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Thursday, July 28, 2016 Live Eviction Tonight
9:00AM BBT: All is quiet in the BB house as lights are still off and HGs still sleeping.

9:03AM BBT: FotH showing. Maybe they are getting the wake up music for the day.

9:17AM BBT: Feeds are back and the lights are on. The only HGs awake is Frank, he heads to bathroom area for ADLs.

9:18AM BBT: BB announced that Zakiyah and Paulie must have the bedroom lights on during the day.

9:25AM BBT: Frank is called to the DR.

9:59AM BBT: Michelle is now awake and heads to bathroom area for ADLs.

10:03AM BBT: Michelle went back to bed in the Have-Not room.

10:08AM BBT: Paul is called to the DR.

11:03AM BBT: All the HGs are still in bed sleeping.

11:08AM BBT: The HGs are getting up after a brief WBRB and heading to the HoH room with their blankets. The HGs are laying down and going back to sleep with no talking at all.

11:10AM BBT: Victor stops in the kitchen to get water and cereal before heading to the HoH room.

11:19AM BBT: All HGs now in the HoH room for a lockdown and we now have Jeff's Reels.

1:21PM BBT: The feeds are back with Natalie, Nicole, Paul, and James in the kitchen eating. Da'Vonne is in bed sleeping.

1:31PM BBT: Nicole gets in the shower, Michelle is getting dressed in the bathroom. Paul and Natalie are cleaning the kitchen and we get WBRB

1:39PM BBT: Natalie brushes her teeth then goes back to the kitchen saying she should not have eaten all that food. Paul is making coffee.

1:48PM BBT: Nicole finished her shower and BB tells her to put her mic on. Paul is washing dishes, all the other HGs are in bed taking naps.

2:02PM BBT: Nicole blow drying her hair. Paul making a cup of coffee for himself and Nicole and takes it to the bathroom area and tells Nicole it is strong.

2:10PM BBT: Paul and Nicole talking in the bathroom area about how hard the process was to get here. Nicole says yeah every week things change. Paul then talks about Cody getting Frankie out of the house when he did or he might not have made it farther in the game.

2:15PM BBT: Nicole and Paul still talking about how it is being back in the house for Nicole and she says, "I feel like I'm in a dream." He asks what questions she gets asked when you get out of the house. She says like, "Why did you do this? Would you ever play again? things, like that."

2:25PM BBT: Nicole finishes her hair and she and Paul move to the Safari room talking about relationships.

2:31PM BBT: All cameras on sleeping HGs.

2:39PM BBT: Paul and Nicole talking about buying people that are hungry food. Paul says, "I even cook for my dog so why wouldn't I feed someone who is hungry."

2:49PM BBT: Paul and Nicole talk about Paul's past relationships and his past jobs and his travels.

3:04PM BBT: Paul and Nicole talk about relationships and how they have been hurt in the past. Other HGs are sleeping.

3:15PM BBT: We have Jeff Reels. Nicole and Paul were the only two awake at the time.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
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Frank and Bridgette are on the ropes but the secret room just might change the course of the game. Welcome to Big Brother.

Previously on Big Brother, at an epic HoH competition, James made a deal with Bridgette, so she threw him the win. But after getting pressure from the house, James went back on his word.

In a must win veto competition for Frank and Bridgette, they ran into a roadblock called Big Meech. When Frank asked Michelle if she would use the veto, she made her feelings perfectly clear.

At a house meeting, Paulie told Frank what everyone was thinking.

After a confrontation between Bridgette and Michelle, Meech considered saving Frank. But in the end, she did as the house wanted.

Tonight, either Frank or Bridgette will be evicted but could a secret power change their fate? Plus the battle for HoH begins again. All this live, on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. Last week the HGs were warned that there were new twists to come and secrets to be discovered. The BattleBack twist sent Victor back into the house but the secret room is still in play and could drastically alter the game. So with the clock ticking, will the HGs find it? We'll soon find out. But first, Frank and Bridgette have been inseparable but tonight they'll be torn apart - or will they?

After the veto meeting, Frank tells the HGs he's good, no hugs needed. Frank tells us being on the block with his closest ally is awful. She's been nothing but loyal and is a close friend. But at this point, if he campaigns against her, people will look at him in a worse light.

