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Thursday, August 17, 2017  Double Eviction Tonight

8:30AM BBT: Good morning and welcome to possibly the last day of the Cody Morning Show. Cody has been at the kitchen counter for a bit, drinking his coffee. What do you think might be going through his mind right now?

9:10AM BBT: Cody is not waiting for the wake-up call to escape his fellow HGs by taking a shower.

9:13AM BBT: The feeds to go FotH. Wake up, HG!

9:26AM BBT: Cody is out of the shower and in the bathroom area . Alex is up and appears to be starting to straighten up the HoH bedroom.

9:28AM BBT: Bugle Call! Alex pulls on her Happy Camper backpack and waddles out to the balcony in front of HoH and begins setting up camp. Josh is in the bathroom area while Cody shaves and there's no acknowledgement of the other.

9:40AM BBT: Alex is grilling hot dogs. The other HGs are up and milling about the house and kitchen. Jason is eXtremely awake. Raven is drinking coffee and has her socked feet up on the kitchen counter. Josh brings Alex a cup of coffee, then heads into HoH, possibly to use the shower. Christmas has rolled out of bed-- literally.

Who would you like to see follow Cody out as the second evictee?
9:45AM BBT: Jason finds it eXtremely funny that BB has given him a series of eXtreme prompts. Josh is now lying down next to Alex, looking down at Paul and his breakfast party below. Jason goes upstairs to join Alex and Josh. Paul recites a limerick and BB tells him to stop singing.

10:03AM BBT: Josh, Alex, Jason and Paul are around the campfire outside HoH. Cody, Christmas, Raven and Kevin are in the kitchen.

Upstairs, the conversation is about languages - Paul's dad speaks seven.

10:17AM BBT: Alex is packing up her camp site while Mark and Elena continue sleeping in the rose bedroom. Josh says his brother was always out of money because he blew it all on weed. Kevin spat out the coffee - someone put salt in the sugar. Christmas is upstairs and talks about a woman who complains about not having money to feed her kids when she goes out to lunch and spends money at Starbucks.

12:50PM BBT: The feeds are back; Matt is in the kitchen, Jason, Paul, Raven, Josh, and Kevin are in bathroom area ; Kevin is shaving, Jason is picking blackheads and Paul is cleaning nose ring area.

Elena and Mark are in the bed in the rose bedroom, Elena is not feeling good and is gagging.

12:51PM BBT: Cody is giving himself a hair cut, Paul is still doctoring his nose and Raven trying on a dress to see if she needs a bra on with it. Alex in the bedroom unpacking her things from the HoH room.

12:55PM BBT: Alex hides in the storage room trash can to scare Jason. Jason comes in and sees her pillow in the floor behind the trash can and runs to kick the trash can as Alex yells, "No!" when she sees what he is doing.

12:58PM BBT: Alex and Jason in the den bedroom Alex is complaining her laundry was wrapped in a sheet and Cody unwrapped it and used the sheet. Jason tells her to put Cody's stuff on the floor, so Alex messes up Cody's bed.

Alex telling a story about a woman with four kids in a store taking up an entire aisle and she got yelled at by the woman for trying to get around them.

1:02PM BBT: Kevin finishes shaving, Raven is putting her dress together, Christmas is in the shower, Alex, Jason, and Josh are in the bedroom just chatting before heading to the kitchen.

1:11PM BBT: Paul and Alex are in the kitchen eating while Kevin, Jason, Matt, and Josh walk around just talk about finding eggs to fix. Christmas is in the bathroom area brushing her teeth and Mark and Elena are in bed in the rose bedroom, Cody is in the shower.

1:19PM BBT: Alex and Josh are in the kitchen talking about practicing the shuffle board yesterday and he says it could be for the veto competition this week. Alex says maybe. Jason and Kevin are in the Have-Not room talking about what to wear tonight for the live show.

1:26PM BBT: Paul is going to trim Josh's hair while Christmas is doing her makeup. Alex, Mark, Raven, and Matt are in the kitchen eating and cooking. Just general talk about eating and hair going on.

1:34PM BBT: The HGs walking around doing ADLs, cooking and talking about what the HoH competition might be tonight.

1:38PM BBT: Cody and Elena are at the table eating cereal and talking about Cody's family taking pictures on holidays. Paul is still cutting Josh's hair; there's silence in the bathroom area and throughout the house.

1:50PM BBT: Raven is eating pasta in the kitchen while Cody, Mark, and Elena talk. Paul walks through and goes to talk to Alex in the bedroom. They are whispering really low about Kevin acting really weird and how he tries to listen to everyone. Paul says that Jason told him that Kevin was studying the days and then he asked him what happened on day 27 and he could not tell him.

1:53PM BBT: Paul and Alex stop talking and Alex starts plucking her brows. In the kitchen Cody is talking about buying a home.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
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Good evening and welcome to Big Brother! For weeks now, the majority of the house has had a common enemy in Cody.

Tonight, if he walks out the door, they'll be forced to turn on each other. And that will happen faster than they can even imagine because we are about to kick things into overdrive and throw a week of BB at them in one night and when the dust settles, two HGs will be sent to the jury house. Which two? We'll find out live!

#Butfirst, when you're on your own and your back's against the wall, sometimes the best play is to sit back and let the house implode.

After the veto ceremony in the DR, Cody calls Matt a wuss for not using the veto on himself. He's no longer the big target, just the safe one. He's going to try and find a path to stay this week; he's not sure there is one. Jason tells us he feels EXTREMELY EXCITED to be taken off the block.

