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Wednesday, June 28, 2017  It Starts TONIGHT!
The show starts in a an hour or so.  While you wait, there's a good article on this season of BB in THR (The Hollywood Reporter). They take us behind the scenes and shows you the control room and tell you that 16 HGs can stink up a new house in just a few days.  Go Inside the 'Big Brother' Control Room as Producers Reveal Season 19 Secrets.
Tonight's Show on CBS & Global TV at 8:00PM
Remember, you can watch Big Brother as it airs on CBS All Access & HERE.

It's Whistle-Nut!
Megan served in the Navy and in the Middle East was trained to become an interrogator.  
Kevin took the $25,000 and released Paul into the house.      


This pendant will protect the holder at the next three evictions. But keep in mind that each temptation comes with a consequence.
Julie Chen introduces the show, telling us that this summer's HGs will be enticed by more temptations and face more consequences than anyone in the history of this game. The cameras and microphones will capture it all. How they handle the twists and turns will determine who will be evicted and who will be the last person standing? What will it take to win it all? There's only one way to find out. The most tempting season of Big Brother begins right now!

Julie greets the studio audience, welcoming them to the Big Brother two-night premiere event.

Tonight the summer of temptation begins and before the night is over, three tempting offers could turn the house upside-down. Will one HGs claim $25,000... the largest cash prize ever awarded on premiere night? Will a former fan favorite get back into the game? Will a HGs be sent packing tonight? It all depends on whether the HGs give in to temptation. But first we need to meet the HGs.

The first HGs we meet are Alex, Jason, and Christmas. Christmas is a crossfit champion, Olympic weightlifter. She's an entrepreneur, an author, the first female Nascar pit crew member and has over a million fans on social media. When she locks her eyes on a goal, she doesn't stop 'til she achieves it.

Jason is a rodeo clown and an auctioneer. His altar ego clown name is Whistle Nut and he's one bad mother. As an auctioneer, he has to be able to read the crowd instantly, and that will help him in Big Brother. Being away from his family, especially his son, is going to be a huge sacrifice. He just has to keep the end goal in mind. He's going to win Big Brother 19.

Alex has a lot of hobbies... go-karting, crocheting, playing chess, eating... and especially preparing for the apocalypse! She has a big geeky side and loves playing video games. She likes to play with a knife, not a gun. Just stab stab stab stab and no one sees it coming...just like she's going to win Big Brother. BB is just the next level for a video game freak!

Kevin is from Mission Hills, Boston, MA. He's lived there his whole life. His dad was a big shot in the Naval, who's nickname was the Cheese. He's been married 31 years; he's a stay at home dad with six daughters and one son. Chaos but controlled chaos. It's the best part of life.

Dominique is a nuclear engineer from Woodbridge, VA. She can't disclose what she does, she'd have to kill you. You have to be tough as a woman engineer. She's navigated DC, so being in the BB house will be a piece of cake. Surprisingly enough, or maybe not, religion is extremely important to her. She loves her some God. He's the reason she makes motivational videos on her YouTube videos. Jesus is with her so He's coming into the Big Brother house.

Mark is a personal trainer from Buffalo. The gym is his life - he starts at 5AM and is there until 8, 9PM. At first glance, he may look intimidating but he's a teddy bear deep down. His favorite color is Tickle Me Pink, he loves Fifty Shades of Grey - he's the whole package. His parents passed away when he was little, he's close to his grandparents. He would love to win Big Brother for them.

Elena is from Fort Worth, TX and she's a radio personality. She is 100% unfiltered and that's a dangerous thing to be in the BB house. Her mom cautions her to think before she speaks, she tells her mom she'll say what she has to say to win $500,000. Elena tells us there's a chance her mouth will get her in trouble.

Ramses loves anything comic book based, he loves superheroes. He is gay, he is a proud nerd and not afraid to show it. He's from Grand Rapids, MI. Ramses makes all of his own cosplays by hand. He's a cosplay god. He loves to go out still so he's not anti-social and he is a superfan of Big Brother. He can absolutely win Big Brother, he's studied - this is his sport. Some people like football, he likes Big Brother.

Mark says his grandparents taught him how to play chess, he has the brains and the brawn. Christmas says she can hang with the big girls, no problem. Big boys? She runs circles around the big boys too. Kevin the people that will annoy him are the ones around 24 who think they know everything.

Elena is a millennial, she has hash tags on her wall. She thinks all millennials do. Kevin has seven kids under the age of 12, so dealing with moods and attitude will be easy. He has skinny jeans on, doesn't that help? Dominique relates to people who are positive, full of energy, ridiculously hyper - that's how she is.; Jason says loud, flashy - that's how he is.

Mark can't stand those people (with the traits described by Dominique and Jason). Ramses best trait is his personality, the HGs better watch out because this face is going to get you all stabbed in the back. Alex doesn't believe in back stabbing because you want them to look you in the eyes and see you coming. Mark is single and looking for a nice little showmance. Jason's son is the best thing in his life, him winning will make his family's life easier.

Julie greets the HGs we've met thus far, all standing together on stage. Julie reminds them of the stakes of the game - winning the half million dollars. She mentions temptations in the house that will distract them from their goal. Will they be tempted by an alliance? A showmance? Maybe something else? We'll soon find out. Julie tells them say goodbye to the outside world because they'll only come back out via eviction or as the winner. The first four into the house are Alex, Mark, Ramses and Elena.

They start screaming when they get in the house, Ramses shouting to go to the bedroom's and claim a bed.

In the DR, Ramses falls all over the chair. As a superfan, he can't believe he's in the house. He just saw Julie Chen! She's gorgeous! A ball of beautiful light. He doesn't want to meet her again until he wins the money.

The four begin to bond and introduce themselves. Alex tells us the house is gorgeous, like nothing she's ever seen before. She sees apples, check. A serpent, check. She's thinking this is the Garden of Eden.

