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Update Entry
Wednesday, March 22, 2017  Eviction Eve
5:58AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! While the house guests are sleeping and there is nothing going on, Sassy2565 did some rewinding to see what we missed.

On Tuesday at 2:50PM BBT: Emily and Dillon had a talk with Demetres and told him they will not come after him if Emily gets to stay. They also told him that Dallas is still talking game with Dillon and that Dallas is only telling Demetres everything he has to just to be able to stay but if he flipped on Dillon so quick, he cannot be trusted. After the conversation with Dillon and Emily, Demetres went to Sindy and told her about the deal with Dillon and Emily keeping him safe if Emily stays and Sindy told him to take the deal.

After his chat with Sindy, Demetres was playing pool with Bruno and told him about the deal. Bruno is all for sending Dallas out the door and suggested not telling him until the votes are counted. As Demetres and Bruno were talking, Cassandra walked by and said that she has not talked game today.

Later in the day we see Neda talking to Karen in the bathroom area about keeping Emily. Neda said that it is only good for Cassandra and Ika if they keep Dallas, so they would like to send him packing.

Around 11:08PM Tuesday: Cassandra and Ika had a discussion with Demetres about keeping Dallas. Demetres said that he is weighing his options and there are pros and cons to both choices.

11:19PM BBT: Bruno, Dillon and Emily are out by the hot-tub and Emily asks Bruno if she is leaving. Bruno said that he does not think so. He told her that Demetres wants Dallas out and that Dallas needs his vote and Kevin's vote and he does not have it. He told Emily not to worry and lay low and she will probably be the one staying. He also told her and Dillon that Cassandra is fighting to keep Dallas, but he has put in word for Emily.

12:26AM BBT: Ika and Demetres are talking about Sindy and how she wants to have a showmance with Demetres, but Demetres does not want to do that. He likes her and wants to keep it where they are at with flirting and stuff, but he does not like her that way and does not want to lead her on. After the Sindy discussion, they continue to discuss game and weigh the pros and cons of keeping Dallas or Emily.

12:50AM BBT: Feeds switch to Dallas and Cassandra in the kitchen and they head to the storage room to talk. Dallas does not think there is a chance for him to stay. Cassandra said that she talked to Demetres again and he said that he will make his rounds tomorrow and get back to Cassandra if he is going to keep Dallas.

Dallas told Cassandra that Demetres is BSing her because he knows Dallas is her closest ally. Dallas said tomorrow he is going to have a house meeting, he is going to put Sindy and Bruno on blast, he is going to say that Demetres is working with Sindy, he is going to say that Bruno is working with Dillon, he is going to call Sindy as real as a three dollar bill, he is going to stay he can't stand half of these people anyway so vote him out and do him a favor because if he has to hear one more word from Sindy's voice he is going to commit suicide so please do him a favor and send him packing. Then he is going to take pots and pans and go around the house saying Sindy is a fake and he tells Cassandra to stop what she is doing.

Cassandra asks him if people are going to come after her because they know she is close with him. Dallas tells her he does not think so. Cassandra tells him if he does that he is out. Dallas said that he is out anyways and she is fighting an uphill battle. Cassandra asks him to wait until the end of the day to do that. He told her he just wants the tension because he does not think there is a chance and for him to go out with a bang and this is the way he wants to be remembered. Cassandra asks if that will leave a target on her back.

They continue to discuss the other players and Dallas wants to put the target on Bruno and Sindy.

1:15AM BBT: Cassandra and Ika walk to the bathroom area and discuss how they feel like they are on the outs. Ika feels like Demetres does not want Dallas to stay because he is not saying so and if he wanted him to stay he would say so.

8:59AM BBT: Feeds one and two are down. On feeds three and four we see Karen finishing up in the shower and Ika getting in the shower.

9:11AM BBT: Emily has strolled into the bathroom area to use the bathroom and then pass out new batteries to the house guests.

9:21AM BBT: The lights are on in the blue bedroom and we hear BB tell the house guests to get up.

