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Friday, July 3 2015  What More Can They Do-- Oh PoV
8:35AM BBT: The HGs have settled in for a nap. I can't imagine they will be doing much today, as they already had nominations and the BotB,  oops, maybe PoV. Frankly, I would mind if BB let them sleep all day, because that's exactly what I want to do.

10:26AM BBT: Clay is talking to James in the bathroom area. John is sitting on the couch.

10:34AM BBT: Jason is getting dressed in the Have-Not bedroom. Clay, and John are still in the bathroom area.

10:40AM BBT: Most of the HGs are still sleeping. James is taking a shower. Clay is getting ready in the bathroom area.

10:46AM BBT: Clay is talking to Shelli in the HoH room.

10:55AM BBT: Shelli is sleeping in the HoH room. James is in the kitchen.

11:01AM BBT: James and Meg are in the Have-Not room talking about the shades on their eyes and how it blocks the light. James ask if anyone was snoring last night and Meg says "I did not hear anyone." James tells her this is day one now for being a Have-Not.

11:13AM BBT: All the HGs are sleeping.

11:25AM BBT: Shelli and Clay in the HoH room snuggling in bed talking about who is more touchy feely. She says he is more so than she is.

11:27AM BBT: Liz and Vanessa are in the bathroom area. Liz is doing her make-up as Vanessa goes to the bathroom.

11:33AM BBT: Shelli and Clay are still talking about Clay's parents and how they met and about Clay's family. Liz is in the bedroom looking through her stuff.

Shelli tells Clay not to say things to James, "Because everyone probably thinks the plan is to backdoor Audrey, so please do not tell James anything this is my plan and please do not mess it up."

Shelli tells Clay to not tell John he is going to come off the block and he says you told him you would. She says, "I did not say that I told him to throw BotB so that I could stay HoH but not take him off the block." She tells Clay do not make promises please do not tell him that.

11:42AM BBT: Shelli says, "If John wins PoV, then I will put someone up, but the best thing would be if he wins and does not take himself off so it stays the same, because no one will vote him out over Da'Vonne."

11:59AM BBT: Liz comes out of the DR and goes to the bathroom. All the other HGs are in bed sleeping.

12:14PM BBT: Jason is in the kitchen talking to Liz now about not getting any sleep. Meg comes in and Liz says Maggie. Meg says those chairs are awful and it is so cold in there.

12:16PM BBT: Meg goes to make slop and Liz says, "The best way I found to eat it, is to burn it then fry it and eat it with ketchup."

12:35PM BBT:  It's time to pick the players for the PoV. [Oh for Pete's sake, let us sleep, there wont be anything for them to do the rest of the week. -Morty]

12:55PM BBT: The feeds are back.


This scene of the crew setting up the PoV competition was leaked on the live feeds.  Do you have the live feeds? Try them for a week for free.  [Click Image to Enlarge]

12:55PM BBT: Vanessa says sitting around here waiting for them competition to start is the worst. James has gone back to bed. Meg and Austin in the kitchen talking about sleeping in the Have-Not room. Jason and Becky talking in the living room about the PoV being today.

12:58PM BBT: Clay follows Shelli upstairs. Jason and Becky still talking about the veto competition and if someone will use the veto on John or not. Becky to Jason: "Da'Vonne isn't going home this week. Audrey needs to go."

1:00PM BBT: Vanessa and John are in the bathroom area. He tells her he has to win the veto.

Jeff, Becky, and Shelli in the HoH.

The feeds 1 and two switch to Steve and Jackie in the Comic bedroom. Jackie is trying to take a nap.

Everyone leaves the the HoH room and Feeds 1 and two switch to kitchen where everyone is fixing food.

Steve is now talking to Meg. Da'Vonne is brushing her teeth on Feeds three and Vanessa is telling John to eat oatmeal because it would be good sustenance for the veto competition. Vanessa goes to the mirror to wash her face and talks to Da'Vonne about how tired she is.

1:09PM BBT: Da'Vonne takes Shelli into Cabana Room and asks her when the target switched to her from Audrey. Shelli says that she never came to talk to her and from Day two they just haven't had that trust. She tells her that she thinks she's an awesome hilarious person, but they just don't have a game connection. Da'Vonne says she just wanted to know. Conversation is over in two minutes.

1:15PM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 follow Da'Vonne as she walks through the house. James is sleeping in the Have-Not room. Da'Vonne asks James if he knew she was the target. He says he had no clue. She tells him the house is really split. He says that's why it's so imperative that she win the PoV. She tells him there's some spit going on and he should watch his back in the house.

The kitchen crew is talking about past HGs they are glad they don't have to play against, including Daniele Donato, Janelle, and Rachel.

1:20PM BBT: Jeff and Jason go to the storage room and are disappointed with what they are given. Jason asks BB why they are starving them to death.

Da'Vonne is telling James that she has to win the PoV because no one will change the nominations. James said that when Shelli picked HGs choice he knew she would pick Clay. Da'Vonne says, "No one in the house will mess with us because the people in the house are cowards. That's why I'm being put up... because I called Audrey out and people got scared." She says that James took all that blood last week and the only people talking to him are Jason, Meg, and Jeff.

Da'Vonne tells James that if she comes down and he goes up, they are drawing a line in the sand against the 8-person alliance. She says if she comes down she is going for blood next week. She'll get back to her 'list' after that.

In the bathroom area, Audrey is talking to John and Vanessa. She asks them what they would be doing if they were home right now. James asks Da'Vonne if Meg and Jeff have been clinging toward Shelli and Clay.

At that moment, Jeff comes into the room and lays down next to James in one of the dental chairs.

Jeff tells Da'Vonne to talk to Meg and Steve about using the veto. She says that Meg's game is to lay low, and that's OK... she respects that. She says that Steve is too much of a puppet. Jeff asks if anyone is 'boys' with Johnny Mack and would use it on him. She says that the vibe she gets is that even if she were up against Audrey, she would go home. Da'Vonne leaves the room and James tells Jeff that he thinks Da'Vonne is about to blow her lid. [I hope so, that's why I watch the feeds. -Morty]

1:33PM BBT: Da'Vonne says that the whole time she has been in the house it's been, "Mama Da, Mama Da!" but the longer she's been on the block people don't make eye contact or talk to her. She doesn't understand it because she hasn't crossed anyone in her circle. James and Jeff ask her if she talked to Shelli. She says that she did and that Shelli was honest and told her that they are both targets and that she doesn't feel like she can trust her.

1:38PM BBT: Da'Vonne tells them that BB told her that their strategy would change every day. She had one strategy until yesterday and now it has changed. Jeff asks if she thinks it's better to play it day-by-day. She says "Absolutely." Jeff says he thinks that's why some people are afraid to go to bed and he thinks there's some strategy there because sometimes when he wakes up things have hit the fan.

