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Friday, September 25, 2020 Nominations Today
9:00AM BBT:  The feeds go to stars while BB tries to wake the scoundrels. When the feeds come back, all four cameras are on Cody sleeping in the HoH room with the lights on.

9:10AM BBT: Memphis is in the kitchen making coffee.

9:51AM BBT: Christmas is up and Memphis is whispering very low to her, Memphis then starts shaving his face and we get stars. [BB's third attempt at getting the HGs verticle.]

9:56AM BBT: Christmas is doing ADLs as Memphis shaves. All other HGs are still in bed sleeping.

9:59AM BBT: Dani is now up in the bathroom area doing ADLs with Christmas and Memphis. Christmas tells her that she is tired. David up in the bathroom.

10:20PM BBT: Christmas is in the bathroom area putting her makeup on. Enzo says he is a Have-Not and he says had seven pickles last night. Christmas tells him to make the slop like oatmeal add honey and milk. Enzo says anything going on today Memphis and Christmas tell him nominations. They start talking about the competition and Enzo says the money was too hard to pass up. Christmas says she is mad that each shot she got worse.

10:31AM BBT: Enzo goes up to talk to Cody and they talk about Dani not wanting to leave. Cody asks what time it is Enzo tells him it's 10:30 and he says, Oh crap, BB let us sleep in today.

Cody says Dani is after Christmas. Memphis is scared of Tyler. Enzo and Cody talk about Kevin and Day told him all the alliances. They also told him about Dani having the power and was going to use it on Memphis. They say he has all this information and he needs to go. Enzo says he is going to take it personally and say you're not going to get my jury vote.

10:42AM BBT: Cody says he wants Kevin gone. Enzo says yes he needs to go and Christmas but we need to back door her. They say if Kevin was to win he would put me and You. They talk about Dani how she will twist information. Cody says that Dani and Christmas go after each other and we are protected. Cody says he going to tell David that he has to do something to appease this group he is working with and going to trust him and reassure him that he is not the target this week If he messes that up then Cody will go after him. Enzo says that Day was drilling him to win this HoH this week,

10:55PM BBT: Cody and Enzo talk about Nicole. Enzo says he really like Nicole because she doesn't run and tell everybody everything. Feeds cut to stars Feeds come back on and they talk about David again. Enzo says he likes Memphis he is a man after his own words. Christmas tells Enzo she wants to go after Dani.

11:05AM BBT: David is scrubbing the kitchen while Dani and Christmas eat and have coffee.

11:09AM BBT: Christmas going to the HoH room. Cody says he has seven people to talk to and not much to say today, Christmas says she is so glad he got a picture of Christy and his letter was so nice and Cody says he's glad too. Christmas says we are crushing and Cody says yeah this is the best alliance ever, Christmas says I want to keep that going you know what I mean and Cody says yeah I know we have prizes this week but we have to keep this going.

11:11AM BBT: Cody says I know that Kevin will be up here throwing everything sat me this week and feed switch to Dani and Enzo talking and then we get STARS.

11:16AM BBT: Dani called to the DR as Enzo makes a proteins shake and David drinks coffee.

11:22AM BBT: Christmas tells Cody that this week we will be down to six and in two weeks we will have four people gone know what I mean? Cody says yeah. They then talk about Kevin being a have not and how Christmas did not want to give him the have not but he has only been on it one time but I felt sorry for him because he has been the pawn a lot.

11:26AM BBT: Christmas asks Cody if David is the number two and Cody says yeah right now it is Kevin I just feel like you know and Christmas says yeah I know. Christmas says, in my opinion, I think things have been running so well and Cody says yeah if it comes back on me that's OK I just want to stick to what we have been doing.

11:31AM BBT: Christmas and Cody continue talking about everyone and how they have played the game. They talk about Dani and what her obsession was over Day. Cody says, I do not know what it was but it started when she was HoH and did not put up Day so she brought all this on herself. Cody says maybe she wanted to take her to the end of the game so she would have a better shot or something I do not know. Christmas says I actually liked Day and it broke my heart to put Bay and Day on the block and I did not get that feeling on the side with hey I want to be friends outside the game and I did not get that with Bay so that's why I wanted to do that with Day.

11:39AM BBT: Cody tells Christmas that if he gets houseguest choice he will pick her to play because he knows they will keep it the same. He then says well either you or Memphis so don't count on it yet. Cody says, I would love to see Memphis get a punishment and have to wear a tutu. Christmas is leaving and tells Cody if her name comes up to come to her for clarification please and he says yeah I will. Christmas leaves the HoH room.

11:42AM BBT: Cody alone brushing his teeth and getting dressed, David and Memphis in the kitchen eating.

11:47AM BBT: Memphis goes to the key bedroom to talk to Christmas and ask if everything is good and she says yeah I feel better after talking to him. Cody now in the kitchen to get something to eat and talks to David.

11:52AM BBT: Christmas and Memphis in the key bedroom talking about the layout of the room then Christmas says this is going to be a bad week 'cause Kevin is not going to take this lightly and Dani is not going to take it lightly. Memphis says Kevin is going to be devastated and he is on slop thanks to you, Then Memphis laughs. He says we want Kevin to go home this week and he will be on the block and he is on slop so he will lose his momentum and we do not want Cody to change nominations.

