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This archive of daily coverage from Big Brother 19 contains links and images that may no longer work.

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Update Entry
Thursday, July 6, 2017  Live Eviction Tonight
8:45-11:00AM BBT: BB woke HGs up for the day. Christmas talks to Josh, Jason, and Kevin about having their votes they assure her she is safe but then Josh says he is having attacks keeping up the act of telling her this.

Alex and Josh are laying in bed and Cody comes in talking to Josh. Josh tells him he has to win veto. Cody gets nervous and asks, "Am I going on the block?" Josh says, "I don't know for sure, they do not talk game to me." Cody tells Josh he is lying to him and Josh tries to assure him he really does not know, "But you stirred the house up, so just watch your back next week." Cody: "OK, let's focus on tonight's vote first." Then Cody leaves the room.

Most of the HGs are just walking around doing ADLs and getting ready for the live eviction tonight.

Did I Ever Tell You?
Did I ever tell you the eviction day itinerary at the studio, I think I may have mentioned it before. Here's what happens today:


Artist's rendering of Julie Chen's arrival at Studio City.

The HGs get the house all cleaned up.

Then Julie Chen arrives, and is carried in on a sedan chair by four bronzed and brawny, footmen-- we don't get to see that.

BB sends all the HGs up to the HoH room where everyone naps and doesn't talk to each other. While the HGs are in the HoH on lockdown, a group of production assistants, or PAs as the stars call them, assume the roles of the HGs.

They do a complete run through of tonight's show. This allows them to test all the camera angles, the HoH challenge equipment, and it gives Julie time to practice witty ad-libs. We see none of this on the live feeds, just the boring real HGs snoozing in the HoH room.

After the rehearsal, they let the HGs out of the HoH and everyone goes downstairs to snack and make one last grab at changing the votes. During this time, the feeds are worthless because BB is directing them so much that all we see is the WBRB screen or the kitten camera from the Rancho
Coastal Humane Society for most of the day. I imagine that during this time Julie is some place fabulous, being fanned with palm fronds and fed grapes.

The last step is the primping. The struggle for mirror time is amusing. The guys are just as bad as the girls. There's plucking, painting, pruning, brushing, because tonight, for 45 minutes, they'll be on CBS.

11:22AM BBT: The HGs are heading to the HoH room for a lock down.

11:24AM BBT: The feeds are now on the FotH as BB prepares for tonight's live eviction.

1:03PM BBT: The feeds are back with Christmas and Dominique in the bathroom area doing hair and makeup. In the rose bedroom Mark, Elena, Matt, and Kevin are talking about where they are voting tonight. Matt says, "I'm voting to keep Christmas but you do what you want to do." Kevin says OK and Matt tells him do what you want to do.

1:05PM BBT: Jillian is now in the bathroom area going to start getting ready. Kevin walks out of the rose room now asking if someone is making coffee. Jason says nah.

Back in the rose room mark and Elena talking about Christmas and her staying this week. Christmas comes in the room then says she is going to go get her suitcase. Mark goes to get her suitcase for her.

1:15PM BBT: Josh and Mark are in the storage room talking about the votes tonight and Josh tells him that they had all better have his back after this tonight. Mark says, "I promise we have your back." Josh tells him that he has no one in this house so you better have my back.

1:23PM BBT: Matt and Raven are in the rose bedroom talking to Christmas. She says she is going to address the fact she is on crutches in her speech tonight and says she does not need help with anything she can do things on her own and she says she feels great. Matt says, "Good, you do not have to tell me I'm with you."

1:25PM BBT: Jason, Kevin and nark are in the storage room cleaning the shelves and throwing away all the old fruit as Elena is cleaning the fridge complaining how bad it smells. Christmas is all alone in the rose room packing her clothes.

1:32PM BBT: Mark and Elena in the storage room still cleaning and talking about eating all the chocolates.

In the bathroom area Ramses, Dominique, and Kevin are getting ready. In the rose room Paul is talking to Christmas and he says his advise is to plan out what she is going to do and how she is going to do it and who she wants to have safety and call them all out. Paul says that is just my advise but you do what you want just remember confidence is the goal.

1:41PM BBT: Josh is cooking as Cody makes coffee.

In the rose bedroom Christmas is sitting talking to Elena and Raven as they get dressed for the show. Just general talk about clothes.

1:46PM BBT: The HGs are just getting ready for tonight's show and sitting around talking general talk and eating/drinking coffee.

1:56PM BBT: Alex tells Jillian she is getting nervous now, Jillian shakes her head and Alex says for the competition. She then sits up to drink her coffee.

Elena comes in and they talk about what they are going to wear tonight. BB announces the DR is temporarily closed now. Cody, Jessica and Jason are in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking general talk.

2:05PM BBT: The HGs are just talking about makeup and clothes, Jessica is called to the DR. Kevin and Jason are in the storage room laughing Kevin says, "I don't know that this is going to work." Jason says Kevin, "You me and Alex, and the votes will be 6-6 and Cody will get to vote." They start laughing then Kevin says he wants to play in the HOV (HoH).

Jason says it is going to be a tie tonight and it does not matter who leaves tonight Paul is going to be mad but oh well.

Kevin leaves and Cody comes in, Jason says it is going to be 6-6 tonight and Cody says that fine then I can say a little speech tonight.

2:08PM BBT: Jason says that Ramses, Josh and all of them are going to be mad tonight and Cody says who cares. Jason then says he wants to win the HoH tonight.