9:23AM BBT: BB tells Dillon to get up or be prepared to face the consequences. Dillon sits up and says he don't want consequences.

9:38AM BBT: Kevin and William are in the blue bedroom talking and Kevin told William that right now the house is leaning towards evicting Dallas. William wants to evict Emily because she threatened Dre.

9:39AM BBT: In the pink bedroom, Ika asked Jackie who they should keep in the house and if Emily would put her up. Jackie told Ika that Emily's pitch to her, Dre and William was that if they vote for her to stay she would put up two vets if she won HoH. Jackie asked Ika not to tell anyone that she told her that and she told Ika that Emily said that she would put her (Ika) up. Ika does not think that Dallas would ever put them up. Jackie said after Emily gave them her pitch she did not talk to her the rest of the day.

They both agree that Emily threatens people if they do not vote for her. Ika said that her gut tells her that Dallas should stay but she is afraid if they keep him then he will go back to Dillon. Gary walked in and interrupted the conversation.

9:47AM BBT: In the blue bedroom Kevin and William are still laying in bed and Kevin told William that his target is Cassandra, and that is their first piece of trust between them and if he tells anyone else.. then he starts fake punching him. William agrees that Cassandra wants them to do the dirty work and tries to control everyone.

9:52AM BBT: The only feed working on current time is four where house guests are in the kitchen fixing breakfast, cleaning and just idle chat.

9:54AM BBT: Gary and Ika are in the pink bedroom talking about Sindy. Ika tells Gary about her conversation with Sindy about liking Demetres. Ika said that she don't think Sindy wants her hanging around Demetres because Sindy likes him. Gary said that she was friends with Demetres before Sindy liked him.

Gary hates Sindy because she said that he changed Demetres mind about who to vote out. Ika said that Sindy told her the newbies are picking off the vets one by one which is wrong because there has only been one eviction. Ika told Gary that Emily said that if they vote for her to stay then she would not come after her, but Jackie told her that Emily said she would put her up. Gary said that is not good for his game because if her name is mentioned then his name is mentioned.

Gary asked Ika if she wants Emily out. Ika said that she does want Emily out. Dre walked in and she tells them about her conversation with Emily and how she was threatened.

10:15AM BBT: The houseguests are just getting ready for their day with general chit chat.

10:25AM BBT: Sindy and Demetres are in the Have-Not room talking about Cassandra and how she is willing to cut Dallas loose so quickly. Neda walked in and Demetres asked if they are still on to get rid of Dallas. Neda said one hundred percent. Neda said that Cassandra won't try and talk to her because she knows that she can't sling her.

Neda told them how Dallas said that he would vote for her if she was sitting in final two no matter what. They all three agree that it is becoming more obvious that Dallas needs to leave. Demetres doesn't want to tell Cassandra and Dallas now because he wants to let them scramble, but he is going to start telling people because they keep asking him if he has made a decision yet.

The three are now reviewing the votes and agreeing that Cassandra is so good at manipulating.

In the pink bedroom Ika and Dre both agree that Emily and Dillon have people behind them. Ika told Dre that Cassandra and Dallas are stronger then Emily and Dillon. Dre thinks that Emily and Dillon are because they have people behind them. Ika said that Cassandra and Dallas are smarter.

Dallas walked in the room and said something about Sindy. Ika said that she knows and that Sindy hates her. They discuss how the vets are no longer together anymore. Dallas thinks that the votes are so close and there is no sense in giving up, but if he does leave he is going to blast others before he leaves. Ika and Dallas both believe a deal was cut between Emily, Dillon and Demetres. Dallas is going to talk to everyone today and see where it is at.

10:51AM BBT: In the HoH room Cassandra, Kevin and Jackie are talking about who to keep.

Jackie tells Kevin that Emily said that she would put up Kevin if she wins HoH. Kevin is going to talk to Emily. Jackie said that she will tell him whatever he wants to hear.

10:53AM BBT: A yelling fight takes place between Dallas and Dillon.