In the backyard, Michelle, Da'Vonne, James, and Natalie discuss the confrontation between Michelle and Bridgette. Natalie only sees Bridgette's fun side. They don't talk game to each other.

Michelle admits she wanted to use the veto on Frank to ensure Bridgette goes home. Michelle tells us she regrets not using the veto on Frank because after the Tiffany with Bridgette, she's likely her #1 target.

Frank and Bridgette talk quietly in the kitchen. Frank encourages her to win HoH and keep fighting.

In tears in the DR, Bridgette didn't think she'd find such a friend in the game of BB. People in the house don't seem to like her for her but Frank does.

Later, Michelle tells Frank he's not a threat to her but if she used it, nine other people would be angry at her but she's still sad. Frank tells her it's OK, he's going home this week. Michelle tells us it hurts to know he's going home this week. She follows him to the storage room and breaks down sobbing, she likes him as a person and doesn't want him to leave. Zakiyah and Da'Vonne join and all try to comfort her.

Frank tells us he wants to ask Michelle why she's crying; she could've used the veto and saved him! But maybe she'll be a vote to keep him.

Da'Vonne looks unimpressed and tells us it was cute that Michelle is a super fan of Frank's - when he was the underdog. Now he's the devil of the house and she needs to accept he's going home.

Later, the TV in the living room flashes with the words "Clues to the secret are all around you". James is the first to notice as he walks through with Natalie and they call the other HGs in to see it.

James tells us this twist could be a good thing or bad thing. Oh crap.

Frank tells us being on the block means he needs to figure out what the clues mean - something that could keep he and Bridgette safe this week.

The HGs being searching the house as more HGs notice the monitor and more join in the search. Da'Vonne tells us this could be a number of different things - all of which could be bad for her game.

Natalie and James discover a poster of "Secret Tokyo" with an Eiffel Tower on it and get curious. Paul tells us he's been eyeing the picture since he got in the house. What is the secret? It has to be part of the clue. He realizes the word secret is written in green. In the England room, the word departing is written in green. He thinks he's onto something.

Frank has been assessing another picture in the hallway by the bathroom area. He tells us he knows he has to be getting closer to what it is. Paul tells us the words are secret destination departing now. He thinks he's got this so he has to go to the Departures board and figure it out. He tells whoever is in the living room to let him figure it out - he's good at puzzles.

Sure enough, the board shows a flight to Paris now departing. Now what?

Natalie finds James up by the BB Airplane by the chess board and points out it says Flight 211. Paul and Frank are quick to discover that too. However, Paul also notices in the tiny windows it says Call Paris. Lucky him, he tells us. There's a phone booth nearby that hasn't been used all season. Let's call Paris.

An automated voice answers "Stay calm and don't panic. You're about to be given top secret information. Congratulations, you've just discovered the secret destination. By your feet, a door will unlatch into a tunnel. It may be in your best interest to keep this a secret for now. If you're ready to enter the tunnel, the door will enter in 5 seconds. If not, leave the phone booth now, return when the coast is clear and dial PARIS again."

Paul tells us there is literally a secret destination at his feet and he doesn't know what it is but he has to come back at the right time to not tip off the rest of the house. Pau hangs up the phone and says he didn't figure it out. The other HGs leave with Paul - except Frank. Paul goes into HoH and tells Corey and James to keep Frank and Bridgette away from the phone. Bridgette wants to try and Paul tells her he is still trying to figure it out. Bridgette and Frank head to the kitchen and Bridgette tells Frank what the airplane says. Bridgette heads to the phone booth downstairs to try, telling Frank Paul won't let her upstairs.

Paul decides to go for it, knowing Frank and Bridgette are still trying to crack it. He can't risk it. Paul goes for it and goes through the tunnel. Natalie is next in the phone booth.

Paul reads the card "Welcome to Paris. Congratulations on unlocking the clues to the secret destination. Before you are 12 sealed envelopes, each one containing a BB Airline ticket. 11 envelopes have a one way ticket but one holds a round trip ticket. If you are evicted, your envelope will be opened on stage with Julie upon your eviction. If you hold a round trip ticket, you will immediately go back into the house for a second chance at the half million dollar grand prize."