Alex tells us she's still pissed at Elena for taking her $5k at the veto competition and would like to vote her out but the house wants Cody out. She's nominated him, do what you want with him now.

Elena tells us she's relieved she's next to Cody but being on the block still sucks. Her plan is to continue to not be crazy. In the bathroom area , Josh approaches Cody and whispers his target wasn't Jess until the blow up they had in the kitchen. Cody remains silent as Josh goes on about how shady Mark and Elena are.

Josh tells us it's time to draw the line with Mark and Elena. His target is on them next week. Cody tells Josh it's OK.

In the kitchen later, Raven, Kevin, Alex, Mark and Jason are there when Cody walks through. Josh asks if the second time Cody entered the house, if Mark was in an alliance with him. Cody says no, only Jess. Mark was just friendly.

Paul said, "There, that was the clarity they needed." Josh rants about Mark and Elena campaigning to evict Josh. He then brings up the "lie" conversation he and Elena had last week when he told Elena she was going up as a pawn.

Josh won't even give Elena a chance to speak, and she's yelling over him and he doesn't like her screaming. Josh says he doesn't trust her at all, and the veto proved her actions. This allows Alex to bring that up and confirm that Elena said she wouldn't curse Alex right before the last round. Elena says they did promise - however. Alex cuts her off, and says that's her word and how should they trust her?

In the DR, Cody is chuckling. These HGs are lunatics, man! At this point, he doesn't know what's going to happen with him. They might keep him. Who knows? They're crazy!

Mark tells us this is what he's been dealing with for the past few weeks - he and Elena vs. the house. It's all he's been thinking about. He's coming out swinging come Thursday's HoH competition.

Josh tells us finally the house is seeing Elena's true colors and he couldn't be happier. He wanted her to be a future target but this week she's looking like a real good one.

Time to break the news about the double eviction to the HGs! Julie also reminds them that the temptation challenge is over - everyone is fair game tonight. Before the vote, final pleas.

Elena - We've already conclusively determined that if it's false, it cannot be fact. However, after another week's determination, I'd like to add bearing witness to false information is not that challenging. We can decide that dribbling back words would increase difficulty. With that being said - shout-out to her Mom. In an act of faith, I'd to thank the house for voting to keep me this week.

Cody - Do I have time? Shout outs to his daughter, Jessica and his military peeps. Alex, you played a dirty game this week, you and Jason tried to flip the house. They had two different plans, one to send Matt out, one to put Raven up (he mentions a conversation Alex told him between her and Raven), second plan was to take Paul out. He adds their final plan was this week Jason was going to win HoH and take them out. Both Alex and Jason thumbs down as Cody sits down.

Raven's face looks stunned and devastated. Matt, grinning, gives shout outs first. HGs, Alex estimated this week, I've eaten approx 600 bowls of cereal in the BB house. My goal is 1000, so please keep me in the BB House a little longer and help me reach that goal. Time for the votes.
Paul voted to evict Cody
Mark voted to evict Cody
Kevin voted to evict Cody
Josh voted to evict Cody
Raven voted to evict Cody
Jason voted to evict Cody
Christmas voted to evict Cody
By a vote of 7-0, Cody is evicted from the BB house and the first member of jury.

When Julie reveals the results, Cody walks across the coffee table, grabs his bag and leaves. Some of the HGs comment "Wow" and "I love you" jokingly. As he enters the studio, Alex comments that he's a tool.

Cody tells Julie he made up every plan in his final plea, he did it for Jessica - none of it was true. Cody says no one is going after each other, he and Jessica have been gone after for seven weeks. It's their turn to go after each other.

Julie asks why not create those lies in the house? They never would've believed him, he had no influence, Cody says. Julie comments about the difference in Cody this week without Jessica. Why didn't he try that approach earlier?

Cody says his daughter wasn't his strategy. He kept it to himself so it couldn't have been used against him, it would've set him off.

Julie wonders why he couldn't be a little phony. Cody says he hates everyone, he couldn't be fake. Final thoughts - he just wants to see Jessica and his daughter. He admits he'll marry Jessica, he didn't mean to mention it on live TV.

Julie mentions Cody likely wants solitude in the jury house, Cody says they screwed that up - it's a double eviction. Julie laughs that she forgot that.

Time for the HoH competition. Welcome to the BB Cruiselines. This competition is called Let it Slide - two at a time, players will face off and in shuffleboard style, slide their discs along the board. The player who's disc lands closest to the back edge without falling off will win the round and pick the next two players to face off. The loser is eliminated. The last player standing is HoH. If there is a tie, the two players will shoot a second disc.

Matt and Josh were selected by random draw to be the first 2. Julie says "Ready, set, go!" and both Matt and Josh push their discs with the shuffleboard stick. Josh's disc goes further and Matt is eliminated. Josh chooses Mark and Elena to face off.Mark and Elena take their places and Julie cues them... Mark's disc goes very slightly further, and Elena is eliminated. Mark calls on Josh and Christmas. Christmas's disc goes slightly further, eliminating Josh. Christmas picks Raven and Mark to face off.

Mark and Raven push off and Mark's disc goes MUCH further, eliminating Raven. Mark picks Christmas and Kevin to face off. Christmas's disc goes almost to the end but doesn't go off. Kevin is eliminated, and Christmas picks Mark and Jason to compete. Mark is eliminated, leaving only Christmas and Paul to be picked by Jason to face off. Christmas's disc very nearly goes off the end, but it stays there, hanging half off the end of the shuffleboard. Paul is eliminated and the final face-off is between Christmas and Jason.

Julie reminds Christmas and Jason that one of them is about to become HoH, and then cues them... Ready, Set, Go.

