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Sunday, September 17, 2017  Going, Going, Yawn
10:02AM BBT: Still no wake up call from BB yet. Paul is awake and heads to the bathroom and then goes back to bed.

10:31AM BBT: BB is letting them sleep in this morning.

11:00AM BBT: Josh is up and visits the bathroom. On his way back to the bedroom he stops for a moment to study the memory wall. He then crawls back into bed.

11:45AM BBT: The HGs are still in bed. The lights are still off in the den bedroom.

12:01PM BBT: Christmas goes to the bathroom and then goes back to bed. 

12:13PM BBT: Josh gets up to change his battery and does his ADLs.

12:22PM BBT: Josh is the only one up. He says Good Morning Familia to the cameras and says he hopes everyone has a blessed day. He is going to go make some breakfast. BB: "Josh, Buenos Dias Houseguests. Josh gets excited that BB spoke Spanish to him. Josh: "I hope we still get our music" WBRB.

12:31PM BBT: The HGs finally get a wake up call.

9:00PM BBT: Josh and Paul are talking in the backyard on the hammock. Christmas is just out of the shower. Josh says he's going to be a mess at the final and he's worried about jury questions. Paul says he'll help him.

Josh says he wants to go to bed and Paul says they can't go to bed yet. Paul says there was an episode today and Josh asked what aired. Paul says jury round table and part one of the HoH.

Josh is saying when Christmas came out of the DR last night she seemed upset. Paul says he thinks she was just frustrated. Paul says Christmas has about 18 things to get back to in real life. He says something about her supposed to have gotten married and they are just kids to her.

Josh is talking about Elena and Raven irritating him with trying to guilt them into keeping them or letting them win competitions. Josh mentions Raven begging to win HoH's because she wanted a letter from home and Josh says they all wanted a letter from home.

9:05PM BBT: Josh asks Paul why he's so gassed right now and he says he's bored. He says he's staring at a $2 toy from China. (A fidget spinner)

Josh says that HoH competition was really hard. They are arguing how much longer Paul and Christmas was up after Josh fell.

Paul is talking about how hard it is for him because of the emotions of the game and he never thought he'd make it this far. He thought every week he was going home. He says it feels like a dream, it doesn't feel real. Paul didn't think he'd come back this soon and he didn't think he'd be the only vet. He thought after last year he got second place and that was it, that was his Big Brother experience. He says it's a blessing they brought him back.

Josh says and you would do it again and Paul says yeah, he'd want to play one more time against vets, good vets, like top three vets. Josh asks like who? Paul says Derrick, Frankie, Dan G., and Vanessa. Paul says Frankie wasn't top three, but he was a great game player, a competition beast, and had a great social game. Josh asks if he was a bigger fan after playing than he was before and he says yes because he lived it.

9:10PM BBT: Paul knows DR. Will has won first place and second place. Josh thinks Paul will go down in BB history. Paul says he's proud he can say he came back and played BB. He didn't float, lay low, he played the whole game and he won competitions.

Josh says he doesn't care what the jury asks because he can tell them at least he wasn't a wussy like them. Paul hopes he wasn't a disappointing player because fans sometimes gets disappointed when a vet comes back and doesn't do anything.

Josh asks if Paul played harder this season than last and Paul says oh yeah. Paul says he played a different game last season because he had to scramble to stay in the game, this season he was always on top of it. Paul says last season he was the biggest target because he was the loudest and craziest, this season he had the biggest target because he was a vet.

Josh asks where Christmas is and Paul says she went to shower. Paul says this experience will boost Christmas's career and he wishes her the best and he's happy for her.

Paul says he isn't even going to try and guess what questions the jury will ask him. Josh asks if you give a speech and Paul says a short one.

9:15PM BBT: Paul and Josh talk about seeing their families after the finale. Josh asks if they get to walk out together and Paul says yeah, we're done, we won. Paul wants to relax when he's out and Josh agrees.

Christmas is called to the DR as she's in the middle of putting makeup on. Paul says maybe it's something for POP. Josh says POP send us something and Paul says or they are DRing. Paul is talking about reinvesting money back into his business.

9:20PM BBT: Josh is excited to get booked in things and go. He wants to go to Canada.