The words "Power", "Alliance" and "Money" are huge on the wall in the kitchen. Ramses says he senses some temptations coming. Alex tells us a gamer, she's ready for any and all clues she can see in the house. She's locked and loaded and it's game on. Elena asks if anyone knows how to play chess. Mark offers to teach her. Elena tells us Mark is giant. He's the size of a tree. As they head back downstairs, Mark comments he feels like he's in a dream right now.

Elena tells us she always goes for dark hair, dark eyes and the smile. That's her type - yeah, Mark is a hottie. Julie sends the other four HGs into the house next.

More screaming starts as Christmas comments on how beautiful the house is.

In the DR, Mark wonders who this girl is. She's beautiful and she has muscles he didn't know existed. She looks like she could throw him on her shoulders and do some squats.

Kevin tells us Big Brother is like riding a bull because it's unpredictable. He's not leaving the house until he has the check in his pocket. Christmas tells us she's a competitor and she's going to pick them off one by one. Good morning, BB, give her the soul she's going to beat today. She doesn't wear red to be subtle! Kevin immediately lets the HGs know how many kids he has, which stuns a lot of them. Kevin tells us he'll be like the Dad in the house, send them to their room when they act up. Dominique wonders where the remaining HGs are coming from. Are they going to pop out of somewhere?

Dominique is sure there's a twist in the game. She's just not sure if she's ready...

Cody lives in Dallas TX. He is in construction sales. He was a marine for four years, serving in Iraq & Afghanistan. Before that, he served six years in the Air Force, worked on nuclear weapons and was an intelligence analyst. He's acquired a few skills in the military. He's able to get out of handcuffs with just a bobby pin, for example.

Raven owns her own dance studio, and on top of that she owns an all-women's ghost-hunting team called WIG (women investigating ghosts)... they don't wig out, they figure it out! They go into peoples' homes and figure out if there is anything paranormal going on. She has seen things she can't explain, so she thinks there is something else out there.

Josh is 23 and born in Miami, but his blood and heritage are 100% Cuban. He lives for his family. He looks to others like a party kid, but he was born in business, baby. People will underestimate him, because they don't know he's a businessman, that he hustles for everything in life. He's ten steps ahead baby!

Megan is a dog walker in Phoenix, AZ. She knows how to wrangle dogs together and get them to do what she wants. She's not a stereotypical dog walker. When she was 20, she wanted to do something interesting and fun with her life. She joined the military and went to the Middle East and trained to become an interrogator. As a Navy Interrogator, she was taught to lie, manipulate and get into people's heads. She thinks she'll have things handled in the BB house.

Cameron is a micro biologist from Woodridge, IL. People are surprised when they meet him because he likes to go out and do athletic things, he bike rode from Chicago to Buffalo, that's 600 miles in 10 days. He's athletic, he's nerdy, he's social, he's the triple threat.

Jessica is 26 years old and she's from Los Angeles, CA. She is a VIP concierge. She'll definitely use her looks to get ahead in the game and she's ready to bring it. No one would expect her to be a superfan but she's been watching Big Brother since she was a little girl. It was her quality time with her dad, who passed away three years ago. She is going to win this and she knows he'll be with her the entire time.

Matt is a renovation consultant from Arlington, VA. He loves his friends, would do anything for them. Possibly loyal to a fault. He hopes that does not come back to hurt him in the game. He started going grey when he was 18 years old so he's had grey hair for about a decade now. He's going to use the grey hair as a weapon, everyone will think he's old and underestimate him. By the time they realize he's young and athletic, it will be too late.

Jillian is from Las Vegas, NV and she is a Time Share Representative. In her industry, first you have to make them walk which is the big W, then you have to get the double CC's, which is the Cash and the Credit. If all three align, you made a sale. She lives with her entire family and they do everything together. Last summer they went to Europe and they were all overweight and looked like the Woolly Mammoth. So, they went and got weight loss surgery. She has more confidence and knows she looks good so she's ready to win the money.

Josh's strategy is to make people think that they're all family and friends but it's all business for him. He's going in with $500,000 on his mind and he's in there to win. Jessica feels it's time for another dominant female to win BB this season and she's going to be the one to do it. Megan does not get along well with females. They are all whiny little beotches. Jillian is going to bring her Best Drama Queen award so the other HGs know not to provoke the fire.

Cody tells us he's a single father. He has a little girl who is five years old named Paisley. It's going to be tough being away from her for three months but he's going to win the money for her and his family. Josh wants to give back to his family, give them the American Dream.

The HGs bid farewell to their loved ones. Julie greets them on stage and lets them know the other eight are already inside the house. Matt, Raven, Jillian and Cameron are the first four of this group to go inside.

The new HGs go in and there is lots of screaming as everyone greets them. Ramses tells us that as someone who does cosplay, he is digging this modern Princess Leia vibe that Raven is giving out. He can totally be the Ramses-Solo to her Princess Raven-Leia.

Christmas tells us that she sees this silver fox (Matt) walk through. She's not sure she's into older men, but she's digging the silver!

We see Kevin meeting Cameron and saying Cameron looks like his nephew. Cameron tells us he walks into the house excited to meet all these people, and this old man (Kevin) walks up to him and tells him not to be nervous. Cameron tells us "Dude you're MAKING me nervous! And please don't say I'm your nephew! I don't want to get booted because some we're related or some twist!"

Raven tells us she's so happy to be in the BB house. She wants to start a conga line... we see her dancing an imaginary conga in the DR room while she points to different imaginary HGs who are next to go!

Julie tells us that leaves Cody, Jessica, Josh, and Megan, who may now enter the house. We see another round of excited greetings and lots of hugs.