11:58AM BBT: Memphis says he can not believe Dani did not use that power on herself and used it on me last night and Christmas says no she didn't want to win and I do not think she wanted to win anyways you know what I mean and Memphis says yeah and we keep getting stars.

12:03PM BBT: Cody is in the HoH bedroom moving his snacks around. Memphis and Christmas talking in the key bedroom. Christmas tells Memphis that she cried in the lounge for a bit last night. Memphis says to America that our perception of him in the house is not true. David has arrived in the HoH bedroom. He and Cody discuss lotion. Neither like greasy lotion.

12:07PM BBT: David and Cody talking about the past in the house. Cody says that he and David are tight. Cody says that there is other stuff going on in the house that he needs to take care of first. He says there is another HG that has been saying his name. Cody is trying to tell David he is going up without telling him he is going up. Cody says that he is not a threat to David. He keeps telling David that it is all smoke and mirrors.

12:15PM BBT: David tells Cody that he won the power first. Cody says he had a feeling. David explains how he won it. Cody says it was the best of the powers.

12:20PM BBT: Cody keeps talking to David and explaining things. David just keeps repeating what Cody is saying. Cody telling David how he wanted to work with Day in the beginning. Cody trying to give David advice.

12:33PM BBT: David and Cody finish their conversation and hug it out. In the bathroom area, Nicole and Dani talking. Nicole is doing her makeup.

12:34PM BBT: Kevin and David in the kitchen talking about the mood last night. David said everyone was happy. There was a feeling of playfulness. We get stars. We come back and all four cameras on David flossing his teeth.

12:47PM BBT: Nicole and David in the bathroom area. Nicole has put on some fragrance spray. David says he loves that one. They discuss perfume and cologne. Nicole says that she prefers lotion but can't really lather up in the house so uses the spray.

12:52PM BBT: Kevin and Enzo talking in the Have-Not bedroom. Kevin trying to tell him about Day knowing she was going because of the move she made. Enzo tells Kevin to talk to Cody but not go in hard. Just make some points. Enzo tells Kevin that no matter who goes on the block, it isn't over yet.

12:55PM BBT: Memphis and Dani talking about who won the prizes. They think maybe Tyler. Dani wonders if it was Christmas. Memphis says he doesn't think so. They both agree Christmas was angry and stomping around. In the kitchen, Cody spelling out Happy Birthday to someone back home with cereal.

12:58PM BBT: Cody is spelling out to his mom. He says to the cameras that spelling out Dominique to too long (he has it almost done) and he is being lazy. Wishes her a happy birthday. he says to Kevin that he feels like an idiot and has to finish it. He works on it some more.

1:12PM BBT: Christmas is talking to Enzo about the HGs and how she hasn't had conversations with certain people. Christmas says it will be easier to talk to Memphis since they are in the same room now. She says she loves her wise guys. Memphis and Cody talking in the HoH bedroom. They are discussing the powers. Memphis says he went for the power all three times. Memphis says that Tyler's story keeps flip-flopping. Cody says that Tyler did flip flop but then admitted.

1:19PM BBT: Cody and Memphis are angry that Tyler didn't go for HoH last night. he told Memphis that if he could get some money it's better. Cody says that Christmas stomping around last night was absurd. They are talking about Dani planting seeds. Memphis says that Dani must think he is an idiot with what she says to him.

1:38PM BBT: Enzo and Christmas studying in the key bedroom. Nicole and Cody talking in the HoH bedroom. Cody says that if Kevin comes down, he doesn't want David going up. He says he is going to put up Christmas. Nicole says that Cody is doing Dani's dirty work. Cody explains that Christmas is the only one he can put up. Cody says that Dani is after him. Nicole says that he won so it is up to him but she doesn't agree. They are discussing how things went down on their season.

1:52PM BBT: Cody says that he wants to win the Veto and is willing to take punishments to win. He says he won't take competition punishments or slop. Nicole says that she doesn't want the competition punishments. Cody says that Kevin may take them but he doesn't expect anyone to take them. Cody says he would shave his head. Nicole says she would dye her hair. Nicole says she hasn't won anything yet so she is willing to take them to help him.

1:58PM BBT: Christmas tells Kevin in the storage room that she feels horrible about making him a Have-Not. He tells her it's not a big deal "don't worry about it".

Kevin leaves then Christmas says to the camera "I feel like such poop about it. Look at the bags under my eyes. This game sucks!"

Christmas walks through the living room on her way back to the kitchen and we see the reminder on the screen: Nominations Today.

2:04PM BBT: Nicole is called to DR. We see her go in and walk down the hall. Feeds cut to Christmas in the kitchen saying she feels better and yesterday was just a day. We go to stars.

2:09PM BBT: Nicole and Enzo talking in the Have-Not bedroom. Nicole says people are trying to pin her against other people. They talk about Christmas stomping around. Nicole tells Enzo that Cody wants Kevin to go this week. She is going to go talk to Christmas. She wants to make sure Christmas isn't coming after her or Enzo.