Christmas is called to DR again and she says she is going.

Paul says his biggest fan base is in New York and he still hasn't done anything there yet. Josh says it's crazy that they might get recognized and Paul says airports are the craziest. Josh says it's very humbling.

Josh says he can set something up for them in New York and Paul says if you can do New York and Florida that would be great because those are two places he hasn't been in. They start talking about Bobby Moynihan and his visit.

9:25PM BBT: Christmas is out of DR and calls everyone to the living room . They are wondering what's going on and Josh is saying oh no!

Christmas reads from a card Dear Houseguests! Smile at your own Big Brother After Dark and Paul and Josh cheer. Orwell's Nite Owls have been watching you all season long and have some questions for you. Take turns picking a card and let's play a game of Truth or Truth! Your friends at POP!

Josh picks a card and Christmas says if the card is for him he has to answer out loud and if it's for someone else they have to answer.

Josh reads is it easier to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight living in the Big Brother house? He's laughing and says he would pick that questions. He says hands down gain weight and Paul says. They talk about stress eating and eating when you're stressed, happy, sad. Christmas says and it's all junk food, she doesn't buy the stuff they are given in the house at home.

9:31PM BBT: Paul pulls a card and reads Paul, who is the first person you are going to call when you're out of the house? Paul hesitates and says we'll he's going to see his family at finale, so probably his grandparents. He'll probably call his grandparents right away just to hear his grandmother's little voice. He says actually, let me re-answer that. The Ghostbusters.

Christmas picks a card next and reads Everyone, what food do you miss eating from home? Josh says Chipotle! Chipotle and his mom's cooking. Christmas likes doing her own BBQ in the backyard. She talks about salmon on the grill and poppers and grilled corn. She misses eating breakfast at her table watching the sun come up.

Paul says In and Out, all day every day, California Vibes, animal style burger, animal style fries, Neapolitan shake. His mom's cooking.

Josh draws a card and reads Josh, do you play any instruments, or were pots and pans your first? He starts laughing and says he's never played instruments even though he'd love to learn to play the guitar. Hopefully Paul teaches him. Christmas thinks he would not be OK if Paul tried to teach him guitar.

Paul draws a card and says Christmas! What's one of your most meaningful tattoos and why? Christmas says she likes all of her tattoos. She says each one has it's own meaning and own story and each one is a representation of something she loves. She says people would be surprised that one of her favorites is her brother and sister tattoo. She just wanted to celebrate their life and that's one of her favorites, but she likes all of them.

9:35PM BBT: Christmas draws the next card and Josh says this is fun. Christmas reads Josh, what is your favorite family tradition. Josh says the holidays? Paul says what tradition do you do?

Josh says Family Sundays, his aunts and uncles and cousins come over and there's music playing all day and everyone together playing and eating and watching whatever is on TV. His favorite holiday tradition is his family together in Jersey, he says 60 of them in one house. Christmas asks Paul if they have a holiday tradition and he says they usually go to Canada to his aunt's house and all his families travels in and he gets to see snow.

Christmas says they do a dish for each person every year and they do oyster stew and his sister makes milktoast and homemade custard. They have this big spread and eat all day long and they open one present on Christmas Eve.

Josh's turn to draw and he reads Josh, which was harder eating slop or sleeping on a bed of spikes. Josh says slop! Slop sucks. He says luckily he had a guy who played last year to help with the slop and make it good with all the sauces and Ramses made good slop. Josh says except when Mark threw a fit and took his pillows, he slept pretty well on the spike beds. Josh says the hype is real, slop sucks.

9:40PM BBT: Paul draws a card and reads everyone, besides your family, what do you miss most in the outside world?

Christmas says her little friend, driving her car, her gym, the smell of sweat.

Josh says going on a hike and driving his car.

Paul says for sure driving his Nova, his hairless cat, his pups, pooches, and just being able to go do anything. He needs his guitar in his hand.

Christmas says interaction with friends. Josh says just being able to drink a beer.

Christmas draws everyone, which former HGs are you excited to meet? Paul says he's met a lot of them but he wants to meet Dan G, the funeral director and he wants to see DR. Will again. Christmas says who's the dentist guy, he made her laugh and Paul says DR. Will then says no, the super-geeky guy. They can't remember his name and Paul says he had really good DRs. [He is Dr. John McGuire of Scranton PA, known on BB as Johnny Mac, the Rock-Star dentist.]