Cody tells us he is trying to maintain his focus, but then he sees Jessica. She's tanned, brunette, with a smoking body. This distraction just might throw that plan right out the window!

Josh and Jessica are exploring the house a bit and find the diary room. Josh tells us that Jessica is sexy smoking hot, baby. He repeats it and says that was weird, man. Josh tells Jessica she is beautiful. She thanks him and says she loves him.

Ramses, Megan, and Alex find the lounge and are impressed. Ramses screams, excited about the camera turning. They talk about the other HGs being a lot of superfans. Megan says there aren't a lot of super-model types. She gets a good vibe from Ramses and Alex and they agree.

Ramses tells us that he likes both Alex and Megan. He is getting a big superfan vibe from them and confesses that he's a super-fan to gain their trust. They plan to have conversations later. They celebrate their connection and leave the room to join the other HGs.

The HGs decide to gather in the living room and do introductions. The wine is flowing and they ask Kevin to start. He tells them he grew up in Boston, MA, he's been married 31 yrs and has seven children. Josh tells us how "Boston" gets up and he wonders where they found this guy? He looks like a villain out of a super-hero movie... really?

Cameron tells the group his age, that he's from Woodridge, IL, and that he's a microbiologist. Cameron tells us he's not going to hide his occupation because he's a fun guy...he hangs out with bacteria, mold, and he has a great personality. Alex tells us "#livesinhismomsbasement"

Cody tells the group that he is in sales and is from Dallas. Jessica tells us that Cody is CUTE. With praying hands, and looking up, she says "don't worry Daddy, I'm going to try and be a good girl"

Christmas introduces herself as being 35 years strong and a coach at a crossfit gym. She's a retired athlete because she's beaten her body up. They tell her she looks great.

Jessica tells the group that she is 26 yrs old and works for a hospitality group in LA. Matt tells us there are definitely some pretty girls in this house and that's an understatement! Christmas and Jessica.... good Lord. If their parents are watching... guys, thank you very much, we all appreciate you!

Raven tells the group she is from Arkansas...she's Arkansassy because she brings the sass from the south...and she's a dance teacher and professional dancer. Elena tells us that Raven's got the southern charm. Elena is southern too, but Raven is like adorable sick sweet tea on the back porch kind of southern and Elena is more like abrasive, shot-gun and beer kind of southern.

Jillian tells the HGs she is 24 and she's a vacation consultant. She's from Las Vegas. Megan tells them she's 28 yrs old and a dog walker. Megan tells us that she told the HGs that she's a dog walker and that's true, but she was also in the military, worked in a prison in Kuwait, learned how to be an interrogator. She's been in war zones, but all they need to know is she's a dog walker.

Ramses is up next. He tells the group that he's from Grand Rapids, MI, he's 21, a student, and a cosplayer.... no one knows what that is. Christmas tells us she has no idea what that is. Ramses explains he makes costumes and walks around in super-hero costumes at Anime conventions. We see some stupefied reactions in the DR, and Kevin asks "how do you spell it?"

Dominique tells the group she's 30 years old, originally from Tuskegee, Alabama, and she's a motivational speaker. Dominique asks us if we would tell the house that you're a nuclear engineer??? It's a game and she doesn't want them to think she's smart, so she's going to do what she has to do to ensure that she's not a threat.

Elena tells the HGs she lives in Dallas, TX, she's 26 yrs old and works in a radio station. Mark tells us that Elena is stunning with a great figure and body, her smile and dimples...he could stare in her eyes all day and all night. Elena is definitely kryptonite for him.

Josh introduces himself; he's 23 years old from Miami, FL. He's 100% Latino and works for his family's wholesale company. Cody tells us Josh seems a little over the top, he's probably not on Josh's level, he's more reserved. He thinks Josh will lose his mind this season, it will be fun to watch. Jason is 37 years old from Iowa and is a rodeo clown. Alex just turned 18, no - just kidding she's 28. She's a marketing coordinator, she likes games. That's her. Kevin tells us he doesn't understand kids these days. When he was younger, they'd all play out in the sun playing sports. Kids these days are always wanting to play games. They don't want to be healthy anymore.

Matt is 33 years old, despite looking like he's 50. Raven and Elena both think his "salt and pepper" look good on him. Dominique, in the DR, tells the Lord He said He'd never lead her into temptation but then she saw Matt... Elena thinks she's good with salt 'n' pepper. Raven tells us Matt is finer than frog hair split three ways. Mark is 23 years old from Buffalo and he's a trainer. Everyone guffaws their shock and Mark shows his muscles.

They think they have a great group as they toast each other. Jason tells us they're toasting each other, chewing the fat but this is BB. Wait till they get a little bit of dirt kicked on them. They'll turn right around then.

Julie tells us before the night is up, the HGs tell be tempted by money, safety and power. It will all come at a price. The first temptation drops next.

Julie welcomes us back from commercial and says it's time to let the HGs know what's in store for them. She calls the HGs to the living room , they come shouting and screaming. Ramses is excited that Julie is real!

When they're settled, Julie asks how they're all doing. Over their cheering, she tells them to enjoy it while they can. It wouldn't be Big Brother unless she gathered them and let them in on the summer's big twist. Jessica calls out for Julie to go easy on them. Julie tells them this will be the biggest, wildest, most tempting summer in the history of the game. Welcome to Big Brother's Summer of Temptation. The HGs erupt into cheers.

Julie comments they're celebrating and they don't know what that means. Ramses quips it's their last moment to be happy. Julie tells them it all starts right now. Tonight, they will be tempted by money, safety and power. And how the night plays out will depend on how you deal with these temptations. They are all ready for their first temptation. Josh tells us he's tempted by ladies, money, everything. Tempt him, Julie! Julie tells the HGs to head to the backyard.

