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This archive of daily coverage from Big Brother 19 contains links and images that may no longer work.

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Update Entry
Sunday, July 2, 2017  PoV Meeting Today
While we wait for the PoV meeting, there's a great late night update from Rachel12 you can check out.

Several sources, including our own Ziggy49, have reported that Jessica and Cody got it on in the HoH room.  I have a dirty mind, and I saw the photos, and I see nothing conclusive. You can Flashback to 3:00AM on camera 1 and decide for yourself. Click Image to Enlarge.

9:53AM BBT: In the kitchen - Christmas and Jillian are discussing Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and visiting Las Vegas. Matthew is washing dishes. Raven is cooking.

9:56AM BBT: In the backyard - Jason is riding the stationary bicycle in jeans and cowboy hat. Does some stretching and weight lifting.

10:00AM BBT: The HGs are up and making breakfast in the kitchen. Jason is outside working out. Alex and Kevin have joined Jason outside, they are trying to figure out who Cody's replacement nominee will be. They think it will be Josh but they aren't sure. [Josh is still safe this week, as I understand it. ~Morty]

10:17AM BBT: Josh has now come outside to join them. Kevin is giving Josh exercise advice. Just general chatting.

10:30AM BBT: Jason is up in the HoH talking with Cody. Cody is explaining that there are two sides of the house, his side and the other. Cody says he hasn't formed an alliance. He says everyone thinks he is going to put up Jason. He is giving him a list of people who he doesn't want Jason to put up if he wins HoH. He wants him to not put up Dominique. He needs her protected. He says he can put up Ramses, Paul, Alex, Josh. Says they don't have his best interest at heart. Cody assure him that he can keep him safe. Jason, says he wants to get Christmas out. It sounds like Jason is going to be the pawn. Cody just wants to get to jury.

10:34AM BBT: In the HoH room - Cody is trying to make a deal with Alex to move forward in the game. He says he will put up someone from his side of the house to even out the numbers. Cody says that he will save Jillian this week. Cody says that he wants Alex to protect the couples and Dominique until jury. A says that he need to trim the fat. That she only has two people to she wants to protect. They hug and both leave and to the kitchen.

10:35AM BBT: Jason says Ramses has to go, but he wants Kevin to stay. He thinks Ramses threw the competition. Cody offers himself as a pawn if Jason wins HoH and wants to take out Christmas. Jason leaves and Cody invites Alex up.

10:40AM BBT: He tells Alex that he wanted to win PoV so he could take her off and put up a big target. He tells her that she is on his side of the house. He tells her he is going to make a big move and put up someone from his side of the house. Tells her he wants to protect Dominique, Mark, Elena, Jess and Mark. Alex wants to save Jillian and Jason. Sounds like Paul is going up now. He tells her he is the leader of his side of the house and she is the leader of her side of the house. Cody says her, Jason and himself are the most alike. He wants her to protect the couples.

10:50AM BBT: Alex is relaying the conversation to Jillian. Paul will be the replacement nominee But Alex has to keep the couple's safe. Jillian is shocked. Alex is listing the 11 Cody wants safe. Jason joins them and Alex asks if he trust Cody. Jason says he was trying to make a deal with him. Alex is relaying all that Cody told her. Jillian reminds Alex that Cody played her. Josh walks in and conversation changes.

11:58AM BBT: Feeds are down and have been for a bit. We're watching kittens! [FotH (Felines of the House)] Must be PoV meeting.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

12:44PM BBT: The feeds are back and it seems Cody tried to nominate Paul. Since he has the Pendent of Safety, Christmas is the replacement nominee.

Christmas and Cody are arguing in HoH room. Cody tried to put Paul on the block. Christmas is on the block! Cody just said "Let's see if you get yourself off the block."

Cody is alone in the HoH room pissed off. Paul, Dominique, and Jess in rose room talking.

The camera changes to Christmas storming telling everyone she's a straight shooter. She then storms in the rose room with Paul, Dominique, and Jess. Paul asks if she was plotting against him.

The other camera changes to backyard where people are discussing what just happened. Mark and Cody are talking. Mark says Christmas has to go and he couldn't trust either Paul or Christmas. In the rose room Dominique said she knew nothing about this.

12:49PM BBT: Christmas is livid at Cody. She says all they had to do was stick to the F'ing plan.

In the backyard, the camera is on Jason, Cody, and Mark talking. Cody is pacing, talking about Paul's safety. They think it will guarantee Paul jury. Cody says all Paul did was screw over Christmas too.

Jessica says, "We need to start from scratch," and she needs some answers from Cody. She and Cody head to the HoH room.

Christmas thinks Alex and Cody are aligned now.

Cody and Jess are in the HoH room. He asks her if Paul told anyone if he took the temptation. Jessica says, "I knew you were planning on taking Paul out but not this soon." Cody says, "Paul would always come in and interject with any conversation I had with someone I trusted and then the conversation would get shaky." Jess says, "You realize you just changed this entire game." Cody says, "It should have been the final nail in his coffin. He shouldn't be able to play in the HoH competition."

Jess is mad at Paul for lying to her, and mad at Cody for ruining the peace in he house. She says it makes him look like he's playing both sides. Cody is mad and heads back to the backyard. Jess follows him.

In the kitchen, Alex and Christmas hug and Jason hugs her too and then Josh.

In the backyard, Jessica says they were safe and Cody says Paul would have taken a shot at him as soon as he got a chance. Jess says, "So you had to shoot at him first."

Cody is still upset he had to nominate five people this week. He put Christmas up because she was closest to Paul. He says Christmas is going home because Paul is selfish. Jessica says it's not up to him, the house has to vote Christmas out. She says she's going to go change and he shouldn't do anything more stupid. He says he can't do anything more stupid. They kiss and she leaves.

Now Cody and Paul are in the backyard. Cody says Paul was stirring up distrust around him. Matt, Raven, and Jess are in the HoH room and Elena joins them. Jess swears she didn't know that was going to happen.

Christmas is listening to Paul and Cody in backyard. Paul said he took the temptation to test and see who he could and couldn't trust in he house. [Sorry this is so choppy. So much is going on! ~jky2f]

Cody and the first nail in he coffin was Paul not giving him a friendship bracelet.

In the HoH room, the same group is discussing what happens if they vote out Jillian or Christmas. Elena and Raven say they have no idea who they can trust. Jess says she doesn't either. Jess says someone needs to win HoH that is level headed next week-- Not Alex, Paul, Christmas.

The camera changes. Paul and Cody are all in the Apple room. Dominique, Raven, Mark, and Christmas talk in the bathroom lounge. Mark says no one knew about this.

1:10PM BBT: Cody says he's fine being the target and going home as long as certain people make it to jury.

They continue to talk about Paul and his loyalty and his season. The four in the bathroom lounge continue talking, trying to figure out if anyone else knew about this plan. No talk really on any cameras right now.

1:15PM BBT: Elena and Jess are in the HoH room saying that they just handed the game to the floaters.

Jess asks Elena and Matt to back her up about her not knowing about the plan. She says she really didn't. Raven, Mark, and Cody join the HoH room group. Cody says Paul was gunning for him and Elena says he's gunning for all of us now.

On the other cameras, Paul and Christmas are talking about how they move on. She says campaign.

