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Welcome to the Big Brother 16 "Yesterday Page"

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Update Entry
Monday, July 21 2014  PoV Ceremony
9:00AM BBT: Wake up call! Time to get ready for the PoV Ceremony.  Donny, Hayden and Brittany are in the backyard. Donny and Hayden are putting the awnings down for BB while Brittany is sitting in the hot-tub. Victoria is in the bathroom area doing her ADLs.

9:13AM BBT: Brittany is out of the hot-tub and goes in the house to the bathroom area where Victoria is.

9:18AM BBT: Donny telling Hayden that he would love to win HoH and put Derrick and Frankie on the block together. Hayden says that would be fun to watch and Donny says it would be awesome.

9:19AM BBT: Donny says Derrick doesn't care who wins HoH cause he knows he isn't going on the block and he is always talking bad about Victoria.

9:41AM BBT: General conversation in backyard with Donny and Hayden while the girls are blow drying hair in the bathroom area.

9:49AM BBT: Brittany is waiting outside the HoH room door for Cody to open it since he isn't answering while is was in the bathroom. Cody opens the door and lets her in. She says, "I just wanted to talk to you before the meeting. I stayed up all night trying to think of things but there is no way out so do you know who you are putting up?"

Cody: "I do but one I was getting a lot of push back do you know who it is?" Brittany: "Donny." Cody: "I won't put Donny up. I won't put up Nicole she played hard."

10:07AM BBT: Cody is still up talking to Brittany in the HoH room. He mentions how hard it is to put anyone up and hurting their feelings. Brittany responds and we get FotH..

10:23AM BBT: Cody and Brittany are laying in the HoH bed, Donny and Nicole are talking alone in backyard about the week he was nominated. Donny wanted to know who was the target the week he was nominated when she was the HoH.

Victoria comes outside to ask about what what to wear. Nicole admits to Donny that it was decided that whoever she put up would be safe because her team was going to win so that she would be dethroned. She told him that if he was worried about being the target, that was never the case.

Meanwhile Cody tells Brittany that he's sorry she's in this situation. She says that she knows he has it out for her (sarcastically) and that she's his target. They hug it out and head downstairs. She goes VERY slowly.

10:31AM BBT: Cody and Frankie meet in storage room. Frankie asks if meeting with Brittany went OK. Cody says yes.

Victoria is walking around asking everyone if her outfit look alright. Everyone reassures her. She is worried it's too businesslike.

Hayden and Nicole flirt on patio. He asks her if she remembers all the competitions and HoHs. They start to review.

Brittany and Victoria are talking in the bathroom area. Christine enters and complains about Hayden's snoring. Says she didn't get any sleep. Brittany says she hasn't been to sleep.

10:35AM BBT: Christine asks when PoV meeting will be. Brittany says that Cody told her it's supposed to be within the hour. Brittany tells her she wishes she could think of a way out of this one. Christine says there are ways. You never know in the BB house.

Victoria is outside with Hayden and Nicole. She says she was talking to Brittany in the bathroom area. They say that Brittany knows she's gone. Nicole is saying she's having a hard time remembering all the competitions. She is someone who remembers things if it's written on paper. Hayden remembers everything, though. Christine tells Brittany that if Julie likes you it's a good interview. Brittany tells her they'll have the whole soccer ball thing to talk about. Christine says, "...and the whole Devin thing."

10:40AM BBT: Nicole says she's stressed because she will suck at the before/after, true/false competitions. Frankie and Chris are now up in the HoH room. He's going to help her with a bug bite she has. She says the way Caleb is talking to her is so weird. He says it's because he thinks he might be going up on the block. She tells him that Brittany was just going over her exit interview with her.

Donny is outside with Nicole and Hayden. Hayden is telling Nicole that she's so awkward. She says that starting now she isn't going to be awkward.

10:44AM BBT: Donny is in the HoH room talking to Cody, he is trying to tell Cody, in a subtle way, that it's time for Cody to act on his own, and not do Derrick's bidding.  He tells them that they both have family and friends watching. He doesn't want him to make decisions based on what other people want him to do. Donny: "This is a very pivotal week, this is the week where you draw the line in the sand. I don't want you to base decisions off of what other people want you to do for their game, think about your game. No matter what happens today, I will still feel the same way about you. I wont hold it against you. That's my speech." He stands up and gives him a hug and tells him, "That's all." Cody tells him he has to say more. He says that's all it's a simple speech. He says he doesn't have to think about numbers, because there are plenty of people in the house who won't use him. There are some people in the house using Caleb for numbers.

Cody asks Donny if they can have a frank conversation. He says that Frankie is always in the room and Zach is always up there. He says that no one wants Caleb up on the block because Brittany is coming after them. Donny says, "But Brittany is not coming after YOU." We get WBRB.

When we get back Donny is promising him that if he makes it to jury Cody gets his vote, Nicole gets his vote. They'll do it the honest way.

Meanwhile, Frankie and Hayden are talking about what would happen if Cody were to put up Caleb or Donny. They think Brittany will go home either way.

Cody and Donny both agree that they trust Nicole. Cody says he has a little bit of a target on his back because of the Amber situation because Caleb wears his heart like a teenager.

10:50AM BBT:  Cody says Caleb can flex his muscles and say he's going to win as much as he wants. He's not winning. Donny says right after he won the $5K he said he wishes he could have switched for the trip so he could take Amber to Germany --not for the veto. Why? Because he felt safe. Donny says that Donny isn't stupid. Cody: "Everyone is in my ear saying that Caleb is good. I put Caleb up... how do I know that I'm not going to go next week?"

Cody says it worries him to not know who Donny is working closely with... is he working with Jocasta, Britt? He says he supported Brittany, and he would have supported anyone who had the punishment Brittany got. He says he doesn't talk game to people because the last time he did, to Nicole, he ended up on the block. They agree that they trust one another. Cody says the only reason he's torn is that the only people left to put up beside Caleb are people he actually trusts and likes. Cody: "I trust you a lot." Donny: "I trust you too. No matter if you put me on the block I will still trust you."