"Any HGs that finds this destination may choose one envelope. Once an envelope is claimed, it is yours and you may not exchange it for a different one. You must keep the envelope sealed. Please choose your envelope now." Paul tells us this is a good and bad thing - if anyone else finds out about the secret room, they can go find an envelope too and this week, all he needs is Bridgette or Frank to find it.

Paul comes back out and calls the HGs to the living room to "explain". His explanation is that he could only pick one envelope out of all in front of him. He leaves out that others can do the same thing.

When Frank and Natalie ask him what he dialed to get in, he says whatever it was. Finally he gives up, smiles coyly and says they have to figure it out himself. They want to know how many envelopes, he says he didn't count. Victor asks if others could go too, Paul says he doesn't think so.

Victor tells us he thinks there is more to the story than what Paul tells us. Fine, do what you need to do but he wants to solve it and get in there. The rest of the HGs decide to keep trying.

Victor figures it out next and heads into the tunnel, followed by Corey, Natalie and Paulie. Da'Vonne wants everyone to keep their answered covered from Frank and Bridgette's eyes. Frank, however, figures it out finally and tells Bridgette how to get in. They hug in the secret room and squeal happily.

Frank tells us this gives him and Bridgette a chance to come back in. 1 in 12 chance, not the best odds but they are better than no odds.

The rest of the HGs figure it out and everyone goes to get cards. Da'Vonne tells us her life was a lot easier without Paris.

No matter how many alliances you make in the BB house, the best players are usually part of a strong duo. As the returners will tell you, a single loyal ally is a must in this game.

We see Da'Vonne and James telling this to Zakiyah. James' duo was with Meg and Da'Vonne's was with Jason.

This is our segueway to follow up with some old BB favorites. We start with Jason, who is still in his mom's basement and that's where he watches the live feeds. His life hasn't changed at all since leaving BB. He's still broke, working at the grocery store and single. The minute he walked into the BB house, he saw Da'Vonne and was like "Damn". She's a good player who will do anything to win. She's been caught up in some stuff and has been called out but if you're willing to play the game hard, you have to be willing to let things come back to you.

As long as Da'Vonne can stay a few more weeks and the showmances become a bigger target, she'll be in a good spot, Jason says.

We then meet up with Meg. James never talked about romantic relationships, they were always just friends and he'll always have a place in her heart. She thinks James needs to watch out for Da'Vonne - she thinks Da'Vonne may not be totally loyal to him.

Then we move onto Hayden, Nicole's ex. Hayden tells us he and Nicole dated for about 18 months after BB so it was serious. Then they realized it wasn't going to work and parted ways but they are still friends. It is weird watching Nicole have another showmance. He doesn't suggest it in terms of winning BB, but do whatever makes you happy.

Finally we meet up with Boogie, who was on Frank's season. Playing with Frank on BB14 was so much fun. It was great having a friend in there and having so much fun that he also trusted. Not to be an armchair quarterback, but Frank is playing horribly! The biggest mistake Frank made was telling everyone he won the Roadkill competitions. Not necessary and makes him more of a target. We all have to acknowledge Frank is in a horrible position but he's a fighter, don't count him out. Each gives a shout-out to their "other."

Time for the live vote and eviction. Julie explains the Secret Destination twist and says after August 15, the tickets expire. The first envelope will be opened tonight after the vote.

First, final pleas.

Frank - Shout outs. Bridgette, it's been a pleasure. You're a class act and one of my favourite people. Don't change anything, you're amazing the way you are. Good luck in and out of the house. For the rest, the opposite applies in most cases. Don't take care, hope to never see you again. Sorry, not sorry. Julie, hope that dress looks as beautiful in person. See you in a few minutes.

Bridgette - I'm really thankful to be here, this is an amazing opportunity. Frank is my best friend, my ride or die. I'm lucky to know him and sad this is happening. I'd be thankful to stay. Thanks.

Da'Vonne votes to evict Frank
Paul votes to evict Frank
Paulie votes to evict Frank
Nicole votes to evict Frank
Victor votes to evict Frank
Michelle votes to evict Frank
Zakiyah votes to evict Frank
Corey votes to evict Frank
Natalie votes to evict Frank
By a unanimous vote, Frank is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Michelle says "See you in 5 minutes!" in case Frank has the round trip ticket.