2:16PM BBT: Kevin is in the lounge. Talking to himself. He is trying to figure out things.

In the kitchen, Christmas and David discuss food.

2:23PM BBT: David is doing shout outs to co-workers from the kitchen. Christmas is in front of the sink. They talk about when fans tell them that they have a family member who loves them. Christmas says she will face time them. She says people bother her all the time during dinner. She says people have no boundaries. She says people lose their minds.

2:40PM BBT: Christmas and Nicole are playing backgammon in the key bedroom. Tyler and Cody are talking game in the HoH room

Tyler: I'm ready for whatever happens

Cody: Dani is a F'ing good player. She is going to be aware... on my season I had to do it. I had to do it with Caleb.

Tyler: At least we know.

Cody: We know and we have to do know how easy it could be for Nicole and Dani to put something in Christmas and... you know.

3:01PM BBT: Nicole goes in the HoH room with Tyler and Cody saying she can't find Dani she says she must be in the DR or something I don't know sorry I interrupted and she leaves. Tyler leaves the HoH room and goes downstairs with Nicole to the kitchen to get chicken nuggets that he says smells good.

3:04PM BBT: Kevin is in the HoH and Cody asks if he had won HoH would I have been nominated? Kevin says no, Kevin says, I told Dani who I would put up but I was advised by someone to put someone up to get the least amount of blood on my hands. Cody said you were advised by Day and Kevin says no Day wanted you out and Cody says wow.

3:06PM BBT: Kevin says Day told me that she was in an alliance with others and that Dani got Memphis to come after her but he says I'm just trying to get through this without getting blood on my hands. Kevin says day told him she had a problem with David because he was causing division in the house and was throwing her and everyone under the bus.

Cody says she could not be more wrong about Dani and Kevin says I don't know anything. People tell me a lot and I just do not know. Cody says you can take what people say and believe it or not to believe it ya know.

3:15PM BBT: Kevin has his turn with Cody prior to nominations. It's a long talk with Cody that results in Kevin's revelation that he is indeed going on the block.

Kevin: Dani talked about a bigger picture she had in play. She wouldn't tell me what that was.

Cody: I think a lot is BS and it's just whether people choose or don't choose to do it. Jury management can go one way and it can go another way. Anything can happen in this game.

3:17PM BBT: Kevin and Cody still talking in the HoH room and Kevin ask is there any way he can help Cody because they are going to start firing and we keep getting stars. Kevin then says that Dani told him she has a bigger picture that she wants to play but she does not feel that.

3:25PM BBT: Cody says he does not trust a lot because he talked to Ian a lot. Kevin says the person who told me to put up was Ian so he told me what to do. Cody says Ian did not tell me that he told me y'all talked and I feel like you would target me and he made me feel like I could not even tell you how my vote was going to go because the vote would go the opposite way and Kevin says because of me and Cody says he did not say you but he made it sound like if anyone knew the vote would go the other way, Kevin says that is so weird.
way. Cody says I think it is all BS and I think Jury management is BS.

3:35PM BBT: Cody says I'm going to have trouble with people in the jury and we can not control things but we can not control it. Kevin says well if I get it right I'm going up on the block and it is like tit for tat. Cody says I'm just nominating and I do not know how things are going to go this week I don't, We have the veto and we do not know what will happen, Kevin says if I get nominated the person next to me won't say that they were told they were not the target, Cody says I do not have a target this week and if the veto gets used and if I have to break a tie this week I will decide then I do not know what I will do because I know where I have to play some things but I really do not know. Kevin says well this is the game and you have to play it. Kevin says as much as you want to believe what others have told you about me that's your opinion but when I go to the jury I will not engage I will vote on my own personal opinion.

3:39PM BBT: Kevin says whatever story you want to tell about me Cody then OK, Cody says it is like Day wanted to put me up and get me out but and Kevin says Cody when I enter a room all conversations stop that is why I do not engage and when you are in there you have your gameplay and I relate you have your way of playing and I have mine. Kevin says it is what it is and you are on your side and I'm on mine it is like tit for tat.

3:43PM BBT: Kevin says if someone tells me something am I supposed to come tell you what is going on? Cody says your best friend was targeting me and Kevin says so I was supposed to come tell you and Cody says no but she was targeting me. Kevin says so that is why you are targeting me and Cody says whoa wait when did this turn to me targeting you but I have no worries about nominating you but you are throwing digs now. Kevin says I was not throwing digs and like you said it sucks to have powers and I'm going to do what I do and it has been fun, Cody.

Kevin gets up and Cody says, I do not like the way this is turning and Kevin says then either you are crazy or I'm and Cody says I'm not crazy then Kevin says thank you for connecting and leaves the HoH room.

3:47PM BBT: Dani now in the HoH and Cody says that conversation just went south and Dani ask if they were yelling and Cody says I just told him he is going on the block and he tells Dani the conversation with Kevin and how it got heated.

"Cody, I never get to hang out with you... you are so popular... apparently, I'm the last one to talk with you."