James says the only thing that stays constant is change. James tells her to try not to stress about it. She says that the truth is that at the end of the day they both have a game to play of their own.

1:42PM BBT: Jeff says that he doesn't believe the house would vote her out if John came down and they put Audrey up. Da'Vonne says that she thinks they would put someone up that the house wouldn't vote out --someone like Becky or Jackie again. Vanessa comes into the room and leaves. She comes back into the room and leaves. Da'Vonne tells James to watch her because she is playing the game. She acts like she has no alliance, but she's playing it.

Feeds three and four switch to Austin and Liz and Julia talking in the living room. They are talking about Kathy Griffin's promise that someone will "have the last laugh." Austin thinks someone may have a coup d'état.

Liz tells Austin she is glad she wasn't picked for the PoV because she thinks Da'Vonne would expect her to take her down. Austin says that Audrey is so paranoid and can't stop talking game and he keeps telling her to stop it. He told her she has to be a social player and not talk game but it's like she can't do it. He says he feels like the guy who has to come exorcise the demon out of her. Austin feels like they are in good with Shelli and Clay and that's good because they were underdogs last week. Liz whispers and it's very hard to hear her.

1:52PM BBT: Da'Vonne has made her bed and now goes into the storage room. She is not happy with the fact that BB hasn't restocked yet. She and Meg are very hungry. Da'Vonne leaves the storage room and asks John if he hears building outside.

The feeds jump to Audrey in the HoH bathroom area while Shelli tries to nap and then back to Austin and Liz in the cabana lounge room. Austin says, "We get that you're 5'3", but yelling does not make you taller. F'ing relax, dude." He says that he was close to getting mad at him. Liz says they know he'll never be on their side, so buh-bye. Liz leaves the cabana lounge room and goes to the kitchen with Da'Vonne.

1:55PM BBT: Jeff is laying down in bed and Clay comes over to him to ask what Da'Vonne had to say. Jeff tells him that she says she regrets coming after Audrey. He also says that Da'Vonne told him she will come after him if she finds out he knew about this from the beginning. Clay says that they have the numbers if they win the veto.

Clay asks if Jeff knows where Jackie's head is at and Jeff says he knows Jackie wants Audrey out. Clay says he promises he will get her next. That she is hanging out up there with Shelli non-stop and it's driving her nuts.

2:00PM BBT: Shelli is now talking to Meg in the bathroom area. Shelli says, "Are you telling me that if you win you are taking Da'Vonne down?" Meg says, "No no no. I'm just going over what if scenarios." Shell tells her that Becky had a target (Steve) and a back door plan (Audrey) and felt more strongly about her backdoor plan. She had a target Da'Vonne and a backdoor plan (Audrey) and she feels more strongly about her target. Meg tells her that if Da'Vonne wins the PoV, the card Shelli has to play is to tell her that she gave her a chance to play and save herself.

2:10PM BBT: Shelli gets Clay in the living room with her and Meg and tells him that she's worried about her plan and she wants to know how Da'Vonne learned that she was the target from the beginning. She also says that she left the the HoH room because she doesn't want to be alone with Audrey. She realizes she's not trustworthy, but for her game, this is the best move. Meg says that she needs to let Becky and Jackie know that Da'Vonne is the target so they aren't blindsided... that it will help Shelli's game.

2:12PM BBT: Becky and John are talking in the colorful bedroom. He tells her he has to win. She says that she felt very alone last week but this week she feels like a lot of people on the outside want to come together. They're not dropping the "A" word, but that's a really cool thing to see. She doesn't want to ask too much about his game, but has she thought much about Austin, Vanessa, Liz. He says he's thought about it. She says there is power in numbers. We get FotH and then Jeff's video reels... it's probably time for the veto competition.

3:55PM BBT:  The feeds are back and John has won the PoV.

Live feeds come back with Shelli and Clay in the the HoH room.

Shelli goes into the hallway and says, OK to Becky. She goes to the the HoH room. Shelli says, since they both won HoH this week, she feels that they both should talk this out. Shelli tells her that she knows that Audrey is the main target this week. She wants to possibly target Da'Vonne, because if she puts Audrey up against Da'Vonne and Audrey leaves, then Da'Vonne will come gunning for her next week.

3:59PM BBT: Becky tells Shelli she has to make the best game move for her, she will be fine either way. She says, she just wants to see Audrey out sooner than later because of what happened. We see FotH.

Shelli tells Becky that she has the chance to win HoH again next week, but she doesn't. Becky says, props to her for going after Da'Vonne, because she has ran her name through the mud. Clay says, he knows that she may feel uncomfortable.

Clay tells Becky, they want this to be a stepping stone for them to work together. Clay says, even if Audrey would win HoH next week, the second HoH would be against her. Clay says, while they have the leverage on Da'Vonne this week, they need to go ahead and get her out while they have the chance. Clay tells Becky, if she acts surprised by it, that will be good. She leaves the the HoH room.

Clay tells Shelli to go and get John. She leaves the the HoH room. She is walking around the house, we see Da'Vonne in the shower in the bathroom area.

4:05PM BBT: Shelli goes in the colorful bedroom, she asks Vanessa and John to the the HoH room with her. Vanessa heads upstairs with her. John is attaching his microphone to his shirt. Shelli rings the doorbell in the the HoH room, and her and Vanessa go in.

4:07PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that Becky is totally cool with the plan to not back-door Audrey and go ahead and get Da'Vonne out this week. We see FotH.

John goes in the the HoH room, and jumps in the air. Shelli tells John it's up to him if he wants to use his PoV or not. Clay says, if he's not comfortable to not use the PoV, that's fine, and it's up to him, they won't force him. Clay asks who will be a someone they can put up?

John says, whoever they put up will stay, but if he doesn't use it, they will be outed. John says, they can put anyone up, because they will stay. Shelli won't put up Becky because she won HoH, because she earned not getting put up by winning. He and Clay go to the chess table, while Vanessa and Shelli talk. Vanessa wants to talk to her in private. Vanessa goes through the names of people in the house. Shelli says, she won't put up Jackie, because she already promised her she wouldn't.

4:13PM BBT: Vanessa tries to get Shelli to put Meg up, because she didn't go along with her plan. Shelli says, James would be pissed if she puts up Meg. Shelli says, Liz is the only one that doesn't have ties. Vanessa says, Austin. Meg walks in the the HoH room. Meg goes to use the bathroom in the the HoH room. Vanessa tells Shelli, it's her choice, and she'll be OK with whatever she does. She says, John won fair and square, and he earned it. Vanessa walks out of the the HoH room.

4:15PM BBT: Meg washes her hands, and sits on the couch in the the HoH room with Shelli. Clay and John go back in the the HoH room. John says, they will look sketchy if he doesn't use the PoV. Shelli explains everything to Becky that has transpired. John says, if he doesn't use it, Da'Vonne will catch up. Meg says, it's too obvious he's a pawn. She says, she can't put up Clay, because he looks like a pawn. She says, you need a reason to put the person up.