Cody: "If I put up Caleb, I could go home next week"  Donny: "This is the game. it's the unknown. Don't base your decision on next week" Cody: "If I put someone like you or Hayden on the block and I go next week, I'd be so pissed off for not doing it."

Cody: "I think if I didn't put Caleb up my brother would be calling me the biggest pussy ever." Donny: "If they are your true friends, they won't hold it against you. I didn't hold it against Devin. I forgave him. I didn't forget it, but I forgave him. I saved Jocasta, but didn't that work out well for the big group of brains? Cody says you did it for everybody. Donny says, "Look what I did for them, and look what they're doing to me." Cody says he'll put him up, he's not afraid to go against him or be put up next week if he wins HOH. Donny says if he's put up he could be home smelling his girlfriend's perfume, hearing his mama's voice. Donny says not to be sad, do what he needs to do. He won't hold it against him. Donny: "You have a big decision to make, the biggest..." Cody: "Yeah, well I think I just made it."

Cody tells Donny he won't put him up!

Cody goes downstairs to the BY and tells everyone he's putting Caleb on the block.  Cody tells them he still expects everyone to send Brittany home, "But going into the DR I kept picturing my brother telling me I was a pussy for not putting this kid up."

Frankie says he doesn't think it's a good idea, but... Cody is called to the DR. Hayden says he doesn't thnk it's a good idea either. Frankie, of course, runs into the house. He wakes Zach up, and Derrick, grabs Amber and they go to the Have-Not room and says, "He's putting Zach up." He whispers exactly what Cody just said about how he still expects everyone to vote Brittany out.

Donny is outside in the backyard talking to Nicole, Brittany, and Hayden. Derrick heads upstairs with Cody.

11:10AM BBT: Derrick says that Frankie just told him he's putting Caleb up. Cody says, "I know, he's a fucking little weasel." Derrick goes to the HoH bedroom. When he comes out, they talk. Cody says he won't put up Donny because he's done nothing but help everybody. He says he won't keep Caleb off the block when he's the sole reason he's in this situation. Derrick says he supports him but he thinks Caleb will go home. Cody counts off the HGs who will vote Brittany out. When he gets to Hayden, Derrick says he thinks Hayden will vote Caleb out. But, he says that he won't try to convince him to do otherwise, that's how he knows he's down with him. He says he's the only one he's got in this game, so he's with him.

11:15AM BBT: Time for the PoV Meeting.

12:13PM BBT:  Donny is on the block!  Feeds return Derrick hugs Donny in the living room . Cody is taking deep breaths in the HoH bedroom by himself. Brittany and Donny are holding hands. Cody comes downstairs, hugs Brittany and says, "I'm sorry Britt." Hugs Donny and says, "I'm sorry Donny." Someone says, "I hate seeing Donny on the block, dude."

12:17PM BBT: Cody goes outside to the hammock and says to himself, "I'm a fucking pussy."

Cody talks to Frankie, Derrick and Nicole. He says Caleb would have gone off and he would have been the next one up on the block. Frankie tells him it was the best game move he could have made. Cody says that if he (Caleb) puts him up next week he's going to go fucking nuts. Frankie says he will tell him to put HIM up before he lets him put Cody up. Frankie says he took responsibility for everyone before doing what was best for him. That's what a leader does. He says he's not going to do what's best for his game this early in the game and f*ck over everybody else's game.

12:17PM BBT: Donny is talking to Hayden. He tells him that when they were talking upstairs Cody told him he would not nominate him. He also tells him that he told Cody he would not hold it against him no matter what he chose to do.

Meanwhile, Brittany came outside and sat by Derrick. She said that you had to nominate someone. Then she went away. It was awkward. When she walked away, Derrick said Brittany wants to talk to him. Derrick said that last night she told him that she thought she had a chance against Zach or Caleb.

Victoria comes over and is sitting in Cody's lap in the hammock. Derrick heads inside, presumably to talk to Britt. Then he heads back to talk to Cody and asks Victoria to leave for second.

12:23PM BBT: They are talking about how this isn't real life, it's to win a game. Talking about what to say to Britt. If she asks why he didn't put Caleb up, they are going to say that people in the house were saying that they didn't want to vote him out. They want to be sure they are going to tell her the exact same thing.

Caleb approaches Donny in the kitchen and Donny tells him he expected it and Caleb tells him that Cody wants Brittany out of the house. He says that's why Cody put him up... that putting Donny up next to him guaranteed she would go home. Frankie and Cody are in the hammock. Frankie says that if Cody had put Caleb up he would have rallied the whole house against him.

Brittany says to Cody, "Rethink how loyal those people are going to be to you. You were acting on impulse. Again dumb decision. Just kidding. Someone else could have been put up. Like Nicole. But its obvious now you all have something."

12:27PM BBT: Frankie says that Brittany is working every angle. She's a vixen and she knows exactly what she's doing.

Now Hayden and Donny are in the bee hive talking. It 's hard to hear because they are whispering and Donny has a bag of chips that is crinkling.

Cody tells Frankie about his conversation with Donny and how Donny says he's not working with Jocasta or anyone on "the other side of the house." Frankie says, "Ask me if I'm working with Caleb." Cody does. Frankie says, "No. Now ask me if I'm working with you." Cody does. Frankie says, "No." Cody says, "I thought you were." Frankie says, "I would pass a lie detector test and I think that man would, too."

Now Cody believes that Donny is a smooth talker because Frankie is a smooth talker. Frankie tells Cody that if his brother is watching the show he would know that he made the most courageous decision. Cody says he doesn't think so.

12:33PM BBT: Frankie keeps pumping Cody up, telling him this was such a smart game move. It 's gut vs. brain... "not even gut but passion."

Now Derrick and Donny are in the bee hive. Derrick says, he said he wouldn't put you up? Donny says that's what he said. Derrick says that he thinks it goes without saying, but Donny has his vote. He tells Donny that he likes Brittany, but he's not voting for her. Donny says that he likes her, too, but he's not in an alliance with her. He sat outside with her and helped her, but that doesn't mean they're working together. Derrick said they all helped her. Donny says he and Jocasta don't even talk game. Donny says he and Derrick don't even talk game. He says he doesn't talk game much with anyone and that's why Cody felt it was OK to put him up... he's pretty likable.