Cody tells the HoH crew that he made a deal with Alex and Jason that he will protect Jillian in order to protect the couples and Dominique. And they gave their 100% word. Elena says she doesn't want to vote Christmas out though. Jess says if they vote out Christmas, it shows Paul they can't be trusted at all. Mark says forget about Paul cause there's no going back to him now.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

1:20PM BBT: Kevin, Jason, and Paul in backyard talking. Paul tells them Christmas is going to go after the other side of the house now.

In the HoH room, Jess says Paul and Christmas cannot win HoH and Mark says then we vote Christmas! Unless Cody wants to keep her. He says no, she's my target.

Jess says Paul cannot win a single competition for the next two weeks. Jess, Mark, and Cody want to vote out Christmas now, but they say the other three don't want to vote her out.

In the Rose room, Elena, Raven, and Paul are talking about Cody making so many deals. Paul says he would have gone home if he was on the block, but Raven and Elena are adamant that he would not go home. All three swear they will not vote out Christmas. Paul thinks he threw the veto to Alex.

In the HoH room, Jess saying again people like Jillian and Ramses will float by now. Cody asks do we stick with the nine? And Jess says we can't. Mark starts to count numbers. Him, jess, Alex, Josh, Jason. They need Elena and Ramses. They think Kevin will vote however Paul tells him. Cody says all he wanted to do was vote out Megan and now he has had to nominate five people. They think they can for sure get Elena.

Meanwhile, in the rose room, Elena and Raven keep swearing they won't vote Christmas. Elena asks if Paul is going to put up Cody or backdoor him. He says he doesn't know. He's a lone sheep and has to win HoH.

During his veto speeches Cody made it seem like people were coming to him to put Paul up because he was stirring the pot. Elena says she asked him after who he was talking about and Cody says he's keeping his private conversations to himself. Paul says that's not an answer.

Ramses walks in the rose room and they start drilling him. Elena swears if Paul and Christmas were both safe, she would have been the next nom because she's the next closest to them. The group breaks up and camera changes to Christmas and Matt in Apple room.

2:40PM BBT: Cameras three and four are on Christmas and Jason in the rose room. Jason tells Christmas that the showmances have "dispersed" and that Jessica has not been spending a lot of time in the HoH room. Christmas tells Jason that he was supposed to be the renom.
Jason: "I knew it!"
Christmas: "Can you give me a leap of faith that I wasn't on that bandwagon to get you out?"
Jason: "Yeah, of course!"

Christmas tells Jason that she was going against the house when she thought Jason was going up as a renom, and she hopes that is enough to cement something with Jason. Christmas tells Jason that she is still pissed. She asks Jason if she has his vote, and he said "I don't *bleeping* know, because I don't know what the F is going on." He says that Christmas was pretty lit after the ceremony.

2:48PM BBT: Matt and Raven are laying together in the backyard. The feeds change to a Jessica and Paul in the Apple room. Jason and Christmas talking in the Rose room. Jess is swearing she didn't know about Paul going up. Paul says he knows what the curse is and tells her the person that has the curse is on the other side of the house. [Maybe Paul got to choose who got the curse?]

Jess is still upset about Paul not telling anyone about the temptation or curse. Paul assures her the curse had nothing to do with their alliance.

In Rose room, Jason and Christmas still talking about the situation. Jason is getting more details about the previous nine person alliance. Jason is wondering why her alliance mates, if they didn't know anything, aren't rallying around her, ensuring she's safe. Christmas thinks some people possibly knew, but she can't say for certain.

3:00PM BBT: Christmas and Jason are still talking. She says Cody knows she's going after him and he accepts it. Jason says he thought Dominique and Christmas were part of the "couples" since he says they're so close.

Jason asks, "Why did they really turn on you then?" Christmas brings up when Megan told Josh and Christmas and Jillian about the guys being strong during the tightrope challenge night one and says she might have been grouped into that.

Jason is still adamant that Christmas is a pawn to throw off the couples alliance. Christmas asks if he thinks Paul would have been a pawn too or the target. He thinks Paul would have been a target. Christmas says she isn't confident on votes. She says she isn't confident about any votes.

Paul joins them and Jason asks him if he thinks Christmas is a pawn. He doesn't think so. During the veto speech Cody said, "Christmas, you got screwed." Paul thinks Christmas may have talked crap about Paul to Cody and since he couldn't put up Paul, Christmas got screwed. Christmas thinks it's just guilty by association based on his nominations when he told Jillian she was guilty by association. Christmas says Jess is giving her the cold shoulder and has been for the past two days. Paul says there is a split in hot-tube majority alliance right now.

3:15PM BBT: Cody and Jess are in the HoH room talking. Jess says based on the situation they're in, Christmas has to go.

Raven joins the Rose room group and Jason leaves. They start counting votes. Jess, Mark voting Christmas. Christmas thinks the guys may have a thing, but Raven says Matt is keeping Christmas for sure. Raven says Alex and Jason have something with Cody. Christmas is wondering why Mark wants to vote for her. Raven says he said that if she stays, she would gun for Cody. Kevin enters and game stops.

Kevin and Paul are talking in the Power room now and Paul tells him the plan right now is to keep Christmas. Christmas and Raven still in Rose room. Christmas says Ramses already told her he is keeping Jillian. He promised her day one. Raven counts the votes. Her, Matt, Paul, Elena, Kevin, Dominique, and Josh. Christmas says she has Josh, she's been supporting him since day one. They hug and disperse.

In the HoH room, Mark, Cody, Jess, and Elena are talking. Cody says the only person he doesn't like in the game is Josh. They start trashing Josh. Elena says Josh made the whole post-ceremony bout him.

In the bathroom area, Dominique is putting makeup on in a reflective cabinet on the floor and Paul joins her to talk. She says she truly believes There as some manipulation last night. (Talking about Jess) Alex brings in me deviled eggs and then leaves.

They continue talking; Dominique explains to Paul that she told them she wasn't going to vote for Christmas and she says she told them the whole house will be going after the couples now. Dominique doesn't understand why they would get rid of a major asset though. Camera switches to Apple room where Elena and Christmas start talking.

3:32PM BBT:  Elena tells her she felt like something weird was about to happen. Christmas tells Elena to remember that Cody has alliances on the other side of the house now. (Talking of Alex) Saying if he wanted to bring Alex to their side then someone had to go.

The camera switches to Alex and Jillian in the stock room. Alex says Paul straight up asked Ramses if he had the curse and said he did. Alex says if their is a tie, Cody will vote out Christmas. Jillian asks if the other side is acting. Alex says she thinks it's half surprise and half acting, but she says she doesn't think Cody told anyone. Alex tells her that she has Jess and Mark's votes. Kevin comes in and says Christmas is already campaigning and they say Jillian shouldn't push it.

They leave and camera switches back to Apple room with Elena and Christmas. Christmas tells Elena that Jess was giving her the cold shoulder the past two days. They discuss if Cody threw the competition to Alex to bring her on their side, but Elena doesn't think Cody is the type to throw competitions. Christmas explains why she thinks he did throw it.

Elena says she is organically closest to Matt, her, and Jess. She says she has a relationship with Dominique on different level. She's still developing a relationship with Mark, but it's weird because of the showmance aspect. Then she has a developing relationship with Cody. Christmas starts talking about her conversation(s) with Cody.