Frank joins Julie to loud cheers in the studio while the HGs go watch Frank's picture turn B and W.

Julie asks why Frank didn't plea for their votes. Frank says that's how Boogie would've gone out back in the day, he didn't mean it - it was his sense of humor.

Julie has the envelope and tells Frank his fate is in there. They will reveal it in front of the entire house. Frank has a one way ticket and is headed home tonight. The HGs wish him goodbye.

Frank doesn't know what happened in the house, maybe it was Da'Vonne? Julie mentions that Frank couldn't keep much of a secret. He says he was born with a big mouth. Their big alliance early on got him - he trusted more than he should've. Julie brings up Bridgette. Frank is worried about her being constantly nominated. He did that road on season 14, it's not fun. He hopes there are a few people that have her back. He'll be watching from home for sure.

Goodbye messages.
James - There is only enough room in the BB house for one America's Favourite Player so he has to go. (Frank says he gave him that line yesterday)

Nicole - She had his back until he threw her name out there to Da'Vonne and after that it was game over. She hopes they can be friends.

Da'Vonne - Frank the Stank Tank. Tried hard to get her out, swung and missed. Have a good time where you're going and if we don't speak again, it won't make a difference. Bye.

Bridgette - The two of them vs the world. No regrets. I'll never be ashamed of being called your Cabbage Patch Kid. I will miss you.

Time for the HoH competition.

This competition is called Perfect Shot and here is how it works. Each HGs has a red ball and a yellow ball. The goal is to make the perfect shot by rolling your red ball up the creek towards the box at the other end. You may practice as many times as you would like with your yellow ball but you will only have chance to throw the red ball so make it count. Practice too little, you may not get that perfect shot. Practice too long and someone might beat you to it.

The first HGs to get a perfect shot with their red ball will be the new HoH. If you miss the perfect shot, your ball may land in one of 21 slots on the ground, numbered 1 through 21. If nobody makes the perfect shot, the winner will be the player with the highest score. If your ball falls out of play, your score will be zero. If there is a tie for highest score, the HGs who made that score first will be the new HoH. You should know, the four HGs with the lowest score will be the Have Not's for the week.

Julie starts the competition and James immediately starts cheering everyone on and shouting encouragements. Everyone begins practicing with their yellow ball, a look of determination on Bridgette's face as she ignores everyone.

Time to launch a whole new way that you at home can affect the game. It's called America's Care Package and it's how you can send one lucky HGs an advantage. Each week, a different care package will be in play. All you have to do is vote for which HGs you think should receive it. Please note, once an HGs receives one care package, they are not eligible to receive another. The first care package is a Never Not Pass - the HGs who gets this cannot be a Have-Not for the rest of the summer. Here's how to vote and see what's in future care packages: Max 20 online votes per day, votes will be accepted until July 29.

Tune in on Sunday to find out who wins HoH and who is nominated for eviction and who gets the first care package from America. On Wednesday the PoV is back up for grabs.

Live next Thursday another HGs will be evicted, but they might go back in the game if they have the round trip ticket.

From outside the Big Brother house, good night.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 18, S18E18, was written by BBLuver.
7:47PM BBT: We are on Jeff's Reels and we'll resume live feed coverage as soon as feeds return.

8:23PM BBT: The live feeds are back. Paul is HoH. He has the key around his neck. Zakiyah and Michelle hug each other in excitement in the bathroom area.

8:24PM BBT: Paul stands by the DR door. He says that he's excited to get a letter from his family.

In the living room , Da'Vonne tells Michelle that she was killing it. Michelle says that she is so happy. Da'Vonne says it's the best. Paulie stands by the storage room door and says that Paul is pumped, and he got so excited when he won.

Paul comes out of the DR. Michelle asks him if he's ready for people to butt kiss him? He says, yeah.

8:26PM BBT: Michelle says that the hour went by fast. Da'Vonne says they said 45 minutes, and then it was 10 minutes. We see Jeff's Reels briefly.

