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This archive of daily coverage from Big Brother 19 contains links and images that may no longer work.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017  Eviction Eve

Happy Birthday Whistle-Nut

Today, Christmas left the BB house to have surgery involving screws to join the fractured bones in her foot, she'll be back tomorrow, they expect her to return in time for the live eviction. Following the eviction, there will be the HoH competition, which we've heard will endurance. Christmas can sit the competition out if either her or her doctor think the activity would endanger her condition, [I think it's safe to expect her to skip this one.]

9:00-10:00AM BBT: BB wakes the HGs, Christmas is in the bathroom area and Cody comes in to talk to her and ask if everything is OK and she says, "Yeah it's good."

Cody wants to talk to her about the game, She asks him to tell her why she was put up on the block, Cody says that Dominique and Mark told him that Christmas had to go then after they wanted you to stay. He says, "I was upset and felt betrayed after Mark switched his vote. Christmas thanks Cody for telling her everything and he says he will come back in Battle Back and wants to be with her and Paul and take over this house.

In the bedroom Alex, Jason and Ramses are talking about how shady Kevin is playing both sides of the house and how close he is to Paul, They talk about how Paul always calls Kevin to the HoH room and talks to him a lot.

10:00-11:00AM BBT: Cody and Jessica are talking and whispering really low. Christmas gets called to the DR and has now left the house for her surgery. Cody and Jessica continue talking.

Most HGs are just sitting around just general talk going on.

11:10AM BBT: HGs are sitting around just talking general talk and Alex working out in the living room.

11:10AM BBT: HGs are sitting around just talking general talk and Alex working out in the living room.

11:25AM BBT: Cody and Jessica in the lounge room chatting and laughing, In the living room is, Kevin telling stories about fighting and smoke-filled arenas to Ramses and Matt.

11:40AM BBT: Just general talk still going on through the house while Paul cooks more French toast.

11:48AM BBT: Kevin is doing ADLs in the bathroom area telling Ramses how to clean his face. Jessica and Cody still in the Lounge room chatting and snuggling as they listen to the other HGs in the kitchen.

11:55AM BBT: Raven, Matt, Ramses, and Alex in the kitchen just general conversation. Paul calls Alex to the HoH room. He tells Kevin he wants to talk to him and Kevin says OK. Paul says, "I was having a talk with Mark and Christmas and other yesterday and they think you are sad and do not know what to do in this house." Paul says it is perfect so you are doing good. He tells Kevin that the group is thinking that you are alone and that we do not talk game or anything so that is my plan.

Paul then says, "This is the plan for the next few weeks, if we get power we want Ramses and Jessica out of this house now.: Kevin says OK good.

11:59AM BBT: Paul tells Kevin their plan is working now. Paul asks him, "Have you been memorizing stuff?" Kevin says, "Yeah I have." Paul: "Good, keep it up."

12:01PM BBT: Kevin and Paul talk about playing chess and Paul goes to feed the fish. Cody is in the shower in the bathroom area downstairs while Jessica does her makeup.

12:10PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around eating, chatting about music, or doing ADLs.

12:31PM BBT: Kevin and Jason are in the living room talking about people doing makeup and laughing. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen area being loud but we can not see them. Jessica doing makeup in the bathroom area while Cody watches her.

12:53PM BBT: The HGs are sitting around making general conversation. Mark is brushing his teeth in the bathroom area while Cody watches. Jessica is still doing makeup.

Raven comes out and says, "You're are going to love this..." as she goes to the kitchen to make a slop cake for Jason for his birthday today.

12:58PM BBT: All the HGs are in the kitchen except Jason and Dominique as Raven tries making a slop cake. Kevin telling stories about movies.

1:11PM BBT: Alex puts a watermelon in her shirt saying look I'm pregnant to Jason. She then laughs. In the kitchen, Most HGs are sitting around making general conversation.

1:26PM BBT: Jessica is fixing the plumbing under the sink for Ramses and Raven. She tells them to wait and pulls the back of her pants down a little telling them if she is going to be a plumber she needs a plumber's crack, Raven and Ramses laugh.

In the Money bedroom, Kevin and Alex were talking about how many days they have been in the house and today is 22. Mark and Jason are in there now and they talk about days and numbers for future competitions.

1:47PM BBT: Cody and Jessica are in the Have-Not room laying down and snuggling, Matt is in the bathroom area trimming his beard and sideburns, Elena is up and brushing her teeth.

1:54PM BBT: Paul pours pickle juice in a cup and gets everyone down to the kitchen. Paul says Josh this is day two of your pickle juice losing. Josh says, "I want to say you all suck, but I'm a man of my word." he drinks the brine and says, "This is awful, it taste like a bucket of salt." He drinks more and makes faces and says he will never eat another pickle in his life again.

1:56PM BBT: Paul asks Josh if he is crapping better now and Josh tells him, "No, I'm constipated from damn pickle juice." Paul is laughing hysterically.

3:15PM BBT: Raven falls down the stairs, hits her head and elbow, cuts her foot, they call for a medic and we get FotH

3:28PM BBT: The feeds are back and there's no sign of Raven. Camera one and two are on Ramses, Josh, Jason, and Kevin general chatter in the living room. Camera three and four on Jessica and Cody in Have-Not room.

3:45PM BBT: Raven comes back in with an ice pack. She says she needs stitches (which they'll do on site once the doctor gets there). They call an HoH room lockdown while they clean the stairs and everyone needs to put on shoes.

3:49PM BBT: FotH while they clean the stairs.

4:12PM BBT: The feeds are back just as the HoH room lockdown ends. Everyone is still in the HoH room except Alex, she heads down to kitchen.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
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Previously on Big Brother, Ramses was cursed inside the Den of Temptation... he must place himself on the block as a special third nominee in the next three weeks.

With Jillian and Christmas on the block, Cody thought he had the votes to cancel Christmas, but at the live eviction, the marine and his lady liberty were blind-sided.

With the power up for grabs, Paul tasted sweet victory.

Feeling betrayed, Cody went on the hunt for his deserters, and Josh took some unfriendly fire. When the Den of Temptation re-opened for business, Christmas found a present under her tree, but she had to curse three of her housemates (Jason, Cody, Jessica).

Wanting to back-door Cody, Paul recruited Alex and Josh to be pawns. At the nomination ceremony, Ramses revealed his curse to the house, leaving Paul's back-door plan in jeopardy (if Ramses won veto).