3:48PM BBT: Christmas and Elena day there is no nine anymore. Raven and Matt come in and they talk about laundry. Elena then says that she is good and safe with the three of them. Christmas says tell her what she needs to do and Elena says you don't have to do anything. Raven leaves and Paul joins. Feeds go down at 3:53PM.

3:58PM BBT: The feeds are back and same group is in the Apple room with Raven and Mark now. Josh and Dominique are talking in the Have-Not room.

Josh said he's just going to chill and lay low. Dominique says that's how it is for a lot of them. She says to keep his eyes and ears open. She leaves and Josh does a little spastic handshake to the camera and then leaves.

The camera switches to the kitchen and then to the HoH room where

Jess and Cody are talking; Jess says Cody can be the hot head while her and Mark will be the levelheaded ones. She says he does things without thinking and he says he knows 100% who is loyal to them. He says their are people on the other side of the house that are very loyal to him. Back in the Apple room, they discuss votes again. They don't know what Cody's long term plan is with this decision. Elena says someone has to have given him some information to doubt Paul. Jillian opens the door for a second and leaves.

4:07PM BBT: Raven says Jillian has to go. She says Alex is a cannon. Paul says a loose cannon. Paul and Christmas leave the group. Elena asks Mark if he's voting out Christmas and he says he doesn't know right now. Elena says she's feeling so split right now. She doesn't want to disrespect Cody, but she doesn't appreciate how he handled his HoH. She says she doesn't want to play both sides. Matt says he's going to be honest and not lie in this game. He says he's still going to be friends with Cody and hangout with him. He says he has to sit down with Cody and tell him he has to let him know what his plans are if they are going to keep working together.

Matt says he feels Elena and they are in a Catch 22 where they will have to betray one or the other, but they both still say they aren't voting for Christmas. They believe Cody had good intentions, but they still don't understand. Matt says Raven and Elena are in great spots, burn Elena doesn't feel like she's in a good spot. Elena wants to win HoH to be safe, but she doesn't want to win and have to make a choice. Raven says they all have to try and win. They say if Jess wins, things will get worse.

Mark is worried if Christmas wins that she will go after Cody and Jess and probably them too. The rest don't think she will. They count numbers again. They think Kevin will be the swing vote.

Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.

Previously, on Big Brother, 16 strangers began the battle for a half million dollars and they quickly learned about the twists of the season.

After Kevin took the first temptation of the summer, BB18 runner-up Paul was sent back into the game. Julie told them about the first ever Big Brother swap and by the end of the night Cameron was the first HGs sent packing.

With the game getting real, Josh got frazzled and he quickly decided Megan wasn't trustworthy. With the Head of Household on the line, Josh gave into temptation and took safety and then gave into paranoia and confronted Megan. After a showdown in the garden, it was Cody who claimed power. Back inside Josh went for round two with Megan.

Meanwhile, Cody recruited two loyal soldiers. With nominations looming, the marine assessed the battlefield and at the nomination ceremony, Cody didn't mince his words.

Tonight, the Den of Temptation opens. Who did America choose to tempt? Plus, emotions hit an all time high, leading to a shocking revelation. All this right now, on Big Brother!

We see the nomination ceremony ending and Paul tells us he gets they are new at the game, but he didn't think they were that stupid. He's shocked he wasn't nominated week one. Cody doesn't like Megan and he wants her gone. He says there might be more dangerous options, but this is a good time to get her out. Jillian is upset because people are telling her she has nothing to worry about, but she's been on the block since Day 1.

Megan was hurt by Cody's personal attack. She just wishes it wasn't personal the reason she was nominated. She feels like everyone is attacking her and all the stress is making her paranoid. She's never felt so anxious in her life and she doesn't know if she can handle it. Josh tells Jillian to calm down and not let people see her cry and he tells her he cries every day.

Mark and Elena are talking about working out. Elena says there is so much flirting going on in the house right now, and it's not just her and Mark. We then see Cody and Jessica talking in the hammock and Cody says he thinks showmances are dumb but then he gets put in the house with the hottest HGs ever.

Then we see Raven and Matt and Raven says who doesn't like a silver fox? Elena says flirting happens when you put a lot of good looking 20-year olds in the house. Mark and Elena are Marlena, and Jessica and Cody are Jody, and Matt and Raven are Maven.

Mark, Josh, Christmas, and Dominique are talking and Josh is talking about going nuts. Mark says it's paranoia and Josh says he's not paranoid. Josh says he's been through some tough crap, but he's there for his parents.

Mark tries to encourage Josh and says he can see his parents in October, but he can't because some others can't go and see their parents because they aren't there. Mark tells us losing your parents puts a different perspective on things and this is just a game.

The HGs come in from outside and there is slop on the table. Ramses thought it was oatmeal, but no. Jason says there is no way on Earth he wants to ingest that garbage. Jessica says it jiggles. None of the HGs look impressed.

Cody reads, as Head of Household he must choose the first five Have-Nots of the summer. The Have-Nots can only eat slop, take cold showers, and will sleep in the most painful Have-Not room of all time. For this punishments he chooses, he asks for volunteers. Josh volunteers, Ramses, Megan, and Jillian all volunteer. Paul then decides to be the last volunteer. Cody reads more. For the first time ever, the Have-Nots will also be tempted this summer. Head to the bedroom to find out more.

They all run for the bedroom and the beds have "spikes' and Josh asks how he's supposed to sleep. He says this Have-Not room sucks. Jillian says it reminds of her an operating room in Tijuana. Paul reads from a card, if you thought it was hard to get a good night's rest sharing a bed, wait until you try to sleep on spikes. But there may be a way to escape this punishment if you give into temptation. On the wall of the bedroom are two colored spikes, one of these spikes contains the Have-Not escape which frees the holder from being a have not for the week. All you have to do is be the first Have-Not to the diary room during the week and say you want to claim the key. Only one Have-Not may claim this temptation each week. Once you have the key, choose which spike to unlock, you may only open one so choose wisely. But open the wrong spike and you will earn the Have-Not extension which will add an extra week onto your Have-Not stay. So think long and hard before giving in to temptation.

The HGs are all outside in little groups and one group is saying Cody looks bored who is talking Alex. Josh tells Jessica she should go over and make him happy and she responds that Pao Pao is over there so she'd rather not. Paul fills us in that Pao Pao was a player from another season who is very similar to Alex so Jessica has been calling her Pao Pao.

Megan then goes to tell Alex, who is sitting next to Jillian and Paul a little further down on the bench, that she was over there and they were telling Jessica to come over and talk to Cody and Jessica said no, Panda is over there and she doesn't want to deal with that.

Megan told Alex because she thought it was messed up they called her "Panda." Alex says she's normally one to brush things off her shoulder but Megan told her it was messed up because it's kind of racist because she's Asian. Alex says she's a deep seeded Asian American and her family won't take that comment well, even if it was just a joke.

Jessica and Cody are settling in the hammock and Paul comes over and tells Jessica she pissed off Megan because she was racist. Paul tells Jessica he overheard Megan. Jessica wants to snap her in half and says she has a big mouth. Jessica goes in to talk to Alex in the storage room.

Jessica tells us that Megan accusing her of being racist is beyond aggravating because that's not a game move it's a personal attack. Jessica then explains what she said. Alex says she doesn't trust Megan and believes Jessica tells the truth because why would someone lie about that. Jessica says she's only doing that because she's trying to take attention off her. Alex decides to confront her.