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3:40PM BBT: Feeds off, then back; the houseguests have been given a task, they have scripts and costumes and are practicing their lines in groups. So far I see Ika with Kevin, Neda with William and Dre, Sindy and Jackie, Cass and Dallas.

5:31PM BBT: The feeds are back Cass and Jackie in Have-Not room studying something they saw, presumably for tomorrows HoH competition.

Dallas making "one last pitch" to Sindy, she says as far as she knows he is staying

5:45PM BBT: Bruno and Ika talking in HoH Ika telling Bruno everything that Jackie and Cass said. That the "others" will nominate Bruno/Kevin no matter what

5:55PM BBT: Dallas has moved on to Neda she is just agreeing with everything he says.

Ika, Demetres and Bruno agree that Dallas needs to leave.

6:05PM BBT: Cass, Jackie, and Dre are in the Have-Not room. Dre said she was going to vote with the house and will ask Neda which way the house was going.

6:10PM BBT: Demetres and Ika are helping Bruno study for HoHs competitions.

Dallas is now working on Kevin, who is also agreeing with everything he says then says he still hasn't decided what he is going to do.

6:11PM BBT: Ika says Cassandra is so fake, and plays up to the camera. Ika, Demetres, Bruno all studying for the next competition. Sandy enters the room and joins the room.

6:12PM BBT: Kevin and Dallas in the orange/pink space bedroom talking about if Dallas stays. Dallas is all fired up. He says Demetres wants him out. Dallas suspects Bruno is in with Dillon and Emily. He keeps seeing them together, and when people walk by they stop talking. He says if the vets are not together after this vote, then 'every man for himself'. Kevin is not committing to keep Dallas, but will give him the courtesy of telling him if he is going to vote him out.

6:20PM BBT: Dallas alone talking out loud...counting his possible votes. Do I drop the bomb? If I don't have a chance I should drop it, but if I do have a chance and I drop it then I don't have a chance. [ I think the bomb is throwing Sindy under the bus]

Gary and William are alone in blue bedroom Gary is asking him if when they get to the final three if William would choose Gary over Dre, he said it's so far down the road but then admits Dre is in fact his #1.

6:31PM BBT: Dallas is now onto Bruno and Ika in HoH they tell him they think he has the votes to stay.

6:50PM BBT: Emily and Cass have an awkward chat in the Have-Not room with Dre and Jackie present. It doesn't work out well for Em, Cass kinda owned the conversation, and then Em goes to Dillon and tells him, "Holy crap she's so fake!"

7:20PM BBT: Em campaigns to Gary and he says his vote is undecided, can she offer anything? "I have a lot of control over Dillon, I can literally control what he does"

Tonight's Show on Global TV at 9:00PM
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Previously on BBCAN, moments before the vote, a last ditch effort to save Mark blew up the house but the Persian Princess got everyone back onside. When the vote went down, the Beauty and the Greek lived to fight another day. At the HoH competition, Demetres kicked asteroid and went from the block to the top and immediately put a target on arch rival Dillon. But the champ wouldn't get in the ring so the big D'zy swallowed his pride and offered the Greek a sweet deal-zy.

When Emily tried to distance herself from ally Dillon, Demetres didn't bite.

In the draw for the Have-Not's, Sindy, Cass, Ika and Emily got red carded and sent back in time.

At the nomination ceremony, the Greek made it Feta Complete and put up the target and his bestie as the pawn.

Tonight, when the milk hits the fan, who will get their dunk on and win the PoV? Will the vets rally for tally or will their cookie finally crumble? It all happens now, on BBCAN!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Demetres tells us Dillon is his target because he's another alpha male in the house, and there's only room for one in the house. Em's on the block because she's his closest ally and if he can't get Dillon, he might as well take out Dillon's first lady. Dillon tells us being on the block against Emily is a tough pill to swallow. He wants to keep his BB life safe but doesn't want to campaign against Em.