Paul says he still hasn't met Evel Dick and he wants to meet him and Josh says he wants to meet him too. Josh says he was the first to do pots and pans, but Josh thinks he did them better. Paul says ED is hyped they are giving him the shout-out. [He might be right, but the last I read from ED was that he is not a fan of Paul. ~Morty]

Josh is next and reads Josh, are meatballs your favorite food? He says yes! I love meatballs! Paul says he played himself. Josh says he loves Italian food besides Cuban food and Mexican food, but he lies meatballs. He'd rather call Mark a meatball. Josh says Raven always messed up her meatballs.

Paul reads everyone, who's going to take Orwell the owl home with them after the show. Josh runs to the rose bedroom to grab him from the round bed. Josh says Orwell is his buddy and they've been friends since Jessica's HoH. He has another owl and their name is Theodore and they are his only friends.

9:45PM BBT: Christmas reads everyone, if you can have one item from home what would it be? Paul says his guitar and Josh says his laptop so he can see how his business is doing.

Christmas says Fran and Paul says that's a person not an item, so she says her bed or her shower.

Josh reads everyone what's your favorite competition this year? Paul says either strangest things, the terminal competition or the weather competition. Josh says for him it's terminal and OTEV was fun.

Christmas lists the one she didn't get to play in and she says the lemon truck because it's the first one she got to be physical in. Christmas says it definitely wasn't the last one they played.

Paul reads everyone, it would drive me crazy to not be able to use pen and paper. Do you miss writing things down. Christmas and Josh say yes and Paul says no. Christmas says she's a lister and Josh says he thinks things through by writing things down. Paul says he misses drawing. Christmas says she's a list person and as she checks off her tasks she feels productive.

9:53PM BBT: How difficult was it to share a shower? Josh says Raven's hair was EVERYWHERE.

Christmas says sharing a bathroom with eight dudes not cool, having half on slop was terrible.

Mark's dumps were terrible, Paul says. Josh says he needs a medic to test his shit. The noise that came out of his ass was terrible, Paul says.

9:55PM BBT: Who leaves razors on the ground, Paul asks? The girls, Josh says.

Christmas, what would your recipe for Slop be? She says sift out the extra water and make it like oatmeal - friendship toast (those were good, Josh says), pan fried with cinnamon. Josh says she makes good slop brownies with chocolate protein. Slop Risoto with a reduced heavy cream and garlic.

9:58PM BBT: Paul, please explain your socks. Some were sent to him by fans and he wanted to wear them in the BB House. BB sent him more weird socks each time he won HoH. That's something Mom would say - explain your socks.

9:59PM BBT: Paul shows off his Finale night Mom Socks, which matches his "Mom" tattoo on his buttocks.

10:00PM BBT: Christmas reads how hard is it to be without your phone for 81 days. Josh says he forgot his password so he's screwed. Paul says it's kind of nice you just get used to it because you have other things to worry about. Paul says having a phone is a pain in the ass. Christmas says she's felt free. Paul says you're a slave to your phone and you learn to appreciate more without it. Josh says drop the phone when you're with family and friends.

10:02PM BBT: Josh reads Paul, how many of last years HGs do you still hang out with. Paul says elfit Vic! He says him and Vic talk a lot, right before he came in Glenn and him went to a game. He talks to Nicole a lot and Corey was in LA doing modeling stuff. He says Paulie came to LA to do a fitness thing. Paul says Bridget, he loves her to death. Paul says he saw Bronte a lot and she's a sweetheart. Paul says he sees Momma Day every now and then. He says that's pretty much all that talks to him. He says he hopes Natalie and James are having a good time. He really doesn't talk to everyone else. He shouts out to season 18.

10:03PM BBT: Paul's turn and he reads Christmas, and then he laughs, what's the funniest joke she's heard about her name. She says they are so bad. She says her old boss used to call her Halloween Scary he says someone in a bar says he's never seen a White Christmas before. Christmas says if you're going to say something about her name, get creative and make her laugh.