Alex goes and confronts Megan in the kitchen and they begin argue. Jessica says she's never used the term Panda in her life and she never called her that. Megan says she heard Jessica says Panda and she knows she's telling the truth. Alex says it's done and not to talk to her, they aren't friends. Megan goes outside and Alex says she's never met a dumber human being while still in the kitchen.

Alex then goes to talk to Jillian and Megan and she's venting. Megan comes in and Alex says she isn't going to talk anymore and leaves the room. Megan says no one is going to believe anything she says anymore, no matter what she does. She tried to calm herself down and she couldn't. She tells us it's hurtful, she thinks she's a good person and she's nice to people. She doesn't know if she can handle this. We see her going to the diary room.

Raven, Jessica, Matt, and Cody are in the kitchen and they are talking about how long Megan has been in the diary room.

Kevin and Mark are talking in a bedroom and Kevin is concerned about Megan because she's been gone so long and he hopes she's alright. Paul, Ramses, and Jillian are talking and Paul asks if she's out and Jillian says no. Paul says maybe we just didn't see her come out and they go and look for her. Ramses tells us he's concerned about Megan and hopes she's OK.

Cody comes out of the DR with a card and calls everyone to the living room. He reads from the cards. HG, due to an urgent personal matter, Megan will no longer be participating in Big Brother this summer.

They are all shocked. Paul tells us whatever Megan is going through, he hopes she's OK. Cody continues, since Megan was nominated for eviction, he has to nominate someone else to sit on the block. Jillian is upset.

Cody loves the idea he has the power to get rid of someone else besides Megan who wanted to get rid of. He can't believe he was given this much power in the first week. She goes gray on the picture wall.

Raven suggests to Cody to tell Pao Pao she's the pawn and hope she'll throw the veto. Cody isn't sure what to do, but he kind of likes having Alex around because he respects her as a competitor but he can't reveal that to the people he's working with. Jillian says she campaigned for a week against her and it's messed up because she has to go against someone else. Jillian says they will probably come after one of her alliance and it's like being on the block three times now.

The HGs have been outside and Paul comes out and says he's decided to take the Have-Not temptation. Paul says he's going to bite the bullet and play some Russian roulette. He picks orange and unlocks the lock. He gets the Have-Not escape and he's excited.

The living room screen shows Den of Temptation and they hear it and come running into the living room. Cody again has a card and reads, HGs prepare to be tempted like never before. A new passageway in the Big Brother house will lead you to the next big twist of the summer, the Den of Temptation. Each week, America will vote for one HGs to tempt inside the Den. If the temptation is accepted, it will unleash a consequence on the house. One by one everyone will enter the den where they will be told in secret if they are being tempted or not. Once America has chosen a HGs to receive a temptation, they will not be eligible to receive another. Feel free to move about the house, when it is your turn you will be summoned to the den.

Jillian is thrilled and Matt is nervous it might mess up his alliance's plan. Jessica gets called in first and she heads upstairs. She is kind of scared and she hates it and she wants it to be over. She's hoping her envelope has good news for alliance because they've got all the power this week, why not a little more. Kevin doesn't want the temptation and he did not get it. Josh also did not get the temptation. Cody says Josh is all smiles when he comes down. Christmas is called next and she hasn't gotten it either, followed by Raven, Matt, Dominique, Mark, and Elena who all didn't get tempted.

Cody is next and he says this week has gone flawlessly and he needs the power to stay in his hands. He has his plan in place and he doesn't want the temptation to throw a wrench in his plans. He did not get tempted. Alex is next and also isn't tempted. Jillian is next and she is also not tempted. We then see the Pendant of Protection and Paul comes in and comments the room looks like his bedroom.

Paul sees the necklace and says so far he likes what he sees. He reads from the card, Congratulations Paul, America has chosen to tempt you with the Pendant of Protection. Accept this temptation and the pendant will protect you at the next three evictions and he says holy! That means you can't be nominated or evicted. It will only be revealed that you have the pendant if you are nominated, otherwise the secret is yours to keep. Accept this temptation and although you will be safe for three weeks, one of your housemates will be in jeopardy for the next three weeks. So do you accept this temptation? He thinks long and hard and he chooses to take the pendant and accept the temptation.

Paul then opens another envelope that says temptation accepted and says it's time to determine which of his housemates will suffer the consequence.

There are 15 poison bottles on the shelf, behind each bottle is a random number that you cannot see. Since you are not able to see the numbers, you will not know what number has been selected. To select a number will determine which one of your housemates will be cursed. Make your selection now.

He looks at the bottles and chooses on and it is number two. He puts the pendant in his pocket and leaves the room. Jason comes in next and sees he wasn't tempted. Ramses get his card and he hasn't been chosen to be tempted and he says that's dope.

Back downstairs, Paul says he got a sorry card and Matt says Josh got it. They think he did because of how he was smiling. Paul says he feels great and Josh might be his scapegoat. We see the Den of Temptation back up on the screen and they all come into the living room.

We hear a voice that says the temptation inside the den has been accepted. But the consequence will be unleashed on the house in due time. And be warned the next time you are called to the den, you should all be very worried. Elena is very concerned. Jillian says she thinks Kevin got it. Kevin says two people knows he didn't get it, him and the person who did get it.

It's time for America's vote! You can vote to tempt the houseguest of your choice inside the Den of Temptation. Each temptation offers an advantage that can help them in the game, but remember it also comes with a consequence that will affect one or more of their houseguests. The second temptation is the Ring of Replacement. Who do you want to receive this weeks temptation?

Kevin and Jason are talking outside and they are becoming really good friends.

They're talking about the young guys chasing the girls and they're wondering why the girls aren't hugging on them.

Cody and Alex are talking and he's asking what her goal is going forward. Cody explains he has respect for her and he tries to talk her into joining their alliance. Alex says if she did that she would only last so long. He asks if she won HoH next week who would she put up and Alex says she put up one of the guys. Cody says she's killing him.

Cody comes out of the diary room and calls everyone to the table for the nomination ceremony where he has to replace Megan as nominee. He turns the key and he has nominated Alex. She seems surprised and shakes her head. Cody says he nominated her because he was trying to find a way for their interests to align but he couldn't find any common ground. He wasn't going to backdoor Alex because he respects her and he can compete against her in the PoV.

Cody says he nominated her because she's the only outsider strong enough to win the next HoH competition and if that happens she's going to nominate him or one of his interests. He needs to get her out before any of that happens. Jillian feels bad Alex is on the block with her, but she's a bigger threat. Alex is mad and he's going toe to toe with Cody and she isn't backing down.

Tune in Wednesday at 8PM ET/PT to see who will win the PoV.  And be sure to vote for the next HG you'd like to tempt. The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they're not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence. Go to: to vote.  Vote closes July 7 at 1PM ET/10AM PT.

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6:56PM BBT: The houseguest were just on an outdoor lockdown, which is now over. Dominique and Christmas talking on the large lounger in backyard while Mark, Paul, and Elena talking in the hammock. Elena is afraid of being targeted just by association to others. Paul says moving forward he can't trust Cody and Elena says it makes sense. Paul says others though are starting not to trust him too because of this. Elena says she thinks Paul would go after Cody if he wins HoH. Paul says if he's HoH, something is going down.