Tonight, will the Power of Veto seal Cody's fate, or will a new target emerge? Plus, if you thought last week's veto meeting was explosive, you ain't seen nothing yet! All this, right now on Big Brother!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Paul tells us that this week he's pulling a classic BB move...the back door. Instead of directly putting up his target, he puts up a couple of pawns so his target doesn't play veto, which maximize his odds of getting his target out.

Josh tells us that it doesn't feel good to be on the block, but at least he knows there's a plan to get Cody out this week. Let's execute the plan and get him out of here!

Ramses tells us there is no good time to be on the block, but since Cody is causing so much trouble in the house, Ramses might never get a better chance than this.

Alex tells us that even though Paul says she's a pawn, she can't trust that because pawns go home. To be safe, she needs to win the PoV herself and take herself off the block.

Cody tells us that Paul's nominations were all theatrics. He knows he is being back-doored this week. There's nothing he can do but rely on his name getting pulled for the veto.

In the Have-Not room, Cody tells Jessica they are cowards. They kiss and discuss that Josh got a taste of his own medicine. Jessica tells us that the nominations were pretty much exactly what they were expecting...the good old-fashioned back door. They can only hope that one of their names get pulled for the veto competition. She will be by Cody's side no matter what, until the end.

Paul, Raven, Elena, Dominique and Mark are present in the wave lounge as Paul tells Ramses the condition for them keeping him safe this week. He asks Ramses to throw the veto to someone else so that Cody can be named as a replacement nominee.

In the DR, Paul explains that the conditions of Ramses curse would not allow him to name a replacement. Other than Jessica or Cody playing PoV, Ramses winning veto is the only other thing that can throw a wrench in the works. Ramses tells us he feels alone in the house and Paul is trying to get him to throw the veto. Honestly, though, there's no greater security than having the power of veto, so he's going to gun it and get that power. Nonetheless, Ramses gives Paul a fist bump, letting Paul believe he will throw the veto.

Kevin, Christmas, Mark and Paul in the HoH room saying they need Ramses to throw the veto. He's the back-up plan if all else fails.

The screen comes on with a Den of Temptation announcement: The temptation has been accepted and it's time to suffer the consequence. The taker of the temptation had to curse three of the HGs. Josh tells us "Oh no! Not again!"

The den of temptation is unleashed and he's panicking. He just hopes it doesn't affect him or his game play and he's not the one cursed. It's announced that Jason, Jessica and Cody have been cursed. They must return to the den where the curse will be unleashed. The announcement concludes with an evil laugh.

Jessica complains that the selections are so original and tells us that she is pretty sure Christmas got the temptation. Cody and her are cursed, and suspiciously Jason is also cursed... he did break Christmas's foot after all. Christmas is nothing more than a bully. Jessica doesn't know what it could be, and she's honestly terrified.

Inside the den, Jason, Jessica and Cody are told they will each suffer the curse of the Ve-toad.

They are instructed to pick up their voodoo doll so that curse can engulf them. We see a green haze and they are transformed into toad costumes, and instructed that they must hop everywhere they go, and unless sleeping, they must always be on a lily pad. There will be lily pads in every room.

Jessica feels humiliated. Jason is first to start hopping out of the den. They are greeted by laughter and applause from the other HGs as they appear back in the kitchen.

In the DR, Christmas is laughing. She thanks America for giving her the Ring of Replacement and the chance to curse Cody with the Vetoad. Watching him hop around makes her heart sing. Stone-faced, Cody tells us it doesn't bother him that much.

Ramses joins Paul, Kevin and Mark briefly in the HoH room and then walks right back out. Paul complains that Ramses is obvious, and tells us...who does that? Just walks in and back out. Lucky he has "Al Capone" to go talk to Ramses and get him the skinny. He sends Kevin down to talk to Ramses.

Kevin tells us that Paul is running everything now. He has more necklaces... he's got everything. He figures why not talk to the kid and make sure everyone's happy.

Kevin finds Ramses in the bathroom area and tells him the powers that be want to make sure things will go right. Ramses tells him he's worried but has no choice.

Ramses tells us that he's conflicted because he wants to pull himself off the block but the whole house wants Cody out. He doesn't know what to do!

Cody and Jessica are eating in the wave room. She questions whether he would have made such a risky move if he knew how he was going to feel about her. He says yes, because he wouldn't have seen her loyalty otherwise.

Jessica tells us that if one of them don't get picked for the veto competition it pretty much ensure that Cody will be the back-door option. Cody has become her best friend in the house and so much more, and she's not ready to see him leave. She asks if he has anything to say.... Ribbit?? He is quiet and they kiss.

It's time to pick players for the veto competition. Paul explains the rules and the three nominees join him.

Paul tells us that the one thing that cannot happen is Cody or Jessica winning veto. If one of them wins, they can keep each other safe and that will ruin Paul's plan.

Paul does the picks.... Elena and Matt. Cody tells us that he knows he's done for. His name getting pulled was his last bit of hope he had in the game, and it breaks his heart.

It's time for the veto competition! Jason calls everyone and explains that BB will call each of them to the yard when it's their turn to compete.

Paul talks to Ramses again, pressing it home that Ramses has to do terribly. Ramses is irritated by Paul's pressure.

Ramses tells us he isn't sure what he wants to do. Internally he has told himself that he will go for it and pull himself if he's ever on the block, but this week, if he does that, there won't be a replacement, which would mean that either Alex or Josh would leave, and that's not the plan!

Josh adds his voice to Paul's argument, asking Ramses why he would win it. Ramses says he promised his mom and brother he would never throw a competition.

Exasperated, Paul tells us that all he has to do is suck at this competition. It's as easy as that! He pleads with Ramses to follow through with Paul's plan and then Paul will owe him.

Paul reads the card for the veto competition. Tired of being trapped in the BB house? Good news! In this competition they will travel around the world. To begin, hit your button to start your timer. Pass through security to terminal 1. Inside terminal 1, you will be asked a question. Answer correctly, your flight is on time and you may proceed through the green passage to the next destination. If you are incorrect, your flight is delayed, and you must go through the red doorway to complete a challenge before heading to the next destination. The more questions you answer correctly, the more on-time flights you'll take, and you will travel faster around the world. The more you get wrong, the more challenge delays you'll face, costing you valuable time on your trip. The player to make it around the world through all 5 destinations and hit their end button in the shortest amount of time, will win the golden power of veto. Are you ready to play "Path of Least Restistance?"

Paul tells us he's not sure if Ramses is going to stick to the plan and throw the competition so the only person he can count on is himself and winning the veto so he can get Cody out.