10:04PM BBT: Christmas reads Christmas, if she could have one celebrity sign her cast, who would it be? She immediately answers Mark Wahlburg. She says he's easy on the eyes and everything he's done is legit. Josh says he's one of his favorite actors. They talk about Good Vibrations. They thank POP for the questions. Josh says they pick on him all day!

10:10PM BBT: Paul is eating ice cream. Christmas is going to make a Fanta milkshake. Josh wants to know if the moose tracks are any good. Paul is getting whip cream out of the can. Josh can't find the ice cream.

10:15PM BBT: Christmas is heading outside. Josh asks who wants popcorn. Christmas and Paul are headed out to the hammock and Josh is still getting his snacks together in the kitchen. Paul wants something, but not ice cream. Like popcorn. Paul heads back inside. Christmas says her shake is like a Dreamsicle.

10:20PM BBT: Paul says he messed up the last few days of his diet. He wants something, but he doesn't know what. Josh says he walked in chubs and he's walking out chubs.

Christmas is called to the DR and Paul says she got played. She says a second later she got played. Christmas asks someone to take her shake, she doesn't know how long she'll be in there.

Josh tells Paul to come out to the hammock with him because he doesn't want to be alone. Josh yells at Paul to close the door and he yells back for him to close the door.

Christmas is back out of the DR and Paul says what did they want? Christmas says nothing. Josh wants to know what's going on and Paul says she's self-evicting. Christmas says you know what would be really good? Champagne and ice cream.

10:25PM BBT: They bicker as all three get comfortable in the hammock.

10:31PM BBT: Paul says this might be the last day we have on the hammock and Josh and Christmas think they will have the backyard tomorrow.

Josh wants to know why they didn't ask a questions about the ants issue. Paul says he thinks Josh needs a girlfriend who will clown on him. Josh starts whistling the Jeopardy song and we hear please stop whistling.

10:35PM BBT: Paul is asking Josh what he likes about them. He wants to know what it is about women that he enjoys. Just general chatter. They also ask Christmas what she likes about men.

10:40PM BBT: Still general chatter. You can hear sirens in the background.

10:45PM BBT: Josh is talking about a girl he likes and had feelings for. Paul tells him you have to get over her before dating anyone else.

10:50PM BBT: Still general chatter about relationships.

10:55PM BBT: They are still talking about relationships. Josh turns to talking about Elena. Josh says Mark was jealous of Elena flirting with the others. He talks about Elena massaging Paul and Mark walked in and seen it and walked back out.

They are talking about showmances and how some of them went straight to being intimate. They mention Jess and Cody on day six in the HoH. Josh says really? Christmas says everyone knew. Josh says he'd never have sex with cameras around. They are talking about when they went out to a competition Jess would twerk on Cody and he'd be slapping her bottom.

11:00PM BBT: Talk has turned to Raven and Matt and them having sex and then they'd come out and eat. Josh says Matt came for vacation. Paul says ate a lot of cereal, took a lot of showers, went to jury. He thinks Matt won BB.

Josh says Matt and Raven got the worst zings. Paul says Mark's was funny. Josh says his campaign to stay was so desperate and painful to watch.

11:05PM BBT: Christmas is called to the DR. As soon as she's inside talk turns to Christmas and the way she cuddles with Paul. Paul says he understands she needs affection, he doesn't know what it's like to almost get married and then not. Paul says she's 11 years older than him.

Paul hopes his girlfriend understands, he's just trying to be a friend. Josh says she'll understand. Josh tells Paul to tell his girl how he feels about her and Paul says he will. Josh says Christmas is beautiful.

11:10PM BBT: Christmas goes to the DR then comes out to the red bedroom and is looking for something. She heads to the bathroom area then outside to look in the washer or dryer. Josh says done and she says no. Josh says competition and Christmas says yes.

Christmas is changing back into the clothes she wore for the competition for her DR. Christmas stops to touch up her makeup.

Josh and Paul are back to talking about relationships. Josh says he's ready to just get out of the house and go to a bar and have a conversation with girls other than the ones they've been living with.

Josh says Christmas looks like a girl out of a movie, like the girl next door. Paul says she's super pretty. Josh says when he first walked in, the first girl he laid eyes on was Christmas.

11:15PM BBT: Christmas finally makes her way back to the DR.