Derrick said that Donny isn't Cody's target and Donny says it doesn't matter who his target it because he doesn't have a vote. Derrick says that he has his word as a man.

12:38PM BBT: Derrick says that Donny should be the next TA member to get a mission. Derrick said whispers he will vote Frankie out before he will vote Donny out. Donny says Frankie won't ever get nominated. Derrick says Frankie is playing his own game, not really committed to anyone. He was right out there with Cody.

Frankie is now out in the double lounge chair with Caleb laying out in the sun.

Feeds 3 & 4 switch to Brittany knocking on the HoH door. She asks Jocasta if she knows where Cody is. Donny tells Derrick that he's keeping his mouth shut this week and if he hears anything it's not true.

Cody opens the HoH door and lets Brittany in. She tells him that Devin has filled Donny's head about how things will go down in the house.

12:42PM BBT: Brittany tells Cody that she was telling him to look at the board and look at who deserves to be here. She thinks she deserves to be here more than Victoria, more than Nicole. She thinks Nicole has taken the place of Devin in the nine person alliance. She also says that she's so tired that she can't get her words out. She says that she knows that what he did in the PoV Ceremony killed him because he has a huge heart. She hopes he didn't tell Nicole that she wanted her to go up. He says he didn't and wouldn't. He says that people have told him things about Zach and he hasn't gossiped. She says it scares her to be that open because it will make people want to get rid of her. Brittany: "Do you guys really think if you're up against Nicole and Christine they won't put you up? Do you really know where Hayden is in this game? There's just too many of you."

12:46PM BBT: He reminds her of when she was saved and Derrick and him wanted to work with her. She says that there was already a huge alliance. Did they want there to be the whole house in the alliance? She feels like it doesn't matter how hard she fights because she's always going to be on the block. She's been on the block three times, back-to-back have not, and worked her ass off kicking the ball. She's honest. It's just hard.

Meanwhile Derrick and Donny are still talking. He says even if the rest of the house were to change their minds, he will give him his vote no matter what. Although he says that he thinks Frankie won't change his mind for monetary reasons. He thinks Frankie would want Team America to keep going. Derrick also tells him that he genuinely feels that Cody doesn't want him to go home.

1:00PM BBT: Cody and Brittany are in the HoH Brittany is upset that she is on the block, and she is talking to Cady about it.

Amber and Derrick are sitting on the living room sofas talking. Amber is saying that she needs to win HoH next week.

1:10PM BBT: Frankie and Caleb are out in the backyard talking about how crazy Brittany is being and how she's isn't going anywhere until jury house.  Frankie asks Caleb: "Who would you put up next week?" Caleb: "Victoria..." Frankie: "You can put up Donny and Nicole." Caleb: "Amber's already been up two times." Frankie: "We have our four (Frankie/Caleb/Amber/Derrick), well five, Christine." Caleb: "Yeah but Christine will have to go."

1:20PM BBT: Donny, Jocasta, Christine, Hayden, and Nicole are at the kitchen table Hayden is telling them about the last night that Devin was there and the talk they had in the Have-Not room, it was so funny.

Christina on FaceBook points out that "Brittany's activity tracker is at 32,125 steps lol. Next closest was Devin with 19,970. Third place is Cody with 16588. She sure worked that kicking punishment."

1:40PM BBT: Nicole thanks Cody for not changing his mind about nominations and putting Caleb up [Because Brittany is targeting her.] and Caleb will have his back.

2:52PM BBT: Brittany and Donny in the back yard discussing her decision to choose Caleb to play for her in the PoV. Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Jocasta in the HoH room. Caleb: "I would take someone out on a date, and the date would be a five day four night cruise." He is complaining about Amber telling him they can go on a date if he eats a pickle (Caleb hates pickles) He says he told her: "haven't I already done enough for you to go on a date with me, you can go kick rocks. He then eats a pickle.

2:58PM BBT: The girls are trying to pull a prank on Hayden who is sleeping. They have some kind of white goo the whipped up in the kitchen. Hayden knows they are in there and warns Zach who is also sleeping that the girls are after him. Nicole and Amber leave disappointed, and Nicole tells Hayden: "Your feet sink." Zach: "Fuck those girls."

3:04PM BBT: The Amber and Nicole go back in the fire room to try to "get/scare" Hayden. He is awake and the girls tell him to pretend to be asleep so they can do it. He agrees, they put the white gooey stuff in his hand and shove his hand in his hair. Frankie is in bed with Zach now. Zach: "I hate Amber, she is trying to be friends with them now" Hayden: "Instead of evicting, can we murder?"

3:06PM BBT: Amber and Nicole come back in the bedroom with a towel to help clean Hayden up. Zach: "I hate Amber, she is the fakest girl I have ever met" Victoria, Christine and Amber are now upstairs in the HoH room. Hayden, Zach and Frankie sleeping in the Fire room. Nicole is outside with Donny. She is telling him she didn't know Donny was going up on the block. Donny: "I did" Nicole: "Oh, you did? Well that's good."

3:09PM BBT: Christine has some kind of bug/spider bite on her left leg. She is going to DR to have them check it out. Amber lays down in fire room. Donny is just chatting Nicole about the weather.

3:14PM BBT: Only Derrick, Cody and Brittany are left in the HoH room. They are all in the Nest bed snuggled up. Brittney is wondering how Jocasta will vote. Nicole, Jocasta, and Donny now sitting out in the backyard. We have lots of "napping" HGs.

3:16PM BBT: The three HoH "nappers" where quiet for about three minutes. Brittney says, "Hey, you remember that time..." and Derrick freaks out "You are the worst, oh my god." because she can't stay quiet. They are all three laughing. Cody asks if the blanket smells funny, Brittany: "Ya, it smells like icy hot and farts."

3:19PM BBT: Nicole talking about her family, and her Dad retiring. Jocasta figures out that her Dad is one year younger than her husband. No one else is moving around. Only conversation is in the backyard. The HoH crew are trying to sleep again.

3:22PM BBT: Hayden is up and heading to the bathroom area. (maybe to clean that gunk out of his hair?).

The backyard crew are still talking about Nicole's dad.