The first question...How many people were on the wall when he passed through security? We are shown that the answer is 6. Paul tells us that if he gets it right, he can race to the next terminal. If he gets it wrong he has to complete a challenge first. He guesses and gets it wrong.

Paul has to do the challenge, which involves prices of items in a gift shop. Paul tells us he would rather be getting tased by TSA right now than figuring out the numbers that add to 19. He select the items that add to $19 and progresses to terminal two. He has to say what time the clock read in terminal one. He guesses it and gets it wrong again.

Paul tells us that after hitting a few delays it finally dawns on him that he should be paying attention to things in the terminals so he can get the following questions right.

In the second challenge he is to challenge his inner ninja and punch or kick through yellow boards. Paul tells us he is pretty much imagining Cody's face on all these yellow blocks. He powers through and moves on to Terminal Three.

At Terminal Three, the question is about the pieces of red luggage in Terminal Two. Paul guesses again and gets it wrong. He pauses to look around before he heads to the delay route.

Paul tells us he has to pull it together and stop rushing because he needs to pay more attention. The challenge involves pushing a gondola through a maze of canals to a finish. He tells us maybe has to think like a gondola and BE a gondola. If he were a gondola, where would he go? He talks all through the challenge.

Paul tells us maybe he and the gondola, they can gondola this thing together. He's hit three delays and he's pissed. If he doesn't pick up some time, his Cody plane is going to take off!

In Terminal Four, Paris, he is asked what color Australia was on the map in Terminal Three.

In the DR, Paul tells his mom, that as hard as it is to believe he has been learning from his mistakes and he thinks Australia is purple. He's right! Boom! Now he can go straight through to the next terminal!

In Terminal Five, Hodder Lake, Canada, Paul is asked which location did not have a travel poster in Terminal Three. He correctly picks Fiji and passed through to hit his end buzzer.

Paul tells us he hit three delays and didn't do quite as well as he should have. He just has to hope Ramses does worse than he did. As he leaves the back yard, he says "that was so fun!"

We see clips of Elena, Josh, Matt, and Alex starting the challenge. Alex tells us that she made a deal with Paul this week to be on the block so that they could get Cody out. She's not exactly happy about it, so she is going to make sure she wins it to get off the block this week.

All of them are hitting delays on terminal one.

Josh tells us that going into the veto he doesn't trust anyone else. It's all him. He's saving himself and that's the plan baby.

Josh tells us that he works with numbers. All he does is count money. You throw him an equation, he's freaking out. We see each of them pass the challenge, and move to the next terminal.

Josh tells us this has to be the hardest and most impossible challenge ever. He can't seem to get one question right.

We see Elena, Josh, and Alex doing the second challenge. Elena feels like a badass. Alex shows us karate jobs.... done!

At Terminal Three, we see Josh, Elena, and Matt working through the gondola maze, but Alex gets it right. At Terminal Four, Elena has to do the challenge. She tells us that she is stuck at the airport and has to eat three sets of pate, caviar, and escargot before this plane can take off. She is sitting in the middle seat with passengers beside her. Matt and Josh both have to do the challenge too.

Matt tells us that this dude is sweating all over him and he feels like he's going to puke. Josh tells us that this big guy is taking up half his seat, and a lady with a mean face. Can this trip get any worse?

Elena asks if people eat this crap on purpose. They each finish the challenge and move on.

At Terminal Five, Josh, Elena, Alex, and Matt all face delays. Josh tells us that he has dropped his passport in a lake so he has to dive in to get it so he can get out of there. They each have to jump into a tank of freezing cold water and dive under. Matt is physically shocked by how cold it is... he wouldn't mind have the large sweaty man from the previous challenge to keep him warm!!

Elena tells BB she might die in there. We see Alex, Matt, Josh, and Elena hit their end buzzers. They did it.

Ramses tells us that this whole week the entire house has been in his ear telling him to throw this competition, but at this point, he just wants to do what's best for his game. He comes close but guesses wrong on the first question and has to go to the "gift shop" challenge.

In the DR he complains: where are the X-men comic books. He wants Spiderman... inhuman.... not these tacky shirts. He passes the challenge and moves on to Terminal Two, Tokyo and is delayed. He kicks all the yellow boards and tells us he has been training for this moment his entire life: summoning his inner grasshopper to chop all these boards...he punches the air.

At Terminal Three, he gets the question wrong and is delayed again. He tells us that these questions are really stumping him, but he's making up time in the delayed rooms. He powers through the gondola maze. At Terminal Four, Ramses makes a total guess and gets it right. At Terminal Five, he guesses wrong and has to dive for his passport.

Ramses tells us holy crap, he just wants to grab this freaking passport and lock in his time ASAP because it's SO cold.

In the living room, all the HGs are gathered as Jason gives the results.
Josh's time is 7:48.
Ramses 7:44.

Ramses tells us that his goal going into the competition was to throw the competition and do so well, but apparently, that didn't happen.

Jessica tells us that her and Cody's games are in Ramses hands. It's possible Ramses could win and keep nominations the same, which gives her and Cody another week in the house. She needs Ramses to pull this out.

Josh tells us he was a straight ninja, diving in tubs, eating all this food, flying through these tests, so he has no idea how Ramses beat his time!

Paul tells us "7:44? Are you kidding me? What did you not understand Ramses? Or maybe you did understand and you're trying to be a little sneaky!" Elena's time was 10:35. Matt's was 11:32. Alex's time was 4:38. Ramses tells us he decided to throw the competition but he's shocked to see how well he did. He's in the lead right now and that was not the plan.

Jessica tells us that she is literally holding her breath right now. Ramses can save everything.

Paul tells us that literally, everything is on the line at this point. If Ramses wins the veto, the plan is spoiled because he knows Ramses will pull himself off. If Paul doesn't beat Ramses time, Paul's operation is ruined.

Jessica tells us that all Ramses has to do is beat Paul's time, and they might actually survive another week in the house. Please God... let Ramses pull this off!!! Paul's time is 4:37! Paul wins the Power of Veto!

Paul holds up his veto necklace and tells us "Guess who has all the power this week?" He tells Ramses he came in second place after being told to throw the competition. Second place is definitely not throwing the competition!

Ramses tells us that this just went horribly wrong. He almost just won a veto he was supposed to throw. He doesn't know how he's going to damage-control so this whole house doesn't come against him.

Jessica and Cody are commiserating in the Have-Not room. Cody tells us he didn't get to play in the veto competition. Paul won, but it didn't matter who won, because Paul was going to utilize them to use the veto and back-door Cody.

Jessica tells us it's hard to picture this house without Cody. She looks dejected as she tells us she wishes things were different.