Raven brings Mark and Elena tea and leaves. Elena feels like she's out of the loop. Paul says Cody did so much stuff behind their backs, like making deals with Alex. Elena knows that Ramses has the curse as does Paul. They say they know just by asking and talking to him. Mark now knows too and Elena tells him not to say anything to anyone about it or she will know he did. Paul says he definitely thinks there will be a power shift next week. Paul explains that the game is a lot of luck. Strategy will get you to jury, but chance and luck will win you the game. Paul says he knew that they weren't all on the same page. Christmas joins them now and Mark leaves. On the other camera Raven and Jillian are talking in the kitchen bout Ravens pace maker. Matt joins the hammock group and Paul keeps talking in circles about I old you this was going to happen, I said it.

7:17PM BBT:
The other camera now is on Jess and Cody in the HoH room. Raven joins them and they talk about someone having surgery and having to be in the hospital for months. Camera switches again to Alex and Jason talking in the backyard. Alex says she doesn't trust Paul. Jason says Christmas has to go. He's counting votes now. Me, you and we can get Josh. He says Mark will vote for Christmas. Then Ramses. They said good and split. Alex joins Jillian on the backyard couches. Ramses is also on the couches. Jillian says Mark is going to make a deal with Jillian.

7:25PM BBT:
Back in the hammock, they're talking votes again. Christmas definitely doesn't have Alex or Ramses. She has them three, Dominique, and Raven. They're trying to figure out if they have Mark's vote. Alex, Ramses, Jason, and Josh would vote for Christmas. Jess makes five. That would keep her safe and that's just worst case scenario. Paul thinks between Elena and Matt they can get Mark's vote.

7:28PM BBT:
Alex and Jillian go to the Have-Not room to talk game. Alex thinks Cody going after Paul was a planned move. Jillian says after the PoV meeting, Christmas came up and told her she wasn't expecting this and they aren't acting. Jillian thought that was weird and is worried now that Christmas was just a pawn. Mark told Jillian he wants to talk to her. Jillian also thinks she might be able to get Mark's vote. He said he wouldn't vote for Jillian, but it depended on who she was up against. Jillian thinks if Christmas actually betrayed the other side or didn't something wrong they would have been told about it. Alex thinks this is too good to be true. She says everything was against them and now it's the other way around. She's super sketched out. Alex says she doesn't trust any of them.

7:38PM BBT:
Alex says if Jess smiled at Josh, he would vote however she wanted him to. They need to be super nice to Josh to keep him on their side. Jason joins them. Alex says everyone acted too calmly and says it was a Trojan horse. Jason tells them Christmas outed the 8 person alliance and neither Alex nor Jillian knew this. Jason says Paul knows he's not going to side with him and Christmas.

They start talking votes again. Alex, Jason, Ramses, Kevin. That's four. If they can get Mark it will be five. Jason says he doesn't trust Matt or Dominique and want them gone. He says he told Paul he didn't want Dominique there and now he's getting weird looks from her. Jason is coaching Jillian on what to say in her speech before the vote. The group dispersed.

7:54PM BBT:
Christmas and Paul are still in hammock, but now alone. Other Camera is on Ramses, Alex, and Elena in the kitchen.

Talk of Elena's name and nicknames. Paul says one of them has to win next week, they could do some serious damage, then reassess. Paul doesn't think that Alex will keep up her end of the deal with Cody. He says Christmas needs to talk to Jason and Alex. She asks if she should keep talking to Ramses too. Paul says yes. Other camera is on Matt and Elena in the storage room. Elena is explaining to Matt her relationships in the house, repeating what she told Christmas earlier. Elena says the 9 all ha different, in parallel relationships. They both agree that Cody had their best interests and Cody is loyal. Elena says she'll have to work on Mark and if she should work on Ramses. They think the next competition will be endurance. Matt and Elena both say they will never go after Cody. Matt says if someone wants to get out Cody, they better backdoor him. Elena asks if Matt thinks Cody threw the Veto competition. He says does he think he did, no. Had it crossed his mind, yes. Elena says same. She doesn't think he could throw it since he's such a competitor. Elena says 90% of her game is social. Matt and Elena leave the storage room.

7:21PM BBT: Paul, Christmas, Elena and Matthew are in the backyard talking about how Cody is playing both sides and it's hurting all of their games. Paul is hitting the point hard that Cody didn't follow the 'rules' of the group by putting Christmas up and now they are going to lose one of their numbers.

They discuss Kevin's loyalty and if they have his vote to keep Christmas. They are going through all the votes to see who Christmas has on her side. They are positive they have Dominique, Elena, Matt, Paul, and Raven. They are thinking they definitely have enough votes to keep Christmas safe. Elena saying she gave her word to Christmas and even though she feels loyalty to Cody she isn't going back on her word.

Paul goes back on his tirade about how Cody's gameplay is messing things up. Matt and Elena are upset that Cody didn't talk to his main group before targeting Christmas. "He wants to be friends with everyone in the house so he makes side-deals and messes all of us in the process."

They are trying to figure out if Cody's nomination of Christmas is a mistake or a big game move. Paul says Cody doesn't really want to be a part of a 'team' and now he needs to reassess where his loyalty lies.

Raven joins the group. Paul is relaying a conversation he had with Cody where Cody took responsibility for the nomination and said if he had to take the repercussions of that decision he would. Paul: "I'm frustrated because I thought I was working with people who were on the same level as me and apparently I'm not. This is not what I signed up for. If I knew that this was how this group was going to play, I wouldn't have done it."

They are mad that Cody has them all stressed out now. "It was supposed to be us to jury and then game on."

Apparently Cody wouldn't consider backdooring Alex but he would totally do it to Christmas. Matthew asks about suggestions moving forward, assuming Christmas stays in the game. Paul "I have a ton of suggestions but I'm not talking."

Paul: "I've already reassessed and we'll see who wins HoH. If I do, then I will do what I want."

Talk turns to who they will put up if they win HoH. Matthew wants Alex, Elena says Josh. Paul says the most useless HoH would be getting rid of Kevin. The group starts to change the subject and Elena goes inside.

7:45PM BBT: Alex, Jillian, and Jason in a bedroom going over the votes. They say they have Cody, Jason, Alex, Ramses, and they are hoping to get Mark. Jason says to just let Mark talk and agree with whatever he says. Jason says he doesn't trust Matt or Dominique and he wants them gone. He says he told Paul that he wanted Dominique gone and he thinks Paul told Dominique. They are going through who they might be able to turn in order to get the vote in Jillian's favor.

Alex and Jason are talking about how they are making the deals with people so that if Jillian wins she can put Cody up and say with all honesty that she didn't promise Cody safety. Apparently Jason and Alex both promised if they win HoH safety to Jessica and Cody next week if they would keep Jillian.

Talk turns to Jillian's speech about how she outed their eight person 'alliance that isn't an alliance'. Jillian wants to be able to do her speech second so that Christmas won't come after her if she says that stuff first. (Can they choose who goes first in the speeches?)

Alex is warning Jillian be very careful who she talks to and confides in.

7:55PM BBT: Paul and Christmas in the hammock. Paul saying how they almost got pulled into the mess that the showmances are currently in. He tells her what needs to happen. She doesn't make deals, she stands strong, they get through this week and then one of them wins next week. Paul says he has a few people he trusts, a few who he has question marks about, and a few who are on his crap list. Paul tells Christmas they can do some serious damage in this game.