3:25PM BBT: Hayden comes to the backyard, Nicole: "Hayden, I'm sorry! I didn't put it in your hair" Victoria and Nicole have both been sure to say Amber put his hand in his hair. Donny said he could have pranked Nicole by peeing in her German hat this morning because Nicole left it in the bathroom. Donny gets called to DR.

3:31PM BBT: Nicole wants to know if Amber got into his bed. He says no, luckily. Jocasta is asking Hayden what his five year goal is. Hayden: "To be married, have kids, have a house, steady job, probably in the country." Nicole: "That is opposite of your goals." Jocasta: "That sounds like Nicole's goal." So Jocasta turns to Nicole and asks her what her goals are. She answers as if she is Hayden: "I want to be an actor, not have anything serious with any girl, go to the bar pick up girls, I'll probably live in seven different places."

3:35PM BBT: Donny comes out of DR, goes back out the backyard. Derrick is up and going to the backyard. Jocasta continues to question Nicole as if she is Hayden, and Hayden as if he is Nicole. Christine went to DR to show her bug bite to the camera so the Doc can look at it. Brittany is called to DR but she is sound asleep in the HoH with Cody.

3:40PM BBT: They call Brittany again to the DR, she has trouble with the stairs and says it hurts. Derrick tells her "what kind of dummy walks upstairs with a bad foot" Derrick goes back up to HoH and tells Cody he spoke to Donny and Hayden and everything is cool.

3:43PM BBT: We are now treated to Cody pooping but he doesn't want to stop talking to Derrick, who says that's fine, I'll come into the bathroom and we can talk while you poop. So Cody has his mic on and we get to hear everything. (Sometimes this job sucks)

3:48PM BBT: Cody and Derrick are still talking game. Derrick says I hope you would not trust Frankie to give you information. Cody says no way, I never would. Derrick and Cody telling each they are running the house.

3:54PM BBT: The backyard group are just talking general topics. How to spell certain words, being switch at birth (the TV show).

Derrick and Cody are still talking game weeks into the future, and all the people they can work with including Donny. Brittany comes back upstairs to HoH Derrick pretends to be asleep. Brittany says Cody is getting called into DR in just a second.

3:59PM BBT: Brittany asks if, "Is this the real Derrick?" Derrick says he hates it when she says that. He says to her "Is this the real Brittney?" She says oh my god... Derrick: "How ever you feel right now, that's how I feel." They seem to go over and over how bad the HoH bed smells and how many different nasty smells it has. (But no one does anything about washing it.)

4:04PM BBT: BB has talked more in the last 5 minutes than any of the HGs. Called Cody to DR, told Victoria to make sure her batteries were plugged in properly, they told her to exchange her mic for one in the storage room. All four feeds follow Derrick around as he walks through the house.

4:08PM BBT: Derrick has decided to shave his chest and stomach, all the way past his belly button.

4:14PM BBT: Derrick shaving half his body in the bathroom area. Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Victoria, Jocasta and Donny in the backyard talking about Devin and the amount of food he ate. They think they did not get as much this week because Devin is not there.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

4:17PM BBT: Cody and Derrick talking in the bathroom area but we can't hear a word because Derrick has had the water running the entire time he has been shaving.

Derrick must have heard us, he turns the water off, made several swipes, and then turns the water back on and lets it run again.

The backyard group are talking about how long it took everyone to learn everyone's name. They say Caleb still called Victoria, "Veronica and Virginia" two weeks into the game.

4:38PM BBT: Nicole is in the bathroom area shaving Derricks back (yuck) She is telling Derrick that she heard Brittany wanted her (Nicole) on the block instead of Donny. She said "did she honestly think she could beat me?" Derrick says Brittany has been upstairs with Cody all day. We get a close up of Derricks back which looks like a very nasty piece of pizza.

4:40PM BBT: Nicole is thanking Derrick for sending Brittany home so that her and Christine are safer. Derrick is saying he also told Cody not to put up Caleb because there was a chance Caleb would go home and Brittany would go after Christine and Nicole and you (Cody) would lose their confidence if you did that, so I talked him out of it.

4:42PM BBT: Donny and Jocasta, talking game in the backyard. Jocasta says she is not voting for Brittany to stay and she hopes Brittany would not even ask her to. Donny saying "there is a leader here somewhere, because I don't think Cody would have put me up." Jocasta feels like she has tried to talk to Cody but she feels like others in the house are stopping her. Donny says he thinks "they" take it in shifts in the HoH and makes sure no one can talk.

Donny says they should stop worrying about Brittany and start worrying about him, because he will "put some people up". He says "they" think you, me and Victoria are in an alliance. Jocasta says that's stupid, how can we three do anything without help from some of them.

4:51PM BBT: Nicole is teasing Hayden about not remembering her name for the first four days. (She seems to have fallen hard since the make out session) Nicole says she thinks she is boring in the DR and we get fish.

4:53PM BBT: Jocasta is comparing Frankie to Judus in the Bible. They are talking about the fact that Christine, Cody, Frankie and Derrick have not been on the block. Donny is telling her to think about who she would put up if she won. He says, let me see if we can help Hayden out. He goes inside to the kitchen and Jocasta goes out to the Hammock to read the Bible.

4:58PM BBT: Victoria is talking about how she wants a beautiful family (as in good looks) she says why can't she have the "whole package" a good looking guy and smart and successful.

5:00PM BBT: Victoria, Hayden, Nicole and Donny are in the kitchen. Victoria says she won't date guys that aren't attractive because she wants a beautiful family. Handsome people make the prettiest babies. She says physical attraction is the first thing you notice about a person and after that, you determine if you connect as a couple. Jocasta is alone at the hammock reading her Bible.

5:10PM BBT: Christine goes into the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal. As soon as she pours in the milk BB calls her into the DR. She asks BB to hold on so she doesn't have to throw soggy cereal away since food and drink are not allowed in there. Hayden tells her he was in there just recently talking to them while eating a mango.

5:20PM BBT: Not much is going on in the BB house. Jocasta is in the hammock reading the Bible. Occasionally she reads a passage out loud. She is currently reading about what one might be willing to give up their soul for. Donny, Nicole, Christine, Hayden, Frankie, Derrick, and Victoria are in the kitchen. Derrick and Hayden take their turns giving shout outs to loved ones back home.