2:17PM BBT: The HGs are getting ready and some HGs eating in the kitchen Kevin is called to the DR and we get FotH.

3:08PM BBT: Jessica joins Cody in the Have-Not room and tells her how to lay on the spike bed with him to be comfy. He said it works anyways. Jessica says she can imagine her mom freaking out seeing her sleep on one of them beds.

3:11PM BBT: Christmas is using her crutch as a gun right now. Raven ask when she will find out if she can compete tonight or not and Christmas says when we find out what the competition is. Then we get FotH.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 9:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.

Unbelievable temptation. Unprecedented number of nominations. Unexpected blindsides and an unpredictable vote happening live tonight. Welcome to Big Brother.

Previously on Big Brother, HoH Cody recruited two loyal soldiers and then the Marine continued to fill out his ranks. It wasn't long before love began to blossom and three showmances soon emerged.

At the nomination ceremony, Megan and Jillian went on the block but when Megan unexpectedly left the game, her seat needed to be filled. Cody's allies wanted Alex out of the house, so he reluctantly put her on the block. But Cody immediately had buyer's remorse.

A new twist was unleashed in the game and America tempted Paul with the pendant of protection. At the veto competition, Cody gave Alex an assist and the gamer scored big. Cody's alliance was left scrambling to find a replacement for Alex.

But the sniper had a secret plan for an epic blindside. At the veto meeting, Alex saved herself and with everyone in the dark about the replacement nominee, Cody finally revealed his target but he was blindsided by the pendant of protection so it was a jingle bell shock for Christmas.

Tonight, the house explodes in the wake of the veto meeting. Lines will be drawn, bones will be broken and either Jillian or Christmas will be evicted LIVE. All this right now, on Big Brother!

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother. It's day 16 in the BB house and the summer is in full swing. A power alliance of three showmances has been controlling the house, an epic veto meeting has shaken up the game and the summer of temptation is already living up to it's name. In it's wake, Christmas and Jillian stand poised to be evicted. Who will leave? We'll find out before the hour is up. But first, when planning a blindside, you need to watch your back - you might just be the one getting blindsided.

We pick up after the veto meeting. Paul is angry, and says he now knows who he can trust.

Elena wonders in the DR why Cody is making these "maverick" moves in week one. He ruined Paul and Christmas' games but threw a grenade in her game too. It's so selfish!

Christmas tells us she's pissed; the first opportunity he had to undercut his team he took. Was that his plan from day 1? Does he feel this way about everyone or is she the only one on the outs? Christmas corners Cody and asks why he's not straightforward.

Cody doesn't want to have this conversation downstairs, Christmas wants to go to HoH then. In the Den bedroom, Jessica confronts Paul; he said he didn't get the temptation. Paul tried to be on the right side of the house, give them all his loyalty and this has made it clear who he can and cannot trust. Jessica swears Cody didn't tell her.

Jessica reiterates that to us in the DR, and says she was blindsided. There are a lot of people in the house who love Christmas, including her. But not enough to jeopardize her game with Cody. Paul says when he gets stabbed in the back, now it's time to play his own game. He doesn't need to talk to any of them right now, no thank you.

In the DR, Paul says guess what Cody? You took a shot at him and missed. He's safe for three weeks and all he has to do now is stir the pot, play victim and create some enemies. Paul strides through the house, sarcastically thanking everyone. Josh follows him to the backyard and swears he is not working with them. He only has himself.

Josh tells us these people may think they have him, but they don't know he's playing his own game and playing for him.

In t HOHR, Cody tells Christmas she's his fifth nominee. He's running out of options. She doesn't believe him - there were others not in the alliance not nominated. Cody deflects, she should've talked to him then. She did, she says. He wouldn't talk to her. There were two others that could've gone up - Ramses or Jason. Cody says she doesn't understand, the game has changed so much. Christmas walks out angrily, he's not a man of his word, not loyal.

Cody tells us he doesn't understand what she's looking for - he had to put someone up after Paul kept himself off. She was it.

Paul walks back into the BR where Jessica and Dominique still are. Jessica assures him she didn't plan to stab him in the back, she and Cody are playing different games. Paul says the temptation was his plan B to see who would stab him in the back. A vet against Jillian? He was for sure going to go home. He plays the game with loyalty and trust and that would've taken him out first week. Someone tell him how to move forward.

Christmas comes in the room wanting someone to pour her something. Cody won't tell her anything, he won't admit he lied to her.

Jessica tells Christmas she had no idea this was going down. Paul explained to them from day one his paranoia about coming back but gave them his loyalty and trust and now has to play his own game and watch his own back. He leaves the room.

Christmas says when it came down to it, she had Cody's back. All they had to do was stick to the plan. This is not a dictatorship; does he want to play his own game?

Dominique wonders in the DR why Cody would put up one of their own. She isn't sure she can trust him.

In the WA, Matt, Raven and Elena are stunned Cody put up Christmas. Elena doesn't like to trust other people for this reason.

Paul goes into the blue lounge and the 3 follow him, all swearing they didn't know. They all thought Jason was going up. Raven says she doesn't know why he put Paul up, they're all upset.

Matt says he can't play a game where Cody's going to do things without tell him.

In the DR, Matt says there's no way he can trust Cody to go to the end. Paul leaves the room again, still upset, while Jessica heads to HohR.