Talk turns to how they need Alex and Jason. Christmas says Alex and Jason are working together. Paul says Cody has a deal with all of them, Jason, Ramses, everyone. Paul says Ramses is a wild card and they should just let him dig his own grave. Paul tells Christmas to keep Ramses close because he is her bridge into intel about the other side.

They talk about how they won't be doing as much PDA. Christmas - "So no more cuddles then?" Paul: "Not necessarily. You better give me the eyes now and then." (Looks like they are trying to separate themselves from the two showmances.)

8:03PM BBT: Elena and Matt are in the storage room. Matt says here's the plan. Step 1 - Elena needs to handle Mark. She wonders if she needs to handle Ramses. She and Matt go over strategy of how to approach him. Step two - One of them needs to win HoH. Matt says if Christmas or Paul win he thinks that they will be in good shape. Matt says he wouldn't blame Paul if he put any of them up. Elena wonders if Paul would put up Cody instead. Matt says he will never vote for Cody, if someone wants him out they better back door him. Elena agrees with him.

She asks if Matt thinks Cody threw the PoV competition. He won't say he does but he did wonder after how Cody acted at the end of the competition and seemed to give up. Elena said "I never would have expected that, but then again I would have never expected what he did today." (Putting Christmas up)

Matt is hoping HoH is an endurance competition so he can win, that way Elena and Raven can chill. Elena says that she knows her game is 90% social. Matt jokes "More than that." She grabs her ice cream and leaves.

8:11PM BBT: Christmas and Jason in chairs by the pool in the backyard. She is going over who she thinks is on her side and FotH.

When they come back Christmas is whispering to Jason. She tells him to watch someone Jessica and Raven carefully. Jason "It's still early." Christmas "I want you to think about who you made that deal with and what it's actually worth." Jason seems contemplative.

8:15PM BBT: Matt, Raven, Cody, and Jessica in the Jacuzzi. Kevin is over by Jillian and Alex on a lounger a little bit away. Kevin still moaning about his tooth and how he needs to go to the dentist. Alex tells him to go to the DR right away because it's almost the 4th of July. Alex talking about how Kevin will need meds after he gets his tooth pulled. Kevin "I won't need meds after it's pulled. The tooth is causing the pain and the tooth will be gone. No more pain." Alex says she has had a lot of root canals.

Kevin looks at the Jacuzzi group and says he can look at two of them and tell them they won't vote against him. He is certain of it. (I'm not so sure of that...)

Mark walks over and Kevin asks if he is going to work out. Mark says he needs bigger arm muscles. They start discussing what an older man would/should bench.

8:20PM BBT: Paul and Jason whispering in Power room. Jason says he feels he has no allies. Paul says, "You have me."

Paul is campaigning to Jason for Christmas, but Jason says he just doesn't trust Christmas. Paul says Jason needs to have a serious conversation with Christmas. Paul says they can use Christmas. Jason says it's him or Christmas. Jason drops the Trojan horse line and says he and Alex both think this is a ploy.

They're counting votes again. Paul says Christmas has the votes to stay whether Jason votes for her or not. And he's just trying to get Jason on her side because she's pissed right now. Jason says he wants the showmances to split, like Matt and Jess gone. Paul says Christmas wants to break them up too.

Jason says that Cody not putting him up and making the other side mad shows him some loyalty. Paul says Cody is just trying to make both sides happy. Paul says Christmas doesn't want to align with him, she wants to align with Jason's side. Paul and you don't have to trust her, but just understand keeping her will keep her firing at the other side of the house.

8:35PM BBT: Paul pulls Alex into the Have-Not room. He tells her that he wants to win HoH and take a serious shot, but he's not going to tell her what it is. Alex says she and Jason don't want to win HoH yet because they don't want to go against their word yet. Alex thinks Jess is running the show.

Josh and Jillian are talking right outside the Have-Not room in the Power room. Neither Paul nor Alex trusts Ramses.

Paul is now campaigning to Alex for Christmas. He says she is heated up and has a better shot at winning competitions than Jillian. Paul says the other side is in shambles and now would be the time to do something.

They finish their conversation and Paul does a dance saying he's the puppet master.

The cameras change. There's a small group in the kitchen talking about working out. Other cameras are on Josh reading the Bible and Jillian noisily digging in a drawer. The camera changes to the hot-tub with just general chit chat.

9:27-9:38PM BBT: Matt, Raven, and Ramses are in the Apple Room discussing their reactions to today's attempted Paul nomination and the eventual Christmas nomination. Matt: "I can't wait to see my face."

Conversation turns to speculation over Megan's departure. Ramses is convinced "She did NOT have a family emergency." Raven adds, "[Megan] just pussed out," and that she could never be a quitter.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Christmas are lounging outside trying to sort out what votes Christmas needs to lock down, and who's in with Cody. Christmas unhappy that Jason told her he made a deal with Cody on Sunday morning that possibly saved Jason's skin and led to her eventual nominee Kevin says he'll talk to Jason tonight, presumably about securing Jason's vote.

Up in the HoH room, Paul and Cody are rehashing the day's events. Paul says there's no hard feelings. Cody says, "Same, 1000%." Paul hopes that Cody's come around to see him as more than just a "loud entertainment character." Cody says he has. Looks like Cody's still (voluntarily) eating slop.

Conversation wraps up, Paul wishes Cody a good night, pats him on the back, and leaves the HoH room.

Christmas and Kevin are talking on the lounge chair in the backyard. Kevin is asking Christmas about Raven's disease. Kevin shows Matt where they can get good water from a fridge.

Paul is running around jumping over a wooden box with Kevin and Christmas watching and they keep shouting ways for him to do it. Kew comments all the people in the Jabecausezi. Kevin and Christmas are talking about Josh and Jess talking to Josh. Paul is doing handstands on the wooden box. Kevin and Christmas cheer him on and continue watching him. Christmas asks Kevin I wonder if he has to cancel gigs when he's in here. Paul finally does a handstand and a push up and everyone cheers for him. Kevin yells at Country to come do it too.

9:52PM BBT: Ramses, Matt, Raven, Jillian and Christmas are in the hot-tub. Paul is told to put his microphone on. Jason is playing pool. Kevin tells his daughter Allana to record all these. Kevin jokes about Ramses hitting him and there will be a lawsuit afterwards. Kevin says Ramses was a gentleman when he first came in now he's swearing constantly and throwing bottles at people.

The camera switches to the Rose room with Mark and Elena. Elena asks him what he's going to wear to the live eviction. They're talking about what clothes she'll wear to the live eviction. Mark wonders if they'll let them change after the eviction before the HoH competition. Elena switches saying, "I'm not comfortable answering your question, you need to make you're own decision for the game." She continues talking about clothes.

Mark and Elena start snuggling on the bed. Mark says I'm not stupid and I feel like you, me, Matt, and Raven are in the middle. Mark says, "If my vote is different than your guys' it's going to be different." Elena laughs and says true. (LOL) Elena says, "You have to do what's best for you." Mark asks, "What do you think I should do?" Elena says again, "I think you should do what's best for you."

