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Monday, May 7, 2018  BBCAN Awards
Craving Big Brother Canada?  There's a new episode on tonight at 9:00PM where we'll see how Paras won HoH and the BBCAN Awards. On Wednesday, at 7:00PM we'll see another Big Brother Canada that will show the PoV competition and find out whom Kaela is evicting. Will it be Will, or Derek?  Then on Thursday the Big Brother Canada Six two-hour finale starts at 8:00PM.  Hopefully Arisa will let us know if there's Big Brother Canada Seven in our future.

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 9:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.
I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 8PM, you have another chance at 12PM ET.

We'll be very late posting the coverage of tonight's show, like Tuesday, because IndyMom78 is covering The Voice and Fuskie is covering American Idol. We could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

Previously on Big Brother Canada! After Kaela won HoH she put up Paras and Maddy, leaving trio's only road to the final four in Will's hands. Paras warns Will that the only to make sure Derek goes up is to win veto. But it all hit a dead-end when Will fell for Derek's voodoo at the PoV competition and dropped for a deal with Derek.

When Kaela locked down her nominations, Paras and Maddy were left high and dry on the block.

The fight for the final four began and hoping to go the distance, the Big Brother Ph.D. played up her physical shortcomings to Will.

With no competition wins under her belt either, Paras the strategic socialite set her eyes on the prize, and used her social skills to turn Maddy's mental muscle into Derek's Achilles heel, and with Daela buying in, on eviction night, with a 2-0 vote, made Maddy the fifth member of Big Brother's jury.

Tonight, with the final three on the line, who will sit on the throne as the next HoH? Who's butt will get thrown onto the block? Will the BBCAN Awards be a Knight to remember or a Page to turn? It's all happening tonight on Big Brother Canada!

We pick up after Maddy's eviction. The final four high-five each other on their victory. From the DR, Kaela tells us she feels really good about Maddy's eviction, as she was her target last week, "I fell like Maddy's really good at mental competitions and if there's any mental competitions coming up at least I have her out of my way."

Derek tells us: "I feel great! The brains have left the building and now my chance of winning competitions are way higher than they were before."

In the living room, Paras asks the others, "Do you remember when you thought it was going to be all girls?" Kaela: "Yeah, every guy was walking out the door."

After the boys head for the washroom Paras and Kaela are left in the living room. Paras: "And then there were two females." Kaela: "There was always two females." Paras looks at the guys walking upstairs and whispers, "You bitches are the next to go."

In the washroom area, the guys remark that they're the only two guys left in the house. While downstairs, the girls try to convince one another that the boys have a Final Two deal.

The guys are certain they'll be taken to Final Three, but Paras feels the only way she'll get there is to win her way to Final Three.

We pick up at the HoH competition. This competition is called Legends of the Fallen. They have a monitor that will slowly reveal information about a fallen HG. If they buzz in and are correct they win and if not they move on. The player with the most points wins.

The first clues are nominated once and first to win PoV. Paras rings in and answers Erica and she is correct.

The second clue is evicted day 55 and Derek buzzes in and answers Johnny. Will buzzes in and answer Olivia and is incorrect. Paras answers Ali and she has another point.

The third clue is HoH one time, won one PoV, Paras answers "Ryan," she is correct and now has three points, because there are only four more questions, if Paras gets the next question right she will be the new HoH.

The fourth clue is "HoH one time, in Heaven week one." Will buzzes in answering "Hamza," and he's wrong. Next clue: "Won 0 PoVs" Paras buzzes in and answers Olivia, and she is correct!

Arisa: "Paras, congratulations, you are the new HoH!"

In the kitchen, Derek tells Paras he is a big believer in fate and as soon as he started to lose, "I was like, it's even sweeter to win the veto." Kaela: "Yeah, we gotta win that... 50% chance. So we already made final three with Paras."