5:29PM BBT: The HGs in the kitchen are talking about Cody and Brittany because she has been in the HoH for a long time. Frankie says he hope he is getting some. Christine says probably not because he can't vote this week. The HGs say there is a lot of dishes in the sink but not that many since they haven't washed all the dishes in four days. They've only been washing a few at a time.

5:33PM BBT: Donny goes outside with a bag of chips and Hayden joins him out there so they can share a bag of pink cotton candy on the patio. Donny says he needs to get his tennis shoes on and walk around because he hasn't done anything all day. He needs to wear himself out so he can sleep.

5:38PM BBT: Victoria, Nicole, and Christine are talking about Brittany and how mean she is. Victoria says at least her hair doesn't look like a rats nest every morning when she wakes up. They can't believe that someone who is the mother of three people can be so nasty. They are saying that she is mad at Victoria for winning the PoV and made at Nicole for taking it away from her.

5:40PM BBT: The Brittany bashing is not limited to the ladies in the kitchen. It is now taking place in the backyard as well between Derrick and Hayden. Donny reminds them what she went through yesterday and that she got absolutely nothing out of it.

5:51PM BBT: Brittany bashing has come to an end. Feeds 1 and two show Hayden, Derrick, Victoria, Donny, Christine and Nicole are sitting at the patio. Hayden and Victoria get into a pillow fight. Feeds three and four show Cody and Amber napping in the bird's nest.

5:55PM BBT: Derrick is telling the HGs about how he became engaged to his wife. He gives the full proposal story. The best part was after the proposal. He had both sides of their families waiting for them at the restaurant where they had their very first date.

5:58PM BBT: Christine's proposal story was not nearly so romantic. They were in the mountains with a car that was broken down and several hours before AAA could be there. They had to go into a field to pee and that is where he proposed because he just couldn't wait any longer. [To propose or to pee --Goldylucks]

6:01PM BBT: The HGs in the backyard are talking about a lot of people outside of the house. We go from WBRB to all four feeds on the HoH where Cody is napping. So is Brittany. So, please excuse my earlier report. It is Cody and Brittany sleeping in the bird's nest. Not Cody and Amber.

6:15PM BBT: We got ten minutes of watching Cody and Amber sleep. When the feeds switch Amber has joined the crew in the backyard and they talk general chit chat. Donny walks a little and goes to the weight bench for some arm curls.

6:21PM BBT: Hayden, Christine, Donny and Derrick are talking about Dan Gheesling and DR. Will. They hope they get to talk to him afterwards. They think Dan is the best BB player and DR. Will was smart but rude.

6:23PM BBT: The crew in the backyard are talking about production so we get all four feeds on Zach and Amber making a snack in the kitchen.

6:36PM BBT: After ten minutes the feeds finally switch. Christine is in the hammock and Zach is sitting next to her on a bean bag chair. Christine says Brittany is going to be up Cody's butt until Thursday because it worked with Devin. Zach says it makes no sense because he has no vote.

6:44PM BBT: Zach and Christine in the backyard he is saying "I'm not going to do anything for the next few days." Zach asks if Amber said anything today. Christine: "promise me you will keep your mouth shut, she said I wish it was Zach on the block" Christine laughs.

6:45PM BBT: Amber shows up at exactly the same time Zach and Christine are talking about her.

6:45PM BBT: BB asks the HGs to replace the awnings. Donny and Hayden remark in shock "Victoria is putting up the awnings?" Hayden to Victoria "Victoria, you are one of my best workers."

6:56PM BBT: All four feeds are on Donny and Hayden playing pool. Donny says he never claimed to be a good pool player. He then says you should hear me sing country. I kill hogs. Meanwhile Zach has turned Derrick in for napping in the backyard. "BB, we have a sleeper in the backyard." BB gives a reminder that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms.

7:05PM BBT: Amber and Jocasta talk quietly in the bathroom area. Amber looks like she has been crying. She tells Jocasta that she used to be close with Donny but isn't sure what happened. They talk about the position they are in within the house and how they need to watch what they say and who they talk to. Brittany is brought up briefly, she is starting to get clingy with Jocasta.

There are a few moments of silence. Jocasta asks Amber what her Mom is probably thinking. Amber says her Mom is probably laughing at her having to compete and yelling at the TV to not trust this person or to trust that person.

Talk turns to Amber's sister and we get WBRB for a moment. Christine and Victoria are chatting it up on the hammock in the backyard.

7:15PM BBT: Jocasta is comparing her kids ability to do some dishes to these HG. She feels everyone needs to wash up after themselves. In the backyard, Nicole and Donny are walking laps, talking about their home states. Donny says he likes to go to the beach, bird sanctuaries and "Just do nothin'!"

Zach, Derrick and Hayden are at the pool table talking about one of the girls. Zach says "she" said she can go up and campaign against anyone but Donny. I am thinking it was Brittany he was talking about. They spoke openly in front of Donny, Nicole, Christine and Victoria who are all in the backyard.

7:25PM BBT: Nicole and Donny are still walking in the backyard, he asks her if she trusts him. She says "I do but, I don't think you trust me after what I did." He says he is working on it. He is now walking with Victoria. In the bathroom area, Jocasta tells Amber "I am fighting for my life in this house."

Amber seems confused by that statement. In the living room Derrick and Christine go through game facts. They list through the four nominations every week. Christine says it is so hard to remember four or five every week. Amber has now joined them. She is now rolling through the HoH's.

7:35PM BBT: The living room talk turns to previous years of BB. Derrick thinks it would be cool if one of them tells him he played a great game or worse, tells him he has the worst game ever. Christine hopes Dan will message her and tell her how great she did. Derrick wants to do a live chat or something like that for BB when he leaves the house, he doesn't think he could transcript! [I disagree. Derrick, we would love to have you on the team bro! Contact us when you are out! -IndigoAquarious]

7:55PM BBT: Frankie is awake. Hayden is in the living room now with Amber, Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta and Christine. Just chit chatting. Zach and Derrick are playing pool as Donny watches.