Dominique walks in and Elena jokingly says, "I think you should listen to Dominique." Dominique says, "I told him to listen to you." Elena asks Dominique if "we're on the same page?" Dominique says I hope so. Elena asks if she's talked to Cody and Dominique says no she's leaving that to Cody. They start talking about showering...

9:58PM BBT: Dominique says Mark looks baffled. Mark says this conversation hasn't helped too much. Elena says he knows where I stand. Dominique tells him to take some time to think on it. And mark replies with that's smart; patience is key. Dominique leaves to shower. Mark says either I'm voting to evict Jillian or Christmas. Mark asks Elena again what he should do. Elena repeats that he knows how she feels. Mark says we should be on the same page.

Mark references what they were talking about when they were in the hot-tub. Elena says obviously I'd like you to feel the same as me, but you don't, and such is life. They begin cuddling more and stop game talk. Elena starts game talking again. She says she's just as indecisive as him. But she gave Christmas her word to not vote her out and it's not easy. Elena said it would be easy to vote out Christmas but she gave her her word. Elena says morally I don't want to vote her out. Elena says morally she can't vote her out. Then she jokes and says sometimes BB isn't a moral game. She laughs and says maybe she isn't good at BB. Elena says it sucks because she gave Christmas her word and she told Cody she respected him as an HoH. Ramses pops his head in and asks how is Marlena doing. Mark asks him to put his turkey and cheese away that he left out because he was going to eat.

10:03PM BBT: The camera switches to kitchen. Jess, Cody and Paul are there. Jess and Ramses are talking about how to pronounce "chaps." Josh walks in. Jess and Cody are talking about sex. Jess climbs onto the counter and they start kissing.

10:05PM BBT: Cody and Jess are talking about how people are going to try and make the couples jealous with other houseguests. Jess says that was already happening, especially with Megan doing that to her about Alex and Cody. Cody starts washing dishes and we can't hear what Jess is saying. Cody says I don't think you're wrong.

10:07PM BBT: Mark and Elena are in the rose room and Paul is in there now too. Paul is talking about even though he's played before it doesn't guarantee that he'll make it far. Paul says he just wants to have fun and play the game. Paul says that this past year of his life has been F'ing tough. Paul says he wants to at least make it to jury. Paul says he wants to work with you. Elena says you want to work with us? Mark then says can we keep this in this room. Mark says, "I trust you both completely." Paul says I need to see actions. Paul keeps saying I know what I'm talking about. Paul says I want to play the game and of course I want to win. Paul then says, "But, I know that the chances of me winning are slim."

10:10PM BBT: Paul is talking game strategy about how if they had just followed the plan. Paul is saying that Ramses would have eventually had to have gone up. Paul says they had a great plan with a strong group of nine and that we dropped the ball. Paul says he's mad that Elena F'ed up a flawless plan. Elena says we didn't. Paul says yes but it did get F'ed up.

Paul emphasizes that he's been transparent in his game play. Elena says I don't know what else to say. Paul says he doesn't want to go into terminator mode. Paul keeps talking about focusing on wanting to win in general and not just saying you want to go to jury - talking about everyone. Elena says she definitely wants to to win and there are so many things she could win. Elena wants to have opportunities outside of the house. Paul tells them not to play emotionally. Elena says I will not vote Christmas out and Paul says neither will I. Mark says nothing.

Paul says it is a bad game move to vote her out. They start talking about how they like Cody. Paul speaks on Cody having put targets on the showmances backs now. Paul now says who is he playing with look at the veto, he isn't playing with everyone. Paul says not every competition is about strength and smarts, sometimes it's luck. Paul talks about how the nerds can win, and thinking about Steve wining. Elena says yeah Nicole wasn't a big threat. Paul references Paulie and saying he made promises with everyone, and was a beast, but he didn't end well. Paul says you gotta play with loyalty. Paul says making side deals is what messes it up. He says "You will not win BB by yourself."

They start talking about how Derrick was the only one who kinda did it by himself. Paul says there is going to be a power switch next week and if you don't play your cards right, you're going to get hit. Elena says "I don't want to get hit." Paul says, "You can either run with me now or not."

Mark finally speaks and says, "I've wanted to run with you since day one." Paul talks about how he had to use the temptation because he had a hunch. Paul then says America is going to be pissed at what Cody did. Paul says think about what America will be doing, you don't want to make them mad, and keep that in mind.

Christmas walks in. Paul tells her I'm not voting you, she's not voting you out and I don't think he (Mark) is voting you out. Paul says he's going to go shower and he's not mad - he gets it's a game.

10:20PM BBT: Christmas says honestly he had to put someone. Paul references that Cody said his initial target was Megan and if she hadn't left we wouldn't have had this problem. Paul says maybe it's a blessing in disguise and there's no going back now.

Paul breaks out his safety medallion and jokes about wearing it. Kevin sticks his head in and says what a beautiful room. Kevin smells the roses and says that's great.

Raven walks in and grabs some clothes - she says she needs to shower. Raven leaves. Kevin says let me see your Flava Flav thing and says you know what I'm talking about. Kevin puts it on. Paul says that's some cool survivor crap they did with the pendant. Kevin leaves.

Elena says she would have taken the F out of that temptation. Paul says obviously when it says three weeks. Paul then says America must have seen something they didn't and laughs about how he thought he didn't need it a little bit but then he was blindsided.

Paul pulls out clothes and then looks at Mark and tells him to get out of his head and he's going to just eat himself alive. Paul leaves.

10:24PM BBT: Elena and Mark are still on the bed. Christmas is sitting in the Rose Room with them chatting about how huge Mark is.

Elena asks Christmas if her and Paul have talked game. Christmas says Paul thought she had fed Cody info but she cleared that up. Christmas says she's talked with everybody today. She says Paul asked her straight up if she'd been giving Cody info and she obviously wasn't. Christmas says obviously Cody has been making side deals, so you guys (Mark and Elena) need to think about that. Christmas says your word is your word, and you need to stick with your alliance. She says she's not a complicated girl even though Cody thinks so. Mark says he's transparent, he's not voting to keep Jillian since he doesn't even know her name. He says eventually he wants to talk with you (Christmas) and he can't believe it's come to this. Mark says Cody never told them who he put up and what his thoughts were. Mark says he never thought it would have been You or Paul. Christmas asks why didn't you question his loyalty if he was willing to work with Jason and Alex? Mark says he told us all the same thing and Cody said he wanted to keep Alex in his back pocket in case she wins HoH.

10:27PM BBT: Christmas says it's all just really fishy. Christmas says what if you were on the block, I would question his loyalty. She says think about his loyalty. Christmas says she thought he was a straight shooter. Cody had told her who was in there group and it was obvious and that she was good in his book. She says it would be a different story if she had asked for his help keeping her safe, but he solicited her and told her she was safe. Mark says OK I know you're a woman of your word.

Matt walks in and grabs stuff to shower. Mark asks if everything is good and Elena says yes I'm just trying to actually go shower.

Matt leaves and Dominique comes in. She's eating. Mark jokes that it's shocking that she wants a snack.