From the DR, Kaela tells us: "It is kinda sucky that Paras is HoH, in a final three situation I would love it to be Derek, myself, and Will because I think Paras has played a better social game, but it is what it is."

Meanwhile, upstairs in the red room, Paras is doing a frantic happy dance, so thrilled she won HoH! She whispers as if she wants to scream, "I'm going to be in the final three baby!"

Paras puts on a calm face to enter the white room where a defeated and sullen will is changing his clothes. Will tells Paras how disappointed he is in himself. "I'm so happy you won, obviously, just disappointed in myself, you know what I mean?"

Kaela enters the room and they hug. Paras reminds Will there's still a veto to be won.

From the DR, Will tells us he thinks he'll be going home if he doesn't win the PoV.

Who wants to see my HoH room? Paras shows pictures of her friend Britney, she got a stuffed cat that looks like her real pet at home, and the Hasbro game, Perfection. BB left a card saying the all four will get to dine on the Wendy's food reward. Her video was from her best friend and said how proud and happy everyone was for her, they enjoy watching her on TV and on the live feeds.

In the red room, Derek and Kaela talk about meeting and the bond they share. From the DR Kaela tells us she separates her emotions from the game but considers Derek her best friend.

In the HoH room, Paras tells us that being on Big Brother is something she's wanted since she was 11 years old, now she's living her dream. She speaks of her parents moving to Canada, leaving everything behind them to start over at age 40, "And I know there are people more deserving me that never get to live in a wonderful country like this one, and I feel for them, and I want to be able to give back to them at some point. I sometimes feel guilty, that I got have this life and they didn't. But it's very special to feel like you were given an opportunity at a colossal better life in Canada."

Everyone is bored and suddenly a town crier enters through the front door ringing his bell, "Hear ye, hear ye... My lords and ladies, the House of Big Brother requests your attendance to feast and reminisce at the sixth annual Big Brother Canada Awards. Now, if you please, retire to the HoH chamber to begin preparations for the upcoming ceremony."

The final four scurry to the HoH room to check out their ceremonial attire. They've been assigned medieval costumes and Kaela thinks it's all pretty cool.

Will is the first dressed, "I'm supposed to look like William the first, even though I'm William the third."

Next out is Derek, "looking like a prince from one of those video games," comments Paras.

The girls are out now, Kaela looks like the princess from Aladdin. Paras looks like Maleficent.

The town crier announces the guests as they enter the hall: "Always battle ready, with nary a hair out of place, I present the gallant Lord Derek of Beaumont. Never one to turn down the opportunity to twerk, I present the spritely Lady Kaela of Saint John. A woman of many, many, many quirks I present the always animated Lady Paras of Port Vancouver. He is as tall as his patients is short, I present the incomprehensible Lord William of Witless Bay. My Lords and Ladies, you have battled heroically, schemed surreptitiously, and now, enjoy the retrospective on a season for the ages."

And with that, the town crier leaves, the HGs toast themselves and the feasting begins.

Paras is first to pick up a scroll and read, "The nominees for the most epic battle are: Will vs. Ryan; Johnny vs. Daela; vs. Ali." And the award goes to Johnny vs. Daela; vs. Ali.

Next is, Nominees for most favoured retching are Olivia for "What happened last night" and William for "What happened last night" Clips are shown of Olivia puking in the kitchen sink full of dishes, and William running into the bathroom. And the award goes to Olivia.

Next is the award for the finest Lip-Lock. The nominees are Kaela and Derek, and Kaela and Veronica. And the award goes to Kaela and Veronica.

Next is the oddest of duos, and the nominees are Ali and Olivia, Ding-Dong; Will and Veronica, Fun in the Tub." Clips are shown of Will and Veronica handcuffed together taking a bath in the HoH room tub. And the award goes to Ali and Olivia.

Paras whines that she hasn't been in any of the award nominations yet. Kaela says Paras will probably being in a crying one and Paras says she's an ugly crier.

