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Welcome to the Big Brother 16 "Yesterday Page"

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Update Entry
Wednesday, July 30 2014  They Told Me I Was Gullible & I Believed Them
9:00AM BBT: Oh gosh, I think they'll be sleeping as late as BB will allow them, because they were up all night again.  The guys told Caleb that if Amber stays, he's her target.  They convinced him (again) that Amber is making a fool out of him, so now Caleb is on board with voting out Amber, but that could change when they wake up. Another crazy moment last night was when Zach told Cody that Frankie said he wants Cody out first out of their final five deal, and that Frankie has a deal with Derrick and Christine, Zach told him that they need to get rid of Frankie the first chance they get.

Many of the HGs are still up from yesterday. Donny and Christine have started a fresh day after going to bed last night, and are now up with the others.

9:20AM BBT: Donny ate breakfast and started his exercises. It looks like Christine is going back to bed.

9:54AM BBT: Hayden is up and did his ADLs. Heading to the kitchen. Donny sitting in the backyard.

10:00AM BBT: We hear "Good morning HG, it's time to get up for the day," and we get FotH.

10:18AM BBT: Amber is folding laundry. Zach and Frankie are still in bed in the HoH room.

10:38AM BBT: Hayden and Donny are in the backyard talking about how good Jocasta did at pool last night. Amber is trying to get into the pool but it's cold.

10:52AM BBT: Hayden sitting on backyard couch and Amber in the sun. No talk at all going on.

11:02AM BBT: Amber is sitting in the pool, Donny, Hayden, and Jocasta are sitting on backyard couches no talking going on.

11:04AM BBT: Hayden says, "OK, that's it I am going to bed." Jocasta and Donny say goodnight and Hayden says, "Wake me up at 4PM BBT:." Jocasta: "Four?" Donny tells her he hasn't been to bed yet he stayed up all night.

11:15AM BBT: Donny and Jocasta are talking about Caleb and Nicole. Jocasta says, "She always tells Caleb he needs to talk to her she says I always throw it back on him and won't answer him."

11:18AM BBT: Amber goes back into the house. Jocasta and Donny talk about how hot it is today.

11:27AM BBT: Donny and Jocasta are talking about her packing her things and she doesn't know how she is going to get all her shoes in the bag. She says they were in there before but she doesn't know how they will fit in now. Amber is in the shower and all other HGs are still sleeping.

11:29AM BBT: Jocasta: "It was crazy last night, and after Frankie left I turned the light out and they would open the door and then shut it." Donny: "I am glad I was asleep." Jocasta: ":They think I heard things and I didn't hear nothing. All I know is they said that it was his fault and not vote her out." Donny: "Yeah don't get into that just say you have to go to the bathroom."

11:33AM BBT: Jocasta: "They can't come in here thinking they can be a Brendan and Rachel or a Jeff and Jordan.. you know love has to happen but you can't force love." Donny: "Yeah I had to pretend a couple of times that I was asleep cause he would come in and want to talk but what was there to talk about?"

11:38AM BBT: Victoria is now up and in the bathroom area. Amber is still in the shower and Donny and Jocasta are still in backyard wondering what to do today. Jocasta says the backyard won't close 'til 2 or 3PM. Donny: "About 3PM. I'm going to go walk." Jocasta gets up to walk too.

12:05PM BBT: Donny is sitting outside and Amber doing makeup. That's all that's going on right now as most HGs are still sleeping.

12:27PM BBT: Donny and Amber is in the backyard sitting on couches just general talk. Victoria is walking around the house and then gets a drink. Jocasta finishes walking and now goes to the bathroom area.

12:32PM BBT: Victoria is in the bee hive room alone plucking her eyebrows again. Donny and Amber are in backyard talking about going back to a simple life and weather. Donny: "You would think we would hear more noise or cars or talking in the backyard but we don't."

12:42PM BBT: Victoria is in the bee hive room exercising. Donny tells Amber and Jocasta about his nephews in the backyard.

12:50PM BBT: Victoria in the kitchen cutting banana's and putting them in Ziploc bags as she eats a green apple. Donny and Jocasta in backyard no talking going on.

1:09PM BBT: Jocasta and Donny sit and chat about their lives back home. Jocasta is talking a lot about her kids.

1:17PM BBT: Victoria joins Donny and Jocasta in the backyard. She tells them that she was up last night until 6:31AM BBT: .

1:29PM BBT: We have FotH (Wishful thinking that it is BB making the HGs get up).

1:31PM BBT: We are back. No one has moved. Jocasta and Donny are still chatting in the backyard. Zach and Frankie the still sleeping in the HoH bed.

1:51PM BBT: Jocasta, Donny and Victoria talk about cell phone usage. Donny says as soon as he parks his car, he shuts his phone off. Jocasta tells him that is very respectful.

2:4PM BBT: Donny, Jocasta and Victoria discuss their different religions and respectfully discuss the differences.

2:12PM BBT: Christine and Nicole have woken up and are in the bathroom area doing ADLs.