Paul says he can read people well, that's how he made it so far in the game. Josh says he can read people's demeanor, he got it from his dad.

Josh is talking about his family. He says his dad speaks Spanglish, he'll say a word or two in Spanish then switch to English. He then says his mom is the Cuban version of Sofia Vergara. Paul says Victor didn't have an accent but Natalie had a little bit of one.

Josh says he can't believe Paul didn't like Natalie and Paul says she wasn't his type. Josh says she went with James and Paul says no comment. Josh says she was a pretty girl and Paul says tell her that, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Josh says Big Meech was a pretty girl too. Paul says there were more girls his type this season.

11:20PM BBT: Paul thinks Christmas, Elena, and Dominique were the prettiest. Josh says Christmas, Elena, and Jessica. Paul says Jessica was pretty but not his type.

They talk about how pretty Dominique was. Josh says her laugh, she had a very cute laugh. Josh says Mark wouldn't let Josh sleep next to Elena so Mark would go to bed early.

11:25PM BBT: General chatter between Paul and Josh. Christmas is in DR.

12:00-1:00AM BBT: Paul and Josh talk about Americas Favorite Houseguest and they think that Christmas will get it and that everyone is voting for her. Paul tells Josh that the live feeders are the ones who do all the voting on that.

Christmas is sitting in the hammock alone in the backyard says she is going to tell Paul and Josh to take each other to the final two.

Christmas tells us it's cold out tonight and so boring with just three people left in the house, she liked it when there was a lot of people in the house. She then says she does not know what Paul and Josh are thinking for final two as one of them will secure their spot in the final two on Wednesday.

Christmas says she came into this game heartbroken and will leave heartbroken as her foot is broke and so is she. She goes on to say she does not know if she might talk to Paul and Josh together, or to each alone about them taking each other to final two. She tells us that no one else would have stayed in the house and played the game with a broken foot but she did. Josh comes out to the backyard and she stops talking.

1:00-3:00AM BBT: Paul and Josh go to the rose bedroom to go to bed and turn lights out then starts horsing around. Christmas gets a blanket and wraps up on the hammock. Christmas then gets up and heads inside and gets in bed next to Paul.

All HGs in bed sleeping.

Today's updates were written by Goldylucks, Kitten_200, & Fuskie

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Update Entry
Saturday, September 16, 2017  Days Of Whining And Neurosis

This is just a poll. To make your vote count go to:
Vote up to 20 times per day. Voting closes Wednesday, Sept. 20 at 9:59AM PT.
If you thought the feeds were dull before--  just wait until you see what it's like with just three nudniks in the house!

11:16AM BBT: "Good morning house guests, it is time to get up for the day." "Wakey Wakey houseguests." " Good morning house guests, it is time to get up for the day. " "Please turn the lights on in the bedrooms." (All in succession) No one moved. A couple of people rolled over, but that is the most movement, no one got up.

11:22AM BBT: BB: "Wakey, wakey houseguests" "Please turn the lights on in the bedroom." Christmas says OK, turns it on, goes back to bed.

BB: "There are fresh batteries in the storage room" "What do you not understand about please? WAKE UP" Christmas and Paul get up. Christmas leaves the room.

BB: "Josh... Josh..." Josh: "Yeah, yeah." BB: "Please stop singing." Paul said he needs to be called to the DR. [Not sure if Paul wants to go, or if that will get Josh out of bed.] Christmas looks at the memory wall while on her way to the bathroom.

Paul is up looking for something to wear. Josh is still in bed, says Paul is horny. BB: "Josh, rise and shine". Josh: "Good morning Big Brother."

Paul goes to get fresh battery. Josh is still laying down, looks like he is reading a small new testament.

Paul sees Christmas on his way to the bathroom, asks what time it is, she tells him it's 11:30. BB: "Josh, there are fresh batteries in the storage room" BB: "Josh, please change your batteries" Josh says OK, but doesn't get up.

11:29AM BBT: Christmas is brushing her teeth in the bathroom area , Josh finally gets up. He makes a face at the camera as it moves on him and asks why.

Paul comes into the rose bedroom and asks if he is ready. Josh leaves as Paul puts on a hoodie and starts hand grooming his beard. Christmas done brushing her teeth, heads into the kitchen.