Jason's disc goes much further and Julie congratulates Jason. Alex is jumping around and celebrating, and Jason does the rounds hugging everyone. Julie tells Jason she will be back very shortly for his nomination decision.

The HGs rush inside and Mark, Paul and Christmas beeline with Jason to the wave room. Jason tells them he is going to give a speech (Josh enters), it's nerve wracking, it will be fine. Alex joins, then Raven... people are in and out. Paul tells Jason he'll get pictures and a letter. Paul coaches him he has to be strong while Josh loudly whispers Mark and Elena. In another room, Mark and Elena hug each other.

Time for live nominations.

Jason stands up and faces the HGs. Jason nominates Mark and Elena. From day 1, he's been boys with Mark but in the last week and a half, when he was on the fence, Cody was in one ear saying that Mark and Elena can't be trusted no matter what, and literally they played chess, Mark told Jason that if he and Cody couldn't get on the same page, Mark wasn't going to be in the middle of it. Outside the house, they'll be buds but inside the house it's a different story.

Elena, I have no beef with you babe. We're a rodeo family. But Alex is my girl, my tiger, my sidekick but I can't have someone make a deal point blank with her and then go back on it moments later. You'll have to accept it as it comes, you have nothing much left for me to go on.

I have no target, we'll let the house decide.

Zingbot is mingling with studio audience members as Julie recaps the evening: Cody evicted, Jason HoH, Mark and Elena nominated. Now the HoH, the two nominees, and Raven, Josh and Matt will face off in the Power of Veto competition. At stake, the ability to change the nominations OR keep them in place.

Julie announces to the HGs that it's time for the veto competition.

The competitors are in the backyard in the BB Safari Park. Competing are Raven, Matt and Josh with Jason, Elena and Mark. This competition is called "Can You Solve It?" and here's how it works. Before each HGs are three puzzles. On Julie's go, they'll race to the puzzle at the end of the lane and begin to solve it. Once they complete the first puzzle, they can move onto the second and so on. The fist HGs to solve all three puzzles and buzz in at the finish line will win the PoV. To win, all puzzle pieces must be flat, completely set inside the cutouts in the puzzle boards.

Julie counts them in and the race is on. Jungle animal sounds are playing in the backyard are they complete their puzzles. Jason and Mark move onto puzzle 2, followed by Elena. Jason and Mark move onto puzzle three at the same time. Josh now moves onto puzzle 2. Mark completes the puzzle, buzzes in and wins the PoV! He hugs Elena tightly, crying as she says it's fine. It's been great. Elena says it's a game, it's OK. The rest of the HGs are helping Jason complete the 3rd puzzle.

Julie welcomes us back, telling us Mark has just won the Power of Veto and will likely use it to take himself off the block. Who will go up in his place? We listen in on last-minute strategizing. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen talking about sucking at the competition. Mark and Elena are talking on their own but we can't hear much of what they are saying. In the kitchen, Matt and Raven joke that they sucked - they were both on the first puzzle. Paul and Alex reassure Jason that he was so close. Julie calls the HGs to the living room .

Julie asks Mark for his decision. Mark stands and tells Elena that he is crazy about her and if there were two vetos he would use it, but he wants to stay in the house so he is using the veto on himself. Jason is called on to name a replacement, and he calls on Matt to take a seat.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Final pleas.
Elena - I don't have anything to say to you guy's. Mom, I think it's time for Lily to get her teeth cleaned so if you can set that up before I head home. I will be spending my birthday in the jury house, drunk without you. I will think about you all day long. I love you too the moon and back. That's all.

Matt - Elena, I love you to death. I have not had time to eat 400 bowls of cereal in the last 30 minutes, still need to do that. It's gastroparesis awareness month, wear green!

Time for the votes
Raven votes to evict Elena
Alex votes to evict Elena
Mark votes to evict Matt
Josh votes to evict Elena
Paul votes to evict Elena
Christmas votes to evict Elena
Kevin votes to evict Elena

By a vote of 6-1, Elena is evicted and the second member of the jury. Elena hugs Mark, Jason tells her not to hold it against him. Several with her an early happy birthday. She grabs her bag and heads to the studio.

Paul congratulates everyone on surviving double eviction.

Elena tells Julie Cody and Jess were never good for her game, she loves Jess, but between her and Mark and their association, if not tonight, then in the next few weeks. If there is an easy target, it's easier since no one wanted to make a big move.

Julie brings up her relationship with Mark, asks her how she feels about him. Elena says she does like him, however the BB house environment is not her favorite to explore a relationship with him. She doesn't think the BB house is physically or emotionally good for her. She will let him take her on a date in Dallas once out though.

Nine HGs remain and we have a lot more in store for you this week. Tune in tomorrow night for a special episode of BB, as season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur surprises the HGs.

Sunday, see who is the new HoH and who will be nominated. With the Temptation Challenge over, a new Temptation will be unleashed into the game.

Tune in Wednesday for an all new PoV episode and one week for tonight is another live eviction.

From outside the Big Brother house, have a good night!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E24, was written by BBLuver   

The live feeds are down until after the special episode of Big Brother on Friday August 18th at 8PM on CBS


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Friday, August 18, 2017  Feedless Friday
The feeds are off until tonight's Big Brother Bonus episode ends, then you'll want to have the live feeds.  The Live Feeds are on sale! Sale Ends today: Go to use the code BB19SALE and get a month free.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.
Previously, on Big Brother, the house was targeting Cody but Mark was planting seeds for another big fish.

After Elena took $5000 from Alex during the veto competition, the queen of petty wanted her gone instead.