Cody tells Jessica he watched Paul play last year. He got to F2 by not being loyal. The fact that he kept his temptation from all of them shows that. Jessica doesn't know how she feels right now - she's angry at both of them.

Cody says it's not on him that the peace is being ruined, not after five nominations. He gets mad and walks away after Jessica says it looks like he's playing both sides of the house. Cody heads to the BY.

Mark tells us he did not see any of this coming but he still trusts Cody. Christmas is a threat and they need to work together to get her out.

Jason tells us he's very leery of the ridiculously one sided deal he made with Cody before the veto meeting but the fact is that Christmas is on the block, not him. Cody held up his end of the bargain and time will tell if they'll end up working together later.

Jessica heads outside and tries to talk to Cody. Is she not allowed to talk to him about this? He says all she should be feeling is trust. He had to take the first shot. Jessica wonders how to clean up his mess, he thinks there is nothing to clean and says he's not stirring the pot when she accuses him of that.

Jessica reminds him it's up to the vote now, he doesn't get a say. Jessica asks him to do nothing stupid in the meantime, he's done everything stupid he can already, there's nothing left he says.

In the lounge, Mark assures Matt, Raven and Elena he had no idea. Jessica enters, thinks she's a target now because she's associated with Cody. Elena says they all are. Mark asks where their head is at, who did they think should have gone up? Elena says if the house wants Christmas out, then so be it but she has no reason to vote for her. "Me either" chimes in Raven.

Elena thinks Christmas will still trust her. Jessica thinks Christmas will go after Cody, and Jessica by association. Mark tells us he knows emotions are high right now but he can't believe people want to turn on Cody. They need to protect the HOH. Jessica points out there are cracks in their alliance already, even if she comes back into their alliance if she stays.

Christmas tells us being on the block could make her kind of mopey. But that's not her style. Every morning, she and Jason get up and dance. There's no way a hard day from yesterday will take that from her.

In the BY, Christmas is riding on Jason's back while he runs around in circles. He slips and falls on the grass and all you hear is a crack and he yells OH GOD.

Christmas tells us she knows her body so well that over the years of competition, you know what your body is doing and you know when something's wrong. She sends Jason to the DR saying to tell them.

In the DR, Jason says Christmas thinks she might have broken her foot. Jessica runs outside to see her. Christmas tells us she's not crying from the pain of her foot, she's crying when she realizes she may have to leave the game. She's not ready for that.

Cody and Matt carry her to the DR for a doctor to look at her foot.

Paul tells us he knows Christmas will be coming back with a vengeance. It's in his best interests to keep Christmas in the house over Jillian, because she wants Cody and Jessica out - and so does he.

Paul gathers Mark, Matt, Raven, Elena and Dominique in the blue lounge and tells them if no one cracks, they can all vote to keep Christmas and that's 6 - they only need 7.

Mark tells us Paul is assuming he's voting to keep Christmas, but he's not - he's staying loyal to Cody. Paul tells us he thinks he's got everyone in the group, and that's 6 votes. He needs one more solid vote - and doesn't consider Josh being that solid. Kevin doesn't feel keeping an injured girl in the game is a good idea, Jason is not giving Christmas his vote, Alex isn't that close to Christmas and Jillian is his friend - of course she's going to keep Jillian over a stranger!

Paul tells us he's done all he can do. Christmas comes back into the house - on crutches. She says she's the gift that keeps on giving.

Christmas says she definitely tore some ligaments. Up in HOH, Mark and Cody see her on the camera and both mention they want her out of the house. Christmas says she's not making Cody put another person on the block. Jessica tells us she's glad Christmas is ok but if she stays, she'll come after Cody and Jessica and that's not a risk she's willing to take. Jessica runs to HOH while the rest of the house greets Christmas happily.

Mark tells us on a game level, Christmas is a huge threat but on a personal level, they're friends. He's embarrassed that he gave her the cold shoulder after she got put on the block and then broke her foot. He messed up and he's sorry. He brings her a pillow for her foot and sits with her in the BY. Mark apologizes to her for not being there for her. Christmas felt like he was keeping his distance because he had something to hide. Mark says she's intimidating strategically and physically. She can't be blamed for that, she says. He agrees.

Christmas was confused by his lack of concern after she got back from the doctor that day. She starts crying and he hugs her, apologizing again. They make up. She appreciates his apology. He's crying when he pulls back.

Mark tells us he thought it was a clear cut decision but now his personal feelings are taking over gameplay and he's torn.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Julie makes a joke about Christmas time possibly being over for the house and the audience laughs. Julie thanks them for laughing and they laugh louder. Heading into the house, Julie greets the HG's.

Final pleas:
Christmas - Thank you for keeping me in the house night one. Even with a broken foot, I will persevere. I am committed to play and I will do that in everything I do. The first week I put my trust in Cody and Jessica, you stabbed me in the back, lied to me and pulled the rug out from me. They've been playing each and every one of you. I'm here to play a loyal game to those who will play with me. I will give you my commitment to this game and to you. All the way. I hope you keep me and know I will always give my best and my tenacious attitude will go all the way.

Jillian - I've loved being here, I've done some of the challenges and given it everything I had. Coming in here, it was a little hard for me to get to know everyone and come out of my shell. I've opened up in the last few days and I want to continue to grow and compete with you guys. Whatever happens, I love each of you guys.