2:22PM BBT: Slowly the HGs are starting to wake up. Derrick taking Advil. Nicole says she hurts from the Have-Not bed.

2:26PM BBT: Christine and Amber have a conversation in the backyard about waxing vs. shaving. Amber likes to have her underarms waxed.

2:35PM BBT: Christine is stoked for dinner tonight and she thanks Amber for cooking for them. Amber says anytime. Christine asks if she thinks this will help her career. She says she doesn't know but it could not hurt it unless she acted out of character.

2:45PM BBT: After a few minutes of FotH Christine and Nicole talking out on the backyard lounger about seeing no point in blindsiding Amber. Nicole thinks the boys want to keep it a secret so that she doesn't blow up their game. Nicole goes on to say that it would be awesome it she did.

2:50PM BBT: Nicole says she can't believe there are only going to be four girls left. Christine says oh man she knows and that Victoria is dumb so they can't all work together. They want her gone because the guys can use her. Christine gets up and takes a dip in the pool. Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, and Derrick are on the backyard couches not really talking.

2:58PM BBT: Christine is back on the longer and after some WBRB we come back to hearing Christine whispering to Nicole. She says that they need to start telling people that they are good friends but are not working together. She talks some about the guys next. Christine thinks that keeping Caleb would be good next week because he would go for Zach and Cody. Nicole says that for her he has to go because she heard that he said she was expendable.

3:05PM BBT: Christine moves over to the couches. Donny says the bull will be on TV tonight (The bull from the veto competition). Christine says that competition was embarrassing and that she doesn't want her father to see it. Back to silence.

3:15PM BBT: Victoria goes and talks with Nicole. She says that she is officially going to miss the Jewish New Year with her family. Nicole says that Jury might be seven people. Victoria says yeah but she want's to make jury anyway. Nicole is excited to eat tonight. Victoria asks what she is going to have. Nicole says whatever Amber makes. Victoria says that Amber has yet to ask for her vote and she doesn't think Amber will. They then speculate about HoH.

3:25PM BBT: Christine heads inside and Frankie promptly hugs her. She tells him they are so good with her (Amber). She thinks she is good for the week. Zach comes out of DR and says they won't be on lock down till 4:30. Caleb gets called to the DR twice while he is sleeping. Zach and Cody are talking at the hammock about having bigger targets next week then floaters. Cody can't stand the idea of letting floaters skate by.

3:35PM BBT: Zach and Cody agree about how useless Christine is. Zach says all she does is sit up in the room with them and absorb all the information they are given. Cody is nervous because it is starting to get to the point that people are thinking about who they want to sit next to at the end and he knows people won’t want to sit with him in the end. Caleb is up and out in the yard saying his good morning.

3:45PM BBT: Donny is talking to Derrick, who is in the pool. Donny says that if he wins HoH tomorrow he will put up Cowboy (Caleb) and Victoria. Donny says he is not worried about a back door because there are so little numbers that Caleb would probably play in veto anyway. They all are speculating about double eviction. Most of them are set on tomorrow being their first double evict.

3:52PM BBT: Team America is now all together by the pool. Frankie says he talked about it in his blog. Frankie wants this three to be his final three and that is a pact he has with them and the country. They laugh and like that they can use Zach for everything. They agree that they are safe for a while if they go up. Donny says that Frankie has friends, Derrick has friends, and that he has a friend.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs HERE.
 Previously, on Big Brother, Amber tried to form a girl alliance but Christine quickly ratted her out to the Detonators. So after Zankie became the HoH's, they wanted to backdoor Amber. Zach came up with a plan, but when Christine refused, Zach wanted to teach her a lesson. So Team America used Zach's erratic behavior to attempt to accomplish their mission. After nominations were made, Zach went on the attack. It wasn't enough to accomplish Team America's mission but it was enough to start turning the house against Zach.

At the BotB, Christine and Nicole were the blushing new victors sending Zach off his throne and leaving Jocasta and Victoria wedded together on the block. Tonight, who will win the PoV and will it be used to save one of the nominees and will Team America cause their blow up at the PoV meeting? It all happens now, on BB!

Frankie tells us now that he is sole HoH for the week, he can get on with his plan to back door Amber. Two things need to happen first: the veto needs to be used and they need to get Caleb on board. Zach tells us he couldn't be happier that one of his best bro's is sleeping up in the HoH pad still. They are tight, they'll stay the course and Amber will be up on the block soon.

In the Have-Not room, Christine and Nicole celebrate being safe. Hayden is in there with them, cheering silently with them. Nicole is happy Frankie still is HoH, Christine hates Zach's guts. In the fire room, Victoria is crying. Cody and Jocasta are in the room too, encouraging her. Victoria tells us losing the BotB was all Jocasta's fault.

Jocasta tells us that being partners with Victoria is like being partners with a toddler. She wanted to tell Victoria to put on her big girl panties and leave their loss where it is. They need to keep moving. Jocasta tells Victoria they can't cry over spilled milk.