At the veto meeting, Alex decided to stick with the original plan. Before the live eviction, Julie dropped a bomb and the marine became the first player discharged to the jury house.

With the HoH back up for grabs, the cowboy slid into power. At nominations, Jason threw Mark under the bus and then he put the showmance up together.

At a do or die veto competition for Mark and Elena, Kenya believe Mark pulled off the win. In the heat of the moment, Jason and his allies considered targeting Matt.

At the veto meeting, Mark saved himself and Raven's main man filled his seat. Before the eviction, Josh put the target back on Elena and at the second eviction of the night, the radio personality's air time was cut short.

Tonight, the fallout from the double eviction. Plus, Big Brother legend Derrick surprises the house and the battle for power begins again. All this right now on Big Brother!

We pick up after Elena walks out the door. Mark sobs as he tells us he feels like he's the reason Elena left tonight, the way she kind of attached herself to her. Elena told him she wanted space and he didn't give it to her and he thinks she would have been in a better position this summer if it wasn't for him. And that hurts. It's him against the whole house 100%, but they aren't going to get him out that easily.

Alex and Jason are talking about Cody making up stuff.

Paul tells us finally Cody is out of the game for good. This guy has been under his skin for the entire season and all the hard work paid off and he finally got him out and oh my God! I survived double eviction and he doesn't even know how he made it so far or why these people haven't even considered putting him on the block, but he'll take it.

Raven congratulates Mark on how quickly he did the puzzle and Matt says he'd still be working on his...the first one. Matt tells us the showmances have been targeted the last few weeks, but he's still confident right now. He and Raven have built strong relationships in the house and he feels good moving forward.

Alex says double evictions are not good. Alex tells us tonight's double eviction couldn't have gone any better, we sent home Elena and next is going to be Mark. After that, Matt and Raven and there will be no more showmances.

Josh, Paul, and Jason are in the bathroom area and they are congratulating each other and saying they can't wait to get him out. Paul tells us Mark is clearly feel emotional right now and Jason's speech was pretty interesting. Paul say so Mark why don't you tell us what your big move is? Because it sounds like your big was me.

Paul confronts Mark and asks who was coming after him. Mark denies that he said he was going after Paul. Paul asks what the conversation was about and Mark says it was about people saying throw Paul was throwing his name out.

Mark says he didn't trust Paul and Paul says how many HoH's have I won and you were safe. Paul wants Mark to name who was telling him stuff. Mark isn't rising to the bait and says no matter what he says it's not going to help him.

Mark tells us he feels broken. Paul calls him out and Jason wants to deny it. He says sometimes you make moves in this game, sometimes you have to take risks and put your trust in people and it bit him in the butt.

Josh is talking about having too little food. The doorbell rings and everyone freaks out and runs to the door. Alex tells us the doorbell rings and her heart just stops.

Alex says it's BB, sometimes the doorbell ring is good, sometimes it's bad.

Derrick comes in with a bag and Raven immediately jumps to give him a hug. Josh says he can't take this right now. He's still shaking from the double eviction and he wasn't even on the block and now Derrick walks in with a duffle bag. He won BB16, never was put on the block, and controlled the whole house. For once his game is going good and this is the last thing he needs. Derrick says he's the next twist.

Paul says Derrick is arguably one of the best players to play the game and he definitely doesn't want him back in the house. Is this a sick joke, why does he have a move-in bag.

Paul tries to open the bag and Derrick says I'm just playing with you guys. Derrick congratulates them and says they should be proud. Derrick tells us it's definitely crazy to be back in the BB house, it's different but at the same time, it's very familiar and it brings back a lot of good memories of his season.

Derrick asks how it's been for them and they answer "eXtreme!" Derrick says there's been fights, crying, pots and pans and he tells Josh to stay away. Derrick asks Mark how he feels and Mark says they've had a few moments in the house. We see a flashback of Josh going after Mark with pots and pans and yelling at Cody.

Derrick says it hasn't all been fighting, there's been love too. He asks what their opinion is about Jess and Cody and they all give a thumbs down except Mark.

Josh thinks Cody was in love with Jessica but he doesn't know if she was in love with him.

We see flashbacks of Jess and Cody laying around and talking. We see a DR of Jess saying she wants Cody to tell her what she wants to hear and Cody saying Jess rocked his world and it's real love.

We see a flashback of Jess confronting Cody about his plan to keep Alex and Jason to get rid of the girls from the showmances. Jess says when she questioned Cody he shut down and we see her talk to him in the rose bedroom and she tries to hug him and he grabs her wrists and holds her away and we see their argument.

Cody says he doesn't need anyone questioning him or his loyalty, that's all he's got. She tells him he's overreacting and he says he doesn't care.

Cody tells us what was said week one doesn't matter anymore. We see him leave the room and Jessica say she didn't sign up to be a baby-sitter.

Derrick says someone who didn't find love this summer is his man Ramses.

Derrick asks if he had any crushes and Raven says Matt tried to take Ramses away from her.

We see Ramses talking to Jess and Elena and Mark. Ramses says you can tell this is the summer of temptation because the men in there are fine! Ramses wants Mark's personality and Paul's tattoo and beard and that'd be the perfect man. Then he says oh my God, I just described Matt! The we see Ramses give Mark a shoulder rub and he says this is going to be a long summer. Matt joins in and gives Ramses a shoulder rub.

Derrick says there's been showmances and fighting, but there's also been friendship, right? Derrick asks Alex if she thought she'd be friends with a rodeo clown and she says he's her ride or die. Derrick says some things are just meant to be.