11:32AM BBT: Christmas is making coffee, Josh comes in and gives her a hug and asks how she slept; she said fine. Paul comes into the kitchen, says three days and a wake up, then asks if there is any old coffee left. Then he said, oh, down the drain. Josh gets called out for singing again. Paul heads to storage room while Christmas continues to make fresh coffee.

11:35AM BBT: Josh complains that Paul never cleans. Paul said it is because he cooks his food. Paul claims he only has one bowl and one cup. Josh calls him out on that.

Christmas is washing up some dishes while Josh and Paul sit at the counter, chatting. Paul and Josh eating bananas, using the F word, Paul flips off Josh, they are just joking around. Saying Josh will be gone 98 days, not 100 days. Christmas said she got picked up late. Josh said he was picked up on Tuesday, early in the morning. He is trying to justify 100 days.

Josh asks what is he making for breakfast, can he make an egg white omelet. Christmas said it is an egg white scramble, as there is nothing in the house for an omelet. Paul said a little later, since they just had a banana.

Paul complains about being bored while Josh and Christmas compete today. Paul said it will be one by one, Josh wants everyone out there together. He said it will take too long. (There are only two) Paul wants to go to the DR, sort of singing what he wants to discuss. Josh is chiming in.

11:43AM BBT: Josh and Paul discussing possible questions. Josh said he wasn't looking for a showmance. He said he is a player, he is goofy and funny, but not looking for a showmance. They call him out on it. Paul said, who, Elena? They ask if she said she was interested, he would have turned her down? He said yes, he wasn't going to bone or kiss her on national TV. Paul said if she jumped on him naked, Josh would be filming a porno right there in the house.

11:45AM BBT: They're making fun of Elena and how she talked. Talking about fans, and what they will say after the show. Josh got cold, went and got a hoodie. Now talking about Raven, and how whatever they were talking about, she always chimed in and was an expert. They are now bashing Raven. Paul says Raven had family on the Titanic but she didn't know their names or what they looked like. Paul says his family was the iceberg. Now making fun of her having an inverted spine, is that really a thing? They don't think so. Then her knee issue, and her being an Olympic athlete, but didn't know anything about it. Now says she couldn't eat beef, but she ate jerky and burgers. Paul said only the burgers someone else made. Said she started making candied bacon, and messed that up. Paul said she only started making it after someone else did first.

11:50AM BBT: Paul is mocking Jess talking about Cody beating Paul in the competitions. The three are cleaning and laughing. Paul using a mocking voice to say "you ruined true love" He says he is getting all the arguments out so people can't tweet at him.

12:01PM BBT: Paul is sure that Cody was a saboteur this season. Says he must be an actor. Josh says no that was Cody. Paul says he got upset at Cody when he made Raven cry (Paul told Raven to cry). Josh says that Cody was going to call Alex a bitch and anyone who would call a woman that is wrong.

12:08PM BBT: The previous HGs bashing continues. Josh talking about how he threatened to destroy each HGs in the house but they didn't want to start things. Paul says that he thinks maybe Cody and Mark knew each other because they played together from the start.

Paul says that the men cast this season were not savage like the girls. Paul tells Josh that if Meech was in the house she would have cracked Josh. Paul says Meech was personal. Josh says he didn't play personal.

12:19PM BBT: Josh talking about how no one wanted to talk after nominations. He said everyone was too scared to say anything. Paul says people were tip toeing around for no reason. Rinse and repeat during the conversation.

12:24PM BBT: The Final Three calling out previous HGs. Saying they were idiots etc. Christmas says Alex came in ready to play. Paul says Alex told him she was gunning to get him out and says, "Oh how the table has turned."

Paul says that he has learned more patience in the house this year. He says that usually he can't even wait in line. He says if there are more then six people in line he won't wait.

12:28PM BBT: Paul talking about his fan base being huge in Florida. He says it's Los Angeles, New York, Canada and then Florida how his fan base ranks. Christmas says she has a huge fan base in Florida as well.

12:42PM BBT: Paul and Josh make plans to go to the Cochella Music Festival. Paul says he rents a truck and throws a mattress in the back. Paul cooking eggs for the HG.