4:17PM BBT: Clay says, he can get the votes to stay if Shelli puts him up. Shelli says, she will not put him up. Meg says, Da'Vonne will think it's suspicious if they only put up a pawn. Clay says, they could put up Jackie, but Shelli won't put her up. Shelli says, she doesn't know their connections. Clay wants to go on the block, and says, it's fine with him. He says, if people that say they have his back do, then he'll be o.k. Shelli tells him to stop talking, because she won't put him up.

4:20PM BBT: Clay says, what does Meg think about Liz? Meg says, she's not sure. We see FotH. Meg says, she trusts James. She tells them that Da'Vonne has people, and they would keep her in the house. Meg says, Liz is really only with Austin. Clay says, even if Audrey wins HoH, the other HoH will get de-throwned to keep Audrey up. Meg says, if she goes up next week, she has the numbers to stay.

4:23PM BBT: Liz also brought up the twist, and asked if they are worried about what it might be? They didn't seemed phased by that. Shelli says, Jeff, Austin and Liz would vote out Da'Vonne, if she puts Liz up. Clay says, the entire house would. Meg tells Shelli to talk to Austin and Jeff separately. Clay says, she should talk to Liz by herself. Shelli says, she will go to Austin right away, so she wants to talk to them together. Shelli says, she has this pinned down, so if she has 1 hour, then she'll grab them, if she has until Sunday, that's awesome and she can relax.

4:26PM BBT: Clay says, Austin has loose lips. Shelli tells John, "Congratulations, you deserve it." John says, he doesn't know the game that well, but he can play. He says, he can be useful. Shelli explains to John that they are planning on getting Da'Vonne out this week, and then back-dooring Audrey next week. Shelli says, Da'Vonne is really suspicious of Steve, and she's the reason Steve keeps going up on the block. She says, Steve will vote her out with her gunning for him. BB tells Da'Vonne to please put on her microphone.

4:29PM BBT: Shelli says, Da'Vonne told her to her face that Steve is a target of hers. John says, Da'Vonne said something about the movie Usual Suspects in front of him. No one understands why, because they haven't seen the movie. They say, they will watch it when they all leave. John says, Steve is a mastermind. John double high-fives all of them, before he walks out of the the HoH room. Meg leaves the the HoH room next. Shelli wants to get something to eat. Clay says, they need to get a real alliance. Shelli says, they have a whole week.

Shelli tells Clay that the house is still big enough right now, that they are still going to vote with the house. She says, everyone wants to get Audrey and Da'Vonne out next. Clay says, they are going to have to start turning on people. Shelli says, yes, but not yet.

4:33PM BBT: John is in the colorful room and is changing his shirt. Vanessa is lying in a bed with her eyes covered. Becky gets called to the DR. She says, they hate me today. John asks her how many times she's been called in there today. She says, four. She gets up out of the bed and is putting her hair up. She grabs her microphone pack and walks out. John puts a pair of sleep pants on, and hoodie.

4:36PM BBT: Austin walks in the colorful bedroom. Vanessa tells him that they asked him not to use it. Austin says, he doesn't know that's ever been done. John says, it has, and that person went home. Austin says, you wouldn't go. Vanessa says, they don't know what the twist is, so they don't know for sure. Jeff walks into the colorful bedroom with a giraffe he named Jeffrey. Jason wants him to put a dress on the giraffe, or the whore-kini. Jason says, you may want to sleep with it later. Jeff says, he's not James. He already caught him with it on his junk, and put his mouth on the genitals.

4:39PM BBT: Jeff agreed to put a dress on the giraffe. They try to come up with a G name for a girl. Jeff says, "Can we name it GinaMarie?" They laugh. They come up with the name Giselle. Jason says, don't put condoms on the giraffe or Da'Vonne will take them. Jeff asks why Giselle is wearing clothes from the Goodwill? Jason says, half of his clothes are from the Goodwill. Jeff says, her name is Giz for short.

4:42PM BBT: They are looking for a shirt to put on Giselle. James says to put a bra on her, so her junk doesn't fall out. Jason says, to go ask Jackie, because she's got big boobs. Meanwhile in the colorful bedroom, Vanessa is talking to John. She says, statistically the odds of him going home are very low, if he doesn't use the veto. She says, they don't know the twist though. He tells Vanessa it would to transparent of the agreement not to use it. Vanessa says, she didn't even think about that, so he has to use it. She says, two more weeks of this and then shits going to get weird. She says, she will go to the corner and stay out of the way then.

Vanessa says, she doesn't mind giving her opinion to Shelli. She says, she doesn't want anyone to go home, and she gets along with Da'Vonne. Vanessa and John get told to please put on their microphones. Vanessa asks why his isn't on? He says, because he was changing. He says, if he doesn't use the PoV, it's just sketchy. Vanessa says, Shelli's in a tough spot. John says, he knows. We see FotH.

4:50PM BBT: Live feeds come back with Meg and Jeff talking in the storage room. Meg asks him if they've talked to him yet? He asks why they are putting up Liz? Meg says, because no one else will. He asks why they won't put Audrey up? She says, because they want Da'Vonne gone first. Jeff says, it's a bad move on their part. Meg says, it's her HoH, not theirs, so it's a bad on her. Jeff says, they are not going with what the house wants, and it is what it is. Meg asks him not to say anything. He says, he won't F her over like that. Meg gets milk out of the fully stocked refrigerator. Jeff walks out, and then so does she.

4:55PM BBT: Meg asks James if he wants a shake as she walks through the living room . Jackie sits in there with him and John. She says her cramps are better. James says, we need to entertain our feeders. John says, we just did the giraffe thing. James says, I know, but when we did the talent show, he would have loved to watch that, it was awesome. You can hear Meg calling Jason across the house. James says, he's so bored. John says, they should get real Netflix.

John says he would like to see a promo just once. Jeff is looking for the protein powder. Meg says, they are probably all in Austin's room. Clay walks in the living room . James says, they should let us watch one movie a week by picking.

Meanwhile, in the the HoH room, Shelli is talking to Austin and Liz. She is telling them that James has aligned with the other people because of him being HoH last week. She says, Jason and Da'Vonne are the only ones that have each other, and once Da'Vonne is out, Jason will be a much stronger player.

Austin asks, what if something happens with the twist, and Da'Vonne can get off the block? She says, she doesn't think that would happen this early. Shelli says, it could be a number of different things like the unitard, or tickets to see Kathy Griffin. Liz says, she will take one for them team. They all agree to keep it quiet and leave the the HoH room. Shelli gets called to the DR.