In the HoH room, Paul and friends are talking about Ramses being a snake. They don't trust him. Ramses comes in and tells them he knows that it looks sketchy, but he honestly was not trying to win it.

Ramses tells us that all he can do is be straight-up with him. Paul tells Ramses in the HoH room that it's OK... he has the veto and he trusts himself. Book closed.

Paul tells us that the difference between Cody and Ramses as a threat is that Cody is more direct. At least he knows that Cody doesn't like him and wants him out of the game. He's not so sure about Ramses because he just goes around doing his sneaky sneaks? Does he take Cody out this week, or does he leave the nominations the same and get rid of snake Ramses so he doesn't have to deal with him anymore?

It's time for the veto ceremony. Paul calls everyone into the living room , and they gather. Paul recaps his nominations and that Ramses nominated himself, fulfilling his curse. He gives the nominees a chance to tell him why he should use the veto to save them. Alex says she wants to be here, and wants to compete against Paul. If he doesn't use it on her, he can bite her! He laughs. Ramses tells him to use the veto as he sees fit and that it's best for him and everyone. Josh says he could tell them that they are good people and that he loves them, but he wants to keep it down to business. Josh then turns to Cody and tells him that he has blown up the house, lied to everyone, turned on Christmas and tried to get her out the door and rallied against her to tell the rest of them that he "wants to play the game with integrity" (Josh speaking mockingly). Cody was terrified of his squad and then turned on others. Cody is still lying on Josh telling everyone that Josh came to him for safety. He doesn't want to work with Cody and wants him out of the house. If it wasn't for the golden apple, Josh would already be out of there, so he hopes to see Cody hop his ass on out of there.

Cody replies before Josh even sits down, saying "You need to change your diaper first."

The HGs are looking shocked. Josh continues putting Cody down, calling him a loser and a liar and saying Jessica is doing Cody's dirty work. Jessica laughs at him saying he shouldn't shake if he is going to give a speech.

The other HGs start calling time out. Paul announces that he has decided to use the Power of Veto on Josh. Paul says he has to name a replacement nominee. He tells Cody that last week Cody attacked Paul's character, stabbed him in the back, and made promises he didn't keep. He knows that Cody wanted to battle it out with him, but Paul is more of a check-mate kind of guy. He tells Cody to hop on over to the nomination seat and he adjourns the meeting.

Paul tells us "OH! I have you just where I want you little toad. Guess what? You don't have anywhere to hop off this block, so here's the check-mate. Maybe you won't play me in Big Brother chess ever again."

Cody tells us that Paul has his groupies. There's no way they're going to deviate from him. Cody is Paul's biggest threat in this game.... he and Paul are the only Alphas in this game, and the rest of these Betas are following Paul now.

Josh tells us this is the perfect karma in the BB house. This kid has been throwing shots at Josh since the moment he's been in charge. "You missed buddy. I'm here to play, you meatball, and I'm going to get you out this house!"

Tune in to see the explosive fall-out from the veto meeting, plus Alex, Ramses or Cody will be evicted. All this live, Thursday at 9/8 Central on Big Brother!
Under Construction
Tonight's cover of Big Brother 19, S19E07 was written by App.

6:00PM BBT: In the HoH room, Dominique, Raven, Elena, and Ramses are discussing that Raven hurt the same foot that Christmas hurt. Dominique said Christmas was supposed to have her surgery at 3PM. Raven says the kitchen needs to be cleaned again. Elena says she's not trying to one up Raven, but she hurt her foot yesterday also. Raven says she had to throw away her pink socks because they had blood on them. She says the BB didn't want them put in the washer. Ramses asks Raven if her tea was hot. She says, yes and we get FotH.

6:03PM BBT: The feeds coming back with Raven saying she told the DR that she cut her foot and then it started bruising. She says her elbow and head started to hurt also. She says they told her the adrenaline was wearing off. We get FotH for a moment.

Raven says whenever she gets upset it makes her disease act up. She says she was anxious because of her mom seeing her fall. She says she threw up a little bit. She says she took her nausea medicine. She says Paul was a sweetheart and cooked her rice and chicken.

6:04PM BBT: Raven says that Paul saw the whole thing. Elena says she saw her head hit. Raven says that Paul was telling everyone not to move her. Raven says she appreciates Cody, Kevin, Paul and everyone being so sweet to her. Raven says she's ready to go to sleep tonight for sure. Elena tells her that after she's been up long enough they should let her rest. She says if she needs anything she will help her. Elena says she's going to clean the kitchen.

Dominique says she needs to work out. Raven says she needs to use the bathroom. They all gather stuff up and leave the HoH room.

6:07PM BBT: Paul and Jason are using chairs in the area between the dining room and the living room to do reverse push-ups. After they are done with their turn Josh takes a turn. Paul says they are doing two sets and then moving on. Mark goes over to take a turn next. Alex asks Paul how tall he is? Paul says, about 5'7"ish.

Dominique gets called to the DR. Kevin gets told to please put on his microphone. Paul shows everyone the next type of push-ups they are going to do.

6:10PM BBT: Alex gets called to the DR. Kevin asks Paul if he works out at home? He says he usually eats clean during the week at home. He says he doesn't usually eat junk food. He says his junk food is eating a nice steak or a nice burger at a restaurant, not from a fast food place. He says he eats edibles or uses something to dry weed out and he inhales the vapor (THC) from it. He says he definitely smokes a joint every now and then. He says it doesn't do anything to your lungs.

6:14PM BBT: Paul says he likes to smoke a little bit and then have a couple drinks. He says you wake up the next morning feeling like a little baby. Raven is now laying on a couch with her foot propped up. Dominique and Kevin are sitting on the couch across from her. Jason is standing on the lily pad in the living room. The guys are working out inside. Raven asks Dominique if she could go in the storage room and get her some Aleve? She says, yes and goes.

6:16PM BBT: Elena, Ramses and Matt are cleaning the kitchen. Elena and Ramses are doing the dishes. Matt says he will clean out the sink when they are done. Elena is washing the dishes. Ramses is drying the dishes. Elena says she has one puppy that is mixed at home and she misses it. Elena is about to throw up washing the dishes. Ramses tells her he will swap with her if she wants him to. He says she isn't having a good time washing the dishes. She says she is just going to be herself and shelve it. She says there's no vacancy. Matt asks if there's another sponge? He rinses one out and takes it to clean off the red bar table. Paul walks into the kitchen to talk to Jessica, who's standing on the lily pad there.