BB19: Votes:
Jessica voted to evict Christmas
Jason voted to evict Christmas
Kevin voted to evict Jillian
Matt voted to evict Jillian
Raven voted to evict Jillian
Paul voted to evict Jillian
Ramses voted to evict Christmas
Dominique voted to evict Jillian
Alex voted to evict Christmas
Elena voted to evict Jillian
Mark voted to evict Jillian
Josh voted to evict Jillian
By a vote of 8-4, Jillian is evicted from the Big Brother house.

As Jillian is saying goodbye, Cody quietly confronts Mark about his vote an Jessica stands with her hands on her hips, angry.

Jillian gets cheers in the studio while inside the house, Jessica and Christmas get into a confrontation. Christmas tells Jessica she doesn't have to talk to her, Jessica says she does, Christmas said stuff about her when she wasn't allowed to have a voice. Jessica calls Christmas a coward. Christmas asks Jessica if she wants to talk, if not, get out of her face.

Jessica, meanwhile, is going off on a rant about Christmas saying she's going after Cody and Jessica. Josh an Kevin break up the fight, Paul tells them to call off the F bombs.

In the studio, Julie mentions Jillian's mouth hit the floor at the 8-4 vote. Why didn't she see this coming? Jillian thought it was going to be a tie based on who she talked to and that Cody would break the tie and keep her safe.

Jillian thinks Paul got in the middle of a lot of the established votes. She's not sure why they kept Christmas, she's flabbergasted. No final thought, she's just shocked.

Julie tells her it's Big Brother. Julie thanks her for playing, wishes her good luck.

It's time for America's Vote! You can vote to tempt the HG inside the house with the Den of Temptation! To vote for this week's temptation - Ring of Replacement - can be voted for at

Time for the HoH competition. The HGs are all in the backyard, which is decorated like Candy Crush. Julie tells us this is now a new TV show on CBS premiering Sunday July 9 immediately following BB. To celebrate, the HGs will be playing Sugar Shot. To win the competition, all they need to do is roll a ball down one of the three transparent ramps on the candy crush board to get your ball into the heart in the centre. However, getting the chance to take a shot won't be that simple. On her go, candies will fall into the yard. They must search for candies containing tickets. They can redeem a ticket for a ball to take a shot. They can either keep the ticket or give it to another HG. And, they can take up to three shots per turn. The first HGs to get a ball into the heart will be the new HoH. Julie gives the GO and the HGs take off as confetti and candy falls from the sky.

Julie bids the HGs good luck and good night.
Tune in on Sunday to see this all important battle play out, and to see who will be tempted in the Den of Temptation.

On Wednesday, the PoV is back up for grabs and could once again change the nominees!

One week from tonight, the live eviction will send another HGs packing.

From outside the BB house, Good night!

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E05, was written by BBLuver.

7:24PM BBT: Feeds up. competition still going. Paul asks "Can I retrieve?" Paul at counter asking if he's wasting his time. And then we get FotH

7:27PM BBT: Lots of ouch and cursing going on. Alex rolls and misses two balls. Mark rolls and misses. Feeds keep going in and out. Jessica rolls and misses three times. Jason redeems three tickets. Paul redeems three tickets. Jason misses all three balls. Paul misses all three Jason rolled on pretty far but it fell off. Paul rolled one that almost went in but it missed. His next two tries fell off.

7:28PM BBT: Matt is trying: He misses all of them. Josh redeems three balls. Josh misses all three. Paul redeems three more. Paul misses all three again.

7:30PM BBT: Kevin redeems three balls. He chooses the middle path and almost makes it in the center path!.

7:31PM BBT: Josh again. He's trying the left ramp and not getting far.

People are giving Paul their tickets and he redeems three more. He misses all. Jessica doing three now. She's trying the curved left ramp and misses all of them . Ramses up and misses all three. Matt up again and misses all three.

7:34PM BBT: Paul yet again. He is making progress on the left curve but misses all three. Dominique is going down the center misses; tries the right and misses.

Alex misses three on the left curve. Jason misses three. Ramses up next and misses three.

Dominique is grabbing suckers as they come out of the machine and just smashing them looking for tickets. Paul had one that almost went in.

7:38PM BBT: Jessica misses two down the center. Paul again and he almost makes it on his second turn but misses all three.

7:38PM BBT: Matt up and misses all three. Cody looks like he is in physical pain. Josh misses three. Jason trying and misses all three.

7:39PM BBT: Paul goes again. He wins; Paul is the new HoH!

7:43PM BBT: FotH but there is audio. Someone from production is talking to them and warning them about not getting in each other's faces. "It's a game. Say what you want but don't get in each other's faces." Mark talking to someone and Christmas saying "We are going to live together and be cordial. I would like for this to be as peaceful as possible." Production asks them to go inside. ( Do they know the audio is on?)

7:45PM BBT: Some video back but no people, just audio. People finally come back in and Paul is rejoicing about a letter from his mom, shaving off his beard, etc.

7:47PM BBT: Cody and Jessica in storage room. she says if they want to play dirty, let them. She will lie, backstab, and do what she needs to do. They are pretty sure it will be both of them. Jessica still fuming that Christmas put her on blast in "the most cowardly way. On live TV when I couldn't say anything." Mark and Elena in a bedroom and then FotH. This time with no audio either. [Boo, I liked listening to production. ~Music19773]

The After Show With Jeff  Schroeder

7:52PM BBT: We have Jeff live with Jillian after the eviction. Jillian says she was completely shocked and betrayed by two of them and she thinks she knows who. She thinks maybe Alex and Jason, or maybe Josh. She knows it wasn't Kevin, she says it could have been Ramses. She says they swore to her up and down it was going to be 6-6. Jeff points out Jillian has been on the block since the game started. Jillian says it's been really hard.

