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Tuesday, August 23, 2016 HoH Camera Day
9:00AM BBT: ALL the HGs are still sleeping.

9:31AM BBT: We now have FotH as BB may be waking up the HGs.

9:47AM BBT: The feeds are back on with the lights on in the house, and all HGs are still in bed sleeping.

9:56AM BBT: BB calls Natalie to the DR. She gets up grabs her mic and heads downstairs.

10:10AM BBT: Natalie is out of the DR and goes back to bed, all other HGs still sleeping.

10:17AM BBT: James was called to the DR and now comes out of the DR and heads back to bed in the Have-Not room. we then get FotH.

10:19AM BBT: The feeds are back with all the HGs in bed. James has covered his head with a blanket and gone back to sleep.

10:20AM BBT: We have brief FotH and Natalie and Michelle are up in their robes heading downstairs.

10:23AM BBT: Michelle is in the kitchen at the table doing her makeup, Natalie in the bathroom area getting ready for a shower. All the other HGs are still sleeping.

10:52AM BBT: Natalie is out of the shower, dressed doing her hair and makeup now. Michelle in DR as all other HGs are still sleeping.

11:02AM BBT: Natalie is in the backyard sitting on the couch doing her makeup. BB says, "HGs, this is a lockdown please go inside and close the sliding glass door." Natalie picks up her makeup and heads inside.

11:25AM BBT: Natalie still is doing makeup at the kitchen table while the other HGs are still in bed sleeping.

11:36AM BBT: Michelle is out of the DR and her and Natalie are sitting in the kitchen talking about James being tired, falling asleep, and then laughing. They both get up and Michelle goes to the bathroom area to fix her hair.

11:39AM BBT: Natalie goes up to the HoH room and says wow a laptop. A real laptop as she goes in to do her blog. Michelle still in the bathroom area doing her hair and all the other HGs are still sleeping.

2:02PM BBT: HGs in kitchen eating and chatting. Natalie says that she keeps getting asked if she and James would be getting married or dating outside of the house. She says she tells them they will see. Natalie and Michelle start talking about what they have gained in the house. Natalie thinks it is between 10-15 pounds.

2:18PM BBT: Michelle comes out of the DR and tells the HGs that BB asked her if she cries this much at home. They all laugh. She says she is heading back to sleep.

2:29PM BBT: All four cameras on Michelle and Natalie sleeping.

2:51PM BBT: Nicole, Corey and Victor discuss alcoholic drinks in the kitchen. Natalie is asleep in the HoH.

3:13PM BBT: James and Victor are talking about open casting calls and we get FotH

3:29PM BBT: Nicole and Corey are talking in the kitchen. Nicole is worried that calling Paul a manipulator may cost her getting a job when she gets home. Corey tells her she is fine.

In the Safari room, Victor and James trying to clean up the baked chips that Michelle has dropped all over the seats and floor.

3:34PM BBT: Nicole and Corey decide to clean the Tokyo room. They have plastic bags to throw the trash out. It is all over the floor.

3:42PM BBT: Victor is sweeping the living room. Nicole and Corey discuss Nicole's job and how she doesn't find most things gross since she deals with a lot.

3:49PM BBT: Nicole and Corey continue to clean the room, making piles of dirty clothes, sweeping and throwing away trash while James is ironing his shirt in the storage room.

4:06PM BBT: Nicole talking to James. About Victor leaving. Nicole says she thinks she slipped. James says it is better for everyone's game. They talk about Paul feeling defeated. Nicole says that Paul is acting so different. They talk about how they can not back door Paul next week.


Aimee on FB says:

Feeds have been a snooze fest last couple days but caught the HG cleaning this afternoon and thought it would be amusing to rank them according to their domestic habits in the #BigBrother house.

#1 Nat/Vic/Bridgette receive the white glove rating. Drill Sgt approved.

Natalie/Victor/Bridgette clean! Actually clean all the time. *this is the first week I haven't seen Nat clean like a mad woman-she gets a temporary pass between the injured neck and HOH status.

#2 James/Da'Vonne get the 'Bachelor' rating- better than a frat boy but not military white glove service.

Da'/James hover in the middle. They actively clean up after themselves (and often Natalie) always collecting dishes/cups, trash, sweeping/vacuuming own space and some common areas. These two regularly pick up after themselves and keep things in general order but don't rub your hand over the shelves of their entertainment centers there's dust from 2014.

#3 Nicorey get the 'hide it under the bed no one will notice' rating. These two have the "I will get it later mentality."

Corey/Nicole total amateurs who clean like an 8 year old! Seriously! Once a week when mom/dad tell them to they do actually pick up (cannot really define what they do as cleaning) it's 5 min of cleaning and 55 min of how did things get so dirty. Come on Corey! You don't mop in front of you and walk through it as you move forward! And...would it kill you to actually move the shoes? LOL

#4 Meech/Paul/Paulie/Z get litter box rating because they're like animals.