The next award is for Favoured Jester, and the nominees are, Paras imitates Olivia; Veronica with makeup. Clips are shown, and the award goes to Paras imitates Olivia.

Next, BB runs a series of clips memorializing the BBCAN6 season from the time the houseguests first entered the house.

After The Big Brother Canada Awards are over the final four gathers in the HoH room. It's been a long day, they're ready for bed. Daela leaves Will and Paras alone. Will tells Paras he wants to go to final three. Paras: "We can still do this, man. I'm so hopeful."

From the DR, Paras tells us, "It's obvious I'm going to put up Derek and Kaela for eviction, but I just want Will to know I'm still with him."

Paras tells Will it doesn't even matter who goes up on the block, it all comes down to one vote, whoever wins the PoV, it could be me, maybe it's Will." Will chuckles. "Honestly," Paras continues, "all I needed was that reassurance I got with that HoH win... if it's veto, I can beat Derek, I know I can. We're going to final two man. We're doing it."

Will: "If I do go home, and you get the final two, I'll make sure you'll win. You will win." Paras: "You're not going home."

Meanwhile, in the living room, Derek and Kaela are lounging on the sofa, once again questioning each other on who they would take to final two, whether one would cut the other, but first, they have to make it to final three. Their goal is to get Will out this week. "I can't not have you there," Kaela tells Derek "That's the only thing, like if something roque does happen, and, like you going home this week... and I'm I'm in a final two with them, they're both picking each other and the only way I get to the end is if I win."

Paras considers who the jury would vote for, and how they would feel about one od Daela cutting the other. Kaela: "Are you saying if I cut you, you'd still vote for me in the end?" Derek: "No I wouldn't, but I'm just saying, 'What you they [the jury] think?'" Kaela: "You wouldn't vote for me, even if you thought I played the better game?" Derek: "Nope." Kala: "Why?" Derek: "Because you made me a promise and cut me." Derek looks frightened by this conversation, Kaela has a wicked grin. "So you'd be a bitter juror?" Derek: "Yep." Kaela: [Giggles] "I knew you would be. Do you think I would be?" Derek: "You say you wouldn't, but in our case, I think you would." Kaela continues to check out, and sketch out Derek.

In the DR, Derek says, "We talked about going to the end together, and now if you dump me, you're dead to me."

It's nomination time and Paras has to pick two nominees from three people left.

Paras nominates Kaela and Derek.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E27, was written by Morty.   


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Update Entry
Saturday, May 5, 2018  Expect the Unexpected
Last night the HGs competed for PoV, the feeds went off and that sneaky BBCAN crew only put feeds 3 and 4 back on after the competition, while I watched feed one until 8:45AM waiting to figure out who won.  Now, at 8:55AM  the final four are all sleeping in the red room.

One of these four houseguests has won the PoV and a great deal of power...
But Which One!

Will freaks out over a spider in the washroom.

11:24AM BBT: The lights are on and the HGs are starting to stir. Derek is passing out fresh batteries.

11:45AM BBT: Kaela won PoV! Will said to himself, "So I leave on day 64. I've come to terms with it, Kaela is going to pick Derek over me."

But the big question is, will she really?

BB calls the HGs to the HoH room and the feeds go to FotH.

Note:  If Will is correct and the eviction is today, the feeds will go off for the season before the eviction.

12:55PM BBT: Will gets one-on-one time with Kaela and makes a pitch for her to ditch Derek and vote to save Will. They go back and forth on the subject, they agree Derek wouldn't have brought Kaela to the final two. [IMHO, he would have. ~Morty]

Will tells her she won't get jury votes if she brings Derek, and she needs to make a big move. Will uses his last arrow in his quiver saying, he will not vote for her if she doesn't take him to final three.

1:05PM BBT: Will leaves to pack, because he's not sure how long there will be between the PoV and the eviction.