7:54PM BBT: Jeff asks Jillian what she thinks went wrong why she was on the block. Jillian says she thinks it was because of Megan at first, but she didn't think she'd be out. She says Christmas was talking to her like she was leaving but she thought Christmas was naïve, but she was obviously wrong. Jillian thinks the showmances were annoying. She says they have a whole group of singles planning to take them out.

7:55PM BBT: Jillian says the showmances formed very quickly. Jeff asked how important the last veto was? Jillian says she tried to give it her all but her hands were shaking and she couldn't pull it out at the end. She thinks Kevin was a great Merman. Jeff asks her if she feels like she deserves to be in the game. Jillian says she does think so because she was loyal, but she was honest to Alex and Jason the whole time. Jillian says Paul tried to screw her and made up lies about her.

7:58PM BBT: Jeff asks who she thinks should be out there? Jillian says Josh, and they are gunning for him. Jillian says without the temptation Paul would have been voted out. Jeff says looking back, what would you have done differently. Jillian says she can't pretend to be someone she's not, but maybe come in and make better connections with people and she started bonding too late. Jeff asks about Have-Not. Jillian says that was the worst and if you're aspiring to be a magician, then that bed is great for you. She says this was definitely bad because even with pillows you can feel the spikes.

7:59PM BBT: Jillian hopes Alex wins this next HoH, even if she did betray her. She hopes Alex wins because they need it. Jillian thinks Paul is running the house, for sure. Jillian says it was Cody, but since he nominated Christmas, but it's Paul. Jillian tells us her family was all over weight so they had her brother try it out first in Tijuana. Since her brother survived, her, her mother, and her sister went to Tijuana and they all had it done and they've all lost weight since they done it. Jeff tells her she looks great. Jillian says she doesn't know what happened but hopefully someone good wins. Jeff thanks her.
[After Show coverage by IndyMom78]

Note: Comments in [Brackets] are by Music19773 where noted. Her opinions are her own, I left them in... oh hell, because I felt like it. ~Morty

8:03PM BBT: Feeds back and Paul giving orders to his troops. Matt, Raven, Josh, Mark, Dominique. Talking about how Cody screwed his game and then turns and starts giving grief to Josh for being emotional. [Sorry, I'm trying to not show bias but the more I have to listen to Paul acting like The Godfather, the more I detest him. ~Music19773]  Now he's in the kitchen saying stuff to Alex and then laughs, "I'm F'ing with you."

Paul goes to the bedroom with Kevin and Jason. Kevin is upset. I think Cody said something. But Jason thinks Kevin voted for Christmas and he didn't.

Jessica and Cody are in the Have-Not room. Cody says all that's going to be left is Paul and a bunch of pansies and fans aren't going to like him and Jessica being gone. Jason and Kevin are in the bedroom talking about the other eight and talking that if Christmas had gone home they would have been down one. Jason thinks Ramses and Josh voted the other way. Paul comes in and interrupts.

8:08PM BBT: Paul in a bedroom with Cody and Jessica. Paul tells her not to cry and let it get to her. Cody rolls his eyes [and I couldn't agree more. Shut up Paul and leave them alone. ~Music19773] Paul does not leave them alone even after Cody asks. Cody says that he is upset about the behavior toward Jessica when the decisions for HoH were his. Paul says it's just the game and turns the conversation to him again and how hard it was the first time he played. Paul finally leaves.

Cody asks Jessica if the girls reach out to her will she be chill with them or does she not care. Jason comes in and says they are blaming a vote on Jessica and Ramses. Jason says that's ridiculous. Josh comes into the Have-Not room and Cody says he has nothing to say to Josh and doesn't want to hear anything from him.

Josh starts to talk and Cody says Josh, shut the F up. Josh starts to speak again and Cody says Josh, I just want you to shut the F up. Josh says he just wants to live in peace. Josh grabs some of his stuff and leaves and Jessica whispers thank you.

8:14PM BBT: Cody says why couldn't that be an endurance competition? Kevin is talking to Jason and saying they need to stick together. Cody says when Julie said 8-4 he was so happy because he thought someone else voted for Christmas. But then when Julie said Jillian he was F'ing crushed. Jessica says people who are lying and backstabbing are clearly ahead in the game so clearly that's what life comes down to. Jessica says everyone is acting like they have leprosy. Cody can't wait to see everyone else's game just F'ing fall apart. Cody asks Jessica if she's going to take a shower before they do the Have-Not thing and she says she doesn't care anymore.

8:17PM BBT: Dominique tells Paul that Josh told them Cody went after him again. Dominique says Josh said he couldn't get a word in. Paul says that kind of aggression is not OK in a living environment. He said Paulie did that last year and you just can't let that stuff happen. Jessica does not want to be in the house once Cody leaves. She doesn't want to walk around looking in the eyes of people who pray to God and talk about their morals and say they don't lie and backstab and that's all they do. Cody says that's a good point.