The backyard is decorated with swinging half pods. Each HGs picks on and climbs in. "Welcome to Big Brother Garden of Temptation." Julie asks everyone who could use $25,000. They all cheer. Julie says this temptation is very simple. Each HGs has a button in their hand. When the light in front of them turns green, be the first HGs to push their button and they will win $25,000. But be warned, taking this temptation will have it's consequence. Accept it and the first twist of the season will be released into the game. For the first time in Big Brother history, whether or not the first big twist of the summer is unleashed will be entirely up to you. The person who takes the temptation will remain anonymous. When everyone is ready, Julie starts the game.

Cameron tells us as a superfan, he knows that any twist is not a good one so he's not pushing the button, not even for $25,000. Josh tells us of course he is tempted, $25K is a lot of money. But he's here for $500K only. Dominique tells us they just started the game. $25K is not worth unleashing a consequence in the house. No one better push the button. After Julie starts the game, it lasts only seconds before the button is pushed. The HGs can't see, but we can, that Kevin pushed the button.

Kevin tells us he's super pumped he ended up winning. He can't make any faces or show any emotion. So he made it seem like the heat was bothering him. Strategy is what Big Brother's all about. Julie tells the HGs the first twist is unleashed into the game, but the first twist comes with two consequences. One personal, and one for the house. The personal consequence is that the person who claimed the $25,000 is not eligible to win the first HoH competition. He or she will have to throw it. The second consequence that affects the house will be revealed in due time. Dominique tells us one person has changed the game and whomever it is, she's coming for them.

Back in the house, the HGs start to try and figure out who claimed the $25K. Kevin sneaks away while this discussion is happening. Ramses tells us Cameron sounds sketchy and he doesn't know if he believes that Cameron didn't claim the money. Matt tells us he's not remotely surprised that someone pushed the button. He's freaking out a little bit about the twist. Jason teasingly blames the girls, wondering to us in the DR what BB has planned now.

The doorbell rings and Paul (from BB18) walks in - sorry he's late! The HGs begin screaming and hugging him. Paul tries to figure out who won the money but everyone is freaking out too much. Jessica tells us he had a great social game, the ultimate friendship in the house and he made it to Final Two.

Cameron tells us Paul walks in and he's super excited. He's a bigger threat than him, he's loud and obnoxious. All things that will help Cameron keep his threat level low. Christmas asks if Paul is playing and he says yeah, he's not just hanging out! Jason tells us there's only 16 saddles but 17 players. That means someone must be getting evicted night one. Dominique tells us she was hoping for no returning players, but then again, who is she to not expect the unexpected?

Paul wanders the house, he thinks this is crazy. Cody tells us he doesn't like the guy, he doesn't trust him at all. He'll pretend he can work with him but the second he gets a chance to back door Paul, he will. Kevin tells us he has no idea who this guy is, is he another competitor? You gotta give everyone the benefit of the doubt, so he goes to chat and thinks Paul is a nice kid.

"What's up, America? Your boy is back in the house," Paul says in the DR. Everyone in the club wants friendship but last year he was the newbie and the minute he saw the threats, he wanted them out. He will have to put his brain to work here to get off everyone's radar. Paul excuses himself from everyone to look around. Upstairs, Ramses and Jillian join Alex and Megan. They're solidifying an alliance. Jillian is concerned, she doesn't want to align with a vet. Jillian tells us Paul being in the house is bad for her game.

Ramses think that Paul will go with the boys. Megan tells us she loves the group of oddballs. They seem like her kind of people, down to earth. She feels a good vibe with them. They decide not to form an official alliance right now, just strategize with each other. Julie calls the HGs to the living room and welcomes Paul back to the house. Julie confirms he is back in the game, competing like the rest of them. The only thing Paul knew about this season was that if someone took the first temptation he would be back in the game. But, there's more to it. Paul is not simply moving into the BB house to play the game. He is actually taking one of their places in the game. That's right, HGs, this is the first ever BB swap. That means one of you will be evicted from the BB house tonight.

Jason tells us he's not happy. Less than 12 hours into the game and someone is already going home? Cowboy intuition told him it was happening, and Julie just confirmed it. Cameron tells us he's not ready to go home. He has bucket list - win HoH, play OTEV, have Zingbot zing him. He's not going home on night one! Julie says this leads to the second temptation of the night - safety. If they want to stay in the game, they need to tempt Paul.

Last summer, Paul was all about friendship. That is more true tonight than ever before. Paul is told to retrieve a box from the storage room but do not open it until Julie tells him to.

Kevin tells us he doesn't feel bad for winning the money, but now Paul's in the house and someone is going home and he starts to feel bad. Paul comes back to the living room with the box and Julie tells him to open it. Paul finds a bunch of friendship bracelets. Julie says there are nine friendship bracelets inside. One is for Paul, the other eight Paul will hand out. Everyone who gets one will be safe from tonight's eviction. The other eight HGs are in jeopardy of going home tonight.

The HGs need to tempt Paul into keeping him safe. Paul tells us he already had a massive target on his back, and now this friendship stuff makes his target bigger. But he's not going to lie - having the newbies tempt him is a lifestyle he could get used to.

Paul takes Raven into the lounge to begin the temptations. Raven was so happy when Paul came through the door, she loved him during his season. Paul tells us Raven's sweet little charm and her bunny-esque isn't going to work. She promises to work for him and pinky swears. Paul tells us it might work for a little bit but not the whole time.

Elena bribes with a cheese sandwich. Paul tells us they can't promise safety or loyalty because that's not guaranteed. But a cheese sandwich? That's fact. Friendship. Elena promises next time she'll add a condiment. You know that they say, practice safe snacks. Use a condiment. Paul is impressed; dad jokes too! Cameron is ready to work with Paul, Megan is a huge fan. Dominique is all about friendship. Friendship to her is loyalty. Paul tells her to keep her voice down. She needs to work on that. She's so loud. Awkward silence happens between Cody and Paul. Paul tells us it's like a romantic dinner gone wrong. He's dressed up nice, took them to the most expensive restaurant in town and he won't even talk? It's the worst date he's ever been on!