8:05PM BBT: Derrick, Zach, Cody are in the backyard. Derrick says Brittany is getting pissy. Zach says "and she doesn't like me!" Derrick asks Cody to not say anything. Frankie joins them. Cody agrees that Brittany is paranoid. The guys think that next week is a double eviction week. They also think it is the step up, step down HoH competition. BB reminds them to not talk about production. And then BB has to say it again. All four feeds are in the backyard. Cody wonders if Donny would go running to Brittany to say he is safe. Derrick says "No no, he wouldn't do that!"

8:15PM BBT: Jocasta and Victoria are in the kitchen. Jocasta is cooking, singing. In the backyard, Amber, Hayden, Donny and Christine have joined the pool table chit chat. It is light, friendly. There has been a lot of random singing. One line or a hum of a song in the past little bit but no FotH for it.

8:19PM BBT: Earlier Derrick complained about "someone leaves the Almond milk on the counter!" and we just saw that Jocasta and Nicole left the kitchen for the backyard and BB zoomed into the Almond milks, both kinds (vanilla and chocolate) are left on the counter. Amber, Nicole, Frankie, Zach and Christine have walked past it, it remains on the counter. Amber and Nicole are going to steam some broccoli for a potato topping. They are back in the kitchen and the milk is still on the counter. [This is now driving me nuts. -IndigoAquarious]

8:31PM BBT: Frankie: "Hayden the 90's called, they want their hair back....hhahahahaha!"

The conversation is still light in the backyard. Jocasta is eating out there listening to the banter. Amber is in the kitchen talking to Nicole about her sister and how different they are. Victoria is listening.

8:35PM BBT: Frankie and Derrick comment on the state of the pool. It doesn't look like the vacuum is moving. The talk turns to Brittany, they are hoping she can't flip anything but she has two votes to stay. Frankie puts the meat on the BBQ. Frankie is doing a lil tap dance waiting for the meat to cook.

8:42PM BBT: Derrick asks Frankie about ticket prices for Wicked. Turns out Derrick was right that all tickets were the same price.

In the hammock, Victoria and Zach are having a quiet game conversation. Zach wonders if this is the last week of four nominations. He says if he wins HoH he is putting up Jocasta and Amber, "You better not put me up!" she says to him. Victoria doesn't know who she will put up. She gets up out of the hammock and Zach flips out! She heads into the house, wants half of a piece of Frankie's BBQ "Art" as he calls it. Zach tells Frankie that Victoria is starting to grow on him though.

8:52PM BBT: Hayden is trying to do a trick with the pool cue and ball. It took him a few tries. Amber, Nicole, Jocasta and Donny waited patiently.

Cody is called to the DR. Frankie, Christine and Victoria are in the bathroom area. Frankie is talking about how many meds and creams he has. Christine wonders if her leg is infected. It keeps changing color. Frankie and Donny tell her to draw a circle around it. They think it is a spider bite.


And Hayden makes it across the yard on his hands.


Zach and Frankie are stuck with the dishes AGAIN!

9:05PM BBT: Hayden are in the backyard trying to walk across yard on his hands. Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, and Amber looking on and encouraging him.

9:11PM BBT: Hayden makes it across the yard!

9:21PM BBT: Caleb is holding court by the pool table talking to Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, Amber and Hayden about ants. It is an enthralling conversation. Caleb says he had two days to decide between Survivor and BB. He says he didn't feel like eating any bugs. He's going to do Survivor next and then maybe Naked and Afraid. [Oh my, he's going to put his country music stardom on hold so we can enjoy him on TV some more-- that cowboy is generous to a fault. -Morty]

9:23PM BBT: Caleb, Hayden, Derrick, Jocasta, Donny and Cody in the backyard still talking about Survivor and how long it takes to film. [It done in 39 days. -Morty]

Frankie, Zach and Christine in the kitchen doing dishes.

9:28PM BBT: Donny is talking about Naked and Afraid, even though Caleb says he want to be on it, Donny seems to know a lot more about it. Derrick talks to Victoria in the hall, she says "something" about Donny and Derrick asks her who told her that because it's not true. She swears him to secrecy and tells him it was Christine that told her.

9:32PM BBT: Derrick goes IMMEDIATELY to Cody and says, "I just heard something." He says this for "Hit Men" only information. He tells Cody that Victoria just told him that she was hurt by him because he (Derrick) knew Donny was going on the block and he didn't tell her. She (Victoria) told him that Christine and Nicole told her that Derrick already knew. Derrick tells Cody, "That's bad for us."

Cody is really upset that Nicole and Christine sold him out. Derrick is telling him that he will find out every detail when Victoria gets out of DR.

Caleb walks up to the hammock and they pretend they are talking what a double eviction would be like.

The kitchen crew are talking about Marilyn Monroe and Zach didn't know she was having sex with JFK. He also didn't know JFK was married.

9:38PM BBT: Frankie says his favorite social media is Instagram (his bio says YouTube star) Christine says her's is Facebook. Caleb is talking about a competition where just holding a bar and being raised into the air he would win. Derrick says no way a girl would win because they are lighter.

9:43PM BBT: The only thing Cody is worried about is if Derrick tells Victoria he had no idea about Donny going up and if Victoria goes back to Christine and Nicole and says Derrick had no idea, they (Christine and Nicole) can say Derrick is a liar because he was in the room when we all talked about it. Derrick: "Don't worry about Cody, I got this."

9:48PM BBT: Derrick starts out saying how much he likes Victoria's pants before they start to talk. Victoria says she heard it was between Caleb and Donny. She has the complete conversation. That the "group" talked Cody out of putting Caleb up because it was better for everyone's game if Donny went up. Victoria is saying I know you close with Cody. Derrick is doing damage control.

9:56PM BBT: Derrick is telling lies as fast as his lips can move trying to keep Victoria from figuring anything out.

Frankie finishing up dishes with Christine.

Cody and Caleb are playing pool with an audience lined up to watch of Nicole, Jocasta, and Donny.

10:02PM BBT: Derrick warning Victoria not to tell Zach anything. Nicole and Zach laying on the hammock talking about farming.