1:35PM BBT: In the HoH room, Paras talks to Kaela about cutting Derek, because he's done so well, "Who came in second in the PoV?" Kaela: "Derek." Paras: ...and his time was right behind you."  Kaela brings up that Derek never wants to kiss and stuff, says because he knows there will be nothing after.

Kaela tells Paras that she's really pissed at Will because he's threatening to sway the jury against her. Kaela really wants to see Will leave tonight.

Kaela tries to ensure that Paras will take her to Final Two, telling her their games are different, Paras played a social game, whereas Kaela and Derek played an almost identical game.

2:08PM BBT: The HGs are called to the living room and Arisa comes on the screen to tell the HGs that this season has been full of surprises at every single turn and tonight is no different. [Pause] Tonight one more will be sent to jury. Welcome to a special eviction.

The feeds cut to FotH.

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 

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Update Entry
Friday, May 4, 2018  Nominations Today
Nominations are today and the most obvious scenario is that Paras nominates Kaela and Derek, we're just waiting for that to happen. The BBCAN Awards are on Monday, May 7th at 9PM and will be taped and the feeds will be off for that, then I think the feeds will stay off for the rest of the season.

5:00PM BBT: The feeds are back. Paras is tipsy and telling Will what she'll say when she nominates Kaela and Derek. Paras also assures Will that she or Will will win the veto.

Derek & Kaela are Nominated

Derek makes a deal with Will that if Will or Paras wins the PoV, they'll keep the nominations the same and Will would vote for Derek to stay and he'd take him to Final Two. Will also brings up to Derek that if he wins Veto he needs to cut Kaela. Will swears on his family back home that he'll take Derek to Final Three, and Derek swears on his family too that'll he'll keep Will too.

Will tells Derek cutting Kaela would be his game-winning move. Derek said he'd have to. Will tells Derek that if he took Kaela to Final Two the jury would vote for Kaela to win.

Paras at the BBCAN Awards taping, Paras drank some mimosas and now she regrets it because the PoV competition will be tonight. "This is fucked up. I still feel buzzed," Paras laments.

Will tell Paras about the deal Derek "tried" to make a with him. He said they swore on it. Paras: "If I win veto, you are going to have to cut Derek." Will: "Obviously. 100%. He is the biggest threat. Me and you could sail right to Final Two."

Meanwhile, we can hear Derek talking to himself up, saying that he can beat all three of Final Four, and he will win the PoV.

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Update Entry
Thursday, May 3, 2018  Live Eviction Tonight
Big Big Brother Canada night! This is the last eviction before next week's finale.  So who will be evicted, Maddy or Paras?

Clips of Today's Best Live Feed Moments from the Video Board 
Tonight's Show on Global TV at 8:00PM
You can also watch Big Brother Canada as it airs on the east coast HERE.
I watch Big Brother Canada live in the USA on the BBViewer using a VPN, and it streams beautifully, and only took me five minutes to set up.

The BBViewer also streams the West coast feed of BBCAN6, so if you miss it at 8PM, you have another chance at 11PM ET.

We'll be very late posting the coverage of tonight's show because IndyMom78 is covering The Voice and Fuskie is covering American Idol. We could use more volunteers, fans like you, to help cover the live feeds and BBCAN6 TV episodes. Could you help?   Contact Fuskie at 

Arisa tells us the Season 6 Finale is just one week away and there is so much unresolved in the house. We'll clear some of that up tonight. Who will replace Kaela in the HoH suite? We'll find out later tonight.

We pick up after the PoV ceremony. Kaela says there are two people voting this week, Will and Derek and if there's a tiebreaker she gets to vote. She says Maddy is too dangerous of a player because she's come too close to winning mental competitions to want to keep her around.

Paras is in the white rose room talking to herself. She says it sucks so bad. She says it's hard to believe this could end for her in three days. She keeps imagining Arisa announcing her as the winner, but that image is getting faded. If she gets voted out she'll be proud she made final five and jury. She can't believe she sucked so bad at competitions.