5:01PM BBT: Jeff tells Liz in the kitchen, that his giraffe's name is Giselle. He says, it's hard to keep it a male when James keeps touching him. Jeff asks if tomorrow is July 4th? Liz says, yes. Vanessa is in the cabana lounge room, and Steve is in the photo booth. Vanessa says, oh, hi. He tells her it's his get away spot. She is eating sun chips and hummus. She tells Steve, that would be a great eve's drop spot.

Vanessa discovers Steve in his secret get-a-way place.
5:06PM BBT: Vanessa goes into the cabana room and finds Steve hiding in the photobooth. They talk about how it's a good spot to hang out. Steve says he likes to keep doors open when he talks to people because they always think game talk happens behind closed doors.

Vanessa and Steve are talking about the competition and all the things used in it. Steve said there was a picture of Jodi in it and he wanted to keep it but production told him no. Steve said he got a giant rubber duck in the veto competition.

5:13PM BBT: Liz goes to talk to Becky. Liz is really upset that she is being put up as a pawn. Becky wants to know why they aren't putting Audrey up. Becky says maybe they really want Da'Vonne out. Liz says maybe. She runs the numbers and says she can't go home in the second week.

Becky says she thinks Liz is really the pawn. She tells Liz to go talk to Shelli and Clay and ask them what she needs to do to help get Da'Vonne out to show them trust.

5:20PM BBT: Some houseguests are making food for dinner. Jeff, Vanessa, and Shelli are talking about the PoV competition and it was a memory/counting game.

Vanessa tells Shelli to do what she needs too. Shelli says she's not going to be the one to send Audrey home and it sounds like she will get Da'Vonne out of the house which was her goal.

Clay tells Shelli that Austin looked distraught after he saw him. Shelli says Clay, Austin, Liz, and her are the only four that knows but no one else can find out until veto nominations so that Da'Vonne won't have time to scheme. Clay says he understands and will make sure to remind Austin and Liz of that.

5:26PM BBT: Vanessa and Day are having a conversation in the bathroom about Derrick from BB16 having won with BotB and never having been on the block. Vanessa tells Da'Vonne she'll be OK and to just act like herself and not to let others dictate how she responds. Day tells Vanessa to be smart in the house.

5:31PM BBT: Austin tells Liz and Becky that Da'Vonne is not a school teacher, she's a poker dealer in Los Angeles. He says he's heard her mess up in the house and he's pretty sure that's her real job.

5:38PM BBT: James and Meg talk about how Da'Vonne is convinced Shelli will name Audrey as a replacement nominee to have a battle of the house. Meg says Day is going to flip out if this doesn't happen. James says Da'Vonne has a feeling that she is the primary target. James doesn't want Da'Vonne to go, but Meg points out that they can't vote against the house if they want her gone. James says he knows but it sucks.

5:41PM BBT: Meg tells James that Clay and Shelli are obviously together now. James says Clay acts as if it's his HoH and they are obnoxious about it.

5:47PM BBT: John asks Clay for advice on how to speak and interact in the house. Clay tells John he's doing a good job and to ask more than he speaks, find out what people like and form connections. John is afraid of letting the wrong things slip and tells him that Vanessa and John were talking in the Comic Book Room and Austin overheard them discussing their veto conversation with Shelli and Clay. Clay tells John it's OK because Austin is with their group.

Clay tells Liz they have nine votes to get rid of Da'Vonne and she's not going anywhere.

5:55PM BBT: Clay tells Da'Vonne in the bathroom that the decision to put Da'Vonne up was Shelli's decision and he hopes she understands it wasn't because she was a bigger target, but because Shelli wasn't sure she could trust Da'Vonne anymore. Clay says if Audrey goes up as the replacement she'll go home and if not Audrey will be targetted next week. He tells her he hopes they can be friends after this.

6:00PM BBT: In the bathroom area, Da'Vonne is putting lotion on her legs. John sits down on the couch, and tells Da'Vonne she gets to keep the giraffe. Jeff is walking around. Da'Vonne says, "Well, John, they are going to get me out of here, over Audrey." John says, this was a competition that you learn more as you go, so you had to get started. John says, "What if Shelli won right away?" He says, she has a good memory, or Steve? We see FotH.

Da'Vonne is jokingly telling John, he sucks as a dentist, he sucks as a coach, they aren't friends at all. He asks her if he smells good? She says, no, you still stink. She says, she will think of more things as they go on. They were both laughing. John leaves the bathroom area.

Shelli walks in the bathroom area and goes by the showers, and then walks back out.

Da'Vonne is packing stuff up, and putting it in her black BB bag. she puts her pink flip-flops on, and adjusts her blue and pink dress a little. She puts something else in her bag, and then goes by the mirror to comb her hair.

6:06PM BBT: In the kitchen area, Shelli says, she just needs like a 24-hour game break. She says, that's weird, because just 48 hours ago, they were saying they wanted game. She says, she's just tired.

While working out by the dining table, Austin tells her, hopefully she'll get a nice 4th of July.

Vanessa is cleaning up in the kitchen. Da'Vonne walks through the kitchen, carrying her black BB bag, and a few other things.

Vanessa says, it actually felt very cathartic to do all that. She asks Austin to help her with the garbage. He takes the full garbage bag out of the white trash can, and Vanessa puts a new one in. She asks him if he can grab the broom for her.

Vanessa says, "Ew, ew, ew, I hate this, nasty," while she was picking things up from the area where the garbage can go. She grabs cleaner and paper towels.

Da'Vonne walks in the kitchen, and Vanessa says, obviously no one ever cleaned this out, it's disgusting. Da'Vonne walks out.

6:11PM BBT: Shelli is sitting at the dining table, Austin is still working out, and Vanessa is putting up the cleaning products. Vanessa begins to sweep the kitchen.

Shelli says, when I did the drawing for Veto this morning, everyone's faces looked so tired. She says, there wasn't an alert face. Vanessa says, they have been going since, and everyone is going to crash hard tonight. Shelli says, it might actually be the first night they are actually sleeping.

6:14PM BBT: Clay comes down the stairs to the bathroom area carrying clothes and his black toiletry bag. He messes with his face in the mirror at the sink, and then brushes his hair.

Clay goes by Shelli at the dining table and asks her what she's doing? She's just sitting there.

He walks by the bedroom's, and Austin is now working out in the living room . Clay goes in the colorful bedroom, and then the grey bedroom, and then walks out.

Camera 1 gets a close-up shot of ants crawling in the kitchen at the bottom of the cabinets.

6:20PM BBT: Vanessa is drying dishes and putting them in the cabinets above the counter. Da'Vonne is sitting in one of the chairs in the living room chomping on cucumbers she is eating.

6:25PM BBT: It's mostly quiet in the house with Vanessa still cleaning in the kitchen, and Da'Vonne still eating her cucumbers in the living room .