3:52PM BBT: Dani and Cody in the HoH room and Cody just telling Dani everything that Kevin just said to him and Cody is a little loud and heated.

In the kitchen, Memphis and Tyler are talking general talk.

3:56PM BBT: Dani and Cody still talking and Dani says you are worked up and laughs, He tells Dani that he told Kevin he never came to talk to him and he was always on his side but they never talked. Tyler and Memphis still in the kitchen chatting.

4:01PM BBT: Memphis and Tyler are talking in the kitchen about how many times different HGs have been in the house. Memphis says he wouldn't have done it after 5 years. He told his mom to never let him play again. When he told his mom this time she reminded him.

In the HoH room, Cody is talking to Dani. They talk about Day. Dani says that Day did have most of the stuff pinned down. Cody is trying to disagree.

4:05PM BBT: Dan says that Kevin will be the most bitter jury member. Cody says that Kevin will ruin the integrity of the game by being bitter. We go to stars.

4:10PM BBT: Dani and Cody talking about people not liking them but they don't know them. Dani says then people to know them and love them. Cody says that he told Memphis that he thinks he is a great guy but he is a jerk. Memphis told Cody that he is the guy that when he walks into a bar, people hate him all the time. Dani says that she has a lot of issues with Memphis.

4:17PM BBT: In the kitchen, Memphis, Tyler and Kevin are chatting about reasons people come into the house.

In the HoH room, Cody and Dani just chatting. No game talk.

4:25PM BBT: Cody gets called to the DR just as he is preparing to take a shower and Dani is heading to make him some chicken nuggets for a wrap.

Dani: Ohhhh, they hate you.

The feeds quickly jump to kittens for the nomination ceremony.

5:21PM BBT: The feeds have returned. Cody nominated Kevin and David.

David heads to the lounge "Ohhhh, boy. Damn"

5:35PM BBT: Christmas: Hey! Do you want to be left alone?

David shrugs

Christmas: I'm sorry.

David: It's part of the game.

Christmas: It still sucks.

David: It does.

Christmas: Well, you are guaranteed to play in the veto. Let's look at the positives. You are guaranteed to play in veto.

From that speech it doesn't look like you are the one he wants to go.

David: You never know.

Christmas: Just win that veto.

David: I guess... it's just the same thing every week... over and over.

5:24PM BBT: The feeds are back and Kevin and David have been Nominated. David goes to the lounge and sits alone shaking his head.

5:27PM BBT: Memphis in the storage room looking through the fridge, Dani and Nicole are in the photo bedroom, Dani is telling Nicole about Cody and Kevin yelling in the HoH room earlier before nominations.  Christmas says she wants to hear about the Kevin conversation today, Dani then says she is trying to figure out what to make with her sweet potatoes, Christmas says Memphis is making salmon tonight then ask if they want to help put food up in the storage room.

5:33PM BBT: Dani in the storage room putting veggies away, Tyler, Christmas, and Cody in the kitchen cooking. Nicole joins Dani in the storage room looking through the food that was delivered.

5:38PM BBT: Christmas goes in the lounge and talks to David, David says this sucks, and Christmas says it is the game but it sounded like from the speech that you are not the target. Christmas says if you do not want to win the veto then walk away with the prizes at least walk away with something, David says yeah just from the viewers it is over and over and we get stars.

5:40PM BBT: David said third time and Christmas says at least it isn't the fifth time and David says I know I do not know how Kevin is handling it. Christmas says my heart hurts for him, David says I did not win competitions and it is annoying and Christmas says frustrating and David agrees, David tells her that part of him is like this is a boring season to watch and people do not want to tune into things that are expected to happen so I will fight and give them something to watch. My goal now is to save this season, for being an All-Star season but it is going to get good now and Christmas says it is only four weeks left. Feeds switch to Dani and Nicole in the storage room talking about the food.

5:46PM BBT: David tells Christmas that he does not see the votes and Christmas says I do not know because a lot of people have been playing but if my name is drawn for the veto I'm playing and she says if you pick me or Kevin picks me I'm going for all the prizes but not telling them I want them to think I'm a competition beast OK and David shakes his head, Christmas says I do not want them to know because I will be bumped to the top of their list and I think we have a chance.

5:49PM BBT: Christmas tells David to win next week and then the following week she will win and she is putting the rest of the team up.

5:52PM BBT: Christmas tells David he needs to win the veto and then she tells him that Cody might put her up she does not know. She then tells him she wants to know what Kevin and Cody's conversation was it sounded interesting. David says he is going to talk to Him later and Christmas says can we keep this between us and he says yeah as Christmas hugs him and she leaves the room. Kevin comes in and says David you know you are staying no matter what if you win veto you're staying if you do not win veto you are staying, David says I do know that

5:58PM BBT: Kevin and David talk about how far Day made it in her seasons. Kevin talks about he has been through this before in his season that if you do not win it you go home but you know it is kind of refreshing you know, David said yeah.

Christmas: What did you get on the HoH (she means competition)?

David: A 7, I rolled right past the one.

