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Tuesday, March 4, 2014  Are you ready?
Big Brother Canada starts tomorrow night at 9PM ET on Slice.  Americans can only watch BB Canada online via Justin TV, or after the show airs on YouTube.  We should have links to the free live feeds shortly after they're activated.  We're expecting that there will be a player that works in the USA, like last year, but until then, USA fans can get the free feeds by going through a proxy.  PrivateWIFI offers a 10 day free trial, no credit card required, and before the 10 days are up we should have the player or links that won't be geoblocked.

I've always had trouble keeping track of who's who when a new season starts, so I make a page that I print out with all the HGs pictures and names, it's just like the BB cameramen use.  You can download a PDF of mine HERE.

I didn't get as many Live Feed Updaters as I think we'll need to provide complete coverage.  If you can spare an hour or so a day to watch the live feeds and post updates to our forums and to our social media followers, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Sunday, March 2, 2014  Is the secret out?
Who is the 15th houseguest?  The mystery HG may just be female impersonator Scott Bosse (also known as Contessa) from Halifax Nova Scotia, might just be the secret 15th guest in Canada's Big Brother House.

Bosse's role as houseguest hasn't been confirmed, it's just a popular rumor.  A gossip magazine called Frank seems to be the source, reporting Bosse's, social media pages (FB, Twitter, IG, & Linkin) are all gone.

Bosse's is a popular presenter at the Cosmic Bingo Fundraisers. The most recent bingo fundraiser was the benefit the Laing House, which is a peer support organization for youth living with mental illness. 

Can the Contessa out sparkle Gary Glitter? Is he even the 15th HG, or will the fans be #15, or maybe the fans will vote in a fifteenth HG.  Tune in March 5th on Slice to find out who is #15, who won the first HoH contest, and was someone evicted already...

Friday, February 28, 2014  The Game Has Begun
According to the web site, Big Brother Network, the new cast entered the house Thursday night in front of a live audience and took part in their first HoH competition, which the site reports was called "Ice Breaker" and involved standing on blocks of ice.  Since the audience member reporting for the web site, did not say who won, it's possible this was an endurance contest where the winner is determined after the audience leaves.

Who do you think the 15th houseguest is? Read our guesses, and make your own, here: Not signed up on our TV Fan Forums? Sign up here: Register and use the invitation code: 8298572.

  Big Brother Canada News

First look at the new houseguests!
















On the March 5th Premiere of Big Brother 2 Canada, a mystery 15th guest will be revealed.
Tune to Slice on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 9PM ET/PT
We expect to provide USA fans with a link to view the shows on line.

Click here to hear the HGs first interview.

House Photos are In!
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[Oh, it looks like you're browsing with an iPhone, you'll need to click here to see this video. ]

 Hope this Picture Isn't New February 24, 2014 The houseguests should be entering the Big Brother House in just two days, but we haven't seen pictures of the completed house yet. As you can see in this latest picture, they're just putting in the hot-tub.

Techie Stuff in the BB Canada Control Room Big Brother Canada Relies on Lawo for Audio Production Needs February 20, 2014 by SVG Staff at Sports Video Group

When the second season of Big Brother Canada returns on March 5, the setup behind the scenes must be ready for a perfect technical performance. The much more elaborate production setup for this season led Insight Production Company Ltd (Insight), entrusted with the shooting of the show, to go with Lawo technology to handle their audio production needs. - Read More -
Big Brother Fan's Golden Ticket  February 18, 2014 Tickets to the #BBCAN2 live evictions on March 6 & 13 are available now!

Please contact with this subject line: Big Brother Canada Tickets for [Date Requested]

Include your name, email address, phone number & number of tickets requested in the body of your email. *Note: We can't guarantee tickets, you must be able to travel to the Greater Toronto Area & the minimum age is 11 [accompanied by an adult if under 16].

Good luck!


Seats have now been filled for the evictions on March 6 & 13. Check the BB Canada Facebook Page for more more dates when they become available, then act real fast, these two dates where filled within four hours.

Another Glimpse at the New House! February 14, 2014  The folks at Big Brother teased us today with another picture from the new house.  As you can see, the walls are as red as a maple leaf.

They also suggest that you keep an eye out on their Facebook page for information about tickets to the live eviction shows.

Big Brother Canada Starts March 5th

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