Nicole goes to the living room . Paul gets told to please put on his microphone. Da'Vonne and Nicole both say that they got a 19. Nicole gets told to please reattach her microphone. Michelle is laying on the couch complaining that her stomach hurts from holding in her pee.

Paul, Paulie, and Victor go to the storage room. Paul says he's scared for next week, after getting HoH this week. He says he needs a pawn next to a home girl.

Victor says he doesn't feel comfortable going up just because he was out of the house already. Paul says they will talk about it.

They all leave the storage room. Nicole says that she was embarrassed a couple times. She says she hit the post about 8 times.

8:31PM BBT: Nicole says that she can't believe that Frank is gone. She says he didn't look himself or happy when he was on stage with Julie.

Paul goes to the storage room and Da'Vonne follows him in there. She tells Paul that she doesn't want to talk about Frank. Paul says that he needs to stick to his plan. He tells Da'Vonne that he needs protection next week on the double eviction. (They haven't been told that there will be a double eviction.) They leave the storage room.

Michelle says that she said she votes to evict stank, she means Frank. Nicole says that he had to go, it's sad, but he had to. Michelle says that he's no longer terrorizing her friends. Nicole says that his strategy was bizarre. Nicole tells Zakiyah that she's about to get so skinny again. Zakiyah says that she is excited. Nicole says that she's sad she doesn't have her cuddle bug.

Corey, Victor, Bridgette, and Zakiyah all go to the storage room. Zakiyah asks Corey if he wants fried chicken? Bridgette tells Corey that she is going to put some walnuts in the rice. They all leave the storage room.

Nicole calls Corey's name as he walks by. Michelle says it was weird seeing themselves on TV. Michelle asks Nicole what her highest weight ever has been? Nicole says 118 when she got out of college. She says she was 104 lbs. when she went to the house. Nicole tells Paulie that she feels bad for Corey. Michelle says that Paulie is a Have-Not also.

8:36PM BBT: James tells Nicole and Michelle that they did a great job. Da'Vonne is washing dishes in the sink in the kitchen. Victor, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Natalie, Paul, and Corey are all in there also.

The Have-Nots are Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Natalie. The Have-Nots choose their bumper cars. 

8:39PM BBT: Zakiyah says that she doesn't mind being a Have Not. She just doesn't like the shower. We see Jeff's Reels briefly.

Natalie says that it is what it is. Zakiyah says she is excited to be a Have-Not again. Natalie says it's a force diet, and she lost two pounds the first time. She says that she's not going to eat bacon when she gets off being a Have-Not. Victor says he really doesn't eat bacon. Natalie says she hates bacon, and her mom yells at her when she says she hates food. She says she really doesn't like bacon.

8:43PM BBT: Paul says that he's excited to get his letter and see his pictures. He says he will cry with his letter. He says they will probably see a modeling picture of him without his beard. Paul goes to the DR to ask for something else. Natalie asks him to ask for false lashes for her. Paul comes out of the DR.

Natalie says that was a cool competition. Paul says that he isn't good at bowling, so he thought he was going to lose. Natalie says that she thought she was going to win it. Paul says that he thought her or Michelle were going to win. Corey says the red ball was a little slippery. Natalie says she got lucky to be a Have-Not this time. Paul says he got comfortable with the yellow ball, but was uncomfortable with the red one. Nicole mentions Rich, and we see Jeff's Reels briefly.

Paul says that he was going to say to get a high number to be safe if they couldn't make it to the 21. Natalie says that she wasn't expecting to get a high score. Paul says that more you try the more you get frustrated. He says that he didn't want to be a douche bag to tell them to throw their balls.

Nicole asks if that was a crap shoot competition? Paul and Paulie both say there was some skill to it. Paul says he pushed a little and then let go. James joins Natalie, Paulie, Victor, Paul, Corey, Nicole and Michelle in the living room .

8:51PM BBT: Natalie tells James that he speaks really well. James thanks her, and says that he can't seem to repeat what them tell him to say in the DR. We see Jeff's Reels briefly and then it switches to FotH briefly.

Paul says if they put a family portrait in his the HoH room they will all be shocked. He says they are a nice Christian Armenian family. Paul gets called to the DR.