6:21PM BBT: Jessica takes out her red bandana out of her hair and she messes with her extensions. She says she pays $150 a month for a gym membership at Equinox. She says they are charging her $30 a month while she's on the show. Matt says his gym membership is only $35 a month. Jessica says Equinox is amazing. She says it's usually $200 a month for one location. Matt says that's ridiculous. Elena says it's where you could find your husband.

6:23PM BBT: Jessica says that Madonna teaches a yoga class once in a while in West Hollywood. She says it's one of the busiest Equinox'. She says she would never go there even though she lives there. She says she goes to the Hollywood one because it's newer. She says not many celebrities that go there. Jessica says that you have to have over 1 million followers on Social Media to go to one of the locations. Cody says he has no Facebook friends. Elena says she hopes people want to follow her because of her content and not her boobs.

6:26PM BBT: Elena says her content is pretty solid. Cody asks if she's ever had a content reduction? She says no, but she probably should. She says she's sorry she is getting Mark's shirt messed up while she's doing the dishes. Matt asks everyone to keep the place nice for the live eviction tomorrow. Elena says, please. Raven is now sitting at the red bar table in the kitchen.

6:28PM BBT: Kevin says he thinks they are doing some Crossfit exercises. Matt tells Kevin if he loses a bet against Raven he has to take ballet lessons from her. Elena tells Jason he smells good. She asks Jason to come to her every few minutes so she can smell him, because it's refreshing from what she is smelling.

Elena says she's getting light-headed and might faint while washing the dishes. She says she's not used to doing stuff like dishes. She says she doesn't do manual labor.

6:31PM BBT: Elena and Ramses switch out. Ramses is now washing the dishes and Elena is going to dry them. Cody goes to the sink to wash his hands. The guys are still working out in the area between the dining room and living room. Elena says they have a Z Gallery bowl. She says it might be like $15. She says the couches there are like $4,000. Ramses asks if Pier 1 is expensive? Elena says they are expensive, but not Z Gallery expensive. She says she used to work at Pier 1 when she was in college.

6:34PM BBT: Elena asks what day they are on in the house? Matt says it's Wednesday, July 12, Day 22. Jason side hops to the bathroom area from the kitchen. Matt is starting another pot of coffee. Alex gets up from the dining room table and adjusts her shorts, before heading to the the green bedroom. Alex gets her suitcase to start packing it.

6:38PM BBT: Paul asks if anyone wants anymore of the chicken before he puts it away. No one does. Raven gets up from the red bar table and leaves the kitchen.

Raven and Matt go to the storage room. Raven gets some ice cream. She asks Matt what he's looking for? He says he's pulling stuff out that they may need. Raven gets called to the DR. She takes the ice cream and asks Paul if he will set it on the counter for her. She tells the DR she is going. She tells Paul she may be getting her stitches now and she goes to the DR. Paul puts the ice cream on the red bar table in the kitchen for her.

6:41PM BBT: Elena tells Ramses the gold silverware is pretty dope. She tells him that her house is really colorful and cute. She says she has a pink sign that says "Girls Rule." She says she has open picture frames on a big wall. She says she has exposed shelves. She says she has her pretty bowls and plates sitting out and she collects coffee mugs. She says her upstairs bathroom is light blue and yellow. She says her bedroom is pink skulls. She says it's a loft and it's really open. She says she likes it a lot.

6:43PM BBT: Ramses says his room has a lot of plants and trees on the walls. He says he would like to move to New York for like a year, but he knows it would be expensive and he doesn't know anyone there.

Ramses says everyone in the house needs blessings to be safe since they keep getting hurt. He says he thought Christmas just got back for some reason.

Elena says she too little to put the cups up in the cupboards.

Ramses says the workout seems amazing. He asks Elena if she would do it? She says, yes. Ramses says he really wants to do it.

6:46PM BBT: Elena tells Matt he's almost done with the slop. He says it really doesn't bother him that much. Alex says Jason is the dumbest person alive for having to be a Have-Not another week. Kevin comes out of the bathroom area wearing a towel around his waist and carrying his clothes. Ramses asks him what's wrong and if he's threatening him? (Jokingly) Ramses tells Elena it was just them grab-a$$ing.

Dominique looks in the refrigerator and then shuts it. Alex says a cheeseburger is a perfect meal because it has everything you need on it.

6:49PM BBT: Mark says they shouldn't be given the chocolate protein anymore. He says they give them two chocolate to every 1 vanilla protein. Alex tries to explain to them that they used Costco to say money. Dominique is in the living room doing high steps and working out. The guys are still doing push-ups for their work out.

6:52PM BBT: Matt is eating some slop while sitting at the red bar table in the kitchen. Elena thanks Ramses for helping her with the dishes. She says she couldn't have done it alone. She says she would have looked at the sink and vomit. She says someone would have to clean the sink and her vomit. She says she can't let her sink get dirty at home or she will get sick.

6:54PM BBT: Matt and Alex are talking about the topic of age coming up last night in the bathroom area. Matt says he doesn't understand why Cody would even ask Elena how old she thought he was.

Alex says she doesn't even know if Cody was a Marine. Matt says it sounds fishy. Alex says he never used his GI Bill. Alex thinks he's lying.

Paul tells Alex he made some bomb a$$ rice. Alex says she has three minutes to try it. She gets up and tries it.

Matt says it's bizarre about Cody. He says they don't care how old he is. Matt says he thinks people aren't saying things, but he doesn't think they are lying about things. Alex says she lives with her parents right now.

6:58PM BBT: Matt says he really wants to stay with the company he works for, but he really doesn't want to do another winter in DC. He says they will probably be home by Halloween time.

Alex says she works for a small company and it's good publicity for them. She says she wants to do her bikini thing and travel. She says the winter months in the US are the best time to travel. She says it's monsoon season in Cambodia. She says her ex-boyfriend has a bomb a$$ job. She says he works for a production company. She says he bought her a ticket to Thailand to leave the day after she started her new job. She says she lied and told them she would be gone for two weeks and they didn't have a return ticket. She says the owners are Armenian. We see FotH.

7:04PM BBT: The live feeds come back with Alex talking about the crime in South America. Matt says he would like to go places to visit. He says he drinks and doesn't do any hard drugs. Dominique is now in the HoH room. She is drinking water as she walks around. Mark is up there with her and he leaves. Kevin is in the green bedroom. He asks everyone what's up (to the cameras)? He says it's no joke in the house. He says it's Day 22 today. He shouts out to his children.

7:07PM BBT: He speaks a little French. He asks his wife, Deb, what she's doing? He sings a little bit and we get FotH again.