Mark promises safety next time he's in power. Paul wants to call Jason Matthew McConaughey. It's debatable who's more handsome.

After Jason leaves, Paul whistles. That's a lot of energy. Alex is freaking excited and wants to play with Paul. She tries a handshake and instead hugs. Kevin doesn't want to go back home already, he has seven kids. Jessica's heart will be broken at the rejection. Jillian is sunshine and rainbows. Christmas is a competitor, she has a sic social game and she's sharp upstairs. She's also loyal.

Josh is Paul's biggest fan. Paul tells us that Josh comes in hot... he has to bring it down to a two because Paul is at a 10 and if Josh comes at him at an 11, one of them is going to jail. Paul asks for Josh's trust even if he doesn't give him a bracelet. Josh says he trusts him and Paul says that's all he needs to know. Matt tells Paul he'd love to play with him or against him... he's sure they could do great things. Paul gives him respect but is doubtful about "against him" when he talks to the camera.

Ramses thinks that Paul will go with the boys. Megan tells us she loves the group of oddballs. They seem like her kind of people, down to earth. She feels a good vibe with them. They decide not to form an official alliance right now, just strategize with each other. Julie calls the HGs to the living room and welcomes Paul back to the house. Julie confirms he is back in the game, competing like the rest of them. The only thing Paul knew about this season was that if someone took the first temptation he would be back in the game. But, there's more to it. Paul is not simply moving into the BB house to play the game. He is actually taking one of their places in the game. That's right, HGs, this is the first ever BB swap. That means one of you will be evicted from the BB house tonight.

In the DR, Paul tells us that he has to be fair with who he gives these friendship bracelets to. A) he has to split it between guys and girls to keep things even. B) he has to mix a few nerds, beasts and in-betweens, and C) he wants to see who's going to crack! You put a little garnish, a little spice, you make your friendship soup, and guess who's stirring the pot? Your boy!

Julie calls the HGs to the living room and they comply. Julie reminds them Paul has the power to keep eight of them safe from eviction tonight. It's time for Paul to reveal the names of those they are keeping safe.

Matt tells us that he's sweating because he absolutely does NOT want to go home on night one and it's a real possibility that he'll have to fight for his life in this game tonight.

Paul gives the first friendship bracelet to Kevin. Everyone applauds as Kevin takes the bracelet. The next one goes to Raven. He points to Dominique. Megan tells us that she's looking at Paul and thinking "pick me! pick me! I'm a huge fan, I love you. Come on!" Paul picks Mark. Jessica tells us that she's panicking. She needs one of those bracelets. She can't go home on day one and she'll be devastated if he doesn't pick her. Paul points to Jason.

Paul asks Jessica to remind him of her name, and calls her up for a bracelet. Cameron tells us that after talking to Paul it went really well and Paul seemed receptive. He just wants that friendship bracelet....he could be Paul's "Victor" ...he could be loyal to Paul. Give him the bracelet!

Paul picks Ramses next. Elena tells us that name after name she is still sitting there and praying that he likes cheese enough to keep her safe. She's so nervous. Julie reminds everyone that there is only one bracelet left. Christmas tells us "Paul, we had a moment! I don't understand what you're thinking! Don't leave a girl hanging on the couch with no friendship bracelet!" Paul reveals his final pick....he points to Elena who gives him a big hug. Josh tells us that he knows and trust Paul and the best thing he did was not give him a bracelet. He trusts Paul's word and knows it's going to work out.

Julie recaps the names of those who did NOT receive a bracelet. Cody, Matt, Megan, Alex, Josh, Cameron, Jillian, and Christmas. One of them will soon be leaving the BB house, but they still have a chance to save themselves. They are all to go get changed and head outside where they will compete for safety.

Cameron tells us he's devastated. It's the worst-case scenario, but he's just looking forward to fighting for his life and staying in this game. Cody tells us that Paul not giving him a bracelet kind of shows him what he already thought about the guy. He never liked Paul on his season. Cody is staying focused and is NOT going out night one.

Alex tells us "what the hell, Paul? I never liked you anyways"...but she deserved a friendship bracelet. Now she has to go out there and crush this competition without him and she's going to be in this house no matter what. She's tiny, but she's mighty! Yeah!!

The HGs are in the backyard to battle for safety. The HGs are dressed in swimwear. This competition is called Tempted by the Fruit. As you know, one of you will be going home tonight.

In just moments, Megan, Jillian, Matt, Cody, Cameron, Christmas, Josh and Alex, you will all battle against each other for safety and by the end of this competition, three of you will be on the chopping block. And one of you three will be going home tonight. It's time to find out which one of you will be escaping eviction by earning safety.

When instructed, you will each step onto your trapeze bar, grab your balancing rope and hang on. Your trapeze will raise and on my GO, the game is on. The last person standing will this competition and win this competition. If you fall off your trapeze, you need to immediately pick an apple from one of the serpents in the yard. four of these are good apples, which will give you safety. three of these are poison apples that will land you on the block. Hanging on as long as you can has it's benefits because as the game goes on, I will read you clues guiding you towards the four so called good apples. Once we have declared a winner, the rest will open their apples to reveal what's inside. Please step on your trapeze bars.

This competition begins now.

The HGs are raised on their trapeze's. The other HGs tease them about how fit they'll be - abs for days! Alex tells us because she didn't get a friendship bracelet, so she has to compete for her life in this game. She came to play BB, and that's what she's going to do. Cody tells us he's ticked Paul didn't give him a bracelet so he is going to use the anger to win this competition.