Everyone in the living room gets excited. Paul says that was quick. Paulie says that he thought that Nicole was going to bump him out of being a Have-Not. Nicole says that she would have bumped him if he told her. He was hoping that someone would overshoot. He says he had a six. Nicole says they had a rule about the ball staying on the platform during the practice. She says that why she thinks they brought it up. We see FotH briefly.

Victor says he's going to sleep in the British bedroom. He says he's switching with Natalie and James. Natalie says it will be a slumber party in the Have-Not room every night. Nicole says that she was hoping for a Have-Not competition.

8:55PM BBT: Victor says he needs to move his pillow over to the British bedroom. James says it's a lot quieter in there. BB says, "HGs, this is a reminder, sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." James says, "Michelle." Michelle says that her eyes are open. We see FotH briefly.

Natalie asks if Tokyo is in Japan? She says that James is Korean. James says that he lived in Korea when he was a baby.

Victor and Natalie get into a conversation about North and South Korea. Victor says there is a lot of military at the border of North and South Korea. He says that you can't wave to anyone on the other side of the border.

Natalie says that she wants to go with James to South Korea to find his parents. Natalie asks him if he's ever looked on Facebook for them. He says that he has the adoption papers. Natalie says that he has the birth certificate. He says he would like to knock on their door. Victor tells him he may need to get someone to translate. James says he would like to be on another show that would pay for him to find them for him and pay for him to go. Natalie wants to go with him.

9:10PM BBT: Da'Vonne and Michelle talking. Da'Vonne says the glitter from the bathroom is everywhere. She is talking about how she has been involved in every Veto competition. Da'Vonne says you do not come to BB and not play.

9:15PM BBT: Victor and Bridgette having a discussion about getting medical degrees. James, Zakiyah and Natalie in the kitchen making food to eat.

9:20PM BBT: Natalie teasing Paulie that they have a Have-Not virgin. Paulie says he is happy to have a bed tonight and tomorrow night.

9:31PM BBT: Corey is cracking the HGs backs, Natalie's was really loud. Next up in Da'Vonne.

9:38PM BBT: The back cracking time has ended. They head back to the kitchen to make more food. Michelle is in bed but her eyes are open.

9:41PM BBT: Paulie and Corey whispering. Paulie saying something about Da'Vonne coming after them. James comes in. Difficult to hear Paulie. He keeps saying "she"

9:45PM BBT: Paulie is suggesting that Da'Vonne go up against Bridgette. James says if he (Paul) will agree to it.

9:49PM BBT: Paulie says they had to get rid of Frank before he got rid of them. Corey says he would have be good to work with but he blew it.

9:53PM BBT: Paul wants Bridgette out. He says he promised James. Paulie wants Da'Vonne out.

12:09 AM BBT Paul gets called to the DR. Seven minutes later Paul comes out of the DR. He says, "Who wants to see my friendship HOH room?" He tells everyone to wake up & go upstairs. Everyone follows him up the stairs. He puts the key in the door lock, and the HoH room opens the first time he tries to open the door. All the girls are saying how cute he is when he was 15 years old.

Paul's HoH Letter:

Hi son! We all miss you & are very proud of you. The house is so quiet without you. Hades, King & Olive are great, they just miss their owner. I'm sure you're concerned with the heat & the dogs. They are being taken care of so do not worry. Hades is crazy, he's jumping even higher now. I swear that dog thinks he's a kangaroo. Anastasia & I are taking care of everything back home. Savon sends you love, she is coming back next month. She is my entertainment throughout this journey, & as for us, never thought we could miss you this much. I miss hearing, "I love you mom." Can't believe it's been so long since you have been gone. You are probably going, yeah, I'm free from mom's claws. Nat says, love you, go all the way because the house feels so much quieter without you. She is good. Back to her nerd mode, getting ready for her exam. Grandma & grandpa miss you & send you their love. Enjoy & remember our advice. It's tattooed on your chest, LOL. I do my daily morning walk into your room with, "Good morning son & have a good day," & at night it's, "Good night son & love you." And of course my advice, wear your underwear & no humping. Kisses, love you, Mom & Dad

Today's updates were written by Cassondra0222, Kekila, Kitten_200, and Wakela.
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