Meech/Paul/Paulie/Z-complete selfish, lazy, slobs who are all perfectly satisfied living in filth. Clearly the types that expect mommy to do everything for them.

4:20PM BBT: The camera is on the Tokyo room. It is now very clean. It switches to the HoH which is a mess. In the kitchen Corey, Nicole and Victor talk about cleaning at home and how they like a clean home.

7:00PM BBT: Nicole and Corey are lying in bed in the Tokyo bedroom studying the days in the house.

Victor and Paul are chilling in the Safari Room. Victor asks Paul if James knows? Paul says, no, let him find out on his own. Victor says if she (referring to Natalie) is using him it's a good strategy. Paul says she is bro, she's always hot and cold with him, she lures him in, she makes him do what she wants.

Victor says Natalie is a shithead and she had the power this week. Paul agrees with him. Victor says that's what's dangerous about bringing floaters to the end. He says she is not a main target. Paul says he wouldn't mind if she was out. Victor says floaters don't really win anything that's why you want to keep them around, but if they win the show you ask yourself why you let that happen.

Paul tells Victor if he's still there next week they will put Natalie and James on the block and one of them will go. He says that will bring Nicole and Corey closer to them. Victor says they will have Michelle also. Paul says if he leaves he's boned and he will have to get closer to Nicole and Corey.

Paul says hopefully one of them get the Care Package. Victor says they need to get James out and tear apart the couple next week. He says they would have the power.

Victor tells Paul he's set up for a good week next week, especially if he can get Corey and Nicole to work with him. He says she can say that she's working with him, but she can be whispering everything back to James. Paul is hoping to get that Care Package.

7:09PM BBT: Victor says it would be crazy if he leaves, there is a jury buy-back and he comes back through those doors. Paul says there may be a reset week. He says he doesn't think that they would let anyone else come back since they already had a chance to do it once.

Paul says he's not working with James and Natalie anymore. Victor says they are to sketch. He says he doesn't make people feel sketeched out when he works with them. He says he was working with Paulie up to the end when he F'd him. He says you should never make people feel like that when you work with them. Victor says they expect the same from other people that they expect from each other. He says they aren't going to get that anywhere else.

Victor says Michelle asked him if Paul would choose him for Final two and Natalie told her he would. Paul says that's probably why they want one of them out though. Victor says they haven't given them any reason to go after them.

7:12PM BBT: Paul says, Oh Michelle. Victor tells Paul that he could end up with James in the Final Two, and that could give him problems. He says that he hasn't even been on the block yet this season. Victor says he doesn't see a problem with Paul winning against any of the other HGs in the Final Two. Paul says winning three weeks in a row would be tough. Victor says he could be backdoored also.

Victor says that Natalie is really pissed at Corey for that comment. Paul says Michelle is an idiot because people don't tell her anything and she's on the outs. He says she needs to keep digging to get information. Victor says that Natalie knows how much Michelle likes him and Natalie has a soft spot for him. He says they may vote him out, but it won't be easy for them to do it.

Paul tells Victor he needs to have a conversation with them. He says he doesn't want to keep having that conversation because he's had it so many times. He says they may already be swayed to vote Corey out. He says he won't hit himself in the head for not having more conversations because he has been talking to them. He says he may talk to them tomorrow.

Paul tells Victor he needs to talk to them all together, that way they can't tell him different things. Victor says that he wants to chill hard after the wrap party. He says he may pass out from it being a long day. Victor says if his cell phone doesn't have a charge he's going to punch someone out. Paul says they will charge it for them.

They both say they have the iPhone 6. Paul wants to get the iPhone seven when it comes out, but he wants the bigger size. Paul tells Victor that he may get America's Favorite Player because of the Battle<Back competition.

Victor says he's not an outlandish character. Paul says that Donny and James weren't outlandish characters. Victor thinks every Spanish person in the world would vote for him. Paul says if he gets the care package next week that would be cool. He says if Victor is still there that would be awesome. BB tells Paul to please move his microphone lower. Victor wonders what America wanted Michelle to do with her care package. Paul says, probably not that. Paul asks who's yelling? Victor says he doesn't know.

7:23PM BBT: Paul says that if Victor stays next week they need to draw a line in the sand and go to opposite sides for their protection. He says that they need to win Vetoes.

Victor says that Michelle was going to put Nicole up, but then all of a sudden she put Corey up. Paul says that Natalie said it was Michelle's HoH so she was going to stay out of it, but yet Natalie told her to put them up. Victor says they were CO-HoH's. Paul says if Michelle was smart she would have put James up. He says it would have been smart for her own game. Victor says she doesn't think like that and she was trying to cover her own ass. He says it doesn't make sense because she had the power.