They are relaying what Cody said to Josh. Paul turns Cody's words into aggression and makes a big deal about how he threatens people. [I disagree. I watched it. Cody tried to be polite and only lost his temper when Josh wouldn't stop. ~Music19773]

8:21PM BBT: Paul wants two pawns, Raven and someone else, to keep the power so he can get rid of the aggression this week. He needs his team to trust him and the odds are very minimal that he can even play. He needs Raven because it will be impossible to campaign against her because everyone loves her and if he campaigns he'll look like the biggest D-head in the world. Cody is giving Jessica tips on a word competition if they have one. He says they give points for consonants and not values. His word is strengthlessness and if you can't do that do strengthless. Cody says if they both go out before jury they can enjoy the show from the outside world and they'll get to enjoy life more after that.

8:24PM BBT: Cody's biggest regret in the game is Jessica has had to feel the effects of his risks. He just couldn't see them being wussies in this game and just sitting off to the side. Cody says they just need to relax this week and watch the idiots blow up their own games. Jessica says there is no way they're going to let you compete in the HoH. Alex sticks her head in and Cody says it was Ramses and Josh and Alex says Ramses swore on his mom. Jessica says she did not vote to keep Christmas, she wanted her out. Cody says he could tell it wasn't Kevin. Cody says it shows how much of a snake Ramses is.

8:31PM BBT: Mark and Matt are talking in the bathroom area and Mark says that could not have gone any better. Mark said he debated whether to give tickets to Paul but the line was drawn and there was no hiding it.

Dominique goes into the Have-Not looking for Christmas and she leaves. Cody says they don't give a crap about you and you're crying. Cody says they are not going to hang out after this. Jessica says she doesn't want any sympathy anyway. Jessica says at no point was she playing both sides, she never wanted to keep Christmas here.

Christmas gets called to the DR and Jessica says please choke on your own saliva. Jessica thinks they will keep her here because they won't see her as a threat. She says it's like a slow painful death instead of just putting her out of her misery. FotH.

8:40PM BBT: Jessica asks Cody if she can use Cody's hat while she goes to the bathroom because she doesn't want to look at anyone. Elena, Dominique, and Mark are in the bathroom area. Most everyone else is in the kitchen cooking or eating. Jessica stops to wash her hands and fiddle with her hair. Christmas comes into the bathroom area and Jessica heads into the kitchen where Cody is. General chatter all around and Christmas is told to put her microphone on. Elena says she will go get it because Christmas left it in the DR. Kevin is talking to Paul. Paul says he will help Kevin as far as he can. Cody is called to the DR.

Alex, Matt, and Ramses are there getting food and Paul keeps circling all four of them. Raven comes in ad talks to Matt.

8:53PM BBT: Kevin and Alex are talking about the votes and Alex thinks Ramses voted to keep Christmas. Cody and Jessica are in the lounge and she says she plays candy crush all the time and she should have won that.

Elena, Matt, and Raven are in the bedroom and general chatter going on. General chatter all around as people cook or eat or pair off to talk about the eviction.

9:19PM BBT: Alex and Jason are discussing if/how much you get paid to be on BB when Josh walks in the bedroom. Alex tells him to go away. That she doesn't want to talk to him. Josh leaves the room.

9:10PM BBT: Mark, Matt, Rave, Elena and Paul in rose bedroom pound their fists together "to friendship". They all discuss how they passed off their tickets which ended up to Paul. They were all looking for tickets that they didn't get to see Paul roll.

9:11PM BBT: Matt, Raven, Mark, and Elena are in the bedroom when Paul comes in and they put their hands in and says Friendship! Christmas comes in a minute later. Elena asks Paul if he will have to pick Have-Nots and he doesn't think they'll make the HoH do it twice, but he doesn't know. Paul likes that he got to prove a point to America, that Friendship prevails.

Cody and Jessica are in the lounge room with her lying between his legs. Jason and Alex are talking in the bathroom area about what they are going to do.

9:19PM BBT: Jason and Alex are talking about stipends and you get more when you make jury when Josh comes up and Alex says don't talk to me, turn around, get away from me. Josh turns around and Jason says you can't do that. Alex doesn't like being lied to and he needs to not come near her.

9:27PM BBT: Paul, Christmas, Mark, Elena, Matt, and Raven are all in one bedroom talking about the HoH competition. Kevin, Jason, and Alex are in the other bedroom talking about the same.

Paul, Matt and Raven leave the bedroom and Christmas, Mark, and Elena are talking and Christmas tells them about how Cody and Jessica treated her when she hurt her ankle. Dominique is also in the room sitting in the other bed listening.

9:36PM BBT: Paul tells Jason, Alex, and Kevin that his nose ring got snagged by a ball. Ramses is out of DR and joins Alex, Jason, and Kevin and they are talking about Josh. Alex says Josh lied to her and Jason says that's BB Al and she says well don't come to me all sad wanting to talk. She says she'll be cordial with him but she's not going to go out of her way. Jason says he's probably in the snakepit with Cody and Jessica.

Kevin says they almost had three fights in less than an hour. Alex asks them what they think the veto is going to be. Kevin says we have to have nominations for.

Alex says if she's on the block she's going to be super salty. Alex says Jillian could have the 25k. Ramses doesn't think she had it.

Kevin says he hasn't participated in anything since he's been there until tonight. Alex asks Paul who he thinks has the 25K and Paul says he thought one of them won it.

9:43PM BBT: Kevin says he was dripping sweat and didn't know what was going on in that first temptation. He says he hit the button 200 times and he was waiting for a reaction and missed the cue.

Alex is asking if the letters are written and Paul says they are typed. Paul says his mom told him to wear underwear last year.