HGs, you are more likely to get a safe apple from a red snake than a yellow snake, Julie says.

Jillian tells us to go out on the first day would suck. Matt tells us the trapeze is harder to hang onto than expected. Cameron tells us his feet are literally dying. He's going from his toes to his heel trying to find comfortable positions for his feet. Alex tells us your hands, arms, core, face, feet are all involved in this competition. This is starting to hurt. Jillian falls after 3:30. She picks an apple from a red serpent

Christmas tells us in real life she's a cross fit super star. Balance, got it. Core, got it. Ropes? Let her climb them because she wants to go to the top of Big Brother. Megan tells us she's shaking, her whole body head to toe. Every inch is trembling and she knows this will be one hell of a fight. She's not going to be Jody or Glen - she is not going out night one. They're dying for another clue from Julie in case someone else falls.

Megan stumbles two times and recovers both times, getting lots of cheers. She can't recover the third time and falls, and goes to pick an apple. Julie says, One of the yellow apples is safe as their next clue.

Josh tells us he knows he has a 50/50 chance. This is HIS clue. Your boy out-beat the wise ones. He used his brain and he is going for safety. Cameron tells us he's concerned, he doesn't want to be one of the last ones up there. He doesn't want to be a threat in the house. He has to jump off soon so people don't assume he's physical. Cameron falls next and picks an apple. Cameron tells us as soon as he jumps off, he forgets all the clues. So much for him being the smart guy in the house!

Matt wonders if the winner gets a kiss from the serpent of his or her choice. Paul tells us the serpents in the yard are distracting him, he sees the one, his serpentine queen. Sorry, Nicole! Julie's next clue: At least one of the yellow snakes is holding a safe apple. Christmas tells us she's hanging on and doing great, but she's also playing a mental game and doesn't want to be too dominant. If you're too good, they'll get rid of you. Christmas falls and picks her apple.

Cody tells us he can feel the muscles straining in his legs, feet, arms, shoulders. Julie warns the HGs to hold on tight; things are about to get more difficult. Alex tells us she's so exhausted. She's trying to find the pause button - but then she realized it's real life and can't pause. She's screwed.

Elapsed time - almost an hour. three HGs are left but only two apples remain. Cody tells us his pride is on the line right here. This is day one on BB, losing is not an option. Matt tells us he's got Captain America on his right and the side warrior Alex on his right. He's starting to really hurt - he's thinking what is he going to do? The HGs call out encouragement from the sideline. Cody tells Matt he's solid right now, even though he's starting to feel it. Cody tells us he decides it's time for psychological warfare. Matt drops and grabs an apple. Cody tells us he's barely holding on by this point, he's going to take a page from his playbook and use the same tactic on Alex.

Cody says whatever he can do to make her safe, he'll do it. Alex tells him to eat crap. She's not throwing the very first competition. Cody tells us that didn't work. Alex tells us she doesn't need anyone to get her through this. She's Team Alex. She'll do it herself.

Cody tells us that he's so damned focused, there's no excuse not to win. He should have this in the bag. Alex is complaining that it's getting slippery. Alex tells us that she's back on her tippy toes, calves are burning, but she's not letting go for dear life. She's just cringing because everything in her body is aching and burning. Alex falls, and Cody wins the competition, securing his safety for the night.

Cody tells us he's not going home night one. That competition was in his hands, and he took it. He didn't have to suck up to Paul and Paul knows where he can stick that friendship bracelet.

Julie tells the HGs it's time to open their apples and find out who else will be safe, and who will be put up on the chopping block. Alex opens hers and is safe! Matt is also safe. Julie reminds that there are three poison apples left. Christmas opens hers and is poisoned. Christmas tells us that it's day 1 and she's on the block. She's not ready to go home yet. She hasn't had her opportunity to play.

Cameron tells us that he is so nervous his palms are sweating and he's praying to the BB Gods. He also has a poisoned apple. Cameron tells us this is the worst feeling in the world. He's not ready to go home.

Josh opens his apple and is safe and celebrates loudly. Christmas tells us that she's glad Josh is safe but all she wants to punt her poison apple out of this yard. Megan tells us that there is only one safe apple left, and it better be hers because if she's on the block she's sure she's going home. Jillian tells us she's a good apple, and she deserves a good apple. Julie tells Megan and Jillian to open their apples.

Josh opens his apple and is safe and celebrates loudly. Christmas tells us that she's glad Josh is safe but all she wants to punt her poison apple out of this yard. Megan tells us that there is only one safe apple left, and it better be hers because if she's on the block she's sure she's going home. Jillian tells us she's a good apple, and she deserves a good apple. Julie tells Megan and Jillian to open their apples.

Megan is safe and Jillian has a poisoned apple. Megan drops to the ground in thankfulness. Megan tells us that she's sooo happy to be safe but she's instantly worried about Jillian because she's gotten close to her and doesn't want her leaving yet. Jillian tells us that this is not where you want to be the first day of the game, put on the block. She's about to do a lot of scrambling trying to save herself.

Julie recaps that Jillian, Cameron and Christmas are in danger of being the first HGs evicted from the BB house. They've been tempted by money and safety tonight, but there's still one temptation remaining that could change everything. It's time to reveal the final temptation of the night. Julie calls the HGs to the living room and reveals the third temptation. Julie will only offer this temptation to the three on the chopping block.

In another Big Brother first, Julie will tempt the three of them with the power to choose how they want their fate to be determined. They can leave it in the hands of the HGs, and allow them to vote for whom they want to evict or they can take fate into their own hands and battle against their block mates for safety. The loser of that battle will be sent packing.