Up in the the HoH room, Cody, Zach and Frankie are chatting; Zach wants to start a new alliance. Cody says no. Zach says if they're not with them, they're against them. Zach sees Christine and Nicole in the living room on the cameras and suggests going down to just sit in the living room to make it awkward. Zach tells us he feels like he hasn't agitated enough people today; he needs his daily fix. Zach says he is going to eat a bunch of food in front of them; they're Have-Nots.

Cody tells us Zach is always trying to stir the pot and now he is going to do it with the Have-Not's, who sleep on an ice block and can't eat anything. He is going so far overboard. In the living room , Zach offers them beef jerky and Starbursts. Hayden is there too. Zach comments that they can't eat because they're lazy. Christine tells us Zach is a lunatic, he is crazy. Why is she still in an alliance with him?

Up in the HoH room, Frankie and Cody discuss how crazy Zach is. He's the new Devin. Frankie is worried about public opinion with him. Cody comments that everyone in the house is going to want him up. If he goes up, he'll probably blow everything up. Everything.

Later, Frankie tries to encourage Zach to make it an easy week as it's been stressful enough already. Frankie suggests Zach mend fences to make it easier on Frankie so Zach's name doesn't come up. Zach agrees not to open his mouth. Frankie tells us he has another problem though - the Team America mission. He has to get Zach to explode at the PoV meeting - at the right time. Frankie suggests Zach do another speech at the veto meeting. Frankie tells us America comes first. Zach agrees to do it - for both of them.

In the backyard, Nicole tells Hayden to take a seat and performs a little strip tease when taking the Germitard off - her week is up. Amber and Christine coach her. Hayden tells us Nicole is a terrible stripper but he wouldn't have it any other way. Playing pool later with Hayden and Zach, Victoria is huddled off to the side. Hayden tells us she is a vote for him and those he's close with. If he can keep her close with them, they've got something to work with. He approaches her to ask to pick him if she gets HGs choice for veto, he says he'll take her off the block if he wins PoV. Nicole and Amber in the hammock watch, Nicole commenting how sketchy that was.

In the kitchen later, Nicole and Hayden discuss what was said. Hayden says he told her to stop crying. Nicole tells us she thinks Victoria likes Hayden, but she kind of likes Hayden so she wants to know what they've been up to. Hayden says he was telling her to stop complaining. Nicole doesn't believe him.

Derrick is called to the DR; he goes in and is given bad news. His grandfather passed away. He comes into the living room , gives the letter and the news to the HGs and tells them he needs some time to himself.

Heading into the Have-Not room, Derrick lays down and covers his face. Derrick tells us getting news that someone passed, especially someone you are close with, it is never easy. But in the BB house is harder because it just reaffirms that live exists outside the BB house. The worst is not being at the funeral.

News spreads throughout the house as the HGs tell each other. Derrick tells us that the letter explained that his family is proud of him and does not want him to come home reaffirms that he should stay in the house for him and for them. The HGs head to the living room to be together. Derrick comes out and joins them, saying it's part of life but the timing is terrible. Derrick tells us his grandpa will be with him the rest of the game, and he'll have to use it for the rest of the game to motivate him. Derrick tells the HGs it puts it into perspective how much they are missing.

In the kitchen, Caleb makes small talk with Amber. Caleb tells us after their really good date, she wants to ignore him. He has no idea why she is acting the way she is acting. No one knows where Amber's head is; he's here to play the game. He's not going to run to her and talk because he doesn't care anymore. BB shows various clips of Caleb proclaiming he is over Amber to the other HGs. In the DR, he tells us he is no longer the romantic, he is Beastmode Cowboy. Even if she tried to talk to him today, he'd tell her to play her game. He has nothing to say to her. Beastmode Cowboy is coming in hot this week.

Zach and Frankie are in the HoH bed later, Zach gives Frankie a backrub. Zach says it's too bad he's not gay. Frankie says he'd marry him if he was. Zach tells us he's not gay, but if he was, Frankie would be his man for sure. Frankie tells us actions speak louder than words and Zach is petting him to sleep every night and he likes it. From the DR, Frankie says, "Zach, are you going to make a move? Come on, just do it!" They bid each other good night, they love each other.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Frankie chooses first and picks Donny, Victoria picks Houseguests Choice and chooses Hayden, Jocasta chooses last and picks Christine. Christine tells us she is so angry the Detonators let her be put on the block, she is excited to play in the veto and if she wins she will keep nominations the same because she doesn't want Amber out, they do. In the kitchen, Zach tells Frankie that was a good draw. Frankie says it's perfect, it will be a showdown. Amber tells us she thinks nominations should stay the same. No one else could go up besides Donny, and she doesn't think that's a good idea. Amber approaches Frankie about making sure their alliance has each other's back - she wants nominations to stay the same so Donny doesn't go up.