10:08PM BBT: Victoria telling Derrick about her conversation with Brit this morning. Derrick: "She want's your vote.. We'd be stupid to keep her." Victoria: "She's psycho.. She's manipulative."  Derrick getting information out of Victoria about how she sees his relationships with others in the house (And also his alliances relationships with other houseguests). Derrick: "Do you think others think me and Cody are close? Of course right?" Victoria: "Yeah.. But not as close as him and Zach." Derrick telling Victoria that she is the only girl in the house that he talks game to. Derrick: "Why go talk game to someone else when I can come to you and know that it won't get out?" [Smooth Derrick.. Smooooth -GetMisted]

Victoria asks Derrick if he would rather make it to jury or go home because $1000 a week isn't really that much. He says that he would rather go to jury and then go home and find out that there was a twist where the jury had a chance to come back in and play again. He tells her he thinks they're good and they will make it to jury. She says people would be dumb to send her home before jury. She asks if it's bad that she and Hayden have become close friends. He says Hayden's friends with everyone. She says Hayden reminds her of her younger brother.

10:15PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria she better not choose Hayden over him. She says that he's her number 1. He says that he's married and she says that she could have been married if she had wanted to be, like three times.

Meanwhile, Donny, Jocasta, and Christine are walking around the yard. and Donny stops to give Nicole a push in the hammock as he goes around the yard. Hayden and Frankie are exercising in the middle of the yard.

Victoria tells Derrick she feels like he knows her, that she feels like she grew up with him. He says he does, that he knows girls like her.

10:22PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that she thinks Donny is a genius. She says she was talking to Hayden and Christine the night before and they were saying that you have to assume that everything everyone is saying is a lie.

Meanwhile, Frankie is still doing his workout in the middle of the yard, but doing so in a German accent. Everyone in the backyard is laughing hysterically at Frankie's showmanship.

Derrick and Victoria are still sitting in the lounger talking about casting and Derrick's family heritage. It is an exciting night in the BB house, folks! She tells him that her DR sessions are pretty entertaining. He says he will see them soon enough.

10:28PM BBT: Caleb and Cody have been playing pool this whole time. Derrick and Victoria talk about when they think there will be a double eviction. They discuss what people's lies might be. For example... Victoria is married with two kids. Derrick isn't married. He thinks they will find something out about everybody. He says he was a troublemaker as a kid and so he's a feel good story. Victoria says she thinks Christine is lying. Derrick says, "she's a genius?" Victoria whispers and Derrick says "She's an actress?" Victoria says, No. She has said she's good at acting. She has said it like five times. Derrick asks her, what about Hayden? She doesn't think Hayden is lying. Derrick thinks Zach is who he says he is. Caleb is who he says he is. Derrick says he wishes he had a secret everyone would react to. Victoria says she has a good one.

10:38PM BBT: Victoria's brother told her not to be the stupid one because he knows her English isn't as good as her Hebrew. Derrick says you have to think about how many people applied. Nicole comes and sits with them.

Zach and Frankie head to the hammock. Zach says he can't wait to see Frankie's DRs. Frankie say's he's so happy right now because there's no tension. He said if Cody had put up Caleb the vote could have been 5-5. They start to talk about the order they would like to see HGs evicted. Zach wants Amber to go next. Frankie says he's not putting her up. Zach says if it's between her and Donny, he's putting her up. He also said he told Nicole he'd never put her up.

Derrick is talking to Victoria and Nicole about the game. Sure it's about strategy, but it's also about luck.

Frankie and Zach are talking about Caleb. Caleb's dad lives in TX and his dad makes about $50,000 a day...but he has to pay his employees, electricity, materials.

10:42PM BBT: Zach and Frankie were talking about Caleb's parents being divorced and Caleb's dad living in TX and his mom living in Kentucky. According to Caleb, his dad is rich. Zach says he's not sure how much of what Caleb says he believes. Victoria is talking about what she called Devin when she evicted him.

Feed 1/2 Christine, Cody, Zach, Frankie, and Hayden are all gathered around the hot-tub with their feet dangling inside.

Feed 3/4 Caleb and Jocasta are in the kitchen talking.

10:46PM BBT: Derrick predicts that if Brittany goes home she won't watch the show. He says that the moment he gets home, after kissing his wife and daughter, he will start from the beginning of the season. Nicole and Victoria say they aren't sure they want to know what people have said. Donny and Caleb have joined the hot-tub crew. They are all talking about roller coasters.

10:58PM BBT: Victoria and Nicole make their way inside to look for some candy. Nicole eats some Cool Whip from the container. They talk about how much fat is in peanut butter. Cody joins Derrick on lounger chairs by the pool. They are talking about the pool vacuum. They determine that something isn't working correctly and go to work on it. Nicole and Victoria are discussing who is being perceived as the feisty girl [Getting the feeling Victoria wants to be seen this way! --brotayjax]

Nicole says that if she says anything that seems feisty, they have her tone it down because they aren't showing her that way. Derrick and Cody still working on the pool vacuum.

11:02PM BBT: Cody and Derrick are figuring out that fabulous workings of the pool cleaner. All the other HGs have the feet in the hot-tub (except Brittany who is asleep and Nicole who can't take off her boots but is sitting in a chair with everyone) talking about books and movies.

11:05PM BBT: Derrick coaches Cody on his upcoming HoH blog and twitter session. The HGs at the pool get warned about quoting movies, and then Frankie bursts out into song and we get FotH.

11:13PM BBT: The hot-tub crew has moved on to restaurants they like. Christine can't eat out anywhere apparently. (glutton) Derrick and Cody are talking about how many people would keep them and game, game, game. They even went over what they would do if Donny goes home and Brittany stays.

11:20PM BBT: Cody and Derrick talk about the fact that Brittany is still upstairs asleep. The hot-tub group are all talking about various tattoos. Christine wants at least 10 more, and she was mad at her husband for getting a cheat elephant tattoo that everybody else had, she told his she wasn't having sex with him anymore. Hayden said he want the words "something from a song" tattooed on him and the tattoo artist couldn't figure out what song he was talking about.