There is still discussion going on who how the votes went from Christmas. Raven has made some cookies and comes to offer them to all the HG. Ramses says he can't have one because he has acid reflux.

9:52PM BBT: Cody and Jessica are heading in to the Have-Not room with some of their stuff and Jason asks are you going in there? Cody says yeah, might as well because we know we are going to be Have-Nots.

Christmas tells Paul and Dominique that she has to have surgery on Monday. She will be back Monday night. Christmas indicates that she didn't want to tell the team because she didn't want them to worry. Paul says fudge. Christmas says she's being real. This is the worst possible break, most painful, and long recovery. The game plan is she has surgery Monday and is back Monday night. Paul says we can use you for another number this week. Paul says that sucks. Christmas says people are going to know because she has to leave Monday. Christmas says two of the bones are broken and the rest are pushed over.

9:55PM BBT: Cody and Jessica are in the Have-Not room and Jessica says she's aggravated, she wants to throw up. Cody wants to do something but Jessica doesn't want him to. Jessica says let's see what the curse is because they can't be hot-headed right now, they need to be careful.

Cody wants to tell Jason, Kevin, and Ramses something because he wants to keep their trust. Jessica says OK, if that's what you want to do. Jessica says she is stressed out and Cody says there is nothing to stress out over, this is a great position to be in.

10:04PM BBT: In the bedroom Kevin is asking Paul if they get movies or anything in the house. Paul says no. He will make him French toast and that is as good as it gets. Paul says Kevin can read his HoH letter over and over.

10:09PM BBT: Kevin goes in to Jason and Cody. He says that he is being baited. He says Paul told him about him being called a name and that it will be shown on TV. He is asking Jason what that means. Kevin leaves.

10:13PM BBT: Jason and Jessica having a conversation. Jessica is upset at him. She says he lies. She says she would have more respect if he had at least been honest on how he was voting. He is trying to explain why he changed his vote. She says that it is too late.

10:16PM BBT: Paul is called to the DR

10:19PM BBT: Jason goes into the same bedroom with Cody and Jessica. He is still talking and Jessica says she doesn't want to talk with him and he keeps trying to explain his side. Cody tells Jason that all he hears is victim noises coming out of hi mouth. Jason says he hasn't been playing the victim.

The cameras change.

10:20PM BBT: Josh has gone to the bathroom area and is crying. Dominique, Raven, Mark and Elena are trying to comfort him. He is explaining what happened.

10:26PM BBT: Josh and Dominique continue to talk. Dominique tells him not to react and just let it go. Josh still crying.

10:31PM BBT: Jess and Cody sitting in the Have-Not room. Just quietly talking. Cody says that they have Kevin.

10:42PM BBT: Josh is along in the lounge talking out loud. Saying he is an emotional person, it is the first time away for him from home etc.

10:48PM BBT: General chit chat in the bedroom. Dominique talking about how she really wants to be married.

Talk turns to the Mormon religion. Alex says that she knows a lot about them. Says they can not have soda or coffee.

10:53PM BBT: Ramses and Kevin are talking. Ramses is saying he doesn't feel welcome in the house. Talk changes to the sounds of production.

10:58PM BBT: Jason gives Josh a pep talk in the Wave Room. Jason says no one thinks he is weak.
11:02PM BBT: Mark and Elena are in the bathroom area. Matt, Raven, and Jason are in the kitchen. Josh is in the lounge room. Paul is in the DR. Cody and Jessica are in the Have-Not room. Dominique, Christmas, Alex, Kevin, and Ramses are in the bedroom talking about past seasons. They are talking about Rachel and Pandora's box and how she was a good competitor.

11:08PM BBT: Jessica says this isn't even a game anymore, this is all personal attacks and she didn't sign up for this. She's down to pack her bags right now and walk out the door. Cody tells her to calm down. She takes her microphone off and paces. She is told to put her microphone on and Cody tries to hand it to her and says please. She says no. She takes the microphone and puts in her lap. She is told again in a firm voice to put on her microphone. She puts it on but says she can't do this anymore. She's not going to stay in a house and hide from a bunch of evil c words.

Who Wants to See My HoH Room?
11:11PM BBT: Paul calls everyone upstairs to see the HoH room. Everyone heads upstairs except Jessica who stands by the DR door to go in. She gets let in while everyone is upstairs. They are waiting for Jessica and they decide to go in without her.

11:14PM BBT: They are looking at his pictures and going through his basket. Cody goes in and stands by the door with his arms crossed while everyone else looks around. Paul grabs his letter and says let's read this.

11:15PM BBT: Paul says it's a very long letter. It says:

Hello, my boy! As you can guess the house is very quiet, cricket cricket. (Everyone laughs) We're all having a Paul withdrawal, lol. Miss you so much, and I bet that you miss hearing Paullll every day. Thanks so much for leaving me with your sick pets and a hefty vet bill. LOL (Paul says that definitely does not make me feel good Mom!)

So this is the breakdown. As you know King is old, but the vet says he is still very alert but I need to keep a close eye on him. Blair's dark spots are not getting better yet, it's moving towards her eyes and she's not opening her eyes again. Hades still thinks one day he's a horse and the next day he's a dog, vet said not to let him jump, it's bad for his hips. Boy you know is like a ghost, when it's quiet she will appear then disappear.