We see a flashback of Alex and Jason talking and joking each other. We see Alex say in DR she wonders if he's fallen off his bull one too many times. Jason tells us Alex is his BB wife and she's a pain in his side.

Derrick says there's one more showmance he wants to talk about and he looks at Mark. Mark says he told her he was a flirt and he developed feelings for her. We see a DR of Mark telling us he's wanted to kiss Elena from the moment he met her.

We see Elena in a DR saying Mark is sweet, maybe a little too sweet. Mark says they are very different people and this is definitely opposites attract. Mark really likes Elena, even when she's mean to him.

We see Elena trying to distance herself from Mark and telling him to get closer to other people. Mark understands from a strategic perspective, but it feels like she's hanging him out to dry and it hurts. Mark had more than just game feelings for her.

Derrick says there's been a lot of drama in the house, but there's been a lot of laughter too. Derrick says he learned from his season when you live with someone long enough you learn their traits. Derrick asks Matt how he eats all that cereal and keep his abs because it pisses him off.

We see clips of Matt eating cereal and even getting up in the middle of the night to eat cereal. Elena tells us Matt's love of cereal is starting to border on obsession and is kind of strange. Matt can't understand how he keeps his physique and eats that much cereal. We get a count on one day of him eating 10 bowls.

Derrick says on his season Donny was the early riser. Derrick says Kevin has done a lot of laps around the backyard every morning.

We see clips of Kevin's walks and talks. Jason says he wouldn't trade those walks with Kevin for anything because he is so hilarious and talks about the most random stuff.

Derrick says we all know Jessica is gone and one of her traits was she was good at spelling. Although, she didn't have the best vocabulary. He understands she didn't know the difference between Heisman and another word.

We see the clip of Jessica saying Julie is going to have to give the hymen when she gets on the stage because she's going to be so happy to see her. Cody's eyes got huge when she didn't know what a hymen was and he told her to ask Elena. Jess says is it like a Hi man type of thing. Jessica says she has a body part called a hymen? Cody says well you may not anymore.

Jessica asks Mark and he doesn't know. Jessica then goes to ask Elena who is sitting in the hammock with Paul and Kevin what a hymen is. Paul can't believe she doesn't know what it is.

Elena informs her and Jess says cool, then goes to sit back next to Cody and says yeah, she doesn't have that anymore.

Derrick says you've had a lot of fun this summer, but sometimes it can get ugly, especially when there is pickle juice involved.

They all look to Mark and he says yeah, it got out of control one day and it's gone downhill ever since.

We then see a clip of the bet Mark and Josh made on playing pool. We see the argument that ensues from Josh double hitting the cue ball. We then see Mark throw the pickle juice in Josh's face. Josh comes out with condiments and throws ketchup and ranch dressing on Mark.

All HGs are sitting on the couches in the living room and we hear Where my holla at? The HGs holla and Derrick says that brings back memories.

Derrick says it's been weird being back in the house and the living room and especially on the couch. He talks about shock faces. We see clips of Alex scaring people from the storage room, beginning with Cody, then Mark, then Jason from the garbage can. We then see Alex in the Have-Not room with the lights out getting ready to scare Josh and he says he's going to get her so good.

Derrick says it was fun going down memory lane and thanks for them for having him in the house. Then he says one more thing before he goes. He's actually here to host the HoH, we weren't going down memory lane for no reason. "You're going to have to remember the season to win HoH."

Alex says with only nine people left, winning these HoH competitions is going to become more and more critical because people are going to start turning on each other and she doesn't want it to be her. If she wants to 500k like Derrick did then she has to fight her way to the top. Derrick tells them to meet him in the backyard.

The HGs enter the backyard and it looks like a tournament style HoH. Christmas says she stars and planets and she needs to win HoH. She's ready to shake the house up.

Paul says winning this HoH is absolutely huge for him and people are going to start looking at him a little funny. He needs to quit relying on people, pull one out and keep himself safe this week.

Mark says he has to win HoH because he doesn't have anyone. It's 8 vs. 1 but they aren't going to get him out that easily.

Who will become the next HoH? And which HGs will be nominated for eviction? Plus, a brand new tempting twist is unleashed! All this Sunday on Big Brother!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E25, was written by IndyMom78  

The live feeds are down until 9PM BBT.  When the feeds return, I'll need your help posting updates in the, in this thread.

9:02PM BBT: The feeds are back! Christmas is is the new HoH!  Matt is on the block.

9:02PM BBT: The feeds are back. Christmas and Raven are in the HoH room talking about Derrick coming into the house. Alex and Jason are at the upstairs campsite. Raven is doing her nails and talking about top coat and Raven says top B for you. Christmas says she likes that. Raven says Matt is a block star right now.

9:05PM BBT: Christmas says that was one of the most peaceful nomination ceremonies. They start talking about the first one and how awful it was. Christmas is talking about they have cabin fever and Raven says when they get out it's going to be culture shock. Raven is wondering if she remembers how to drive. Josh is talking about wanting to do a shout out to a friend whose birthday it is. Josh is downstairs with Kevin, Jason, and Alex. Kevin tells them his kids names, first and middle, and they are deciding if they like them. Paul is asleep on the HoH bed.

9:10PM BBT: Raven thinks the top 8 get videos from their family. Christmas is talking about a friend of her who has a dance school for ages five and under for ballet. Raven says that's a fun age though.

Raven has moved on to how troublesome dance moms can be. Jason is asking why BB keeps them sequestered and their identity secret from the public and Alex is explaining why. Josh is talking about Derrick and asking where he's from and Kevin answers.