Time to pick players for the veto competition! Frankie chooses first and picks Donny, Victoria picks Houseguests Choice and chooses Hayden, Jocasta chooses last and picks Christine. Christine tells us she is so angry the Detonators let her be put on the block, she is excited to play in the veto and if she wins she will keep nominations the same because she doesn't want Amber out, they do. In the kitchen, Zach tells Frankie that was a good draw. Frankie says it's perfect, it will be a showdown. Amber tells us she thinks nominations should stay the same. No one else could go up besides Donny, and she doesn't think that's a good idea. Amber approaches Frankie about making sure their alliance has each other's back - she wants nominations to stay the same so Donny doesn't go up.

Time for the veto competition! Amber is hosting; the HGs are in chaps while Amber is dressed as a Cowgirl. In the backyard, it's "Beastmode Cowboy's playground". There are saddles, horses, old cow skulls with horns. He'd win this competition - if he was in it. Donny tells us it is really authentic; he's not a fan of any snake and he knew the one in the backyard wasn't real and it still scared him.

"Yee haw! You and your posse of outlaws have pulled off the biggest heist in BB history. On go, rock your hips forward and back to get your horse galloping. Once you've galloped 60 times, you'll have 30 seconds to dismount your horse and start stacking your gold bars on top of your giant horseshoe. You must get back to your horse and start rocking before your clock hits zero. If your clock hits zero, you're out of the game. But you do have the opportunity to get back in the game by agreeing to go on slop for one whole week. The first BB Bandit to stack all 50 gold bars on top of their horseshoe before completing 60 final gallops and hitting their button will earn the golden PoV."

Frankie tells us his nether regions were on fire. It hurts! Zach tells us everyone is out there riding furiously and there was Donny, out for a leisurely Sunday ride. Frankie tells us he is way ahead of everyone else and he is thinking he can pull his off.

Jocasta runs out of time and is out. She agrees to go on slop for a week to get back in the game. She tells she can't give up, she's on the block!

On Frankie's next stacking trip, all of his gold bars fall. Christine tells us she realized at that point she can have a chance at this. She wants to shake this game up and really have a chance. Hayden tells us he doesn't want to see anyone win but him - he wants to be the master of his own fate this week.

Christine thought she won, but she had some gold bars on the ground. With that, Hayden manages to sneak past her and win PoV! Hayden tells us he set out to do a job, and he sure got it done!

Jocasta tells us she lost the veto, now she's on slop and now she needs to focus on how to stay in the game. Frankie tells us that's OK that Hayden won the veto because he's hoping he'll use it on someone and he can still back door Amber this week.

In the the HoH room, Hayden, Cody, Zach and Frankie are discussing the next step. Hayden says he is going to use it on Victoria, Frankie is only comfortable back dooring Amber. Frankie will have a long conversation with Caleb and tell him the whole truth about Amber.

Hayden tells us he is OK with Amber being backdoored. It's no sweat for him.

Later, Amber comes up to HoH while Zach, Cody, Nicole, Frankie, Caleb and Christine are there. No one says anything. Zach tells us it's obvious that the showmance that never was between Caleb and Amber is on the rocks. They need to get Beastmode Cowboy on board with back dooring Amber's pretty little butt this week. He smells blood in the water. Caleb leaves HoH, and Zach asks what is going on between them.

Amber says she's already tried to talk to Caleb, clear things up but she's not going to go out of her way when he ignores her. She's a human being, she's IN the house. Zach asks why they broke up, causing Amber to groan. He is blowing things out of proportion, says Zach. Amber says yes. Zach goes to Have-Not to tell Caleb what Amber says and stir the pot. Caleb tells us he is feeling a bit ticked off. Time to give her a good scaring and get her back in line. Zach tells us Mission Accomplished. "It is TOO easy."

Caleb goes to the the HoH room where only Frankie is. He suggests putting Amber up on the block to scare her. They'd have to convince Hayden to pull Jocasta off so they can back door Amber. Of course, they won't send her home but it will scare her and make her come back to their side. Caleb tells us if he wants her to go home, he can make it happen. He runs the house; her game is in his fingertips.

Frankie thinks that is a good plan and agrees whole heartedly. Then she can come to Caleb to beg for help, and he can remind her he's the only one who can save her. Frankie tells us he doesn't know who is more clueless this week - Caleb or Amber. He might be able to pull off a double blindside.

It's time for America's vote! Team America needs a new mission! Do you want Team America to a) vote against the majority of th house and then publicly accuse two people during the eviction fallout or b) get two members of Team America to become HoHs this week by winning it and/or convincing others to throw it? You only have a few hours so go to and vote for Team America's mission now!

Team America meets up in the the HoH room. The plan is to have Zach blow up at Amber at the veto meeting. So once Amber goes up on the block, Zach Attack is ready to go to battle. Frankie has primed him and groomed him. Donny tells us he thinks Zach is going to win this Team America mission for them. He can't wait because it will be very entertaining. He gets the best seat inside the US by being in the house. Enjoy the show America! He knows he will!