7:27PM BBT: Paul tells Victor he will be right back. He leaves the Safari Room to throw his trash away.

In the kitchen, Nicole says BB gave James more cheesecake. Victor says he could hear music playing. BB says, "Victor, stop that." Corey, Nicole and Paul are all getting ready to eat ice cream. Nicole gets on Corey's case. She asks him if he is even going to wait for her to make her ice cream this time, or is he going to devour it before she has a chance to make her bowl?

Natalie and Michelle are both napping in the HoH room.

7:32PM BBT: Victor is in the kitchen now also. He tells Nicole and Corey that their ice cream is going to taste amazing. Nicole says, "Of course." Corey tells her to hurry up. She says she still needs chocolate syrup on hers. Paul leaves the kitchen area eating a small pint of ice cream.

Victor is whistling, standing by the kitchen table watching Corey and Nicole. Corey asks Nicole if they are digging in yet? Nicole says if she asks Corey to go out to eat Corey would be done eating before she even gets her food. Corey says he tells his servers to bring his food out when it's done. Nicole asks if he waits for the other person? He says, no.

James goes to the kitchen. Nicole asks him if he had a good nap? He says it was OK He says he's bored and he wants to sit on the back of his truck and shoot a shotgun.

James says he wants to go to Texas Roadhouse and eat some rolls. Nicole asks if Texas Roadhouse is in Corey's state? Victor says they are all over, they are a franchise. Nicole says she didn't know that. James says he wants to see Independence Day. Victor talks about different movie theaters.

7:38PM BBT: Nicole tells the guys that the movie theater where she lives is small. Victor asks how someone will get a hand job? She says they won't get it there. Nicole says she loves older movie theaters. She says the big popcorn is like $6.00 for a huge one and tickets are $7.00 max. Paul says movie tickets there are $15.00 and popcorn is $15.00 - $20.00.

Corey says to go to dinner and a movie is over $100.00 easy. Victor says if you have alcohol it's even more. Nicole says she has always paid her portion of the dates she goes on. She says she went out with a college guy and Hayden. She says she paid for everything with her college boyfriend. She says her brother doesn't let his girlfriend pay for anything.

Victor says he went on a lunch date and he left his wallet at home because the girl said she was going to pay. He says her card was in his wallet, because they were out together the night before. He says he called his buddy and brought it to him because they waited almost 1 hour. He says she had to take out cash, left a decent tip and they left well after the place closed.

Corey says his best friend Morgan went on 30 Tinder dates in 30 days. Victor says that's bullshit, she never paid for anything. Corey says she said it was exhausting. Corey says she's on Bumble also. He says she is a blogger. Corey says that Grouper is another dating site. He says you can swipe right or left on people, but you see some of their profile. He says you are on their with two other people. He says if you want to go on a date you pay $10.00 and meet on the date and time they give you. He says it's like a blind date and you get your first drinks free.

Victor says you can pretend you're not the person she's waiting for. Corey says that has happened. He says it's always on Thursday nights. He says he saves some people on their dates when they need help to get out of the dates.

Victor talks about an episode of The Office where Michael pretended not to be himself, and the bartender gives him his coffee and calls him Michael. Nicole says she would go on a blind date before she would go on a Tinder date. Paul can't believe that because you learn everything about a person on Tinder.

7:49PM BBT: Paul says he knows someone that swiped left on a guy on Tinder and he was behind her on the Metro and called her out on it. He says that every Pepperdine girl is on Bumble. Victor says it's a classy Tinder. Paul says he hates Bumble. Victor says that the faces are all blown up. Paul says they have to Instasize the pictures to make them right.

Victor asks James if he uses a dating app? James says no. Corey says that he matched with a girl on Bumble. He says he went to meet her and ran into another girl he had matched with that was there also. He says they were best friends and roommates. Paul says that happens sometimes. Corey says he talked his way out of staying there to go get his friend Charlie. He says he got a message calling him a motherfucker. He says since he matched with both of them he bailed. He says she freaked out on him hard. He says his friend Dylan wanted to stay there, but he wanted to leave.

7:54PM BBT: Victor says that he has a whistle that he does for a signal with his friends when he wants to bail.

Paul talks about a Tinder date he had before the show. He says that the girl really didn't want to go and meet a stranger. Nicole asks if you can talk on Tinder? Paul says it has a chat. Paul says they did end up meeting for coffee.

Corey asks Paul if he has an emoji he uses? Paul says upside down smiley face. Nicole asks Corey what his is? He tells her it's none of her business. Paul says that he always gets asked if he's a real person. He wonders what is going on with his Tinder while he's in there. Corey says they will give you a VIB on Bumble. Paul says that's pristine girls. Nicole asks Corey if he has one? He says yes. Nicole says she's going to vomit and she leaves the kitchen.