Christmas: Mine was, I got a 10 and 12 and then I kicked it off. I literally got progressively worse. If I had known, I would have gone for the cash.

David: Yeah.

Christmas: ...and surprise, four people played for the case... that doesn't surprise me.

David: A lot of people are in a good position in the house...I knew I had to play for the HoH because it was a likely chance... but here we are, third time this season.

Christmas: It's not your 5th.

David: It's not my 5th. That's right... poor Kevin... 5th and slop.

Christmas: My heart hurts for him... he is taking it like a champion.

David: I don't know how he is managing it... he is getting used to it... gotta win competitions, or you lose. I knew that coming into the game. It's just--

Christmas: Annoying.

David: Part of me is like damn, this sucks... it's got to be a boring season to watch. I can just tell that it's pretty...

Christmas: Here we go again.

David: Yeah, people don't want to tune in things they expect to happen... I'll fight and give people something to watch.

Christmas: Well I wanted to... [The feeds switch back to the storage room.]

6:05PM BBT:

Kevin: It's weird. He wants everybody to like him. I'm like not everybody has to like you, Cody

David: Yep. He's got such a thing set up.

Kevin: He only talks to me right before a competition... in case I win.

David: Yeah, why to expend the energy... some players are good at diversifying their energy to everybody in the house. Some can't do that.

Kevin: He doesn't even know he is privileged... he comes from a place of privilege of power... He was like, 'it's you, the powerless person, who is responsible for all this' and I wasn't having it. He lives in a bubble. We are supposed to swallow what he serves.

David: Here's the deal. If Dani won, the same situation. If Nicole had won, same situation.

They discuss the prizes. Kevin says he didn't even think about going for them.

6:00PM BBT: Kevin tells David he talked to Cody and after about 45 minutes he told him he was putting him up and he repeats what he and Cody said to David.

6:22PM BBT: Cody comes out of the HoH room and goes to the kitchen. Memphis walking back and forth upstairs alone. Nicole is peeling carrots while David washes dishes and Kevin is making slop. Christmas and Tyler are working out with weights and Dani cooking.

6:25PM BBT: Cody joins Christmas in the key bedroom and tells her that his and Kevin's talk went badly and he repeats what all Kevin said. He says he asked Kevin so if he gets voted out this week that is how he is going to base his decision at finally and He tells her that Kevin says yeah I can have my own decision.

6:29PM BBT: Christmas says how many times can you give a guy a life raft before he sinks? Cody says yeah that's what I'm saying. Christmas asks Cody if Kevin said who he would put up if he wins and he says yeah Kevin said he would put Memphis. Christmas says wow.

Cody says, "I saw you come back here so I ran I will let you go back to your workout." Christmas then talks to the camera about Kevin saying she saved him week one and made sure she stayed with Day and she says he is exhausting and is like a rock sack on her back. She says you are literally going to throw my name out there I kept you safe and you are going to throw me under the bus get out of here and she heads back to the kitchen.

6:35PM BBT: Cody in the HoH room with Enzo telling him about the conversation with Kevin now and how he saved Kevin all this time.

6:38PM BBT: Nicole joins Cody and Enzo in the HoH room as Cody is still going on about Kevin and their conversation. Christmas is now heading upstairs.

Dani is in the kitchen cooking and chopping veggies. Tyler is working out and Kevin just walking around the house.

6:46PM BBT: Kevin and Enzo in the Have-Not room and Enzo says he is trying to stay away from people, They talk about Enzo's hoodie and Enzo says it is so cold in there.

In the HoH room, Cody, Nicole, and Christmas are talking and Tyler comes in. Cody then has to tell Tyler about his conversation with Kevin and Christmas keeps saying that's his pitch and Cody keeps complaining about Kevin and how Kevin made him mad.

6:51PM BBT: Kevin telling Enzo about his conversation with Cody and Enzo talking like he has not heard anything. Cody is still going on about Kevin in the HoH room and how Kevin will not vote for him if he is at the end if he leaves this week.

7:23PM BBT: Nicole and Christmas are playing Backgammon in the key bedroom. Cody, Memphis and Dani are hanging out in the kitchen. They are discussing how it is no longer awkward having to go to the bathroom downstairs because Da'Vonne is no longer hanging out there. She practically lived in there. They also discuss that the HoH is the only comfortable place to hang out and that none of the showers get hot in the BB house.

7:29PM BBT: Cody and David are talking in the lounge. Cody says that the game is about to get crazy. David says it needs to be because the fans probably think that this game is redundant and boring. Kevin had already been up four times. Cody says yes, but that Kevin took two jabs at him when they talked before the nominations and the conversation was over with.

8:10PM BBT: Kevin and David are talking in the lounge. They wonder who has the record for the most times on the block. David doesn't think he is near that record because he actually only made it to eviction night twice. David says that he wants to make a deal with Kevin. If either one of them gets pulled down from eviction, they won't vote against each other, whichever one of them stays up. Kevin says that if either of them win veto, it doesn't matter who is put up next to them. They will be a high value target because there is not a lot left to choose from. It will be a very revealing moment if Cody has to put someone else up. They feel like they have a 33% chance of winning veto because they feel the house is going to go after prizes instead of the veto. No one is going to want to change the nominations.