9:15PM BBT: Josh is saying his father would not have put up and tolerated Josh with the pots and pans. Josh says his sister watches feeds and Kevin says his kids are on at 10:30 every night eating s'mores watching feeds. Raven is talking to Christmas about a page she has called It's a Beautiful Journey and she has 6k followers. She posts videos and things after she's had surgeries. Raven is talking about gastroparesis and it's more severe. She says what she has hasn't been named yet and they should name it after her.

9:19PM BBT: Raven and Christmas are talking in the HoH room after Christmas won HoH. They are painting nails and talking about Raven's gastroparesis struggles in the HoH room.

Raven is going to Sweden to see a doctor about her disease because she hasn't had the money. She is saying her disease is hereditary and she will pass it along to her kids, but her brother isn't a carrier. Raven says it's rare for men to contract gastroparesis than women. And when men get it, it ravages them more quickly than women.

Raven says a support group of 5000 people on Facebook, maybe 80 of them will be men.

Josh is whispering to Matt in the kitchen and saying he trusts him and Raven and Alex and Jason have been acting shady. Josh says crap is going to get crazy. Josh wants to know more so he's going to keep digging. Matt is tired and Josh is heading back to the green room. Jason is told no napping HG.

Christmas and Raven are talking about Jessica again about how chill she was when Cody was gone, but when he came back she was so different. Kevin wants BB to play a song called Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw.

Josh, Alex, Jason, and Kevin are talking about how the recordings go off in the house and they are told not to talk about production. Matt has joined the HOH room. Matt starts working out and asks Christmas if Mark had anything to say when he was up to the room earlier. Raven asks Matt if he wants her to sit on him and he says the only time Iíll ever say no. Christmas says thatís an inappropriate answer. Jason is talking about his wife and kids.

9:20PM BBT: Kevin, Josh, Jason, and Alex are talking in the den bedroom about being a dad. Josh says his father wouldn't have the patience to be on this show with his group of people. Kevin frustrated with the BB schedule of going to sleep and waking up at specific times.

9:22PM BBT: Josh whispering to Matt in the kitchen. Josh says he trusts Matt, and F Cody. Matt starts doing crunches in living room. [Trying to burn off that Cap'n Crunch ~Soozan].

9:25PM BBT: Christmas and Raven talking in HoH room about how excited they are to get to top eight. They are excited for Zingbot, and glad they have spent so much time together doing nails and makeup. Talking about how different Jessica acted when Cody wasn't around.

Christmas wants to sleep but says she probably canít because her head is all over the place, excited about being in the final eight.

9:31PM BBT: Matt says Josh is so much more observant than he thought he was. Christmas says as soon as Josh stopped being paranoid he was fine. Christmas doesn't understand how Jess could just push people away because they didn't go your way.

Raven wonders when veto will be and Christmas says I get to play, but I might not get to play. Matt says she could have played last week.

Christmas says she's happy she used the ring when she did. Matt says so many little things going the other way, things would have changed in major ways. Like Josh winning HoH and Christmas using her ring. Josh says the house feels peaceful and Jason says because Cody is gone. Josh says the house felt so tense.

Talk in the HoH has turned to Ramses and Matt asks did they ever found out his agenda, was he working with Cody and Christmas says yeah. They are talking about Ramses not throwing the veto.

9:35PM BBT: Raven hopes there will be another wall. Raven says she'll have both legs, that will be nice. Christmas says for a wall competition? Raven says yeah. Jason asks where Paul is and Josh says upstairs listening to music sleeping.

Josh says he's happy Christmas won because she really wanted an HoH. Josh says he's happy Jason won too because he got a letter. Jason says double eviction couldn't have gone any better. Jason says Mark is a lot more quiet.

9:39PM BBT: Josh telling Alex, Kevin and Jason how Elena told him he could not have a hug when she was evicted. He wishes she could see it is just a game. [I found this ironic. ~okiegalcj71]

Josh says he told her it was just game and not personal and so he grabbed her hand and kissed it and walked out. Kevin says he's a psychotic madman. Josh starts telling a story about friend who killed one of his horses because he was being reckless.

9:40PM BBT: Paul sits up and asks Christmas if she wants her music back. Matt and Raven just left the room. Paul says Kevin pulled Jason aside right after nominations and suggested if Jason won veto maybe he could stay up there and they could just get Matt out.

Christmas says she walked in on a conversation with them in the lounge room and they were talking about Matt not using veto on himself.

Paul says Kevin is weird. Christmas is saying the album she's listening to is so good she could listen to it on repeat. She tells Paul she's nervous because things are so chill. Paul says someone will find a way to be a F up.

Christmas says Kevin has had it out for Matt the last few weeks hardcore. Matt comes back in to look for Raven's bracelet.

9:45PM BBT: Whomever Christmas is listening to she says the artist is big in Europe and just starting to get big in the U.S. Christmas says she'd have to go to Europe to see her in concert. Paul says he's down.

Christmas is called to the DR. Paul asks what time it might be and Christmas says 10:30 or 9:30.

Christmas asks Paul if he wants the zapper and says the head phones are beside him.

Paul and Christmas are laying in the HoH bed, Christmas is listening to Muddy Waters and Paul has his hat over his eyes.

Christmas is called to the DR. All four feeds are now on Paul laying in the bed.

9:51PM BBT: All four cameras have now switched to Raven and Matt in the kitchen.

Matt is talking about Raven's butt in the pants she's wearing. Raven was trying to get into the storage room and production was messing with her by flickering the light that says she can get in the storage room.