Em tells us she hates being beside her best friend on the block. Plus, she's on slop! Dallas tells us he's close to Dillon and Em, his game could potentially be in jeopardy because if one comes off the block and Demetres wants to go after big players, Dallas is one of them.

Dillon tells us the nerve of Demetres to take a shot at him. Is he serious? Dillon is bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, prettier and if he wants to bang knuckles, brother they can do that! Demetres apologizes to Dillon, who says it's a game. It's all good, bro, Dillon adds. Em is sitting outside the main bridge door by herself, crying. Dillon joins her and comforts her. She's only on the block because of their friendship. She really hopes they can win veto. He assures her they can.

In the Have-Not room, Ika, Bruno and Sindy thank Demetres for keeping them safe. Ika tells us she worked hard to get in good with Demetres and as a result, there are no vets on the block.

Demetres tells us he is having a fan boy moment playing with the All-Stars. It's a dream come true!

Neda joins, and tells us it's week two and no vets have been nominated. What are the newbies thinking?

Later, Karen and Em are in the WA; neither wants to face the house. Karen tells us she will be going up if one of the newbies comes down. To Em, Karen wonders why Demetres didn't put her up since she put him up last week.

Time to pick players for the PoV! Demetres draws Dre, Dillon draws Neda and Em draws Karen. Karen tells us she is so pumped to play in PoV because now her life is in her hands. If she can win it, there's no way she is walking out the back door. Demetres chooses Dallas to host the PoV.

Em and Dillon are discussing what to do if they win. Em wants to use it on Dillon, he doesn't want her to. She doesn't want to be there without him. It depends on who the replacement nominee is, Emily says. If it was Karen up against Emily, she'd stay by a landslide. Dillon is shocked he's even on the block - Demetres is all hair gel and tight pants. They're just going to win the PoV, that's all.

In the blue bedroom, Neda is by herself, talking to the feeders. She keeps thinking she's at risk for leaving but then remembers her immunity.

Neda tells us she feels so lucky to be given such an amazing power by Canada. Thank you! She really hopes she makes everyone proud and not embarrass them. She hopes she's not over playing.

Dallas calls all the PoV players and remaining HGs to the living room . "Dear HGs, are you ready to get your dunk on? Oreo has launched their dunk challenge and it's your turn to join the challenge. You have one hour to create your own original Oreo dunk, using Oreo cookies and milk. You will then present it to the rest of the HGs, who will then judge and do their best to be impartial. The HGs with the best dunk will win an advantage in the upcoming PoV challenge! Good luck!"

Dillon is in the blue bedroom, doing cartwheels with an Oreo in his shirt. Demetres is in the HoH bathroom, one Oreo on each pec. Karen is in the storage room, juggling. Em is in the kitchen, balancing cookies on the edge of the glass.

Judges are asked what they are looking for and Gary spits out drama and entertainment. Dillon is up first, cartwheels over the milk while dropping the Oreo in and then drinking the milk.

Demetres juggles, tries to land a cookie in his mouth and misses. Gary gives a three and tells us he is looking for Ore-O and they are giving him Ore-no.

Karen tells them HGs, in the BB house it can be quite a gamble. She flips the Oreo like a coin on her wrist, dunks it and eats it. Gary says they aren't in Vegas, they're in space.

Dre does this complicated move with her arms behind her back, managing to get the Oreo in the milk.

Emily tells us she is going hard to win the veto. She slams the Oreos in her milk using her fist and then dumps it all over her head. Neda yo-yo's an Oreo into her milk from the top of the stairs, hauls it up and eats it. The winner of the advantage for the PoV is ... DRE!

Time for the PoV competition! Outside, the backyard is decorated with Oreos and glasses and a huge milk carton pouring milk into a big bowl. The HGs are dressed as Oreos. "Hello HGs! Are you ready for this week wonderful PoV challenge? It's time to take the Oreo dunk challenge to a whole new level! On go, you will race up the milky lane and dunk yourself into the giant cup of milk where you will attempt to suck up as much milk as possible. You'll then race back to your cup squeeze out as much milk as you can into your glass. The first one to completely fill up their glass and pull out the pink ping pong ball will win the PoV. That's the way the cookie crumbles! Not only will you win the PoV, but also $5000 cash! Thank you, Oreo!"