Eviction vote or eviction competition? They will now enter the DR one at a time and cast their vote for how they want to proceed. Jillian is first, and chooses Vote. She doesn't think she can beat Christmas. Cameron chooses Competition, he doesn't trust the HGs (calls them fools). He wants his fate in his own hands. Christmas really wants to Compete but she chooses Vote to see where she stands with the other HGs. Julie announces that the vote, of 2-1, the eviction will take place by an eviction vote.

Julie advises them to use some time to campaign for votes to stay.

In the DR, Cameron can't understand why Christmas chooses a house vote. What's going on? He has to pitch himself and loyalty to the others. He's not going to be the first hamster from this cage to go home. Jillian tells us there's not a lot of time to convince people to keep her.

Christmas pitches to Mark first. She tells us she feels pretty safe right now but you never know. She knows they'll assume she's a comp beast and she is, but she's going to have to downplay that a bit or they'll take her out fast. We see brief clips of the three on the block chatting up the other HGs.

Cody tells us Jillian tells him her weight loss story. It's not affecting him though because he's sure Christmas and Cameron have their own stories. In the lounge, Cameron does a strip tease for Elena and Jessica at their request. Elena tells us she respects that, that's trying hard, a solid campaign. But his hairy butt is not the way to her heart or vote.

In the DR, Cameron gets choked up. He says this is crazy, he's going to be the first person to be evicted. It's his dream to be there and he feels it slipping from his grasp. It feels terrible.

Time for the live vote and eviction. Paul, since he is taking the place of an HG, will only vote in the place of a tie. The votes are not revealed to us as they are being cast.

The votes are in! With 2 votes to evict, Christmas is safe! It's down to Cameron vs. Jillian. By a vote of 8-3, Cameron is evicted from the BB house. It is somberly silent as he gathers his belongings and heads to the front door. Cameron tells us only being in the house for 12 hours breaks his heart. He's disappointed in himself. He should've held on longer. He took a real gamble with the apple and lost. He was thrown into a house with crazy people, he swears!

Julie concludes... three temptations. Paul is back in the game, and the first HG has already been sent packing, and it's only night one! But there is so much more to come!

Tune in tomorrow night at 9/8 Central as the Big Brother two-night premiere event continues with the first HoH competition of the summer. Who will become the first HoH? Which two HGs will the HoH nominate for eviction. It all happens tomorrow night.

Then on Sunday a brand new twist will be revealed: "The Den of Temptation." Here's how it works. Beginning tonight, America will choose one HG to enter the den and be offered a temptation. Once a HG is offered a temptation, they can't be offered another. The first temptation is called the pendant of protection. This pendant will protect the holder at the next three evictions. But keep in mind that each temptation comes with a consequence. Go to for all the details and to vote. Julie says goodnight, leaving us to eavesdrop on the HGs.

The votes are revealed! Josh and Jason voted for Christmas, Matt, Mark and Cody voted to evict Jillian while the rest voted to evict Cameron.

Tonight's coverage of Big Brother 19, S19E01 was written by App and BBLuver.


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Monday, June 26, 2017  The Houseguests Are Home

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Wednesday, May 21, 2017  The Big Big Brother House Reveal

There are more videos on the Video Board.

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Monday, June 19, 2017  Meet the Houseguests

Alex Ow
Alex Ow

Age: 28

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Current City: Camarillo, Calif.

Occupation: Eco-Friendly Marketing Rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Center of attention, hyper and adorable.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? I love Nicole Franzel from season 16 and the winner of season 18! She seriously is just a fan favorite. I find her the most honest and relatable. While she did do some shady things like turning her back on alliances, she was in it to win it and I respect the way she went about it. She reminds me of myself. We look all cute and cuddly, but we're here for one thing, to win Big Brother
Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.


Cameron Heard
Cameron Heard

Age: 24

Hometown: North Aurora, Ill.

Current City: Woodridge, Ill. 

Occupation: Microbiologist

Three adjectives that describe you: Persistent, driven and smart. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Ian [Terry]! I started watching Big Brother because of Ian. I had no idea what it was and my mom told me to start watching BB14 because it's like Survivor in a house. I instantly fell in love and wanted Ian to win. I think I like him so much because he's a lot like me. He is nerdy and has giant love for the game, he's smart and seems fun in real life.

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.


Christmas Abbott
Christmas Abbott (35)

Age: 35

Hometown: Lynchburg, Va. 

Current City: Raleigh, N.C.

Occupation: Fitness Superstar

Three adjectives that describe you: Committed, happy and influential.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?Helen [Kim]! She was smart, knew how to work the people in the house and people knew they needed her! 

Social Media: InstagramTwitterYouTube
See her Crossfit video here | A Day in the Life |

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Cody Nickson
Cody Nickson (32)

Age: 32

Hometown: Lake Mills, Iowa

Current City: Plano, Texas

Occupation: Construction Sales Rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Confident, charming and sweet.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Evel Dick. . .I LOVE it when someone plays the game in a way that has never been seen before. . .and it works! He was able to to be a dickhead the whole time and still took it to the end! It sucked we couldn't see his methods at work a second time. 

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Dominique Cooper
Dominique Cooper (30; turns 31 on 7/11/17)

Age: 30

Hometown: Tuskegee, Ala. 

Current City: Woodbridge, Va. 

Occupation: Government Engineer

Three adjectives that describe you: Uber optimistic, energetic and determined

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?Hmmm... I'm still trying to figure that out lol. 

Social Media: InstagramYouTubeLinkedin

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Elena Davies
Elena Davies (26; turns 27 on 8/19/17)

Age: 26

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Current City: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Radio Personality

Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, abrasive and charming.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?James [Huling] because he made it fun. 

Social Media: InstagramTwitter

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Jason Dent
Jason Dent (37; turns 38 on 7/12/17)

Age: 37

Hometown: Humeston, Iowa

Current City: Humeston, Iowa

Occupation: Rodeo Clown

Three adjectives that describe you: Charismatic, ambitious and athletic

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? James because I feel like he plays dumb, but made it really far. 
See Behind the scenes with Whistle-Nut

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Jessica Graf
Jessica Graf (26)

Age: 26

Hometown: Cranston, R.I.