Time for the veto meeting. Both nominees are given a chance to say whey they think they deserve to have the veto used on them. Jocasta: First I'll say praise God. I'm very trustworthy, very loyal person. You're not a target of mine at all. I'd appreciate it if you use the veto on me. Victoria: First off, I think I've proven to the house I am a true competitor. Hayden, I chose you to play on my behalf, so I would really love it for you to use the veto on me. Hayden uses the PoV on Victoria (as promised). Frankie says he didn't know that was going to happen. There are only so many times he can ask if he should trust someone anymore. He's sorry, but he has to nominate Amber. He's so sorry. Amber replies "I think you've already claimed that so..."

Hayden goes to adjourn the meeting but Zach stops him - he has something to say. "Amber, you're sitting right where you belong and you're on your way out the door and I couldn't be happier. Beastmode Cowboy has already saved you twice in this game, he risked $5,000 for you. More than all of your boyfriends have spent on you combined. When you were both Have-Nots, not everyone gave you their blankets. Beastmode Cowboy gave you his blankets. To top it all off, he ate a pickle. A freaking pickle! A food he hates more than anything in the world, nearly throwing up all over the kitchen, just so you would go on a date with him! Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Amber smirks but doesn't say anything. Zach says no? That's funny - that's what you've been saying to him this entire summer, which ticks me off. Sorry. I just had to say it. Zach then sits down and Hayden adjourns the meeting.

Team America fails their mission. Amber tells us there was no reason to respond to Zach. He wants a reaction from her and he's not going to get it. The rest of the week will be tough. She's saved so many people in the house, now it's time to do it for herself.

Jocasta tells us she doesn't know what the whole Zach situation about but it doesn't seem good for Amber. It was good for Jocasta though! Thanks, Zach, you did me a solid.

Who will be evicted from the BB house? And the power is up for grabs in a battle for HoH! It all happens LIVE tomorrow at 9PM  on BB! BTW:  BloodyMike from Morty's TV will be at the tomorrow's live eviction.  Mike has green room access and will meet Julie Chen.  We hope to have full report when Mike gets back from LA.

Tonight's play-by-play was expertly crafted by BBLuver.

Did you miss tonight's episode?  See it Here No matter where you live!

3:58PM BBT: The memory wall starts moving. Each of the HGs seems to be caught on a video loop. We can not see it very well.

3:59PM BBT: Each of the HGs on the memory wall is a gif.

4:00PM BBT: They are gifs of competitions and penalties. Cody with the penalty kick. Jocasta and Victoria with the wedding cake.

4:07PM BBT: Most of the HGs start studying the wall. Frankie wanders around.

4:25PM BBT: The HGs continue to watch the memory wall.

4:38PM BBT: The HGs continue to study except Zach who has gone to sleep in the HoH room.

4:51PM BBT: Caleb goes to the HoH room and Zach heads downstairs to study now.

5:03PM BBT: The memory wall has stopped showing loops of past competitions. It is now back to the HGs portraits. Everyone claps. Frankie "I love TV." Donny "What a great episode."

5:05PM BBT: On feeds 1/2 Frankie and Zach are reviewing and studying what they just watched on the memory wall. Feeds 3/4 are Nicole and Christine doing the exact same thing at the hammock.

5:15PM BBT: The HGs are huddled up in groups going over the video loops they watched for an hour. Caleb says that the HoH will be true false and that some of the loops were just decoys to distract.

5:19PM BBT: Frankie is in the HoH with Cody, Victoria and Caleb. He tells them it felt like he was an episode of BB on a TV screen. He says the colors were so bright and everyone was so pretty. Hayden, Donny, Nicole and Christine are still studying by the hammock. Everyone else is off camera.

5:22PM BBT: Caleb is trying to determine if the first winner of a double eviction night gets to compete for the second HoH since they don't get anything. Cody says he doesn't think so but Caleb isn't buying it. Frankie tells him that this is not a mystery because it has already been done before. He tells him to ask Nicole and Christine. Caleb says he won't even try to compete in a first HoH competition on a double evict if he can't play for part 2. He won't answer a single question. After Caleb leaves Frankie dies laughing at the idea of Caleb throwing a competition.

5:31PM BBT: In the HoH Frankie is telling Victoria, Zach and Cody about how he read that there was speculation on some BB sites that there would be 10 HGs jury members this year with America being the 11th jury member to break a tie.

In the Fire bedroom Amber is talking to Caleb. She feels the Bomb Squad is not being straight up with her. Amber says all the talk about backdooring other HGs has her nervous they are going to do the same to her. Derrick walks in. She asks them if they are just telling her she is safe. Caleb says he has no reason to lie.

5:34PM BBT: Amber is telling Derrick and Frankie that Frankie put her up as a pawn and now she may be going home because all the guys are paranoid. Christine has joined Zach and Frankie in the HoH room. Christine says she snooped around downstairs. She says Donny is playing dumb, Jocasta isn't saying anything, and Caleb is telling people he is going to throw the next HoH.