"Dre, since you have won the advantage, you will start with a little milk in your glass, giving you a head start."

Dre tells us she wants to win because the $5000 would help her pay her tuition. Dillon tells us he wants to win to save himself and Emily. His biggest competition is Demetres.

The competition starts and the HGs on the sideline giggle watching everyone in the milk. Demetres tells us his strategy is to soak both sides of the cookie and cup the front of his Oreo, holding more milk. He wants to win the money and keep nominations the same.

Dillon tells us being a big guy makes it easy to get as much milk as possible and squeeze more out but the long running tires the big guy out.

Emily tells us she has a small advantage because she's the only one with long hair in the challenge. She can sponge up extra milk that she can squeeze into her glass.

Karen tells us she needs to win the PoV so she is not the replacement nominee. This is definitely an endurance competition. People are lapping her; the costume weighs a ton. She is just going to keep pushing through.

Neda tells us the $5000 would be nice but she wants to win BBCAN and there's no way she can win the competition so she's going to act weak so when her immunity is up, people will remember her weakness.

It's neck and neck between Demetres and Dillon. Dillon goes down hard but recoups fast. Dillon takes another spill and groans in pain and frustration.

Dillon tells us he is in so much pain right now but in his Canadian title fight he got knocked down twice. You can knock him down but not out. He gets back up and tells us his only lifeline is winning the PoV. If he doesn't, he is walking out the front door.

Demetres tells us he can't believe Dillon got back up but he's just gotta keep pushing through.

Neda tells us she wonders why Dre is trying so hard. She's not going to win against the two boys and she's making herself a bigger target. Dre is in third place. Emily tells us she realizes she is not going to win so when Dillon is by her, she moves out of her way but when Demetres is by her, she slows down on purpose. Demetres takes a spill next but gets back up. Still neck in neck between both guys.

On his next squeeze, Dillon grabs the pink ping pong ball. He wins the PoV and $5000, thanks to Oreo!
Demetres tells us that this sucks. Not only is Dillon safe, but now he has to listen to his arrogance for another week. And he has to put someone else up and get more blood on his hands.

Later, Dillon admits to Emily that he's hurting a bit. Em says she's in such a better mood now that he won. In the blue bedroom, Dallas says the replacement will either be him or Karen.

In the HoH, Bruno comforts Demetres.

Bruno reminds us that he voted against Demetres last week, so he needs to buddy buddy with him so Bruno doesn't end up in his vision as a replacement.

Demetres tells us Dallas, Kevin and Bruno are all on his radar as replacement nominee because last week they all flipped on him last moment. He discusses in HoH with Cass, who says she feels she has a handle on Dallas because of their bond last season. Demetres reminds her he's working with Dillon right now.

Demetres tells us the tables have turned on them, and it feels great. Cass says if she wins HoH next week, Kevin and Bruno are going up because they're both coming after her - she wants them out. They think their masterminds but they're fooling no one.

Cassandra tells us it's a beautiful thing that Demetres is HoH so she is going to do a little manipulating to get him to do what she wants.

They discuss how hot Ika is. Demetres jokes that he's liable to fall all over himself and do whatever she wants due to her hotness.

Emily joins and Cass leaves. Emily suggests putting up Karen - then she'll feel like a pawn. Demetres doesn't want her to go home, he wants whoever the replacement is to go home. Sending Emily home is not beneficial to his game.

Emily says her going home means people will come after him. Karen going up would be the perfect way to close up HoH with little blood on his hands.

Cass takes Dallas into the pink bedroom and warns him to keep his mouth shut then warns him that Bruno is trying to get Dallas up on the block. Cass wants Bruno up there, not Karen. Get Karen's name out of Dallas' mind. Dallas tells us he trusts Cass. If she comes and says 'do this' or 'do that', he has to believe her and do what she says.