7:08PM BBT: Live feeds come back with Kevin still shouting out to people. Elena goes to the HoH room to put some toilet paper in the bathroom area there. Jessica is lying on the lily pad in the Have-Not room. Cody is sitting with her. Jessica talks about a friend of hers getting a bulldog and naming it Kenneth Powers. We get FotH yet again.

7:11PM BBT: Live feeds come back with all cameras on the dining room and kitchen area. Alex is talking more about her trip to Thailand. She is talking about someone dying there and we get FotH for a few seconds.

We get cameras in the Have-Not room again. Cody says he wants to take massage classes. Dominique gets told to please put her microphone on. Jessica tells Cody it would be a good investment. She says she can't wait to get a great massage. She says she can't believe how spoiled she was until she came in the house.

Cody says he believes she is. She says she spoils herself. She says no one else does it. She says she likes making her money herself. She says when she's single the money goes to eating out. She says when she's in a relationship she eats in.

Cody tells her to never buy him anything. Jessica says she can't promise that. She talks to him about the 5 languages of love.

7:14PM BBT: Cody tells Jessica that gifts from him aren't about possessions. Jessica says she thoroughly enjoys getting people things. Cody says the best Christmas gift he ever got was a 6-pack of Coors that was wrapped up for him. Jessica says she will always have a 6-pack for him then. She says she always has wine and some jack in the freezer. She says she has people over every couple months so she brings liquor home from work. She says she has a lot of liquor. Cody says beer lasts him a while because he doesn't drink a lot. Cody says he's a bit reckless. He says, craps going down and everyone is running and he will be running towards the action. Jessica tells him she loves his spirit.

7:17PM BBT: Cody says he wishes someone would have told him when he was growing up how people usually avoid the action.

Kevin announces he will have a show tomorrow at 1 (I think Eastern time).

In the green bedroom, Jason is saying, Happy Birthday Mamanana and he keeps repeating it. We get FotH.

7:19PM BBT: Live feeds come back with Jason telling Kevin what to say tomorrow in the DR during evictions. BB tells Jason to "Stop that." Alex is putting stuff on her face. Kevin asks Alex what's on her face? She says it's a face mask. She tells them she doesn't know what it does, but it said good things about it on Amazon. Kevin asks if it's the Amazon River? He asks Jason if he knows where it is? Jason doesn't know. Jason says he has on a different frog suit. He says it's shorted.

Jason says it's after 8PM, so they've already aired tonight. He asks Alex what was shown on the show tonight? He asks if the Veto was on there? Alex says she thinks so, but he didn't play. Jason says he was the host.

7:22PM BBT: Alex tells Jason she is going to be 29. Jason says, 29? Alex tells him he already knows this.

Back in the Have-Not room, Cody has his left hand up the right side of Jessica's frog suit, while he's talking about killing on the battlefield. Jessica tells him they are so weird. Jessica asks Cody what his most negative effect that war had on him. He says not too much. He stares a lot too. His friends call him out on it a lot. He says nothing really stuck with him. Cody thinks 90% of people come back without any issues. Jessica asks how many people he killed... 10? 20?. She says she killed someone once. Cody asks how? She says she is kidding and could definitely not handle war. She says she's cold now and can't be happy. She takes part of her suit off to put on a hoodie. Jessica asks Cody if he can believe she's never flashed anyone in her life? He says he will believe her and it makes him extremely happy more than she knows. He says he's seen her boob pop out a few times. She says she's doing her best to manage.

7:26PM BBT: Cody and Jessica kiss a little bit. Jessica tells him if he ends up at the same hotel as last time to get the large chicken pot pie. She says she doubts he will though. Cody says people always ask him about him riding a motorcycle. He says he's not giving it up just because someone died riding one. He says that doesn't make sense. He says how dangerous it can be because you don't have control over what someone else does. Jessica asks him how old his nephew Dylan is? Cody says 1. Jessica says he doesn't know who he's named after. Cody says no. He says it was an honor to have him named Dylan.

7:31PM BBT: Cody says he's the oldest of four. Jessica says she the baby, but the more mature one. She says her brother has always been coddled and always will be. She says her mom had a miscarriage in between them. Cody asks Jessica how many kids they will have? She says enough for a football team. Cody says, yeah. She says as much as they can afford. Cody says they were always broke with four. Jessica says she always went to McDonald's. Cody says he was given pork chops and was told it was steak when he was little.

Alex and Jason talking in Have-Not. Alex says if Jason wins he shouldn't put up girls because they come back with a vengeance. Jason asks so Dominique and Elena. Alex laughs.

Ramses comes in and Alex asks who he would put up if he wins. He doesn't have a mic on so hard to hear him. Alex doesn't know if putting up Jess next is the best since she will be alone. Ramses says they have to breakup the showmances. Alex agrees but says it will be hard to protect all three of them (Jason, Alex, Ramses). Alex and Jason start trying to find a nickname for Cody... Asshat? Square balls? etc...

7:32PM BBT: Jessica tells Cody that all of her text messages are always saved to her computer through the Cloud. She says she always deletes all her messages on her phone, but they are saved. Ramses gets told to please put on his microphone. Cody says he always deletes all of his messages. He says He messages himself notes he needs to know also. he says he will keep stuff if she wants to look through his phone. Jessica tells Cody about a recipe for shredded chicken in a cream of mushroom vinegar sauce. She says it simmers all day. She says she would die for her dad to make it and it's the only recipe she hasn't tried to make yet.

7:35PM BBT: Alex has her gray face mask drying on her face. She is talking to Jason in the green bedroom. They are talking about weird words. She says they are trying to make a new word for asshat so it can trend on Twitter. Ramses goes in the room with them. Jason says the Urban Dictionary says a Whistle-Nut is a totally incompetent person. Alex and Ramses get up and walk out of the green bedroom briefly.

They move their suitcases. Alex runs out of the bedroom really fast. Jason tells Ramses he's trying to figure out what people are thinking. Alex says she needs to ask for her glasses back. BB tells Alex to "stop that," twice. She is trying to get in the DR to get her glasses. She tells them to call her next. She goes back to the green bedroom and wants to think of a new name still.

7:38PM BBT: Alex, Jason, and Ramses trying to make up a new name to call people to make it trend on Twitter. Ramses wants to know the plan and he whispers to Jason. Jason replies that he needs to know the plan of the other side.

7:41PM BBT: Raven comes out of the DR. She tells the HGs they couldn't numb her foot for the stitches because of where it was cut. She is wiping her tears away while sitting on the couch. Ramses says she's shaking. Raven says it was a lot of pain and it hurt really bad. Ramses says she just got four stitches. Raven says she's surprised they didn't hear her screaming because it hurt really bad.