Current City: Los Angeles

Occupation: VIP Concierge

Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, loud and loyal. 

Which Big Brother cast member did you like most? Janelle [Pierzina]. We have very similar personalities. I see a lot of her game play in me.  

Social Media: Instagram

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Jillian Parker
Jillian Parker (24)

Age: 24

Hometown: Celebration, Fl.

Current City: Las Vegas, Nev. 

Occupation: Timeshare Sales Rep

Three adjectives that describe you: Bubbly, funny and truthful. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Daniele Donato because she's a bad bitch, beautiful and speaks her mind, a lot like me!

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez (23)

Age: 23

Hometown: Miami, Fl.

Current City: Homestead, Fl.

Occupation: Hair Care Sales 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like the most? Evel Dick hands down is my favorite houseguest. He always spoke his mind, he was an asshole to who he needed to be, didn't care what others thought and even though he didn't have a good relationship with his daughter, he always defended her, which is kind of the dynamic with my family. Overall he was himself, spoke his mind and did not give a shit about being on anyone's good side. I see a lot of of his game play in the way I will play. 

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Kevin Schlehuber
Kevin Schlehuber (55; turns 56 on 8/7/17)

Age: 55

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Current City: Boston, Mass.

Occupation: Stay at home Dad.

Three adjectives that describe you: Caring, humorous and charismatic.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? I did meet Derrick Levasseur once and he seemed like a nice guy! 

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Mark Jansen
Mark Jansen (26)

Age: 26

Hometown: Grand Island, N.Y.

Current City: Grand Island, N.Y.

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, strong and thoughtful

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Brendon Villegas. He basically said, "It's me and my girl vs. the house, let's go."

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Matthew Clines
Matthew Clines (33)

Age: 33

Hometown: Arlington, Va.

Current City: Arlington, Va. 

Occupation: Renovation Consultant

Three adjectives that describe you: Fun, competitive and silly. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? Donny Thompson from season 16. He has a great beard, wore camo and generally was a good dude. What a fun little man. 

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Megan Lowder
Megan Lowder (28)

Age: 28

Hometown: Cathedral City, Calif.

Current City: Phoenix, Ariz.

Occupation: Dog Walker

Three adjectives that describe you: Cunning, smart and beautiful because I'm confident like that. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? I love Frank [Eudy]! It was him against the house both seasons and he did a beautiful job of using his skills to his advantage. Also he seems like a total bro I would love to get a beer with. I also love Paul [Abrahamian] and Victor [Arroyo] from season 18. They played one of the best games I've seen. 

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

Ramses Soto
Ramses Soto (21) 

Age: 21

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Current City: Grand Rapids, Mich.

Occupation: Cosplay Artist

Three adjectives that describe you: Friendly, quirky and energetic.

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?DAN FREAKING GHEESLING! Seriously though, how does one go from 100 percent the person who's getting voted off, to making it to final two!! He's a great strategist and [an] amazing manipulator. I look up to him so much when it comes to Big Brother

Social Media: Twitter

Click Here to see his interview video and post your comments.

Raven Walton
Raven Walton (23)

Age: 23

Hometown: DeValls Bluff, Ark.

Current City: DeValls Bluff, Ark. 

Occupation: Dance Teacher

Three adjectives that describe you: Quirky, bubbly and outgoing. 

Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most? OMG it would have to be Frankie Grande! I love how he played the game. Even after they found out his sister was famous he played it off so well! If I had been on his season I swear we would have been two peas in a pod! I loved how much fun he was and how he always talked to the cameras. 

Social Media: Twitter 

Click Here to see her interview video and post your comments.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017  Ssssssummer is almost here

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Sunday, June 4, 2017  Help Needed

Exclusive CBS All Access event: Meet the Big Brother Houseguests June 19 @ 11AM ET/8AM PT with 1-week FREE trial!

Saluting a Century of Live Feed Updaters
Since the start of the 20th century, volunteers have been covering the Big Brother Live Feeds

Now is your chance to become part of that proud tradition!

 Beginners Welcome!

You need not be fast, if you can write on Facebook you've got the skills we need!



We're gearing up for Big Brother 19.  If you regularly visit this site to get you Big Brother daily fix, you've no doubt seen the pleas for help for people to post updates. I've often written "I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on, like you were telling a friend about it." I say that because we have some talented people that cover the feeds in great detail, which is great, but you don't need to cover things word-for-for if you don't have the time or typing skills. You can just watch the feeds for a half hour, and then write a short account of what you witnessed, like: "From 2:00 to 2:30PM Jerry had Heather cornered in the storage room begging for her vote.  Meanwhile the guys were out by the pool plotting how they could backdoor Jennifer."  See, all you need to know in just two sentences. You could do that, right?  Please contact Fuskie, our Director on Social Media. You'll find complete details here.

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Thursday, April 20, 2016 Summer is on the way....
It's not too soon to think about Big Brother 19, it starts June 28 2017 on CBS & Global * There are The web site Dirty Celebrity Laundry reports there are some spoilers out on the upcoming season. Olivia Marie reports "Julie Chen Hints All New Cast, CBS Axes All-Star 2 Season" Right after "Big Brother 18" wrapped up last year, Chen explained that CBS "probably" will never air another all-star season because it received the worst ratings in the series history. She went on to explain that most BB fans prefer watching an all new cast.

Apparently, CBS did a research study and found that most "Big Brother" fans didn't want to see an all-star season, but didn't mind when they brought a few veteran players back.

Although, 90 percent of them revealed they felt that the vet had an unfair advantage in the game the second time around.

You can read the whole story at:

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