Maddy says this stinks. She has not given up and is rolling over, but that window is getting smaller and smaller. She says she's been climbing up a pit every week and she's almost out of fingernails. She says this is almost the end of the line. She says from the very first week of the season she has been the option to go on the block for every HoH. But she is not ready to give up.

Maddy is talking to Kaela and says if she feels she can help her then she should influence someone to keep her. Maddy says, either way, Fifth place is something to be proud of. Paras is talking to Will and making sure she has the votes. Paras says she knows what Maddy is capable of and that makes her nervous. Paras says everyone tells her she's safe but if she's learned one thing this season is it may start out black and white, by the end of the week things have changed.

Derek is doing laps and Maddy comes in and wants to join him and make her pitch. She says she needs two votes to stay and she's going to start with Derek.

Maddy points out that Derek has never competed against Paras in an endurance competition and those two competitions she came in second place. And the reason she dropped in those competitions is that Johnny told her she was safe. Maddy says it might be in Derek's best interest to keep her to take her to Final Two. Derek says Paras isn't dumb either though. Derek says they are just trying to give themselves the best chance to move on to the next week.

Will, Maddy, and Paras are in the kitchen and Will is teasing her and Paras is grumpy.

Paras says her and Will are very different, they feel differently and look at things differently. She says she realizes she just has to keep her mouth shut and keep her eyes on the prize. Will says let's go Maddy and leave this grouch. Paras mumbles after they leave.

Paras is venting about Will giving up that veto and having a chance to change the trajectory of the game. Paras says want to know what she's scared? Because anyone can have a five-minute conversation and get in his head because he doesn't have one. Paras says if you see this in the future Will, screw you!

Right now Paras and Maddy are on the block. Arisa says let's see what they've been doing to try and stay. Derek and Kaela are in the hot-tub talking.

Derek asks Kaela if she can see him in the final two with her. She says she knows if she cuts Derek he'll be upset and never talk to her, but she came to play a game and she does care about him.

Derek leaves and Kaela is talking to herself and says he better take her because she doesn't have the heart to cut him.

Maddy has made a little "calendar" and she's using uncooked pasta to Mark days and she's listing the names of the competitions and who won. She says she wants to win because everyone said she couldn't. She's had so many people tell her she's not interesting and she's too boring and not bold enough to be in the house and win. She says even if she leaves on Thursday here she is in final five and that's amazing.

Paras is talking to Kaela in the HoH and she tells Kaela she's nervous. Paras tells us if it comes to a tiebreaker she needs to reassure Kaela she is better for their game than Maddy. Paras tells Kaela that Maddy has been studying and if Derek kept her she would be gone next.

Paras isn't sure she wants to say that to Derek because it's kind of in your face. Kaela tells her to do what she has to do. Paras tells Kaela that Maddy is spinning some BS. Kaela says she is doing everything she can and you need to do everything you can.

Paras asks Kaela if Derek would tell her if he changed his mind and Kaela says he doesn't talk to her about his decisions. Kaela whispers after Paras leaves that Derek tells her everything, but she doesn't want Paras to know that.

Maddy is now making her pitch to Will. Maddy says Will shows every time that he goes where he's the safest. Maddy is pitching that Paras has outperformed Will in competitions and Maddy might be safer for him than keeping Paras who could beat him. Maddy points out that if Paras and Will are Final Two, then she will have most of the jury. Maddy says maybe now is the time you kick that idea in the butt and consider getting rid of Paras so you don't have to go to a Final Two. Maddy says if Will buys this she might make it to the end and she could be the most mediocre winner in Big Brother Canada.

Paras can't wait to win HoH next week and tell those two "witches" she's in charge and Kaela, take a seat and Derek, take a seat. Will comes in. Will tells us this is the hardest decision he's had to make between Paras and Maddy. Will tells Paras he has to see what's best for his game and Paras says oh you're flip-flopping on me? Will says that's not what he said and she says don't worry me like that. Will says one thing I told her and I'll tell you is I'm not going to tell you guys each other pitches.