7:58PM BBT: Paul says there is an app for people that have been on TV shows or is in bands and other things like that. He says they have to have a lot of followers.

Paul gets called to the DR. Michelle goes to the kitchen and tells everyone they are so loud. Corey goes in the Tokyo bedroom trying to talk to Nicole, but she's not having it right now and doesn't want to be bothered.

8:00PM BBT: James tells Michelle that he took his sweater back from Michelle. Michelle tells Victor she is eating and going back to bed since there's nothing else to do.

Nicole is giving Corey grief over his VIB status on the dating app. James says you get to meet chicks. Michelle says it's clean and James tells her it's called productivity.

James asks Corey how to get the VIB? He says he got an e-mail. He says some girls in Dallas made the Bumble app. Corey says he swipes right on everyone. Nicole says he's probably always getting matches. Corey says don't hate the player hate the game.

Victor juggles fake oranges in the kitchen area by the back sliding door.

James asks Nicole how all this makes her feel? Nicole says, terrible. Corey says his roommates are on their Bumble all the time and they go on his. He says they even get on his. James asks Corey if he's on Tinder? He says, no. Nicole tells Corey to do whatever he has to.

Nicole says there is no way to have Tinder at this point in her life, plus she lives in a small city. Corey says it's a great way to meet people. He says he uses Bumble for networking also. Corey says if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you should not be on it at all. Nicole says a lot of people out there probably have it. She says Mariah has Tinder. She says she would like to see who's all on it from her town.

Paul goes to the Tokyo bedroom. He says Instagram is a big thing these days.

8:10PM BBT: Natalie goes to the kitchen. She asks Michelle what time it is? Michelle tells her it's 8:00PM BBT:.

James hides in bed with Corey and Nicole when Natalie goes to the British bedroom. He goes to the Have-Not room after she goes in there. Nicole says she has a bad taste for Tinder after someone she liked told her a bad story about Tinder. Corey wants to know the story.

In the kitchen, Michelle asks what he and Paul talked about today? He tells her, everything. He joins the other HGs in the Tokyo bedroom.

Corey and Nicole are chilling in their bed. Paul is sitting on the Princess bed, and Victor is lying down on the day bed.

Nicole says she would get a Tinder if she didn't have to post a profile picture. Paul talks about his Instagram.

Michelle is making herself a salad in the kitchen. She drenched it in ranch salad dressing and tosses it with her hands. She adds spinach to it and dumps almost a half of container of parmesan cheese into her bowl. She takes some of the cheese out of the bowl and throws it away. She uses a plate to cover her bowl and then mixes everything up. She pours part of the salad on a plate, mixes the rest, puts some more back in the bowl to mix it and then adds the rest back to the bowl. She has the refrigerator wide open while she is doing all this, and now she is washing the plates she used with a green and yellow sponge in the kitchen sink.

8:18PM BBT: Michelle puts the parmesan cheese away and closes the refrigerator. She is walking around the kitchen and chomping her salad. She leaves the kitchen to find out where everyone is.

Natalie is eavesdropping on the Tokyo bedroom conversation. Corey tells Nicole that he would go up to her and tell her to swipe right that she's cute. Nicole gets upset.

Natalie goes to the Have-Not room to look for James. She tells everyone he's sleeping in there like he's in a cocoon. Nicole tells her that she should wake him up since he's been sleeping so much today. Michelle sits down at the dining room table by herself to eat her salad.

Nicole runs into the British bedroom. Natalie is looking at the cheesecake. She says is has 570 calories per serving so there is like a million calories in it.

Victor goes in the dining room and sits at the table with Michelle. He asks her how her salad is? She says it's OK

8:26PM BBT: Nicole goes into the kitchen and dining room area she is screaming at Natalie and Michelle for locking the HoH room door and leaving her with the boys all day. Michelle says they can go upstairs in a little while. She says she heard her laughing with them.

Nicole is going to take a shower in the HoH room shower. Natalie says she's learned so much about guys because she's never lived with a guy before. Michelle can't believe that Natalie's boyfriends have never acted like this in front of her. She says they never would do that. Victor says they should be able to act like themselves in front of her. She says clearly that's why she is single. She says technically in the Big Brother house she's not single. Victor says he's a shit-not this week.

Natalie is making herself a wrap to eat. Michelle says that a spoon smells like dead animal butt.

Michelle looks at the box from a pie to see the Nutrition Label. Michelle says it says for food safety and quality do not microwave. Victor is putting away dishes. Natalie is eating at the kitchen table. Victor asks Natalie if she's done using the toaster oven? She says, yeah, is it not off? Victor turns it off. She says she can swear she turns it off, but she guesses she doesn't. She says she needs to start cooking meals like she used to.