8:15PM BBT: Kevin and David continue to talk in the lounge. Kevin thinks their best this week may be to try to encourage the others to take prizes and throw the veto. Just a little advantage may do it. It may even open up the door of building something in the future. They both admit that the house continues to not open up to either one of them.

8:23PM BBT: Dani and Cody are talking in the HoH. Dani doesn't blame Kevin for being grumpy. Cody says that he had the same chance as everyone else in winning competitions. Dani says that they are America's last hope. Cody doesn't understand. She clarifies that they are the only ones capable of getting out Christmas, Memphis and Tyler. No one else can do it. Dani says that it is guaranteed that everyone watching the show was really upset that Da'Vonne left. Cody tells Dani that Da'Vonne blew the Slick 6 to Kevin. She asks him why he never told her that. "I forgot".

8:35PM BBT: David and Kevin are talking in the lounge. Kevin talks about how Jessie left on his season (11) because he was the only returning player and his cast hated that. They Coup d'Etated his butt out of there. Kevin tells David that fans love it when the underdogs win some big power. They are probably hoping they will win the veto. They probably don't even care which one of them wins it, as long as Cody is forced into the position of having to put someone else up.

8:49PM BBT: David and Kevin are talking in the lounge. David tells him how things turned soured between him and Da'Vonne and what he feels led up to it. Meanwhile Cody and Dani are in the HoH. They are complaining about the limited amount of avocados in the house.

9:09PM BBT: Kevin and David are chatting in the lounge. Kevin tells David that he (David) is good this week. David says at least they got to play with the legend Da'Vonne, and there were some fun moments this season. Both of them say they are on a time out island but have made it to a respectable place in the game. David says that Kevin can at least walk out and say he was nominated 5 times. Kevin says that at least this season, he won't be invisible on the episodes.

9:19PM BBT: Dani, Tyler, Cody, Nicole and Memphis are talking in the HoH. Cody asks why Kevin walks around with his blanket. Dani "That's his thing" Memphis "That's not supposed to be a thing". Tyler "That's his security, he talks in the DR about it. It is his safety blanket. He had something like on his season too." Nicole "He wore scarves all the time last time." FotH

9:23PM BBT: Memphis tells Dani, Tyler, Cody, Nicole and Memphis about his time he stayed the night on a haunted cruise ship. It was creepy as shit. It is like a hotel. You check in and stay in a stateroom. It is like a smaller version of the Titanic. During WWII, the US used it to transport soldiers back and forth from the war. They crammed soldiers on it and many of them died on board resulting in it becoming super haunted. There were a couple other incidents when it went more into the typical cruise ship after that. Two kids, maybe twins, drowned in the pool. Things kept happening and people kept dying on it in weird ways. The ship was retired and it was docked in Long Beach for midnight tours through the creepiest parts of the ship. After the tour, you go back to your room to sleep. He woke up around three in the morning and heard running down the hallways. It was F*ing creepy.

9:27PM BBT: Memphis continues his ghost story chats by telling the others that he did a tour at the hotel outside of Boulder, Colorado where they shot the movie "The Shining". Supposedly Jim Carrey stayed while he was filming "Dumb and Dumber" He stayed in the room where they filmed the "Where's Johnny" scene. He got so freaked out that he fled the hotel and wouldn't stay there anymore. He also went to a place in Tallahassee that was an old children's hospital called Sunny Land. In the late 80s they were taking mentally ill kids and performing crazy tests and things like electric shot therapy. It sat empty and barricaded up. Students used to walk the halls and their photos always showed the creepiest things. Ghost Hunters filmed there too.

9:42PM BBT: The gang is still upstairs talking about haunted placed. Meanwhile David, Kevin and Christmas are down in the kitchen. David points out to Kevin that the cameras are on him so do something fun. Kevin strikes a pose in his blanket shawl. David hears a noise he can't identify and calls out "Who is it." Christmas "Announce yourself". David says that he has officially lost it. Christmas says she is going to go upstairs and make things even more awkward.

9:45PM BBT: Memphis, Christmas, Cody, Tyler, Dani and Nicole are in the HoH. They ask Christmas if it is 10 yet. She said no, 9:40. Nicole and Dani say they are going to go ahead go down to wash their face. They decide that they are going to "do the Memphis" tonight and go to bed early.

9:46PM BBT: Kevin and David are talking in the kitchen. Kevin hears the crew in the backyard and walks up to the patio doors "They be doing things out there. You all are working a late shift." He walks up and stares through the patio doors. "Da'Vonne, they are building shit. That means it's going to be out there." David "Here we go." BB "Knock it off."

9:47PM BBT: Christmas comes back downstairs to the kitchen. She jokes around with him and he throws a grape at her. They start throwing grapes at each other. David "I am the matrix" Christmas "I am too bored". BB "Stop that".