Big Dally might be in some hot water so now he has to go talk to Demetres. Dallas finds him in the storage room. Dallas re-iterates if he's safe this week, he'll keep Demetres safe next week. Dallas brings up Bruno, with Bruno listening outside the door.

Bruno walks in, gets something out of the fridge and leaves again. Demetres admits he's worried Dallas is with Dillon.

Dallas tells Demetres he's not interested in coming after him. Demetres tells him he's got to do what's best for his game and he's not going to tell anyone until he does it. He was the one sweating last week.

Demetres, Ika and Cass talk quietly at the DR table. Cass says Bruno and Kevin saying what Demetres wants to hear. Next week, when he's not HoH, they won't be buddy buddy.

Demetres says Dallas is the same way. Cass says Dallas will be with him. He wants to get away from Dillon. Cass reminds him that she and Ika saved him last week. She's the brains, Ika is the beauty.

In the bathroom area, Dallas, Gary, Cass and Ika are talking about the PoV ceremony. Dallas looks nervous and tells us he may have aligned with the wrong people and he's freaking out a bit. Ika tells him he went over with the newbies and deserted the vets. All the vets have been chatting with the newbies, but they all came back to the vets. She says she feels like he is going home. Dallas apologizes; he doesn't feel he's done enough to go home or break their trust.

Ika says she's not going to make him feel good or bad. All she wants to say is if he goes up, as a vet, he'll go home.

Dallas wonders about the vet alliance, and they tell him it's done. Gary says he has to understand there has only been so much done so far in the game and he hasn't shown his loyalty. It's going to be hard to turn it all around.

Dallas suggests arranging a vet meeting, and Ika tells him to do it. She then starts crying about him going home.

Dallas tells us he's rattled at this point. It's crazy to think the vets are already in shambles. He needs to assemble them, put them back together and get their numbers again. He gets them all in the blue bedroom and makes his pitch.

No one says a word to his pitch. He asks point blank. Kevin says let's see who the replacement nominee is. Bruno thinks it is either him, Dallas or Kevin. Dallas asks Kevin point blank if he's got his back or not - Kevin wants to see who the replacement is. Dallas says he's team vet all day, every day.

Ika gets him to leave so they can talk. Ika says no blind siding. She tells Kevin he's sketchy - folding clothes while Dallas is pouring his heart out. She's not going to let him walk out of there.

Ika leaves and Sindy tries to call her back in "We're still talking, Ika!"

Time for the PoV ceremony. Dillon tells us he hopes Demetres chooses a big dog as a replacement nominee so Emily can remain as a pawn.

Emily is given the chance to say why he should use the PoV on her. She wants to be there more than anything in the world, she doesn't deserve to be on the block. Dillon deserves to be there as much, she respects what he decides to do but would love for him to use it on there.

Dallas interrupts the ceremony to address the elephant in the room. The last room has been crazy and insane, there's been a lot of uncertainty in the house. If he's put up as a replacement nominee, he'll use every fibre of his being, every drop inside him, to pull himself off the block, win HoH and put up the man who put him in this position in the first place. It's not actually Demetres he blames, it's Dillon.

Since he's been associated with Dillon, there's been a target on Dillon's closest ally (Emily) and on Dallas' back. Dallas has been looked at as untrustworthy. He will be David that takes down Goliath. This is no smoke, no joke, this is the real deal.

Dillon makes an incredulous face and then takes himself off the block. He wants to be in the house like everyone else. He feels if he's on the block, he feels he'll be sent home.

Demetres nominates Dallas as the replacement nominee.

Dallas tells us he knows he has more work ahead of him but he's not afraid of going on the block. Dally boy will be in your living room for awhile, Canada!

Dillon asks if we can believe the balls on this guy? Take a shot at Dillon, the champ? He will do everything to make sure the house sees what a snake and two face Dallas is.