6:26PM BBT: Austin goes in the kitchen and makes a protein shake. Vanessa gets called to the DR. She says, o.k., they probably got tired of her making that noise. She asks if they said to go to the DR? Austin says, yes. He ate a banana in four bites. He shakes his protein shake, and says, God damn. He uses a knife to make sure all of the protein powder is in his shaker. He gulps down the protein shake in less than 1 minute.

6:31PM BBT: Austin gets a cup of water from the refrigerator water, and goes to the colorful bedroom. Becky and Jackie are sleeping in 1 bed. He gets in the bed where John is sleeping. Someone else is sleeping in the other bed, but we really can't see who it is.

Meanwhile, Da'Vonne is in the living room massaging her foot and finishing her cucumbers. She walks in the kitchen, puts her last bite of cucumber in her mouth, and washes her plate in the sink. She puts a bowl in the refrigerator and dries her hands off.

6:33PM BBT: Da'Vonne walks in the bathroom area, looks at herself in the mirror above the couch, knocks on the bathroom, opens the door, and goes in.

6:38PM BBT: It is soo quiet in the BB house at the moment, you could literally here a pin drop.

6:45PM BBT: Da'Vonne goes back to the grey bedroom, shakes out a red blanket, and gets in the bed, not putting her microphone on. Clay and Jeff are in a bed sleeping, and Audrey is sleeping in her bed.

6:49PM BBT: Meg, Jason, James and Steve are all asleep on the dentist chairs in the Have-Not room.

7:00PM BBT: The HGs are sleeping, there's nothing else to report.

7:15PM BBT: Steve is talking to Shelli, Jason is also awake laying in bed talking to them.

7:20PM BBT:  Looks like it's back to bed or the chairs for Steve and Jason. BB told Jason he could only sleep in a bed. No where else in the house. He complained about it a bit but went back to his chair.

7:25PM BBT: James is up and in the washroom, washes his hands, and then back to bed.

7:40PM BBT: Steve is up in the cabana room whispering to himself.

8:00PM BBT: Liz is telling James, she needs to take a shower but doesn't really want to because of the cold water.

8:05PM BBT: James and Liz are doing shout-outs so we get the FotH.

8:10PM BBT: Austin and Audrey are up now Audrey says her back hurts from the competition. Jason is also awake in the Have-Not room.

8:15PM BBT: James, Liz and Jason are just talking in the Have-Not room. Austin, Shelli, and Steve are now in the kitchen.

8:25PM BBT: Austin tells Steve he is nervous about the vote. He says Shelli thinks everyone will vote Da'Vonne out but he's not so sure. He hope they have the votes to get her out.

Meanwhile, the group in the Have-Not room are just chatting.

8:31PM BBT: Austin, is making a slop paddy, Vanessa asked him to please do his dishes she just cleaned the kitchen.

8:35PM BBT: Clay and Audrey are now up and in the kitchen Vanessa asked Audrey if she remembers the name of the PoV competition since she hosted it. No answer from Audrey. Jeff is up and in the Have-Not room with James and Jason. Jeff is telling them about his dream, something about tree roots.

8:45PM BBT: Jeff, Clay and Liz, are in the washroom, Clay says that he talked to Shelli about John not using the veto, but thinks he will use it. They are talking about if they will get anything for the fourth.

8:50PM BBT: Clay and Jeff are talking about getting Da'Vonne out this week.

James, and Jason are in the Have-Not room talking about what's going to happen with Da'Vonne. Jason says that she will have a hard time of it because she is so different then this group of people. James says that she has to fight up against the whole house.

Now talking about Frank from last season she can very easily be a Frank this year.

Liz and Austin are talking in the storage room. Liz doesn't like being up against Da'Vonne, she thinks they are trying to backdoor her. Austin doesn't think so. It doesn't make any since.

9:00PM BBT: Austin is reassuring, Liz that she is not going home. He is counting the votes that she has. Jeff and Clay are still going over things in the wash room.

Clay and Jeff are in the bathroom area talking, Austin comes in and walks out. Clay asks Jeff what the F is he doing? Clay puts food in his mouth and crunches it. They walk out. Jeff says, let's get a cup of coffee.

The camera view switches to the Have-Not bedroom. Jason tells James that a week ago he was in the lap of luxury, now he's in the Have-Not bedroom. He says, it would be different if you were stuck here, and didn't raise your hand to volunteer.

9:04PM BBT: James says, the worst case scenario would have been Audrey winning HoH. Jason asks James if he saw how Audrey was doing. They discuss the commentary, and Jason says, he heard more commentary on the first group.

Jason says, you know someone is behind that mirror. James says, also, this room is not soundproof at all, so you can hear people really good. James says, they're all in the kitchen. Jason says, it sounds like someone's up. He asks BB to please open the backyard. He says, he hopes they don't leave them in there all night.

9:06PM BBT: Jason says, they have to because they crushed all the competitions we had to do in like 10 minutes. He says, it was good they used the same background, and moved some things around.

James and Jason walk out of the Have-Not bedroom. They comment that everyone is up. Steve goes to the bathroom area and washes his face. He dries it in a towel and puts his glasses on. He goes to the Have-Not bedroom.

9:08PM BBT: Steve walks out of the Have-Not bedroom and goes to the colorful bedroom. He gets his hat and a hoodie, and has been humming as he walks. The camera view switches to the bathroom area, that really needs to be cleaned up.

In the the HoH room, Shelli is sleeping with headphones on. In the colorful bedroom, Vanessa gets up out of bed and walks out.

Jackie is lying in bed in the colorful bedroom.

Audrey is in the cabana lounge room looking at her finger nails. James joins Audrey. He says, he's pretty board himself. He finds a sweater and asks if it's Meg's? She says, yes. James says, they were picking on Meg's clothes earlier. He says, people were saying she probably gets them at the Goodwill. Audrey says, thrifter. She says, she probably is a little bit of a thrifter. Audrey says, she hopes they get to do something for tomorrow since it's the 4th of July. James says, he hopes the Have-Nots get a pass to eat something.

Audrey says, maybe America got to vote on something. James makes a yucky face. Audrey asks him if he doesn't like chocolate milk? He says, he just ate a pickle so it's yuck.

James gets up to leave, and says he made his rounds. He sits back down and tells Audrey that you can see what's going on in the bathroom through the one mirror. Audrey sits up and looks, and says, she can see someone in a hoodie. James goes to walk out, and BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." James says, "Oops, sorry," and walks out.

9:16PM BBT: The HGs discuss how big the BB house is. Becky tells people in the living room that she had a really small place where she was living, and she paid $1,300 a month. Vanessa says, she's on sensory overload because they've done so much in 24 hours. Austin says, they should be putting final touches in the backyard. James says, who knows, they could have us set up with a grill, and let the Have-Nots eat for one day or something.

Steve says, the guys in the backyard are probably all beefcakes. He says, he wanted the picture of Jody so bad. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production. Steve says, he's collecting stuff, because they get to keep their costumes.

