The British public gave Ashleigh the secret Power and she wasted no time assembling her alliance of yes-men to move forward with her plan to attack Helen from each side.  So far, either Steven or Ash will be evicted for the next eviction and either way, Helen will be hurt.  At least, that is how Ashleigh is likely thinking.  Life is not looking good for the the alliance of Helen, Ash, Steven and Winston. 

Chris acts like he's struggling with the weight of responsibility, but is that in fact his conscience or just an act?  Is Mark letting the newfound power go to his head?  Or has he always been playing a game, given how little he has allowed his fellow housemates learn about his his true feelings? He presents such a caricature in how he reacts to situations, but is that just comic relief or strategic deflection? 

Clearly Pav and Zoe are trying to keep quiet this week, hopeful to stay off the Power Housemate's radar, but there are fewer and fewer housemates left to choose from who do not meet Ashleigh's standards.  Do you have any predictions who might make the final 5 for the Finale?  If so, let us know!

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