Who will be evicted - Emily or Dallas? Find out on Thursday night at the live eviction!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother Canada, S05E04 was written by BBLuver [Thanks, and Great Job Again! ~Morty]

Karen and Emily are chatting. Karen to Emily: "I thought it would be epic with these vets. They are just F'ing up my game 'cause they can't make a decision."

8:25PM BBT: Cass tells Dallas she needs him to stay; she hates Emily.

The backyard is open, Bruno and Demetres are in the hot-tub saying there are a lot of deals going around. Bruno says he only talks game with their 6 alliance [Not true FYI] Both agree Cass talks too much.

8:31PM BBT: Cass is helping Gary study.

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Update Entry
Tuesday, March 21, 2017  Day 11 in the BBCAN Odyssey
9:00AM BBT: Good Morning Canada! Feeds one and two are still down. On feeds three and four we see the lights come on in the Have-Not room with the Have-Not house guests still sleeping.

9:09AM BBT: Sindy is now waking up and we hear BB tell her to please arrange a house wide battery change. As she gets up and leaves the room we hear BB say good morning house guests it is time to wake up.

Sindy comes back in the Have-Not room with new batteries so Cassandra and Ika wake up to change theirs. After Sindy leaves the room, Cassandra said sorry to Ika that she did not talk to her much yesterday because she was having alone time and that if Dallas is leaving this week she is not going to put her neck on the line and campaign for him.

Ika and Cassandra talk about how the house is frustrating. Ika told Cassandra that she was kinda blowing up her (Ika's) game by saying things to Neda and Demetres, but she knows Cassandra's heart and still has her back. Cassandra said thanks.

Ika thinks it is still best for Dallas to stay, Neda is on board, Sindy is on board and Ika just does not want to be in peoples face and she still has Cassandra's back. Cassandra told Ika that she loves her and she is not doing any campaigning. Ika said that Gary is going to do what the house wants so she is not pushing him.

Cassandra is going to sit with Bruno and work on their relationship. Ika told Cassandra that Bruno is also on board, Dre is on board and William is on board. She also said that Dre thinks Emily is coming after them. Cassandra thinks Emily is sketchy. Ika is just being nice to her. Cassandra is too, she talked to her in the hot-tub area because she kinda followed her out there and she was asking Cassandra if she had a talk with Ika and if she could get their votes and work together and she is trying to build trust with Cassandra and has her back. Ika said to tell Emily anything she wants to hear and she tried throwing Dallas down a couple of times, right now Ika has not spoken to everybody but for now Dallas just needs to relax. Cassandra said if the house is going back and voting Dallas out she will vote with the house. Ika thinks right now their good and she explains how Bruno came to her and asked how her and Gary are voting and Ika told him that they are voting with the house. Ika said that Bruno told her they are leaning towards keeping Dallas.

9:16AM BBT: Sindy walked back in the Have-Not room and interrupted the conversation and talked changed to going into the hot-tub this morning and having their coffee outside...then the feeds went down.

9:42AM BBT: The feeds are back up and everyone is getting ready for their day. Bruno and Sindy are in the hot-tub while Demetres and Dillon sit in the sun by the hot-tub. There is just general conversation going on.

9:45AM BBT: Cassandra and Ika are still in the Have-Not room just rehashing things that have happened and going over who might be HoH next week and who will be put up...and then the feeds go down.

The Hot-tub is Open

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It's HoH picture day in the BBCAN Odyssey

The HGs are about to take a group photo and realize they forgot Dallas.  Is that an omen of what's to come? [Click Images to Enlarge]

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Just One Big Happy Family (That would stab you in the back if you look at them cross-eyed)

OK, Does Everyone Know the Drill?
This is the time of day when I beg for you to post updates in the The information posted on this page is taken from the updates posted there, and right now, nothing new has been posted.

When you're watching the feeds, and you get a chance, please share by posting an update in today's thread, which is here.   You need to log-in to post, if you're not registered, click here, it's simple and spam-free.  Don't worry about neatness or quality, I'll spell check it before it gets re-posted here.  I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it.   

Today's updates have been written by Sassy2565

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