Natalie adds mayonnaise to her wrap. Victor says it's better than what else she could have eaten. Natalie says, like pizza. Victor says he ate two bowls of slop and pie today. Michelle reads the ingredients from the pie box. She tells Victor he should have asked for a peanut butter pie. Michelle says that the pie crust says it's made from scratch and that's all that matters. Victor says he read the whole box since they don't have reading material. He says he took the aloe to the bathroom with him to read it earlier.

Michelle is pouring herself some cereal. She is complaining that someone ate all of the strawberries out of the box. Michelle says she just opened the box today and now it's almost all gone. She is chomping as she eats her cereal. She hounds it down and she is now drinking the milk out of the bowl. You can hear her swallowing. He tells Michelle to eat slower when she eats so she doesn't eat so much. She throws the rest of the cereal in the trash because there are no strawberries left.

Victor says he likes Life cereal. Michelle says there is some stupid kid on the box every other week. Michelle says she feels so full. She calls herself a ham planet and leaves the kitchen.

Natalie says she didn't know the HoH room was locked. Victor tells her that James and Nicole both tried to go up there. He says they are the only HoH's that lock the room. Natalie says they just like to sleep. She says she enjoys sleeping so much.

Victor says he gets to sleep in a normal bed Friday at midnight. Natalie says it's the best feeling when you come off being a Have-Not and you get to eat again. Natalie says that America felt sorry for her. Natalie says she got saved from two Have-Nots. Victor says Corey has been a Have-Not three times. Natalie says she would have also. Natalie says that Paulie was always taunting her for having a Never-Not pass and telling her she should go on the block. Victor says she didn't have to worry about it and it didn't happen because they got him out. Natalie says that was the best day ever.

Victor is wondering what this week's competition is since they got locked in today around 11AM BBT . He says it's going to be really big.

8:39PM BBT: Michelle goes back to the kitchen. He tells Natalie that James finally found his sweatshirt that was in her suitcase after 70 days. She says that was the ongoing prank of the summer.

BB tells Michelle to please put on her microphone. She says this is why she doesn't like being awake. She goes to get her microphone and put it on. Victor tells Natalie that Google started off as a project. Michelle says she hates Bing. Natalie says that no one actually goes to Bing. Victor says Bing is Windows version of Google. Natalie says if Bing comes up she puts in to go to Google. Victor says Google has a crazy algorithm to get the best search results first.

Natalie asks if you can pay for your website to pop-up first. Victor says the search results that come up are the most searched. He says they have the ones on top that are sponsored. He says you have to pay Google to put those up there and every time someone clicks on it, you have to pay Google. He says he doesn't know if you can pay to have your stuff come up first on the normal searches.

Victor says if you type You, YouTube should come up first. Victor says that YouTube is owned by Google. Michelle says they deleted her You-Tube because it was connected to her Google account. She says she had over 50,000 views on a video of her putting on her makeup. Natalie says that's a lot of views. Michelle says she was 17 or 18 and didn't know how to put on makeup. She says there was music and her putting on make-up in fast forward. Natalie asks how long it took her to get the 50,000 views? She says over 1 - two years.

Victor says he has like 6 million views. Michelle says she can't access it. She says she made it private so she can't access it. She says she has like 200 Subscribers on her YouTube now. She says one video of her coloring her hair has 30,000 views on it. Natalie says that's a lot of views. She says she's a BB star and a YouTube star.

Michelle says Frankie said he was a Social Media Mogul on his season. Natalie says that Frankie told everyone that Ariana Grande was his sister. Victor says he was playing on BB for a charity. Paul comes out of the DR and goes to the kitchen.

8:48PM BBT: Natalie asks what place Frankie finished in? Michelle says 5th or 6th. Natalie says that she and Victor can't really speak English that much because their parents don't speak English well. Natalie says she has someone with the last name Meyer in her family. We see FotH briefly.

Natalie says she chose her full name. Natalie says that everyone will see her Social Media when they leave the house. Michelle says she has about 1,000 followers on Instagram. Paul says he has 60,000 followers. Victor says he has 430 something followers when he left. Michelle says you don't know how many you have after it hits 1,000 because it goes to 1.1K. Natalie says if they see her Twitter it's so corny. She says it's literally about positivity. She says it's been this way since like 2012. She says she is such a corny human. She says she had like two followers. She says it's Natalie Mercedez Nagrotti. Victor says it's a long ass name. He says he's going to hand her his phone to type in the information.

\Michelle says she would Tweet observations throughout the day or back-handed comments on how she hates her ex. She says it was stupid stuff that she notices.

8:54PM BBT: Michelle says she Tweets a lot about Big Brother. She says she didn't Tweet a lot about BB17. Natalie says she will have a lot to Tweet about this season. She says she will Tweet how she broke up the five-guy alliance. Victor says they blew it up themselves. Michelle says she will let Twitter think otherwise. (They already know that truth.)