12:56PM BBT: Josh asks what if Elena and Mark still want to go after him after the show. Paul says it won't happen. Josh says he won't entertain it.

1:00PM BBT: All four feeds are on Christmas, Josh and Paul sitting around the kitchen counter. Paul jokes that he is not going to miss BB calling out Josh all the time. He heard Josh's name more than anyone else's. Josh, put on your microphone. Josh, stop that.

1:04PM BBT: Paul is explaining to Josh that the episodes aired are just a summary of what happened that week. That is why people get the live feeds. They want to see everything.

Meanwhile, Josh wants to wash his clothes in the sink. Paul tells him not because that is nasty.

1:10PM BBT: Paul goes to the lounge and talks to us. He says that if Josh wins the competition today, he thinks he (Paul) is in final two and he (Paul) might win. As Josh walks in BB tells Josh to put on his microphone. Paul to Josh "You played yourself."

1:22PM BBT: Christmas took a shower. Josh and Paul are about to play chess. Christmas calls to them and asks one of them to come down. She says she has something in her eye and can't get it out. Paul goes down and she says there is nothing in her eye. He is trying to help her by putting drops in her eye.

1:31PM BBT: Things are pretty quiet in the house. Christmas is going to the DR because she feels like something is stuck in her eye. Paul are Josh are very quiet as they are playing chess.

2:02PM BBT: Josh tells Paul he hopes to win Part Two. Paul says if you win part two you can check out. We win. Please win Part Two.

2:18PM BBT: Christmas has come out of the DR. Paul asked her what was wrong. She said she had something in her eye. He asked what it was and we get WBRB. The feeds come back for just a second and go back to WBRB.

2:31PM BBT: Still WBRB

2:50PM BBT: The feeds finally return. Paul is in bed. Josh is also in bed and is talking about a fight he got in to when he was in school. He almost got arrested but the Vice Principal stood up for him and said the guy had been instigating it for a long time.


3:25PM BBT: The feeds have been off the for the better part of an hour. The feeds did come for a brief moment in which all four cameras showed Paul and Josh laying down in the rose bedroom.

Before the feeds went off Christmas had been in and out of the DR because of something apparently stuck in her eye. When we know more we will tell you more. But the lack of puppies, kitties or bunnies tells me that this is likely not HoH Part Two.

3:28PM BBT: Feeds return. Josh is heading towards the bathroom. Paul is in bed. Still looking for Christmas.

3:31PM BBT: BB calls Paul to the DR. Josh "Oh, it's time."

3:34PM BBT: Paul comes out of the DR and says "Houseguests, it is time for Part Two of the HoH... awwww I F'ed that up." He then starts again and we get puppies.

The HGs are now playing Part Two of the HoH competition.

9:47PM BBT: The feeds are back. Christmas and Josh are talking about which HGs was harder to knock down. Christmas says that the competition was that you had to knock down HGs unless they were applicable to the question. Christmas says there was a slingshot. There was a Nerf ball involved and a bow and arrow. No confirmation yet on who won.

9:49PM BBT: Josh is laughing and tells Christmas she has a boot and pink eye and he beat her by seven minutes. Christmas says it was more like five minutes.

Josh won part two.  Josh will face off in part three against Paul and that winner is the final HoH and will choose which of the other two they'll take to the Final Two.

9:53PM BBT: Sounds like there was not a time limit on the competition. Both HGs did not do well so it took a long time.

10:01PM BBT: Josh and Christmas is complaining how terrible the competition was. Christmas says he needs to rub her ass after all the dead lifts she had to do. Paul does a call out to BB for the finale day. Josh says they need alcohol.

10:06PM BBT: Josh and Paul are in the kitchen whispering. Josh says he is going to DR to request wine. Josh goes to Christmas and hugs her and tells her how proud he is of her.

10:15PM BBT: Paul is ordering Josh to finish the chicken and peel the garlic. Josh tells him no. Josh says why does he have to do everything? Paul says because Josh does nothing. Paul says he is the one that cooks. He is pouring half a bottle of hot sauce in a pan to cook chicken in. Christmas taking a shower.

