The updates on my Big Brother pages are written by volunteers, fans like you. The text comes from our forum and social media  To post in my forums, you need to be registered, click here to do that,  it's simple and free. 

Then just watch the feeds, and write a short blurb saying what's going on, in this forum: Big Brother Updates  I'll spruce up your text (if it needs it) and add it to the update page where thousands of fans will read it. Can you do more? If you would like to join our team of social media updaters, contact Fuskie at  and we'll let you know how that works.

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The Big Brother Canada live feeds are FREE!  It's really easy to view them.  Just get the BBViewer install it, and you're all set to view the live feeds.  If you live outside of Canada and want to watch the TV shows. that's a little trickier. You need a VPN to fake out your location so it'll appear that you live in Canada, then it's just as easy to watch the shows on the BBViewer.