In the Tokyo bedroom, Paul says the only reason that Paulie said he was Cody's brother is because it was going to come out. Paul says that's not even that big of a deal. Corey says, freaking Tiffany. Corey thinks that Vanessa and Tiffany are twins. Paul says, they are not twins, they are just sisters. He says that Vanessa is the number two poker player in the world.

Paul asks Corey what he thinks they are doing in the jury house? Corey asks Paul is he told him that Tiffany is gay? Paul says she is bi. We see FotH.

8:59PM BBT: Corey and Paul are laughing when live feeds come back. Paul says he will guarantee he will probably be on the block from here on out so it literally doesn't matter. Corey says that Paulie has been on the block twice. Paul says Michelle was on the block twice. Natalie has been up once. Nicole and James have not been on the block. Paul says Victor was evicted. Corey says this is his second time. Corey says he and Paul have been on the block the most out of everyone in the house.

By Kitten_200 & Granny0214

9:00-10:00PM BBT: Natalie locks herself out of the HoH room and feels bad she did. She then talks about winning the Have-Not pass and how Paulie was upset over it. Victor tells her not to worry about it that Paulie is gone now.

Victor is wondering what competition they will play this week as they got locked down early this week and they are doing a lot of building out there.

Corey and Paul are talking about being in the house this long and how they get more air time for staying this long. They then talk about who has been on the block and who hasn't. they figure out that Nicole and James have never been on the block. Paul says, "I will be on the block as long as I stay in this house now."

Michelle, Natalie, and James talk about Frankie and how he does a lot of YouTube videos and Michelle says she did a few too.

James and Natalie are playing around as Paul watched and Natalie tries kicking him and he grabs her foot. She says that hurt and James says that is how you block a kick so Natalie gets lotion on her hands and slaps it on James' shoulder then runs to the HoH room. James says if she wants lotion she has it and heads to the HoH room.

The door is locked and James uses a card and gets the door unlocked then Natalie runs screaming. Paul and Nicole can not believe he unlocked the door.

The guys head downstairs and Natalie and Nicole say they are going to do a prank war.

Natalie asks James if he is the saboteur this year and he says he does not know what she is talking about. She says tell me the truth and he says even if I was I can not tell you but I'm not saying I'm and I'm not saying I am not.

Natalie and Nicole talk about James being the saboteur because they try to prank James and gets told to stop by BB and James pulls pranks and BB never tells him to stop.

Corey is in the shower and Victor hides Paul's shoe in the kitchen and Paul says if it is in the freezer he is killing them all as he looks for his show. Nicole is trying to prank Corey in the shower and he gets shampoo and soap all over her glasses. James then gets in on the pranks and they throw flour and baby powder all over Corey while he is in the shower, James gets ice water and throws on Corey then more flour.

10:00-11:00PM BBT: James and Nicole continue throwing flour on Corey while he showers and Corey putting shampoo on Nicole and James as they all laugh and yell.

Natalie, Victor, and Paul are sitting watching and laugh. Nicole then comes in with coffee grounds and throws it on Corey in the shower.

Michelle is in the HoH room in bed. Natalie goes to the HoH room and Michelle talks to her about next week and says the best thing that could happen would be James win HoH and either Paul, Corey or Nicole leaves next week. Natalie just agreeing with her.

Michelle then talks about Paul and how he does not deserve the money this season. Michelle and Natalie then talk about how Paul thinks he is running this house. Michelle says, "That's why I put Corey on the block so Paul would think he is controlling me but he isn't."

Downstairs, Paul hides behind the luggage and jumps out and scares James.

Just general talk around the house now about evicted HGs lives and how they gut the BB house after the show.

11:00-12:00AM BBT: James and Natalie in the HoH room talking to Michelle and they say how Paul is kind of down because he knows that Victor is going to jury this week. James says that once Victor is gone Paul will team up with Nicole and Corey.

In the bedroom, Corey and Paul talking and Paul says tomorrow there will be news leaked out so there is still hope for this week.

In the HoH room, Michelle tells James he has to win HoH this week. Michelle is worried about what Paul will tell Nicole and Corey about her and James says to her not to worry about that. Natalie then tells James if he wins the Veto she will win the veto.

Talk continues about the HoH competition and Michelle says if James does not win it then Nicole needs to win it and Corey get the Care Package and send Paul home. Natalie says if Paul wins the veto then one of them goes up and they go home. They then start trying to figure out what the HoH competition might be.

12:05AM BBT: We see on Feeds 3/4 Nicole laying on top of Corey. Natalie, James and Michelle in HoH room. Michelle whining about Paul being mad at her about the yelling match and HIM touching her clothes. BB: "Michelle, please go to the diary room." Michelle laying in HoH bed ignoring BB wanting to know what part of Leave my clothes alone did Paul not understand after Paul left them on the ground,

Michelle heads to DR. Nicole asking Corey if she is too heavy, Corey says no, it does not affect his breathing. Now discussing favorite animals. Corey says Monkeys are cute. Nicole says they are so loving, but Corey adds that hairy little kids are cute also.