Ramses says Christmas is going to come back and ask her what's wrong with her now. Raven says they asked her if she wanted to fix her make-up while she was there. She says there was no fixing it. Raven says she can't feel her foot. Ramses helps Raven to wipe her makeup off her face. She thanks him.

7:45PM BBT: Raven tells Elena that she has to wear a bag over her foot to shower. She says if there's a competition where she has to submerge her foot she can't compete. She tells her it couldn't be numbed because of where it was cut. She says it could have been way worse.

Elena has given Raven some ice cream to eat. They are eating together while sitting on the couch. BB tells the HGs they are not allowed to talk about production. Raven says it's probably her, but she's done talking about it.

7:47PM BBT: Matt is sweeping the kitchen and asks Mark where the Swiffer is? Mark tells him it's in the storage room.

Mark is sitting at the dining room table eating. Elena and Josh are in the hallway.

Elena tells Raven she probably should have worked out today. She tells Raven she probably will heal fast. Raven says she hopes so. We get FotH briefly.

Elena tells Raven her foot is really swollen. Raven says when she does it she does it big time. Elena tells Raven to not do things by herself. She says if she needs help to just ask.

Raven asks Matt if he will carry her to the bathroom area to use the bathroom. He comes and carries her to the bathroom area. She tells him they did numb part of her foot but she felt everything. Matt laughs and tells Raven that between the two of them her and Christmas have two feet. he sits on the purple couch in the bathroom area, while she is in the bathroom.

7:51PM BBT: Raven hops out of the bathroom to the sink to wash her hands. She says it's even the same foot as Christmas. She says she just got five stitches and she can't feel her foot right now.

After she dries her hands, Matt carries her back to the couch in the living room. We see FotH.

7:52PM BBT: Live feeds come back with Raven back on the couch eating her ice cream with Elena. Raven says she probably needs to keep her foot covered, but she doesn't know where her sock is. Raven puts the Swiffer pad on the bottom of the Swiffer. Josh says he about the Swiffer the whole crib down. Raven asks Elena if there's anymore of the ice cream left? She says she would like a little more. Raven tells Elena she thinks her other sock is in the kitchen.

Elena says she see it. Mark asks Raven if she needs anything? She tells him Elena is getting her more ice cream and Matt is carrying her everywhere.

Mark asks why they couldn't numb it? She tells him because of the area it was in. She says the when the first stitch went in they gave her more medicine because she was hollering so much.

7:55PM BBT: Mark says, Dominique, him, Christmas and now her all have gotten hurt. Elena gives Raven her ice cream and sock and she thanks her.

Elena sits by Mark on the other couch in the living room . Mark asks Ramses if he's making cookies with toppings on them? He says no. He says he really doesn't like desserts like that. He says he's more of a meats guy.

Alex is walking around gathering her stuff and packing her suitcase.

Kevin asks Raven if she got stitches. She tells him the story of getting five without numbing. She says she's surprised they didn't hear her screaming. Kevin asks if she wants to ice it? She says no. It hurt like a son'o'bitch. Kevin asks what she put on it? She says a dressing. She has to keep it changed out and can't get it wet for seven days. Kevin says the doctor is making his money. Mark repeats the names of those that have gotten hurt so far and we see FotH.

7:59PM BBT: Live feeds come back up. Raven wants to take a shower in the HoH room. Elena tells Mark she has a lot of hair and has to do a lot to it.

8:43PM BBT: Cody and Jessica are playing chess (checkers?) upstairs. Kevin shouts up to Cody and they talk back and forth (about Dominique's upcoming talk show). Jessica is going to monitor what Cody says in response to the questions he is asked.

9:58PM BBT: HGs gathering in the Lounge for Dominique's talk show. Kevin introduces "Dominique the Dominator". The three HGs being interviewed are Alex, Ramses, and Cody.

10:00PM BBT: Alex is the first HGs to be interviewed. Dominique asks her how Day 1 was to her vs. Day 22. Alex says that she has had to fight her entire time in the house. Dominique mentions her energy, and Alex mentions that she drinks 6-8 cans of coke a day. Alex says her second time on the block is a little more iffy since she did not win the veto.

10:05PM BBT: Dominique asks Alex about her clothing company. Dominique then asks her for the "scoop" of the house. Alex dodges the question by saying everyone has been pretty chill in the house [Is she in the same house we see?]. Dominique asks about Megan and discussion her causing the issues before she left. Alex says that it's good she left if she couldn't handle a conversation about the racial comment, that she should GTFO.

10:18PM BBT: Ramses' interview begins. As Dominique begins asking Ramses some get to know you questions, the other feeds are on Cody cleaning in the kitchen. Dominique asks about Day 1 and if he had any notable first impressions of the HGs. He says he thought Alex was 17 and would be a sweet quiet girl, but has shown herself to be a badass.

10:21PM BBT: Dominique asks him about the 25k and who he thought won it. He doesn't give a name but says that of his two thoughts, one person is gone and another is still in the house. Dominique asks him to pick two HGs and say what they would have spent the money on -- he picks Mark, who he says would buy a bunch of whey protein and spend it on Elena, and Raven, who would give it to her family.

10:24PM BBT: Dominique asks Ramses if he has started campaigning, and he says not really. Dominique asks about him getting on the show, and he says he went to an open casting call his brother mentioned to him. She then asks what he wants to do after BB and he says travel.

10:26PM BBT: Dominique asks him about his sexuality, and about his coming out experience. He says it was nerve-wracking but that his mother was very supportive.

10:34PM BBT: Cody's interview begins with a fun fact -- that he can get out of any pair of handcuffs with a bobby pin. Dominique then asks about any notable first impressions. He says he wanted to stay the hell away from Jessica, that it would be trouble. He didn't want to get in any showmance but denies what they have is a showmance. Dominique asks if there were any not so good impressions, and he says, Paul.

10:38PM BBT: Dominique asks about his prowess in the competitions he has been in so far. He says his driving force to stay in the house was to get Paul out because he didn't give him a friendship bracelet. Dominique asks him how it felt to be the first HoH, and he says "fine". Dominique pushes further and he says he really wanted Megan out. He says that she said "I hate Marines" to him and insulted everyone in the house.

10:40PM BBT: Dominique asks about the organically forming teams in the house while he was HoH and what was going through his head. Cody says he wanted to go after Paul, but that it was a very selfish move. He wanted to go head to head with the guy who got second in his season. Dominique says she assumes he understands that with every team, there is a measure of communication should exist until trust is established. She asks if maintaining little to no communication about his moves was the best move at the time? Paul interjects and asks if there was really little to no communication or was there communication? Cody says that at the advice of council he'd have to answer that privately.