Button is getting fatter, he can't decide whose food to eat so (Paul is interrupted to ask how many animals he has and he responds a lot!) he goes from one place to the other and looks like it's not me, and that is all the updates about your zoo.

Overall, don't worry it's all fixable, I have a follow-up next month with the vet.

Now about us. Dad has his knee surgery, he's doing OK. Natalie started her job at the hospital, she finally got a paycheck, hahahahaha. Your boys are all good and proud.

Finally me, work is good and things are moving forward. I do get overwhelmed at times, but you know me I'm the supermom as you call me. I know you're probably screaming quit your job woman, but I got this son. Of course there are days when I'm so pissed I just want to strangle you for leaving it all on me, but it's all friendship.

Love you, love you, love you. Miss you is the message you are getting from family and friends. Love you and proud of you.

Behave, always stay true to yourself, and NOOO humping!

Love and Kisses everyone!

11:18PM BBT: Paul tells everyone they can relax and he thanks them for coming up and listening to his letter. Dominique and Mark are sitting at his table looking through his basket. Cody is standing against the wall with his arms crossed looking on. Paul thanks everyone again for hanging. Josh gives him a hug and heads downstairs. Jessica comes up into the room and goes to stand next to Cody.

11:23PM BBT: Paul re-reads his letter and everyone is still there, except Josh, and all are quiet. Cody and Jessica leave and someone says awkward. Cody goes to the bathroom. Josh and Jessica are in the kitchen and Josh gets a drink then heads back upstairs. Jessica is pacing in the kitchen. Jessica says she's about to snap and then says she's going to lay down before people start coming down because she's going to lose it. Alex gets called to the DR.

11:29PM BBT: Cody says it was pretty bad in there. Jessica says the ass kissing? Cody says yeah and the fake laughs and fake excitement over the box of cereal. It's all fake. Jessica says she can handle this game, but when you have two girls standing outside her door and Dominique says the way Jessica went after Christmas Dominique had to hold herself back because what she wanted to do would get her kicked out, Jessica doesn't respond well to threats. If it happens again, then Jessica isn't going to hold herself back, she's going to go after them. Cody says he has her back. The HoH room is talking about the letter and Paul's music which is Drake.

11:31PM BBT: Jessica is taking out her extensions. The HoH room is talking about music. A few are leaving the HoH room to see if the storage room has been re-stocked. They just get an announcement that the storage room is temporarily unavailable. Jess and Cody lay down and Jess says she hates all of them. Jason and Ramses leave and Ramses congratulates Paul.

11:36PM BBT: Jessica says if something like that happens again she doesn't have the patience. She doesn't want to look like the girl who's hiding from girls who are threatening her, she'd rather just walk. If "they" allow this to continue, then she will go after them and she doesn't want to look like a psycho. If she wanted to deal with that she'd have stayed in the real world or went on bad girls club, not big brother. "They" should not allow two girls stand outside her door and intimidate her.

Elena says she wants to campaign to Paul in the HoH and he jokes he doesn't want to hear it. Dominique says I'll just do it now, I have your back. Kevin is told to put his microphone back on.

11:41PM BBT: Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, Christmas, Dominique, and Paul are in the HoH and he is starting to talk about his plan. He says in order for it to work, they have to stay solid and they can't crack. He wants to put up Matt and Raven because he doesn't want Cody, Jessica, or Ramses to play in the veto. Paul doesn't want to give Cody the chance to play in the veto because he didn't give him a chance to play in the veto, or Christmas. Paul's ultimate goal is to pin Cody against Raven because no one has any quarrels with Raven and no one is going to vote her out.

11:46PM BBT: The HoH room is talking about Ramses' curse and they are trying to figure it out. Elena says he has to put himself block once in the next three weeks, but Paul says that isn't what he read. Paul says he has to put himself up for three consecutive weeks. He wants "them" to clarify for him because he read the curse. Kevin comes into the HoH room and Paul asks him where everyone is. Kevin says Josh is in the sex room, Jason and Ramses are laying down, Cody and Jessica are in the Have-Not room, and Alex is in the DR.

11:48PM BBT: Mark suggests putting Alex and Jason up because they will both fight for that veto and they can still backdoor Cody. Paul says he doesn't want put Cody against Alex or Jason because he wants to ensure the votes to evict Cody. Elena is sure Ramses has to put himself once and he might do it this week because he knows Paul is targeting Cody. Paul says that's not what he read. Elena says he has to be able to play for veto and that's what he told him. Paul says he can try to put him on the block and that will tell them what the curse could be.

11:50PM BBT: Mark says why not just put them both up because Cody will save Jessica. Paul says he doesn't want them competing for veto. There is debate on who to put up because Matt and Dominique don't want pawns up and Paul doesn't want Cody and Jessica to get veto.

11:53PM BBT: Jessica is talking to Cody and she says the girls in the house are such followers. Jessica says she wouldn't be surprised if Raven had a crush on Cody and the first chance she got to stab her in the back she would.

Jessica says Elena doesn't have any friends and she has such a desire to be liked, it's insane. Dominique she doesn't understand because she's so bi-polar because she talks about how she deserves everything to be handed to her on a silver plate but then she preaches the lord. Then there's Alex who acts like a badass, but as soon as her foot isn't in the door she starts sucking D for money.

Then there's Christmas who just doesn't intimidate with her with her muscles, like what is she going to do? Cody says shake like a leaf on a trapeze and then jump off and says it's because there was an apple. Jessica says she offered them genuine friendship.

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