Dominique leaves. Mark continues and says like I said I know what your answer will be because you're a straight shooter. Mark says I like Dominique. Elena jokingly says you do? Dominique is still there and Mark asks, "If I vote to keep you, let's say you put up Cody and Jess and one of them wins veto, is one of them going up?" Christmas asks  "Did you know I was getting bamboozled?" Mark says no. Christmas says then no I wouldn't put up. Mark says I had no idea. Christmas says I'm not putting you up and I understand why you're asking and totally get it, but no I'm not going to put you up. I give you my word. Elena asks if she'd put Cody up. Christmas says, "I don't even wanna talk about that." Christmas says if I wasn't sure about you I would tell you. Christmas says she isn't going to go back on her word. Mark says she has nothing to worry about and he feels bad for asking. Elena jokingly asks should I ask you.

Dominique chimes in and says since we're asking questions... Christmas says this is why we should have been talking as a team. Christmas says now that Paul and I are on the outs, we're questioning a lot of people. She says if Cody didn't want them on his team then why did they ask.

10:38PM BBT: Christmas is saying teammates are teammates. And then she says how well is he (Cody) working with everybody. Mark continues to say I'm transparent and I want to continue to work with you.

10:50PM BBT: One backyard crew is now Paul, Kevin, Christmas, and Josh. Paul's pounding out some bench presses as Christmas and Josh look on and spot. Ramses, Jillian, Matt, and Raven over at the hot-tub. Christmas heads over to join them. Matt and Raven all the way in, while Christmas, Ramses, and Jillian are just soaking their feet.

Third production admonishment for singing in about five minutes, it's unclear who the offender is.

Elena says that what happened today went against her trust. Christmas says that what happened today was Cody acting on his own, to save his own butt. She says that when she leaves here, she will know she was true to the people she promised that to.

10:43PM BBT: Raven comes in to the Rose bedroom, and says that Josh is officially the creepiest person in the house. Says that he peeked on her when she was in the shower while he was heading to the bathroom.

10:50PM BBT: In the rose bedroom, Elena tells Mark that she figured out the Ramses has the curse, and that it involves him having to put himself on the block once within the next three weeks as a third nominee.

10:52PM BBT: Mark tells Elena that he is going to vote to evict Jillian. Elena says that she loves Cody and Jessica, and feels that Cody has protected them, but that she is loyal to Christmas and will not vote her out. She says it hurts her to go against Cody, but that in this decision, she is unwavering.

10:55PM BBT: Raven comes in and says that Alex said Josh peeked on her in the shower also. Elena says that she is afraid to shower downstairs now and Mark says he'd kill him [Josh].

1:48AM BBT: Jessica and Cody are talking in the HoH room. She tells Cody that if Paul wins, he will put her and Cody up. Jessica wants to know why Cody wants to keep Alex, Cody says that Alex deserves to be here and that Christmas hasn't done anything. Jessica says she hasn't done anything and Cody disagrees. She wants to know where she is on his totem pole. "At the top," Cody says.

1:51AM BBT: Jessica is upset by a comment that Alex made earlier in the day. She wants to put her head through a wall and says that Alex isn't playing a good social game. Cody tells Jessica she needs to relax, hang out with the people she likes, and "be natural." Jessica says that Alex is also targeting her and Cody. Jessica wants to tell Elena about her earlier conversation with Alex to try and change her mind to get Alex out. Jessica also wants to try and talk to Raven and Matt. Jessica wants everyone to trust her and vote for Alex instead of Christmas.

1:55AM BBT: Paul talks to Alex in the storage room. He tells her that she needs to ignore all the stuff in the house and lay low so she doesn't get any more heat in the house. Paul tells her to make a strategic move because Christmas is already upset and that if Alex talks to her she will explode. Paul wants them to work together.

2:00AM BBT: Paul walks into the bathroom area. Paul tells Mark that Cody has put a knife in his back and that some crap is about to go down. Elena walks over and Paul tells her and Mark that Cody has put knives in everyone's back and that he has to win HoH. Josh walks in and jokes around with Mark that he is the "jealous type" and then walks out. Paul and Mark are confused.

2:03AM BBT: Cody tells Jessica that she's going to lose her mind in this game. Jessica promises to stay level headed and Cody wants her to trust him. Cody then tells Jessica that he's actually 32 and not 27. He then tells her about serving in the Air Force and then about his intelligence work and then about the Marine Corps. Jessica laughs and asked why he's so dumb then. Jessica then asks for an explanation.

2:06AM BBT: Paul talks to Elena in the kitchen and tells her anything said between them has to stay between them, but that she can tell Mark. Paul then lists off the people he trusts and doesn't trust, he doesn't trust Raven or Matt right now. He says Matt's relationship with Cody is really strong and he can't trust him with small things. Josh walks in and Paul walks out.

2:08AM BBT: Jessica tells Cody that he's "one of a kind," after he explains his background. Cody promises that he can pull himself out of any situation and that he has a lot more faith in himself than Paul or Christmas. He also says he has "a ton of faith" in Jessica because of her intuition. Jessica loves when Cody tells her secrets.

2:11AM BBT: Jessica says that although the last few days have been stressful, they have also been really good. Cody says she has someone good on her side. "These people should be scared," Cody says. He then proceeds to talk about the Obama Administration and the camera changes to the Den Bedroom, where Paul and Jason are talking with Kevin and Christmas. "I'm not an idiot," Paul tells Jason and Jason agrees that Cody is fishy but he's not listening to anyone right now. Paul tells him to let the actions speak for themselves. Christmas is upset because she was stabbed in the back. Jason says he would vote Jessica out tomorrow. Paul says that Cody has been lying to everyone so that the can jump from side to side. Mark and Elena walk in and Paul and Jason stop talking. They start talking about how strange Josh is and how Mark doesn't understand the "jealous type" comment from earlier.

2:21AM BBT: The cameras are back to the HoH room, where Jessica and Cody are talking about WWII movies. Jessica gets up to use the restroom. Back in the Den Bedroom, Mark is called into the DR. Paul tells everyone goodnight. Josh asks everyone to keep it down so he can sleep. Kevin wants to know why Paul isn't doing the "friendship talk with Paul." Paul says he hasn't had time.

2:28AM BBT: Cody gives Jessica a massage in bed and asks if Jessica would campaign for him. Jessica says she'll talk to Elena tomorrow about keeping Jillian. Cody calls the cameras perverts.

2:31AM BBT: In the kitchen, Elena asks Christmas if she's OK. Christmas says, "yeah," and that she's built to handle much more. Paul and Ramses walk up and start to talk about seeing people and the exit sign through the mirrors. The cameras are all on the HoH room now as Cody continues to give Jessica a massage. Jessica turns off the lights and she and Cody get into bed.

2:40AM BBT: Jessica thinks it's funny they started their relationship on lies and asks if Cody has any more secrets. "Not much else," Cody says, "nothing interesting" and then tells her he was a PI for awhile. Cody wants a fan in the HoH room.

Cody and Jessica start talking about the Superbowl. Cody rooted for the Patriots. They talk about Tom Brady for awhile.

Jessica asks about Cody's secrets again. He changes the subject to talk about friendships and relationships in the house. They discuss voting Christmas out again. Cody says that Paul is going to come after him next week. "That's just one person," Jessica replies. Cody says he doesn't want to win HoH again for a few weeks, until he can take Paul out. Jessica tells Cody that by aligning himself with Alex, everyone is doubting his loyalty. Jessica doesn't like that Cody let Alex win the veto, even though Cody says he didn't. Jessica says she hates Alex and thinks that Cody is dumb enough to believe Alex over their group.

2:55AM BBT: All is quiet in the house.

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