Austin asks if he thinks he will meet Jody one day? He says, he hopes so, that would be awesome. They begin to talk about her season, and how she was voted out week one.

Vanessa says, Dan cut Jody loose really quick. Austin says he wonders what Dan is doing now. Steve says, he's trying to make money. He says, he's bought two of his books. He says, they were interesting and he's used them. Steve says, he doesn't know how much he can talk about the books. Austin asks, if everyone read the books, does that mean they can get cast? Steve says, if 2,000 people read the books, only about 18 people will be cast for the show.

9:23PM BBT: We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Steve says, he doesn't think it's them because they are talking about a book he read. He says, Dan was supposed to be cast originally in BB Season 6, but he didn't hear anything back. He says, he was contacted to be a couple for BB Season 9. Steve says, his girlfriend didn't know the twist, so they couldn't be cast. So, he was finally cast for BB Season 10.

Steve tells that in BB Season 9 that it was a couple's game and each person had to compete as one person. He says, the real couple was split into two couples. There was an ex couple that was put today, and it blew up quick. Austin asks how Dan won? Steve says, he was good with words, and he was really popular. Austin says, you're the man, Dan.

Steve says, he can't believe Andy won his season, but it was better than GinaMarie winning. They talk about The Moving Company and The Exterminators in BB Season 15.

Steve says, The Exterminators worked. He says, first mission... Mcranda. He does the sound with his sounds for the bug killer. Austin says, McCray slept the whole season and then wants to be an All-Star.

Steve, Austin, Vanessa and Audrey talk about McCray and Spencer. Steve talks about The Regulators in BB Season 13. Austin asks how long they lasted? Steve says, they were the first four out of the house.

9:31PM BBT: Audrey asks if there were any previous HGs in the audience when they were going in the house? Steve says, he didn't pay attention. Vanessa says, she was standing next to Steve, and you can hear his heart beating. Steve says, he was just trying to stand up.

Clay comes in and asks about the Stefan reference. Steve says, it's in reference to Steve Urkel in Family Matters, when he changes into Stefan at the end. Audrey asks Steve what he thought when he first got in the house? He says, he was trying to learn names. Audrey says, it was easier for her group, since they were in the house first.

9:33PM BBT: We see FotH. When feeds come back Steve says, we're not talking about production. He says, Julie Chen is a lot prettier in person, and she's so small. Steve says, he wonders why no one got a question. Austin says, he would like some light-hearted questions. Steve says, they may not have time with the competitions. Austin asks how they know what to run on the shows. Steve says, production, production.

9:35PM BBT: The HGs in the living room continue to talk about the twist and who may get the last laugh.

Becky is folding clothes and leaving them for the HGs to get. Vanessa says, she's so confused about what time it is, whether she should be asleep or not.

Jeff walks through, and says the shower was good. Austin says, it is good. Jeff says, it was great, it was hot. Steve asks if anyone has used the Seventh Generation lotion in the WA? He says, he's getting cracks on his hands. He asks to use Vaseline. Vanessa says, she thinks Shelli is totally passed out. Austin says, no question.

9:38PM BBT: Audrey asks if the HGs have ever played Chubby Bunny? She explains that you put a marshmallow in your mouth, and say Chubby Bunny. You keep going until you can't say it anymore. The last person to be able to say it wins. Austin says he may try that at some point.

Audrey says, the backyard may not get opened for tomorrow, because she was told they open the lot to the public. Clay has Audrey and Vanessa smell something that stinks. Vanessa says, it's like some type of dough.

9:40PM BBT: Vanessa says, she likes doing something. Audrey says, the bittersweet aspect of having everything done is that they don't have anything to do now until Thursday.

Vanessa wants to clean up her stuff. BB tells Clay to please move his microphone higher. Audrey asks if they can leave laundry in the storage room, since they can't go outside. Audrey asks about Shelli leaving something in the storage room. Vanessa says, it was something that she left in the dryer outside, and they brought it in for her. She says, they won't get their laundry done for them, only Shelli can, because she's HoH.

9:43PM BBT: Audrey tells Vanessa, she's embarrassed because she cried and got yelled at. Vanessa says, embarrassment is giving your control over to other people. Audrey says, it is what it is. Vanessa says, yep and yawns.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Liz and Austin are eating at the glass table. Steve is cooking slop on the stove. Jackie is eating at the dining table.

9:47PM BBT: Clay comes in the kitchen, and wants to try the food Liz is eating. She tells him to try it with the mushroom. He says, it's really good, and he likes mushrooms. Liz says, she loves mushrooms. Austin says he needs to do some strength training now.

In the bathroom area, Meg, Becky, James and Jason are all there. Becky tells them about her job she has and got some perks of free clothes, like bra's, because if they wore the clothes they could sell it. She says, otherwise they got 40 percent off. Jason says, where he worked they only got 10 percent off.

Becky says, Victoria Secret is such a good company and they are good to their girls. She says, Abercrombie is a great company also. James laughs at Meg because of her clothes. She says, don't laugh, she gets good stuff. Jason says he got one of his shirts at a thrift store, because they are the only ones that had it. Becky talks about colors and BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Meg asks if they fish them when they talk about production? Jason says, he doesn't think so, unless they keep talking about it, and then it might be more stern.

9:53PM BBT: Meg talks about the food she's eating as a Have-Not. Jason says, by next week, almost everyone will have been on slop. Becky says, she will gladly go on slop next week. Jason says, he likes the shorts Meg is wearing. She says, thanks, they are like trash bag shorts. Becky and Jason laugh. Meg grabs his underwear that he left in the bathroom area, and he and Meg leave.

Becky is curling her hair by the sink. Jackie walks in. She says, hi sweet pea to Becky. Jackie hangs her towel up on the shower and lays down on the couch. She says, she's so sore she needs to stretch.

9:55PM BBT: Austin walks in the storage room, and asks Clay what he's doing? He says, he putting up the fruits and vegetables so they don't go bad. They discuss the ground beef being 80/20. Clay says, that's not the leanest. They talk about the what vegetables to put in the cucumbers. Austin asks how to tell the difference between the cucumbers and squash. Clay shows him. Clay says, they have a First Aid Kit in there.

Clay and Austin discuss the twist. They say what Shelli is doing is going to set them up perfectly. They are trying to figure out what having the last laugh means. They say it can be anything.

Clay tells Austin the next person has to be Audrey, and that can't get out. They finish separating the food in the storage room.

Austin says, he needs to start taking the bag to the kitchen. They grab them, talk some more about getting Da'Vonne out this week, and Audrey next week. Clay says, it will be easy. Austin says, one week closer to jury, man. They get all the bags and go to the kitchen.

The Haves are eating chicken, the Have-Nots are eating slop and pickles.
10:02PM BBT: James is lying on the couch with his sunglasses resting on his face all sprawled out, chilling.