10:06PM BBT: Dani and Nicole are in the photo bedroom whispering. Dani says Christmas is already trying to convince Kevin and David that it is the two of them coming after them. She says that it feels like they are about to go to war. Dani "Can you imagine having to pick between Memphis and Christmas?" Nicole "We have to think about which one is best." Dani "Keeping her around would guarantee us another week. But, it only gives us 1 week because if the veto is used, one of us is going up and we can get knocked out. Kevin and David are less likely to win competitions than Tyler and Christmas. It is a question of 1 week. And there is no way they are going to take out Enzo and they are already trying to recruit. So, do we wait one week or do we go ahead and take a stab? I think we have Memphis on our side. Maybe we can pull Tyler and Christmas over to us."

10:10PM BBT: Dani and Nicole continue to talk in the photo bedroom. If the veto is used, Christmas is likely to go up. You, me and Enzo decides who goes home this week." They discuss how they may have to strong arm the others in a gentle way. Do you want to win the game or not? Dani wants to play in this veto game so bad. She wants to win all the prizes. But she is nervous about the punishments. Christmas has said she will take all the punishments, but if there is a photo or phone call with Loyal, Christmas will take that. They need to make sure Cody knows that and ask her about it up front.

9:10PM BBT: Kevin and David are chatting in the lounge. Kevin tells David he is sure he (David) is good this week.

David says at least they got to play with Da'Vonne, and there were some fun moments this season.

David and Kevin both believe they are on an island in the game, both of them say they have made it to a respectable place in the game.

Cody, Tyler, Daniele, Nicole F, and Memphis in the HoH room. General talk about the wake-up schedule and morning music.

Daniele sees David in the kitchen, reports that he was in the "love room" (the lounge). Someone asks if he was with Kevin, Daniele tells them no, that Kevin had been napping earlier. (wrong, they were in there together).

The group in the HoH mention Kevin wearing his blanket around the house, Daniele says the blanket is his "thing", he talks about it in the diary room. Nicole says on his last season he wore scarves. Memphis asks if he should know to be sensitive about it... and

We get stars until the topic changes.

WE get the HoH gang again, but when Tyler starts to tell the worst thing he has seen on the feeds, guess what? You guessed it, we get more stars!

We get feeds a few minutes later when Memphis tells about a museum involving a haunted cruise ship. He says you can pay for a tour, and you can spend the night in a stateroom. He says it is very creepy, he says he woke up at 3AM and heard running down the hallways. Memphis talks about a haunted hotel, he says he didn't' stay there, but has heard about it. He talks about a haunted children's hospital where procedures were performed; he says it is very creepy looking.

Christmas, Enzo, Kevin are in the kitchen. Just general talk.

Christmas decides to go up to the HoH room and make them feel awkward.

After a few minutes David is messing with the number of days, what days it is, and so on. Kevin tells him there is a competition coming that asks about days, and he is going to mess himself up. David just shrugs it off.

Kevin peeks out the patio doors, BOB tells him to "knock it off." David says "our lives on the line and we can't be curious?"

Meanwhile, the whole time he is at the kitchen table, whenever David hears a noise he yells, "Who is it?" or "announce yourself."

Cody has fallen asleep and has been for several minutes, houseguests are leaving the room, turning the lights off for him.

Now David is sitting at the kitchen table tossing grapes to the balcony for others to catch. After he throws quite a few BOB says, "I said stop it!" and, we get stars

David asks Memphis if he is ready to catch a grape.

Memphis: "Yeah."

David tosses. Memphis doesn't even try to catch it, he just keeps walking.

David laughs, "He didn't even try to catch it, he just kept walkin'."

Everyone chuckled a little.

David starts singing and once again, we get stars.

When feeds return David has left the room and is getting ready for bed. Kevin remains alone in the kitchen.

Several houseguests are doing their nightly routines for bedtime.

10:00PM BBT: Enzo and Kevin are talking about making it through the first day of Have-Not eating. Kevin says he is feeling like he is going through a cleanse, his tummy is feeling tight again. He says he is ready to win a competition, no more Snickers.

It is just turning 10:00PM and houseguests are gravitating towards their beds.

In the photo bedroom, Nicole asks Daniele who she wants gone the most, Kevin or Christmas.

Daniele is not sure, she thinks they are getting ready to go to war, she feels like either of them are someone she wants gone.

Daniele says it is best for one week to keep her, but Kevin and David could be a little better. She doesn't think they will vote Enzo out, she wonders if they are pulling in David. Daniele says to get rid of Christmas would bring Tyler in. She also says that David and Kevin are not mendable, they would come after her and Nicole F.

Daniele says if one of the nominees wins the veto Cody will put Christmas up. Daniele says if Christmas goes up they may have to strong-arm them somehow, but gently. Daniele thinks Enzo might vote Christmas out, Daniele thinks Cody would vote Christmas out.

Daniele wants to play in the veto, she wants "Alllllllll the prizes." Daniele and Nicole believe it will be a punishment/prize/button pushing competition. (it is OTEV I believe).

Daniele and Nicole continue to plot, one thing that Daniele is aware of is that Memphis is landing in the middle of The Committee. Daniele also seems to be concerned that Christmas will be in a good position to win an endurance.