12:13AM BBT: Nicole keeps bugging Corey about being close to his neck and if he worries about it. Whining and asking him what he wants to talk about. She is still kind of laying on top of him, off to one side. The make out session continues. Nicole asks Corey if he wants her, he says yes he wants her, they are interrupted as Victor walks through the room. Now we are back to a "seriously", "really" Corey Nicole conversation.

Meanwhile, in HoH room, James is talking about stabbing people in the back while Natalie is chewing on a piece of jerky. Natalie brings up Day34 and the cuddling question between Nicole and James. She tells James about how upset she was cause he was flirting with Nicole and that he made her feel like shit. Everyone knew what was happening.... then she says "whatever" but continues to harp on what everyone else knew, she says I look forward to outside the house, but I won't forget how I felt. Natalie asks "why did you do that?" Did you think I was hurting you? (she just won't let it go and she still does not understand how close James and Nicole are outside of the house as friends).

Now NiCorey are back to cuddling. Nicole is playing with Corey's hair. We hear a door open and close but no one else appears on screen.

James tells Natalie that she has to stop dwelling in the past. James says my feelings do count and when you start pulling away, I figured you just did not want to spend that much time with me.

12:23AM BBT: Natalie says if she hangs out with James all the time, but she wants to experience the full game. James says Natalie, you run hot and cold. you do not tell me when you get mad Natalie, so what am I suppose to do. Natalie replies that she does not confrontations. James says you need to come to me and discuss when I hurt your feelings, James says I'm not saying you are perfect in reply to the statement that Natalie made about not being perfect. Natalie says, "James, I told you I'm going to be cautious and protect my heart." James replies, "You get upset when I don't hang out with you but then you keep saying you want to have freedom too. " Michelle told Natalie that James was not being truthful. Natalie says Michelle worries about me. (I did not get everything said).

12:30AM BBT: Victor and Michelle return to the HoH and interrupt Natalie and James' chat.

12:31AM BBT: Victor sprawls out on the couch, Michelle sits in the chair with her HoH robe on backwards. James and Natalie are still trying to have a one on one conversation. Kind of hard to hear everything cause Michelle and Victor seem to be dominating chat.


12:33AM BBT: First plan took care of as a group was Frank, then Da'Vonne. Michelle says that Paul knew about Da'Vonne, Victor says that Paul was not lying about Da'Vonne since HE wanted Bridgette out. Michelle rehashing the BS that Paul told her about not knowing about Da'Vonne leaving. Natalie says there was once that all of the guys in the hot-tub, standing up or sitting... all talk stops. Natalie says they all dispersed, James says it was done in fun. James said at that time we guys were running the house so it did not matter.

Chat turns to nonextradition countries, Brazil is one of them. Victor explains what it means to Michelle. James and Victor start talking about bounty hunters. Now the chat goes to Snowden. Victor says he is in an Embassy, Michelle says he is an American Hero, because of the information he leaked to Wiki Leaks. Russia claimed that Snowden being in the Airport was not the same as being in Russia, he is now in South America at an embassy there and safe from exportation.

12:45AM BBT: Now talk turns to the US prison systems and how most of the inmates do not even know how to read. Victor talks about the most jailed and private prisons. Victor talks about how private jails might cut corners to make more private. Victor claims that some have even gone as far as to bribe judges so that a certain jail will be full all the time, just to make more money. They all agree that private jail system is not good.

12:47AM BBT: FotH

12:59AM BBT: Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen. Corey is eating and talking to Nicole about the upcoming competition he is asking her questions and she is messing with her hair.

Natalie is messing with Michelle's nails. James is explaining the "checking in" tank and how much he hated it. Michelle says she does not want to ever have to go through "booty check" that James just explained. James telling them about stuff that happens in the cells and things inmates do get out of their cell. James tells about an inmate that took a razor blade and cut his ball sac just to be able to get out of jail, and go see some pretty faces at the hospital ER. Michelle asks why would someone cut their balls out of the sac, she says that would hurt, right?

Corey is talking to America about Nicole needs to win a competition and Nicole calls him an AHole


1:08AM BBT: James telling Natalie, Meech, and Victor about the fight he broke up because one inmate owed the other one a biscuit.

Corey talking in the kitchen about how Nicole is a floater. They are sitting in the kitchen at the bar table munching on food.

Natalie talks about kids she worked with and said she had one kid that just did not care, James says you get people in prison like that also.
Natalie said this kid had a beautiful voice bust was so angry with the world. Natalie and James said a lot of people know only one way to get attention, do something wrong, you get attention.

1:15AM BBT: chat in HoH still about people not getting a fair chance.