Frankie says just about everyone in the house would be willing to nominate Caleb and then if he plays for the PoV it is fine because he isn't going after any of them. Regarding the video loops, Christine says all Nicole cares about is if she looked fat. Frankie says this fast HoH style is in her wheelhouse and they need her to win it.

5:45PM BBT: Derrick is telling Amber to stop freaking out until she sees the votes on Thursday. If it is 7-2 then she knows she can trust her alliance. If she stays and it's 5-4 then she knows there are people that she trusts that she shouldn't. Then she has damage control to do.

5:41PM BBT: In the Fire bedroom Amber is telling Derrick and Caleb how untrustworthy Frankie is. Derrick is telling Amber that she is over thinking everything and that it will hurt her. The paranoia is making her appear that she doesn't trust anyone. In turn no one will trust her. In the backyard Hayden and Donny are talking. Hayden says he honestly doesn't see Caleb as a threat. He says Caleb can go at any time.

5:51PM BBT: In the fire bedroom, Amber is packing. Caleb is trying to convince her that she has nothing to worry about. She already knows whose votes she doesn't have and Jocasta does. The others all know how much she does for them around the house. Frankie, Christine and Zach are in the HoH room talking about their circle of trust and that nothing they say leaves the HoH room.

5:55PM BBT: Christine, Frankie and Zach are in the HoH talking about Victoria. Zach says she is the biggest liar in the house. They think it is hilarious that Victoria has been changing in the fire bedroom all this time thinking there were no cameras there. Christine isn't buying it. She says Victoria wants to portray the innocent girl for her parents but in reality, she wants everyone to see her. Christine mentions how she is always showing her body, touching people, and how she wears clothes with undergarments you can clearly see underneath.

6:05PM BBT: Victoria and Amber come up the stairs to join Christine, Frankie, and Zach. As Victoria is coming in, Christine jumps in front of her and Victoria lets out a scream. In the kitchen Caleb is singing a song and we get WBRB.

6:06PM BBT: Caleb and Zach are about to go play pool. Zach jokes with Caleb and says he is the weakest in the house and Zach's next target. Caleb says "you have to have a bow and arrow or the target is pointless. Which means you have to win a competition to get me. Now, are you ready to get beat at pool?" Zach says yes. Caleb "I'll be waiting outside."

6:16PM BBT: Nicole is alone at the hammock. Zach and Caleb are competing over who would be a better date for Nicole. Zach says he would take her to the beach. Nicole says she could easily be a beach girl. Caleb says "and after he drops you off in his Prius, you can hop up in my big duel wheeled diesel truck and go to a behind the scenes concert to see Florida Georgia Line" because he knows a guy that knows a guy. They guy is named Spanky and the guy that knows him is in his cell phone and can make that happen. Caleb starts singing "He can't even bait a hook" and we get WBRB. When the feeds return Donny is sitting over by Nicole. Nicole thanks him for saving her from the other two.

6:26PM BBT: Cody and Zach are playing pool and they are chit chatting about people they know outside the house. At the hammock Nicole and Donny are speculating about the upcoming HoH competition. Donny says they shouldn't speculate too much because things so frequently change and people are so frequently wrong.

6:33PM BBT: In the backyard Amber and Christina are playing cornhole. Nicole, Donny and Derrick are sitting by the hammock. They are discussing the process of a double eviction. Derrick says he confirmed that the first part HoH doesn't play in the second part. Donny says he would just throw it then. Derrick says it would suck if you threw it and then went home. In the kitchen Caleb is comparing the real Frankie to his picture. Frankie says BB want him to be the gay player so he gayed it up for them.

6:47PM BBT: Just general chit chat in the house. Christine, Hayden, Caleb and Christine are over by the hammock. Cody, Victoria, Nicole, Frankie, and Amber are in the kitchen. Frankie and Cody are cooking.

6:55PM BBT: The crew at the hammock has grown. Now it's Derrick, Christine, Amber, Donny, Cody, Victoria, Hayden and Nicole. In addition to Caleb thinking the first HoH of a double gets to compete again, he also thinks the first part HoH doesn't air live. Derrick schools them and the rest of them about BB fast forward.

7:04PM BBT: Frankie is playing pool and singing about a bumblebee. Other various HGs are in the backyard just chatting. Cody: "Caleb is running his mouth about how he's not going to try for HoH. If we don't put him up we look like idiots." Frankie: "Agreed"

7:15PM BBT: Derrick talking about hair color. Victoria says that she hates when people say she has black hair and it's dark brown. Derrick says that all of the girls he dated all look very different from each other.

7:24PM BBT: Caleb tells Donny about all the girls who follow him in Instagram.  [Caleb's family shut down his entire Instagram account after a torrent of criticism when an Instagram post surfaced in which voiced his disapproval of U.S. President Barack Obama. In addition, it was revealed that he used homophobic slurs in his responses and even referred to Obama as a Muslim monkey. ]

7:27PM BBT: Caleb says that they have Argentine Dojos and breed them with American Bulldogs for the hunting of hogs.