10:22PM BBT: Josh has put cream in Paul's hot sauce concoction. Paul and Josh arguing. Christmas asks what happened. Paul tells her. Christmas tells Josh he is going to get hot sauce thrown in his face again.

12:05AM BBT: Paul tells Josh he has no idea what he is going to say to his girl when he gets out. Josh tells him to tell her that this is literally work for him. He is on a business trip. Josh tells him not to go crazy. He only met her a month before he came into the house but to tell her that he has thought of her all summer long, which he has. (The cookies are still in the oven and the timer went off 25 minutes ago).

12:07AM BBT: BB makes an announcement "The stove". Paul jumps up. "You left the cookies, you stupid F get your ass up, I aint the one cooking." Josh "I burned the cookies. The oven didn't turn itself off. I burned the cookies." Josh wants to hide the cookies and start a new batch. Paul wants him to leave them for her to see. Josh "No, you just want to make fun of me."

12:20AM BBT: Josh is singing in the kitchen. He refuses to leave or let Paul leave the kitchen so that he doesn't burn another batch of cookies.

12:25PM BBT: In the kitchen Josh says that there is no way he would just jump back into the house and play as a vet unless he knew Paul or Christmas were going to be there. He thinks 100% that Christmas will get a call back to play as a vet.

12:38AM BBT: Now that the cookies are done and he has had a bowl of ice cream, Josh says he is going to bed. Josh starts to talk to the cameras.

Meanwhile Paul is talking to himself at the microwave. He is rehearsing his speech for finale night. At some point, the camera turns away from Josh. Josh gets mad and says "I am the only person in here, who do you want to talk to? F'ing Trejo? I'm not talking to you anymore. Go talk to Orwell."

Josh has an entire conversation with a camera. Josh: "Dude, you need to stop being a creep. I'm just trying to sleep." BB: "I don't think so." All of this is going on while Paul rehearses his speech.

12:40AM BBT: Josh to the camera "Talk to the damn owl because I'm not talking to you. Do you know how rude it is to turn your back on someone when they are talking to you?" BB "Slow your roll."

12:41PM BBT: Josh has now turned his anger at the camera into a love/hate conversation. Josh admits that he is going to miss BB when he leaves the house. He points right at the camera and says "I am going to miss you." BB: "Thank you very much." Josh: "You are welcome Big Brother."

12:51AM BBT: Josh is having a one on one conversation with the camera in the rose bedroom about how he is surprised he made it this far. Meanwhile Paul has a one on one conversation with the camera in the DR about how he is one step away from winning.

12:55AM BBT: Josh whispers in Paul's ear. We cannot hear. Paul "No. She is 35 and I'm 24. The oldest girl I have been with is current and she is 25. No dude, I doubt it." He says Christmas is chill and attractive. But they live very different lives and she is 11 years older than him. Josh whispers in his ear again. "Paul. No fool. No....then he smiles a little." Josh "I knew it." Paul tells him he has a diamond on the outside though.

12:58AM BBT: Josh explains to Paul why Christmas is a better match for Paul than for Josh. They are the same age but Paul is much more mature. Paul is like 30 and Josh is like 12.

1:20AM BBT: Paul and Josh have speculated how the next few days are going to go. Just general chit chat.

1:27AM BBT: Josh and Paul turn the lights off in the red bedroom. They are talking about other HGs. They agree that Mark was a huge sissy for such a big guy.

1:35AM BBT: Josh and Paul have gone quiet.

1:43AM BBT: Christmas is out of the DR and Josh is called in. Paul laughs at him. "Fool, you played yourself." He says that Christmas is going to come in there with her cold feet and he needs to tell her to keep her icicles to herself when she comes to bed.

1:47AM BBT: Christmas climbs into bed and intentionally puts her cold feet on Paul. Paul freaks. Christmas "That's what you get." Christmas tells Paul that he is warm. He tells her that she is corpse. Paul then tells her about the burnt and black cookies. Christmas "That last thing I said to him was don't burn them."

2:00AM BBT: Josh is still in the DR. Paul and Christmas are in bed. All quiet.

2:58AM BBT: Josh is out of the DR. He heads to the bathroom.

3:10AM BBT: Josh heads to bed. All three HGs are now in bed.

3:31-9:31AM BBT: All is quiet. Just the occasional tossing and turning over.

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