1:57AM BBT: Nicole and Corey are still chatting.. in bed. James and Natalie talking bout charity work and one that Natalie was to form one for children. Natalie and James cuddling on the bed, Meech is in the bathroom area. BB warns Meech to stop singing. (sounds like she is singing in the shower) Natalie tells James to keep his hair long. Meech makes a comment to James about "you were a jailer". Meech asks him if he was fair, James says yes, I was fair, if I did for one I did for all, no favorites. Natalie says she has a secret, She has a twin, James says he has a secret, he is really tall, Meech says her secret is she is only 21. James says he thought Meech was related to Christine. Natalie says, Christine? yeah the one who messed with Cody, James and Natalie say it at the same time.

Meech climbs into bed, BB: Michelle please do not obstruct your mic! They ask James why he is crying, he says he is sad and the slop is getting to him. Meech says no crying, Natalie says you are not allowed to be sad. Meech and Natalie start tickling James, he says he is going to pass out. HE is laughing so hard. James wraps himself in the comforter, Meech reaches out and yanks on it and James flies across the bed. Meech and Natalie are now "picking" on James. James is on the HoH bed laying between Meech and Natalie. The girls are having fun teasing him.

2:04AM BBT: Chat turns to Paul and his lies. Nicole and Corey are talking, Nicole says Corey is a jerk, she says he keeps changing his story about bar hopping. They are doing out of house scenarios

2:06AM BBT: Victor reenters the HoH room to find the girls going after James again. Tickle-fest. (they were watching Victor on TV Cam)

2:16AM BBT: Nicorey are still discussing stuff that "might" happen in the future. She is questioning him about not telling her stuff and he is saying that they don't live together. This is all conversation on "what if" outside of the house.

2:18AM BBT: Victor, Meech, and Natalie discussing the interesting days of the week. Tomorrow will be a slow ass day like today. They have been on inside lockdown since 11AM BBT: yesterday morning. Meech sys she has known every single time about the nominations and votes except for Bridgette.

2:20AM BBT: Nicorey still talking about "what if" (this conversation keeps rinse and repeat of stuff they already said) Nicole says she won't play games. If you have plans but don't tell me, I will make plans, you don't call me two hours before you want to go out with me, you make plans in advance, not last minute. (again rehash of what they have already said)

2:24AM BBT: Victor talk about "sucking your way to the top" he says "S ing D".

Talk to turns to Paulie and Zakiyah, probably SD in Jury house. they hash over what Paulie said about what Zakiyah did to him. Meech wants details and seems to be enjoying the conversation. Telling how Paulie motioned to his privates and said there is no faking that. Victor apologizes and says he should not be saying anything. They talk about how Zakiyah said she was a dog in heat.

Nicole is now getting mad at Corey about something that HAS NOT happened and MIGHT NOT happen. Dating, other girls and his normal out of the house behavior. (I shut down this conversation since they are getting upset with each other over stuff that may or may not happen after they get out of the house)

2:34AM BBT: FotH

2:38AM BBT: James returns to HoH room. Meech and Victor pull the bed apart looking for the top sheet. Meech is laying in bed on the side farthest from the door.

James now gets into bed after explaining "turkey tracks" to Meech. Victor goes back to laying at the foot of the bed. James starts in on Natalie about "you did not poop that fast" she says "she is known for her poop skills" James and Victor talking about underwear full of turkey tracks. James tells Natalie to go back and wipe again, there is no way she is done. When Natalie asks what they are talking about they say last game and how you had to take your time. James says "honest, no way in hell you poop and wipe in two minutes" (topics these kids talk about) Natalie says "do not hate on my poop skills, I'm a professional pooper, stop being jealous". And Natalie stubs her toe on the chair. James tells Victor he is not tired, but he will go to sleep if he lays down. Natalie put on Victor's flip-flops and he tells here that her foot is half the size of the flops. They start talking about shoe sizes.

Checked in on Nicorey and they are still arguing about stuff that may or may not happen if they date outside the house.

4:02AM BBT: General chat finishes in HoH and James heads out with Victor to bed in Have-Not room.

James has almost fallen asleep in HoH bed. Victor says "may you rest in peace" he changes it to "may you sleep in peace," He says he is just telling them they sleep well. James wants to know if it is the last supper. Victor says he looks like a cult leader with his hair down. Natalie says he looks like a hippy. Natalie has the giggles Victor says he has to watch what he says because he does not want to offend anyone. Natalie says how can it be so straight in front and so curly in back, you have beautiful locks.

Meech is talking but so tired she is making no sense, she is talking about Zakiyah being mad at Paulie and snuggled up to Victor.

4:15AM BBT: The boys have left, but now Natalie and Meech are rehashing Zakiyah and Natalie's conversation. Meech talking about maybe Corey needs to go this week, not Victor.

Today's updates were written by: Cassondra0222,  Kekila & Kitten_200.
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