7:31PM BBT: Cody and Derrick talk in the kitchen that Hayden wants to get Frankie out. Derrick tells him Hayden said he wanted Caleb out.

7:35PM BBT: In the kitchen Derrick Frankie and Cody talking about alliances. Frankie says that he can get whoever wins HoH to put up Caleb.

7:39PM BBT: In the kitchen Derrick asks if they can leave the chicken out to defrost on the counter for four hours Frankie says t's fine. Derrick says he leaves a steak in the sink all day while he is at work. Victoria says she does too.

7:47PM BBT: In the HoH room, Cody asks Victoria if she had to pick one guy right now to hook up with right now and Frankie doesn't count. She says Cody. Cody says he would pick her as well but he wouldn't do anything in the house.

7:51PM BBT: In the the HoH room, Cody, Caleb, Victoria and Zach discuss who will not be invited to the after party. Victoria says Amanda and Aaryn. Cody wants to know what Amanda did. Caleb laughing and saying Cody is defending his cousin.

7:55PM BBT: Nicole is trying to play pool. Hayden was trying to give her tips. She shoots and hits Hayden in the privates.

8:11PM BBT: The HGs in the HoH room are shaking items to get their step count up on their activity bracelets.

8:17PM BBT: Donny and Jocasta are playing pool and wondering where everyone else is. They have no idea that they are all in HoH shaking their activity bracelets.

8:24PM BBT: There is pretty much a frat party in the HoH room. Shaking the activity bracelets (use your imagination) and lots of sexual comments. Just FYI - Frankie says he has no gag reflex.

8:36PM BBT: In the backyard Donny and Derrick practice for the HoH from the gifs.

8:45PM BBT: Frankie goes into the backyard. HE is talking about Justin Beiber. He says that Justin is more built then Cody. Caleb says he would have to see that in person. Then Caleb says that he wishes the HGs could see him two days out from a competition - 4% body fat - it's ridiculous. Donny says you should see him - 94% body at. Frankie laughs.

9:05PM BBT: Caleb and Frankie are playing pool and Caleb tells Cody that they told him tomorrow the only time he can speak is tomorrow night is if Julie ask him a question then after they announce who is evicted he can stand and talk but not to talk other wise.

9:07PM BBT: In the HoH room, Derrick, Christine, Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria and Cody are talking about past HGs. Jocasta gets up to go down to make herself some slop. Victoria tells them that Jocasta didn't even ask for a vote.

Zach is outside running.

9:17PM BBT: Everyone is in the HoH room, just laying there and not talking.

In the backyard Frankie and Caleb are playing pool and just talking about cool tricks .

9:20PM BBT: Derrick and Caleb are in the storage room Derrick says Amber said she knows she is going home cause she seen him talking to the alliance. Caleb says guilty conscious

9:24PM BBT: Zach and Donny are at the pool talking about the HoH tomorrow and how it might be a single HoH this week. Donny says on a double eviction it might be a single HoH though but that is scary cause there is no key you just says you and you are up for eviction.

9:31PM BBT: Donny tells Zach what if after eviction there is someone who has already left is hanging on the other side of the wall waiting to come back in like they did to Judd last year.

9:34PM BBT: Most HGs in the kitchen making food. Frankie is in the backyard with Donny and Zach and says, "Attention HGs tonight is the first double eviction of the night, Jocasta and Amber you now have a chance to say something to the HGs and after this eviction you will all go out to the backyard and play for the HoH. Jocasta you are safe, Amber you have been evicted from the BB house."

9:39PM BBT: Frankie still going on about what Julie will say tomorrow night for a double eviction.

9:46PM BBT: Donny, Christine, and Frankie in backyard around the pool talking about sleeping at night and how Donny says you can only see his eyes and beard. In the kitchen there is general conversation and making food.

9:50PM BBT: Frankie tells Christine that he doesn't think they can show their cards this week, Christine says she will not out Hayden up if she wins HoH. She then says she has no idea what is going to happen now but if Victoria wins HoH she will put me up.

10:05PM BBT: Frankie and Derrick make sure the grill starts for midnight when the Have-Nots can eat. They head inside to prep food. That leaves Christine alone with Caleb by the pool. They both think double eviction is tomorrow and pray for no more BOB competitions (Those of you who have voted for TA know they are not going to be happy come tomorrow). Caleb tells Christine about finding out that he is Amber's target.

10:15PM BBT: Caleb is trying to figure out why Amber thinks he is bad for his game. Christine says that she started crying the other day about past relationships and being tired of being pressured. Caleb says if that is the case why wouldn't she say she doesn't like me? Caleb continues to say that maybe she does but just can't in a game sense. All of this is happening on one feed. The other feed is Derrick sitting on the backyard couches in silence.

10:25PM BBT: Victoria is crying on the hammock with Nicole. Nicole tries to figure out why she is upset. Victoria says she just doesn't feel like herself here. She says she gained weight here and that she looked so fat today. She says she is eating dairy. Nicole asks if she is serious and then tells her none of what she is saying is what anyone thinks of her.

