheers and applause from the audience.

The third housemate is Helen, 27, a salon owner who a couple years ago was caught in a sex scandal involving a legendary English Futbol (soccer) player.  Now she tries to live quietly, raising her 11yr old child and sharing in the local gossip with the ladies in her salon.  She can be too honest sometimes and won't stop arguing if she's right.  She's easy to get along with and easy to not like as well. She gets a positive audience reception.

Steven, 23, is a managing director and housemate #4. He made his first million back in 2012, has an interior furnishings company, sold his first business in 2010 at age 20 and now his parents work for him as well as his brothers.  He wants to become Prime Minister of the UK - being powerful is extremely important to him, being one up on everyone house.  He's got the car, house and the money, so Big Brother is just a vacation for him.  He gets solid boos but promises to show his softer side, through the only orders he'll be taking are from Big Brother.

Housemate number five is Danielle, 25 and a part time model and businesswoman.  A devout Catholic, she doesn't believe in sex before marriage which is only between a man and a woman, but is not homophobic.  She thinks people find a woman with high morals is fresh.  She won't be shy and will speak up if she sees women and boys making fools of themselves.  She won't tolerate excessive kissing in the house.  [She is also a former girlfriend of last series' Big BrotherUK housemate favorite, Dexter Co, and said some strong things about him in the media at the time.  Dexter says he didn't know about her going into the house until the live show and has refused to make further comment on their relationship. -- Morty]

Pucker up for housemate #6. Winston, 27, a personal business development manager.  An Essex boy, he says he has a bit more smarts but goes out with the boys every week and is not shy about going up to women. He doesn't have a type - as long as she has looks, an arse and breasts.  If he strikes out, she's a lesbian.  He says winning is part of his name.  The audience thinks he has a winning smile (or maybe it was his hair).  Emma is focused on his "guns".

The next new recruit is housemate #7, Matthew, 23, a media graduate.  He is quite intolerant of people with no intellectual capacity. He grew up with money, has always had a cleaner, and has been in a relationship with a girl for 6 years but people always think he's gay.  People say he complains a lot but he has no problem being direct or putting people in their place.  He gets a mixed reaction from the audience and seems overwhelmed by the launch experience, calling it cringe-worthy to his new fellow housemates.

The role of Housemate Number 8 goes to Kimberly, 23, a full time business woman and model.  A former Playboy playmate from California, she is comfortable being naked but has a law degree and a masters in business.  She enjoys arguing, taking a leadership role, and being competitive, three things she'll have to watch for in the Big Brother House.  She has no problem being ruthless, though.  The launch audience likes a strong, confident American Girl and showers her with their affection.

Housemate number 9 is named Christopher, he's 23 and he's a journalist(ish) for the BBC.  He moved from a dairy farm in Ireland to London, he comes off serious but doesn't think he is.  He doesn't argue for the sake of argument - he's passionate about the things he cares for.  He thinks Kim Kardashian is the spawn of Satan and too many women aspire to be like her.  He feels like a lamb to the slaughter and is prepared to be betrayed in the Big Brother House. 

The final housemate to enter the Big Brother House tonight is Pauline, 49, a dance teacher who has been a rapper in the past who did gigs and toured with Kylie Ann Minogue.  She doesn't feel 50, she feels half the age.  She'll do anything she has to do to get what she wants in the Big Brother House, and she'll always get the last word.  The audience loves her as she dances a little jig on her way down the gangway and into the house.  Oh my giddy aunt!

So there you have the first 10 housemates for Big Brother UK Series 15!  Now let's get down to business and award some POWER!  It's over to Great Britain to send one Housemate on a power trip, to rule the house, receive incredible privileges and make some incredibly difficult decisions.  We'll be sending your chosen one on a super-charged challenge right away!

The results are in and Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa to break the news.  This is Big Brother.  Welcome to the Big Brother House.  Congratulations, you are now all Housemates! However, you are not all equal.  One of you is about to go on a Power Trip and have control over what happens in the Big Brother House.  The viewers have chosen...   Pauline!  Your power trip starts now, by accessing the Control Room with the Power Key (a key rises out of a pedestal).  Pauline heads into the Control Room while the other housemates head into the garden where they find 2 glass boxes. 

:Control Room Activating...

The Control Room is a high-tech power center with glass panel displays surrounding the Power Chair.  Pauline is greeted by Iris, who has complete control over the entire house and has access to all the data on the housemates.  Pauline is directed to look at classified info on the housemates and must judge them on their personalities and choose one to reward and one to punish.    Iris begins to play revealing portions of their entry VTs for Pauline.  Iris then directs Pauline to make a decision on who to reward and punish.  Since she likes Mariah Carey, she chooses to reward Mark.  She doesn't like people who are intolerant of others, so she chooses to punish Matthew.  Iris tells Pauline her Power Trip is just beginning!

In the garden, Big Brother informs the Housemates that Pauline has decided the fate of Mark and Matthew.  They are each directed into one of the glass boxes.  One of them is to be rewarded with $5000 pounds cash, the other punished.  Suddenly, cash bills begin blowing up and around Mark's glass box.  In the Control Room, Pauline applauds.  Mark is shocked and initially scared, then very grateful.  Before the housemates can react, Matthew's glass box begins lifting 20 meters into the air as he is informed he is to be excluded from the Big Brother House and will be held in the box above the garden until further notice.

Iris tells Pauline in 24 hours, she will use her power once again and change the Big Brother House forever!

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