Matt says to a camera that it's gastroparesis month. Kevin is talking in the green room with Josh, Mark, Alex, and Jason and they are talking about Gregory Peck playing Atticus Finch. Matt is getting some ice cream and Raven asks if there is any whip cream left. She wants some bourbon.

9:54PM BBT: Matt and Raven are getting ice cream Raven asks Matt if there was any whipped cream, she says she wishes they had bourbon; bourbon goes nice with ice cream. Raven says, "We don't need the $5K bounty," BB can they just put the money on food. Raven says they made it to 10 o'clock. She gives the ice cream to Matt and has him help her open peanut butter. Raven puts the peanut butter on her ice cream. She wonders what Zingbot will zing her on, maybe how much she has hurt herself. Matt says it's tough there is nothing to Zing her on. Raven adds Cool Whip to the ice cream and peanut butter and takes it to the wave room while talking to the camera about how good the ice cream, peanut butter, cookie dough and whipped cream is.

Raven says they were basically the only two people who didn't shun Jess.

Matt tells Raven about when Josh was in kitchen they were by themselves Matt asked if Mark had anything interesting to say. Josh said yeah Mark was explaining about all of Cody's plans and everything Cody said about Whistle-Nut.

Josh said some they already knew, some was interesting. Josh said Alex and Jason had been acting shady lately, they've been shady for a while now, Josh said they didn't need to talk but let Matt know he was good with Matt and Raven, Josh will try to learn more. Raven says this week doesn't matter, next week will matter, when Mark leaves this week Matt says that is what we want. Matt: "At the end of the day we want Alex out before Whistle-Nut, she is the better competitor in house." Raven says besides Paul. Matt: "Worst case scenario, it will be Paul, Josh Raven would vote for Jason and Alex, Kevin Mark vote to evict Matt and Christmas breaks the tie."

If Matt or Raven get HoH next week they'll put Kevin up against Jason and if someone wins veto take Kevin off and put Alex up; Raven says she really wants to win and Matt tells her to stop she needs to relax, she just doesn't want people to say she was carried through the game.

There are two Temptation Trees. We don't know all the details yet.

The "Bounty on your head" is a punishment, whoever receives it entices the HoH to send them home for $5000. This is a curse. The HoH who sent the "Bounty on your head" recipient home would get the $5000, not the evictee.

Goldylucks reports this correction: I just listened to Raven much more than I wanted to. The exchange above, in which she is pointing at the tree, gives away no secrets. In fact, it leads me to believe the tree has not come to life yet.

She goes to the tree, points to each section, and tells Matt why each section is pointless and/or useless. For example, if you are being evicted, how does it help to eliminate two votes because the house is voting together anyway.

10:08PM BBT: Cameras 1 & 2: Raven says three people are not playing veto tomorrow Matt says for purposes of draw one in nine chance to be picked, no one will pick Mark. If Jason gets HGs choice he will pick Alex, if Christmas gets HG's choice she will pick Paul and if Matt gets HGs choice he will pick Raven.

Raven hated everything about the puzzle competition they notice the camera on them wave and talk to Derrick. Raven apologizes for jumping in Derrick's arms, "Soooo sorry, tell Frankie they want him to come too." Matt and Raven starts the flirty talk, followed by dumb stuff he's done and then his trouble with the last HoH competition. They make fun of Paul for the way he talks about relationships with women, talk is all over the place now but not on strategy.

10:19PM BBT: Matt says he's ready for bed, Raven says they've had about four hours of sleep today. They leave the wave room go to kitchen to rinse dishes, and then to bathroom to brush teeth. Maven heads to the den bedroom to say good night and then to rose bedroom and get into bed.

10:24PM BBT: Cameras 3-4: Mark, Josh, Kevin, and Jason are asleep on his bed. Mark and Josh are talking to Kevin about watching the show. Josh doesn't think that in American, on national TV there has been anyone like Kevin on reality TV. They're trying to figure out when show ends. [The finale is on September 20th. ~Morty]

Josh didn't realize what a huge fan Jess was until her speech when she talked about watching it with her dad. Josh is talking about being hard being away from his family in the beginning... then the original sleeping arrangements.

Josh said the one piece of advice he'd give someone applying to be on the game would be don't watch the show. Josh thinks Meagan being a super fan was too intense. Kevin figures the game ends September 27th.

10:25PM BBT: Raven and Matt are in bed in the Rose bedroom.
Kevin, Mark, Josh and Jason are in the Den bedroom; Jason is asleep in his bed. Kevin is discussing how much time is left, then how many who have not been HoH and Mark naming the super fans in the house. Kevin surprised is Cody watched the show.

Mark mentioned how BB is going out and looking at peoples Instagram, Facebook etc. now and recruiting people to be on next seasons show. Kevin says, "Hold on, I'm an anomaly again, I must be an anomaly again..." He then tells the story of how he got to audition, he went to pick up daughter at work, she was two hours late so he decided to try out, he got number 262 waited a couple hours... Josh asked if it was an open audition in Boston. Kevin said yeah there were 490 people there. 12 people got called the next day, then the next day three.

Then Kevin went to LA went to a hotel and F'ing saw him there "The Miami Sound Machine" there pointing at Josh. Ate in the hotel was there a month and a half and went home. Josh mentioned Elena and Whistle-Nut, and Cody (they may have been there).

Josh is talking about how the interviews made his anxiety go through the roof. Told not to talk about production... continue to discuss how many people applied, Josh thinks 30,000.

10:40PM BBT: We hear BB say "Jason is doing some extreme sleeping"; Jason puts on his hat and says "that's because I'm so extreme" then lays back down on his bed.