In the the HoH room, Frankie, Cody, and Zach are talking about what to do about Caleb. They all agree that they need to keep him around and plan to show their cards if it comes to it. If it is double eviction they want to go for Jo first and Donny second. Derrick is campaigning for Victoria because she is controllable.

10:35PM BBT: Derrick says he will feel nervous if Caleb goes up this week because he is a vote for their side and is someone who will never put one of them up if HoH. Zach is pushing for sending Hayden home next. The other guys are counting votes and they think it would be a tie. Zach says that would be a big move for him. They all agree they want to figure out where Christine's head is at. They think she should put up Donny and Jocasta. Frankie wants to talk to her about it.

10:50PM BBT: Frankie is trying to get everyone on the same page, but Zach is stuck on sending Hayden home if Jocasta is safe. Cody is focused on Donny. Zach says that it is impossible to have Caleb, Hayden, and Victoria in their back pocket. Frankie says it's better to send home someone not in any of their pockets though. Zach is none too impressed. Zach keeps pushing it and finally Frankie and Cody see the point. The plan is Jocasta first and Hayden as a backup.

11:05PM BBT: Caleb is now upstairs telling a more skewed version of what he discussed with Christine earlier. He has now decided that she is guarded with him because he is exactly like her ex. He then talks about not being able to do her goodbye message without getting emotional. He wants the world to see the real him. Their conversation ends and the HGs separate to play pool and eat.

Derrick and Cody move to the hammock and are excited they get to stay outside for so long. That means they know it will be an easy set up. Cody says he is getting pissed at Frankie because he dominated the alliance conversation and he thinks he is running things.

11:15PM BBT: Zach, Derrick, and Cody are now all by the hammock having essentially the same conversation they had in HoH. The guys move on to say that the numbers are dwindling and they may not be the control alliance. Derrick says they might be getting played and not even know it. Derrick moves on to say that they just need to keep their cool. They are all questioning Frankie's honesty. Derrick says Zach needs to lock it in with the two of them.

11:25PM BBT: Hayden has joined the hammock crew so most game talk has stopped. They are talking about how blindsided Amber is going to be. They are all nervous to give her a hug at the end. Derrick gets up to cook chicken for quesadillas.

Zach heads in to make a float. Frankie cuddles up with Cody and asks Hayden who he is putting up if he wins HoH. There is too much noise for his response, but the guys seem to go along with it just fine. Hayden seems to be leaning to Caleb because Hayden references Caleb having said that he plans on throwing the first HoH for double eviction in favor of the second HoH competition.

11:35PM BBT: Zach is now back on the hammock and they all agree that Victoria is the easiest pawn to do damage control with because she listens to whatever they say. On the other feeds we see HGs prepping for feeding time. Donny says his good nights and immediately gets called to DR. Amber walks by the living room and says something about fruit to Caleb and Zach who has moved back inside. Caleb looks at Zach and says she should have kept her mouth shut and she would have made jury. He then says he wonders why someone doesn’t just put some blonde hair on her for gosh sakes.

11:45PM BBT: Frankie and Christine are in HoH. Frankie is filling her in on everything he talked to the boys about. On the other feeds Caleb has opened a banana and replaced the inside part with a pickle. He had talked about doing this earlier for Amber to show her that he is like the banana pickle, She viewed him as something she hated at first but as she opened him up and got to know him she found something she liked, like a pickle. (Sigh). His plan is to give it to her as she walks out of the house. Oh nope the new plan is to put it in her suitcase. He tells the story to Frankie and Zach cannot stop laughing at all.

11:55PM BBT: Caleb puts the banana pickle? in Frankie's HoH freezer and heads back downstairs. Frankie goes back to going over the plan for the double eviction with Christine, and Zach is there now.

12:15AM BBT: Christine recaps the whole conversation and exits HoH.

Zach is telling Frankie that Cody, Derrick, and he have an alliance that they think he is all in on. Frankie asks if he has to worry.

Meanwhile have not time is over! Have-Nots are chowin down on quesadillas, fruit, and pasta.

12:25AM BBT: Frankie tells Zach that he is nervous now because he cannot un-know about the tres amigos. He is worried about what happens when it gets down to final five and all he has is Christine. Zach says that he only did it to have a sub alliance. Frankie says that Zach needs to forget about tres amigos and keeping that going will just push he and Christine away. Frankie says they don't need to do that 'til final five.

12:40AM BBT: General chit chat has started all over the house now that Have-Nots are full. Derrick talks to Jocasta about food and getting better at pool. Frankie is planning a coco puffs date with Christine.

12:50AM BBT: Derrick is practicing his country accent by impersonating Caleb. Nicole has a hammock date with one of Hayden's personalities named Carter. Carter is the one who doesn't use his mouth to talk. He just makes sounds. Nicole has a terrible time understanding him.

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