10:44PM BBT: Dominique comments that she thinks this is the first time that something like this has happened (Cody having to make so many nomination changes). Cody follows up with that he's also leaving week two. Dominique asks about him campaigning and he says he wouldn't have a chance against Alex. Dominique asks who he thinks should go far and he says Alex, Jessica, and Raven. Dominique asks again why does he think he is going home, and Cody says he thinks Ramses made a deal to put himself up because he knew Cody was going to be backdoored. That it also changed the PoV selection meeting and made his chances of playing nonexistent.

10:46PM BBT: Cody says that he expected Paul to win HoH, that he did well on competitions last year, and that everyone was helping him so Cody could be targeted. Dominique asks Cody if he could have done something differently to avoid being put on the block, Cody says "Megan, not F-ing quitting". He says his strategy was to get her out and then chill out for four weeks, and then the group would go after the outsiders. He wanted to get to jury, and then he would target Paul first. Dominique asks if this plan was something he had in his head, or if it was something that he came up with on the fly. He says his plans got accelerated and he moved each person up that he planned to go after.

10:48PM BBT: Dominique asks Cody if he would have changed his nominations based off what he knows now, and Cody says no, that he wouldn't be a dud and would take risks. He says that he didn't tell Jessica about any of his plans, but that now she is feeling heat for it even though she didn't know about it before hand. He says the only thing she has done is stayed loyal, that people should respect that but instead she is being shunned.

10:49PM BBT: Dominique mentions that some may feel that Jessica is guilty by association, asks Cody if he feels she should have distinguished her game from his, even if she decided to stay loyal. He says she stayed loyal to him, and he expected others to do so also, but they didn't. He says he respects the hell out of her and doesn't see why everyone kicks her to the side like trash.

10:50PM BBT: Paul asks if the decisions he made were solely his own. Cody says he never made a decision completely baseless, that at least one or two other people were always involved. Mark asks for clarification -- if he told them or if they were involved? Cody repeats that one or two people always knew what decision he was going to make. Mark asks what decision was that? Cody says that is all he is saying. Mark asks again and Cody doesn't answer.

10:51PM BBT:
Josh asks if Cody wasn't intimidated by Paul as a man or player, would he last longer in the game? Cody asks him if that is supposed to be a dig at him, Josh says no, it's a serious question. Cody says Josh doesn't exist in the book, that he isn't going to give him any more air time and won't answer his questions.

10:52PM BBT: Dominique asks Cody what may happen with the showmance if he leaves, Cody says he's going to leave that private between the two of them. Mark asks again about the one or two people who knew about his plans, that that statement it'self will help Jessica's game. Cody asks him if he will go after Jessica now because he asked that. Mark says no. Paul asks if Cody is willing to say who the one or two people are, and Cody says no. Mark asks do you think putting a general statement out like that will help you associate with people in the house? Cody says he is going home, he's just answering questions because he is being asked them. Mark asks again. Cody says that all he is saying is that he's going after Jessica.

10:55PM BBT: Dominique asks about him admitting his age is actually 32, and he says that he had nothing to lose and that it really didn't matter. Dominique asks if his age, occupation, etc. has any bearing on his game? He says no, it doesn't really matter, that he assumes everyone there is brilliant. Kevin jokes "should I have said I was 40?"

10:58PM BBT: Dominique asks if he feels he owes anyone an apology, and he says Jessica. She asks about the curse, and Cody says he assumes that someone close to Paul won the temptation. Dominique asks if he feels it was random choice, and he says no, based on who was cursed. Paul interjects and says that he doesn't know who got the second temptation.

11:00PM BBT: Kevin and Dominique wrap up the show, and Kevin says they got some answers, but ended with more questions than answers. Kevin offers best wishes for Raven since she hurt her foot and for Christmas because she had surgery today. Dominique thanks Cody for his transparency in answering questions.

11:03PM BBT: In the Lounge, Dominique tells Alex, Ramses, and Elena that Cody appeared to throw Mark and Matt under the bus. They leave and Kevin comes back, Dominique and Kevin talk about how Kevin diffused the tension. Kevin says that he feels bad for Jessica, but that there is no way she didn't know what was happening, she shares a bed with him.

11:06PM BBT: In the rose bedroom, Matt, Raven, and Paul discuss that they may have got up and left. Paul says he doesn't care about the one or two people Cody referred to. That they felt Dominique was out of line for talking about people's game, and for grilling Ramses about his sexuality. They said they felt uncomfortable.

11:10PM BBT: In the rose bedroom, Matt and Raven say that they cannot trust Dominique anymore based on how that show went. In the Lounge, Jessica asks to speak with Mark. Jessica asks why he hasn't spoken to her. Mark says he was the only one who stuck his neck out for them. He says he was trying to explain himself and what he had to do for the game, and says that she told him the lines would be drawn after the vote. She says that wasn't referring to him. He says she didn't speak to him either. Mark says he is frustrated about what Cody did.

11:00-12:00AM BBT: Jessica asks Mark if they can talk and Mark agrees. Jessica says she was bullied all week she said people would not look at her or talk to her all week and it has been a hell of a week for me. Mark tells her that he wanted to work with her and Cody and wanted to try to save them.

The talk continues with Mark getting mad asking why Cody would say things about him and Jessica says she did not know what he was doing and did not know he was putting Paul on the block last week. Jessica then asks him to please stop blaming her for things Cody has said and done. Mark tells her he believes her that she did not know and they high five and hug.

Paul talks with Cody in the Have-Not room about Doms Talk show and how she was bringing game talk into the show and putting a bigger target on his back. Paul is mad that his game was exposed. Cody tells him. Cody tells him I'm about to go home this week and I'm hoping for a battle back soon and come back into the house. He then asks Paul to work with Jessica when he leaves.

12:00-1:00AM BBT: The HGs are going around talking about Doms talk show she had tonight and how she and Cody blew up everyone's games, Paul is mad then tells Mark that Cody told him that he and Dominique knew that Cody was putting Paul on the block. Paul talks to Alex and Alex tells him that She wants Ramses gone next she does not trust him.

1:00-2:00AM BBT: Paul talking to Matt and Raven about what happened with Cody and how Cody hated him the most at first and now he likes me. Matt and Raven finish eating and head to bed for the night. Most HGs are sleeping and the others getting ready to turn in for the night.

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