10:04PM BBT: James and Audrey are resting on the couches. James never heard of Kathy Griffin. Audrey tells him that Kathy is a comedian. Audrey is a fan of Kathy's, and tells James a bit about Kathy's style. Audrey mentions that Kathy has a bit about Taylor Swift, and James is on guard because he's a big Taylor Swift fan.

10:12PM BBT: There's lots of activity in the kitchen... they feel like they are having breakfast. Jeff is talking about starting to drink coffee at midnight, and staying up 'til 6AM.

10:14PM BBT: Jeff and Austin are in the Cabana Room Lounge talking about Audrey. Having Audrey as a target keeps them safe, because she is someone they can get the whole house focused on. Jeff thinks the house is not going to be happy with a decision that doesn't put Audrey on the block. Austin thinks that if Shelli wants Da'Vonne gone, that Shelli should put up someone who is closer to Da'Vonne. They both say they have Liz's back.

Jeff tells Austin not to talk to Steve. They both expect blow-ups from Da'Vonne. Jeff and Austin both admire how cool Jackie was while she was on the block. They want to advise Liz to keep it cool in the same way. Both are going to wait until after Clay and Shelli have talked to her (until it's certain that Liz is the replacement nominee).

10:22PM BBT: Liz joins Jeff and Austin in the living room. They joke about the therapy that Liz needs. It's clear that Liz wants to talk about the potential of being a replacement nominee, but doesn't want to come out and say it. The guys say they don't want to talk about things until they are official. Austin teases that Liz is kryptonite.

They joke a bit more, and then Liz says that she is sad. She is tearful and they reassure her that they have her back. She leaves upset.

10:27PM BBT: James and Steve are in the Have-Not room talking about James' HoH reign. James thinks he got out of it with very little blood on his hands. Steve attributes that to James making his target clear very early on.

They talk about the one vote that went against the house. James feels good that he kept his promise to Jackie. He thinks the one vote was probably a sympathy vote for Jace and he's not mad about it.

Steve asks James who he thinks will be the replacement nominee. James has been out of touch since he left HoH. Steve points out to James that Shelli could potentially be a tie-breaker this week, and then comments that this game is exhausting. To restore some perspective, Steve reminds himself and James that they have awesome lives back home.

10:34PM BBT: Liz is back talking to Jeff and Austin in the living room. Liz tries to find out what Jeff and Austin know about what Audrey is thinking. Jeff thinks Audrey has to do what they tell her to. Jeff has already been cornered by Da'Vonne, who is NOT happy.

Da'Vonne tried to intimidate Jeff by saying that if she heard that he had anything to do with it, he would be toast. Liz is worried that Da'Vonne will play "the mommy card" to get sympathy. They agree that would be more of an influence toward the end.

Vanessa joins Liz, Jeff, and Austin in the living room. They are discussing Jace and reminiscing about his time in the house and sharing observations about his personality.

10:52PM BBT: Becky joins the group in the living room. The conversation has turned to how people mature differently, and how much perspectives change as you get older.

Austin shares his philosophy about being true to himself and holding on to something essential from your past. Next, Clay is welcomed to the "therapy session."

10:58PM BBT: Clay joins the group in the kitchen. They ask about the conversation in the living room and Clay tells them that the conversation has turned to high school stuff. Now the conversation is on the same topic in the kitchen.

11:00PM BBT: Jason thinks women go through a lot more than men do. Da'Vonne talks about what it's like being pregnant and seeing the baby kick. They have been waiting for the backyard to be opened up and suddenly realize that the door is actually already up!! They exclaim about when did that happen?!?

They call the group from the living room over, and they all go out to the backyard. Liz and Becky go to the hot-tub, while some of the guys try out the pool table.

11:07PM BBT: The backyard has been opened up. The HGs are elated. Johnny, Meg and Becky are going to sit in the hot-tub. Jason kneels on the couch talking to those in the backyard. Jeff and another HGs are playing pool.

11:12PM BBT: Meanwhile over in the Comic Room Vanessa and Steve are chatting. Vanessa is picking Steve's brain asking what he thinks the plan is this week. Steve doesn't know. Vanessa questions whether or not Steve through a competition. Steve didn't throw it. He was thinking too many steps ahead and while looking for pieces he was thinking about who he was going to pick. Vanessa says it was his to win and she's shocked he didn't. Steve worries that people think he did. Vanessa doesn't think so.

11:17PM BBT: In the backyard we have idle chit chat. Da'Vonne doesn't like the water from the fridge, she's been drinking bottled water only. Johnny wonders where she gets her fluoride from. Jason wonders if fluoride is bad on the stomach because he's always yelled at to not swallow when getting a cleaning. Johnny says it's because it's a concentrated dose.

11:21PM BBT: Out in the backyard Da'Vonne is talking about having her baby. Da'Vonne says it felt like cramps in your stomach and being kicked in the back by a dinosaur. Johnny doesn't know what any of those things feel like. Steve walks up and turns around and walks away. Becky laughs wondering how many times they've chased him away with the conversations. Pregnancy talk continues.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jeff is wandering around eating. A female's voice can be heard elsewhere in the house.

11:27PM BBT: Idle chit chat in the backyard about hot-tub maintenance.

Meanwhile, inside the kitchen, Shelli is eating with Audrey keeping her company. Audrey hopes she gets to host another competition. Audrey says they called her into DR at 5AM  and told her she'd be hosting BotB and gave her the microphone to call out to everyone. Shelli says Audrey did really well. FotH.

11:34PM BBT: We continue to have idle chit chat. Shelli is going to start to curl her hair a bit tonight even though she doesn't want to because she's tired. Audrey is sitting on the lounger chatting with her. Shelli just picked up the curler with her hand she says she'll probably get blisters now. Audrey says she knows a lot of people that got on reality TV this year. Her friend Adam got third place on America's Top Model.

Out in the backyard we have BB chat from past seasons. FotH.

11:41PM BBT: We continue to have random chit chat between Audrey and Shelli in the bathroom area and the rest of the HGs in the backyard. Audrey doing shout-outs. In the backyard the talk continues to be about previous seasons of BB and how amazing Derrick was as a player.

11:49PM BBT: We continue to have random chit chat around the house. In the kitchen Audrey and Shelli chat about TV shows they watch. Steve comes in asking if Clay is still in DR. He's been in there a while. The girls say he must be. Previous BB seasons/borderline production talk continues in the backyard.

11:58PM BBT: Idle chit chat around the HGs continues. Steve, Shelli, James and Audrey in the kitchen. Everyone else in the backyard. They realize it's almost July 4th. Clay is believed to be in DR still.