Daniele is angry at Kevin for "acting out" today, she says every time she positions something, someone comes along and messes her up. She was trying to throw out Tyler's name to Cody by telling him that Tyler offered her a final four, but left Cody out of it. She says Kevin's conversation with Cody brought him to the forefront instead of Tyler.

Nicole thinks there is a double this week, Daniele says it won't be until next week. (I am smiling, 'cause we know.) Nicole says, well OK, not 'til next week.

Lights out in the key bedroom.

Nicole says she just wants to make the right decision, Daniele says timing is everything, but she doesn't want to wait until next week and they get us. Nicole says Kevin would put up the two of them.

Daniele tells Nicole that Da'Vonne told Kevin about the slick six, and probably more. She is sure that Da'Vonne gave Kevin all the days as well, she told him everything she knew before she left the house. Daniele says Da'Vonne would be mad if they sent Christmas out next, Nicole says then there will only be two girls.

Daniele insists that Christmas is coming after her, they need to get her out. Nicole is non-committal, she uses her, "that sucks" response.

They decide to wait until tomorrow to decide, the options will be limited then and they will weigh it out.

Daniele says Memphis wants Tyler gone, Nicole says she is on that list as well. Nicole says the final five cannot be boys, Daniele agrees.

Daniele mentions going to Kevin with a deal where he agrees to work with her and Nicole F. She says they can call his attention to being put on the block over and over again, and promise him that the two of them would not do that to him. Nicole isn't sure but doesn't say no. (They need three to tie, four to win on the eviction.)

Daniele tells BOB they can turn off the lights because the two of them are done talking. [It is cute how she does it, she sounds like one of those Wal-Mart announcements that repeats twice in a monotone-- "Associate to hardware, Associate to hardware." -giggles from ~Grannysue]

The lights go out in the room. All cameras show dark rooms at 11:00PM BBT: Big Brother Time

11:10PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are talking in the HoH room. Cody tells Enzo that Nicole is trying to tell him that by putting Christmas up as a replacement nominee he is doing Daniele's dirty work.

Cameras move to stars, then to Memphis and Christmas talking in the dark bedroom. Just general chatter.

The camera moves back to the HoH room.

Enzo and Cody are talking about Kevin now, Cody is upset that Kevin is not playing the game but complaining about how things are turning out for him.

Cody says that for 8 weeks America got to see a powerhouse, and in the next few weeks they will see the action start. Enzo pumps him up a little, reinforcing his opinion.

Enzo says Nicole is seeing what is happening to Daniele and is trying to move away and towards other people, but she is going to go sooner than she thinks. Cody says he told Nicole that she started a nonsense relationship with Da'Vonne, Enzo says they are both (Nicole and Daniele) too worried about how they will be seen after the season.

Enzo makes it clear that he would not put up David if he wins HoH, Cody agrees; Cody tells him to put up whoever he wants.

Cody says the only way he would put Christmas on the block is if she knows ahead of time. He says he will not blindside her.

Cody says if Christmas goes up against David, Christmas goes. He isn't really worried about Kevin, he says someone else can put Kevin up later if they need to.

Enzo says he told Kevin he would be the pawn of the season, Kevin wasn't happy with it but accepted it as his role.

Cody and Enzo say that Nicole isn't carrying her weight either and needs to do something. Enzo mentions that Nicole is a champion anyway, and he feels OK about putting her out of the game.

Cody says Memphis might target Nicole or Tyler, he says Nicole will go after Tyler and Memphis. Cody says Daniele will come after them. Enzo says Christmas pairs, Daniele and Nicole, to him a couple of times, Coy isn't sure it is real. Enzo says that Daniele feels entitled.

Cody says he will pick Memphis as a player for the veto. He doesn't think Memphis will gun for the rewards and the others will. Cody thinks Kevin will go for everything. (They have no idea it will be OTEV) Enzo is listing several rewards and punishments they might be offered for points.

Cody and Enzo continue to gossip about the houseguests and share who they think will be nominated by different HoH winners. They talk about people taking information, twist it, and take it to other people.

They talk about Christmas and how she appears everywhere in the house wanting to talk to Enzo.

Enzo says too many people are on to Daniele, and she will go up soon. They think Christmas is on her way out as well.

They continue to gossip.

12:00AM BBT: Enzo and Cody continue to talk about the game and gossip, mostly gossip.

Ironically they say people in the house have "loose lips", then Cody says he has been telling Christmas things about Daniele and if he puts Daniele up Christmas might tell her.

Cody says he wants Kevin to go home this week, he isn't interested in sending David out. Enzo says if need be he will talk to Memphis in the event that Christmas replaces Kevin.

Enzo tells Cody they don't really have to win the HoH next week, he thinks they are safe from being put up together, and probably safe altogether.

(All the other cameras are on dark bedrooms)

Enzo leaves the HoH room and goes to the Have-Not room.

Cody goes into the HoH lavatory (possibly a shower).

The Big Brother cameraman zooms in on Cody's pictures from home. His Grandpa is in the pictures and his girlfriend Chris.

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