Josh wants ice cream and Kevin says he's going to the HoH room to see what Christmas and Paul are doing. Paul has come downstairs and says he fell asleep listening to Christmas' music.

They're now wondering where everyone is, Christmas in DR no one knows where Alex is.

General chit chat between Mark, Josh and Paul while Kevin goes to get olive oil for his feet. He comes back and says Olive oil is good for everything, you can can with it, you can use it for nails, cuticles, you can do your toes with it, you can sun tan lotion with it. Says it has to be EXTRA Virgin Olive Oil, not just Virgin.

Josh questions the sun tan lotion application as Kevin looked pretty sun burned when he used it the other day. Kevin puts the olive oil on his feet and Josh tells him it's disgusting.

10:48PM BBT: The guys are waiting for midnight so they can eat real food. General chit chat about food and Jason snoring loudly, very loudly. Alex joins them she was in the HoH room shower. Alex and Mark talking about Survivor and Kevin asking questions about it, asking if it rains do you get to go inside... he was surprised they had to stay out in the elements, said he couldn't do that.

Kevin asks everyone what their parents do on a Friday night. Then he starts talking about the snow storm Boston got in the last blizzard.

11:26PM BBT: Josh and Paul in storage room saying someone needs to be reeled in, then discussing Jason and Mark becoming very close, Josh mentions Alex in a whisper can't hear exactly what they are saying, Paul doesn't think she will work with Kevin (?) Paul says she is smarter than that. Josh thinks Alex is going to "turn it up" and start winning competitions, and Kevin will too, that he is a huge fan even though he acts like he's not.

Kevin gives shout out to people in Boston.

11:38PM BBT: Mark still in shower in bathroom area ; Kevin, Josh, Paul and Jason in kitchen making food and Kevin telling a story about in his neighborhood they would go up the street and play spin the bottle in an empty area with tall grass, how they would push the grass down and sit in a circle boy/girl, boy/girl. He demonstrates how they spun the bottle, explains how those two had to kiss; He's explaining/demonstrating this to Paul and Josh like they don't know how to play it.

Kevin goes on to say across the street is a house where this lady lives, Mrs. O'Leary, Every Thursday she would go to the market, she would wear a hat, long jacket and shoes that laced up. Kevin then demonstrates how she walked carrying the bags by her side...all feeds switch to Mark in the shower.-

11:45PM BBT: Cameras three and four are back on the kitchen Christmas has returned from DR. Discussing grocery stores and fixing food. Kevin tells how Cody cut up chicken cooked it and ate it all, says he called out Cody for gaining weight and Cody grumbled at him and admitted he gained 10 lbs. Goes on to say Cody ate a dozen eggs at one time and ate every one purposely. Jokes about Cody's cholesterol being high. Ready to eat when the clock strikes 12....

12:03AM BBT: Kevin telling Josh there is going to be a movie in the HoH room, Gone with the Wind, Josh says he has heard of it but never watched it, wants to watch the Lion King it makes him feel better after a stressful day. Discussing the new temptations, Christmas saying they are not very tempting but Mark got one of the good ones, Mark says something about veto, but cannot hear him, Paul says with double veto you could F and ^% yourself if you don't win the veto.

12:20AM BBT: Christmas goes to the HoH room, Paul walks in then leaves to go fix a bed in the rose bedroom chats with Matt about what he cooked went back to kitchen with Mark, Kevin and Josh, talk about how much time left in the season. Paul called to DR. Mark saying how he is pissed about the shuffleboard and wants to get picked for Veto tomorrow. Mark saying how Elena wanted the house to be more vocal (arguments) but didn't want to get a target on her back. General "what-if" conversation.

12:25AM BBT: Raven tells Christmas in the HoH room "We have the temple of tree today or WTF that is today." The tree has not been revealed yet.

Raven tells Christmas in the HoH room "We have the temple of tree today or WTF that is today." The tree has not been revealed yet.

Then Mark spends the better part of 30 minutes talking smack about Elena to Mark and he sucks it up and takes it.

1:07AM BBT: Christmas joins Josh and Mark in kitchen. Mark explains why he gave the Save A Friend to Paul, says if most people get called out they get pissed, but Paul didn't lie and he doesn't have any bad feelings towards him. Says Paul seemed surprised, but Mark wanted to do something nice for Paul to show his gratitude for when he was nice to him the first week.

1:10AM BBT: Mark tells Josh and Christmas that he gave Mark the save a friend because he didn't get pissed when he called Paul out. He really has no bad feelings towards him.

1:58AM BBT: In the HoH while the others are sleeping, Paul discusses with Christmas and Josh how to take out Alex and Jason. [He tells them how to get rid of the only person that has a snowball's chance in hell of having the tiniest chance of beating Paul ~Goldylucks]

Paul, Christmas and Josh discuss the tree at 3:20AM. Paul mentions bad apples. He says there is nothing really good up there. The only thing that is scary is the veto one. Because that means safety for four people. With four people safe you have to nominate two of your own. They then discuss who they think will pick an apple. Paul: The only person he feels like would be willing to do it is Jason. Christmas thinks no one is going to. It only works for you if you "pick the right F'ing apple... they don't want to play any of that shit."


3:23AM BBT: Paul says (in regards to the tree) this is nothing like the Care Packages. America does not vote for this. You just have to stupid enough to grab it.

3:31AM BBT: Christmas is in the HoH room with Paul and Josh and while watching the TV screen she sees a rat run across the kitchen floor. Paul and Josh go outside to try and stalk it. WBRB.

Today's updates were written by:  IndyMom78, okiegalcj71, Soozan, and TampaJ.

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