12:13AM BBT: Nothing new to report. Zero game talk. Just civil chatter among several groups. Johnny entered the kitchen and found something sweet. Shelli warns him that it's not good for his teeth. Johnny says he'll brush his teeth after he swears. Shelli is going to retire to bed.

12:23AM BBT: Becky and Austin work out near the hammock talking with Audrey and Liz who are swinging lightly. Random chatter. Over near the hot-tub Da'Vonne, Vanessa and Jackie are hanging out. Vanessa and Da'Vonne are talking about the Bible.

Down in the backyard Austin and Audrey chat about movies.

12:35AM BBT: Clay mentions that they asked about her in his DR session. They didn't talk PoV. FotH. Clay is going to go work out with Steve. But first Clay said he chatted with Da'Vonne earlier and told her that he respects her and such. Shelli and Clay agree she's being extremely grateful and civil.

12:45AM BBT: Over in the bathroom area Da'Vonne, is chatting with Vanessa and Liz behind her as they do nightly ADLs. Vanessa says she trusts her. Back in the HoH Clay says he's going to go work out. Shelli says she'll talk to him and they can talk game tomorrow.

12:52AM BBT: Liz whispers to Austin in the backyard and tells her that Da'Vonne is unaware of the plan at this moment and they want to try and keep it that way. Back in the bathroom area Jackie is blow drying her hair.

12:58AM BBT: Austin trains with Becky in the backyard while Clay works out with Steve.

1:12AM BBT: Clay works out with Steve on the bench while Audrey and Steve chats about the stigma of being gay. Jason says people do it without realizing they're doing it.

1:15AM BBT: In the bathroom area Becky talking to Jackie. Becky says it was Shelli's idea to take out Da'Vonne this week. Becky says Shelli is HoH and she's going along with it. Jeff comes in and uses the bathroom.

1:17AM BBT: Talk stops briefly as Jeff leaves the bathroom and then comes back in. Both girls agree that it's nice that Audrey is integrating herself back into the house again but they have to watch her. Becky is gone. Jeff whispers to Jackie that the crazy girl gets to stay another week. Jackie agrees. Jackie says they have the chance to get out Da'Vonne this week so they might as well. Jeff hopes it doesn't bite them in the butt this week. Jeff heads out.

1:21AM BBT: Jason and Audrey continue to chat civilly. Right now Audrey is trying to explain Astrology. James and Da'Vonne are playing pool. Other HGs are spread throughout the yard and the house.

1:29AM BBT: Jeff and James enter the storage room. Jeff asks James how Da'Vonne is. James says she's alright. Jeff says he hopes she knows that he has no choice in the matter. James says no one has choice in the matter this week because they're not in power. Jeff agrees and says it's too early in the week to say otherwise. James says he'll be going after Audrey next week.

In the backyard Austin is popping Jackie's back while Becky and Jeff graze in the kitchen. Random chatter.

1:47AM BBT: James is taking Giselle the giraffe outside. Johnny, Steve and Jeff are grazing/drinking in the kitchen. The house has a serious ant problem. Becky is putting on makeup for a DR session.

1:59AM BBT: The HGs continue to be civil with each other. Several conversations going on. Nothing new to report. Austin, Clay, Steve, Johnny and Becky are hanging out in the kitchen. Out in the backyard Jeff and James continues to play pool with Da'Vonne and Giselle the Giraffe watching.

2:01AM BBT: *Flashback Alert - Feeds 1 and 2* James grabs Giselle the Giraffe and runs through the house with it and into the DR with it. An unfamiliar voice can be heard saying "What the hell is that?" James begins to explain and his mic is cut off.

2:07AM BBT: Giselle the Giraffe is out of DR. According to Becky DR told James that Giselle wasn't invited and sent her back out. James remain in the DR.

In the house, Steve asks Liz if she's attracted to girls. Liz tells him no. Steve says "sometimes people are bi-curious". Liz says no way and changes the subject.

2:16AM BBT: Austin and John are going to take a shower. Austin is up first. Jeff and Clay are playing pool in the backyard with Becky watching. John says " should shower." Da'Vonne and Liz gasps. John says "What....I want everyone to be clean."

2:20AM BBT: Steve is attempting to cook slop and asks "Is this smoke bad?" Da'Vonne tells him to turn down the heat a bit. Austin in the shower and Liz in the bathroom area chatting about washing hair.

2:31AM BBT: Liz is currently in the shower while Clay is brushing his teeth.

Out in the backyard Jayson, Jackie and Audrey are talking about Jace's shrine.

2:43AM BBT: Some of the HGs have been taking showers and getting ready for bed, while others are already in bed and the last group is hanging out in the backyard just chatting it up.

2:51AM BBT: Da'Vonne talking to Jason about how she's missing her daughter. Da'Vonne says she should have done this earlier in her life. Da'Vonne points out that everyone was begging to go outside but then turned around and went inside.

3:00AM BBT: Jason points out that there will be a few days before veto. Jason says Audrey wanted to talk on a personal level tonight but he tried several days ago and it was unsuccessful. Becky says she fears Audrey gaining one friend, then another and other. Da'Vonne knows John will pull himself off the block. If Audrey goes up great. If not, then they know what kind of game is being played.

Da'Vonne asks Jackie and Becky to look after James. She realizes there's a chance that she might go home this week and he's such a good dude. They all agree. Meanwhile in the kitchen a majority of the HGs are grazing.

3:27AM BBT: Idle chit chat resumes around the house. Jeff points out he was not asked about Giselle the Giraffe and we get FotH.

3:31AM BBT: Talk in the backyard is about the BOB competition. Jeff and Meg are poking fun at each other. Steve and Jeff wrestle over Giselle the Giraffe. FotH.

The feeds are back and Steve is dangling Giselle over the edge of the balcony. Jeff goes and gets James. They ask for Steve to come back. Steve threatens to drop her. Audrey says to not let her have the horrible memories. The party in the backyard is breaking up. Jason, Austin, Jackie and Becky are going to go to bed very soon. The girls head in.

3:44AM BBT: Out in the backyard Jason talks to Austin about the various fan sites and the feeds. Inside the kitchen most the HGs are still up and talking randomly. Becky says the key box is just as wide as the door and it's very difficult to squeeze in and out. FotH. Audrey in bed. She's glad she has her own bed. She said it's an advantage to being the most hated HGs in the house.

3:48AM BBT: Audrey asks Clay in a darkened Ocean Room how his first night in the HoH was. He doesn't know what she's talking about. Clay said he cuddled that was it. Audrey says she'll get the dirt eventually. He says there's no dirt.

3:52AM BBT: Audrey and Clay continue to whisper in the darkened Ocean Room. Clay points out she is safe this week due to he and Shelli.

3:56AM BBT: Audrey is whispering to Clay saying she believes in good vs. evil and finally someone.... from the other side is going to go Out in the backyard Steve, Jason, Jeff, James, Becky and Meg continue to play with Meg and Giselle.


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