Paras says it's getting close to Thursday and no one has told her she's safe so she needs to lock down Derek's vote. Derek says Maddy just gave reasons why it would be better to keep her and Kaela says you would look like an idiot if you kept Maddy around. Paras tells Maddy has been studying hard and it would be stupid to keep her around and compete against her. Paras says Maddy is intimidating and she is the biggest hindrance to Derek winning the game and if she stays she's making it to the end.

Ryan tells us what he's been doing in the jury house and he especially enjoys ordering from Skip the Dishes. He'd be ecstatic to see Kaela next and he'd be surprised to see Ali because he doesn't think she's on anyone's radar. Ali tells Ryan how she was evicted and says it was Johnny.

Johnny and Olivia are on their way and Olivia says she's going to walk in behind Johnny. Johnny comes in and Ali screams and Johnny is explaining what happened and he hasn't told them Olivia is there. Then she comes in.

Ali says she loves that Liv is here but she also hates that she's here. Johnny says Daela is going to steamroll. Ali says it will be a showmance showdown. Ali says if she has to choose she'd have to go with Kaela and Liv agrees.

Johnny tells Liv to tell Ali why they were on the block together and Liv says she told Johnny he could trust her a little more than Ali. Johnny says they are not taking their vote lightly, they are going to vote for who played the best game.

Arisa goes to greet the HG. Paras says this game has been way crazier and emotional and she didn't know how she'd make it through. She thanks them for having her back and on a game level, she's not ready to go home so please keep her so she can go on the journey with them.

Maddy thanks everyone for allowing her to go on this journey and make her dream come true. She says she's learned that being independent does not make you weird, having your own opinion doesn't make you rude, and standing up for yourself does not make you a witch. She will forever be truly grateful.

Time to vote.

Derek votes to evict Maddy.
Will votes to evict Maddy.

By a vote of 2-0 Maddy has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

Maddy gives a group hug and Paras has tears in her eyes. Kaela says Maddy played an amazing game.

Arisa says Maddy has been such a huge fan of the show. How does she feel now, she made final five? Maddy says she feels amazing and it was so much fun. Regardless of not making it all the way, fifth place isn't bad.

Arisa says one thing about Maddy is you could say she was loyal to a fault? Maddy agrees and that's why she struggled to campaign. She feels like she can sleep at night over the game she played.

Will and Kaela have both played very different games. Will has a great social game while Kaela has shown herself to be a strategic competition beast. But they have one thing in common they are both from the east coast.

Two of Kaela's friends are there and one of them says she predicted Will and Kaela final two from day one. Kaela's grandmother says she can't wait to see her and hear all about her experience. One thing she didn't know was that Kaela swore.

Will's friend says they are big supporters of Big Brother. Will's twin brother, Edward, says he wishes he did better in the competitions but he has a wicked social game. His friend says she doesn't think he intended to be a floater but he just needs to pull out a win at the end. His son says everyone is a competition beast except daddy, 'cause he can't win anything.

Arisa says earlier tonight Maddy was sent to the jury, making Derek, Kaela, Will, and Paras their final four. Time for the HoH competition!

This competition is called Legends of the Fallen. They have a monitor that will slowly reveal information about a fallen HG. If they buzz in and are correct they win and if not they move on. The player with the most points wins.

The first clues are nominated once and first to win PoV. Paras rings in and answers Erica and she is correct.

The second clue is evicted day 55 and Derek buzzes in and answers Johnny. Will buzzes in and answer Olivia and is incorrect. Paras answers Ali and she has another point.

Arisa says that does it for us tonight. Tune in Monday to find out who won this crucial HoH competition.
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Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S06E26, was written by Indymom78.   



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