11:23PM BBT: Victoria says she wants to get the BB house tattooed on her. Zach says you can't (because of Orthodox Jewish beliefs) she says she will just have her skin sliced off before burial. Now they talk about less than 200 people have ever been on the show and that is why a tattoo is necessary.

11:27PM BBT: Hayden has an astronaut tattoo on his butt. [A man on the moon.] Caleb asks if you have ever seen the tattoo of a woman's leg on inside of a guys arm and the second leg on the inside of his ribs so when he pulls up his arm her genitals would be were a man's armpit would be with all his hair.

Donny is thinking about going to bed. Cody is making food as Zach comes in to visit with him. The party is breaking up.

11:40PM BBT: Caleb and Zach justifying why they took prizes in the PoV. Victoria and Cody are just listening. Frankie and Derrick talking about what they would say if Brittany asks for their vote. Frankie says he is just waiting for Brittany to throw Donny under the bus.

11:46PM BBT: Zach comes out to the backyard screaming about where Amsterdam is, and if it is a country or a city. Everyone agrees it is a Country. [Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands.]

Cody is trying to make friends with Donny again in the fire room after putting him on the block.

Donny says, "This is going to sound stupid, but it's kind of a compliment knowing you think it's going to be a 10-0 vote." Cody says putting Donny on the block was actually bad for his game (Cody's) and that he had to do it so everyone would help him out with Caleb next week.

11:51PM BBT: Frankie, Zach, Caleb, Amber, Victoria and Jocasta are in the kitchen. Frankie is looking for compliments on how good the kitchen looks. Amber looks like she doesn't feel well. She says she is burning up.

11:53PM BBT: Zach who was putting down his trip to Germany (that he won in Veto) is really excited to go now, but he wants to take someone that would really appreciate it. Caleb says take a homeless person. Jocasta says that is awesome, that would be great, take a Veteran who is homeless.

12:15AM BBT: Amber heads outside to chat, then back inside to make Christine a breakfast sandwich. Christine is a bit overly excited about it. She says she is so excited she might... number two herself. Amber says Christine should go outside and Amber will bring her sandwich to her.

12:25AM BBT: The hot-tub crew is talking about their high school lives. Nicole said she had no friends and no one believes her. Hayden loved lunch time. Frankie doesn't remember lunch. Derrick says recess was his favorite time of school. They all laugh and say there is no recess in high school. Derrick says “you guys didn't have coloring books either?" Everyone laughs. Cody is upstairs listening to his music and looking at his family. We get intermittent patterns of fish because the HGs are singing.

12:35AM BBT: All small talk, all the time, all over the BB house folks. Jocasta and Brittany are impressed that someone that isn't one of them or Amber cleaned the kitchen. On the backyard couched Frankie, Hayden, Derrick, Nicole, Christine, and Amber are talking about veto competitions. Frankie says he was on edge during the Dice veto. They speculate about how bad Paola would have done and they laugh.

12:45AM BBT: Christine and Frankie have a hive room date. They are eating cereal together. They talk about how each of them are good at keeping their cool in the house. Christine mentions dealing with a conversation with Brittany earlier. Frankie says she has never talked game with him ever

12:48AM BBT: Frankie says he talked with Caleb and Caleb is still good with the bomb squad and such. Frankie says he wanted to have a conversation with Cody because Cody did not want to keep him in the loop on his decision making this week. Frankie continues to say he doesn't hate the Caleb idea and just felt it was the wrong time. They want to possible back-door Caleb this next week. Christine says Caleb or Amber first. Frankie says Caleb because Amber will be easier to live with.

12:55AM BBT: Amber and Brittany are talking in the bathroom area about where they thing the votes will go. Brittany says she thinks she has Caleb and Derricks vote. Brittany thinks that Cody also wants her to stay. Amber says she has no idea where the house stands. Amber says she just wishes she knew where the house stands. Back in the hive room, the date is going well and they are speculating about HoH.

1:05AM BBT: Derrick is in HoH with Zach, they talk game briefly. They agree they are gold if one of their side wins HoH next week. They feel their BB alliances have been solid so far other then Devin. They move outside to play pool. Brittany has gone to lay down in bed. Amber, Cody, Caleb and Frankie are talking about the vote and the fact that she hates to lie to Brittany. They agree to keep her in the dark so she doesn't "bug out."

1:15AM BBT: Amber continues to rehash the conversation she just had with Brittany in HoH with the guys. Derrick has joined them and rehashes a conversation he had with Brittany about not telling her Donny was going to be the replacement nominee Caleb says he is voting with the house and will tell her that if she asks.

1:25AM BBT: Amber offers to do laundry before she leaves the HoH room. The rest of the HoH crew is talking about what order everyone should leave in. They agree that they don't want to let Jocasta skate by and be a GinaMarie of the season. Derrick says he doesn't care about the order of who goes home when, they just all need to go. Caleb says his new target is Victoria. Derrick repeats that he doesn't care they all have to go eventually.

1:35AM BBT: Derrick and Caleb are disagreeing a tad on who the next target should be. Caleb's next target is Victoria. Derrick says he would rather keep Victoria over Jocasta because he can control her vote. Derrick says that is just him though. Caleb says he just respects Jocasta more then Victoria. Derrick says Jocasta never talks game with him so he cannot control her. He repeats that is just him. Caleb says that if Donny wins HoH then they will be put up. Derrick disagrees and thinks that he would put up Christine and Zach. Derrick says that isn't Cody, Caleb, or Franks name so it doesn't matter.

1:45AM BBT: For the record, not missing anything in the backyard. They are Amber and Caleb bashing. They agree that they talk bad about them but they are nice to their face. Hayden says that Nicole should do that more. Back in HoH the boys are celebrating their success. They agree that the double HoHs saved them. They agree that whoever wins will share a couple grand with each other. (I don't think it's allowed)

1:55AM BBT: Caleb jokes about what people would say in their goodbye messages to each other. Caleb says that people are going to call him the douche-bag cowboy and the F word. He looks at the Camera and says I was talking about myself America. Caleb talks about possibly saving Brittany. Derrick finds a way to disagree with him and blames it on the votes. Frankie says he will not vote to keep her. Caleb starts talking about the date he is taking Amber on after the show.

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